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Written by Twistedsister
My name is Sharon (Shaz) McLennan I am a prostitute and a stripper for a biker club.
But that wasn’t always the case.
I was the only child in my dysfunctional family but it was my dysfunctional family.
My mother was a drug addict and my father was into guys.
Mum would get high and bring guys home all the time while dad was always out.
It wasn’t until I was twelve that I learnt what other activities they both did.
I had always been tall for my age and by the age of thirteen I was already five feet tall.
If you saw me now (34B, 6’1 and 125 pounds) you wouldn’t think that from the age of five until I was about thirteen I had been a chubby child.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Long ago the person I was is nothing like I am now.
It was a time when a chubby pre-teen lost all innocence thanks to her dysfunctional family.

My mum was a drug user and a swinger while my dad was once bisexual but totally gay now.

To me everything at home seemed normal as I was growing up.
The world was a vastly different place to me back then to what I know now.
Now I know better.

From an early age I was always inquisitive and it led me into trouble on a few occasions.
Especially if my mum caught me.

I often saw my dad being fucked by guys while mum slept passed out with a needle in her arm.

To me this seemed normal.

I was ten when I first watched my dad on his hands and knees naked and moaning with pleasure with a black man fucking him.

To me it was naked piggy back riding but I was ten.

I heard moaning and went to check what it was.
Mum and dad’s bedroom door was slightly ajar as I peered through.

At the time I didn’t understand what was going on.

I had just gotten used to mum bringing strange men home and moaning in the bedroom.
Later on I would find her naked body passed out on the bed or floor with a needle in her veins.
Now dad was doing the same but with no needles.

It was a confusing time for me as my battle with puberty had begun and soon with the school yard bullies.

My breasts started developing when I was in my final year of grade school but I took no notice as I thought it was puppy fat.

In my early teens I was a good little girl in my dysfunctional family.

At school I was a top student and always had my head in books.
I was always a chubby child and was often teased for that.

In my first year of secondary school I used to go straight to the library when I could because I was being constantly bullied for my weight.
On a plus side it helped me get good grades because I was always reading or doing my homework there.

I was twelve and not far from thirteen when I came home from school to the sounds of mum screaming and moaning.

By now mum had become moody and could be crazy like a loon or angry like a demon.

My inquisitive nature led me to the bedroom where the sounds resonated from.

The door wasn’t shut and I peered inside through the doorway.

Mum was on her back with her legs up in the air completely naked with a black guy on top of her.

She saw me and screamed at me to get inside.
I nervously did.

The man on top of my mum stopped and hopped off her.

I stood there staring at his large penis.

Young lady do you know it’s fucking rude to stare? She stood naked yelling at me.
Yes mum. I hesitantly said.

Take your panties off. She continued.
I did as she said, as I often received bare bottom beatings from her when she was needing drugs.

Now bend over the dresser. She ordered.
I placed my hands across the dresser as she lifted my skirt up revealing my bare bottom.

Tears welled as I knew what was coming but out of embarrassment as a strange black man watched on.

She hit my bare bottom with an open hand.

Now get out of my room. Mum scolded.

I ran to my room and cried for an hour.

When I came out of my room Mum and her black man were still making strange noises but the door was shut now.
I walked out the back door and just sat on the steps still upset.

Dad’s car pulled up in the drive just before dark.
I walked up to his car and as he exited I hugged him.

When we entered the house mum’s room was open.
Her man was gone and she was naked and passed out with a needle in her arm.

Dad tried to shield me from seeing her like that.

Let’s go out for tea my little Honeybun. He suggested.
I gleefully clung to him and we went out to Pizza Hut.

That was a usual occurrence at home for quite some time.
Mum would scold me and pass out on drugs.
While Dad would mollycoddle me.

By the time I was thirteen I was getting used to my scoldings from mum because she always left the door open.
If she even suspected I took a peek I would get a spanking.

It was one day after school that my world changed.
I walked by her room as I went towards mine.
Instinctively I turned my head towards her room as she screamed out.

What I saw was a heavily tattooed Latino-Mexican man on top of her.
She spotted me and again I got called into her room.
Again she yelled at me for staring.
I protested that I wasn’t.

Liar. She screamed at me.
I put my hands on the dresser and pulled down my panties as I knew what was coming.

No Sharon, not today. She said.
I turned around and she pushed me down to the ground.

Open your lying mouth. She ordered.
I was confused and scared as I didn’t know what her crazed mind had planned for me.
I didn’t and why. I pleaded

You did and Nico here is going to teach you a lesson. She proudly said.
I looked at Nico and his cock and back at mum confused.
Was he going to cut my tongue out? I thought.

Nico my nosy daughter has a lying mouth teach her a lesson in cock. She smugly said.

I stared at it and then looked at mum again.

Pleeaase! I pleaded.
The temptation to run was there but mum pushed me down as I attempted to get up.

Nico then grabbed hold of my hair and forced his cock inside my mouth.
It went down my throat and choked me.
Tears ran down my cheeks as I struggled for air.

I waved my arms frantically around as I struggled for air with Nico’s cock deep down my throat close to balls deep.

