A lesson in martial arts
Being a native of South Korea, martial arts and well as respecting the beauty and harmony of all life is an important part of my life. My culture, Especially the martial art tae kwon do and Hapkido has been a part of my entire life as well as my people’s culture for over 2000 years. I hold a 6th Dan black belt as well as a Masters degree in English. I always thought that I would continue to help my father teach, possibly teaching the South Korean military as he did or at the very least help him run his gym in choon chun. But all that changed after I met my husband.

A lot of Korean girls meet and marry Americans but that’s just the beginning of the story. I had to put my Native country’s national pastime on the bottom of my priority list after I married my husband, an American soldier and Army Ranger. For example, he never told me how often he would have to deploy on military operations, I didn’t know how often he would be away, often on missions and operations many that people would never even know about and still felt to this day. On every one of those surprise trips, leaving me extremely sexually frustrated. unlike most traditional Korean women I have an extremely aggressive sexual appetite. And my husband loves that about me. we have never had boredom in the bedroom, and I always went out of my way to fulfill his requests, everything from dress up games to a threesome that he wanted to do with my cousin with me.

I had my son and daughter in the first two years of our marriage. We have a beautiful 15-year-old son who is extremely athletic with almost no body fat and extremely well-defined muscles that shone like a roadmap. and also a fantastic and graceful martial artist. A 16-year-old daughter, also a gifted athlete, who is already looking at a full scholarship at UNLV and I am 5 feet tall and 114 pounds. And that was one time a national competitor for the Republic of Korea. Being in love, and against my father’s wishes, I married an American, continued my education in a foreign country speaking almost no English. It wasn’t easy. My husband was my entire world.

Even though I got married and assumed all the duties of a responsible officer’s wife, which is dinner parties, clean house, shopping responsibility of the children I still find a lot of time to exercise, exercise is a part of my daily ritual. I get up every morning, stretch, Run or go to 24 hour fitness and I enjoy the fact that I can still turn heads when I’m on the treadmill with a white sports bra, especially if I’m sweating and my nipples are clearly visible. My measurements are 34c-22-32 and yes my breasts are large and they have been augmented. And it makes for a wonderful sex life with my husband when we role-play or I dress up in one of my stripper schoolgirl outfits or microfiber miniskirts. I'm also bisexual curious. But that's another story altogether. Oh my god is that a story… on more than one occasion, we played dress-up games and Las Vegas casinos. I would walk in first, go to the bar alone, can often be mistaken for a high-end prostitute. After sitting off to the side and watching me rejecting both men and women, my husband would take me upstairs to a room and make love to me,

Unfortunately for me, My husband has been in Afghanistan for the 11 months so the majority of my sex has been limited to late-night masturbation to home movies that he and I made together, my teenagers personal porn stash that he obviously thinks I know nothing about or occasional lesbian sex get together with another Army wife who’s a Mormon, so I’m sure her husband wouldn’t be happy if he knew how curious she was to have another woman eating her pussy. Even more so, he would be shocked to find out that she is the one who seduced me after about four martinis too many and she ended up having to sleep over instead of driving home drunk.

My son has a friend I'll call Randy. Very handsome young man, He seems to be the sophomore all-star athlete. He's much stockier and more muscular than my son, and spends the majority of his time talking about how good he is as at Just about everything, as well as being one of Hawaii’s top 183 Pd wrestler. In fact, he seems to be “God's gift to everything” to hear him tell it. I would never have told him this, but yes, he does turn heads.

Recently he and my son went to a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school that opened up on our island. And for the next few weeks, all I saw was him and my son constantly rolling on the floor which looked to me like the missionary position with both of them wrapping their legs around one another trying to twist the other's body part into a joint lock or submission. The more I watched the two of them rolling around with their legs intertwined, locked deeply into each other's groins that they called getting their “hooks in.” All I can think of was getting my own hooks into Randy. Randy’s wrestling skills obviously gave him the superior advantage. He was however no match for my son’s stamina. After 15 to 20 minutes, my son was getting into his groove and Randy would always have to stop to drink some juice or catch his breath. At which time whenever he would walk by me in the kitchen or the living room was always tried to get a quick glimpse of my tits. A couple of times when I was wearing nothing but my husband’s white tank top undershirts and panties around, I would even give my nipples a twist to make them stand up to further add to his lustful suffering.
One evening when they were going around in the middle of the living room I had asked them repeatedly to knock it off, my God they were going to break my furniture. And we have three very beautiful mother-of-pearl inlaid display boxes on their coffee tables in the living room. Both of them resented my insistence that they use caution as much as an inmate would present a warden for banning Playboy magazines, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to have my house destroyed center because they were having problems controlling their hormones. In fact I told them that it looked like the two of them were A couple of gay guys fighting over the top position in making love, and my son protested my ignorance in this style of fighting called Brazilian jujitsu. I simply smiled and told him “Sweetheart, you would have to get close enough to get someone Grab a hold of them in order to apply anything that you’re doing right now, and you would never get that close to me, unless I wanted you to.”

My son just rolled his eyes and said “we know Mom, you were unbeatable back in the day, But this is not tae kwon do. Mixed martial arts is how people fight today.”

