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Splender in the Home by mrmovie

Fiction but Could Happen , Romance , Cheating , Mature Woman , Hardcore , Voyeur , ( Try at Home Yourself-'This Means You' )

When my girlfriend Sandra and I got out of high school, her mom Kate had told us even before we got married that it would OK if we stayed with her and her husband Jason.
Kate always lite up and smiled everytime I walked into the room, she really liked me and how I treated her daughter. Her husband Jason was always trying to show me how
to do things, and it seemed to me that he wished he had a son to teach things to, and for some odd reason, I wished that he 'was' my father, compaired to my own.
Jason was a welder and made good money, came home every evening, and made love to his wife once in awhile.

Anyway, three months had passed and the best I could do was get a parttime job at a fast food place. Sandra was already working at a restaurant before we graduated and still does.
Well one day after work, I came home, took a shower and went to the kitchen to eat some lunch. After lunch I put my dishes in the sink and was going to wash them but Kate told me
that it wasn't that big a deal and said she would get them. I thought that was nice of her and gave her a hug from the side as a simple harmless gesture and said; 'your too nice.'
She just looked at me and smiled, and as I was finishing my hug and let go, I gave a her a questioning look and bent down my her neck and sniffed.

"What are you sniffing at Carl ?" she said with a smile and a giggle as she was drying off her hands

"Hold on a sec." I said as I went behind her, put my arms around her waist and while pressing my lips softly on her neck, just below the ear, I sniffed.

She tilted her head slightly as I sniffed and I was getting sexually excited from her aroma but told her she smelled good as I planted a lite kiss on her neck, then broke the moment and went to my bedroom to take
a nap. Yet for some reason I couldn't sleep so I though I'd go to the livingroom to look at the paper and
see if there was anything else I might be able to find as far as jobs, since I only worked part time at the burger joint.
while passing Kate's room, I stopped and turned back by her door, thinking I heard something. I did, I heard lite moans. I slowly opened her door and peeked in.
I saw that her eyes were closed and that she was fingering herself, I quietly closed the door and went to the livingroom.

The next day after work, as usual, I took a shower and ate lunch. During lunch Kate came in, stood over by me and asked if I was done.

"Yes." I said as I looked up at her

She picked up my plate without taking her eyes off me, then went over to the sink, turned on the water, then turned her head around and smiled at me, as I smiled back, then turned back around to wash
the plate.

Was she somewhat flirting with me I thought ?

I was still sitting at the table, watching her, wondering ?

When Kate got done, she walked behind me and started to massage my shoulders for a minute.

"I think I'm gonna go to my room." she said, then left to do so.

I wasn't sure what to think, but for some strange reason, I went over by her door and listened. Sure enough, same as yesterday.

Nine months had passed and Sandra and I had a baby boy we named Skippy, because he was born on February 29 th, a leap year.

Things were getting worse with the economy, that Jason had bought an apartment building and asked me to look over things, collect rent each month and go over there if people needed anything fixed from time to time, things like that.
It was better for Jason to have more money come in from the apartment builing, only because he payed for it in full, otherwise he would have had to pay the bank every month, plus property tax.
This way, he just had the property tax to pay every six months, along with heat, water and so on, which from rent money helped with some left over.

Even tho' Jason made love to Kate once a month, if that, having Carl around made Kate's hormones feel as tho' she was twenty three again, instead of forty eight, and needed more than what her husband was
giving her, however alot of women like Kate seem to Control and refrain from showing their emotions,
desires, impulses, and behavior. But Carl made her feel desirable that one day by the sink, and that made her feel good, plus the fact that Carl was cute in a certain way, didn't hurt either.
The more she thought about Carl, the more she was feeling less suppressed. yet out of respect to Jason as well as his wife, Carl really never gave much thought about Kate, other than being his

The baby kept everyone from sleeping most of the time but Sandra and Carl did the best they could til that stage was over.
Kate loved her Grandson and stayed with him at home while everyone was out working.

Carl was coming home from work and Kate had said that someone from the apartment building had called saying they needed their sink looked at.
I told her I would get on it after I ate lunch.

I went over to the apartment on the second floor and knocked on the door

"You the one that needed your sink looked at ?"

"Yes, come in."

"Well what seems to be the problem ?"

"I think it's clogged ?"

I ran the water a little, and it was. so I got down to fix it, and by the time I came to tighten it back up, I reached for my wrench and couldn't avoid noticing the lady standing over the sink above me with her legs on each side of me with no underwear or thong on under her short skirt. I felt mesmerized as if there was
nothing else in the world better to look at.

I thought to myself, please don't get hard...please don't get hard...too late.
I had to think rationally and tighten that pipe, which I did, then told her I needed to go fix something in another apartment but just went home.

