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Read part one Arianna's Secret before reading this or you may be confused
Arianna's sweet lips were now pressed to mine again and i tasted her candy flavored tounge against mine, our DNAs mixing once more. She was too good to resist and i couldnt handle not being in her for the second time tonight. I pinned her strong naked little body on the sweat soaked sheets and got on top of her, i couldnt even wait any longer to lick her insides or finger her, my cock longed to be inside her. So i lifted her legs and she hooked them around my back, and i plunged my cock deep into her.

She moaned a loud sexy moan that rung in my ears and i pounded her fast and harder than ever before. Her pussy was already soaking wet and tight as fuck, it felt good wrapped around my hard dick. I thrusted deep into her and felt her pussy juices milking my dick and she dug her long nails into my back as she screamed in pleasure. I pounded her fast until i felt my balls aching to cum.

"Baby im gonna cum..."
"Do it inside me, i want to feel your hot cum baby!" She moaned at me with lustful eyes.

I did as i was told and i felt amazing. I pulled out of her and layed close to my winged beauty who didnt smell like sweat and looked just as perfect as she did before. Arianna really could tire me out with that sexy body, so i felt myself drifting off to sleep, but afraid she would be gone when i open my eyes.

The morning suns orange glow lit through my eyelids and forced me into the day. Remembering i had a visitor last night i looked over where Arianna had been laying and was hurt to see she was gone. But i guess i could have figured that someone as perfect as her, a fucking angel for christs sake, could never stay with me.

Then i heard the small patter of footsteps in the next room and figured it must be Arianna and my heart jumped out of my chest as i skipped to find it wasnt her. My jaw dropped when i saw another drop dead gorgeous woman standing facing me. First of all, how the fuck did she get in here, but then again if i just fucked an angel i guess anything could be possible. Please dear god, dont let this be another angel.

"Im not an angel!" The beautiful woman huffed at me and i knew she was something abnormal because she read my mind.
"Than what are you?"
"I guess youll just have to find that out." The angered woman then took a sharp turn and winked at me with a dirty grin as if she was undressing me with her eyes.

She stepped close to me quicker than my eye could take and she gripped the collar of the shirt i had just thrown on. Her lips pressed to mine forcefully and i felt her angry passion as her tongue probed inside my mouth. Even though i didnt feel the same kind of love and magic i had with Arianna, this strange sexy woman was turning me on with her forcefulness.

Each step she made closer to me caused me to walk backwards into the bedroom until the back of my legs were kissing the bedframe. Then she pushed me onto the bed with such force that didnt look like it would belong to such a small woman. I bit my lip to try to hid the embarrased grin on my face, i was enjoying this way more than i should be.

In mere seconds the black satin dress she had wrapped tight on her body was thrown on the floor to the same spot Arianna's dress had been. My eyes bugged out when i saw her naked body, i was beautiful but it looked exactly like Arianna's as if she was an exact copy. And now that i think about it her face shared the same features except her black hair was where Arianna's blonde hair was and her eyes werent blue but a deep brown. Thid was strange, and thats coming from a guy that can say he fucked an angel twice in one night.

My darting thoughts were interupted by a wet set of lips on the head of my dick. In my mindless mess i guess i didnt realize my clothes were no longer on. Her moist lips soothed my hard dick and she passionately sucked me off leaving me panting and grunting at the forceful pleasure she was giving me. After she lifted her pretty little mouth from my cock i was ready to lick her dripping pussy but she read my mind and disagreed with what i thought and pinned me back down on the bed with great force.

Her legs straddled over my twitching dick and she plunged down hard taking in my whole cock in one movement, my cockhead touching her pussy walls. Each forceful move she made left me breathing so heavy and spazzing my body in sheer pleasure. Her pussy dripped sweet juices all over my waist and her last thrust on me caused me to shoot think ropes of hot cum into her that i couldnt even manage to control because of her force.

She got off of me and i just stared at her, waiting for her secrets to be revealed because i knew she had them. And i was right, thick black wings shot out of her back and a dark glowing halo hung above her head. I didnt gape at her like she probably thought i would, but id already seen too much weird to be phased, but i did wonder why she was supporting so much black if she was an angel or whatever she may be.

"I thought you said you werent an angel." I said with a smirk.
"Im not. Im a demon but to you ignorant humans im what you think is called a 'fallen angel' but no that term is wrong because that is actually what Arianna is and-."
"Youu know Arianna?!" I said cutting her off and ignoring the fact that she called herself a demon.
"Excuse me. Dont cut me off. Of course i know Arianna and if you will listen you would know why."
"Go on." I said i little irritated with her anger.
"All angels have their alternate personality that lives in the otherside of the underworld, hell of you will. Humans all have them too but they dont come out until they are dead. I am Arianna's alternate personality, her darkside, her demon, if you cant already tell by my looks."
"But why are you here? Why did you have to come meet with her?"
"When an angel is kicked out of heaven, thats the term fallen angel, they start to take over the demons darkside job. And we must find them to stop it before the demon deteriorates. The same goes for a demon turning angellic, which rarely ever happens because we are so good at our jobs."
"How do you stop it?" I asked but afraid what the answer might be.
"We kill them." And thats all she said plain and simple. Harsh beyond compare.
"What?! Isnt there any other way?" I couldnt bare to lose Arianna, even though i had no idea where she had gone.
"No. Its better for me that way anyway. After the angel is dead, yes i know it sounds insane to kill someone who is already dead but its different in our world, i can live freely in the underworld doing whatever i want until the new Arianna is born and when she dies and turned back into an angel then it starts over again. Its really a vicious cycle."
"Youre selfish you know! I wont let you take Arianna!" I pointed an angry finger at her and then realized i didnt know her name.
"First of all, im supposed to be selfish becuase im a demon and second, my name is also Arianna, duhh. Stupid human."
"How long does Arianna have?" I asked hoping i could hide her away with me.
"Dont think i dont know what youre trying to plan because i do. But since i can tell you really want her i will give you a day to hide off with her before i come after both of you. And i will kill you too. You cant win so dont even bother if you want to continue with your own life." And then she was gone.

I laid on my bed thinking up plans on how to beat the demon and hoping Arianna would come back quick so i could tell her what went down, leaving out the sex even though she could find out in a quick mind read. And then i heard soft footsteps, hoping it was my angel and not the demon again. Arianna's sweet angel voice came from the other room.

"Are you okay? Did she hurt you?" How did she know!
"Im fine but Arianna you have to listen to me shes-"
"Dont waste your time telling me i already know what's happening, now come on there isnt much time."

To be continued...

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