“Well, I’m certainly confused, because I see no art at all.” I flashed him a wink and agreed with him. “I know sweetheart, I'm just teasing you, but I still say you have to get me off my feet, and that would be no easy task unless I wanted to be taken off my feet.” I turned in very arrogantly looked at Randy and shook my head. “you’d never even get close.”

This is when Randy butted in and told me that he could get me off my feet easily. He continued bragging by saying that as small as I was he easily lift me and carry me or slam me wherever he wanted or put me into whatever Submission hold of his choosing he wanted. he went on to name several types of guillotine choking and arm bar and a variety of other techniques that I’m sure he knew only a little more about as I did.
I laughed and told him he wasn't man enough. I have to admit, I was aroused. And I was feeling confident, my father taught me that combat was not about scoring points. It was about the destruction of your opponent. Often I would not feel as though I wonder if my matches were close. I had to overwhelm my opponent. So with that final comment to Randy, We stood there momentarily in the middle of my living room and he feigned trying to reach down to grab my legs a couple of times. he grabbed me tightly enough that I could smell his breath. His arms reaching around my own in some sort of a bearhug, lifting me off my feet. He smiled until I flared my arms out causing him to drop me quickly, just low enough to get my feet on the ground. I quickly turned my ass against him and with my right arm underneath his left and holding him around the back of his neck, I kicked backward with my right foot and he went flying over my hip.
Randy hit the living room floor with enough force to rattle every bit of China in the cabinets, this kind of startled me back into realizing that I was a mature adult and should not be falling into their games. The possibility of destroying furniture in my house woke me up, and brought me back to my current state. I realize that I shouldn’t be forcing around with the children. Randy however had other plans, He jumped back to his feet quickly, looking in disbelief that with 65 pounds on me I could so easily tossed him off of me.
My son smiled and shook his head “Randy, her dad is an instructor. She’s done a Korean version of Judo her entire life”.

I insisted that both boys knock it off, but Randy was intent on trying to prove his masculinity to me. But the poor boy couldn’t concentrate. As hot as soon as it gets in Hawaii, I was already starting to perspire, and wearing nothing but a white tank top and blue jeans, my dark nipples were easily showing through. Randy flinched, trying to get me to react so he could drop down and grab my ankles or something but I didn't move, I just picked up my front leg and shot my heel into his face, stopping a couple of inches from his nose with my jeans snapping at the action of the side kick that had made me one of Korea's best female fighters in the late 80s. I then smiled and said “that really would've hurt, but you boys go ahead now and have fun making love to each other.” And I laughed and walked off into the kitchen. Walking away, I had to happily acknowledge to myself “I’ve still got it”, even with the skintight jeans and nothing on but a x small tank top, I could feel my saline implants bouncing under the fabric of my shirt and as he focused on my tits.
My son was furious at the gay insinuation, even though he knew I was joking. I can hear him huffing under his breath, complaining. At 15, he was already quickly approaching 6’ tall, nearly a foot taller than me. Randy was shorter but very stocky and broad. I can hear him mumbling to his friend “I hate when she does that shit man.”

“dude, your mom is so hot.”

“Shut up fucker. You have no idea what it’s like to live in your mom’s shadow. Most guys have dads who are trying to relive their youth through their sports, I’ve got a deal with both of them.”
As I walked away I heard Randy in a whisper voice saying “fuck! she was really fast. I had no idea your mom could do that! Did you see her tits bounce up in her T-shirt when she threw that Roundhouse kick at me?”

my son responded with a mixture of jealousy and sarcasm “that was a cut kick dumb ass. And you’re probably lucky that she didn’t hit you with it. Because it really does hurt, I know from experience.” Before Randy can even comprehend what my son had said, he quickly turned smashed his fist into Randy’s bicep. and responded with “don't worry about my mom's tits.” And I must admit, I felt a tingling of excitement here is my son use the word “Tits”, versus his traditional Boobs comments as he normally spoke of them in his embarrassment. Did he really notice mine? I know that I would find a periodic pair of my panties are his sisters and his bedroom, but I never thought that he would see me as attractive.

I could hear furniture being scooted around on the floor and grunting and panting as the two of them rolled around struggling to control the other and Randy continually overpowering my son. I was amazed at how all of these movements seem to end up in the missionary position. I continued to think about it, the two of them in the way they would lay there on top of each other locked between each other's powerful legs, arms flexing and bodies perspiring. Like couple of the ancient Greeks doing pancreas completely naked with one another. I wondered how the women of the time contained themselves? I tried to continue doing the laundry but my imagination was now focused on dirty thoughts. Taboo thoughts, I was even imagining my son completely naked with his teenage muscular body wrestling and struggling. I tried to clear my mind and focus on the laundry, which was mounting up from the week prior. But I just kept thinking about having Randy or my son getting me down into the ground. and as soon as the washer went on to the spin cycle it began to vibrate aggressively. Leaning into the wash sink to pick up laundry I felt the corner brushing and my ass and it reminded me of just how fast my husband can pump when I get him really turned on. “oh my God, what’s wrong with me?” I asked myself as I looked around to see where the boys were. Still in the other room, oblivious to me and what I was doing with my housework. I was not getting sex off of my mind. And I didn’t want to go past that room again in order to go to my bedroom to play with myself. I close the washroom door slightly, pulled the ice chest down off of the shelf, I adjusted our ice cooler up against the washing machine so that it looks like I was getting something down from the Cabinets as I allowed it to massage my clitoris as the machine began to shake violently emptying the water from the tub as it oscillated. This way, if I was interrupted as I have been on more than one occasion, I could justify my actions by stating that I was just looking for something. I kept thinking of the two of them rolling around in their mounting and guard position, whatever that is, which is what they called my interpretation of the missionary position. I imagined Randy, even though being 16 has already experienced sex at some level with a number of girls in their school. Larger than most boys his own age, he was very muscular as well as good-looking and had charisma as well. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't complement me on my figure or was it in the middle of my living room floor with his shirt off counting out push-ups as he practically exploded off the floor. Up and down and up and down… mmmmm more dirty thoughts. Whatever my son or my husband were not looking, Randy would always stop and pause for a few moments to try to look at my enhanced tits. In the beginning it bothered me. Always thinking to myself “what a little pervert” but on more than one occasion I would catch myself grinding my clitoris against the kitchen table while pretending I’m preparing something for dinner and keeping an eye on the two of them in the living room.

