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When i joined the navy i heard so many stories about affairs. I never really knew it was true until i become involved the events surrounding one. Natasha was her name, she was a native american woman.She was very cute but she was a true bitch. She seemed like she knew everything and we at first never really got long. Taking in lines one day as we got underway we got into an argument about the lines. i won the argument however she became very bitter at me for a while. Then one day out of the blue we to have a truce. We talked and worked out a lot of our differences.

However one night i caught something that was going to change a lot of things. There was a guy called Tom who was on the ship. One night i got up to the forward locker to grab some stuff and that is when they came in. I hid where they could not see me, then they started kissing. I could not believe it, i was going to get a real sex show and i had my camera. I filmed the whole thing.First they kissed then they just went wild on each other, spitting tongues thrashing it was strange. Then he ripped her coveralls off and lifted her up around his waist. Then he fucked the shirt out of her, he was slamming her hard and it looked like she was in so much pleasure she was going to die from it. Then they both climaxed together as the held each other tight. The they laughed and put there clothes back on and left. The whole thing i must have lasted 20 minutes but it was hot.

I never got jeaulous of it, just somewhat surprised that Natasha could be that good. Well we continued to be friends for a while then another guy came into the picture. His name was Ben and he began me and Natasha friendship downfall. When he came on board there was a rumor she was fucking him too. It was confirmed one night when i went to the admin office. I knocked on the door and then i saw Natasha all covered in sweat. She asked what did i want and i told her i am sorry for disturbing your orgasim but i need these papers copied. She took them threw at me and said fuck off.

The next day i asked her what her problem was and she said to me that she was about to have the best orgasim of her life and i fucked it all up. I said that i am sorry she told me to go away. I knew she was different but i did not know how different. Then one day she made a little comment about me that set my plan in motion. she told me that i would fuck anybody but you, i said why, what has got into you. she told me that i was ugly and that we never were really friends. It made me so sad, then something came my way.

A friend of mine told me that apparently you are not the only person who has been talked to like that. I asked while who else and he said her husband. I fell straight through the floor, this poor man had a wife like Natasha cheating on him like that. The sadness left me than i began to feel rage. To have seen what i have seen with her and to think she has a husband completley clueless on this broke my heart and i got a plan to try and embaress her.

The first thing i did was print out a picture of her, then i setup the camera and i masturbated to it, i cummd on that pic about 5 times, then i placed the photo i cummd all over on her bunk Then i showed the footage i had taken to her husband. he asked me how i came across this. i told him i got trapped in there and video taped it. It was all by accident that this happened, i told him i am sorry for what has happened. He looked at it and could not see it anymore. I took the tape back and now i was going to confront her

The next day it had got around someone had put cummd stained photo of her on her whole bunk and she was so embarressed. However the best part was left to come, a few weeks later as i was about to leave the ship when i had my last chance to confront here. i met here in the parking lot, she asked me what i was dong there and i told her i was leaving, she said to me oh well. I asked her about the photo and she did not say anything. Then i told her i knew who it was who cummd on your photo. I told her it was me and her mouth dropped opened.

She could not believe it, i told her that it was payback for her cheating on her husband. She asked me hoe did i know she was cheating. Well i told her that i had caught her and tom fucking up in the forward carpartment. She told me i was lying than i showed her the tape, she could not believe that i was capable of doing something like this. I told her i showed it to your husband and she looked queezy. I told her that he deserves better, that the guys she fucked deserves better and hopefully she would never committe adultry again.

I never saw her again after that, however i saw her husband and he said thank you to me for coming fourth. Now he can move on and now has a true marriage. any might ask why i did this. After it was over i thought about it. who was i to do these things and to interfier in a persons life. Well i think it was out of the fact that i if i were tom i would probally do the same. It may be out jeausoly or spite one thing i do know is a man is happier now that i intervene. The last i heard of Natasha she was with someone in japan. Other than that i have no clue where she is at, and it does not seem to matter. .

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2013-11-04 18:36:59
ajo cimvani dervshaj arjan

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2013-04-10 18:20:06
Hi , it has been a while you didnt write here right ? Anyways i just wanted to say that I read ur notes and they were all great I kinda ralete to them because I go to karate too

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2012-12-25 10:44:12
Nosy motherfucker. You are just spitefull that you could not fuck her yourself.

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2012-12-22 16:23:09
Whenever you use i to indicate first person/yourself it it ALWAYS capitalized as in I.

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