When I got home I still didn't know what to think, so I just went down to take a nap.

Later that evening after supper, I asked Jason if I could talk with him.

Carl had told Jason what happened today at the apartment and after Carl told him, Jason told him that from now on if someone needs anything fixed, that he would stop over after work and do it himself and that he would call Carl before getting off work everyday and ask if anyone called.

As Jason got up to leave Carl with his thoughts, Jason had thoughts of his own. Jason thought that Carl was a nice kid, but just stupid !

Carl's story of what happened today had turned Jason on so much, that when he left Carl, he asked his wife Kate to come to the bedroom, and gave her a good but unexpected balling.

Carl watched as Jason lead Kate to the bedroom as Sandra was coming in the livingroom, a few minutes later, Sandra heard her mother moan out loudly and asked Carl what he said to her dad, because knowing her dad, that was just out of the norm.

"I...I just told him a funny joke, that's all."

"Well then, tell me."

At that moment, Carl wished he had a twix candy bar to shove in his mouth, because he really did need a moment, but he didn't.

"It's a guy joke, I'm not gonna tell ya, so don't ask !" he said to cover himself

"Ok then...I think that 'I' won't let you 'have any' til you 'do' gonna tell me now ?!"

" know dear, I think I can hold out as much as you can !"

"'Really' to make a bet on that !?"

"Alright then, what...what did you have in mind ?" he asked, feeling nervous about it.

"Well let me think...if I win, you have to do a dare, and I mean a 'big' dare of my choosing...but if you can do whatever you want with me Saturday on my day off when you get home from work, that sound fair ?"

"OK...I guess." he said, not feeling very confident about winning.

"Oh, so you know, during the can't jerk off !"

That night when they went to bed, Sandra laid on the bed wearing her black thigh highs and tryed her best at looking seductive when Carl came back from the bathroom, just so he would break down and lose the bet.
Carl just looked a moment, shut off the light and laid down.
Sandra tryed again by stroking his cock for a few minutes then turned over to tease him.
This was really killing Carl alot, and he wondered if he had enough will power to actually keep himself from losing. Yet on the other hand, if he told her the truth, well...that would say alot about her dad. So he decided for now not to tell her and just turned over and went to sleep.

Come the morning Sandra tryed again. She woke Carl up, made sure he was awake, then stood over by the closet, took off her thong and purposely dropped it by the closet door, spread her legs, turned to see if he was watching and said; "Oops, I dropped my thong." then bent over to pick it up, but
stayed bent over for a few minutes before slowly moving back up.

Thinking he was about to break, Sandra bent back down and wiggled her butt seductively and said; "Don't that just look good baby...all you have to do is tell me that joke you told my dad...and 'all this is yours' !"

"Oh god Sandra...oh god that looks so good...please stop that !!"

"Tell me baby...tell me, you 'know' you want it" she said as she continued to move her butt around

Carl just ran to the bathroom and took a shower and got ready for work

There's just no way that this could be just a joke he told my dad...but what ? she told herself and wondered about it as she got dressed for work

After work Carl took his shower and ate lunch, but watched Kate's butt intently as she washed his plate, thinking of Sandra this morning.
He had gave himself a hard on and went to his room before Kate had turned around and noticed him gone

He knew the best way to overcome his urge was to relieve himself but remembered she had stipulated that during the bet so he couldn't do that

She didn't say anything about stroking myself, he thought, so that's what he did, but not before checking to see if Skippy was still sleeping.

Carl laid on the bed with nothing on but his T-shirt, slowly stroking his cock. He didn't hear Kate come down the hallway because it was carpeted and she didn't walk loudly.

Kate peeked in the slightly opened door of his room that he forgot to close all the way and was in awe of her son-in-law as she stared at his huge cock

My god I'm jealous of my daughter, she thought to herself.

Staring at her son-in-laws huge cock got Kate so wet she pulled up her skirt and started slowly fingering herself.

Kate started to imagine herself riding up and down his huge cock, saying to herself; Oh ya baby, you know what I like, stay hard for an hour or two for me baby, other than a few minutes that my husband gives me, that's it, stay hard for me, you know I turn you on.

Kate was getting too worked up that she had to go to her room and finish

Not two minutes had passed by before Carl heard Kate moan out loudly from his bedroom, that he stopped stoking himself.

Was Jason home, he wondered, hearing her moan out like that last night.

He put his pants on and went down the hall, but didn't hear Jason's voice or anything, a second later, Kate come out of her room.

"Is Jason home ?"

"No...why do you ask ?" she said, while looking at me with a big grin on her face

" reason."