I continue to let my washing machine work its magic against me, and even with my blue jeans on, I could feel myself cumming and soaking the crotch of my jeans. I was very glad that they didn't interrupt me at all. I was completely satisfied getting the pounding into my pussy while I fantasized about them. Yes, both of them.
They spent the next hour wrestling and rolling around in the middle of the living room on a large beautiful Persian rug that my husband had brought back on one of his trips to the Middle East. When I walked back to the living room after my encounter with the washing machine, I could see it in the look of my son’s eyes that something was different. He had Randy on his back and my son had his legs intertwined with Randy’s. The next thing I know he thrusts forward with his hips spreading Randy’s legs out and opened until Randy yelped in obvious pain. “Jesus Christ! I thought to myself. It literally looked like my son was giving him a final thrust of a brutal fucking. Standing in the hallway, watching, my legs began to quiver again. He had submitted Randy, obvious jubilation was filling the living room as he taunted Randy.

Both of them lay there with their shirts off, completely exhausted and watching the television previews of the upcoming pay-per-view event. Then later that evening we ordered pizza and Coke, as it was getting late and Randy was sleeping over… again, I figured I would go upstairs and put on a little baby doll. And made myself comfortable on the sofa behind two of them sitting on the floor watching the large screen television. we watched a pay-per-view show called a UFC fight. I couldn't believe that I had to spend $80 to watch two guys rolling around on a mat humping each other and see any value to it. There were some serious underlying homosexual issues going on with some of these men. And I figured the obvious displays of aggression I was watching from two nearly naked men wearing surf shorts was simply a way of trying to disguise it amongst one another while still being able to grind and dry hump and whatever they’re doing to satisfy their boyish fantasies. I complained several times to which I was shushed each and every time as both boys were focused on some guy with a Mohawk haircut running around screaming like a madman.

I couldn’t believe this. These men were acting like animals in the ring. No honor and respect, and I voiced my opinion throughout the night. The highlight for me was between rounds when a gorgeous young ring girl would parade around the ring and booty shorts pulling a cart with a large number over her head. “in Korea a true fighter is humble and respectful and you would never see them conducting themselves this way.” Both boys ignored my complaints and kept the focus on the large TV screen in front of them. Both of them rolled their eyes and cursed me for constantly interrupting them with my complaints of their arrogant hero.

As the fight played, I continued to consume my fourth class of maker’s Mark and Coke while they stuffed themselves with pizza and Coke. That's when the end of a round was signaled and one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen climbed into the ring, holding a round 3 card and parading around in a very small halter top and extra small booty shorts! Mmmmmmmm my favorite. Both boys got very quiet and focused on the delectable specimen of sex as she walked around the cage, waving and blowing kisses and taunting the crowd.

I could feel that familiar tingling in my clitoris and in my stomach, That I had felt earlier today and not knowing what to do while sitting there, not to mention the effects of the alcohol was relaxing me, I laughed and said “now that's more like it. You can actually see her camel toe.”

Randy Cranked his head around instantly, shocked and looking at me as though he didn't believe what I had just said. “Mrs. B., how would you know what a camel toe is?”

“Sweetheart I know a lot of things that would surprise you. I was sitting on my sofa alone with my legs crossed wearing only a little lace baby doll and thong panties. For the most part, I was covered. Even though the baby doll was low enough to show a lot of cleavage you really had to struggle to see anything that would be of interested to Randy, like the little red thong I was wearing.

Randy continued staring at me in disbelief, I smiled and said “what? She's beautiful. You two are looking, and I can acknowledge the fact that another woman is beautiful the same way that you can! Besides, look at that sexy ass. She's not quite as muscular as I am, she is really sexy. In fact she's turning me on. In fact, I Might have to take a break and go to my bedroom.” the fact is, I was telling the truth. she was not as muscular as I am, which made me feel very confident. And she really was turning me on. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, sitting here with my drink in one hand, my legs crossed and my other hand periodically teasing my pussy lips whenever the boys went looking in my direction.

The ring girl concluded her parade around the ring and the TV was flooded with wolf whistles and catcalls from the audience so neither of my boys made a move as one of the staff members helped her down out of the cage.

“my God, she is sexy enough to make me turn into a lesbian.”

My son finally ended her walk around the ring by telling me “Mom, that's enough for the lesbian talk. It's grossing me out.”

