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This is a tale of love between a young teenage girl and her Gramps. If you are not into older males and younger girls or incestual relationships then try another story. Let me know what you think of a "Grand Daughter's Weekend".
I had just dropped off my wife at the airport for her annual 2 week trip out to see her 91 year old mother. She lived on a farm out in Oregon all alone and still can take care of her garden, her flowers and her house better than most, plus she still drives into town to get her groceries and such. She is a remarkable woman, my mother-in-law, and I only hope that I can outlive her.

On the way back home my cell phone rang and I saw that it was my grand daughter Marty. We had just celebrated her graduation from high school a couple of days before and I knew that she was unencumbered for a few days so I had asked her out for breakfast while my wife visited her mother. I figured that she was calling me back to confirm the where and when so I answered it with my usual cheery greeting.

“Hey Kidd-o, how’s my favorite grand daughter?”

“Oh Gramps, I’m your only grand daughter,” she said for the thousandth time with a twinkle of sunshine in her voice. “Did ya get Grandma off?”

“Just now,” I told her. “Now I’m fancy free and ready for the hoochy koochy girls to come over.”

“Oh Gramps, you always make me laugh,” she commented with the love that we had for each other ringing out clearly for me to hear.

Marty was the only child that my own daughter and her husband had and being so, she was the apple of not only my eye but her parents and everybody else’ who knew her also. She was an attractive little thing and smart as a whip. She got a scholarship to the State University in Science and was on her way to becoming whatever her heart led her to do. She was also so attractive that my son-in-law had to beat the boys away with a baseball bat nearly every Saturday night. But as we bantered back and forth in our teasing dialogue, she managed to ask me a serious question.

“Gramps, I was wondering, or actually my parents were wondering, if I could come to your house and spend the weekend with you. Daddy has to go to this thing and Mom wants to go with him up to New York and they don’t trust me to stay by myself for the weekend,” she explained.

“Is it that they don’t trust you or all the boys that you seem to attract?” I asked with my tongue stuck squarely into my cheek.

“Oh Gramps, who side are you on anyway?” she said with a little glint in her tone.

“To answer your first question, I don’t see any reason that you can’t stay over here, I’ll just call the hoochy koochy girls and reschedule them for next weekend,” I said in my best dead pan voice.

“Gramps, I can’t believe you. I’ll tell my parents that you said that its okay and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay Kidd-o, see ya in the morning,” I said clicking off the phone.

The next morning, I awoke, got up and took my pills, showered and shaved and got ready for the arrival of my Marty. I fixed myself a cup of instant coffee and waited and then I fixed another cup and waited some more. I was on my fourth cup went I saw her pull into our driveway and I saw her struggle with a suitcase as she made her way to the front door. As I opened it to let her in, I commented, “Holy cow Marty, I didn’t realize that I said you could moved in.”

“I’m sorry I’m late,” she said out of breath, “but my alarm didn’t go off and I stayed up too late last night so I, ah, overslept.”

“And what about this suit case full of, what, clothing I presume?” I asked her with a twinkle in my eye.

“Oh Gramps, you are such a tease,” she said, not realizing that my question was asked in more of a serious tone than I let on.

“Okay, you know your way back to your room.”

When she came back out from our guest room where Marty always stayed when she was over and asked if I was ready to go out for breakfast. I made an under-the-breath comment about it being almost time for lunch but I locked the door behind us and we took off for my favorite diner.

On my third cup of coffee, I was about to burst so I excused myself to go to the restroom and shake my snake but when I came back out, Marty seemed deep in thought so I asked her, “Penny for your thoughts?”

“Oh Gramps it would take a heck of a lot more than a penny to talk about what’s on my mind,” she said giving a slight smile.

“Wow, that sounds serious,” I commented and then added, “Marty, you know that if you want to talk, I’ll listen.”

She looked up into my eyes and reached over the table to take my hand between both of hers. She smiled and said, “I know Gramps and I love you for it,” and gave my hand a little squeeze with her own.

The mood was broken for the time being anyway and we drove back to my house in silence. I parked the car and walked up to the house when Marty suddenly asked me, “Gramps, can I ask you a question?”

“Shoot,” I told her.

“When was the first time you ever made love with Grandma?” she blurted out.

