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Angelique sipped a glass of red wine as she studied the curves of Bella's luscious body, the way her hair fell around her soft, bare shoulders. "I am visiting Los Angeles on business," she spoke in a sultry Brazilian accent.
Angelique sipped a glass of red wine as she studied the curves of Bella's luscious body, the way her hair fell around her soft, bare shoulders.
"I am visiting Los Angeles on business," she spoke in a sultry Brazilian accent.
"I'm from Brazil, actually,"
She traced the edge of her glass with her fingertips.
"I am here alone this evening," she held her glass by the stem and swirled it on the bar.
"But I suppose you could say that I'm, " she paused to smile playfully.
"Looking for someone, so to speak."

Angelique turned slightly to face Balla, she was wearing a black burlesque corset & long skirt, she crossed her legs to reveal leather cowboy boots with four inch heels. her neck was adorned with a necklace bearing the image of the Goddess, Iemanjá that she inherited from her great grandmother. She was a bit distracted, taking a moment to drink in Bella's remarkable beauty.
Her imagination was running wild. There was something about Bella, something unrestrained, adventurous. Angelique pegged her for a southern girl, maybe Texas, strict parents, religious upbringing. Angelique could sense in her the lust for deeper experiences, she also sensed her erotic spirit, a need to express herself with her body.

She leaned on the bar, taking a more intimate stance.
"And you?" she looked Bella up and down.
"Surely you are not here all alone."

Angelique's Brazilian accent was so sexy and mesmerizing. Bella had met women from all corners of the world, but she had never met a woman as stunning as the one in front of her. The way she presented herself was so flawless. After taking another sip of her drink Bella flashed Angelique a flirty yet curious smile when she said she was looking for someone. “Maybe I could help you with that.” Bella raised her eye brow and smirked playfully. Bella's eyes shifted from Angelique's for a moment as she let her eyes explore the beautiful Brazilian once again. Bella had never been so attracted to another woman in all her life. Being a bi-sexual Bella had fooled around a bit with girls but for her she'd always preferred men. But within 5 minutes of meeting- Angelique had Bella drawn in and had her feeling a sense of lust that she had never felt towards any man or woman before. She was lusting for this woman she barely knew and as strange as it felt, Bella was kind of turned on and excited by it.

Bella lost her train of thought for a moment when Angelique moved in closer to her. Bella's eyes scanning over the beautiful woman's chest, admiring her beautiful necklace and her amazing breasts in her corset. After a moment Bella quickly came back to the conversation and smiled. “I'm here alone too, My friend knows the guy who owns this club... so I'm sort of here as a favour.” Bella told her, finding it hard to stay focused on the topic. “I wasn't keen on coming to this particular club but I'm glad I did.” Bella added as she put her hands in her soft dark hair and pulled it to one side. “So what kind of business are you in?... If you don't mind me asking.” Bella asked as she crossed her legs, giving Angelique the perfect view of her long legs. Bella was so intrigued by Angelique, she was very friendly but also came off as a bit mysterious. Bella knew there was more to Angelique and Bella was very interested in finding out; but there was also something extremely sexy and inciting about not knowing. After another drink and a little more conversation Bella found herself wanting this woman more and more. Every word she spoke in her gorgeous accent drove the Southern Bell wild. “Would you like to dance?” Bella asked as she slowly stood up, moving a bit closer to Angelique then necessary but Bella knew she wouldn't mind. Bella took Angelique's hand as they made their way through the crowd. When they found a spot Bella moved close to Angelique and put her hands on her hips, moving their bodies closer together as they moved slowly to the sexy remix the DJ opted to play.

Angelique took Bella's hand and led her through the crowd, she allowed her hips to sway and pop a little hard with the heavy beat. She put her hands on Bella's hips, swinging rhythmically.
"To answer your question, I own a beach resort in Brazil, a little place in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina. I inherited it."
Angelique danced closer to Bella, she could feel her hot breath on her cheek.
"I'm actually looking for…"
She looked away for a moment, searching for the right words.
"An assistant, of sorts."
She traced Bella's hips with her fingertips as they danced. Every eye in the place seemed to be on them.
"My needs are of a rather, personal nature."