This one caught me a little offguard, I checked his computer from time to time, and he seems to be quite interested in lesbian videos. I don’t blame him. So am I. That’s how I actually found out about this website.
The whiskey and coke was really getting me relaxed. The next fight came on which both boys felt was of poor quality. They began to chatter away about their Mohawk hero. I thought all the fights were very boring unless you are looking for a gay peep show, and I told them that. But I noticed that my nipples had gotten very erect and I spent the majority of my time waiting for the ring girl to come out again. Every time she did, I could feel my heart beating just a little bit harder. I could feel myself getting flushed and the heat stirring in my mound. My words began to come out a little slower. a little more slurred, and I would catch myself crossing over from Korean to English while mumbling about her sweet little pussy and the sexy innocence of her smile. Randy had no idea what I was saying, but my son had heard me throughout his lifetime using my native tongue and many colorful adjectives in moments of anger.

The match had started and since it was of no interest to either of my boys, they looked at each other and Randy said “mount or guard”I quietly thought to myself “mount me baby”, my hand sliding through the side of my thong.

My son replied, “guard”, and lay down his back and spread his legs. From the angle he was laying, I could see directly at his shorts, and he appeared to have the beginning of a very nice erection. Randy positioned himself on top and they nodded to each other and began to struggle to control the other.

One thing that I noticed was since both boys were only wearing their school PE shorts I could clearly see both boy’s cocks and balls bouncing every time they moved or shifted their body weight from one side to the other. I also noticed that Randy's cock Now seemed to be semi erect. This caught my attention. A couple of times I thought I would point this out to them, jokingly proving my point that it must be a gay thing if he was getting aroused but I thought better of it. I just sat there quietly as I watched my son with his legs wrapped tightly around Randy's waist as he was submitted yet again to Randy. This time, Randy didn't release him. He looked over his shoulder behind him, at me and he said, “You see, once I have your arm in this position and my body weight on top of you, there's nothing you can do about it.” my son was getting mad, he snarled at Randy to get off of him. To prove this point, Randy rolled his elbow up a little higher causing my son to yelp out in pain.

I laughed once again and said that the problem with that would be him getting me into that position in the first place. He saw me getting a glimpse of his ass and his cock and quickly jumped off and adjusted to shorts, apologizing. Randy was Totally ignoring my comment and trying to contain his cock inside his shorts.
I told both of them if they were going to continue wrestling around they should probably put on some long pants. Unless they wanted me to continue seeing their private parts. Not that I would mind that from two handsome well-built men. My son just stared and gave me the most angry look you can imagine. “From what I've seen so far, both of you are men even though you enjoy grinding against one another more than females.”
My son embarrassed but my continual comments, finally stormed upstairs, not being able to take any more of my gay jokes. Randy sat there looking straight ahead at television not saying a word to me. he walked up stairs, checked in with my son and within a few seconds, came back down and sat back down in front of television. “He’s really mad isn’t it?”

I smiled “sometimes I tease too much. But I was just joking, and I hope you know that I wasn’t serious.” I could see that his face was beet red as he looked down at me sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking between my legs.

I smiled and quickly closed them, “ooops, didn’t know she was exposed” referring to my pussy. Smiling “but by the way you were staring, it’s obvious that you are not gay.” The fact that I caught in the act, staring at my pussy caused some major embarrassment and awkwardness in the room. he slid down the floor in front of me and focus on the pay-per-view event.

By this time my nipples were electric with excitement and my clitoris was throbbing. I slipped a finger through the side of my panties and caressed my clitoris and couple of times and thought I was going to scream. The end of another round had been signaled and in came another gorgeous round girl. I again moaned and said unconsciously without thinking, “that woman is hot!”

Randy snapped his head back around again looking at me in disbelief. I just smiled at him and licked my lips and told him to turn around and watch the TV show before I submit him. He snickered and dared me. “I could submit you so fast it wouldn't even be funny!” He mumbled under his breath. By now I was really buzzing, and I knew I was going to go upstairs and play with myself. And I was curious to feel his hard cock that I had spent the past 30 minutes getting occasional glimpses of through his gym shorts. I stood up for a moment, and he saw my reflection from the TV screen in front of him, he turned around and had a full view of me standing there in my little lingerie. Now buzzing quite well, I walked over to him, and got down on my knees.
“Okay wise guy, let's see what you got!” And before he can say anything, I was in the middle of our floor on the Persian rug they had been using for a mat. I opened my legs and stretched the fabric of my baby doll down between my thighs trying to cover my neglected little pussy. Pulling my top down only caused it to stretch tighter across my tits. And you could easily see my erect nipples poking up. “mount me” I said as I lifted my legs up and held my arms out.

Puzzled, he stared at me and responded with “pardon me?”

I open my legs wider, looking at him “isn’t that what I’m supposed to say? Mount me”.
Looking down atwn at my crotch, he simply shook his head and mumbled “you’re not…you’re not supposed to say anything. ”he smiled “you’re not supposed to say it, it’s just supposed to happen, “Mrs. B., I can't, I have to go put on some underwear.” Randy just sat there desperately clutching at his crotch and staring at me, with a large thick shaft partially exposed from the side.
I asked again, “what's the matter? Are you chicken?”

“Mrs. B, you’re laying here in your… your underwear”

I pointed at the television screen and suggested that the little hottie ring girls walking around were more his speed.