“Holy Cow!” I said to total shock. “Where did that come from? I mean, ah, okay, ah, the first time that I made love to your grandma was on, oh, about our 10th date or so. We were all alone at her parent’s house and we started kissing and making out and then one thing led to another and we found ourselves in her bed making love. But I knew by that time that I loved her and I wanted to marry her, in fact, I had already proposed and she said “yes”. We hadn’t set a date yet but we got married later that year. That was 45 years ago and I have loved every minute of it.”

There a long stretch of silence and finally I asked, “I’ve told you the truth about Grandma and me, now you have to tell me what’s going on that prompted that question.”

“Oh, I don’t know, my Daddy asked me to sign a pledge a year ago not to have sex until I get married and I was just wondering if I should have signed it,” she asked with this wishful look in her eyes.

“Let me guess, you’ve met a guy and he’s pressuring you to make love with him. You’ve fallen in love and you want to show him just how much you love him but you have this pledge that’s holding you back,” I said.

She thought for awhile and then she looked into my eyes and confessed, “Yeah, that’s about it. How did you know? Am I that transparent?”

“No Kidd-o, it’s not you at all. That was a line I used when I was young, you know when Moses was a baby, and I’m proud to hear that they are still using it to this day,” I said with a grin on my face.

“But he says he loves me as much as I love him and he’s willing to prove it to me if I’m ready to prove my love for him,” she told me in a convincing voice.

“And I bet that he said that he was going off to college or the Army and that he may never come home and he is a virgin just like you and…”

“The Navy,” she said with bended head. “He told me that he was considering going into the Navy.”

I sat there in silence for the longest time and then I told her, “I’m sorry Kidd-o. I don’t even know this kid. He must be a wonderful guy to grab your heart like this but he’s just a kid, a horny, hormone raging kid who will say most anything to get in your pants and who knows what he would do after you let him. Maybe he’s honest in voicing his true love for you and maybe you’ll get married, settle down and have a bunch of kids. But more likely, he’ll tell you good bye right after he gets what he wants and you will have given him the only thing that you can only give once.”

“They’re all creeps,” she said under her breath.

“Oh Kidd-o, not all men aren’t creeps. I’m not a creep, at least not anymore. I’m too old to be officially called a “creep”, I’m just a horny old geezer,” I said with a laugh.

She came over to where I was sitting, placed her arms around my neck and whispered into my ear, “I don’t think you’re an old geezer Gramps, I love you just the way you are.”

I sat there basking in the affection that I felt for my grand daughter for the longest time, remembering the very first time I held her some 17 years ago. Her little nose was pushed back into her face and her thick black hair stuck out all over the place. She had come out at 5 pounds 6 ounces, screaming her lungs out and when I was finally my turn to hold her, she shut right up and went to sleep. From that moment to this, we have had a certain bond that no else could ever have.

A thought suddenly came into my brain and I acted on it before I knew what I was saying. “Marty, why don’t I take some pictures of you, you know, real casual type, uned and fun pictures just between you and me. What do ya’ say?”

“Hey that sounds like fun,” she said all excited.

I ran for my digital and slipped in a new chip to save the keepers that I wanted to preserve. When I reentered, Marty was standing there by the sofa in our family room with a big grin on her face. She started posing and I started snapping images of her. She would pose like a model and then like the girl that she was, all the while my finger was tripping the shudder of the camera.

All was going great until she took a pose facing the camera on all fours. She stuck her little rear end up in the air and lowered herself down on both elbows causing the cut off tee shirt to fall away from her front exposing to the camera, and me, her beautiful little bra covered breasts. Seeing them through the view finder, I stopped, looked over the camera and said, “Kidd-o, do you want to show off everything to the camera like that?”

She looked down and got a great big grin on he face and said, “If no one but you ever sees these then I don’t mind. I’ll just see how horny you really are.”

“Okay, but let me warn you, you don’t want to mess with the bull because you’re likely to get the horn,” I warned her placing the camera back up to my eye. I thought to myself, “My sweet innocent little grand daughter is turning into a genuine cock tease” and decided to see how far it would go.

