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Rape is an unfortunate circumstance perpetrated by clearly disturbed minds
Case Study 301: Pink Polka Dot Daisy Dukes

Chapter 15

Welcome back to another installment. There is a very intense rape scene that starts half way through this chapter and takes up the remainder of the installment that will include an underage girl. So if this is not your cup of tea then please leave NOW! This is your one and only WARNING! The following installments will be a lot rosier so check back later. There are usually 150 new stories that are posted here daily on this site so if this isn’t your cup of tea then check out one of those before this one. Thank you for consideration.

So you decided to stick it out Aye! Good for you. If you just happened to stumble across this story, I will recap a little to try and make this chapter make sense for you but if you are familiar with the story then jump down to the start of Mr. Foster’s Interview tag.

This is a multi layered story with more than sixty separate characters in all. They are all starting to merge slowly together now into one final crescendo. I would encourage you to start at the beginning of and read Case Study 301 as it will make much better sense to you.

Our protagonists name is Kristen Foster. She is currently sitting in a top secret FBI clinic in New Mexico known as Camelot. Kristen was put there by the Agent in Charge, Tom Murphy of the FBI. His choice of this facility is twofold.

One is that Kristen witnessed a quadruple homicide. As repulsive as that night was for her, one of the victims was a ‘Made’ man in the Moretti crime family named Sal Palandolpho. Sent there to kill Sal was Columbian hit man named Alejandro Ruiz. It was odd to find that Alejandro was also found shot and killed in the same hotel room. Agent Murphy fears that the cartel who sent Alejandro will want to kill any remaining witnesses and of course the Morettis’ are going to want to get a hold of Kristen as well to find out what happened that night. So, hiding her in a secret government facility while she’s in a Catatonic state is the best way to protect her.

The second reason that Agent Murphy wanted Kristen Foster housed at Camelot was Doctor Miles Spencer. Before coming to Camelot Dr. Spencer was a highly touted psychiatrist in New York City. He was best noted for working with Alzheimer’s patients. He used hypnosis to help his patient’s with their memory loss by using certain key words, sounds and images that would trigger their memories.

He also worked with patients that suffered massive brain injuries, patients that were slipping in and out of comas, amnesia and professional athletes that suffered multiple concussions during their playing careers. Miles was able to restore their memories perfectly and they returned to live normal lives. The government had taken notice of the unusual techniques that he was using. Then of course after 911 Miles was recruited by the FBI and he were given complete autonomy to pick his team members. He and along with several other avant-garde psychiatrists formed what is now known as Camelot.

Right after 911 many of the higher important members of the terrorists groups that were captured were brought to Camelot and were subjected to top secret psychological techniques that were being utilized by Dr. Spencer and his team. They were able to extract from the terrorists minds information about future attacks, locals, banking and other pertinent information. Dr. Spencer and his team thwarted many planned attacks on the US soil and western European countries, for this we are grateful for his tireless work.

Now that Kristen has slipped into her Catatonic state Agent Murphy usurped his authority and brought Kristen to Camelot and implored Dr. Spencer to work with her. Agent Murphy needs to know what role she played the evening of the homicides. Agent Murphy wanted to know if she was a pawn that lured Sal Palandolpho to the hotel room that night so that Alejandro Ruiz could kill him. Perhaps she was just an innocent bystander, a young girl that was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people that happened to witness something absolutely horrific. These are just some of questions that Agent Murphy needs answered by Dr. Spencer.

The background of our saga is that there was a quadruple homicide at the Viceroy Hotel in Los Angeles. Two bodyguards Kirby Smith and Tony Ricci were shot and killed along with their boss Sal Palandolpho. The hit man Alejandro Ruiz was also murdered in the same hotel suite. The FBI is unsure why there was all this senseless killing? They also had no clue as to who actually signed off on the assassination of Sal Palandolpho and what was the real reason behind it?

Agent in charge Murphy has assembled a mixed team from the FBI and the LAPD. From the LAPD team you have homicide detectives Karen Morgan, Gemma Porter and a narcotics detective Matt Holloway the FBI team whose interest extends to a suspect named Adam McCormick. Adam is Sal’s partner in a nightclub named the Vanguard and Adam is selling dope and running prostitutes from his VIP rooms. Also on the team are Agents Jeremy Tucker, Danny Lambert and Eric Walker. They are all working hard together interviewing as many witnesses and suspects as they can while following up on every lead no matter how small or insignificant it may be.

Some of the issues the team has are that Sal Palandolpho appeared to many law enforcement agencies as a petty criminal in the Moretti crime family. The truth be told, Sal was secretly over the past several years putting together his very own cartel. His plan was to usurp the Moretti crime family and become the big boss and take the Moretti family kicking and screaming with him into the next century. His goal was to be at the helm as the biggest player in the game today. Sal was involved in the long time tradition of owning an import and export company. The only problem was he was importing and exporting narcotics, guns and people. He also owned several legitimate high profiting night clubs throughout the country.

The business that netted him the most amount of money was masked as a high class dating service. The company name is Corporate Partners. The company sent high class escorts to very wealthy men and women who pay an exorbitant amount of money for their anonymity. On the outside it seems like a very innocent company that promotes dating and some sketchy prostitution. To this date, no club member or escort as ever been arrested for solicitation or prostitution. Behind the scenes of Corporate Partners is where the real business takes place. Corporate Partners is a very shady business that includes the kidnapping and abduction of underage girls and boys worldwide.

They move these children around the world to avoid prosecution. Corporate Partners has offices in forty-six cities in twenty different countries. These offices just happen to be in the same locals as some of the most notorious brothels around the world. So no matter what your desires may be Corporate Partners can meet all of your sick and twisted demands, for a price of course. So, as you can see Sal was the biggest piece of slime that any one person can be. This is what Agent Murphy is up against and why he wants to bring it all crumbling down brick by brick. So you are caught up enough to help you with this chapter.

Interview of Jim Foster, Kristen Foster’s father:

FB I Agent Jeremy Tucker is piloting his Gulfstream V-SP at 38,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean transporting Special Agent Tom Murphy and Los Angeles Homicide Detective Gemma Porter. They were on their way to an exotic and remote location in the Atlantic Ocean known as the Azore Islands. The Azores is a small island chain about a thousand miles off of the coast of Portugal.

They have one goal of going to the Isle of Corvo and interview Jim Foster the father of Kristen Foster the only witness to a quadruple homicide that included Sal Palandolpho of the Moretti crime family of New York City. Kristen Foster, Jim’s daughter is sitting in a secret FBI clinic in New Mexico called Camelot and she has remained there in a Catatonic state since the night of the murders. After some diligent work that was done by Agent Eric Walker they have tracked down Kristen Foster’s father to this local.

Jeremy opened the cockpit door and yelled back to Agent Murphy and Detective Porter who were squeezing each other’s naughty spots. They were snuggling with each other in one of the luxurious chairs and kissing each other full on the lips when Jeremy shouted back at them, “Hey Tommy!! We’re about to land in a few minutes if you can pull yourself away from Gemma for a while ~ the co-pilot’s seat is free!”

Tom pulled away from Gemma’s succulent lips and with the cutest boyish smile said, “If you don’t mind Jeremy and I have this childish ~ like ~ tradition ~ he lets me sit in the co-pilots seat whenever we land. I know it seems a little juvenile but the truth is I get a big rush watching the plane touch down on the tarmac from the cockpit. I get this euphoric feeling like I’m actually flying the damn plane myself.” He put his two middle fingers to his tongue and licked them clean of Gemma’s pussy juice then breathed in Gemma’s luscious aroma and said, “I’ll be taking your spectacular bouquet with me as a small reminder of you, sweetie.”

Gemma chuckled at Tom and slapped him on the ass as he stood up and said, “I guess boys will be boys. Go ahead!! Maverick!!! Get out of here. I’m going to stay back here and enjoy these first class digs that you guys got back here. You FBI guys sure know how to do things right. I think that once this is all over I’m going to apply to the FBI.” She lifted her forefinger to her mouth and licked a small clear blob of Tom’s precum and said, “And I’ll be wanting more of this later after we land! You hear me big fella?”

After they landed Tom, Jeremy and Gemma checked into their individual rooms at one of the many resort hotels on the island. Gemma was changing into something as seductive as she could as she had every intention of spending as much time with Tom in his room as possible. For Gemma she intended to make this small trip sorta of a mini vacation that will lead to a more permanent boyfriend girlfriend relationship with Tom. After Tom changed into his island wear Gemma and Tom rented a Jeep from the hotel and made their way out to Jim Foster’s residence.

Once they were alone Tom commented on Gemma’s choice of clothing or lack thereof. Tom took in her whole form silently as they left out from the hotel to Mr. Foster’s residence. Gemma was wearing flip flops and her toenails matched her fingernails that were painted a soft pink color. She smelled like coconut oil as her skin was glowing as they took the top off of the Jeep. The sun’s rays were bouncing off of her silky white skin.

She was wearing a very tight and very short pink polka-dot Daisy Duke shorts that looked like they were just painted onto her ass. The bottoms of her ass cheeks were ever so slightly escaping from the bottom of her shorts. Tom also noticed her light pink thong sticking out over her hips. On top she was even more forthcoming as she wasn’t even wearing a top. Basically she had two pink triangular shaped patches that barely covered her areolas like the go-go dancers do. The triangles were attached to very thin and clear plastic straps that created a see thru bra to ensure there were no tan lines. She had white framed sunglasses over her eyes and she pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail. Tom really couldn’t take his eyes off of her perfect round breasts as he giggled. Gemma looked at him and she said, “What sweetie!?”

Tom continued to laugh out loud and said, “We are on our way to interview this girl’s father and you look like you are ready to shake your booty in a damn rap video especially with your luscious Tata’s bouncing freely in the wind with two little triangle patches barley covering your nipples honey.”

Gemma let out a loud “Ttssshheeesssh ~ you’re such a prude.” She then turned around on the seat of the Jeep on her knees and reached for her small bag that she brought.

Tom smacked her tight little ass as hard as he could and said, “You’re such a bad girl.”

Gemma smiled and said, “Hey buddy don’t start something that you can’t finish.” She pulled a sheer white dress shirt and slipped it on but didn’t button it and said, “Okay, okay mister prude! Is this okay? I was just trying to tan my breasts for ya but I’ll at least cover up my triangle patches ~ that is ~ until we’re done with Mr. Foster but then it’s just you and me buddy ~ you understand me? We are going to find some secluded part of the beach on this small little rock and you’re going to help me make one of my fantasies come true and fuck my brains out on the beach! Ya got it!?”

Tom moved his hand to her sweaty upper thigh gently giving it a squeeze as he noticed Gemma beginning to button her shirt and said, “Hey you don’t need to cover up just yet. I like the view from here besides we still have quite a ways to go before we get to the house.” His hand slid up her wet belly and he gave her two gentle squeezes to each of her bare breasts letting her know that he did like her choice of wardrobe just as long as they were alone. As he continued to fondle her as he drove he smiled at her and said, “And here I thought that we were just going to spend the rest of our time in my room fucking each other’s brains out.”

Gemma moved her hand down to his crotch and could feel his semi-rigid member growing underneath the palm of her hand as she rubbed it and she said, “We can do it in a hotel room anytime we want to sweetie. How many times do you find a girl who’s willing to let her man poke her in her asshole on a secluded white sandy beach in broad daylight?”

Tom was enjoying the way she was playing with his man stick as she pleasured it until it grew to its full length. Then Gemma couldn’t contain herself. She slipped her shorts off and sat up against the door. She moved her one ankle that fell on Tom’s shoulder as the other went across the dashboard. She then moved her thong to the side and grabbed Tom’s wrist and said, “Could you give me a hand with my tiny little problem down here?”

Tom held onto the steering wheel as he navigated the twisting road as he felt Gemma guiding his forefinger and middle finger into her already wet and warm vagina as his thumb rubbed her clit. She started to move Tom’s hand in and out of her pussy and said, “Oh, yes baby that’s what Momma needs.”

Tom continued to drive as he was finger fucking his girl as the Jeep hugged the sides of the road then there came a small shutter of Gemma’s body as Tom’s fingers were deep inside of her wet pussy. After several minutes of Tom pleasuring her he twisted his hand so that he could tease her G-spot. Gemma’s head was spinning with ecstasy as she trapped Tom’s hand between her thighs as she was caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Gemma looked like she was about to let out a warriors scream but all she could manage was a whimper. Then Tom felt her juices secrete all over his fingers then she opened her thighs and her juices oozed out onto his palm and he said, “I think we need to get this interview over quickly because you’re making me horny as hell baby.”

