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My Sisters Family 2
Chapter's 2 - End

* * * * * * (By Eros!) * * * * * *

Then she did something that really had me scared. With a flick of
her wrist, Tracy pulled down my zipper, reached inside my pants and had
my stiff, throbbing erection out and clasped tightly in her fist in a

"Hey kids, look!" she said loudly. "Uncle Ted's got a hard-on"


Jodie and Jimmy turned around to see. Jimmy just grinned, but the
look on Jodie's face was unmistakable. She was staring hungrily at my
crotch like she was starving and my rock-hard cock was a three-course
meal! I turned apologetically to Tony, but he was grinning just as much
as Jimmy.

"Wow!", breathed Jodie, still staring at her mother as Tracy
continued jerking her fist up and down the length my fully erect cock.
"Can I do that, Mom?"

I looked down as the sexy-looking little thirteen-year-old crawled
over and knelt in front of me, her firm, unrestrained little tits
jiggling provocatively under her thin top.

As I watched stupefied, Tracy handed my cock over to her daughter,
who took over jerking her tiny fist up and down my thick, throbbing

Tony came over and kissed his wife hotly, fondling her fabulous tits
through her tee-shirt.

"Good work, honey! I knew you could do it!", chuckled Tony, " and in
record time too!"

I was totally confused! First twelve-year-old Cindy had let me
finger-fuck her, and suck her tasty little twat to orgasm... then
suddenly, my sister whips my cock out and lets thirteen-year-old Jodie
jack her fist up and down on it... and now her husband is
congratulating her???? Shit, what the hell had happened to my sister's
family... had they all been pigging out on locoweed... or some other
more mind-numbing weed? Looking down at gorgeous little longhaired
Jodie busily masturbating my cock, I suddenly didn't give a damn.

"Jimmy, go and get Cindy," said Tracy to her son. "She wouldn't want
to miss this for the world."

"Sure thing, Mom", replied the handsome sixteen-year-old, jumping to
his feet.

"And don't take all night, okay?" smiled Tracy. "I know how YOU
usually wake up your little sister!"

"Okay, Mom", laughed Jimmy, racing off down the hall.

Tracy turned to her husband.

"I think it's time to show Ted one of our special videos, don't you
dear?" she asked, winking at Tony.

"Yep! I sure do!", Tony said, moving over to the video player.
"Which one. baby?"

"The one from Cindy's twelfth birthday, would be a good choice I
think, under the circumstances."

Tony opened a cabinet and took out a videocassette and popped it
into the player. Standing back to adjust the contrast as the first
images appeared. The opening shot was of a decorated room, and I
instantly recognized it as the one in which we were sitting now. The
image panned to the hallway and focused on a young girl walking towards
the camera. It was Cindy, and she was completely naked. Her tiny tits
were almost all nipple, but she definitely had shape about her. Her
tiny waist rounded delightfully into gorgeous, creamy thighs. The
camera zoomed up to concentrate on her naked pussy as Cindy approached.
The image was well lit and very sharp. So sharp in fact, that I could
clearly make out Cindy's little pink cuntslit... the same hot, moist
little crevice my fingers had slipped into only minutes after I arrived

I tore my eyes off the TV screen when I felt Jodie's hot breath on
the tip of my cock. She was still stroking her soft little hand
expertly up and down my throbbing prick, but now she had angled it
slightly so that the head was pointed directly at her parted lips. The
visibly excited young thirteen-year-old had managed to pull her panties
off and now had her other hand shoved between her naked thighs, her
agile fingers rubbing furiously at her gaping pussyslit. She was still
staring at my raging cock like she wanted to swallow it whole, and I
was almost tempted to let her do just that when Jimmy returned with
little Cindy.

They were both naked and Jimmy's cock swung before him, as stiff as
a railroad spike. He was very well hung for a sixteen-year-old, and his
formidable erection was glistening with wetness, which I suspected was
a liberal coating of little Cindy's saliva. My sister noticed it too
and grinned at her son broadly.

"Couldn't help yourself, could you Jimmy?" laughed Tracy, removing
her clothes. "Ooooh, you really are nice and hard tonight, aren't you
baby? Come over here and let Mommy give you a quick blow-job before the
real fun starts." Then she turned to Cindy. "Go sit with Daddy and
watch the video, honey."

I stared mesmerized at Tracy's gorgeous, naked body as Jimmy strode
over to his mother and held his stiff young prick out for her to suck.
Without a trace of shame, Tracy gripped her son's thick, bobbing shaft
with her fist and popped the head of Jimmy's huge, bloated cock
straight into her mouth.

Cindy gave me a big smile and ran to her father who was sitting
naked in an armchair stroking his own erect cock. The little girl
jumped up onto her father's lap and hugged him lovingly. Her hard
little tits pressed against his hairy chest, and I could see she was
actively grinding her hairless little cunt down onto her father's
massive hard-on, which was trapped between their bellies. Tony reached
round and cupped his daughter's ass, one tiny cheek in each hand. Cindy
moaned something into her father's ear.

"Later, honey! We've got a guest remember. Turn around and watch the
video.... You remember when we took that don't you?"

All eyes returned to the TV screen as Cindy let out a cry of

"Yeahhhh! I remember! That's my last birthday party!", she giggled
happily. "That's when you and Jimmy did it to me for the first time!"

With those words ringing in my ears, I watched the scene unfolding
on the video with rising excitement. Even with all that was happening,
I still found it hard to accept that my sister's family was into incest
in a BIG way. Tracy stopped sucking Jimmy's cock and patted the boy on
the ass.

"Okay, that's enough for now, stud!", she grinned, licking her lips.
"Let's get comfortable and watch the video."

She got up and pushed Jimmy back into the other armchair and sat on
his lap, careful not to squash his straining erection. It poked up
lewdly from between her thighs and with her eyes on the screen; Tracy
lay back against her son, fondling his cock and balls lightly. Jimmy's
hand reached round and cupped his mother's tits, squeezing and
massaging the firm, creamy mounds with practiced familiarity.

"Jodie, honey, why don't you sit up on Uncle Ted's lap too," said
Tracy. "You won't have to turn around all the time to see the video

Jodie stood up between my thighs and removed her top. I almost
gasped aloud at the sight of her delicious little body totally
unclothed, as nature had intended. Her small conical tits were almost
as big as her mother's, but then again my sister always was kind of
petite and her tits were what you'd call "a nice mouthful". Jodie's
looked just as delectable. Her cute little twat was as hairless as
Cindy's but slightly plumper and her pussylips gaped open slightly,
giving me a good clear view of her inviting pink cuntslit.

With a giggle, Jodie turned around and sat her gorgeous little ass
on my belly, so that my cock lay pulsing up between her slender young
thighs. It pressed hotly against her naked cuntmound, throbbing with
eager anticipation. Jodie lay back with her head on my shoulder like
her mother and Jimmy had done and reached down between her legs to
resume her idle fondling of my cock. I looked over at Tony and Cindy
and found that the little girl was sitting on her father's lap in
exactly the same fashion. His huge cock was jammed so tightly up
against Cindy's little crotch that from where I was sitting it looked
like the cute, naked little twelve-year-old had suddenly sprouted a
cock of her own.

Tony reached for the control and turned the volume up so we could
hear what was being said. The scene had shifted to a wide shot of the
den, and it soon became clear that the birthday girl wasn't the only
one in her "birthday suit".

In the center of the picture, stood Cindy and Tony, the big man
towering over his little daughter head and shoulders. Both were wearing
big smiles... and nothing else. Around them the rest of the guests sat in
chairs, or on the floor, all of them completely naked. Young Jimmy was
sitting beside Jodie on the couch, the very same couch I was sitting in
now, his arm around her neck and his hand firmly cupping one of his
sister's tits. Jodie had her little fist around Jimmy's cock, absently
jerking the boy off as they listened what Tony had to say.