I snapped a few shots of her in this pose and, taking over the photo shoot, directed her to lower herself down even further onto her outstretched arms. She willingly followed my ideas as she soon opened up her entire breast area to my view. I sucked in my breath as a strange little grin came over her face. After getting all of the pictures that I wanted, I told her get up on her knees and to pull her cutoff shirt to one side and off of her shoulder and then to pull the bra strap down onto her arm. When she followed my instructions to the tee, the entire side of her breast line was for all intent and purposes nude except for her breast itself and I could see part of it. The sight was so stimulating that I detected a stirring down in my pants.

Her eyes were starting to get more serious now that I had taken over. Her look became much more intense and, well, sensuous than before and she seemed to be breathing deeply through her open mouth.

“Sit up now and pull your knees up to your chest,” I directed her. She did and when she placed her arms around her knees, I went forward and positioned the leg hole of her shorts aside to expose the edge of her panties. Marty turned a bright red but didn’t move an inch. I took several shots of just a hint of the crotch of her panties and I noticed once again that she was breathing heavily through her parted lips.

The next pose that I though of was with her standing up and the fly of her shorts open with her thumb inserted in her sky blue panties. I had her pull down on the elastic to just barely over her mound as she scooted the bottom hem of her shirt up so just a hint of her bra came into view. Her expression was so sexy and sultry I almost wanted to stop right there and give her a big kiss.

“My God what was I thinking? This is my grand daughter, my lovely Marty, the one that it seemed like I cradled in my arms only a few years ago. What the hell am I doing?” Suddenly I heard the words come out of my mouth, “Why don’t you go in and change into something else. Do you have a dress or something in that suitcase you brought? Come out with something real sexy on.” These words did not come out of my mouth! They couldn’t have but as she turned to go to the room where her suit case full of clothes was, I realized that it was I who had uttered them and it was I who was so turned on that my cock was sticking straight out in my pants.

I stood there impatiently waiting for my grand daughter to reappear from the room and I was agonizing over just what she would come up with that met the definition of “sexy”. It only took her a few minutes to come down the hall to show me what she had picked out. I took one look and gave off a slight little moan. She was wearing a nice little yellow sundress that had spaghetti straps that held up the two triangles covering her front and a full skirt that fell to her mid thighs. I don’t know if the material was so thin or it was my imagination getting the best of me but I swore I could detect two little protrusions show up under the bust line of that dress. I swallowed hard as I raised the camera and started snapping pictures.

She moved and swirled her way around the room, stopping every once in awhile to strike a sexy little pose. Once she stopped with her back to the camera and, taking down one of the straps that held the entire dress in place, dropping it down to her bicep with the fabric barely covering her breast. She got the devilish grin on her face as she tucked her lower lip under her front teeth and moved the arm with the strap off of it down to the hem of her skirt. Then, very seductively, she raised it up to just below her panty line as her eyes begged me to snap her picture.

I complied with her wishes by taking many pictures of her from the side, the front and the rear. I then asked her to unzip the dress. The look on her face told me that I just may have crossed the line but after a brief hesitation, she did as I had asked her. I could barely speak but I once again asked her to remove the straps from her shoulders let it fall free down her arms. I whispered for her to hold it in place just barely covering her nipples as I snapped the camera wildly. In that position, it showed her bare back and top of her blue panties from the rear and most of her breasts from the front. The look it her eyes was wild with expression as I continued to wonder just how far this would go.

I walked around to her backside and slowly hooked her panties with my forefinger. She gasped and turned away, but I continued to move them down about half way over her butt cheeks. I moved away and began taking pictures once again as she settled back down and the smile came back to her face. There was a slight glimpse of terror in that smile but I had the feeling that she was game for about anything.

Marty’s eyes were starting to glass over she was so excited and I wasn’t far behind her. I continued to take pictures of her in many suggestive poses but when I was standing right in front of her and I said to her, “Take your hands away from your breasts and let the dress fall to the floor,” she stopped cold with her resistance.

“Gramps, no, I think we taken this thing as far as we should,” she said through her panting breaths. “I think we’ve taken enough don’t you?” she told me.

“You’re right Kidd-o. I’ve got lots of great pictures here and I think we should stop also,” I lied to her with my best face forward. “Do you want to see some?” I suggested.