The pair of them laughed at me.

He now grabbed hold of my ears and was sliding my head up and down his cock.
Tears ran down my cheeks and this was worse than any beating I had endured before.

Mum was laughing at me and kissing Nico.
All I could do was watch them as I gagged on Nico’s cock.

Drool escaped my mouth from each thrust out.

After what felt like forever Nico pulled out of my mouth.
Mum made me sit there and watch Nico stroking his cock in front of my face.

I sat there gasping for air and watching and watching him stroking his cock.

Until his cock spewed this thick cream on my face.
I closed my eyes as it flew into my face and hair.

I felt embarrassed as I thought he had just peed on me.
So I began to wipe it from my face.

Now Sharon go clean yourself up and get your ass back here and watch mummy and Nico play. She said, clinging to him.

When I returned my mum was on her back with legs in the air and I stood there watching.
I watched until Nico grunted and some cream went inside my mum.

She then sucked on his cock while he begun to heat up a spoon with some white powder in it.
I stood observing.

I was then told to sit on the bed.

Mum reached into a bag and presented Nico with two needles.
He heated the powder into liquid form and injected a small dose in one needle and a larger dose in another.

Now relax and be a good girl. Mum said and grabbed hold of my left arm.
I tried to protest.

Aw. I grimaced as the needle went in my arm.
Nico injected the small dosed needle into my arm.

I then stared at my mum with fear.
Adrenaline soon raced through me and I lay on my back on mum’s bed with a massive head rush.

I then slowly drifted off into some kind of dreamy state.

Several hours passed when I came too.
I felt a little dizzy and weird.
Mostly I felt thirsty.

Mum was still out cold and Nico was gone.

This was my introduction to drug and cock addiction.
Within a year I craved both and my weight shrank.

Later when mum came to she told me that I was to come straight into her room after school from now on.

This made me feel confused as she would get angry at me if I even came close to her room before.

I did and would then suck the cocks of her various male friends and then be injected with small doses of heroin or crystal meth, almost each day after school.
They even fucked me and I bled a lot the first time but the drugs calmed my hysterics down.

School was now beginning to play second fiddle to me now and sucking cock was more important.

Dad knew what was going on but could do little to stop it.
He too was addicted to cock and being fucked by some of mum’s male friends on some occasions.

My grades started to slip but so did my weight.

My early addiction to drugs and cock had begun.

From that moment onwards I was doing lines of coke with mum and her guy of the time.

By the age of fourteen I’d rarely attend school and would spend most of the day with mum and her boyfriends.

At fifteen I had left school and was spending most of my day sleeping, snorting or fucking.

I wasn’t injecting gear into my veins much but still did.

When I did it was late at night but on rare occasions.

But mum would gleefully inject at any chance she could.

While mum was more interested in meth than sex; I on the other hand was more interested in sex and coke then meth.

Once she did her deed like sex with her guy, she would then take a hit of whatever she could and pass out.

While she was out of it her man at the time would be left to play with me until she came to.

I would suck and fuck her guy right in front of her while she slept it off.

Later on a few odd occasions her man would invite more friends over and use me like a willing cum dumpster.

This was an awesome feeling.
I would snort more coke prior to them arriving and be all theirs.

It depended on who the guy was and numbers but when the Latinos came round they came in numbers.
Sometimes six or seven Latinos would arrive out of a van.
The blacks or African Americans would drive a car load of guys over.
But when it was bikers it was usually one biker or two who turned up.

At first her guy would check on mum and see if she was stirring and then the action would begin.

I would be on my knees in no time with cock in my mouth while with my free hands I would stroke the others.

Culminating in a cock in my pussy soon after.

My pussy would leak cum for hours afterwards and my mouth smelt of cock all day.

This went on for several months before mum woke up early on day.

I was entertaining her black boyfriend and his friends right before her eyes.

She lost it and kicked everyone out then slapped me hard across my face.

Later on when she calmed down she spoke to me.

Shay I don’t mind you sleeping with guys but that many at one time I do! She said.
I stood a little embarrassed and a little angry.
She introduced me to this world but didn’t like which direction I was taking it.

And right in front of me? She said in a puzzled manner.
I felt embarrassment more than anger now.

We hugged and she kissed me and all was forgiven.

So to stop a repeat episode her male friends would sneak me out and go for a drive in a van, car or bike to a house or Club or in a van to fuck.

I was buzzing on coke and eager for action and mum wasn’t around to interrupt.

Her guys knew I was a sex maniac and would often sneak me party drugs like coke and ecstasy.

I was by now addicted to the two C words; cock and coke.

When we returned from fucking I would be dropped me off out the front door smelling of sex.

They didn’t stay as they knew of my mum’s temper and would drive off.

Mum would inquire were we went and I’d lie and say for a snack.

I think she knew it was more than a snack but couldn’t prove it.

I was beginning to enjoy my daily highs.

More soon>>>>


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its coming the next episode..
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I did it that way because of the virus or whatever of November "A" for each "
Next chapter i wont remove the " as there is no solution. Maybe i will put chats in brackets.
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false confession? I want to know what happens next?

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