Gemma sat in the seat squeezing her breasts as she was breathing heavily after such an intense orgasm. After she composed herself she smirked at Tom and said, “Daddy will you let me put your cock in my mouth? I need to practice my blowjob skills. My boyfriend Tommy said that I need to practice letting his gorgeous cock slip all the way down my throat.” Gemma winked at him as she pointed to the bottom of her neck.

Tom smiled and said, “Sure thing honey. I’ll be your Guinea pig, anything to help my little girl to learn how to swallow a man’s dick down her throat. We don’t want to disappoint your boyfriend Tommy now do we?”

Gemma smiled at him as she got on all fours on her seat. She kissed Tom full on the lips and it distracted Tom just enough that when his eyes flashed back on the road he had to make a sharp turn to keep the Jeep on the road. He smiled and said, “This is dangerous as hell honey but you’ve got my heart pumping so hard and fast I don’t want to stop.” Finally Gemma was able to fish out Tom’s long, thick and very hard cock from his khakis. As they drove along the winding road Gemma’s head began bobbing up and down on his sleek shaft as their Jeep continued hugging the sides of the road.

Tom was enjoying the view of the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean off the side of the cliff as his hand was guiding Gemma’s head further and further down on to his cock. Gemma’s mouth was taking him deeper and deeper with each bob of her head until she had swallowed the whole thing. Gemma stayed down on him as long as she could before she had to breathe again. When her mouth let Tom’s cock escape she took in a deep fresh breath of salty air and said, “See, I knew I could do it daddy! I knew I could put the whole thing down my throat.”

Tom smiled and said, “I’m so proud of you baby. Now, get back to work because the more you suck on it the faster you will get a nice juicy surprise for your hard work.” Gemma went back to work on his tool as Tom took in a deep breath of fresh island air as they were passing by hundreds of tall palm trees on the sides of the road. Tom’s mind was euphoric as his cock was trapped in Gemma’s throat. He then moved his hand from the back her head down to the crack of her ass. His fingers followed that crack down to her holes inserting one finger into each of her fuck holes as Gemma continued to deep throat his cock.

Tom thought to himself, ‘damn this is absolutely spectacular. I’ve got the girl of my dreams sucking my cock while I’m fingering fucking her in paradise. This is an absolutely gorgeous and perfect day what more can any man want ~ except perhaps ~ plugging his girls dirty, nasty asshole on a white sandy beach a little later on? I think I’m going to have to marry this one.’

About half an hour later of serpentining several island roads and Gemma swallowing yet another salty load of Tom’s cum they finally pulled up to Jim Foster’s estate. When they stopped in front of this large ornate gate they adjusted their clothing to appear like nothing was going on during their travels. Gemma noticed the rod iron fence in front of her stood over twelve feet high and was painted in a royal navy blue color. The fence also had flower accents strewn throughout and they were painted in a bright gold color. She also noticed that fence stretched out in either direction to a point where you couldn’t see where the fence actually ended on the street.

Tom got out of the Jeep and pushed the button on the intercom and immediately was blasted by loud music playing in the background but there was no answer. After several minutes of waiting he finally got fed up and he then tried pushing open the large and very domineering rod-iron-gate. Then with one final push the gate slowly started to creak open. As they drove down along winding pathway it was aligned with large palm trees that stood about a hundred feet tall. As they drove up the drive they felt as if they were in one of those spy movies where the villain has some insane estate on some remote island somewhere.

As they drove down the long driveway the palatial estate finally came into view. It was a modern Mediterranean looking two story home with large bay windows it looked like it came right out of Architectural Digest Magazine. As they approached the front door the music continued playing loudly in the background. Tom knocked on the door but there was no answer. They waited and then knocked once again but once again there was no answer then Tom turned to Gemma and said, “Follow me ~ sweetie.”

Gemma’s eyes were wide with wonderment as they moved to and fro taking everything in. She had never been on an estate that was as large and as breathtaking as this one. She followed Tom to the one side of the house, “Hey ~ Tommy ~ maybe he’s just not here. Come on let’s come back later and head down to the beach honey.”

Tom looked back at her as Gemma was giving him her, ‘come hither’ look, and said, “I know he’s here, come on can’t you hear the music? Let’s get this over with and then we can play with each other all we want until we have to leave. I promise.”

Tom slid his arm around Gemma’s tiny waist and kissed her full on the lips to reassure her of his intentions and he was greeted not only by the smell but the taste of his cum on her lips. Gemma was feeling very amorous today as she grabbed Tom’s buttocks and let her hand slide into the back pocket of his black khaki shorts as she we was giving it tiny but firm squeezes. She kissed him back full on the lips and pulled Tom tight to her slender body. Gemma wasn’t sure as to the actual reason why she felt so excited whether it was being on a secluded island and she had her Bo-hunk all to herself or was it that she was surrounded by multi-million dollar estates, and she said, “I hear the music but isn’t this trespassing or worse yet breaking and entering?”

Tom released his grip and walked forward to a smaller rod-iron-gate that had a smaller fence that stretched out about a hundred yards or so from that side of the house and said, “Listen we will have plenty of time to fool around I promise.” When they got to the gate there was a note on the door, ‘hey baby I’m down on the middle deck in Margaretville, make sure you’re ready to party. Love Jimmy!’” Tom pushed the gate open as he turned to Gemma, “See I told you he was here.”

Gemma scrunched up her nose at Tom and in a childish mocking tone she imitated him, “I told ya he was here. You just got lucky! Good job Sherlock.”

Meanwhile back at Camelot Clinic in New Mexico:
Dr. Miles Spencer PhD is about to be taken down a very dark road that could be the contributing factor as to the reason behind Kristen Foster condition of being in a Catatonic state.

Miles once again was perplexed when it came to his patient Kristen Foster. While Kristen is in her normal conscious state she appears to be nothing more than a robot waiting for commands. She sits very still in front of her television in her room most of her days. Miles wants her subconscious brain to absorb the everyday worldwide events. That way when she snaps out of her coma like state those memories will already be implanted in her brain and he will be able to help her extract them later.

Miles did help her to keep some sense of dignity by creating certain hypnotic triggers so she could take care of her basic everyday needs. So, if you were to audibly give a command such as to eat, bathroom and bathe she will draw from her recollections and just like any involuntary reflex she will eat use the toilet and shower as if she was perfectly normal person. Aside from these very primitive commands for all intense purposes Kristen appears to be dead on the outside. Now, on the inside, deep down in her subconscious mind hidden in a small corner lives a very vibrant young woman. During her therapy sessions with Miles she relives those various episodes that have happened in her young co-ed life.

We know pick up where Miles has already started their therapy session. He’s already hypnotized Kristen and used a technique known as regression once again to tap into her subconscious to obtain her uncorrupted memories. Miles wants to try and help her move forward in her subconscious mind by pushing her memories ever closer to her actual age of twenty. During their last session Kristen told multiple stories about how when she just twelve-years-old, she and her two best friends seduced each of their fathers. They were actually able to convince their daddies to have sexual intercourse with each one of them.

Miles feels that once the time comes when Kristen’s subconscious mind reaches her current conscious mind’s age; she will no longer have any other memories to rely on. At that point her conscious and subconscious minds will have to make a clandestine decision. That decision will be to stay in her current conscious state that means remaining Catatonic for the remainder of her life. That means Kristen will remain hiding deep inside of her subconscious mind creating a whole new safe fantasy world of her very own. She will no longer be able differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy. The only other option is that her conscious mind snaps her out of her Catatonic state once and for all and Kristen will returns to the real world once and for all.

Miles then decided to start off where they left off from one of their previous sessions and asked, “So, Kristen you told me a few sessions ago that your parents took you to see a Doctor Oliver whose job is just like mine?

Kristen said, “Yeah, my mom and dad were really worried because I wasn’t talking to them anymore.”

Miles remained curious, “So, why didn’t you want to talk to your mom and dad? I mean Doctor Oliver should have created a safe haven for you to at least talk to her. You know, just like I do for you here. Why wouldn’t you talk to her?”

Kristen said, “Well, like I told you before when I went to see her it was several years ago. I mean I was only ten years old at the time when my mommy and daddy took me to see her. I mean I was just a little kid not like I am now at fourteen.”

Miles was pleased that in her subconscious mind she had jumped two years forwards in her subconscious mind from her last session and said, “Again I don’t understand why you didn’t trust your doctor?”

Kristen hung her head and said, “Well, I didn’t want anyone in my family who was like over eighteen to go to like jail because they were having sex with me. That wouldn’t have been fair for anyone to go to jail especially since we only were playing our family naked games together. It wouldn’t have been fair because I was the one who really liked playing the naked games with the most with the grownups in my family.

So, I guess that’s why I didn’t speak to Doctor Oliver. Besides, I didn’t trust her like I trust you to keep all of my family’s special secrets inside of your four walls here Doctor Spencer. Besides how was I supposed to tell her what happened at the parties my mommy and daddy had at my house all the time? You know, they were like ~ real grown up parties ~ for just like grown-ups if you know what I mean?”

Miles recollections from Kristen’s previous sessions he knew exactly what she meant. These parties were actual full blown orgies. He thought these parties could very well be small contributing factors as to the reasons why Kristen has decided to keep these secrets locked up, deep down inside of her subconscious mind. It had to be, in order to protect herself and playing innocent as if he didn’t understand what she was getting at said, “Well, your parents having parties with their friends ~ well that sounds pretty normal to me Kristen.”

Kristen looked at him and shaking her head then giggled sarcastically and said, “These parties were not like you invite your friends over to watch like a movie or the super bowl or a summer barbeque Doctor Spencer. These parties that my parents had ~ well you see ~ everyone gets naked ~ then after a while they all start to like have sex with each other. My parents never used to let me go to these parties not until like ~ after we all came back from Disney World and all.

You remember I told that story. That’s when my daddy and I had sexual intercourse for the first time. That’s when daddy and mommy took me to the first of these special parties. It was a real small one as there was just one other family there. There just happened to another special family just like ours staying inside of Disney World at the same time as us. My parents took me to the other family’s hotel room and we all had to get naked. That is when I had sex for the first time with strange men outside of my family. That’s the night when my daddy stuck his thing up my stinky butt hole. Then other daddy asked my father if he could do the same thing to me. My daddy said yes to the other daddy and his two sons that night. They didn’t even want to put their things inside of my vagina where their dicks were supposed to go. All they wanted to do was have sex with my butt hole. When that night was over Doctor Spencer, I couldn’t sit or even walk right for over a week because they hurt me so much.

After that when my parents took me to the other special family’s parties some of the grownup men there and they wanted to like ~ you know ~ have sex just with me ~ all by myself. I didn’t want to have sex them because they weren’t part ~ you know ~ part of my family and all. I really only wanted to be with my mother or my father and grandparents at these parties because I knew I could trust them not to hurt me when having sex.

I actually did want to have sex with the other grown up men. I mean I like the feeling of them pushing their things deep inside of my naughty holes and all. The reason I wasn’t sure was because I was just afraid ~ like ~ you know ~ that the men wouldn’t stop if I asked them to. That these strange men would do the same things to me ~ you know ~ that the daddy and his sons did to me at Disney World. That night I begged the boys to stop pushing it in my butt hole over and over again but they wouldn’t and my mommy and daddy told me that I needed to get used to men putting their things inside of me.

For some strange reason, if I didn’t want to have sex with the strange me at the parties, it would make my parents really upset with me. They tried to encourage me to try and have sex with the other daddies that were there at the parties. You see the real problem was that, for my mommy and daddy, they were having all kinds of sex with the other younger boys and girls that were around my age that were at the parties. I mean it was embarrassing for my parents because the rules of these parties are; your whole family has to play if you bring them with you.

Mommy and daddy would get so upset with me and they would yell and scream at me at these parties. They just didn’t want to listen to what I was telling them ~ they would just get upset and ground me for being disobedient to them. So, I decided to punish them right back by not talking to them at all. That’s when I decided not go to the parties with them anymore because they wouldn’t listen to me. I would much rather just stay with my grandparents and we would have our own special fun together.”