She didn’t hesitate but slipping her straps up over her shoulders, but bother to zip up the dress. She came over to where I was and sat down next to me as we both reviewed my photography skills. We started at the last one that I took and I heard her gasp as if someone had kicked her right in the gut. “Oh my God,” she said in embarrassment, “I didn’t know that you could see so much of my butt.”

“I like this one,” I told her. “You look so sexy.”

She looked at it for a second and then asked, “Gramps, do you really think that I’m sexy?”

“Oh my God yes Marty,” I said with my true feelings coming out. “I think that you’re really sexy don’t you?”

“Yeah I guess,” she said deep in thought. Finally she asked, “Gramps do you still want to take that last pose of me, you know the one where I drop the dress down to the floor?”

“Only if you do,” I answered, hoping that she really did. “But first, there is another pose that I would like to take. You can sit down on the floor Indian style and take the straps off of your shoulders again. Now cover your panties with your skirt and hold the dress up to cover your boobies. Look like you want to tease the camera.”

Marty’s look was perfect as she struck that exact pose. Her skirt was drawn up in a bunch right at her crotch and her hand held the two triangles of the dress barely covering her breasts. The look on her face made me melt it was so sensual and I got wobbly legged just thinking about how sexy she looked. I snapped as many pictures as I could before reluctantly allowing her to stand back up. As she slowly got back up and looked at me for her next instructions, a worried look came across her face.

“Only if you want to,” I said reassuringly, answering her unspoken question.

The look did not leave her face as she bit down on her lower lip. Her hands started to relax and then tighten up on the front of her dress. Her hand relaxed once again only to clinch the fabric tightly in a knot. The look in her eyes was torturously confused as she gazed off into space trying to make up her mind. Then in one brief second of decision, she closed her eyes and let the dress fell all of the way down her body and gather at her feet. I looked up at her red face and her eyes were tightly closed.

I tried to breathe normally but the sight of my grand daughter standing before me in just her sky blue panties had taken away my ability to function properly. I stood there completely in awe at the sight of her beauty and her wiliness to share it with me. I had to force my eyesight to focus on the image of this goddess as the picture finally started to appear and a slight moan escaped out of my mouth.

Her tender right hand was covering her left breast and her forearm was resting on the right. Her eyes were still closed and a slight grimace of being uncomfortable was on her face. Her cheeks were crimson and her neck was red but the rest of her young body stood there waiting to be scrutinized. Her trim tummy gave way to a tight little abdomen as my eyes passed down over her curves. Her blue panties exposed the image of her tight round mound and I detected just a hint of the dimpled effect of her pubic hair pushing its way up to meet the fabric. Her glorious legs were tightly clamped together in an effort to protect against any possibly of exposure of her mound but she looked so uncomfortable that I asked her to relax.

She opened her eyes but the look that I saw was anything but relaxed. I told her to give the lens the sultriest look that she could manage as I began snapping the shutter of the camera. She opened her eyes and the look was amazingly sexy. She dropped her left hand to her tummy and crossed her left knee over the other. I captured her image in the picture and my heart skipped a beat.

“Move your left hand down and hook your panties with your thumb,” I commanded with the huskiest voice. She complied with my request. “Push it down off of your hip. Lower. Even lower yet,” I asked softly.

She thumb was resting all the way down to the elastic on the opening of the leg at a point where just a hint of her pubic hair was showing. She never moved her stare from my eyes during the instructions but followed them completely. When I snapped the shutter wildly taking pictures, my heart was in my throat with excitement. My legs were trembling as I was trying to keep the camera in focus and was definitely glad that I had it on auto.

“Turn a little to the right,” I commanded. “Now to the left. Now turn around and look over your shoulder at me. Give me that sexy look again.”

After following each of instructions, she finally turned to face me with a questioning look in her eyes.

“Oh Marty, that was perfect. You looked so sexy and amazing. I could take your picture all day long,” I told her.

She looked relieved but did not move an inch. “I have one more pose if you are up to it,” I suggested. “I want you to sit down and bring your knees up to our chest. I want you to clasp your knees with your arms so that your breasts are not seen by the camera.”