"First of all, I'd like to thank you all for coming here today,"
boomed Tony's voice through the TV speaker.

"I haven't even cum once yet!"; a man's voice laughed off-camera.

"Shut up Ray, you horny bastard, you'll get your chance soon enough!",
chuckled Tony, then continued his speech. "As you all know... it's
Cindy's birthday!"

There was a noisy cheer from the audience and little Cindy took a bow,
completely unruffled by her total lack of clothing, or all the attention
she was getting. Tony gave her cute little ass a playful squeeze and

"It's not just any birthday, folks." he grinned. "It's Cindy's twelfth
birthday, and you all know what the means, right?!"

Another cheer from the gathering, this time a couple of appreciative
whistles from some of the male members of the crowd.

"Yes! It's Cindy's big day!", continued Tony. "The day she becomes a
woman... right, honey?"

Cindy gave her father a big hug and nodded her head enthusiastically.
"Yep! My daddy's gonna fuck me today!", she said speaking directly to the
camera. My cock twitched between Jodie's thighs as I realized I was
actually going to see my brother-in-law take his youngest daughter's

Jodie felt my involuntary movement and wrapped her hot little fist
around my cock, squeezing gently as she moved her tightly curled fingers
up and down the shaft. I looked over at Tony and Cindy sitting in the
chair next to me. Tony had his middle finger buried in his daughter's
tight little honey-pot and Cindy was squirming her tiny crotch onto his
hand. They were totally absorbed in their own incestuous foreplay, hardly
noticing the images on the TV screen in front of us.

I looked over at my sister and Jimmy who seemed far too engrossed in
ramming their tongues down each other's throats to watch the video
either. Even the gorgeous little girl on my lap was paying more attention
to my cock than to the activity on the TV screen. I seemed to be the only
one watching. In a daze, I returned my attention back to the TV in time
to hear the final part of Tony's speech.

"...and so, as our tradition demands, the privilege of making a woman
out of this gorgeous young virgin falls to her father.... ME!!"

A loud cheer went up from the assembled party-goers as Tony swept his
daughter into in his arms and they kissed passionately. Cindy's hand went
straight down to her father's cock and began to stroke him. Tony's prick
began to swell in her little fist until Cindy couldn't get her fingers
around it. Then my sister, Tracy stepped into the picture and positioned
a foam mattress on the floor at their feet. It was then I realized that
not only was Tony going to fuck his little 12-year-old daughter and take
her virginity.... he was going to do it right there in front of

My cock gave another twitch and Jodie giggled, lying back against my

"Oooohh, Uncle Ted! Your cock feels even bigger and harder than
Daddy's!", she murmured, running her tight little fist up and down the
incredibly swollen shaft.

"Unnnnnmmmmm! You'd better stop that, honey, unless you want me to cum
all over your belly.", I groaned.

Jodie just giggled and squirmed her little ass into my lap. I reached
round in front of her and cupped her budding young breasts, squeezing and
fondling the conical little mounds as I turned my attention once more to
the incredible images on the screen before me.


The camera zoomed in between little Cindy's skinny young thighs as
Tony lay his daughter down onto the hastily prepared bed. Her tiny,
pussy-slit looked quite swollen and juicy, the tight, hairless little
cuntlips pulled apart by her wide-spread legs into a hungry grin of
adolescent desire. Tony loomed above her, his impressively large cock
still only at half-mast as he knelt between his little daughter's thighs,
for a second before dropping his face into her crotch.

Tony's put his hands under her ass and lifted Cindy's pussy to his
mouth. His lips opened and even on the grainy video, I could clearly see
his tongue enter her slit, making her tight little ass jump in his hands.
Cindy obviously wanted more, and her father obliged by darting his tongue
deep up inside her eager young slit, again and again.

Cindy, squealed and bucked her tiny cunt up at her Daddy's mouth, her
little legs wide apart as Tony's stiff tongue delved deep up inside her,
stirring yet more desire in the little twelve-year-old's hotly-writhing

Tony was holding his daughter's cuntlips open as he tongued her young
slit. Her little gash was bright red inside and very, very wet. I thought
at first it was just Tony's saliva, but then I saw him licking up a light
creamy liquid that seemed to bubble up from inside my little niece's

"Ohh, Daddy! Suck me hard! I'm cumming already! Ooh God... ooh God..
oh shit!", Cindy whimpered mindlessly.

I watched as the little girl climaxed on Tony's wildly-flicking
tongue. Her tiny ass was squirming all over the mattress, her fingers in
her father's hair, pulling his mouth down over her tiny hunching twat.
Then she came; screaming and wailing like a banshee. I never knew a
little girl could make so much noise. But nobody seemed to mind, least of
all my sister Tracy, who knelt beside the mattress stroking her daughter's
sweaty forehead and whispering encouragement to the quivering, panting
little 12-year-old... as if having her father suck her immature young
cunt to orgasm was the most natural thing in the world.

Then, Tony stood up and knelt between his little girl's legs. His cock
looked enormous waving over her tiny pussy. Cindy had quieted down a
bit, but she was still moaning. Tony held his little daughter's knees
wide apart and inched up between her thighs until the tip of his cock
pressed against her young pussylips. On the screen her father's huge,
bloated cockhead looked impossibly large, compared to the little girl's
pre-teen cuntslit, but Cindy's tiny hips seemed to have a life of their

"Ready, honey?" asked Tony.

Cindy nodded, biting her bottom lip in anticipation. Without warning,
Tony suddenly hunched forwards, burying his cock into his daughter's tiny
little fuckhole with one long, fluid motion. It was beautiful. Watching
Cindy's sweet little cuntlips flower open and engulf her Daddy's prick
seemed like the most beautiful and natural thing in the world.

The look on Cindy's face as the camera zoomed in on her spoke volumes.
There was a little pain in her wide young eyes at first, but then a look
of total rapture as her father's big, thick cock slid deep into her
tight, young hole and began to move inside her. Cindy wrapped her tiny
legs around her father's hips and thrust her hot little cunt up at him
eagerly as Tony began to fuck her slowly.

I pulled Jodie's hand off my prick and lifted her bodily into the air,
depositing her tight, willing little cunt over my cock. Watching my
bother-in-law fuck his 12-year-old daughter on video while they sat only
a few feet away, feeling each other up, was just too much! I needed to
bury my prick into something hot and tight and wet... real quick!
Luckily, Jodie didn't object one little bit. In fact, the sexy young minx
couldn't get her hot little cunt on top of my cock fast enough!

"Ohhhh, Uncle Ted! I wanna fuck you so much," she gasped. I couldn't
have agreed with the horny little kid more!

Jodie straddled my hips and grabbed my prick, fitting the head between
her cuntlips. With adolescent urgency, she ground her slender young hips
downwards... eager to fuck. At the same time, I hunched upwards, and my
cock slid right into her cunt!

God! Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling. Jodie was so
damn tight! I could feel every ridge and contour of her insides as her
little pussy engulfed me, grasping my cock in a grip that almost hurt.
For a second I was stunned, unable to move, but Jodie would have none of
that, the horny little kid grabbed my shoulders and began to bounce up
and down on my deeply-imbeded cock like it was some kind of rodeo-ride!

"Oooooh, come on! Fuck me, Uncle Ted! Hurry up and fuck me!!!
Uhhhhhhh, God, I want it so bad!"

Jodie's wanton pleading spurred me into motion and I began to move my
cock in and out of her tight, clinging young cunthole, fucking her hard
and fast just like her father was doing to little Cindy on the TV screen
in front of us. Only thing was, this was for real! I was actually fucking
my sexy 13-year-old niece!! Not only that... I was fucking the horny
little kid with her parents sitting in the same room!!!!

Her face was buried in my shoulder as Jodie panted out her lust,
grinding her snug, slippery little cunt up and down over my incredibly
stiff cock with an urgency that both surprised and excited me.