Miles couldn’t believe his ears that her parents were forcing her to have sex with strange grown men and asked, “So instead of going to the parties you would stay with your grandparents and have sex with them rather than the men at the parties that your mother and father were going to?”

Kristen said, “Yeah, I liked playing the games with my grandparents. They made the sex games so much fun and I knew they loved me so much. Then if my privates down here started to hurt or burn they would always stop and make sure I was okay.”

Miles wanted to clarify her story and asked, “So, were you like the only child at these parties or were there other kids there too?”

Kristen said, “Oh, no, no, no there were always a bunch of us kids that were there just like me. I mean there are always more kids than parents and I knew all the kids. They were my special friends and all. I’ve known them since I was just like a little baby and all. We would hang out together at the parties and play all kinds of games and play with the Xbox or PlayStation together. Sometimes we would stand around and just watch our parents having sex with each other.

Sometimes some of the kids wanted were really curious as to how it felt watching what the parents were doing. The kids then wanted to try and have sex with each other ~ you know ~ we wanted to do it just like our parents were doing at the party. That’s why my mommy and daddy couldn’t understand why I refused to let the other daddy’s have sex with me. You see I trusted the younger teenage boys a lot more because they would stop having sex with me if they started hurting me. They were my friends and so if I asked a boy to stop he would stop but the daddies never did.

The daddies never listened to us girls. They just kept doing whatever they were doing to us younger girls when their things were inside of our naughty spots. They would always tell us to, ‘shut up and just take it and it will soon be over when I cum inside of you.’ Sometimes they would tell us that, ‘our privates so small and tight and we feel so wonderful that they just couldn’t stop.’ The daddies would tell us that, ‘we needed to get used to having big boys things inside of our privates.’ It didn’t help if we screamed because all the mommies and daddies felt the same way about the daddies having sex with us younger girls. Our mommies would come over and hold our hands or kiss us and tell us things like, ‘he’s almost finished honey, just hang in there. I promise it will start to feel a whole lot better really soon and then you will want to do it all the time with him.’”

Miles said, “So, you preferred to be with the boys rather than the men that were there? That sounds normal for a young girl. You were afraid to have sex with the older men ~ I guess because like you just said the daddy’s privates were just much larger than the boys your age, right?”

Kristen said, “No, I wasn’t afraid of the size of the men’s privates because my daddy, my Pop-pop and Pap-pap were already sticking theirs inside of my privates for a long time now. I think that the only man I really wanted to have sex with back then was my daddy because I loved him so much ~ you know in my heart and all.

I didn’t speak to my parents for like almost six months. It wasn’t until my father begged me to tell him what I wanted for a Christmas present that year that’s when things changed. I called his bluff and I thought of the dumbest thing I could think of and I just blurted that I wanted a horse because I wanted to ride in jumping competitions just like my girlfriend Nicole. Then to my surprise that very Christmas my daddy actually bought me several horses. Can you believe that Doctor Spencer? I couldn’t believe that my parents would cave so easily like that.

Well, after Christmas I just couldn’t stay a little brat anymore to my mommy and daddy. So, I became a good girl for my mommy and daddy from then on. I did whatever I was told to do. I even started going back to the parties again with my parents and whenever a daddy wanted to have sex with me I would do whatever he wanted me to do to him. My daddy signed me up for some riding lessons and I started to enter jumping competitions with my girlfriend Nicole a couple of months later.” Once again there was a long pause with the same tears welling up again and she continued, “It’s a shame though because my daddy never really got to see me ride in any of my competitions because he was always away on business. He never really got to see how good I actually started to get in the competitions.”

Miles asked, “So Kristen how did it make you feel that your daddy wasn’t at your riding competitions? Did you feel like he abandoned you? Was your mother at least at your competitions with you?”

Kristen said, “Yes she came to my competitions. My mommy was finally happy that I was talking to her again. We even started to take our baths and showers together again almost every night when my daddy was away on business. She even bought me a new toy that looked just like a real penis this time. It was a lot smaller than hers and it fit into my naughty places a whole lot easier. It was just the right size for me. My mom and I would spend time in her bed at night playing with our toys together. We would pretend that our vibrators were my daddy penis and like he was on top of us having sex with us at the same time.

Miles felt like he finally reached the foundation of some of her problems aside from her being molested almost on a daily basis. Basically Kristen was growing up without a father figure in the house. Miles kept this line of questioning going, “So, why did your daddy have to travel so much for his job?”

Kristen said, “Well, you see my Pap-pap gave my daddy this like huge promotion at the brewery. Now, because he got that new job and all ~ it made my daddy ~ like ~ travel a lot more ~ like to whole other countries and all. My mommy and daddy started fighting all the time after he got his new big job. I really missed him a whole bunch when he was gone and like ~ when he came home I just like ~ I wanted to be like around him all the time all by myself but I couldn’t because mommy hogged all of his time at night.

My daddy was really sweet to me knowing that I wanted to be with him so much. He would always make sure that he made time for just the two of us. He would sneak into my bed really early in the mornings and sleep with me. I never would know he was in bed with me until I woke up. It was such a nice surprise. Then before I had to go to school my daddy and I would play with each other and he would put it inside of me for like an hour or so.”

Meanwhile back at Corvo Island in the Azores: Tom and Gemma were still trying to find Jim Foster somewhere on his lavish estate.

As Tom and Gemma were walking down the side of the mansion it was impressive to say the least. The view of the ocean in the distance was a beautiful light blue. It was hard to see where the ocean ended and the sky began. Tom began to whistle to the beat of the Jimmy Buffett music playing in the background. Gemma thought it was cute the way Tom was being so goofy by bouncing around as he was walking like he was trying to be funny and not as serious as he tends to be when they are working on the case together. As they walked to the backyard the estate opened up to its full size as you could see the outline of the royal blue fence reaching out to the horizon. They walked up onto the oversized stone patio it had several patio tables, a Jacuzzi, a hammock, a fire pit, a huge barbeque and a nice bar area. Gemma said, “He’s not here what was he talking about when he said in his note, the middle deck?”

As they turned around they were greeted with the view of a beautiful cove that had about fifteen large estates lining it in a semi-circle that followed the ring of the cove then Tom noticed a flagstone pathway and said, “Hey, come on follow me baby-kin’s.”

They began to descend down the pathway that was lined with the most colorful flowers and shrubs that Gemma had ever seen. The pathway reminded her of Lombard Street in San Francisco. As Gemma was in the lead she finally came around the last corner of the path and found what was known as the middle deck or Margaretville. They must have descended about a hundred feet or so from the backyard. As she walked out on to the deck from behind yet another bar and Jim Foster finally came into full view. To say that Jim looked spectacular to Gemma was nothing short of amazing. Gemma’s eyes were lusting over Jim’s naked body, as he was sound asleep on a chaise lounge chair.

The sun’s glowing rays beating down on his naked body and his skin was a perfect light bronze color. Jim’s hair was cut tight to his scalp like as if he were a Marine. Gemma’s eyes traversed down to his broad squared shoulders and then to his chiseled chest. Jim’s torso reminded her so much of Tom as they were about the same size and build, both is just over six feet tall. What really stood out was, as he exhaled her eyes were glued to his washboard abs that came ever so slightly into view. Her eyes continued down Jim’s contour until she espied his large, very thick limp member resting on his thigh. Jim was very well endowed the one thing she noticed aside from his man meat was that he had no tan lines anywhere on his body. Gemma’s mouth began to water with a hunger for that man meat. Gemma gulped her saliva that was building up in her mouth just as Tom had finally came around the corner behind her, “Great you finally found him. Did you try to wake him up yet?”

Gemma’s head was on a swivel as her mind was snapped back out of her slutty fantasy about Mr. Foster’s cock and looked back at Tom. She wiped a little drool coming from the side of her mouth and said, “Ah no ~ no ~ I haven’t tried ~ I was waiting for you honey.”

Tom noticed that Jim was totally nude and giggled figuring that Gemma was probably a little uncomfortable making her way over to Jim to wake him. Tom’s mind then switched as he watched Gemma’s enticing little ass swaying back and forth like a pendulum in an old clock as she strode over to Jim. Tom wanted to save her the embarrassment shouted, “Mister Foster ~ Mister Foster can you hear me?” Tom waited but there was no response.

Gemma had finally made it over to him and she did everything in her power not to drop to her knees and take a hold of his massive cock with both of her hands and begin to suck him off right then and there. Then she noticed the tiniest earplugs that were in his ears. She pulled one out and in a low sexy whisper she said, “Hello stud it’s time to get up.” Jim began to slowly move then she raised her voice, “Mister Foster, please wake up!”

Jim’s eyes began to slowly open and he began to rub the sand from his eyes as Gemma’s face was blurry at first but then she came into focus, “Who…… the fuck……… are YOU!!!!!?” Then looking down at the bottom of his feet he noticed Tom standing there, “Whoa ~ who the hell are you?” Jim sat up quickly trying not to look nervous, “What the hell are you two doing on my property? This is private property the two you both have to leave immediately you’re both trespassing! Both of you need to leave immediately ~ get the hell out of here ~ NOW!!!!”

Tom pushed his hands from his hips forwards towards Jim and said, “Okay, Mister Foster, please just calm down for a second.”

Jim wasn’t having any of this, “Who the hell are you two? Who the hell do you think you are barging in like this, this is private property! Get the fuck outta her now!” Jim just about had enough as neither of the two began to move so he got up and moved over to one of the chairs as Gemma intently watched his massive limp cock swaying back and forth against his thighs as he walked across the deck towards a pile of clothes. Jim didn’t hide anything as he slipped his shorts on. His cock got caught in the zipper and he had to use his hand in order to put away his cock and said, “Who the hell are you two anyways?”

Tom in a soothing voice tried to bring him down from the ledge and said, “Please just calm down ~ calm down Mr. Foster.” Then Tom reached down into his satchel and pulled out his badge and opened it. He moved his hand closer to Jim’s face and said, “My name is Special Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI. This young lady here is Gemma Porter she is a homicide detective with the LAPD.”

Gemma held out her badge and showed Jim her ID and he said, “I really don’t care who the hell you two think or say you are ~ besides what the hell do you want with me? You two are way out of your league here. Do you both know that you are in Portugal and that your FBI badge and Police badge mean absolutely nothing here? You do realize that I can have both of your asses thrown in jail for a really long time for trespassing?”

Tom smirked at Jim, “Please Mr. Foster just relax we are not here to arrest you or bring you back to the states with us. We just have a few questions for you. If you would just indulge us a little ~ I mean we have come a very long, long, long way to speak with you.”

Jim still not trusting either one of them held is hand out to Tom and said, “Let me see your badges ~ both of you hand ‘em OVER!!!” Jim stood there for a few seconds gazing at them as if he had any idea what to look for. He couldn’t pick out a fake badge over a real badge if his life depended on it, then he handed them back to them.

Gemma took her shield back from Mr. Foster and said, “Mr. Foster please give us a few minutes of your time. We just flew some nine plus hours to this little rock of yours that is sitting out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We only need about twenty minutes of your day and we will be out of your (Gemma looked around and held out her arms straight and began to twirl. Jim’s eyes locked on her boobs that began to bounce under her sheer white blouse as she twirled a few more times for him with her head bent backwards like a little doll in a jewelry box) wonderful, rich life ~ okay?”

Jim began to laugh at Gemma’s playful mood. He took selfish pleasure watching her bare breasts under her loose dress shirt bouncing around just for his amusement. Her wonderful tits and polka dotted daisy duke shorts quickly changed his attitude of both of them. Then Jim offered them to sit down at one of the tables that had a granite top. As Tom and Gemma sat down a warm breeze crept its way up from the cove below. It slowly slithered its way up the side of the cliff and then finally washed over both of them as the light salty air slipped into their nostrils. Jim turned the music down and said, “Take a seat I’ll make margaritas for us. I think that you both need a nice stiff drink after being in a stuffy airplane for over nine hours.”

Tom said, “Yes ~ we saw the note upstairs ~ so, exactly where is your wife today Mr. Foster?”

Jim smirked at Tom and said, “Well, Special Agent Murphy I’m sure that you already know my life’s story even before you came here to meet with me. You know that my wife is rotting away in a tiny nine by nine jail cell right now in Oklahoma.”

Tom had no idea about his wife’s incarceration but Tom wasn’t going to let Jim to know that. Tom realized that he had the upper hand with him and said, “Okay, so who are you expecting Mr. Foster?”