And with that Randy hesitated for a moment and Without saying another word,then he crawled between my legs trying to hide his erection and trying to keep his body high enough from me so that I wouldn't feel it as he desperately tried to keep it contained with the waistband of his gym shorts. I saw him quickly reach down and pull his cock up to the top of his waistband so that it wouldn't be poking out, and then he pulled his T-shirt down over that.

As he positioned himself on top of me, I just smiled and said “this was so kinky.” (Inside I was burning up. I wanted so badly to be naked). I laughed at his obvious embarrassment and discomfort “Oh Randy, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen 100 times before. Besides, it’s not like I’m a girl your age or anything”. With that I could feel him laying his body weight on top of me, his pelvis was coming in contact with mine and I was practically creaming. I just couldn’t let him know it.

Randy pinned both of my arms out to my sides and told me that I was supposed to wrap my legs around him tightly. I laughed out loud and agreed. I wondered if he was going to be able to feel my wet spot from my pussy, but I did as I was told. I wrapped my legs around him, and instead of him Laying flat on top of me the way he was with my son, he was cautiously holding himself up over me on his hands and knees. But I would still field periodic brushing of his hard cock rubbing up the length of my pussy, the head trying to free itself from the fabric of the waistband of his shorts. I squeezed a little tighter, and he contorted my arms into a position and then told me to get out. I tried, but he was right. Moving only caused the pressure to become more intense. So I submitted and told him “I give up.” I had no idea what my son was doing in his bedroom at this moment but I really wasn't thinking about it.

I was enjoying feeling the warm hard body was lying on top of me, even if he was only 16 years old. After hesitating to get off of me, even after I released my grip with my legs he stared at me for a couple of seconds and pushed his pelvis forward one more time. We both stared at each other with lust in our eyes. Both of us feeling of wonder and the wishing that the other with just a little bit further and finish this.

Randy, with all this weight laying down top of me, his extremely hard cock pressed into the folds of my pussy, then told me “the one thing you never wanted to do was give your opponent your back”. And he quickly had me rollover onto my stomach as he positioned himself on top of me once again with his legs straddling both sides of my ass. His legs had separated mine with his feet pushing me part, and I could feel him pushing down with his cock directly into the crack of my ass. And I was laying there helpless, nothing but my thong being pushed deep into my cheeks. my baby doll had worked its way up into the small of my back, completely exposing my little bare ass and nothing more than my little red thong.

“Mrs. B., this is very sexy underwear” he lay on top of me, once again while slowly rocking on top of me. and I was wishing so badly that he was completely naked, but his gym shorts left little to the imagination. There were a couple of times when he would rock back and forth that I could feel the warm bare skin of the underside of his shaft.

Randy went through the explanation of a series of choking techniques and I just continued to lay there and enjoyed the sensation feeling him getting his jollies by grinding himself into me and pretending he was an expert as he continued to dry hump me. After explaining one choke, I laid there with his arm around my neck and moaned, pressing my ass up into the air “this might be fun in certain situations?” I said.
“How could getting choked out possibly be fun?” He asked me.

“You're too young for me to explain that to you.” I told him to never mind that, it was an adult thing. And I rolled over on my back again, this time not bothering to adjust my baby doll. I told him to climb on one more time because I wanted another chance to try to escape his grip. I didn't of course, I just wanted him to stare at my cunt which was now completely begging for release. I figured if he was too nervous to make his move, I would at least enjoy myself as far as he was willing to take it.and if he wanted to get his thrills from dry humping his friend’s mom, so be it.

Randy positioned himself on top of me once again and I wrapped my legs around him, this time I started grinding my pelvis into him in a tight little circle, watching him stare at me wide eye’d with disbelief.

“What?” I asked. “I want to know how to get out of this, or better yet how to keep you from getting out of this.” And then I reached out and pulled him down to me by his neck and slipped my tongue into his mouth, kissing him as we began to dry hump each other in the middle of my living room floor. I don't know why I acted so spontaneously that I continued squeezing my pelvis against his and unconsciously moaning. “oh my God baby!”

He panicked! Randy instantly responded by lifting himself up on his arms over me, “Mrs B did I hurt you?” he was strong enough to lift himself up onto his hands and knees, but I clung to him with my legs wrapped around his waist like a baby panda bear clinging tightly to her mommy and my arms underneath his, hanging off his young muscular body.

“shush!” I said. I pulled him down and I could feel him trying to shove his cock completely through the thin fabric of his shorts. I took one of his hands and guided him down to my pussy and then I slid my hand into his shorts and my God he was thick. Not very long but very thick, like a red bull can.

I started jerking frantically back and forth on him, desperately wanting him to put his fingers inside me. He wasn’t reacting fast enough for me, so I pulled my thong to one side and placed his hand there moaning out loud and kissing him again. “FUCK baby that feels so good!” I grumbled. I told him not to stop as I started thrusting my pelvis up hard enough that it was causing my breasts to bounce around. my other hand down between my legs grabbing the length of his shaft and pulling it out of his shorts. My breathing was beginning to be much more exasperated, gasping out of my mouth and approaching orgasm as my entire body tensed up and I lie there chanting softly, “don't move, don't move, stay right there.” I had just had an incredible orgasm from dry humping this young stud. With his shaft in my left hand I started pulling and caressing. my right hand was going from his cock to my own pussy, my pussy lips were throbbing and my clitoris was extremely hard. I could feel my own juices running down to the crack of my ass. I would frantically rub my swollen clitoris several times into my sweet lips and taste it. within a few seconds I felt several long streams of warm fluid splashing all over me, his hand grabbing my fist which was still wrapped around his cock, practically crushing my hand with his grip.