"Ohhh, Uncle Ted! Jesus, yesssss! Fuck me! Fuck me like that! Oooh,
that's so good! You're soooooo biiiiiiiggg!"
Obviously the sexy little kid was used to a good hard fucking, but had
never yet felt a cock the size of mine in her tight horny, little
cunt before. After only a couple of minutes, she suddenly jerked and
squealed so loudly, I almost had the urge to put my hand over her mouth
to shut her up. My sister looked over at us with a sly smile on her
pretty face.

"Jesus, Ted! What are you doin' to that poor little girl?", she

"I'm... uhhh, shit... I'm fucking her, Trace!", I panted slamming my
prick up into Jodie's clasping little pussy. "I'm f... fucking her
tight... hot... wet... little cunt!"

"Uhhhhhhh, God! He sure is, Mom!", grunted Jodie. "You should feel how
long and th... ummmm... thick his cock is! Ohhhhhhhh! Unnnhhhhgggghhhh!

"I intend to, honey!", grinned Tracy, giving me a lewd wink.

My cock twitched up inside Jodie's tight little cunt at the very
thought of fucking my gorgeous little sister.


Without taking her eyes of me, Tracy whispered into her son's ear and
pushed the boy off her lap. Jimmy got between his mother's legs and
spread them wide, lowering his handsome young face to his mother's gaping
pink pussy-slit like it was the most natural thing in the world. Tracy
pushed the boy's mouth into her naked crotch and hunched her slim hips up
at his tongue as Jimmy began licking and sucking her wet, hairy cunt

Her eyes were glazed over with lust, but she kept staring at my cock
sliding up inside her daughter's tight little cunt as I fucked young
Jodie... or rather, as the hot little 13-year-old fucked me! Tracy's lips
were moving, but nothing was coming out. Then, through my own lust-crazed
haze I realized what she was doing. My sweet, sexy little sister was
mouthing the words; "Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!", as she watched my
long, glistening cock slam up inside her eldest daughter's hungry little

I grabbed Jodie's hard young ass and lifted her up, slamming my cock
deep up into her hot little cunt like there was no tomorrow. Jodie
spasmed. I could feel her tiny twat contract around my cock like a
little fist. She was cumming like crazy. I lost track of how many times
Jodie climaxed, I just kept fucking her and fucking her... watching my
sexy, depraved sister hunch her glistening cunt up at her son's mouth.

Jodie was beside herself with lust, bouncing her hot little cunt up
and down over my deeply-buried cock as she squealed in ecstasy.


She needn't have worried, nothing on earth could have made me stop
right then. I grabbed her heaving little ass with both hands and
continued to fuck her as hard as I could, striving for my own orgasm
which was building rapidly. Jodie's climax seemed to last for a long
time, or maybe it was a series of many little ones, I didn't know. All I
wanted to do right then was cum myself, and with her tight, 13-year-old
cunt spasming around my prick, that didn't take long.

Jodie was still climaxing as my cock exploded inside her, and I heard
her moan loudly as I squirted my hot, incestuous load deep up into her
belly, at the same time feeling her hot, snug little cunt convulse
tightly around my pistoning prick.

"Uhhh! Uuuhh! Uuuuuuuhh, baby! I'm cummmming!", I grunted, really
pounding her hot little cunt hard.

Jodie wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged me real tight,
almost crushing me in her arms as I hunched up into her belly, emptying
my sperm-filled balls into her hot, forbidden little hole. When my own
contractions had ceased, I kept pumping my prick up inside her pussy
until it started to soften. Jodie slumped on top of me, hugging me some
more as she ground her tight little cunt down over my wilting cock. Her
hot little mouth found mine and we kissed passionately for several
minutes, just stroking each other's naked bodies gently... catching our

Once I'd recovered my senses, I looked over at Tracy. Jimmy was
kneeling between his mother's wide-spread legs now... his long, slender
cock buried deeply in my sister's cunt. Her legs were draped wantonly
over the muscular young boy's shoulders as Jimmy pounded his young prick
into her, fucking his mother incessantly with deep, hard, penetrating
strokes that seemed to take her breath away.

On the other lounge chair, Cindy had managed to squirm her hot juicy
young slit down over her father's huge cock and was riding Tony like a
sex-starved little cowgirl. Her tiny, hairless young cunt was stretched
so widely around her Daddy's thick cock, I couldn't imagine how the
little 12-year-old was feeling any pleasure at all. But Cindy's loud
moans and squeals of ecstasy as she bounced up and down on her father's
big prick were tacit proof that the horny young kid was certainly getting
a lot of satisfaction from the incredibly deep penetration.

Jodie began snuggling her naked little body against me, nuzzling my
neck and grinding her cum-filled little cunt against my limp cock in a
way that soon had me hard again. On the TV screen in front of me, Tony
was still pounding little Cindy with a ferocity that matched his little
daughter's hot, adolescent hunger. It was strange to hear the same moans
of pleasure coming from both the TV and the chair beside me at the same

Jimmy suddenly let out a loud grunt and began pumping his mother's
up-thrust cunt with savage thrusts. His back was arched and his handsome
young face was a contorted mask of ecstasy as he slammed his spurting
cock deep up inside his mother's womb. Tracy was moaning loudly, but
didn't appear to be that close to orgasm herself. She rode out her
son's frantic orgasm and held the boy close as he collapsed on top of
her, his passion spent... at least for the time being. Tracy looked over
at me dreamily and smiled. Then her eyes spotted my erect cock throbbing
stiffly in Jodie's hand as the little girl jerked me off.

"Mmmmmmmm! Wanna put that somewhere nice and hot and juicy, brother
dear?", she grinned.

"No! I got it hard! Get Jimmy to fuck you. I want Uncle Ted to fuck me
again!" said Jodie, flashing her mother a jealous look.

I couldn't believe it. Two gorgeous, naked women fighting over my
rock-hard cock. Not to mention that the two gorgeous women in question
were my very own sister and her 13-year-old daughter. My cock twitched in
Jodie's hand at the thought of fucking my sexy sister.

"Don't be greedy, Jo!", frowned Tracy. "If you want another fuck, ask
your brother. It's my turn with `Uncle' Ted!"

"Awwww, Mom!"


Reluctantly, young Jodie released her grip on my cock and went over to
where Jimmy was lying on the floor. Without a word she dropped to her
knees and bent forward, taking the boy's limp, sticky cock right into her
mouth. She made a horny sight kneeling there, her cute little ass poking
in the air, cum leaking from her glistening young pussy-slit and her
brother's cock inside her hot little mouth to the balls. Mmmmmm, mmmm! If
my sister hadn't come over and wrapped her hands around my cock, I
wouldn't have been able to help myself from crawling up behind Jodie's
naked ass and shoving my prick back into the little girl's cunt from the

As it was, I didn't have to, my cock was soon enveloped by the juicy,
clinging flesh of Tracy's hot mouth! My own sister was sucking my cock!
Her sexy eyes were fixed on mine as she swallowed my meat, something I
find extremely arousing when getting a blow-job. Her fingers were lightly
squeezing my balls as if gently trying to coax the sperm from them.

"Ohhhh, God, Trace!", I murmured placing my hand on top of my sister's
head. "Suck it! Suck my cock!"

I still couldn't believe it was happening. I half expected to wake up
and find myself in the middle of a wild wet dream. But the mouth on my
prick felt real enough, and the hair that was now brushing against my
naked stomach felt real enough, too. My sexy young sister was kneeling
between my open thighs, sucking my throbbing prick like her life depended
on it! Occasionally, to my utter delight, Tracy would run her tongue down
the length of my cock and begin licking my balls. Then she opened her
lips wide and sucked them into her mouth one at a time, nibbling them
gently. God, I was in heaven!!