Jim smiled as he was pleased with himself, “An acquaintance of mine ~ I met that perfectly tanned and hard round ass a few weeks back.” He looked over at Gemma and their eyes met and he said, “Ooh ~ sorry about that Miss ~ I mean ~ she’s a delicious little treat ~ if you get my drift?”

Gemma chimed back in. She was looking in Jim’s eyes then her eyes scaled downwards to his crotch area and she met Jim’s colorful deion with one of her own, “I prefer my treats a little bigger and juicy if you know I mean?” Not wanting to let Tom know what she wasn’t thinking of Jim she quickly shot a look over to Tom sitting across from her raising her eyebrows up and down. Then with the uncomfortable pause she asked, “Where did your little delicious treat get off to?”

Jim said, “She went to the main island to pick up supplies.”

Gemma said, “So, how much longer before she returns?”

Jim shot his baby blues at her and said, “Probably several hours she took the ferry so she’s going to be gone for a quite while. I was taking a nap before she got back because she knows how to really ~ well let’s just say ~ she knows how to drain all of my energy.” Jim finished fixing the margarita’s and came back to the table and set the glasses down for everyone, “This is my special blend ~ only the best tequila for my important guests.”

Gemma picked the glass up and took a sip, “MMMM that’s soooo good Mr. Foster. Those long hours on the plane are beginning to drift away. By the way is it okay if we call you Jim?”

Jim was happy that the young attractive detective was taking a liking to him and his special blend. What he was really enjoying was the way the light danced off her breasts under her sheer blouse, “Sure Jim will be just fine.” Jim looked over at Tom and noticed he hadn’t tried his drink yet and said, “Go ahead Tom take a sip ~ it ain’t gonna kill ya ~ besides no one will ever know ~ I ain’t gonna tell anyone.”

Tom said, “Sorry, Jim but I need to keep a clear head while I’m asking you these questions, maybe when I’m finished and you think that you can trust me a little more.”

Jim nodded his head and said, “Well, you said you only have a few questions so why don’t we get this over with.”

Tom looked at Jim and wanting to keep him at ease picked his glass up and then took a sip. Tom gave a big MMM sound and said, “Damn that is good Jim.”

Jim then looked at his two new house guests and became a little more relaxed now with their presence and said, “Okay, now that I’m awake and everyone is relaxed, why don’t the two of you, tell me what this is all about? I mean this is a pretty remote island. I mean why come all this way just to see little ‘ole me when you could have just called?”

Gemma said, “Well, we didn’t have your phone number for your place here.”

Jim interrupted her as he pointed at both of them and said, “That’s because there isn’t one. I prefer my privacy if you want to get a hold of me then you need to email me or Skype with me.” He leaned back in his chair and took a large gulp of his Margarita and said, “You know this is a pretty odd pairing (he pointed at both of them again) the two of you being together and all. A homicide detective from the LAPD and a FBI Agent ~ so I take it that there was some kind of murder in LA that involved somebody that the FBI was following and you both are claiming jurisdiction, am I close? The only thing that you should know is that I haven’t been to my home in Malibu or have been to LA in like ~ I guess it’s been just a little over two and half years now.”

Tom said, “Two and a half years, where have you been? Have you been here that entire time?”

Jim turned and looked at Gemma’s breasts again then up to her eyes and trying to impress her said, “No, no. I have a nice Chalet in Sweden and I spent the entire winter skiing. Before that I spent a couple of seasons at my home on the Gold Coast of Australia. I have season tickets for the Brisbane Bronco’s that’s a professional rugby team down there. This place here is brand new for me. So, I have been coming back and forth while it was being built while I rented a small place in Barcelona.”

Gemma was taking a liking to Jim’s flirtations especially the way he was staring at her breasts all the time and said, “This place looks like it has been here forever.”

Jim said, “That’s the whole point there, sweetie. If you notice the other houses they have stairs going down to the beach or elevators but my walkway was cut right out of the cliff and smoothed. Just like this deck here it was cut right out of the cliff. The flagstone walkway and deck came from a chalet in Tuscany that burned to the ground a few hundred years ago. It took my guys two full years to complete the deck and that pathway all the way down to the beach.”

Tom quickly noticed Jim’s infatuation with Gemma and wanted him to focus on him and not her and said, “I have to say Jim that it’s very impressive. About how far is it from top to bottom?”

Jim said, “It’s about 150 meters from top to bottom. I know that you’re trying to distract me, so, why don’t we get back to the business at hand. I haven’t been to LA like I said in over two and half years. So, I don’t think I can help you with whatever case you two are working on.”

Tom leaned over his chair and was pulling out a manila folder and said, “Well, you do have some very good deductive reasoning because we’re both working this homicide case together. The incident took place just a little over a month and a half ago. Jim your name has come up in a round-about way. We just want to see if you can identify any of the players in our case. If you do know anyone we are just looking to get some background information on whom you might know.”

Jim took a rather large gulp of his frozen margarita and said, “Well, I don’t know any of my friends would have it in them to actually kill anyone but let me see the photos so we can get this over with.”

Tom pulled out his first photograph of Sal’s two bodyguards Tony Ricci and Kirby Smith, “Do you recognize either of these two gentlemen?”

Jim picked the photograph up and studied it and said, “No.”

Meanwhile back at Camelot: Miles wanted to get to the bottom of Kristen’s psychosis of being afraid of being with older men after she claims to be with older men in her own family.

Miles thought to himself even to this day he still can’t believe the amount of sexual contact that Kristen had at the young age of twelve and younger and he asked, “That is so nice that you would be excited to be with your daddy after your he’s gone for awhile? I mean do you remember what your mommy and daddy fought about?”

Kristen said, “Sex. They always fought about sex.”

Miles said, “You just told me that you mother and father were having sex every night that your daddy was home. So, if their fights were about sex was it because either your mommy or your daddy wasn’t willing to do something special that the other one wanted to do? That is if you really know the reason.”

Kristen said, “Oh no nothing like that. It was about my mommy inviting all the different men that were part of their swinger’s parties over to the house when daddy wasn’t home. They would come over to have sex with my mommy when daddy would be away on business. He didn’t like it when mommy would have sex with all of their friends without him being there. Daddy told her it that it didn’t matter that he knew the men. He would tell her that it still seemed like she was cheating on him on him somehow because mommy would never tell him about what she was doing when he was away.

When they fought it just made my daddy’s alone time with me even more special. Like when they fought and daddy was at home my mommy said she needed to go out for awhile to get away from my daddy. So she would call her girlfriends and they would go out shopping. I would take my daddy out on the horses and we would have like special picnics together. I liked our special picnics together because my daddy and I would have pretend time together. Sometimes daddy would pretend to be a handsome prince and I was like a princess that got kidnapped and daddy would come to save me. Then after he saved me I would reward my prince and let him have sex with me any way he wanted to on our property. Did you ever have sex outside on a picnic blanket Doctor Spencer?”

Miles shook his head, “No.”

Kristen smiled and said, “It is so like ~ so way cool Doctor Spencer. You are outside and you’re naked and all. You feel like you’re one with nature ~ like you’re actually like one of the animals or something. My daddy would get naked and tell me that he had to get his frustrations out. I knew what that meant. Every time daddy needed to get out his frustrations ~ that meant he needed to have sex with someone other than my mommy. That usually meant that I had to have sex with my daddy and help him calm down.

Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to have your daddy on top of you pounding your privates until he is ready to finish? Then when he pulls out of your naughty spots and he uses his hands on his private’s right in front of your face and he squirts his white pee all over your face and body or he fills up one of your private holes? God it is so hot Doctor Spencer I mean I’m picturing it in my head right now. The sunshine beats down on your skin making it all hot and sweaty and all. You stare up at the blue sky and the clouds breathing in all that fresh air. Besides, you never know if someone would actually catch you doing outside like that. It makes it so much more exciting knowing you could get into trouble like that.

Well, I guess you wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a girl and feel that way. Have you ever thought about like doing that with your own daughter Doctor Spencer? You told me that she is like the same age as me right now. Can you imagine being outside somewhere and doing the nasty with her? If you haven’t you should try it. I swear it is the most special thing a daddy can do for his little girl is to be naked with her and pounding her privates. I don’t understand why more girls just don’t ask there daddies to do it with them. I mean your daddy is supposed to love you and all and what better way is there than to show your daughter you love her by having sex with all the time.”

Miles knew new exactly with firsthand knowledge what it is like to be with his daughter. He blames the many sessions that he has had with Kristen for his new incestuous affair with his daughter. That Kristen’s stories implanted the many ideas into his head and his daughter acting out those incestuous ideas along with him. Miles lied to her and said, “Well, I told you before I am a Doctor so I know better not to do that with my daughter. Let’s get back to the fight that your mother and father were having. So, your mommy was entertaining these gentlemen while your daddy was away on his business trips without him knowing about it?”

Kristen said, “Well, at first she was the only one who entertained the guys from the swinger parties. After a while when my daddy was away my mommy would like get really sad all the time that he wasn’t home she missed him so much. She would sit on the couch and watch the lifetime channel and she would drink a lot of wine and this black stuff that smelled really funny called Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort.

After a while it didn’t matter to my mommy anymore because when the men she invited over for the night, she would get really drunk before they would come over. She would like sorta fall asleep but wasn’t really asleep if you know what I mean. It was because she drank so much wine and all. Then when the men couldn’t have sex with her anymore they just felt like it was okay for them to…….”

Miles broke in as he became really concerned, “So, these men would force your mommy to have sex with them or did they stop and then try and have sex with you too?”

Kristen said, “Well, sometimes the men didn’t mind that mommy was like sorta sleeping. I watched them having sex with her while she was like sleeping. They just did whatever they wanted to her. For some of them it was like a game to see what they could do to her. I could hear them laughing and they would bet each other to see if the other man would do dirty nasty things to her. Not all of the men were like though. Some of them were nice and if she wouldn’t wake up they would just leave her alone. Then there were like some nights when these men would come into my bedroom when I was sleeping. They would wake me up and asked me if I would have sex with them.

You see because my mommy and daddy brought me to those special swinger parties with all of the special families and all, they knew I knew that I could have sex with them. It meant that I was old enough to have sex with each of them. Most of the time they were really nice to me and asked me if I would like kiss their privates for them and let them put their things inside of me. I liked a lot of the daddies that were part of the parties. I told them they could do anything they wanted to me just as long as they stopped when I tell them to just in case my privates started to hurt. Then I was okay with anything they wanted to do with me. There were so many mornings Doctor Spencer that when I would wake up I would still be covered all over my body with their white special juice and a lot of time it was still inside of my body too.”

Miles shook his head as every time she opens her mouth she reveals the intensity of her molestations. Again he thought, ‘no wonder she has closed her mind completely down and in her mind she is living in her subconscious to protect herself from the outside world and her family.’ Then he asked, “Was there ever a time when the men wouldn’t stop and just did whatever they wanted to you? Did they ever hurt you?”

Kristen said, “Yeah, and it was one horrible night when they wouldn’t stop.” Kristen paused for about a minute or so then her bottom lip began to quiver, “That horrible night they never stopped Doctor Spencer.”

Miles said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me about that night but I have to say that you have made some tremendous strides over the last several weeks revealing a lot of dark hidden secrets about you and your family’s lifestyle. You’ve kept them locked so deep inside of your mind for so long doesn’t it feel good to finally tell someone what actually happened to you and how you felt about it? It would be a shame at this point to keep even just one deep dark secret locked up. Remember that is the real reason that you are here. You have been keeping so many secrets your whole life that I think that sometimes you don’t even know what the truth is anymore.”

Kristen thought for a moment and said, “Well, here it goes it’s not very nice and it is not a secret everybody knows what happened to me that night. So ~ like anyway ~ you see ~ like ~ my daddy was gone on one of his out of the country business trips for his company. He was going to be away for about a month when all this happened. My mommy promised my daddy that she wouldn’t have anymore of her private parties with the men from the special parties anymore while he was gone. But this one night when my daddy was gone I heard my mommy moaning like she does when she only has sex with my daddy.”

Miles asked, “So where were you when you heard your mommy moaning like she was having sex with your daddy?”