She awkwardly sat down using her left arm for support and the right one never leaving her breasts. She mashed her knees up against her chest and wrapped her arms around them tightly. Looking over the top of her knees, she got this sexy look back again and I started taking pictures as fast as I could. I got down in front of her a mere two feet away, continually tripping the shutter. I moved to the right and then to the left to find the absolute best angle for the shot I wanted. Then I saw it right in front of me.

I was off to the left just a little and I had just the right angle that I saw her eyes looking longingly at the camera and a slight little sky blue puffy wedge sticking out between her two thighs. I almost lost my composure when I snapped the picture. It was the perfect way to end the photo shoot so I sat the camera aside, looked longingly into my grand daughter’s loving eyes and moved forward to give her a little kiss of appreciation.

As I pressed my lips tenderly against hers, I couldn’t help myself. I reached down with my finger tip and slightly caressed the small little blue spot that was showing. She jerked away as though she had been shocked. I gave her a pleading look but said nothing. She continued to look into my eyes as I smiled a confident smile and repeated my caress. She took in a sharp breath of air and slowly closed her eyes.

I began slightly rubbing my finger along the sky blue cover of her pleasure zone as I continued to kiss her lips. She responded with an urgent cry of desire and a forceful opening of her mouth. Feeling her give in to my kiss, I pressed even more into her soft wetness and moved my finger in between her lower lips. Her kiss became greedy and her legs slowly slid apart so my hand could totally encompass her sky blue panties. As I pressed my palm into its softness, her legs slipped downward exposing her bare little breasts to me for the first time.

I pressed her backward with my kiss as she lay back on the floor with my other hand behind her to give her the support. As her head met the rug she opened her eyes and looked cautiously into my own and I gave her the slightest smile. Her look did not change as I looked down at her breasts. I knew that they were smallish, but I did not realize just how perfect they were. My eyes consumed them in their softness and their perfection and I got an uncontrollable urge to put my lips down upon them. As I lowered my head, I noticed that she had closed her eyes once again.

Her tight little pink areolas were all shriveled up and sticking straight up in the air. On top of them were the two cutest little pebble sized nipples just waiting to be suckled and when my mouth encompassed first one and then the other, she let out the loudest groan that I have ever heard.

My hand was busily giving her pleasure by sliding up and down between her two lips and concentrating on her node that was located near the top. She was beginning to jerk her hips every time I bumped into it and I was bumping into it as often as I could.

I suddenly placed my hand at the waist band of her sky blue panties and started to press it inward when she cried out, “Oh Gramps, please don’t, not in there,” but it was too late. I rested my touch on her wet hairy mound and my finger went directly up to meet her clitoris. She moaned out loud as she raised her hips up to greet her tormentor.

I was massaging her with my hand and sucking the life into her nipples as I lost all control over my mind and senses. My fist was between her legs pushing her panties down over her hips and exposed my caressing hand to the light of day. I suddenly pulled them off of her legs and threw them to the side. Now she was totally naked and her legs were wide apart.

I rolled her over on top of me as her blazing eyes opened wide with lust. Her face was like a crazed woman who knew what she wanted and how to take it. She looked deep into my own spheres and sat up on my lap and grasped the fly of my trousers. She had them open in a flash and was pulling my rock hard rod out of them with the roughness of the need that she must have been feeling. Then, laying it flat on my stomach, she placed it in between her two lips and started to rock herself into a frenzy.

She was sitting up with her hands on my thighs, rocking and grinding her herself into my cock. She had her eyes closed and her head back as the strangest sounds started emanating out of her mouth. As she continued to grind, she started to clench her teeth and then she stared down into my eyes. What I saw was pure lust, pain and simple and she had the look of a desperate love crazed young woman.

I felt her juices from her little slit as she slid my cock up to meet her clitoris. Touching it against her node, she sat there shuttering with anticipation. Then she rose up on her knees and took my rod in her fist. She started to position it directly under her opening. A look of horror must have crossed my face because in her lustfulness, she smiled and told me, “I want this Gramps!”

Both of my hands were on her hips and they came upon a strange feeling band aide patch. My figures were trying to decipher what they was feeling when she smiled down at me and said, “I’ve been on the patch for a while,” and started to ease herself down on my stiff rod. I saw her eyes roll back into her head as it slowly started to stretch it way into her untested vaginal opening.