"Uhhhhhh, fuck! Yeahhhh! Suck my balls!" I moaned, curling my fingers
in my sister's hair. "Suck my fuckin' balls, baby!!"

Tracy lifted her head off my cock and looked up at me with the sexiest
look I have ever seen and smiled at me.

"Mmmmmm, you like that, don't you big brother! You have such big fat
balls, Ted. I'll just bet they're all full of delicious, hot cum again
already. Would you like me to suck that cum right out of your swollen
balls and let you shoot it into my mouth, lover? Would you like me to
suck you off, big brother?"

"Ohhh God, yeah! Please! Anything! Just put your mouth back on my cock
and suck it, Trace!", I panted. I was past caring whether my sister
sucked me off or I fucked her cunt. I just wanted to cum... and quick!

"Hold onto your seat then, stud, you're gonna LOVE this!" she said,
plunging her mouth back down over my rigid fucker.

Tracy took my whole cock into her mouth in one gulp, then began to bob
her pretty head up and down on the length of my prick as fast as she
could, taking the long, glistening shaft down her throat all the way to
my balls on each downward plunge. God, my own sister was deep-throating
me, and it felt fantastic... just like a tight, hot juicy cunt sliding up
and down on my cock!

At this rate, I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot my wad and
filled my sister's sucking mouth with cum. And Tracy looked like she
could hardly wait to taste my thick hot incestuous sperm. I began lifting
my hips up off the couch, forcing my prick deep into her throat with each
thrust until I was actually fucking my sister's mouth!

Tracy took it all easily, sucking me deep into her throat without so
much as a flinch. I guess with two well-hung males like Tony and horny
young Jimmy around, she'd had PLENTY of practice.

She reached between my legs and fondled my balls again, squeezing them
and rolling them gently in her hand while she sucked me off. She could
feel my balls squirming in their sac as she played with them. With her
other hand, Tracy reached up between her legs and I watched her slip two
stiff fingers up inside herself and start to finger-fuck her horny
juice-filled cunt.

My sister was doing things that I never thought possible with her lips
and tongue and her sucking throat. I had experienced plenty of blow-jobs
before, but never one delivered with so much depth of feeling as this.
Who would have imagined that the best oral sex of my entire life would
come from my very own sister! I couldn't wait to fuck her horny little
cunt too. It looked so tight the way her pussy-lips clung to her fingers
each time she pulled them out of her hole. I imagined my cock replacing
her fingers and fucking that hot, juicy little slot just like I was
fucking her mouth.

It was all too much for me. I felt my balls suddenly tightening
between my straining legs and knew that I would soon be squirting a load
of sperm right down my pretty little sister's throat.

"I'm gonna cum, Trace!", I warned her. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum! Jesus!
Suck it, you gorgeous little cunt! Oh, Tracy, baby! Suck the cum outta
my fuckin' cock!"

I grunted loudly and fucked my prick up between my sister's
tightly stretched lips as I blasted my first wad of cum into her mouth.
Tracy kept right on sucking and bobbing up and down on my prick when she
felt it jerk in her throat. When she felt the first hot spurt of cum
against the roof of her mouth, she grabbed my balls and squeezed tightly,
heightening my pleasure even more.

"Uhhhnnnnnnggghhh! Godddddddd! Oh, shit! " I moaned as my brain
exploded with pleasure again and again, my cock sending jet after jet of
hot, creamy jism into my sister's frantically-gulping mouth.

My whole body shook with each shot of cum that spurted down her
throat. It seemed to last so long, I thought I would never stop coming
in her wonderful clinging mouth. I closed my eyes at the height of my
pleasure and saw stars. I thought I would keel over from the sheer wild
pleasure my gorgeous little sister was making me feel.

Tracy tried to swallow all the sperm I shot into her mouth, but there
was too much. Even after fucking little Jodie and dumping a sizable load
into her eager little twat, I still had more than enough for my sister to
handle. The bubbling cream ran out of her mouth and dripped down the
shaft of my cock, soaking my balls and dripping onto the couch. Finally,
Tracy had to let my cock pull from her mouth and take a deep breath.

She looked into my eyes and smiled wickedly, licking my cum from her
lips with her tongue.

"You really know how to give a girl a meal, don't you?" she grinned.

"It sure do, Sis," I replied. "And you sure know how to suck a cock!"

Tracy giggled and scrambled up onto the couch beside me. I pulled her
into my arms and we kissed passionately. I could taste my own cum on her
lips and the thought excited me even more. Tracy broke our kiss and
looked longingly into my eyes.


"Uuuuuhhhh, Ted, I'm so horny! Feel my cunt! Feel how hot it is!"

Tracy took my hand in hers and guided it between her legs. We both
moaned softly as my fingers touched her pussy. She was hot alright, very
hot... and very, very wet. Jimmy's sperm mixed with her own drooling
arousal had my sister's gooey little hole as steamy as a tropical swamp.

"God! You're soaking, Sis!" I said, feeling her hot juices flood out
into the palm of my hand.

"Sucking your big beautiful cock and tasting your cum made me hot,
baby" breathed Tracy hotly. Her lips were almost touching mine, and she
had the most gorgeously wanton look on her pretty young face. "I want you
to lick my pussy, Ted!", she panted, "I know I'm very wet down there, but
sucking you made me so awfully horny! Will you, baby? Pleeeeease?!"

I could never refuse my gorgeous little sister anything before, and
now with her pretty, cum-smeared face, looking up at me like an expectant
child, I just melted. Besides, if was going to fulfill my dream and
actually fuck her, my cock needed time to recuperate. I smiled evilly at
her and pulled my fingers from her drooling cunt.

"It'll be my pleasure, Sis," I grinned.

"Mine too, I hope!", giggled Tracy lying on her back and spreading her

"Jesus!", I moaned, staring down at the glistening, pink slit of my
sister's pussy.

Her puffy, swollen cuntlips gaped open slightly allowing a tiny
trickle of pussy-cream to run down into the crack of her ass. I had never
seen a more delicious-looking cunt in my life! Licking my lips I bent
forward and bent my head between Tracy's open thighs, sliding my hands up
under those tight, round little buns of hers. Her skin felt smooth and
firm in my hands, and she moaned softly in anticipation as I lowered my
lips to her eagerly-awaiting slit.

"Uuuuuhhhhh, yeahhhhh! Put your mouth on my cunt and suck my brains
out, big brother!", she gasped.

The very thought made my cock twitch and throb even before my lips
touched her juicy, wet snatch. I opened my mouth wide and covered her
leaking hole, giving her nether-lips a deep, soulful tongue-kiss. Tracy
let out a deep, animal groan of pleasure and I felt the muscles of her
hot little asscheeks tighten in my fingers. Pressing my open mouth down
over her pussy, I lifted my sister's ass with my hands and drove my
tongue up into her tasty little cunthole as far as I could.

Tracy seemed to go crazy with lust, grinding her crotch up at my face
with tiny, jerky circular movements and moaning loudly as she abandoned
herself to the intense pleasure I was giving her. It had been a long time
since I had felt a woman react to my mouth and tongue on her cunt like my
sister was doing. My cock was already hard and throbbing between my legs,
almost painfully so, as I probed and licked and sucked my sexy sister
towards orgasm. As the flavour of her pussy changed slightly, I realized
that I was also sucking out the remains of the creamy load Jimmy had
squirted up his sister's cunt only minutes before. The depraved thought
only served to excite me even further.

"Uhhhhhnnngghh! Goddd! That feels so goooood!", moaned Tracy hunching
her hips up off the couch. "Stick it in deeper, baby. Oh, yes! Yessss!
Bury your tongue in my fuckhole. Oh God, yes! Suck it! Suck my hot pussy,

With those wanton words ringing in my ears, I thrust my tongue as far
up inside her cunthole as I could. My nose was pressed against her clit
and I could hardly breathe, but I never let up I licked and sucked away
at her. With my tongue buried so far up her tight little fuckhole, I
could feel the muscles of her cunt around my stiff tongue, clutching it
and holding it inside her.