Kristen said, “I was in my bed sleeping. I woke up and went to my window and noticed that there was car in the driveway. I got so excited that it could have been my daddy, so, I snuck down the hallway because I wanted to surprise my daddy and mommy. I was kinda hoping that they would let me join in with them and I could have sex with both of them that night. When I got to the door I peeked inside but it wasn’t my daddy inside ~ there were like three men inside my mommy’s bedroom. My heart, felt ~ I guess the best thing I could say is ~ my heart was broken ~ because my mommy lied to my daddy again. I was afraid if daddy found out that mommy had another party without his permission that he may just leave all of us once and for all.”

Miles said, “What did you do?”

Kristen said, “I was scared and upset. I closed the door and went back to my bed and cried myself back to sleep. It wasn’t until a lot later that night I heard all kinds of screaming coming from my mommy’s bedroom. It wasn’t nice ~ the men were shouting and cursing at each other. I could hear them fighting about my mommy.”

Miles was curious, “If they were having sex with your mommy then why where they upset and what were they fighting about?”

Kristen said, “They were upset because once again my mommy fell asleep because she had too much to drink and they wanted to have more sex with my mommy. I listened to the voices but nobody sounded familiar to me and they sounded really upset with my mommy. Most of the men in our little circle of families would have just left my mommy alone but they tried to have sex with her when she was sleeping and it wasn’t fun for them anymore because she was just lying there.”

Miles said, “So, your mommy had too much to drink and fell asleep. They call that, ‘passing out,’ because the alcohol makes you sleepy. How did you know that the men weren’t part of your special families?”

Kristen said, “I heard them come down the hallway and then they opened the door to my brother’s room and I heard one of them say, ‘nah wrong bedroom that’s the little boy’s room be quiet he’s still sleeping. The door down here must be the little girl’s room.’ The one man said, ‘come on fellas this isn’t right we should just leave. We’ve had our fun for the night. The daughter is too young for this sorta thing.’ Then another man said, ‘you leave and we’ll call the cops and tell them that this was all your idea.’”

Miles said, “Were you scared that the men were looking for you?”

Kristen said, “Now, that I know what happened to me I should have been. I thought that if they came in and saw me asleep that they would leave me alone like they did with my kid brother but I was wrong. I should have locked the door and called the police but I didn’t have any time. They came into my room and they pulled down the blankets off of my bed. I stayed really still faking like I was still asleep. I was hoping that if they saw that I was still sleeping like my mommy and my brother they would leave me alone too.”

Miles asked, “What happened next?

Tears were already starting to build up in her eyes and she said, “This fat older man that I never saw before that night tried to shake me awake but I kept my eyes closed. Then he grabbed and started pulling my hair and he told me to wake up. I opened my eyes and he had the mean look on his face and said, ‘I am still horny girl and if your slut, bitch of a mother isn’t going to get me off anymore then you certainly are.’ When I looked at three men they were all sweaty and naked and smelled like dirty nasty sex and I said to the fat man, ‘I think if my mommy is sleeping then you should all leave ~ you’ve already had your fun for tonight you should get out of here now.’”

Miles said, “I guess since it was a bad night they didn’t listen to you?”

Kristen said, “There was a really tall man and he was standing the closest to my bedroom door. He shut it and locked it behind him. Then he smiled at me I looked at his penis and it was the longest and hardest penis I’ve ever seen and he said, ‘Hey there sweetie, we’re all here to help you become a real grown up woman tonight. You should be excited that we are going to teach you everything you’re ever going to need to know about how to make a man happy in the bedroom.’

Then the other man with the beard was already sitting on the opposite side of my bed. He grabbed my arm really tight so I couldn’t move it and said, “Yeah that’s right you’re fucking cunt of a mommy can’t help us anymore. So, you’re going to have to take her place. Sorry honey but we’re going to abuse that pretty little mouth of yours, we’re going to pound your wee little pussy and gape your asshole. See you are nice and clean and we’re all still very horny for more sex.’ I was so scared my heart was pounding so hard that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I looked up at all three of them and lied as I started to cry, ‘please just leave me alone I’m only twelve and I don’t know anything about sex. I don’t want you three to teach me anything. Please just leave me and my mommy alone and I promise I won’t call the police if you leave my house right now.’”

Miles asked, “So, what did they say to you after you asked them to leave?”

Kristen said, “The fat man started to laugh at me and then the other’s joined in and he said, ‘How about this ~ how about if we just help ourselves to whatever we want on your body little girl? Then after we leave ~ you still don’t call the police or we’ll come back and hurt you, your mommy and your little brat of a brother? How ‘bout that, you little bitch?’ I got really angry at him because he said he was going to hurt my family and I said, ‘I think that you should take your ~ small dick ~ your ~ fat disgusting belly ~ smelly ass outta here and leave me and my family alone ~ you ~ you fucking ~ ASSHOLE!’ I was trying to act all mean and grown up like they do on TV but it didn’t work.”

Miles said, “So, what did he say or do?”

Kristen said, “Well, the other men were laughing and making fun at the fat man. The man by the door said, ‘she put you in your place now didn’t she ~ she sure sounds a lot like your cunt of a wife.’ That just made the fat man even angrier at me. The fat man grabbed my pajama bottoms and wanted to pull them off of me. I grabbed his hands and I yelled at him, ‘Hey what the hell do you think you’re doing fatty?’ I couldn’t get the fat man to let go because he was so strong and he said, ‘relax this is going to happen ~ we just want to take a peek at your tiny preteen goodies down here that’s all.’ The man with the beard grabbed my arm as he was on sitting on the other side of the bed said, ‘yeah, just relax kitten we just want a peek to see if you have some fur over that little fuck hole of yours.’ I just want to know when I blow my nut in your little fuck hole if you’re going to get pregnant or not.’”

Miles asked, “So did he pull your pajama bottoms off?”

Kristen said, “No. I kicked the fat guy in the back of the head and he let my pajamas go and I said, ‘You don’t know who you’re fucking with! My mommy and daddy are really important people here in town and they’re going to hurt so much but if you leave right now I promise not to call the police.’ Then the other man on the other side of the bed punched me on my face really hard and said, ‘don’t worry I got the fucking little cunt.’ He put his face right over top of mine and he smiled at me and said, ‘Behave kitten and put your claws away otherwise it’s going to get a lot rougher than me punching you in the face. Be good or we’re going to get really rough and hard on ya.’ The fat man was rubbing the back of his head and said, ‘Ouch little kitty that fucking hurt.’ He then slapped the side of my face with the back of my hand and he said, ‘I promise if you’re nice to us we’ll be nice to you.’”

Meanwhile back on the Isle of Corvo the interview of Jim Foster continues:

Tom put the photos of Sal Palandolpho’s bodyguards on the right side of his drink and pulled out another photograph of Alejandro Ruiz the Columbia hit man and Salvatore Palandolpho the mobster, “How about these people here?”

Again Jim picked the photographs up and looked them for a while. He put the one photo down on the table and said, “I don’t know this guy ~ he was pointing to the Palandolpho photograph ~ but this guy looks familiar to me. He sorta looks like the lady friend that is staying with me. I mean she’s Brazilian if that helps? I mean they look very similar is all.”

Tom thought it was interesting that the lady friend that just happened to be staying with Jim looks awfully familiar to the Columbian hit man that was killed in a hotel room in Los Angeles. Tom didn’t want to shock him just yet so he continued on this line of questioning. Then he took the photo back and then put it on top of the other photos of the bodyguards. He reached into the manila folder and pulled out another photograph of Farah Johansson and Adam McCormick who is the nightclub partner of the Vanguard along with Sal Palandolpho, “Do you know either of these two people?”

Jim picked up the photograph and scanned it rather quickly, “No, I don’t recognize the man but they young teenage girl is Farah Johansson. She is the daughter of Gabe and Theresa Johansson I met her when I was putting together a deal with her family’s breweries that were in Denmark, Finland and Sweden when I worked for Latrobe brewery, why?”

Tom’s heart was shocked at the admittance of his knowledge of Farah Johansson. He thought it odd of their connection. Especially since during Farah Johansson interview just a few short days ago she expressed that she had no knowledge of Jim’s daughter Kristen. That Farah had only met Kristen a few months previous to the murders in Los Angeles. Tom thought perhaps Jim only dealt with the father and he asked, “So, Jim how well did you know the Johansson’s?”

Jim said, “Well, my daughter and I spent a few weeks as their guests at their estate in Sweden as the deal was being put together and then after that Farah and Kristen became very close friends. Farah even spent some time at our home in Oklahoma during one of her school breaks. Why?”

Tom thought to himself, ‘son-of-a-bitch that little cunt Farah lied to me about knowing Kristen Foster.’ His mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts as to how Farah lied to him about her knowledge of Kristen. Then he lied to Jim and said, “Oh nothing Jim, I just figured you wouldn’t know anyone in the pictures that’s all. I figured that you would have been a complete dead end to us. Unfortunately with the FBI you have to turn over every rock and follow each lead to its end. I mean who knew that you actually knew any one of these people in the photographs?” Tom took that photograph and put it on the opposite side of the table from the pile of other photos. Then pulled out one last photograph and then asked, “Please, take your time Jim on this one and tell me if you recognize this young lady?”

Jim glanced at the photo at first and was ready to put it down but then he pulled it closer to his eyes. Jim’s hands began to tremble violently, his lips were quivering and his eyes began to fill up with tears and his jaw began to quiver in his private silence.

Gemma and Tom waited giving Jim all the time he needed. Then after a few moments in silence as Jim’s fingers traced the face over and over again of the young lady in the photograph. Gemma realized what they were doing to him was torture and tried consoling him by reaching her hand out to his forearm and in a soft soothing voice asked, “Jim ~ do you recognize this young woman in the photograph? It’s really important if your do.”

Jim put the photo down on the table in front of him and pointed at it, his voice was weepy and began to break up like a teenage boy going through puberty and said, “Tha~ that’s, that is my daughter Kristen. Oh ~ my ~ god.” He then looked up at both of them with tears trickling down his cheeks as he feared the worst has happened to his daughter and he bellowed out loud, “oh god ~ please don’t tell me that she’s dead ~ please ~ please ~ oh dear god no ~ I couldn’t handle it if my princess is dead! If she’s gone then I don’t have any family left.”

Tom said, “I am sorry sir I am unclear how would have no family left?”

Jim’s hands were still shaking like a Parkinson’s patient as he picked up the photograph again staring intently at the young girl’s face and said, “My son died at a very, very young age.

Gemma said, “But your wife is still alive, correct?”

Jim said, “Yes, but she is behind bars for at least another year or so until she is up for one last shot at parole or she sits and finishes out her time. Now it looks as if my only daughter she is gone. She is gone right? Besides, my wife didn’t want anything to do with me or my daughter once she went to jail.

Tom was unwilling to tell Jim the truth or lie about his daughter’s actual plight of being in a Catatonic State sitting in some secret FBI clinic in New Mexico just yet. So, he changed things up a little bit with a new question and said, “Could you tell us why your wife is in jail, Jim.”

Jim’s mind was snapped back to the present and he concentrated on his answer forgetting for a moment about his daughter and said, “Well, that is a little complicated Special Agent Murphy. You see in another life a long, long, long time ago my wife and I were part of the high society of Pittsburgh and considered to be pillars of the community in Latrobe. Our family’s heritages went back to the founding of Latrobe but my wife and I lived a very dark secret, you would call it an open marriage. That basically means that we gave each other the permission to have extra-marital affairs without any kind of reprisals. Later open marriages were re-labeled as swingers. You see most people want to stay in monogamous relationships but my wife’s sexual appetites ran to the exotic, if you know what I mean?

Eight long years ago I worked for the Latrobe Beer Company. At that time I was promoted to a presidency position in the company by all people my father-in-law. Before my promotion Latrobe Beer had been entering into European Ale contests ~ we actually came up with several Ales that won several years in a row. That prompted the higher-ups of Latrobe to put our product out to the general public in European market and that of course meant we needed to buy breweries for distribution.

Unfortunately the board members sent me and of all people with my father-in-law to be the liaisons for the company. That is when I met the Johansson’s and little Farah there. She was a lot younger then probably about thirteen maybe fourteen. Latrobe wanted the Johansson’s breweries because of their strategic locations in three separate countries for distribution. The negotiations took longer than what we expected and that strained my marriage further as my wife and I were having all sorts of problems at home even before I left on this business trip.