“Mrs. B., oh God, what are you doing? Wow! Oh my god that feels incredible! But, oh… uh god saop, I already came!”

He was right, I was so focused on actually touching it, this damned kid covered me in his fluids.I was now running the tip of his cock across my soaked labia and lifted my pelvis up and felt him slip inside of me all the way into my stomach. He sank entirely inside of me and paused there feeling me contracting around him. he kept grunting and protesting “Mrs. B, I can’t take it. Oh my God, I can’t take it. It’s too much”.

“Oh Baby don’t you dare stop!” I moaned as I dug my fingernails into his ass and held him there for a couple of moments enjoying the feeling of having a cock inside of me which I haven't felt in nearly one year. even if it was going soft inside of me. this was so wrong. But Jesus Christ it felt good. It felt like being back in high school mode. The excitement of your parents walking and possibly catching you.

Randy started to pump slowly, still not believing what was going on. And after only a couple of full-length strokes inside of me, he started grunting and pumping harder, “oh God, oh God, this feels so good. I can't take this Mrs. B. fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” He squealed as I started bucking myself up harder and harder. I knew he was going to explode a second time, but I had to get off this time too. Randy emptied all of his hot cum deep inside of me as I lay there shivering and shaking, digging my fingernails into his ass. Trying to use one hand between the two of us to rub my swollen clitoris. His penetration in me didn't last more than two minutes but it pushed me deep over the edge.

That's when the two of us heard another noise off behind us, and we both looked up behind us towards the noise and saw my Son on his knees less than 5 feet away with his own massive erection, grunting and slapping his balls and releasing three large ropes of semen in my direction. Beating his cock with an anger in his face that is difficult to describe.

Upon seeing this both Randy and I scrambled up, him desperately trying to put himself back into his worn-out gym shorts and me trying to adjust my thong to cover My tired, wet, well fucked pussy. Both of us still in shock, we both started apologizing.

“Oh my God, he’s going to tell his father.” was my first thought. My second was how he was standing at the edge of the stairs stroking his cock back and forth, rocking the wrist and rolling hand from side to side. Just standing there, slowly caressing his now spent cock and staring at both of us defiantly. Looking back and forth from Randy to me, he had a look of burning hate as well as lust in his eyes. He didn't say a word, he just stood there slowly stroking with a large Strand of semen hanging from the tip that hadn't quite detached itself from his first eruption.

I suddenly realized just how wrong it was, what I had done. How could I even have done something so stupid? How could I have let a little playful teasing it this far out of control. “Baby please don't tell your father. This is just a big mistake, and Mommy can explain”. I was just so lonely, and I guess drinking on my empty stomach and watching the two of you rolling around with those muscular bodies got the best of me. I don't know what happened.”

“Yeah right mom, like aunt Carol got the best of you a couple of weeks ago right? I heard the two of you in the bedroom. Does Dad know that you’re a lesbian too? That you were in there licking her pussy?”

“Sweetheart I'm not a lesbian. That just happened, and just so you know, your father does know. And I told him all about it. Anything after that is none of your business!” Now starting to gain my composure again, I responded also by saying “I really don't like your attitude right now! If you want to talk with me about this please do. Come down here and sit down, but if you're going to act like a little brat, then maybe you should go back upstairs.”

He stomped down the stairs, still staring at me with anger and lust in his eyes. His cock still pointing outward, still purple and still erect. He was no longer stroking, just holding it in his fist. And there was at least 3 inches of meat exposed. My God that means he’s at least 8 inches long.

Randy was just standing there in disbelief. “I'm sorry man, it’s my bad..”

my son had cut him off and told him “just shut the fuck up! You call yourself a friend and you fuck my mom? I should kick your ass right here!” with his finger digging violently into Randy’s chest he barked “you sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!”

I walked up and placed my hand on the inside of his arm “baby don’t talk like…”
He terrified me. He turned and snapped at me “you too! Sit your asses down and don’t say a word!”
Randy and I sat on the sofa together like 2 terrified schoolchildren waiting for the principal as my son stood there with one hand on his hip and the other hand holding his cock, which was much bigger than I could've imagined. Its Much bigger than Randy’s.

“Baby I would like to tell you that I am sorry. And, … and … you obviously enjoyed the show or you … you wouldn't have been standing there doing what you are doing, am I right?” looking down at his cock in his hand, and then back into his beautiful eyes.

He nodded in approval, I continued to talk, telling him that Randy was just showing me what the two of you were doing earlier and this was completely my fault. “It's just that I miss your father so much and I got really horny watching the two of you wrestling in the middle of the floor like that. I don’t know why I did that.”
“Really?? He asked. You are excited from watching both of us or just Randy?”