"Do you feel that, lover? Do you feel how my cunt squeezes your tongue
when you shove it way up into me?"

"Fuck, yeahhh! " I muttered, my words muffled by her cunt.

"Just imagine how it would feel if your cock were up inside me instead
of your tongue!" she panted.

"Uhhhh God, Tracy, don't tease me," I rasped.

She just giggled and pressed my head back down into her gooey slit.

"Maybe if you do a good job of getting me off with your tongue, I'll
let you put your cock in there so you can find out, big brother."

I really didn't need any encouragement. With a moan, I pushed my face
back between my sister's wide-spread legs and began working on her clit,
slurping up the juices that flowed freely from her hotly-aroused pussy.
Within minutes, I had my sister on the brink of orgasm. Her whole body
stiffened and her hips thrust up off the couch, her firm little asscheeks
suspended in my hands as I continued to munch on her spasming slit.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over my hot-assed little sister as
her orgasm flashed through every fiber of her body. Her thighs clamped
together on either side my head, holding me so tightly to her orgasming
cunt that I could hardly breathe. I sucked up Tracy's spendings and
licked her tasty little cunthole clean before lifting my head from her
crotch and looking into her eyes.


"Oh, Ted! Baby! That was fantastic!", she beamed. "If I'd known what a
talented tongue you had, big brother, I'd have let you do that long ago!"

"And if I had known what a horny little minx you were, Trace, I'd
probably have done it to you years ago too. I wanted to, plenty of times,
even when we were kids, but never had the guts to try anything."

"Ohhh, Ted!", she grinned, kissing my juice-smeared lips. "I wish you
had. I've had a secret itch for you ever since I was about thirteen."

"Really?!" I gasped, my mind suddenly filled with regret at all the
lost opportunities of our youth.

My sister nodded and reached for my cock, which still throbbed
painfully between my legs.

"Sure! But just think of all the fun we can have now by making up for
lost time, big brother" she grinned, giving my prick a meaningful little
squeeze. "That wonderful tongue of yours got me off, but I'm still so
horny! I want you to fuck me, Ted... hot and hard.. fuck me like we
should have fucked years ago!"

"Oooohhhh, Baby!" I moaned, pushing her back down onto the couch.

"God, yesssss! I'll fuck you alright, Trace I'll fuck your gorgeous
little ass off!"

"Mmmmmmmmm, I sure hope so!" giggled my sexy little sister, spreading
her legs and pulling me down on top of her. "Come on then. Prove it!
Shove that gorgeous big cock into me. I want to feel it inside my cunt,
big brother. Show me what you can do with it that thing!"

"Okay! You asked for it, Sis!", I grinned impishly.

I fell on her without warning, plunging my cock into my sister's
well-lubricated little fuckhole so fast that she had no time to prepare
for the shock. She cried out in pleasure and pain when my huge hard cock
fucked inside her.

"Unnngggghhh! Goddd! Fuuuuck! It's so big, so big and hard!", squealed
Tracy, squirming her ass around under my deeply impaling cock.
"Uhhhmmmmm, yeahhh! Fill me up with that big stiff prick! Fuck me!
Ohhhh, Teddy! Fuck me hard!!"

My sister hadn't called me `Teddy' since we were kids, and for her to
use that childhood term of endearment now as we fucked for the first time
was incredibly exciting. I began thrusting my aching cock deeper and
deeper into her pussy until my balls rested in the crack of her hot
little ass. Tracy's cunt clutched at my prick deep, sucking me deep up
inside her. Her vaginal muscles seemed to be squeezing my cock, massaging
it way up inside her quivering cunthole.

I pulled out until only the head remained inside the clasping lips of
my sister's upthrust pussy, then I slammed back down again, sheathing
the length of my cock once more in that hot, wet, tightness. She seemed
to love the deep penetrating strokes, so I did it a couple more times,
each time fucking her a little harder, getting the feel and depth of her
tight little hole. God it felt great! After all these years, I was
actually fucking my sexy younger sister. I increased the speed of my
strokes, and soon I was banging away at her wildly, pounding my cock into
her hot, hungry cunt as she writhed in pleasure beneath me.

"Ungghhh! Yeahhh! Take that big cock, Trace! Take it way in there,
baby! Take it! Uuhh, shit! Fuck it! Fuck it!" I grunted, driving my rigid
prick in and out of her bucking cunt.

"Oh, yes ! Yesssss ! I want it all ! I want it deep! Deep! You're
stretching my cunt so beautifully! Fuck me hard! Oh, God! Fuck me, Teddy!
I don't care if you are my brother! I want every wonderful inch of your
big fat prick fucking me!"

The couch rocked wildly and the room was filled with the wet slurping
sounds of our animalistic coupling. We didn't know it at the time, but
apparently we were so noisy, the others stopped what they were doing and
just watched as my sister and I fucked each other silly. Tony had little
Cindy on her hands and knees with his cock buried to the balls in her
tiny little cunt and Jodie was sitting on her brother's erect prick, but
all four had their eyes on Tracy and me as I slammed my lust-swollen
prick in and out of my sister's hot, juicy fuckhole. We were both moaning
and grunting loudly as we fucked, rutting savagely like animals,
completely oblivious to anything else but our own tightly meshing organs
and the intense mutual pleasure were generating in each other's bodies.

Tracy whimpered and moaned each time my prick slammed deeply up
inside her. Each stroke of my seemingly tireless cock brought her closer
and closer to orgasm, yet my own climax was still a long way off. Fucking
young Jodie and having Tracy suck me off had definitely taken the edge
off for me. Despite the hot clinging tightness of my sister's cunt, I
felt like I could screw her forever! In any case, I intended to make sure
that this was one fuck, my sexy little sister would never forget.

Soon, she was shuddering and squealing in ecstasy as her cunt
exploded in orgasm, but I just kept thrusting, fucking her solidly all
the way through her climax and beyond. I felt Tracy's tight cunt convulse
around my cock, gripping me inside her as she came, then gradually loosen
as her spasms faded. I became extremely excited by the fact that I had
just fucked my own sister to orgasm. My prick seemed to swell to
incredible proportions inside her, squeezed and stroked as it was by the
muscles of her greedy cunt. I continued to slam my cock in and out of
her, fucking her faster and faster. Within moments, her cries and
whimpers of pleasure resumed as she rocketed towards another orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh! Godddd! I love your prick! Give it to me! Fuck me! Oh God,
yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! Make me cum again! Fuck meeeeee!", she
chanted. Her pretty face was flushed and her eyes were almost glazed
over with lust.

I was really ramming it into her now, rocking her slim young body
with the strength of my thrusts. I grabbed hold of her asscheeks with
both hands and lifted her cunt clear of the couch, literally dragging her
onto my cock as I fucked her. Tracy was fucking me back as best she
could, hunching her cunt up to meet my long, deep cockthrusts. She
gyrated her pelvis too, grinding her hot wet pussy against my groin. I
could feel my balls slapping against her puckered little asshole.

I looked down at Tracy and watched the ecstasy reflected in the
expression on her beautiful face as her second orgasm peaked. Her eyes
were fixed on mine as she came and I bent down and kissed her
passionately, pumping my cock into her cunt as my mouth probed her
panting mouth.

and wrapped her legs up around my waist, riding out her orgasm as I
fucked her climaxing cunt with unrelenting ferocity.

The incredibly tight friction of Tracy's clasping cunt-muscles
triggered my own orgasm this time, and I felt my balls suddenly get tight
in their sac. I thought they were about to explode, so intense was the
feeling of pleasure between my legs. I closed my eyes tightly and yelled
loudly as blast after hot blast of thick hot cum shot through the
shuddering shaft of my prick and into my sister's cunt. Each squirt of
cum was accompanied by spasms that made me feel like my balls were being
pulled from my body. I bucked and thrust above her as Tracy hung on below
me, urging me on as I slammed her ass heavily into the couch.