"Oh by the way, somebody...Marrybeth I think she said her name was, called saying she needed her pipes fixed."

"Alright, I'll let Jason know when he calls me later."

"I thought that you helped him out doing that ?"

"Um...I asked him about that, and I told him that there are somethings that I'm not sure how to fix as well as he would know how, so he told me to let him know if anyone called before leaving work and he would get whatever fixed when he got off work."

"Oh...OK then."

When he called I let him know about Marrybeth needing her pipes fixed but said I would meet him over at the apartment building, I said I needed to talk to him about something.

"Well what's up ?"

I told him what I had told Kate but suggested that it might be more simple if he got a cellphone, but he told me he was too busy at work to answer phone calls, but said it was best if we both got cellphones, other than having the tenants calling the home phone.

"OK, see you at supper then." I said then drove home

Later that evening after supper, Sandra asked me to come into the bedroom.

"Alright, give, what 'did' you tell my dad, and don't give me that crap you told him a joke either !?"

"Gee...sounds like you miss my dick more than I miss your pussy ?"

"Oh...don't even go there !"

"Alright...I'll tell you what...I'll be big about this and give in and tell you, and 'still' take your dare, whatever it might be, OK with you ?!"

"OK then...let's hear it."

After I told her, Sandra wasn't all that shocked about other women, but having thoughts of her dad being tempted was another thing, knowing that hardly any man could resist such things, and to her, her father was no exception.

"Well then...I see." she said thinking

"You think it was wrong of me to tell your dad what happened ?"

"I'm not sure whether or not it was wrong, but I rather it be someone else those situations...than with that in mind, wasn't wrong !"

"So...what's your 'big' dare ?"

"I want to know something first, and don't lie...did anybody call from the apartment building saying they needed anything and if so when ?"

"Today someone called saying that she needed her pipes fixed, why ?"

"'She'...pipes fixed...ya...I bet !"

"Well...oh you don't think I..."

"If it happened to could happen to anybody...including my dad, and why else would he want to take over that chore, other than simply saying that it was a 'on the job hazard' !"

Sandra slowly paced the room and thought about it, and assumed very strongly that's what he was doing, which she thought was pretty fucking lousy to do to mom.

"Alright...I'll give you a dare...but give me a few minutes, I'll be right back." she said then went to go talk with her mom

"Mom, can I talk with you a sec ?"

"Sure, what's up ?"

"Well I'm not going to go into any details as to what Carl and I bet on, but let's just say that he lost the bet, and I told him if he lost, that he had to do a big dare of my choosing."

"So why tell me ?"

"Well I had something in mind...and please don't question me why...but I need your help in this dare."

"OK, what did you have in mind ?"

"Well I'm going to dare him to make love to you tomorrow after he get's through eating lunch, would you help me out in this dare ?"

"Oh come on...that would be a 'big' dare at that...but really...I love your father and you too much to do that."

"Mom...let me put it this way...your not getting any younger, and besides...when that last time you had it, besides the other night ?"

" has been awhile...oh hell I couldn't even do that to you, let alone your father !"

"OK then, I guess you'll never know what your missing then." she said as she stretched out her hands, measuring how big Carl's cock is.

"Really ?"

"Oh ya...I was gonna take off work just to make sure he did it or at least hear it, but you don't really want to, so I guess I'll have to think of something else." she said, hoping to make her mom change her mind.

"Alright...but what happens if he even loses the dare ?"

" should know as well as I do that men, any men for that matter, can't resist getting 'that' from a woman !"

"Well still...what if he doesn't, have you thought about that ?"

"Well...I'm gonna tell him, before I even tell him the dare, that if he fails this dare, that I'm not gonna give him any for a year !"

"But wouldn't that hurt you as well ?"

"Not as much as it will hurt him !"

"You know dear, when I used to played the dare game, I never told the other person what I was doing."

"Well normally I wouldn't, but your my mother, and I didn't want you freaking out about it."

"I see, good judgement call...well alright then, should I put on makeup or anything ?"

"No, just be natural, he's not going to know I said anything to you, if he did, that would not be much of a dare, would it."

"No...I suppose it wouldn't."

"Thanks mom."

"Oh...while I'm thinking of it...if you don't mind...since your father doesn't hardly do it with me, Um...could you possibly tape it, so I could watch it from time to time...when know ?"

"OK mom...but what if dad finds it ?"

"I'll keep it in my hat box on the top shelf in the closet, he'll never look there."

"Alright then, I'm going now to go let him know what his dare is for tomorrow, good night mom."

"Good night dear."

Back in her bedroom

"Carl, after giving this alot of thought, I have decided what your dare is going to be, however...if you fail this dare, in any way, your cut off for a year !!"

