Due to the past reviews of my previous post, I must write a new story to impress all of you.
Alicia and Paula were two beautiful girls from Witchita Falls, Texas. Alicia was short at about 5'3", with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body was angelic and her skin was like ivory, her breasts were small at only a B cup. Paula was also very elegent, she stood at 5'6" and had red hair with green eyes. She too had beautiful skin, but her breasts were much bigger at a 36C.

These two ladies had just finished partying at a friend's house in Elektra, Saturday Night. It was about two 'o clock at night when they stumbled out of the door, Alicia was the only sober on as she was the designated driver. As they left, Alicia forgot where they parked, so she helped her friend stumble down the street looking for their car.
When they approached the end of the block a man in a ski mask came around the corner, he pointed his gun at Paula. "Now, you two follow me or I'll blow your fucking brains out, cha hear?" He said the ski mask muddling his voice.

"O..O..Okay." Paula responded in a slurred voice, and they began following him. They followed down the road for at least half a mile, then he stopped them.

"Take your clothes off, both of you." He barked.

"What!?" Alicia shouted.

"Quietly, NOW!" He said, sticking his gun under Paula's chin. Slowly, Alicia began unbuttoning her shirt. Paula almost fell over trying to take off her shoes. Alicia pulled off her blouse and unclasped her purple bra and let it fall revealing her small but wonderful breasts. Meanwhile, Paula had managed to get her shoes and socks off. "Help her." The man said. Alicia reached down to the sitting Paula and pulled her shirt over her head, releasing Paula's huge breasts. Alicia then sat down herself and began removing her socks and shoes, while Paula got her shorts off with no problem. Alicia grabbed her skirt and panties at the same time then quickly pulled them down and off, as Paula removed the rest of her clothes. Together they stood naked on the sidewalk, Paula stumbling.
"What are you gonna do?" Alicia asked, her lip trembling.
"Oh, I think you know. but it's not what I'm gonna do, It's what you're going to do." He said. "Now Walk." Slowly they began walking down the road nude and not paying any attention to the man behind them, just focusing on the gun in their backs. They went about four more blocks before the man told them to take a right, and they did so without question. Soon, they saw where they were headed, at the end of the alley they could see lots of guys standing around drinking. At least sixty something guys were there, their hoots and yells became obvious as they got closer.
Finally, they got within arms reach off the guys and one off them shoved Alicia to the ground. Already, he unzipped his pants and said, "Suck Bitch!" He pulled his fully erect cock out in front off Alicia's face.
Paula was getting the same treatment from another guy, but had no hesitance in swallowing his cock. Paula had trouble staying up from being so drunk and fell over several times. Soon, Alicia was sucking a cock as well. It didn't take long for him to cum and Alicia took a full facial because the guy pulled out. But she turned to a gun barrel, "Help your friend." The voice behind the gun said. Alicia could see Paula struggling to stay sitting.
"Have some fucking pity, she's too drunk." Alicia said.
"We have no pity. Now help her suck that dick, or we'll shoot her in the back of the head." He said sharply, turning the gun to Paula.
"Please no, I'll do it. I'll do it all, just let her go please." Alicia said pleadingly as tears formed in her eyes.
"No! You are gonna do it all, but she's gonna help you. How's that? And if you disobey one order from us, we'll kill your friend." The man said coldly.
"Okay, just don't hurt us." Alicia said calmly approaching Paula.
"Alright, then start sucking those dicks." He said, and Alicia moved Paula out of the way and began swallowing the dick she was sucking. "Now drunk girl, help your friend by grabbing her head and forcing her to suck this dick or I'll shoot her in the back."
Paula said nothing, just grabbed Alicia's head and started slamming the cock down her throat. Alicia took the abuse without puking, but gagging several times. Paula slammed so hard that she almost broke Alicia's nose. Alicia was so releaved when he came, but Paula didn't know and kept ramming his dick down her throat even as he spurted cum across her tounge. It wasn't until the guy pulled away that she stopped. "Alright, Okay. You know I can't stand watching you break her nose. So from now on Paula, you are gonna suck her clit." The man with the gun said.