As it made its way into her, the tightness began to become so intense that we were each starting to feel uncomfortable. But when I hit her barrier, I could tell that her discomfort was almost more than she could bear. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth hung open as she began to frantically pant through her lips. Then, taking in a full breath of air, she lowered herself down upon it with a plunge and let out a scream as it broke through the membrane and she became a woman.

“Oh God it stings!” she whimpered as she came to rest for a moment. I looked into to closed eyes at the pain that she felt but slowly began to push it further into her. She gasped as it bottomed out and for the first time she opened her eyes and gave me a slight smile. The look in her eyes was one of determination as she started to rock upon my rod resting deep inside of her womb. She closed her eyes once again and a terrific feeling of satisfaction came over her entire face.

She began to rise and fall upon my stiff rod that was sliding into her womanhood and the faster she slipped it in, the more force she used to impale herself with. Her wetness was running out of her opening as her breathing came strained and labored. She was rocking wildly as I felt that ol’ feeling deep in my loins. I knew that I was about to blow but I wanted her to cum first.

I began to raise my hips up off of the floor to meet her every thrust and her needs were growing more than ever. I was straining to hold my explosion back as long as I could when I felt her walls cramp down on my cock and I knew she was about to lose it. She was not breathing and her muscles started to tighten up. She stopped her rocking and her bucking and sat there for a second as if she was letting it build. Then she opened her mouth and yelled out, “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!”

She was rocking and throwing herself down on my shooting member as I emptied my sack deep within her womb. Her face was contorted beyond recondition and her breaths came in jagged gasps of air. Over and over she convulsed on my hot spraying cock, milking every drop out of it with her tight little vagina. Finally neither of us could take it any further and she collapsed down on top of me gasping for air.

We rested as we gained our senses once again. I fell into a peaceful slumber that lasted longer than my Marty’s. When I awoke, I awoke alone. I heard the shower running for a moment and then it turned off. The door opened and there came my darling out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. She headed for her room without even glancing my way. I got up and headed for the bathroom myself.

In about 30 minutes we met out in the kitchen. I suggested that we go to a movie and she readily agreed. We saw a romantic comedy that evening and she cuddled up to my arm. But when we got home, she came up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek and told me “Goodnight Gramps”.

The next morning we shared a breakfast time together and she said that she needed to get home to get ready for her new job tomorrow. I carried her suitcase to the car for her and before she got in she turned to me with the warmest smile on her face.

“Gramps, I want to thank you for, ah, well for everything. I learned so much this weekend that I know I will use the rest of my life.”

She looked deep into my eyes and I think that I saw a tear start to overflow. I wiped it away with my finger as I let it linger for a second on her cheek. She moved her cheek into my caress as she said, “I will always remember this weekend Gramps. Always. I love you Gramps.”

“Me too Kidd-o, me too,” I said as I closed the door to her car.

I watched as she drove down the street and out of view around the corner. I walked back into the lonely house and noticed my camera sitting on the table next to the sofa. I picked it up and turned it on to review the pictures that I had taken. They were not there. There was not the chip in the camera that I knew I had put in. Then I smiled and softly said to myself, “Happy viewing Marty. You’re beautiful.”, and walked down the hall to put my camera away.

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Nice, almost lovely story; but marred by his going over the line with a trusting juvenile. But overall, yeah, nice.
OK, I've watched your vocabulary through your different series; one thing that stands out is your confusion with "shutter" and "shudder". The camera has a SHUTTER to control exposure, people/things SHUDDER in jerky movement, like a table as it's pushed across a floor. There are other examples too; generally they are words that sound in a similar way - they're/their/there waste/waist. You need someone to edit your stories properly to remove those errors, and especially those errors where words are omitted.

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If u love me u would lick my dick. I recall my grandpa saying on his death bed. I wanted to please him to I slow sucked his cock to life and swallowed all his cum. I wanted him to pround of his blk angel

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Awesome story now part two and Marty his fuck toy and knock her up

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Quite a unique story for this site I must say. Actually I found it quite touching, a remark I could've never anticipated making in such a forum. Obviously you performed your task as creator and author of this story exceptionally well.
Thank you for sharing this piece and hopefully those that follow.

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A beautiful story i really liked it, you have got to write a second chapter and get to eat her pussy and then get fuck her again on a regular basess

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