(Another shitty episode, and probably the last)
CARINA VI (Another shitty episode, and probably the last)

WARNING: English is NOT my first language – I have learned it in school and practiced it a lot in trading, but this is (even though pornographic) supposed to be literature.
So please bear with me, or, if not, just read something else.
I also need to mention that the story is true, depicting my personal memory.

Carina is wearing her new dress and the jewels...
It's clear that she loves wearing them...
Up and down, all around the villa – she's funny since the evening dress has nothing to do with the boots on her feet – she was prepared to come to ski, not to a wedding, or something...

At ten o'clock we are finally ready, all of us, to go skiing. We are informed by the administrator of the villa that the car will collect us back home at fourteen hours latest, since they intend to prepare I don't know what grilled feast...
It's clear by now that Carina's father has ordered the personnel to make us get fat, not to let us enjoy a wonderful day on the slope...
I just promise myself, in my mind, to never again accept such an invitation.

The time is really great, not too cold, but the temperature is cool enough to make the snow just perfect for skiing. The procedure is like this – the car brings us, on a road, at the beginning of the slope, somewhat on the top of the mountain, than we start descending, and, while we do it, the car goes back at the end of the slope. Since I am the only beginner in skiing, everybody else has to wait for me.
Luckily, I'm a good and quick learner, and Carina's instructions really help me improve.

At about one, Carina is bored, and she just gives the driver the order to get us back at the villa – the funny thing is that she doesn't ask any of us about our opinions...
Well, she's the host...
While in the car, she whispers to me that soon, very soon, there will probably be a storm.
In less than half an hour, here is the storm – Carina really knows these places – that's clear, but she could have warned us all.
I understand that this place is fantastic, excepting the fact that the weather may be really tricky...
At the villa, I enter my room and take off my skiing costume, when the “cricket” phone bell rings.
It's Carina:
“Have you taken off your skiing gear?”
“Yes, why?”
“Stop right as you are! I'll be there in no time!”
Truth is, that I'm only wearing my shorts and a pair of socks on my feet.
Carina enters the door, shuts and locks it, than comes and embraces me.
Her lips on my skin make me tremble with desire. I can feel the need of sex within her, it's a certain chemistry...
She's wearing a bath gown, and I can soon see, nothing else underneath. She just takes it off, throwing it away somewhere on the floor, jumps on the margin of the bed and puts both hands at her pussy, massaging and caressing it.
Her eyes are full of lust, while her smile is somewhat perverted. Her fingers clearly help her feel better, while her look is focused on my pulsating hard dick.

“Ovid, the way you've been listening to my instructions today have made me so really horny! If it wasn't for the driver, I would have taken you and fucked you there, on the slope!
Come on! Do me now! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!”
Who am I to say no to such an invitation?!?
When I get my dick close to her cunt, Carina opens the labia, letting me see what I'm gonna get so soon.
And... yes, she's wet. Really wet!
She presses her feet on my chest, while keeping her labia parted with her hands.
When I penetrate her, she jumps, trembling, shivering, and telling me that she's already orgasmed.
I can see the first drops of perspiration on her forehead, her delicate skin turning into red, while the veins of her throat are in full view.
“Keep on! Don't let me! Push! Push!Fuck me! I juuuuuuust loooove it!”

I start pumping her, like there is no tomorrow, while she's still holding her hands at her pussy, some of her fingers caressing her clit – she's crazily excited and keeps on yelling and shivering, orgasming like hell...
After ten minutes I'm almost ready, and she senses it. She stops me, makes me take it out, and turns on her fours:
“I want you, when you finish, to spray your seed on my ass and back”...
Strange request, but since this is what the lady of the house requests, why should I to refuse?!?

I enter her from behind, with no mercy, and sense that she continues to stimulate her clit.
I grab her ass cheeks and somewhat in a hurry, since she's quite wet with her vaginal juices, I stick my thumb up her ass.
She jumps, but doesn't protest, just telling me:
“The moment you spread your seed, I want you to take away your thumb from my ass! I only want to feel the sperm over there!”

In less than five minutes, I'm done. I spray her – she keeps on rubbing her clit and orgasms again, than she just stands up and starts massaging the sperm withinin the skin of her ass cheeks.
She than comes towards me, kneels, and starts to clean my dick with her tongue and lips, while still massaging her ass with her hands...