I could feel the heat beginning to build again in my pussy and my nasty thoughts were beginning to take over. And as Randy had gotten off far too soon for my satisfaction I don’t know what was wrong? Sitting here again watching my son, I leaned forward and kissed his cheek and whispered “I love you sweetheart”. I started to kiss his cheek again when he grabbed my face and put my lips to his. It’s shocking just how deep he shoved his tongue into my mouth and feeling both hands going down to my naked ass, I could feel him pressing himself against me. My knees were growing weak, I kept thinking “this is my husband, this is my husband”.
“Baby, you have no idea how horny you got me by watching the two of you wrestling around in the floor. Both of you have gorgeous Cocks, and my imagination just ran wild for a moment.”

Randy just sat there next to me silently with his jaw hanging wide open in disbelief. The one thing I did notice was he had another massive hard on as did my son. And he was once again stroking it. My son continued to kiss me, aggressively, violently rotating his hips against me, his fingers pulling my thong down causing me to instinctively push forward against him when I felt him starting to slowly insert his middle finger into my ass. I tried to pull my mouth away from his protest but he held me tighter.

Without really thinking too much about it, I slipped my right hand over and placed it on Randy’s growing cock and moved my legs open so that my son could feel my soaked pussy. My other hand slipped down and worked my thong down to my knees so I could step out of it completely. I began to caress myself. I took a deep breath and exhaled, and started squeezing Randy harder. “Ouch!” He sounded off. But for some reason my son and I were locked in a very lustful stare at each other as we continue to kiss passionately and our tongues were intertwined.

At this point I asked him if he enjoyed what he was watching. “Did you really enjoy seeing me this way? Did you really hear me with Aunt Carol last week? What did you do?”

“Mom couldn't believe how hot you looked lying there. I mean, I've seen you naked a hundred times and you’re beautiful. I've even spied on you and Dad a couple of times, but it was different this time. You're so sexy! You left the door open last week with Aunt Carol. The two of you were screaming so loud and talking so nasty I thought you were fighting. But when I saw what you are doing, I stayed far enough away not to be noticed and I started doing what I'm doing right now.” He seemed to be proud of the way he was displaying himself stroking his cock. And seeing him and his friend together, he was much bigger than his friend. As we continued our embrace I reached down and wrap my fingers around his thick shaft. I slowly began to caress him back and forth, the head still between my thighs

my eyes rolled back in my head, for several seconds all I could do was moan frantically andrub my swollen pussy. After the orgasm subsided, I smiled and said “Come closer to mommy. Come closer so I can see you.” He walked up to me with his cock stretching the fabric of his gym shorts as I plunged my fingers into my pussy one last time. I brought them out, soaked with my juices and licked my two middle fingers.
We were both interrupted by Randy’s statement, “this is fucking awesome!” he was now openly beating his cock.

And I slid my left hand under my own sons shorts and pulled his cock out. I started stroking him slowly, moaning and cooing and telling him how beautiful and big he was. How hard this felt in my hands and how horny he was making me. His cock was much larger than Randy’s. Randy heard this and began to blush. I couldn’t help it, I would glance from Randy stroking his cock back to my own son. He walked as close as he could and I leaned forward pulling the entire length of his cock into my face. I kept stroking and started kissing and licking the bottom of his shaft. As I slowly backed up and sat down on the sofa next to Randy. I was moaning and he was moaning. I instinctively reached over and took Randy's cock in my other hand, but I was completely focused on my baby. My hips gyrating against the rough fabric of the our sofa. He placed both hands in the back of my head and started pulling my head forward. As I felt him slide down my throat, which actually caused me to gag a couple of times, I pulled myself off, coughed and took a deep breath and told him to go easy. I was out of practice. And with that being said, I slid off the sofa and got on my knees. I took him back into my mouth and placed my hands on his ass and started guiding him forward slowly into my throat. He looked at Randy and told him to get down and start eating my pussy. I couldn't believe my son was saying this, and I moaned a deep guttural moan while tasting his cock deep into the back of my neck. And Randy scrambled to get underneath me.

“I said lay down on the floor and start eating her pussy Randy. I'm serious.”
“But I just came inside of her.” Randy protested.

“Good, it should be that much easier, it's your own cum you'll be tasting.”

Randy quickly obeyed without another question. he worked himself up between my son's legs and got his head under my pussy. I just kept right on sucking. My baby kept right on pumping himself to my throat with his hands forcing the back of my head down onto him. a couple of times he went until there was nothing left but his stomach smashing into my face in a dark patch of pubic hair that was doing nothing to cushion his thrusting. I had to constantly remind him not to go too far. He was choking me. He was every bit as big as his father, and his father has a full 9 inches of hard cock has frequently left me sore and bruised for days at a time. I felt Randy's tongue slip inside my wet little pussy and I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I started shrieking, I tried to pull back thinking I wasn’t going to be able to get enough air, but my son held onto my back of my head and just kept sucking my throat. Randy started licking slowly at first, but I started dropping more of my body weight and pumping my hips back and forth. My legs were trembling, I could no longer pull myself up. I frequently had to actually sit down his face, practically smothering him. I could feel his nose tickling my ass and I started pumping my mouth faster across my son’s hard swollen purple cock. Gyrating my hips, trying to find that nose again that had just tickled my rectum and sent electric shocks to my entire body. Chanting “eat My little pussy baby, eat that wet little pussy.” And looking up at my son and whispering “I will let you cum anywhere you want baby” he silenced me by sliding all the way and my throat again, quickly causing the panic and me moving backwards to catch my breath.

“That's it mom, suck my fucking cock! Suck that fat fucking cock deep in your mouth!”

