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Lisa's many adventures with guys in Florida
Elizabeth--or Lisa as most of her friends called her--lay lounging on the golden Florida sand. The towel bunched slightly underneath her as she rolled onto her back.

"This," she thought to herself, "was the life."

There is nothing quite like taking a much needed vacation; Lisa felt transported to a whole new life. It was a life completely separate from the stressful, monotonous work of a secretary for one of the largest insurance companies in New York. In her two years as an employee, this was the first time she was able to get away from it all and have a weekend completely to herself.

Lisa glanced lazily at her phone, which was on the towel beside her. 2:57. On a Friday. She sighed contentedly, looking forward to the 'me time' she rightfully deserved.

It was another two hours later that she finally decided to return to her hotel. She had checked in earlier that day, after her flight had landed, but did not have the opportunity to enjoy all its facilities. She stood up and slipped back into her sun dress. Rolling up her towel, Lisa tried to decide where to eat. She hadn't eaten anything since the airplane. Stomach grumbling, she carried her towel and purse back to her rented red Chrysler. It was not the nicest thing by far, but Lisa had decided to splurge on the hotel and did not have much left in her budget for a nice car. As she threw the towel and her purse into the passenger's seat, her iPhone tumbled out onto the pavement.

"Shit," she murmured as she bent down to pick it up.

Somewhere off in the distance, a guy wolf-whistled at her.

She straightened quickly, phone in hand, but could not see which man did it. Lisa was almost used to it by now, though. Throughout middle school, she had not been one of the most attractive girls. However, during high school, she had blossomed into a beauty, attracting the eyes of just about every horny high school guy. Her brown hair fell in waves across her shoulders, framing her face and matching her eyes. However, none of her boyfriends ever payed much attention to that. The only things they cared about were her perky, C-cup breasts. Though she was nearing thirty, her body had lost none of its vitality.

Lisa turned and got into the drivers seat. A few minutes later, she completely forgot about the parking lot, focusing instead on where she was going to eat. She passed a small Chinese buffet, which tempted her, but she decided to get a sandwich from Subway.

Savoring each wonderful bite of turkey, she drove through the traffic, taking the same roads that she drove on to get to the beach. About five minutes later, she was pulling into the hotel. She gathered her things and walked inside. There was a burst of cool air against her slightly pink skin as Lisa walked through the automatic doors. The elevators were empty, and she jammed the number 4. The doors closed, and up she went.

About thirty minutes later she found herself descending again. She had changed into a bright blue bikini and had a matching cover-up since her previous ones were too sandy. She got off on the first floor, realized the pool was on the second, and got back into the elevator. Finally, she was there.

Lisa slipped her key into the door and the light flicked green. She pulled the door open to a pungent smell of chlorine. It brought her back to her youth when she used to be on a swimming team. She was pretty good, too, but never really saw the enjoyment of the sport.

There was just one group, a family, in the pool. Lisa walked to an empty table and set her purse down. She removed her sandals and her cover-up. She spied the hot tub in the corner, and strolled over to it. She could almost feel the eyes of the husband on her backside. But that was soon forgotten as Lisa relaxed in the warm water. She closed her eyes and let the small jet of water massage her back. A couple small splashes and the pit-pat of feet signaled that the family had left the room. She was now completely alone.

Lisa could never remember if she actually fell asleep, or if she was just in a daze. But she was roused as the door clicked open. She lazily opened her eyes to see a man, about twenty-five, walk in. From what she could see, he was fairly attractive. Tan, with toned muscles. As he took of his shirt, she felt a little flutter in her chest, and she sat up straighter. He was very attractive.

But, to her disappointment, he dove into the pool, vanishing from her sight. He resurfaced and started swimming laps. Lisa sat and watched his body move back and forth across the pool surface. After about ten minutes, he slowly swam to the edge of the pool and clambered out. As he looked in her direction, Lisa met eyes with him. She could see the little drops of water falling from his blond hair and dripping from his green swimsuit.

He rose to his feet and began to walk toward her. Lisa slid over to make room for him, even though there was more than enough space. He took a seat beside her.