You see I always traveled for my job when I worked for Latrobe. You see my wife’s appetite to be sexually satisfied seemed to be insatiable. I had asked her to keep her liaisons within the small circle of friends that were part of our little swingers circle. My wife was always a very adventurous woman. Having sex with multiple men and women was a norm for her. She is a pure sense of the word a ~ nymph ~ she was a nymph even as a teenager when our families thru us together and her appetites only grew after many years of marriage.”

Gemma was shocked by Jim’s sex life and how it affected his family and yet he was so cavalier about it. As if it was a normal thing for him to have sex with anyone who he chooses and she asked, “So, your parents arranged for the two of you to be with each other? And what if you came home and saw your wife with several men in your bed you would be okay with it?”

Jim shook his head in the affirmative with a matter of fact attitude and said, “Yeah, our parents wanted the two families to marry to preserve the wealth between them. As far as my wife goes as long as I knew about her escapades ahead of time I would be okay with it. We would have sex with the same people all the time to keep from getting STD’s. If I was in bed with several women from our little circle my wife would just take her clothes of and join in.”

Tom looked at him and read his face to see if he was telling the truth and asked, “Okay, we understand you both trusted each other. We are both waiting for the other shoe to drop here. There has to be something that happened that landed your wife in jail?”

Jim held up the picture of his daughter and his tears began to streak his cheeks again. He got choked up thinking that his daughter was dead and Tom and Gemma were here investigating her murder. Jim pointed at the picture of his daughter and said, “This happened. You see when Kristen turned ten she began to ask a whole lot of questions about our little soiree’s that we had at our home. She couldn’t understand why so many people were sleeping over and why she had to go and sleep over my wife’s parent’s house or my parent’s house if we were going to have a party. I mean on several instances when she stayed home during our parties she woke from her sleep and came downstairs and noticed ~ let’s just say ~ a lot of writhing going on.”

Gemma was actually shocked that parents would have such parties with their children in the home at the same time and she asked, “So, how did this affect your daughter seeing her parents having sex with perfect strangers?”

Jim said, “Well, they weren’t perfect stranger’s detective Porter. You see we hung out together all the time with these people. So she knew them all and their children as well but somewhere along the way she didn’t shy away from the subject of sex. It seemed more like she was just okay with our lifestyle with our friends. She really didn’t say too much about it considering that all the family’s including the children were nudists. We would have pool parties in the summer where everyone was naked including the children, so, it was just normal for her to see her friends her age that were older, younger and their parents naked on a consistent basis.”

Tom said, “You think she was okay with it? I mean you were having sex parties with your best friends or the parents of her friends.”

Jim said, “Well, when she was a lot younger she slept comfortably throughout the night and didn’t know about it. It wasn’t until later when the kids started to grow up and started talking about all the soiree’s that we had. Also my wife and I would walk around the house naked most of the time when we were by ourselves. My daughter wanting to be like my wife and I did the same thing. She was so young we didn’t discourage her.” Jim remembered his daughter fondly and smiled and said, “She always said that she, ‘felt like she was a grown up like her mommy,’ especially when she was naked in the house.”

Gemma said, “You were okay with this kind of behavior? I mean you and your wife walking around your home naked and then encouraging your young daughter to do the same?”

Jim said, “We weren’t going to shy away from who we really are. Besides I feel it’s healthy for my daughter not to shy away from who she wants to be or her sexuality.”

Gemma said, “Weren’t you concerned about your daughter seeing you naked? Weren’t you afraid of her developing a complex about seeing your massive privates on display for her?”

Jim said, “First off we never changed. From the time she was brought home from the hospital my wife and I were already nudist we had been since childhood. Things weren’t different with our parents as my wife and I grew up together our parents are nudists as well. So, within our little family dynamic everyone was nude and it was just normal. The only time we were clothed in the house was when we entertained guests that weren’t part of our family or swinger’s group.

Besides that my wife and I are grownups and it is our house. So if we want to be naked then there was no reason not to be; don’t be so provincial Detective Porter there’s nothing sinister about the naked body. My daughter was so young at the time and most other kids her age tend to want to be naked when they’re under the age of six or so it’s only normal. On the other hand she would get dressed if I asked her to but there were times when she refused and she said, ‘daddy what is the problem ~ you’re my daddy and you already know that I look exactly like mommy.’”

Tom needed to stop Gemma’s line of questions and get back on point and said, “Well that was a nice little rabbit trail but let’s get back to the original question. Why did your wife end up in jail, Jim?”

Jim said, “Well, like I said I was in Europe for probably a month still trying to tie up loose ends on the deal for the breweries when disaster struck my family.”

Gemma said, “What disaster is that?”

Jim hung his head, “My wife’s animalistic lust was not being satisfied with my being away for so long. Even though she agreed to stay celibate until I came home from Europe it became too much for her. She did something very odd. I was told by the police that my wife invited a few strange men over to our home after she met them at a bar in town. That is really odd because my wife and I never picked up strangers at a bar to bring back to the house for our sexual escapades. I mean there is no need to do that when you can call any number of people to come over and have them spend time in your bed having sex with you. The whole purpose of being a swinger is having let’s just say, fuck buddies, to help you with your itch and have no relationship entanglements.

There is still some debate in my mind as to if my wife invited them over to the house or they just showed up knowing that I was away. I still contend that what happened that night was a home invasion but the jury of my wife’s peers thought otherwise. The question has never been fully answered after all these years if my wife actually invited them or not.

My son was about four years old at the time. The police said that men watched my wife give my son some cold medicine to help him sleep thru the night so she could have her uninterrupted fun with them. I can tell you that I know my wife and she wouldn’t do anything like that. Unfortunately while my wife was busy entertaining her gentlemen friends was when my son supposedly woke up unbeknownst to all them from his drugged addle state and went downstairs and inadvertently drank bleach and accidently poisoned himself. The autopsy by the way never showed any kind of medicine in my sons blood.

To make matters worse the men that my wife supposedly met at the bar, how can I say this politely in mixed company they molested Kristen my daughter that same evening? Apparently the men said that my wife gave my daughter to them to do whatever they wanted to her. When the police arrived the next morning my wife was found naked and tied up on the kitchen floor next to both of my children.”

Gemma was completely shocked and said, “Well, why did the police arrest her?”

Jim said, “The DA of Latrobe only went after my wife several days later. It wasn’t until they caught the men who attacked my family. My wife was still in the hospital recovering from her injuries at the time. The men said that the entire night had been planned by my wife and they were just innocent participants. The DA did arrest the men for having sex with my daughter and wife they were charged with rape and battery but she also believed their story that my wife drugged my son and that she encouraged the men to have sex with my daughter.

My wife was charged with child endangerment, involuntary manslaughter and the list went on and on. The DA was a female Mormon and felt that our lifestyle to be immoral. Plus having other sexual partners in the home that night behind my back really got the DA hot after my wife. The other thing she revealed later was that she couldn’t believe that a mother would drug her child in order to have uninterrupted sexual dalliances. This DA, she created her own little witch hunt against my wife in Latrobe and she succeeded.

During the trial it came out that my wife and I were swingers. My wife refused to reveal the other people in our little circle of swingers as the DA wanted to go after them as well. My wife became a scapegoat for our lifestyle and the lifestyles of more than a hundred other people that we knew about at the time. My wife’s trial lasted two short weeks and she was found guilty and was sentenced to ten years behind bars.

Meanwhile the board members of Latrobe were coerced by the DA’s office in Latrobe and suggested to them that I was an unfit father as well as a bad influence on the community. The board mysteriously found it convenient to fire me right after the trial because of the lifestyle choices that I made in my personal life. Don’t forget we were living in western Pennsylvania at the time and our sexual behavior was considered risqué to say the least. The DA tried to take my daughter from me claiming that I was an unfit parent but I at least won that one battle and my daughter didn’t have to go into foster care.”

Gemma was riveted by Jim’s story of falling from prominence to disgrace, “How did you survive? You and your daughter, I mean?”

Jim said, “We had a little savings left over and I sued Latrobe Beer for wrongful termination. My father-in-law snuck out some inter-office memo’s that damaged their case and finally they settled with me for a considerable amount of money. I then used that money and started to day trade on the Market. I turned a few million into tens of millions.

We appealed my wife’s case but during her appeal someone tried to kill her while she was locked up. She obviously lost her appeal because she’s still in jail today but the corrections board decided it was too dangerous for her to stay at Rockview State in Bellefonte, PA. The state corrections moved her to John Lilley Correction in Boley, Oklahoma. They changed her name, her charges were changed as well but the length of her sentence remained the same.”

Gemma was shaking her head in disbelief that this could actually happen to a family that lived in the United States, “So, what did you do?”

Jim could see the concern in Gemma’s eyes, “Well, at first Kristen and I would fly out to Oklahoma City and then we needed to drive a couple of hours to the prison just to see my wife rotting away behind bars. Unfortunately visiting hours were only an hour long but it helped to keep my wife’s sanity going for a while. It started to get very old very fast for my daughter so we sat down and we talked about what we wanted to do. It also didn’t help that my daughter was being harassed by the boy students at her school. My daughter told me she wanted to be closer to her mother and wanted to get away from the boys who kept grabbing at her privates. So we moved to a place called Muskogee, Oklahoma. I’ll tell ya for a girl at the age of 12 years-old she was pretty courageous making a decision to leave the remainder of our family and all the friends she ever knew behind just to remain close to her mother that was in jail.”

Meanwhile back at Camelot: Kristen is describing how she was raped as a preteen girl.

Miles said, “How hard did the man with the beard punch you?”

Kristen said, “I saw stars when his hand hit the side of my face. Then when fat man slapped my face his ring cut the side of my head a little.” I broke free from both of them and I ran to the bedroom door but the big man with the really big hard penis was standing there and he got a hold me. He picked me up and spun me around so my butt was up against his big hard penis. He squeezed me really tight to his body and then he surprised me. He had a knife in his other hand and he put it under my chin and he said, ‘look here little rabbit ~ no more hopping around. Do as you’re told and I won’t have to cut you and the guys won’t hit you anymore. I feel your heart beating a mile a minute rabbit we just want to have fun with you for a little while. Please don’t make us hurt you anymore but we will if we have to.’

Miles said, “You must have been so scared with that knife at your neck. Did you try and cry out for help?”

Kristen said, “I screamed for my mommy and the guys got real quite because they were listening to see if my mommy was on her way or not but she never came. The big guy that had the knife under my chin yelled to the other guys and said, ‘come on fellas ~ I got a good hold on her ~ do whatever you want to her.’ The big fat guy came over to us and said, ‘No more kicking or we’re going to cut you with the knife understand kitten?’ Then he put his hand down my pajama bottoms and put his finger inside of my privates and said, ‘Well, well, well, would you look at that ~ she isn’t wearing any panties. Well, well, well she doesn’t have a hymen either ~ she’s a whore fellas ~ just like her cunt of a mother. Looks like all bets are off we can fuck her anyway we want to.’”

Miles said, “When the fat man put his hand down your pants did he hurt you?”

Kristen said, “No I think the kick to the back of the head made him relax a little. The other man came up and he pulled my pajama tops open so hard that the buttons flew off and he said, ‘okay princess let’s take a peek and see if she’s sprouting buds up here.’ I started to get really scared that they were actually going to hurt me and said ‘come on guys please let me go! I’m just a little kid I don’t know anything about sex ~ you don’t want me please just leave me alone.’ But the man with the beard started to pinch my nipples really hard as he laughed at me he said, ‘see fellas just like her cunt mother, she likes it rough.’

Then the tall guy holding the knife said, ‘well you’re going to have learn sometime how to take a cock in your mouth, your tight little fuck box and your dirty little shit hole my little rabbit. So tonight is going to be the start for ya ~ we’re gonna turn ya into a good little whore just like your mommy in the other room. When we’re thru with you your future husband is gonna wanna find us to thank us for teaching you everything you need to know.’ Then they all took turns putting their hands down my pants and pushing their fat greasy fingers inside of me. Then the guy with the knife told the bearded guy to go downstairs and get some rope. When he came back up a few minutes later they let tossed me onto the bed. The fat one took the rope and went inside my mom’s room and tied her up.”

Miles said, “How did you know he tied her up?”

Kristen said, “When the fat guy came back he told everyone what he did to her and said, ‘that slut won’t be bothering us anymore tonight.’ Then he pushed me over on my stomach and took the rope and said, ‘stay still kitten or we’ll cut you.’ He then flipped me over on my back and looked really mean at me and said, ‘don’t you fucking move a fucking muscle ~ give me your hands ~ I can’t trust you kitten you have very sharp claws.’