"WHAT?! No way!" Paula said slurring her speech horribly. The guy lifted the gun to Alicia's face.
"Well then, I'll just kill her. Do you want her death on your hands?" He said.
"No, I'll do it." Paula said her head down almost sobbing.
"Well, what are you girls waiting for!" He screamed and Alicia immediatly started sucking down the next cock. Paula slid underneath her and began tounging her slit. Alicia bobbed up and down on the rod, while Paula sucked down her pussy juices. Alicia moaned loudly around the cock stuffed in her mouth. Paula worked feverishly, not wanting to get her friend killed. Never before had Paula had a clit in her mouth, and it really wasn't that bad. Alicia was getting throat fucked and soon she would cum. But, before she could the guy pulled out and shot load after load on her face. The whole time Alicia moaned and groaned, she sreamed and wriggled in orgasm as another cock approached her mouth. Slowly she swallowed it her whole body shivering and already getting ready for another climax.
Paula was in shock when she felt something at her pussy lips, with no hesitation, she felt a cock slam deep inside her. He easily filled her cavity and began slamming deeper and harder. Her mouth full of her best friend's cunt and her pussy filled with a strange dick, Paula didn't know how to react, she was so drunk. But, she was enjoying herself immensely.
Alicia spasmed and arched her back as she was racked with another orgasm, cock still being forced down her throat. Not for long however as the man pulled his rod out and began spraying cum on Paula's face and Alicia's legs. So busy they were, that they didn't notice the masked man walking back with their clothes. Alicia had another cock forced down her sore throat, and couldn't see the man throwing their clothes into the fire along with all their personal belongings.
Poor girls didn't know how screwed they really were. Alicia couldn't take much more her mouth was so sore, she had never sucked so much dick. However, the man in her mouth pulled out and plastered her face with some more cum, then she felt cum hit her tits. She was so busy she didn't notice the guys surrounding them. More cum, this time it hit her left shoulder. Another cock was forced inside her warm mouth.
Paula would have screamed from her orgasm if her mouth wasn't filled with pussy at the moment. She felt cum hit her stomach and pool in her belly, she felt more hit her right thigh and more still on the other side. Another cock slammed deep into her pussy, as she tried to wipe the cum from her eyes. She could barely breath Alicia's cunt was being pressed so hard onto her mouth.
Alicia felt more cum hit her back, and some land in her hair. Her throat was raw as this rigid cock stuffed itself harder into her mouth. She shivered again as she felt another climax coming. But, the cock deep in her mouth yanked itself out and shot come down her stomach and no sooner did he cum than she screamed from her own orgasm. But it was cut short as another cock slammed down her throat. She felt more cum hitting her legs and pussy.
Paula sucked down some cum as it rolled down Alicia's slit, her pussy was taking a real beating. Again she had to wipe some cum from her eyes. Then she felt more cum hit her forehead and roll down to her ear. The guy inside her pulled out and sprayed her legs with cum. She didn't even get to cum, but no worries, anothe cock quickly took his place, then she felt cum hitting her tits. Soon, another load hit her right in the face, and her eyes were open. The way she was laying, the cum just pooled up in her right eye socket and another quickly shot his load in the same place, but the opposite side. This time she started shivering in orgasm as the cock inside her rammed faster and deeper.
Alicia started coughing as the cock in her mouth pulled out, she looked up at four stroking cocks aimed at her face. They began shooting their loads almost at the same time, one shot hit her right in the eye. She quickly turned away but felt hands grab her head and turn her back. She took every shot in the face.


2005-10-02 00:32:55
Why stop now? This is a good story, but a worthless ending... i.e. no ending,..!


2005-09-17 01:01:33
AND ? ? ?


2005-09-17 00:13:43
That was stupid


2005-09-15 23:16:54
good real good

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