"Yessss! Fuck me! Come in my cunt, Ted! Come in my hot fucking cunt!
I'm cumming too, lover! Oh God, yes! Yes! Cum with me! Yesssss!" she

Tracy's cunt massaged my spurting cock deep inside her, milking
every last drop of my cum out of me, and I wrapped my arms around my
sister's body and held her tightly to me. Her firm hard tits crushed up
against my heaving chest as I filled her quivering cunt with my sperm.

When our orgasms were over, we lay panting in each other's arms for a
while, basking in the warmth of the experience. I kept my cock buried
deep in her cunt until it started to wilt. Tracy kept gently working the
muscles of her cunt around it as if trying to revive it for more fun and
games, but like its owner, my poor over-stimulated prick was totally


The room erupted into whistles and loud applause, which I thought was
coming from the TV. But as my senses returned, I realized that someone
had turned the video off and it was actually Tony, Cindy, Jodie and Jimmy
cheering their appreciation of the `show' that Tracy and I had just put on
for them.

Having finished their own incestuous couplings, the four of them had
settled back to watch as I fucked my sister for the first time. Our
vigorous fucking had obviously excited them immensely because now Tony
was fondling Jodie, while Jimmy played with his little sister's hairless
young slit.

"I wanna fuck Uncle Ted next!", said Cindy hopefully. This brought
a series of chuckles from the rest of us.

I looked down at my deflated organ and smiled sadly at the naked
little girl.

"Sorry, sweetheart! As much as I'd dearly love to...umm...", I glanced
over at Tony before I continued. It still seemed strange to be discussing
having sex with the little 11-year-old in front of her own father. "
fuck you, honey, but as you can see, I won't be able to for a while yet...

Little Cindy looked crest-fallen, but Tracy sat up and went over to
comfort her.

"Don't worry, darling," she said, "How'd you like to sleep with Uncle
Ted tonight? That way you can get your turn with him as soon as he's
recovered enough. What do you think?"

"Ohhh, Mommy! Yes, please!", cried the gorgeous little girl, and
hugged her mother happily.

"What about me?", asked Jimmy with forlorn look on his face. "It's my
turn to sleep with Cindy tonight, remember?"

"Don't worry, stud!", grinned Tracy, grabbing her son by the cock.
"You can sleep with me. I think your father has other plans tonight."

We all looked over at Tony and Jodie who were kissing hotly on the
floor. Tony had two stiff fingers in his eldest daughter's cunt and was
working on a third, while the sexy little 13-year-old jacked her fist up
and down the length of her father's long, throbbing cock.

"Okay, Mom! Looks like Dad won't mind if I sleep with you tonight,"
said Jimmy giving his mother's bare ass an intimate squeeze. "Let's go
to bed and fuck up a storm!"

Tracy stopped to kiss me goodnight, then went off down the hall with her
son. I picked Cindy up in my arms and carried the little girl to her room
as I had done when I first arrived, except this time we were both naked
and she was kissing me passionately. Her little nipples rubbed against my
chest and her tiny tongue probed my mouth with a skill that belied her
young age.

When we reached her room, I put Cindy on the bed and lay down beside
her. Her hands were all over me, fondling and squeezing my limp cock in a
vain attempt to revive it.

"Awwww, it won't get hard, Uncle Ted!", she complained wistfully.

"Give it time, honey", I smiled. "Let's just play with each other for a
while, okay?"

"Okay!", beamed Cindy.


She cheered up immediately at my suggestion and began to rub her
little fist up and down on my cock, at the same time covering my neck and
cheeks with a series of hot loving kisses.

I stroked her soft young ass and slid my other hand between her legs.
Her hairless little pussy was hot and swollen from the solid fucking she'd
received from her father earlier. I inserted a finger into her cunt and
probed deeply, luxuriating in the warm, slippery feel of her insides as
her tight little hole gripped my finger like vice.

"Ohhhhh, Uncle Ted!", she breathed hotly. "Your finger feels nice in my
pussy, but I want your cock! Please get it hard and fuck me....
pleeeeease!! I want it so bad!"

The very thought of this naked little 12-year-old begging me to fuck
her was enough stir my poor, over-worked cock into action, and I felt my
prick begin to swell slightly in her fist. Cindy felt it too and doubled
her efforts by wrapping her other tiny hand around my slowly rising

My finger in her cunt was stirring up the child's juices like crazy and
she began to grind her ass in time with my thrusts as I finger-fucked her
wet little slit as deeply as I could. She was hot for it all right. Despite
her tender age, Cindy's little cunt was literally dripping with arousal.
Obviously the regular fucking she'd been getting from her father and
brother had matured her young pussy rapidly. Yet she was still as tight as
a virgin. As my cock hardened in her flashing little fists, Cindy looked
up at me with lust-glazed eyes.

"Uuuuuhhhh, yesssss!" she hissed. "It's getting hard! Mmmmmmm, nice and
long and hard! Oooh Jeez, Uncle Ted, you're so big already! I can't wait
for you to put in my pussy and fuck me like my Daddy does!"

Oh God, yes!, I thought, watching the naked little darling jerking her
tiny fists up and down the length of my rapidly-thickening cock. Fucking
this eager, horny little nymphet was going to be something I'd remember
for a long, long time, that was for sure!

My cock was as hard as a rock now, and Cindy was so hot, the juices from
her cunt were puddling in the palm of my hand as I fucked my middle finger
in and out of the little girl's hot, clinging tightness. I pulled my hand
from my niece's crotch and lay the panting young 12-year-old back on the

"You sure you want me to fuck you, baby?" I asked as I fondled her
hairless, pouting little pussy.

"Ooooooooh, yes, Uncle Ted!" she moaned, spreading her long, slender
young legs in open invitation. "Please hurry, make me feel good... make me
cum the way Daddy and Jimmy do. Fuck me, Uncle Ted, fuck me really hard!"

I knelt between her thighs and aimed my cock at her hairless slit,
rubbing the bloated head up and down between her slippery little cuntlips
for a while until I located her tiny hole.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh, now shove it!" she moaned as the tip of my cock
slid inside outer lips of her quivering young pussy. Little Cindy
definitely wanted it real bad, and she was going to get it!

She thrust her hips upwards and the head of my cock parted her hairless
cuntlips and entered her tight little cunt. I let it sit for a second or
two so her young body could get used to its size. She moaned as I felt her
pussy start to spasm and open up. I slid into her slowly, inch by inch as
her little pussy stretched wider and wider, her hands clenched my arms each
time I thrust into her.

Deeper and deeper my huge cock entered her body, a low groan escaping
her pretty mouth as I sank in to the hilt. She arched her body toward me,
her little bare legs flying up in the air as she thrust her hips hard up
against me, that tight, wet 12-year-old pussy clamping my cock.
Then, her skinny little hips started hunching up at me like a machine that had gone
out of control. It was all I could do to hold onto the child. Her little body was unbelievably pliable.

"Oh, God, Uncle Ted," she whispered into my ear as I began fucking
deeply in and out of her tight, tender young cunt. "You're making me feel
better than Daddy and all his friends. I feel like I'm going to come

She was right. I felt her slippery little twat contracting
involuntarily around my pounding cock, so I fucked her even harder,
bringing her off within seconds. When she came, Cindy went completely of
into a world of her own. I grabbed hold of her squirming little butt as she e
bounced up and down, making her squeal even louder as she felt my tight
grip on her ass-flesh.

"Yeahh! Cum for me, baby! Cum on Uncle Ted's big fucking cock!
Uuunnggghhff, fuck yesssss! You love it don't you, Cindy," I grunted as she
continued to writhe and whimper beneath me.