I just caress her beautiful blond hair, making her engulf my whole almost limp dick.
She just humms a little, than tells me, as a warning, that she may be so hungry, that she may eat it...
Than she grabs the bath gown, puts it on, and goes away...

After fifteen minutes, we are all in the dining, where the large table is full with steaks and other special traditional foods, wines, tzuica, cognac and whiskey...
What the heck! We are only a few, mainly women, and we are not supposed to stay for a month!...
Anyway, as one of the guys says, it's better to have, than to wish for...

It hasn't passed more than half of an hour, when I have a problem. I cannot tell if it's from humming, from licking, or what, but I am almost fully erect and I need to fuck again.
I go closer to Carina and whisper in her ear about my problem.
She just bursts into laughter, than takes me by the hand and gone we are, not before her telling all the group that Ovid has a problem and that she has the solution to solve it...
You should have seen the faces of the two waiters, who clearly have understood shit...

When we reach at her room, I almost rip off her clothes, I've eaten, that's right, but my real hunger is for her boobs. Maybe I bite them a little too hard, but I just cannot stop.
She grabs me by my balls:
“If you don't put a limit, I will squeeeeeeeze theese!”
I just stop and kiss her lips, than tell her:
“Honey, you, even with bruised boobs, can still have sex in lots of ways. Just squeeze my balls and... it's the end of the game!”

We both start laughing, while she pushes me on the bed and jumps at me, licking my balls and the area behind the balls, making me hard as a rock...
Than she climbs on me, and lets herself impaled.
She just rides me for more than an hour – we are both full of perspiration – it's clear that she's tired, but still insists to ride me.
She just cannot understand how come that if I am in this position, on my back, I just stay hard, but don't ejaculate.
Let us not forget that she's a student at medicine...

Finally, after another half an hour and some tricks applied to my balls and to my dick, she gives up.
I just make her lay on her back, and in five minutes I'm ready.
I take it out, than go up and ride her face.
While I'm jerking it, I tell Carina:
“Now, baby! Open your mouth and let me see your tongue! I want to see my sperm sliding on your tongue towards your throat!”
She obliges, but my first jet shoots her hard inside one of her nostrils – she jumps a little but keeps her composure, and takes the rest of my jizz on her tongue, just as I've requested.
After I finish shooting, I just insert my dick in her mouth, letting her lick me clean for a while, than go a little bit above and let her lick my balls, and even my ass a little.
I love the way she uses her tongue, and she obliges...

We than get dressed and back to our mates...
Truth is that the booze has made the boys a bit tipsy, while the girls clearly do have an itch between their legs, especially since they do know very well what my problem was that needed to be solved... Carina senses that too, so that she invites us all into her room.
She turns on the radio, than takes from her bag a long row of condoms, puts them on the table, than says:
“Ovid and I will be just one floor below, into his room. The fact that you are only two guys and three chicks cannot be a disaster. I'm sure that Adrianne will be able to show you ways to make her world rock, even without using your penises on her, if you don't know that already...
My only request is that tomorrow morning, at seven sharp, if the weather is good, I want to ski.
It's our last day here!”...

After making sure that they've locked the door, Carina takes me by my hand and we go to my room.
She turns towards me:
“... Maybe you were tempted to stay there, with the group. I'm sorry. Who knows, maybe another time, but I'm sure that, if I participate at such an orgy, here, my father will be informed. And I don't want to break his heart”...

Now, what can I say? I'm sure that her point is right, than, by all means, I have no curiosity, since I've already fucked those chicks, and I also have enough time to repeat the experience at Bucharest, in the safety of my personal apartment.

After we get naked, Carina lays in bed, embraces me, and softly whispers in my ear:
“Now, darling, if you just bear with me and let me sleep for a while, you'll be waking up with your dick deeply impaled in my throat – I promise to suck you, do whatever you wish, but for now, I just need some sleep”...

I switch off the light and here we are, embraced and trying to sleep.
The silence in our room lets me hear the noises from above – it's clear that our mates have a lot of fun, but, honestly, I just enjoy my stay with this sleeping beauty in my arms...

I've kept in touch with all these girls for an year or so, and with Adrianne I even went at some parties where the fun was to have sex with someone else's partner.
She was somewhat kinky, perverted.
She has showed me how she can stick a large cucumber inside her vagina, while sucking my dick.
She also used to bring from the faculty surgical gloves and lubricant and asked me to have her vagina and anus checked... Crazy girl!...
I'm not sure if I shall write about these girls again.
Anyway, for the time being, this is


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