Angelique moved behind Bella, embracing her. She took control on the dance floor, keeping Bella close to her so she could feel the heat of her body, her hardening nipples pressed against her.
"Perhaps we can discuss it further," Angelique whispered.
"I'm staying at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood."
Angelique was feeling very bold.
"What are your plans for the weekend?"

“I can cancel my plans.” Bella replied. She had a few photo shoots scheduled for the weekend but she didn't care. Even though she had no idea what Angelique had planned, Bella had a feeling she was really going to enjoy whatever it was.

Angelique smiled when Bella agreed to cancel her plans. "I will, of course, compensate you for any income you might lose by spending the weekend with me." Angelique explored Bella's body with her elegant fingertips as they moved in a sensual, rhythmic unison on the dance floor. "We'll consider the next two days a sort of, probation period." Bella felt a soft kiss on the back of her neck. "Time to decide if we're the right…" Angelique's hands closed around Bella's wrists as they danced, restraining her playfully. "Fit." Another kiss, and Angelique was tempted to devour Bella right there in the middle of the crowded club, the taste of her skin, her sweat, Angelique decided she would sample all of the delightful flavors of Bella this very evening. Angelique's phone vibrated and when she checked the identity of the caller her mood changed a bit, she took on a stern, businesslike attitude, no nonsense."I'm so sorry, my pet but I'm afraid business calls." She slipped a room key into Bella's hand and whispered in her ear, "I'll expect you in my room promptly at midnight." Angelique slipped away discretely and disappeared into the crowd.

Angelique was just stepping out of the shower when she heard the front door. "Bella?" she called.
"Is that you, my pet?"
She towel dried her hair as she sat down at the vanity table.
"Help yourself to a drink, I'm just getting out of the shower!"
Bella wandered over to the bar, taking a moment to familiarize herself with the layout.
"And make me one of whatever you're having, please!"
Bella set two martini glasses on the bar.
"I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place?" Angelique asked, her voice echoed in the bathroom.
"Not at all," Bella replied.
She mixed the drinks in a cocktail shaker and sifted them into the glasses, then added an olive to each.
Angelique glanced at the clock as she painted her eyelashes.
"I see you're right on time!"
Angelique thought of the taste of Bella's skin, sweetness with a hint of sweat from the heat of the club. The thought of having her all to herself for the weekend was exhilarating. Goosebumps rose on her skin.
"Good girl!" she smiled.
"I'm very pleased!"

Angelique emerged from the bathroom in nothing but a white, fluffy towel, which made her bronze skin seem even deeper in tone. she was attempting to clasp her necklace behind her back. She walked over to Bella, handed her the necklace and turned around, letting her robe fall around her smooth, sexy shoulders.
"Would you mind?" she asked.

“Not at all.” Bella jumped at the chance to help her. As her robe slid off her soft shoulders Bella licked her lips. She put the Necklace around her neck and clasped it together. She let the necklace slide into place on Angelique's neck as her finger tips moved slowly over Angelique's shoulders. “Your skin is so soft.” Bella said softly as she moved Angelique's hair to the other side of her so her neck was exposed. Bella leaned in closer, her hot breath hitting the beautiful woman's neck. Bella took a moment to take in her beautiful scent. Lingering for a moment at her neck before she pulled away and sat back down.