"Uuuuuhhhh, yes, Uncle Ted! I love it!" she said with a gasp as I
continued fucking her, ramming my cock as deep as I could into the horny
child's cumming little cunt.

Faster and I faster I fucked the squealing 12-year-old, thrusting into
her as hard as I could, her pussy clamping and spasming, her moans filling
the room. I could feel my own orgasm building deep inside me and my cock
began to swell, spreading her hot, tight little cunthole open even more.
Slowly my climax rose, then exploded, filling her young body with a huge
load of searing sperm, spurting again and again as I continued thrusting
into her tiny, clasping little cunt. Cindy sagged beneath me when we were
done and I collapsed on top of her slender body, my cock still deeply
embedded in her tiny pussy.

"Ohhh, Uncle Ted, that was fantastic! You fuck better than my Daddy!"
giggled the exhausted little girl.

I had felt every little spasm and quiver her tiny pussy made around my
cock. Now as her climax faded, her cunt loosened its vice-like grip on my
prick, but not enough to cause it to slip out. I was still stuck fast in
her tightly-gripping little twat. She stretched up to kiss me and I bent m= y
head, but with my cock still deeply buried in her cunt, I couldn't quite
reach... she was too small.

We lay like that for several minutes, just catching our breaths and
slowly arousing each other with our hands. She cupped my balls and squeezed
them gently and I fondled her pointy little tits, letting my hand wander
down to her bulging cock-filled pussy to gently rub her clit up against the
base of my cock.

My cock began to swell inside her and soon I was able to pull little
Cindy on top of me and start fucking her again. She bounced up and down on
my cock like a little cowgirl; all the time moaning and watching my thick,
glistening cock slide up between her thighs, as it deeply impaled her tiny

I fucked her for ages like this, just letting her ride me at her own
pace. Then, when I felt that old familiar feeling building deep in my
loins, I grabbed her by the ass and began to fuck her down onto my cock
savagely. She moaned loudly, though in pleasure or pain I hardly cared. All
that mattered was emptying my balls into this gorgeous young kid's hot,
clinging little cunt!

Cindy shuddered and screamed as I filled her tender twat with another
load of sperm and finally collapsed on top of me. I stroked her firm little
ass and kissed the top of her head, and fell promptly asleep.


I woke the next morning to the feel of Cindy's tiny lips nibbling at
my morning erection. It was such a lovely feeling. I left my eyes closed
and just lay back enjoying her hot little mouth on my prick. Then
suddenly I felt another mouth... on my balls! I opened my eyes and looked
down. It was Jodie. The naked little minx was between my outstretched
thighs with her tight little ass in the air, sucking my balls into her
mouth while her little sister licked my cock.

"'Morning, Uncle Ted", beamed Jodie happily, lifting her pretty young
face from my crotch. "Mommy suggested we wake you up the way we usually
wake up Daddy."

"Hi, honey", I smiled weakly.

Even after last night, I still couldn't quite get used to the
completely free and sexually open life-style of my sister's family. Not
to mention incestuous life-style. Cindy fisted my cock with her tiny hand
and grinned up at me too.

"You've sure got a big one this morning, Uncle Ted!", she giggled,
jerking her small fist up and down the length of my cock.

"All the better to fuck you with, my dear!", I growled, doing my best
Big Bad Wolf imitation.

Cindy sat beside me with her legs spread wide, giving me a good look
at her tasty little cunt. I licked my lips. Nothing like a little
breakfast in bed first thing to get the day off to a good start, I always

"Hmmmmmm, actually I might stick with tradition and eat you first,
little girl", I grinned. "Come here and sit on my face, Cindy. Jodie you
suck my cock while I bring your sister off, then you two can swap places,

The girls giggled as they scrambled into position. Jodie grabbed the
base of my cock in her fist and took it into her mouth, sucking the fat,
swollen head like a lollipop. God it felt good. Just thirteen years old
and she could suck cock better than any woman I had ever known. Actually,
the cute little kid was too good! I had two little girls to please now,
so I didn't want to come too soon.

"Take your time, Jodie, honey", I said. "Slow and easy... make it
last, okay?"

"Mmmmff, mmmmmhhh!", moaned Jodie and nodded her head as best she
could with a mouth full of cock.

Little Cindy knelt facing my feet and straddled my face as Jodie took
my cock into her hot, moist young mouth. The tight, elastic lips of
Cindy's hairless little pussy hardly opened at all, even with her thighs
so widely spread, and I could see moisture drooling from the bright pink
slit of her cunt. Cindy lowered her crotch and I pressed my face eagerly
into her pussy, dragging my long tongue up and down the tasty, wet

"Uuuuhhhh, God," she mumbled, looking down at my mouth slurping
between her skinny legs. "I love getting my cunt licked!

I could certainly believe that. As I speared my tongue into her tight
little cunthole, Cindy's naked little ass was squirming around all over
the place and hips were hunching down to press her cunt tightly against
my sucking mouth.

"Oh, yeah! Lick me!" she whispered hoarsely. "Lick my pussy! Suck it,
Uncle Ted! Ooooooooohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh!"

Her tiny young cunt tasted like honey compared to the mature, musky
flavour of her mother... fresh and clean and sweet. I probed her tight
cuntlips deeper with my tongue and was rewarded with a mouthful of
cunt-cream and a simultaneous a cry of ecstasy from little Cindy.

"Uuuuhhhhhh, yeah," she gasped. "Stick it right in me! Fuck me with
your big fat tongue. Oh, yeah, fuck me! Suck me!"

I gave her creaming little cunt a series of fast stiff jabs with my
tongue and then took her tiny clit into my mouth and sucked hard. Cindy
almost hit the roof! I reached up and grasped her tiny asscheeks with
both hands, pulling her spread little cunt down hard over my sucking
mouth and probing tongue. Cindy gasped and squealed in ecstasy.

The room was filled with the wet slurping of my mouth on her young
cunt and the sucking sounds Jodie's mouth was making on my glistening
cock. I reached under Cindy, between her legs and inserted a finger into
the tightness of the kid's hot little fuck-hole, munching on her juicy
open cunt like a wild dog. She was moaning constantly now, her little ass
bucking up and down over my face like she was having a fit.

I lapped and sucked and licked in a frenzy, eager to get her off so
the gorgeous little fuck could wrap her hot mouth around my throbbing,
aching prick and I could do the same to her big sister. Jodie was doing
fine, keeping my cock nice and hard with her hands and lips, but I
wanted to get both girls off with my mouth before I indulged myself in
the exquisite pleasure of fucking their tight, slippery little cunts.

Cindy was hunching her hairless young twat down against my face,
urging me to suck her quivering little pussy-slit harder. I took her clit
into my mouth and sucked hard, at the same time driving my finger
repeatedly into her saliva-slick cunthole.

The horny little twelve-year-old climaxed on the spot, shaking and
shuddering and squealing out her pleasure. Her skinny little hips bucked
as she thrust her cunt down over my face, rolling her ass in the sweet
satisfaction of pubescent climax. Even after I removed my mouth from her
juice-smeared cunt, Cindy's little hips were still grinding above my
face in post-orgasmic bliss.

While I had been busily bringing Cindy of with my mouth, Jodie had
been sucking dutifully on my cock, keeping it nice and stiff. I told
Cindy to change places with her sister and hauled Jodie's sweet young
cunt over my face. I sniffed at her pussy, enjoying the musky odor
emanating from her diminutive young slot. Cindy grasped my prick with
both hands and I felt her tongue begin to lap gently over the swollen
head as my own tongue entered her sister's juice-filled little slit.

Jodie tasted wonderful, a little stronger than her little sister, but
extremely exciting. I felt my cock twitch involuntarily in Cindy's tiny
fists and the little girl gasped.

"You're cock's alive, Uncle Ted"; she giggled, then immediately took
as much of it into her hot little mouth as she could.