"Oh man...not only did you say that the dare 'itself' was big, whatever that might be, but the consequences that surround this dare are 'just' as big !"

" said yourself that you would be big about it...well then...let's see how big a man you can be then !"

"Ok OK...I won't renege on what I said, now then...what is the dare ?"

"After lunch tomorrow, you...have to make love to my mom."

"Your serious ?!" he asked as she looked at him with no doubt in her eyes

"You not gonna do it ?"

"I...I will."

"And don't think I won't know if you didn't either, cuz I'm gonna ask my mom when I get home tomorrow night from work !"

"Can I at least get some tonight...honey ?"

"Well I don't know, if I gave you some tonight, then you might not be so horny tomorrow to do the dare."

"Oh crap." he said then turned and went to bed

The next day after work as Carl was going home, he wondered what made her think of 'that' dare ?

Before Carl came home, Sandra told her mom that it would be better if she had her lure Carl into her and dad's room, so she could hide in the closet with the video camera.

When Carl got home, he took his shower then ate luch, as Kate took the plate over to the sink to wash, Carl thought, this was it.

Feeling a little nervous, Carl got up, walked over behind Kate, put his arms around her, and started kissing her neck and told her that he wanted to make love to her.

"You bad boy, come on now, quit clowning."

"No really." ha said as he kissed up and down her neck, then was so bold as to cup Kate's breasts and knead them.

"Oh god." she slightly moaned out as she didn't expect that and stopped what she was doing for a moment then shut the water off and dried her hands and led him by the hand to her bedroom

Sandra started recording when they came in

Kate sat on her bed undoing his pants than went right to work on sucking his cock
When it got good and stiff, which didn't take long, she started stroking it with one hand while trying to unbutton her blouse with the other

"Oh god you have a nice big cock Carl !!"

By this time she stopped stroking his cock and took off her clothes, as Carl did himself.
She put herself in a doggy style position first and waited for that juicy big cock of his to fulfill her
But Carl started eating her out first, which Jason very rarely did, and Kate just moaned out loudly in sheer pleasure and delight, and came in no time.

"Come on Carl, fuck me fuck me right now fuck me, please dear god fuck me with that nice huge cock of yours !!"

He moved the bulb of his cock around, massaging her clit and putting just the bulb of his cock in her, then back out again, then back to her clit.

"'Oh dear god in fucking heaven would you please just fucking fuck me' !!!!" she loudly screamed out

Carl put her out of her misery, and his, and slowly put his cock into his mother-in-law.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh good god that feels sooooooo good, Uhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeees !" she moaned out as he moved his huge cock in and out, sending Kate to the planet of plearure.

"Oh god oh god oh god I'm gonna oh god oh god Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck ya Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh ya, thats the stuff !!"

Kate asked Carl to lay down on the bed and as soon as he did, she got on top of him and sat on his cock as if she was being timed to do so.

"Uhhhhh ya Ohhhhhhhhhh this is heaven, Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yaaaaaaaa, Uhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhh Uhhhhhh Uhhhhhh UHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!" she moaned out as she rode Carl's cock with such fury and came again, then laid down on the bed exhausted

Carl thought didn't know this side of his moth-in-law, but liked it alot, as soon as Kate caught her breath, she thought he was through when Carl started to get up but instead he grabbed her legs and moved her
butt over to the edge of the bed and plowed into her.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god UHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh, Oh fuck that was great !!" she said with a big ass smile on her face

Carl kissed up and down her neck, then went down and ate her out again, kneeling and holding her legs up.

"Oh please, Ohhhhhhh goooooood loooooooooooooooooooord Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh your gonna Ohhhhhhh make me Ohhhhhhh oh god oh god oh god Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Then as soon as Kate came, he got back and plowed into her again, only this time after she came, Carl quickly pulled out and came himself.

"Oh my lord Carl...that was the best I ever had, thank you !!"

"No problem Kate, I'm going to go take a shower, I'll see you at supper."

When Carl left, Sandra came out of the closet.

"Well mom, was that great or what ?!"

"Honey, that was more than great...I really needed that to, thank you !!"

"No problem mom." she said as she smiled at her and handed her mom the tape

"Sandra...could I barrow him once in awhile ?!"

Sandra just staired at her mother wondering if she was joking or not

"That's why I made you a tape mom, really mean that dad doesn't..."

"Very rarely anymore...but hey, you made me a tape and I'm at least grateful for that, thank you again honey."

There seemed to be some sadness in Kate's voice that made Sandra feel sorry for her mom, yet Sandra thought of a lot of other people in this world who don't even get it at all, like the person who wrote this
story you just read.

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