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The day I took advantage of 9yo David Anderson.
This is just a fantasy.

Hi my name is Michael. I'm 18 years old light skinned, African American. I'm only 5 ft 6 but a nice 155 pounds. I worked as a school teacher at a elementary school. Being a school teacher, I had access to all the kids files phone numbers and addresses. There were kids who had moms and dads, and kids who only had moms. One of the kids in my class was named Jake. His mom and four year year old sister dropped him off everyday. I noticed that Jakes dad never dropped him off or picked him up from school. I took a look at Jakes file to see where he lived. I saw that Jake did not live far from me. As the weeks went on I studied Jake and his family. I knew everything they did a when they did it.

Finally came the night to make my move. As Jake his mom and sister left their house I made my way into the house through an open window. I waited in the moms closet until they came home. After about 30 minutes I could hear the front door open. Jakes mom told him and his sister to go play while she get into more comfortable clothes. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, then the moms door flung open. Jakes mom started to walk towards the closet. As the closet doors came open I pointed my knife at her and said if you scream I will kill you. I told her to call her kids up to her room. As Jake and his sister Grace walked into their moms room both of their eyes were open wide. I ordered both of them to sit on the bed, while I tied their mom to a chair. After tieing the mom to the chair I focused on the kids. I asked the mom which one of her kids she wanted to to fuck.

The mom replies, none of them. I told the mom that if she did not pick, I would fuck both of them. Before the mom could answer David said leave my sister alone, Ill do it. I looked at David and tell him he made a good choice. Even through I wasn't going to fuck little Grace, I still wanted to see her naked. I told the mom if she makes any noise I would kill her kids. I then told David and Grace to get undressed. As they removed their clothes my dick started to get hard. After David and Grace where naked, I told Grace to lay on the bed on her back, and spread her legs. When Grace was in this position I wanted so much to shove my 8 inch dick in her little virgin vagina, but I knew if I did that I would probably mess her up for life. All my focus was on David and his sexy 8 year old body. As Grace lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open, her little pink vagina looked back at us. I told David to put his head between her legs and lick her vagina. As David licked his 6 year old sisters vagina Grace moved in every direction. Her eyes where closed and her mouth was open. Little Grace was moaning and enjoying herself. I looked over at their mom who was still tied up, and I said look at your daughter she's loving it.

As soon as I said this Grace let out a very loud moan as her legs closed with Davids head still in the middle. Little Grace had just experienced her first dry orgasm. I told David to get up and it was his turn to lay on his back. When David stood up his dick was sticking strait up as far as his 3 inches would stand. My dick jumped and all I could think of was my dick going into his ass hole. When David was on his back, I told Grace to put her head between David's legs and put his penis in her mouth. As Grace did what I just stood there and looked at he sexy young ass. I could not help myself and climbed on top of Grace. I grabbed some lotion and put some between Graces ass cheeks. I then rubbed the head of my dick up and down her ass crack. It did not take long before I shot cum all over Graces ass. It felt so good, but still I could not wait to fuck David. As Grace kept sucking her brothers dick, David was also doing a lot of moving and moaning. I told Grace to get up and I showed her how to get in the doggie style position. Once Grace was in this position I told David to get behind her and put his penis in his sister's vagina.

David's mom begged me to stop. I told one more word and her son is dead. I then told David to carry on. David placed the head of his penis to his sister's vagina and pushed in. Grace jumped forward and Davies penis came poping out. I told Grace it would only hurt for a bit, then it would feel good. Grace got back into the doggie style position and David slowly pushed his penis in. After a few pumps David was deep in his sister's vagina. Both Grace and David where moaning and making faces of enjoyment. I told David to go faster and he did. Grace began moaning even more now, and I knew she was about to have another orgasm. At the same time Grace and David orgasmed together, both experiencing the best feeling a person could have. I told them to get up and told Grace to lay at the head of the bed with her legs spread open. Grace did as I asked and the sight was lovely. I then told David to get in the doggie style position and he did. As I looked at his ass in the air and Graces vagina my dick got Ben harder. I got on the bed and started to lick David's ass hole. He started moaning immediately and pushing his ass back into my face. I then grabbed some lotion rubbed it on his ass hole and pushed my finger in.

David yelled ouch as I finger fucked his tight virgin ass. With each thrust I went harder and harder. Soon David's ass hole was relaxed and my finger was going in and out rather easy. I could wait no longer, I got up on my knees and placed the head of my penis to David's ass hole. As I pushed in David jumped forwards and was laying on his stomach. So I laid on top of David and penned him down. I then turned the tv on and turned the volume up. I grabbed my dick and shoved it into David's ass. He screamed to the top of his lungs and passed out. Once passed out David's ass hole loosened up quite a bit. I took full advantage of this and started sucking David as hard as I could. I could hear David's mom crying but it did not bother me. I kept up my paste as David started to wake up. Again David screamed to the top of his lungs, but did not pass out this time. Tears ran down David's face as I shoved he last four inches of my dick in his still tight and hole.

Ram after ram David yelled very loud, and it turned me on even more. I was fucking David so hard that his ass and my pelvis were making a clapping sound. This sound made my balls tingle and I was about to blow a load. Cum filled David's ass hole really quick, and still more was coming out my dick. After I was done fucking David I looked over at Grace still laying there with her legs open wide. I know I said I would not fuck her, but she was too sexy and her hot vagina was calling me.

Be ready for part two. It gets hot and twisted.

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2013-08-02 23:55:02
wtf is this shit. hes a teacher.....thats why i was home schooled

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2013-06-25 09:25:43
A load of pure shit and a load of rubbish III

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2013-06-22 09:03:46
You do realise he's lying, right? He's only 18 and the kids ages keep changing. And why would he admit to raping someone like this? It's completely fake.

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2013-05-17 21:26:52
Faggots like you should be hanged by your tongue. Boys are made to have sex with women, and NOT with men

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2013-04-18 14:00:56
You are one sick fuck ur balls should be cut off raping young kids

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