He took the rope and cut it then he wrapped the rope around my one wrist and then there was a little space between my hands and he tied the other end to my other wrist. I could barely move my hands apart. The one with the beard who punched me ~ I saw his thing starting growing as I was being tied up and his cock was really big and hard now. He liked watching me getting tied up by the fat guy and he said, ‘open your pie-hole kitty and suck me. No fucking teeth and use your tongue like your lapping up a saucer of milk ~ otherwise I’m going to skull fuck the ever loving shit outta ya!’

I kept my mouth closed because I had no idea what he was talking about but he pinched my jaw really hard until I open my mouth as he pulled my hair really hard. I wanted to scream but before I could ~ he pushed his smelly dick deep into my mouth making me gag and choke on it and he said, ‘if you’re thinking about biting my fucking cock think twice. You see Stretch over there? I’m going to let him cut your fucking throat open from ear to ear if I feel your teeth on my cock. You understand me?’ I shook my head up and down and his cock tasted horrible and it smelled like poop from my mommies butt hole. It tasted so disgusting. I wanted to bite him so badly but I was more afraid of that knife cutting my throat open so I let him do whatever he wanted to me.

I knew I had no choice and he pushed it in and out of my mouth as he grabbed a chunk of my hair pulling it really hard then with his other hand he was forcing the back of my head down on his thing. He pushed so hard that the top of his dick slipped all the way down my throat. He turned to the fat one and said, ‘look at this fellas she’s swallowing my whole cock ~ she’s a slut just like her cunt of a mother look she’s able to swallow the whole thing boys. Oh yeah we’ve got a winner here ~ we’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.’ He pulled out and then he kissed me on the lips and said, ‘So, kitten, how did your mother’s asshole taste on my cock?’ I wasn’t sure what to say all I could see was that big knife that the big guy had in his hand and I told him, ‘it tasted so good.’

Miles said, “So, I guess these guys were serious about having sex with you?”

Kristen’s eyes were full of fluids and there was a steady stream of tears falling down her cheeks now. Miles handed her a tissue and she said, “I knew that I shouldn’t fight back or they were going to kill me the only person that could help me now was my mother but she was like you said before, passed out in her bedroom. The big guy took the rope and tied a longer piece to the rope that was between my wrists. Then the rope went around each of my ankles a few times. When he finished there was a piece of rope between my ankles. Then each ankle had a piece of rope attached to each of my wrists.”

Miles said, “Sounds to me that these were really evil men.”

Kristen said, “Then the big one smiled at me and said, ‘See no more hopping around my little rabbit. Be nice to us otherwise I’m going to get mad and you don’t want to see me get mad rabbit. Now stay absolutely still because I’m going to cut a hole in your pajamas bottoms right between your legs. Stay very still or you’ll get cut or I’ll slice your tiny cunt and asshole wide open.’ I stayed really still and I felt the knife go through my pajama bottoms between my legs and I prayed that he didn’t stab my privates. It happened so fast and then I felt the cool air against my pussy and I knew I wasn’t covered down there no more and now they could do whatever they wanted to me then the big guy said, ‘you did good little rabbit. Now, if you just relax like this, all of this will be over quicker than you think just let us do our thing okay?’ I shook my head as I really had no choice they were three grown men against me and they had me tied up really tight.”

Miles said, “Kristen you’re doing great. The only way to exercise these types of demons is to let it all out. Don’t hold anything back Kristen, tell me everything that happened on that horrible night.”

Kristen was lightly sobbing now as the memories were pouring out of her naturally and said, “The skinny guy with the beard rolled me over on my back and the tall one pulled me by my hair to the end of the bed so my head hung over the edge of the bottom of the bed. I was screaming so loud because he was hurting me so much pulling my hair and all. Then the tall one he knelt on the edge of the bed and said, ‘open your mouth rabbit.’ I did as I was told and he pushed his dick inside of my mouth while the little guy with the beard sat on my stomach and opened my pussy open and said, ‘hey look at this ~ you were right she’s got no hymen so no blood to deal with tonight fellas. This whole family is made up of sluts.’”

Miles asked, “Were they hurting you?”

Kristen said, “The tall one only pushed his cock inside my mouth a little bit then he grabbed my hair with both of his big hands and pulled really hard. Why do guys do that Doctor Spencer? He forced my head up while pushing his big cock all the way down my throat. He made me gag and choke really hard on it. Every time he pulled out of my throat I was choking so hard I couldn’t breathe. Then when it was all the way out of my mouth huge globs of spit fell out of my mouth and went down my nose and forehead all over my eyes and I said, ‘don’t do that anymore you fucking asshole! I can’t breathe when you do that. Look your making me spit and throw up all over myself. One day I’m going to get all of you back ~ you bastards.’

Then the little one took his fingers out of my pussy and the fat one pushed the big guy out of the way and he said, ‘I can’t take this anymore it’s my turn. I need to fuck her mouth!’ He climbed on my chest and grabbed my hair and said, ‘okay kitten it’s time to get my cock nice and wet before I fuck your teeny tiny twat down there.’ He then told the big one to go to the bathroom and get a towel so that they can clean my face. Then he said, ‘open your mouth you little slut. Can you smell your mother’s pussy juice and asshole on my cock?’ He rubbed his cock all over my face and I could smell her asshole on it and I nodded my head and said, ‘MMM-mmm.’ He smiled at me it was disgusting then he said, ‘open your mouth and take my cock down your throat like you did for the other boy’s kitten.’ He was so mean he pushed his cock in my mouth and then forced it all the way down my throat. He pushed really fast and hard, I could hardly breathe. I mean if I didn’t start to spit up on his cock I don’t think he would’ve ever stopped.’”

Miles said, “So, I guess he was the real mean one?”

Kristen, “Yeah he was the real mean one. When he finished pushing his cock in and out of my mouth the little one cleaned my face from all my spit and throw up. There was so much that I couldn’t open my eyes. Then the little mean fat one turned me back on my stomach and pulled me off the bed so my knees were on the floor and my head was still on the bed. The big one ran back into my mom’s room and got a video camera. Then the little fat one told the other guy, ‘Spread her ass cheeks wide open so I can fuck that tiny little twat of hers.’ I felt the tip of his thing pushing me open and I screamed as loud as I could so that my mom would wake up. I screamed, ‘NO!!!!! GET YOUR COCK OUT OF THERE!!!!!! PLEASE YOU’RE GOING TO HURT ME!!!’ Then the big guy came in and started to record the fat guy pushing just the tip of his cock inside of me and he said, ‘Go ahead scream your little head off rabbit it’ll make the video that much better. Besides the house sits too far off the road and your mother is still passed out on her bed laying in her own puke so no one is going to hear a thing.’”

Miles said, “They started to film what they were doing to you? And your mother didn’t wake up?”

Kristen said, “Yeah they were filming it. They were smiling and laughing at me the whole time. My mom must have drunk a lot of Jack Daniels because she never did come to my rescue. I was screaming and moaning as load as I could because he was hurting me so bad. Then the little fat one that was fucking my pussy told the big one to get on the bed and he said, ‘Hey man will you shut her up so I can concentrate and torpedo her tight little fuck hole.’ The big guy got in front of me and said, ‘open your little mouth rabbit. I wanna feel you to gagging on my man meat again.’ Then he started pushing it in and out of my mouth and said, ‘come on take it my little rabbit. You suck cock just like your mother but it’s so much better because your throat is so much younger and tighter. Damn you should see how beautiful my cock looks in your tiny little mouth.’”

Miles asked, “I know they were grown men and you were only twelve at the time but even though they spoke really mean to you were they hurting you at all?”

Kristen said, “They weren’t hurting me as bad as I was screaming. I guess it was a good thing that I had a lot of sex with my father and my best friend’s father’s because I was able to take the fat man’s cock with no problem. The big one sometimes was really nice by only pushing his cock only into my mouth but then sometimes he got really mean and he would push his whole cock down my throat. He wouldn’t pull it out and I would have to slap and pinch his thighs as hard as I could to get him to pull it out of my throat. That didn’t bother him too much because all he did was squeeze my nose so I couldn’t breathe and he said, ‘Be nice to me little rabbit and keep sucking me! You’re our sex slave now.’

Then the other guy was getting upset because he was just jerking his cock waiting his turn to abuse me when he pushed the little guy out of me. The man with the beard got on the bed on his back. He pulled me by my hair on top of his hairy body. Then he told me to, ‘sit on my cock princess.’ He made me fuck him. Then the big one stood up over both of us and he put his cock back in my mouth. He grabbed my head with his big hands and was squeezing my head so tight and hard and he started to push his really big cock in and out of my mouth.

The one with the beard who was underneath of me, his eyes rolled up into his head and all you could see was the whites of his eyes and he yelled out, ‘Ooh yeah fellas! This one is a good little slut. Her pussy is so young and tight. I never want to take it out of her. Come on princess bounce up and down on my hard cock. Squeeze your ass cheeks together and make it even tighter for me. Damn you are so much better than your mother. Ya know something fellas the next time we come back here we should just fuck the daughter and forget about the drunken slut in the other room.’ Then as the little fat one was holding the camera he said, ‘you should see her from this angle. You should see how she’s riding your cock like a fucking pro. I swear to god she’s so young how does she know how to swivel her hips like that? She has to be fucking someone in her family.’ He then moved over to my earlobe and whispered, ‘So, you’ve fucking your daddy haven’t you kitten?’”

Miles said, “So is that it? Did they stop after that?”

Kristen said, “Oh god no ~ not by a long shot.” ‘Then the little fat one got on the bed behind me and tried to put his cock in my butt hole as the other’s had their cocks in my other holes but he couldn’t and he said, ‘hey did we use all the lube on the whore mother?’ The big guy said, ‘yeah there’s nothing left. The big guy said, ‘Here switch with me. She’s got my cock nice and wet it’ll just slip right on into her little butthole. Come on I’ll fuck her ass and she can suck your cock.’ When the big guy pulled out of my mouth I begged him, ‘please no don’t ~ you’re cock is way too big for me down there.’

They just ignored me and the big one pushed it inside of me and said, ‘oh ~ yeah ~ oh my fucking god ~ rabbit you are so young and fresh. Guys you’ve got feel how good this ass feels back here.’ The one under me said, ‘I can feel your cock in her asshole and her pussy is getting so wet and super tight. Don’t stop because each time you slip all the way inside of her she makes her pussy so damn tight. Damn, this family has some really good sluts in it.’ Then he looked up at the fat guy and said, ‘Keep pounding her mouth I can hear her gagging on your cock it is getting me so hot I’m close to exploding in her twat hole.’ Then the fat guy who was fucking my mouth said, ‘yeah I can hear how wet her cunt is ~ damn she’s just a smaller version of her fuckin’ slut of a mother.’”

Miles sat there as he couldn’t believe what was happening to this little girl. She lost her virginity to her cousin at seven then had her first orgy with her parents in Disney World of all places at eight and now at the undeveloped age of twelve is being raped by three grown men. “How did you handle all three of them at the same time? I mean you just told me earlier that this was exactly why you didn’t want to have sex at your parent’s swinger parties?”

Kristen eyes were so red and irritated from wiping them clean as the memory of being raped was so real and vivid as she was telling her therapist and she said, “Yes, I didn’t want the older men to take advantage of me but here was my mother who fucked up and brought these guys back to our home and then passed out and then I get raped. The fat one who had his cock in me told the big guy, ‘okay my cock is nice and juicy now I want to try that preteen ass.’ As they were switching spots I was screaming, crying and begging them to stop because they were hurting me and that I couldn’t take anymore.

They didn’t care anything about me but I was still tied and I couldn’t move. When the little guy got behind me he said, ‘dude, what the hell did you do back here? Look there is blood all over the place! Damn you ripped her asshole wide open.’ The big guy put his cock to my mouth and I could see some of my blood on it and I screamed as I was crying even more. I begged them over and over to stop but they all just laughed at me and then the big guy looked down at me and said, ‘clean your blood and ass off my cock little rabbit.’