I ran my tongue back and forth through Jodie's tasty gash and sucked
her cunt-juice into my mouth, swallowing it all down like a man dying of
thirst. She began to moan and wiggle her slim young hips down at my face.
Shit, she's a hot little cunt, I thought. I sucked harder, probing my
tongue into Jodie's tight teen cunthole as far as it would reach, licking
the incredibly smooth, slick walls.

Jodie was moaning louder now, pressing her little twat down against my
mouth and tongue with little jerky hip movements. Her cuntslit was
literally awash with juice. I had no idea that a thirteen-year-old girl
could get so wet! I opened my lips wide and licked the full length of her
tiny slit, lapping her cunt-juice into my mouth like a little puppy
drinking milk.

As soon as I reached her clit, Jodie's hips bucked like she'd been
zapped with high voltage. Her back arched and she gripped my head
tightly with her muscular young thighs.

"Ooohhhhhh, God! That feels fantastic, Uncle Ted!" she moaned. "Lick
my cunt! Uhhhhh, yeahhh... stick your tongue in and fuck my hot little

I felt her hands on the top of my head, lightly at first, then with
more pressure as she pulled my face into her crotch, at the same time
grinding her juvenile slot down at my sucking mouth.

Cindy was doing her best to suck as much of my cock into her small
mouth as she could, but it was an impossible task. Time and time again, I
felt the head of my prick hit the back of her throat with barely half of
my shaft in her mouth. She was just too little to deep-throat me
properly. I wanted to tell her to just suck on as much as she could
handle and jack her fists on the rest, but my mouth was too full of her
sister's oozing cunt.

I felt Jodie's pussy convulse around my tongue and I knew she was
cumming, but I was completely unprepared for the gush of pussy-cream that
filled my mouth. The horny little kid was cumming a bucketload! I tried
to swallow it all down, but a lot escaped and ran down my cheeks and onto
the bed. I put my hands under her tight little ass in a vain attempt to
lift the squirming girl off my face a bit so I could get my mouth over
her creaming hole. But she was too far-gone to co-operate. In the end I
just licked and sucked at whatever part of her juice-covered little cunt
that she chose to thrust at my lips.

A minute later, Jodie slumped forward over me, gasping for breath. I
kept licking at her drooling slit and nibbling her swollen clit until she
rolled off me, totally drained.

Cindy was still trying to cram my entire cock into her tiny mouth,
without much success. I reached down and eased the eager little
12-year-old's head off my prick, pulling her tiny naked body up over
mine. My cock was as hard as a rock, and after licking both girls to
orgasm, I needed to get my prick into one of their hot tight little cunts
real bad... maybe BOTH of them, if I could keep it up long enough.

"Wanna fuck now, baby?", I grinned, pressing my erection against her
tiny hairless mound.

"Oh, yes please, Uncle Ted", she giggled sexily. "Daddy or Jimmy
always fuck me in the mornings too."

"Well, we can't break a family tradition then, can we, sweetheart?"

I rolled Cindy onto her back and spread her legs, looking down into
her gorgeous smiling face as I climbed between her thighs. She reached
down and grabbed my prick aiming it at her tiny little slot with both

"Ooooh it's so biiiiig!" she murmured, her eyes growing wide.

"Don't worry, you've had it inside you before, honey, remember?", I
soothed. "It only looks big this morning, okay?"

"Okay", she whispered, giving me a sexy little smile. God she was cute
when she was horny!

Cindy's eyes were wide and glittering as she positioned the head of my
cock into her tiny pussy and hunched her tiny hips up. My fat cockhead
popped inside easily, forcing out a small trickle of cunt-juice. I still
couldn't get over how wet this sexy little 12-year-old could get when she
was aroused.

I looked down and watched Cindy's hairless little pussy-lips spread wide
around my cock as it disappeared into her tiny cunt, her smooth, slippery
sheath tight around me, like no pussy I had ever felt before! Slowly, I
began to pump her cunt, my cock throbbing in the tight confines of her hot
little belly.

"Uhhhhhhhh, yeahhh, fuck me, Uncle Ted," she whispers. "Fuck my cunt!
Fuck it hard and cum in my pussy!"

Intensely excited by her wanton pleading, I started pounding my cock
into her a bit harder, pulling out almost all the way, then ramming my
prick all the way in again, fucking her little pussy hard and fast with the
full length of my prick. She began to whimper, so I slowed down.

"Am I hurting you, baby?" I asked, looking down into her flushed little

"No... don't stop! It just feels so goooooood!", murmured Cindy,
grinding her hot little cunt up at me. "Fuck me harder if you like. I
really love it when Daddy or Jimmy fuck me hard!"

"Okay, honey!", I said, moving my hips a little faster. "How's that?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh! N...niiiiiiiice! Ohhhhhhh! Harder..... harder......"

I fucked her deeper, feeling the head of my cock slamming into the back
wall of her tiny cunt, afraid at any time I was going to hurt her. But
Cindy just kept moaning and squirming her little ass around, begging me to
fuck her harder.

Soon I was pounding the little girl as hard as I'd ever fucked any grown
woman... and she loved it, squealing and whimpering and humping her tiny
cunt up to meet my powerful downward thrusts. On every stroke I pulled out
almost all the way, then slammed back all the way inside her again, pumping
her tight little pussy hard and fast with the full length of my prick.

I kept up the pace, trying desperately not to come too soon. Her young
cunt seemed to suck me back inside her of its own accord. The slippery
suction around my cock-shaft was incredible and the pleasure intense.
Luckily Cindy was even closer to her release; my thick prick dragging back
and forth over her stiff little clit was getting her off in record time.
Then I felt her shudder beneath me and thrust her cunt at me real hard, her
whole body trembling.


Her tiny body convulsed wildly as Cindy's climax rocketing through her.
I kept pumping her, fucking the whimpering little girl through every
delicious spasm. It must have been a good one because she seemed go limp a= s
if she'd fainted or something. Then she opened her eyes and looked up into
mine, a look of total bliss on her pretty little face.

I was still pounding her deeply, striving for my own release, which I
could feel was very close. Her tiny clinging cunt was so tight and wet and
her little body so exciting and passionate that I couldn't control my
orgasm any longer. I screamed with pleasure as Cindy thrust her hips up at
me, fucking me back as I pumped my load deep up inside her quivering little
cunt. Her tiny vaginal muscles seemed to tighten and release around me in
rippling waves, milking my twitching cock-shaft of every last drop of sperm.

After filling her tiny, little-girl cunt with my cum, I rolled to the
side, my cock still deep in Cindy's cunt. Hugging her tightly, I lay beside
her trying to catch my breath. It had been one of most energetic and
pleasurable fucks of my entire life.

Cindy kept grinding her hips at me slowly, her hot little cunt massaging
my cock, keeping me hard. I couldn't believe it. If it didn't watch out, m= y
sexy little 12-year-old niece was going to fuck me to death. She nuzzled m= y
neck a while, just enjoying the thickness of my cock filling her young
cunt. Then she looked up into my eyes and smiled impishly.

"Wanna fuck me again, Uncle Ted?", she asked, almost coyly. "Your cock
is still nice and hard."

"Ohhh, baby!", I moaned pulling her on top of me. "I'll fuck you as long
as it stays hard too!"

"Ohhhhhhh, goody!", squealed Cindy. "I love you, Uncle Ted"

"And I love you, honey", I replied, stroking my cock up inside her tight
little pussy.

As my insatiable little 12-year-old niece bounced shamelessly up and
down on my amazingly-stiff cock, I lay back and thought about all that had
happened since I arrived. I was glad now that I'd decided to take my sister
up on her offer to come and visit. Otherwise I'd have missed out on the
best sex of my life. I wasn't looking forward to returning home, but I knew
one thing... I'd be visiting my sister's family much more often from now
on, that was for sure!!

The End.
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