"Hey," he said. "My name's Jack. I have to say, out of all the girls in Florida, you have to be one of the most attractive."

Lisa blushed at his brashness. She smiled at him and said "I'm Lisa. Are you from here?"

"No." He relaxed, spreading his arms along the edge of the hot tub, with one hand just inches from Lisa's arm. "I'm from Charleston. How about you?"

"Oh, I'm from New York City."

"Thats funny, you don't seem to be that rude," he said, laughing.

Lisa smiled again. "Thats just because you don't know me well. I'm rude if I don't get what I want." Her eyes moved up and down his body. He seemed like he could be a quarterback or the like.

"Well," he said, leaning forward slightly. "What do you want?"

In all her years of talking to guys, she had never met one as forward as Jack. But she had also never met one as attractive. "Hm...that depends." She said coyly, giving him a wink.

"On what?"

"On how long you're staying in Florida." She leaned forward slightly.

"Oh I'm here all weekend."

"Then we don't have any time to lose." Lisa kissed him.

His lips felt soft against hers. They pulled away and looked back into each other's eyes. Lisa was sure that he could see unbridled lust in hers. She kissed him again, more passionately and ran her fingers through his wet hair. She loved how it felt through her fingers. He slowly brought his hands up to touch her side. She felt his muscular arms embrace her, which sent a tingle down her spine. Her hand moved down his chest as his moved down to her butt. His fingers were light, and Lisa nearly shuddered with anticipation of what was going to come.

Jack broke the kiss and said, "You're a naughty little woman." He leaned in and kissed her again.

"I'm your naughty woman," Lisa moaned back.

She felt his soft touch move up her torso to her breasts. Lisa loved to feel his fingers crossing her naked flesh. His hand softly kneaded both her breasts, causing Lisa to kiss Jack even more passionately. His dexterous fingers slipped under her bikini top to fondle her nipples. Jack lightly rolled them between his fingers, causing them harden. He slowly kissed down the line of her jaw to her neck, driving Lisa wild.

Lisa clambered on top of Jack and started kissing all over his muscular body. He relaxed against the hot tub as she kissed him. Her hand slid up his thigh to feel his hard dick through his swim shorts. It was huge! It felt nearly nine inches in her hand. Jacks hand moved down from her breasts to her torso, then down to her bottoms. He slipped his hand into them and began to rub her pussy in little circles. Jack slowly pushed one, then two of his fingers into her waiting pussy, causing Lisa to moan with pleasure.

Just then there was a slight click as someone opened the door to the pool. Lisa hurriedly sat back down, hoping that the newcomers had not seen anything. It was a family of four, and by the looks of it, they were oblivious. Out of view, Jack slipped his hand back under Lisa's bottoms to lightly touch her pussy.

As the family got into the pool, Lisa risked a moan. She saw the wife look over, but nothing was suspected. Lisa leaned over to Jack's ear and whispered, "Room 417. Get there soon." She pulled his hand off her pussy and got out of the water. She toweled off, thankful that her whole body was wet, not just her pussy.

Lisa left the pool room as Jack was getting out. She gave him a wink.

She lay on her bed, waiting. She had taken off her wet clothes and had on only a sundress. Her pussy was still wet, but she stopped herself from touching it. There would be pleasure enough when Jack got here. There was a soft knock on the door and she jumped off the bed. She opened the door and saw, to her delight, Jack standing there in jeans and a polo. She pulled him into her room and shut the door. As it clicked shut, she began making out with him, running her fingers through is blond hair.

Jack pushed her up against the wall and kissed down to her neck. She felt his hands work their way up to her breasts. She could feel his fingers as they crossed every inch of her body. They fondled her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. Lisa moaned and began to take off his shirt. It was thrown to the ground, and she embraced his warm body with hers. She loved the feel of his muscles, and his dick pressing against her through his jeans got her pussy dripping.

Between kisses, Jack lifted her dress over her head. He stared at her for a moment, before declaring "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

Lisa blushed, and moved her hands up and down his back. She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. Her hands moved down his body to unbutton his jeans. She pulled them down to reveal a pair of blue boxers. Inside, though, was his huge nine inch dick, and she could see the outline through the fabric.