I couldn't believe my own baby was talking like this to his mother, but all I could do was moan and suck harder. It seemed like my son was in total control. All I could do was hang on to his hips, keep the seal tightly around his cock and suck for all I was worth. Both Randy and I were following orders and I would squeal every time I could feel Randy's nose tickle my ass. My son pulled out of my mouth without warning, and I protested, still wanting to suck every drop of him. But he told me to get off of Randy and lay down in the floor.
“What, don’t you want me to finish?” I asked him. baby I can tell you’re close, let me finish you.

“Mom, I want to fuck you too.” My pussy was gaping wide open, my clitoris was so swollen it was completely exposed from its hood and every little sensitive touch made me want to scream and Randy was so excited he was jumping around with a massive erection. “And what you want me to do?” he asked.

“You just stand there and Jack off!” My son ordered. Randy dropped his head, sulking. At that moment, my son could have told him to suck his cock and Randy would’ve eagerly obliged.

I was already rubbing my pussy in anticipation. I knew that it wouldn't take much If I continued to rub my exposed clitoris to bring me to another screaming orgasm. I was trembling and the sensations were like an electric shock shooting through my entire body. And I knew that I had crossed a line that I couldn't come back from when I started wrestling with Randy earlier that evening. But I never thought this was going to happen.
My son got on his knees between my legs and started stroking his cock like a pro. Still staring at me with lust like a lover and a family member. He lifted both of my legs up on the shoulders and guided himself only in deep enough for me to feel the head.

“Don't stop baby! I pleaded, come on, give it to me. Give me all that fat cock! You've got mommy so horny watching you stand there stroking your cock in the stairs.” I screamed. ”fuck me! just don’t hurt me.”
Randy couldn't take the anticipation. He was standing there with his legs spread wide open and his cock in his hand stroking his fast as he could. It was almost funny because he just kept repeating “this is so fucking awesome!”

That's when my baby thrusted the entire length of himself deep inside my little cunt.

I screamed out in pain and in ecstasy and he pulled back out and rammed inside of me again. He kept doing it, pulling the entire length out and sometimes missing my wet hole. I pleaded for him to take it easy. It was just too big for me to take into my pussy like that. But he wouldn’t. He grabbed a handful of my hair and just kept pounding into me. Periodically he would slip out but I would quickly grab his shaft and guide him back inside of me, and within a matter of seconds I was screaming at the top of my lungs, “my God you've got me cumming. You got your mom to orgasm, don't ever stop fucking me! Hard, harder, harder!” I screamed as my fingernails were digging into the flesh of his muscular young ass. It seemed like the harder I would dig into his ass, the more violently he would thrust inside of me. I could see his entire body starting to turn purple and I knew he was going to come soon. “Don't cum in me please. Don't come in me.” I don’t even know why I was saying this. His friend Randy had already done that.

He just kept thrusting as though he couldn't hear me. Pounding and abusing his poor mother. His balls were completely full and retracted into his stomach and I could feel his tension. Randy dropped down to his knees and started jacking himself off inches from my face. Just when I told my son “I want to taste you”, he grunted and gave me a final thrust and sank deep inside of me. I felt load after load of hot Jism squirting deep into my stomach and I kept thrusting my hips up to meet his powerful thrust, all the while screaming “no no no, don't stop. Don't stop fucking me!”

He was no longer moving, just laying on top of me, exhausted, and enjoying the sensations and the heat of his mother's wet exhausted pussy. Feeling it spasm uncontrollably inside of me.

Randy worked his way as close as he could get to me and I attempted to lean up enough to lick and suck on the head of his cock but he was jacking himself off to wildly and too fast. His hand actually hit me in the mouth twice as he released a large stream of his own hot semen right into my face and hair. I wiped it off and started rubbing it all over my breasts, at this I began to shutter and have my fourth orgasm. This time extremely large rope of his hot jizz shot completely across my face without even touching me, and two more hot flashes cover my neck and my breasts. He just kept grunting “FUCK ya!” Randy sat back on the sofa, still kind of taken back by the embrace that were sharing with my son. He continued to grind slowly on top of me, kiss me as a lover while playing with my breasts.

After this, we all walked out to the back Lanai completely naked and all of us soaked in our bodily fluids, exhausted. And sat ourselves down the hot tub. After this, I made sure that neither of them were going to mention this to anyone as we all took a vow of silence together.

Randy now looks at me in a completely different light whenever he comes over, which is daily, even though we have never done this again. He always asked me, and he always asks me if we can grapple some more. I even caught him jacking off in my bedroom on two separate occasions. I told him that I didn't think so. As for me and my son, I spent the next couple of weeks with him sleeping in my bed and teaching him the proper art of giving and receiving oral sex. He is now a fantastic lover. I've caught him twice in his room with his girlfriend, and him instructing her on how to properly stroke and suck his cock at the same time. Being that she is only 14, very inexperienced and sure she cannot meet up to my son's high standards. But given time, I'm sure he will teach her. And yes, both times that I caught her on her knees with my son's hard cock pumping in and out of her mouth, watching her eyes water as he would shove himself down her throat and she would gag, I was in the hallway playing with myself. I simply couldn't help it. Watching him with a horny young teenager on her knees the same way he had me, I would unfasten my jeans right here in the hallway, slipping my hand inside my panties and bring myself to orgasm.

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