Bella moved aside so Angelique could sit down next her. “So tell me more about this Assistant you're looking for..” Bella said as she handed Angelique her glass. Bella moved a little closer to the beautiful woman as she spoke. A curious smile played on the young brunette's lips as she listened to Angelique speak. Her accent very distracting from the topic at hand, Bella found it hard to keep her thoughts clear as the image of Angelique restraining her wrists earlier at the club entered her mind. It was so sexy how this woman took control. It drove Bella wild. Bella sat her drink back down on the table before she put her on Angelique's knee. Bella just wanted to touch her. She needed to. It was like Angelique was a drug she needed a fix on. She had never experienced such desire. Her soft finger tips running up and down slowly on her leg and knee, subtly getting high up her leg each time.

Angelique grasped Bella's wrists firmly.
"No no no, my pet," her voice took a sterner tone.
"We mustn't touch unless we are told to."
Angelique placed Bell's hands in her lap and rose to her feet.
"Let me explain the arrangement I am offering, my pet."
Angelique had been waiting for an opportunity to exhibit her dominance, and test Bella's limits a bit.
"I am in charge, from this point forward you shall address me as Mistress or Mistress Angelique."
Angelique picked up a match from the matchbook on the coffee table and struck it, the flame illuminated her smooth, tawny skin.
"You must always ask permission before you do or say anything."
Angelique lit two candles on the coffee table, and then proceeded to light the rest of the candles that had been strategically placed around the room.
"You are never to say "No" to me when I tell you to do something., your "Safe Word" is "RED". Do not hesitate to use this word if you find yourself in an unbearable situation. I will stop everything and we will talk."
Angelique paused in the middle of the room, facing Bella directly, her robe was open slightly, revealing her erect left nipple.
"Your duties as my personal assistant will be to attend to my every desire, is this understood?"
It was an easy decision. “Yes Mistress.” Bella answered.
Slowly Bella slipped off her heels and started to crawl towards her Mistress on her hands and knees, her breasts jiggling in her strapless dress.

Angelique smiled when Bella dropped to her knees. "I'm very pleased that we have come to an understanding," she said.
"Now, follow me , my pet." Angelique turned and walked toward the bedroom with Bella following behind on her hands and knees, she paused to light the candles along the short hallway leading to the bedroom.

The bedroom was furnished in elegant simplicity, the white curtains billowed seductively with the breeze from the open balcony. Outside the night air was filled with the pulsing beat of sunset strip. Next to the bed was a rack of bondage implements such as restraints, whips, paddles, ticklers, and blindfolds, On the bed was an ornate black collar with the name 'Bella" monogrammed on it. Angelique picked up the collar and patted the mattress. "Sit with your knees together and your hands in your lap, my pet." she commanded. Bella did as she was told. Angelique stroked Bella's cheek gently with her fingertips. "Mmmm good girl!" she praised as she fastened the collar around Bella's neck. "Tonight I will get to know my new pet," Angelique said as she stroked Bella's hair. "And my pet will learn exactly what is expected of her."

Angelique loosened the belt on her robe, letting it fall open exposing her bare breasts. Her pussy was shaved and glistening with wetness, a small jeweled ring pierced her belly button and she had an elaborate tattoo of a tiger on her right thigh. "Now, my pet," she said. "Can you control yourself or must you be restrained?"

When Bella had agreed to do the appearance at the club tonight never in a million years did she think this how her night would end up. Bella didn't mind of course she was very please with where things were going. Bella had wanted to let her hair down and be free and now on her hands and knee's following her new Mistress the southern sweetheart felt more free then ever. As they approached the bedroom Bella became more excited, having to close her legs tighter together as she crawled through the door and saw all of the bondage equipment. Bella had thoughts of her Mistress using her 'Equipment' on her and it made her even wetter. Bella's eyes followed her Mistress as she headed for the bed. On her Mistress's command Bella made her way to the bed and did as she was told. Bella bit her lip as she struggled not to touch her Mistress. Feeling her finger tips on her cheek sent Bella's body into a frenzy. Bella fought her urge this time but when she saw her Mistress move in front of her and expose her beautiful body Bella wasn't so sure she could hold herself back. Her perfect pussy right in front of her, so wet and juicy. Bella's eyes scanned her Mistress's body, her breasts were perfect, her nipples so luscious. “I don't think I can control myself mistress but I'll try.” Bella replied as she held her hands firmly in her lap, fighting her urge just to reach out and touch her Mistress's body. “I need you so badly.” Bella begged softly as her eyes feel to her Mistress's pussy in front of her. It looked so sweet and tasty, Bella knew she was going to have a lot of trouble keeping her hands to herself but she was going to try.