She kissed Jack, running her hand up and down his erect manhood. His hand slowly slid its way up her thigh. It got close to her pussy, before switching to her other leg. Lisa moaned, unable to take the teasing any longer. Jacks fingers began to make little circles on her wet pussy. They dexterously played with her clitoris, filling her with waves of pleasure.

Jack removed his hand, picked Lisa up, and tossed her onto the giant king-sized bed. He clambered between her legs and continued to fondle her pussy. He slipped two fingers in. As Lisa moaned, he began to thrust them in and out of her. Lisa squirmed, closing her eyes in pleasure.

She felt his hot breath on her pussy, and her eyes shot open. He began to lightly lick her clitoris as he continued thrusting his fingers. Lisa grabbed the back of his head, not wanting him to stop. She kept him there, eating her pussy, until she writhed with the most powerful orgasm she ever had. She thrashed onto the bed, crying out in pleasure.

Jack slowly slipped out of his boxers, making his nine inch dick spring up. Lisa, recovering, widened her eyes. It was bigger than she had imagined!

She reached her hand out and began to stroke the length of it. It dwarfed her hand. Lisa could feel herself starting to get turned on again. She moved her hand up and down his huge cock as Jack lay down on the bed. She sat beside him, using both of her hands to pleasure him.

Leaning down, Lisa kissed Jack on the lips. She kissed down his body until she reached his dick. She began by softly kissing the tip of it. She could taste his salty precum on her lips. Lisa alternated kissing and licking as Jack began to moan.

She started to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Her right hand was at the base, jacking him off, while her left started fondling his balls. Jack moaned again. Lisa kissed back up his body, stopping at his neck.

She crawled on top of him, rubbing their naked bodies together. She felt the top of his dick lightly drag across the entrance to her pussy. She positioned it, and he began to thrust into her. Jack started with shallow thrusts, since Lisa's tight pussy had a tough time accommodating his dick. His hand moved up her body to fondle her perfect breasts.

Jack began to thrust deeper. Lisa could feel his dick pushing far into her pussy, causing her to moan and collapse onto his muscular body. He continued thrusting, fucking her tight helpless pussy.

Lisa began to bounce on his dick, pushing it deeper into her. She could feel another orgasm building inside of her. She sat up and began to ride his dick, moaning every time he thrust his entire length into her.

She spasmed on top of his cock, writhing in her second orgasm. Jack continued thrusting as Lisa moaned loudly. He pulled out for a minute to let her recover, laying her on her back on the bed. He kissed up and down her body, making sure to lightly suck on her nipples.

His hand found its way to her pussy, and he started to lightly rub it again. In a matter of seconds, Lisa was horny and ready for more.

Jack climbed on top of her, positioning his dick at her entrance. He slowly pushed his way into her, causing both of them to exhale with pleasure. Jack continued thrusting, deeper and deeper, until he was fucking her with the entire length of his dick.

Jack began to fondle Lisa's breasts as he felt his own orgasm build inside of him. He held it off as long as he could, but seeing Lisa's perfect tits jiggle and her soft moans of pleasure soon had him ready to burst. Just as he was about to orgasm, Lisa spasmed again, having her third orgasm of the night.

Jack pulled out and shot his load onto Lisa's abdomen, grunting as his jizz painted her stomach.

They both collapsed onto the bed, drifting off into sleep, imagining what would happen next.

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2012-12-21 23:28:37
Girls only 765-251-0529. I'm 16 btw :)

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2012-12-21 14:17:20
The story was hot, no doubt. I would say, however, that the "plot" was just too simple. For example, it would have been fun to do the hot tub scene, then meet for lunch, then maybe go do some sight-seeing, building the lust with quick gropes in doorways, behind pillars, or in a clothing store...maybe even in a fitting room? Just my thoughts. You have a high rating so far, and I gave your story a positive rating, but like most of our stories, it could have been better. :) Kath

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Got me fingering my girlfriend as we read it together

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