Then I felt the little fat guy slam his cock hard and deep into my butthole. He didn’t care at all about my butt hole being ripped open and all the blood pouring out of it. He just jammed his cock hard and deep inside of me anyway and he said, ‘Damn I’m going to fuck this bloody ass. Blood or no blood kitten you have such a beautiful looking, young and pristine asshole I’ve just got to have it kitten.’ Then the big guy put his cock in my mouth and I could actually taste some of my poop on the tip of his cock. He rubbed it all inside of my mouth then he pushed it into my throat and I started to gag. I lost it and threw up all over the guy with the beard that was underneath me. The man with the beard got so mad at me that he punched me right in the face as hard as he could like five times. All I remember was the last time he punched me in the eye he made me fly off of his cock and the big guys cock come out of my mouth and I fell off of the bed and my head slammed really hard on my dresser.”

Miles was caught up in her story as he was actually picturing everything that was happening to her in his mind and said, “Oh my god Kristen that’s horrible. Did they stop after that?”

Kristen said, “I wish that was the end. After I hit my head I’m not really sure what happened next. I woke up in the bathtub with the shower on hitting me in the face. They had untied me and the little guy was sitting on the toilet and said, ‘Welcome back kitten, you okay?’ I wasn’t sure exactly what happened and I said, ‘what did you guys do to me? I can barely see out of my one eye and I have a really bad headache.’ He said, ‘okay princess you threw up on my good friend in there and he over reacted a little and you fell off the bed and hit your head. Now, I’m going to take you back inside your mommy’s bedroom. If you don’t behave we are going to beat you even more ~ trust me.”

Miles was shaking his head in disbelief, “Was he the only one there?”

Kristen said, “No. The one who hit me was waiting for me in my mom’s bedroom. The big guy was nowhere to be found. When the fat guy brought me into my mommy’s bedroom she was still on the bed on her stomach. The man with the beard who punched me in the eye was on the bed fucking my unconscious mother in her butthole. When he saw me coming back in he said, ‘finally you’re awake you fucking little cunt. Get your fucking ass over here and take the place of your slut mother. Get on your hands and knees over top of her body.’

I was really nervous because I thought he might hit me again. I got on the bed and he grabbed me and put me on all fours right over top of my passed out mother and he said, ‘now you be a good little princess to me and nothing bad is going to happen to you. Understand?’ Then I felt his wet cock that had my mother’s pussy juice on it slip into my asshole and the fat guy came around in front of me and put his cock back into my mouth. The one behind me said, ‘damn you guys really tore up that asshole my cock just slipped right in.’ Then the little fat one had his cock in my mouth said, ‘Keep fucking her ass really good. She’s sucking my cock even tighter in her mouth while you got your cock in her tight little butthole.’”

Miles said, “How was your head? And how about your privates were they hurting you at all and what happened to the big guy?”

Kristen said, “I had no idea what happed to the big guy. My head was spinning in circles. It was like I was there in the room but everything was so cloudy in my mind. My privates hurt and burned at first but now they felt like they were on fire. Then the guy with the beard said to the other, ‘I want her to taste her ass, come on let’s switch.’ The guy with the beard pulled out and when he put it in my face I didn’t see any blood but it smelled so bad like poop. Then the fat one got behind me and pushed his cock inside of me and said, ‘Oh shit you’re right my cock slipped right back in like it’s supposed to. We sure did open your butthole kitten.’ Then the guy with the beard smiled at me as he pulled my hair and said, ‘suck your shit off of my shaft princess.’

The both pumped their cocks inside of my asshole and mouth. Then the guy with the beard said, ‘I want to fuck your pussy again.’ So, he pulled out of my mouth and looked at my mouth and he moved me to the one side of the bed then said, ‘we need to get rid of this fucking waste of time.’ He then sat on the bed and kicked my mother in the ribs really hard and she fell off of the bed. He got on his back and said, ‘get on top of my cock and ride it like your young life depends on it ~ twat.’ I was so scared they just kicked my mother around like she was a cheap piece of meat I knew to do just as they told me to do.

I got on top of him and slipped him inside of me again. My pussy was so red and sore I thought I wasn’t going to be able to handle it but he just smiled up at me with his ugly face and said, ‘Come on fuck me princess make my cock sing inside of your twat.’ Then the fat guy slipped his cock back inside of me and said, ‘oh yeah I can feel your cock in her pussy squeeze your ass around my shaft kitten. Come on let’s pound the shit out of her! When are we ever going to get at chance to fuck a preteen ass that is this hot ever again?’”

Miles was on the edge of his leather chair and said, “Oh my goodness Kristen didn’t you try to get away?”

Kristen was shaking her head, “Doctor Spencer they had their big greasy hands all over my body holding me in place so they could fuck me hard and deep in my holes. I was beginning to get so sore I started to beg them to stop I said, ‘Come on guys you need to cum soon I can’t take it anymore. I’m still just a little girl I’m not like my mother who can fuck like this all night.’ The man behind me punched me really hard in the back of my head and said, ‘shut up the fuck up will ya cunt ~ you’re going to take it until we can’t fuck you anymore ~ besides we’re doing you a favor and teaching you how to fuck a man really good you ungrateful little whore.’ Then the guy with the beard was still in my pussy grabbed my face and squeezed it really hard said, ‘Come on relax princess and just take our cocks you will feel a lot better soon trust me.’”

Miles said, “It sounds like they were just torturing you over and over.”

Kristen said, “It was just horrible Doctor Spencer but finally I got a break when the man that was fucking my ass pulled out and said, ‘holy shit kitten! Your asshole is so puffy and red. Here let me kiss it and make it better for you.’ He pulled me off of the bearded man and he got on his back and made me sit on his face. He started to lick and kiss inside and around my burning asshole. It actually felt good to get some relief then the bearded guy started to eat my pussy. Their tongues actually felt wonderful and the burning stopped for a little while then the fat guy stopped kissing my asshole as I could feel for the first time that I was about to cum and he said, ‘come on I can taste your pussy juice oozing into my mouth I want that young pussy to cum again on my cock.’

He got up and spread my legs as wide as he could and started to pound my pussy again. The bearded guy got under me and was licking my asshole and kissing it. Then my head got really dizzy and it felt like I was going to pee and for the first time in my life there was like this huge stream of my juice that shot out of my pussy all over the fat guy’s belly. I actually got scared that never happened to me before. The fat man just looked down at me and his friend and said, ‘damn she’s leaking everywhere.’ I was so worn out after that I had no energy left ~ I mean I could care less what they were going to do to me after that.

The fat guy told me to open my mouth. I did like he told me to and he grabbed my hair really hard and he started fucking my mouth with his cock. I was gagging on his cock so badly but I wanted him to finally get off so he would stop fucking me. Then without warning he just yelled out, ‘you fucking little ~ you little fuck toy ~ eat my cum stained cock bitch!’ Then he pushed his cock all the way down my throat and I felt him cumming inside of my throat. When he pulled out of my mouth he fell backwards off the bed on to the floor and said, ‘damn girl you are the hottest little piece of ass. No wonder your father wants to fuck you all to himself.’ I thought, ‘how did he know that? I’ve never seen him before.’

Then the last guy pushed my ass off of his face. He made me lay on my back and he pushed my ankles past my shoulders and jammed his cock back in my asshole and he fucked me hard and deep for a really long time. My butthole was on fire and he was hurting me so much that I couldn’t even cry or scream out in pain. I knew when he was close and I was hurting so bad. I wanted him to pull out of me so I would stop hurting. I just looked up into my rapist eyes and said, ‘Come on I want you to pull out of my dirty, bloody asshole and fuck my mouth until you cum just like your fat buddy did. I want to taste your sweet juices.’ He smiled and pulled out of my ass and said, ‘your wish is my command princess.’

I took a hold of his cock and sucked him the best I could. I could taste my butthole on his cock then finally I tasted his precum on my tongue. I then started to jerk his cock and I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and he said, ‘my friend is right no wonder your father wants to keep you all to himself. You are one hell of a piece of ass.’ Then he got real quiet and he closed his eyes as his whole body tensed up and he shot his loads all over my eyes, my nose and face.

After seeing the fat guy had left my mom’s bedroom I had one chance to get away so I put the bearded guys cock back in my mouth and I bit his cock as hard as I could. He screamed, ‘you tiny fucking whore! You bit my fucking cock!’ He fell back off of me and I took off running as fast as I could. When I got to the top of the stairs I knew if I could just get to my daddies office I would be able call the police and get help. When I got to the top of the stairs the fat guy caught me from behind. He grabbed me by my ponytail and he spun me around and he smiled at me and said, ‘I told you, you little fucking bitch ~ if you would be nice to us then we would be nice to you but now you had to push that didn’t you!’ Then he smiled at me again and he kicked me in my chest and I went flying down the steps.”

Miles said, “Holy shit! Kristen! Were you alright?”

Kristen said, “It was really weird. He kicked me in my chest and then I felt like a bird. I was off of my feet flying backwards down the steps. I’m not really sure but I think I flew almost all the way to bottom two steps. I hit really hard and I felt and heard this snapping sound and I was in like this horrible pain all over my body. When I looked up the stairs the fat guy was gone and I couldn’t move my one leg but I tried to crawl to the kitchen to the phone.

I knew I had to get there to help me and my mommy. Then I heard this huge thumping noises over and over again coming down the steps. I tried moving as fast as I could but my leg hurt so much. Then I heard the fat guy yell out to me, ‘where did you get off to kitten? I’m coming to get you!’ I was almost to the phone in the kitchen when I saw him coming into the kitchen dragging my mother’s limp body by her hair. She was still passed out, naked and tied up but her face looked like they beat her up. Then the big tall guy came inside through the kitchen door and said, ‘What the fuck are you doing Carl? I told you just to fuck her then we’ll get the fuck out of here. What the hell are you doing with the mother and what happed to the little girl why is she hurt? I can see her bone thru her skin and look at that trail of blood. What the hell did you do to the boy Carl? Carl what the fuck? Come on we need to get the fuck out of here.’”

Miles said, “What was wrong with your brother? Why was he on the kitchen floor?”

Kristen said, “I thought he was passed out on the kitchen floor because one of the guys hit him like they did with me but that wasn’t the case the big guy put his hand on his throat and said, “Carl I can’t feel any kind of pulse ~ the kid is dead. Come on we need to get out of here and where the fuck is Bill?’ The fat guy said, ‘the little cunt here almost bit the tip of his cock off. He’s upstairs bandaging himself up. The boy I have no idea what happened to him ~ I thought he was still asleep in his bed I swear to god Mark.’

Then the bearded guy Bill came down the stairs and he could barely walk. He had blood all over his hands and his crotch area and when he saw me he walked right over to me and began to punch and kick me over and over again. When I finally woke up it was the next morning. My mother was using her toes to try and rock me awake. She was trying to yell my name but couldn’t because she was hurt so badly. When I finally was awake my mom was still tied up and naked like me. Mommy told me to get up and call Pap-pap to come and help us but I thought we needed the police so I called 911. When the lady answered the phone I felt woozy and I fell and hit my head really hard on the kitchen table.

I don’t know how long I was on the floor but when I woke up I was still naked but the police were there with the ambulance guys. Mommy was crying as the police were asking her all kinds of questions. When we got to the hospital my mom had two broken ribs, a broken nose and a broken leg. That guy Bill beat me so badly that he broke my right eye socket, my leg and both of my arms as well as both of my hands were all broken. They put this round thing over my eye and wrapped my head. My Pop-pop told me I looked like the cutest little mummy.”

Miles sat there speechless for the first time in his career as a hypnotherapist. His first reaction was that after this horrible rape, rape of her mother and death of her brother all in one night was as traumatic as one night could get. Now in the present day after seeing four people being torn to shreds by bullets it’s no wonder she has hidden herself away deep inside of her subconscious mind. That would be too much for any one person and he said, “Kristen, I now know why you have chosen to forget a great many things but I think now you are going to reveal all your deep dark secrets from here on out in our sessions……..”

The interview of Jim and Kristen’s therapy session will continue on into chapter 16.

End of Chapter 15

I realize that this chapter along with one or two others were longer than usual but I just felt breaking up the rape scene would have been in bad taste to be in two separate chapters. Once again thank you for reading the sick demented stuff that oozes out of my mind at times. Please leave some constructive comments to help me become a more entertaining writer for everyone. Thank you very much the next chapter will be a lot more cheery.

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to long winded texter. this is a story of fiction and fantasy not reality so just take a chill pill and move on with your life. I've seen same message all over this site. dude you were dumb enough to fuck a tiny little girl and got caught because she had to go to the hospital. If you would have been smarter and kept it in your pants you would have never gone to jail

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