Bella moved slowly toward her Mistress but she didn't touch her. Her eyes locked on her Mistress's. It was clear to see Bella was going crazy not being able to have it. “I'm yours Mistress, I'll do anything... please let me touch you... or taste you...just for a second.. please.” Bella begged with a hungry lustful look in her beautiful hazel eyes. Bella moved one hand from her lap and put it on her own breast brushing her exposed nipple that had popped out earlier. It was clear to see she was having trouble holding herself back. She craved her Mistress, her desire to give her pleasure and touch her was so strong. Bella's other hand moved to her inner thigh but she made sure not to touch what now belonged to her Mistress. She could feel the heat coming from her wet pussy. “Please Mistress I'm so wet for you... I need you.” Bella said softly. Her sexual frustration boiling over the top. As much as it drove her crazy, she loved every moment. She loved being teased and having to begged for her mistress.

Angelique glared playfully at Bella.
"Disobeying your Mistress so soon, my pet?"
She selected a leather paddle from the rack.
"You were told to ask permission to speak!"
Angelique smacked her own thigh with the paddle.
"On your knees, my pet," she commanded.
"Rest on your elbows and lift your sexy little ass high in the air."
"Yes, Mistress Angelique."
Bella did as she was told.

Angelique slowly lowered Bella's panties to her knees and stroked her buttocks with the paddle, then she gave her a sharp smack.
Angelique lifted Bella's dress a little higher over her hips.
Angelique set the paddle aside and began to rub Bella's ass where she had struck her. There was a bright red stripe across Bella's ass and Angelique's pulse quickened.
Bella whimpered and started to speak but Angelique warned her not to make her punish her again.

Angelique sat on the floor beside Bella, stroking her thighs and massaging her buttocks.
"I want to see how hot and wet I can get that pussy of yours," she teased.
She was driving Bella wild. “Mistress May I speak?” Bella asked in a soft tone, not being able to speak properly. Bella was containing her moans and she was worried if she let herself her go she wouldn't be able to control herself and she didn't want to disobey her mistress again. “I'm so wet, I can't take it anymore. I need you so badly. Please.” Bella said softly once her Mistress let her speak. Bella wasn't sure how long she could handle this. Her Mistress could make her cum just by stroking her ass and thigh. Bella let out a soft moan and started to rock her body slightly trying to move her Mistress's hand closer to her pussy.

Angelique picked up the paddle and smacked Bella's ass sharply.
She gathered a handful of Bella's hair in her hand and pulled.
"I'll only tell you once, my pet," she whispered in her ear.
"Hold still!"
She spanked her harder this time, her ass reached a deeper shade of red. Angelique inhaled deeply, held her breath for a moment and let it out. She stood up and walked over to the rack and selected a pair of wrist restraints and a leash. She massaged her breasts gently as she took a moment to gaze at Bella's juicy ass, her juices dripping down her inner thighs. She walked over to her and knelt in front of her.
"Obviously, my pet needs to be restrained further."
She fastened the restraints around Bella's slender wrists, clipping the chain that connects them to Bella's collar, she then attached the leash.
"On your feet, pet," she commanded.
Bella struggled to get to stand up, only able to move her hands a few inches, cuffed together and chained to her collar, forced into a prayer pose, her panties around her ankles.

Angelique pulled the top of Bella's dress down roughly, exposing both of her gorgeous breasts. Angelique cupped them in her hands, touching the tips of her thumbs to Bella's nipples.
"Mmmmm, my pet has the most beautiful breasts." she said.
She led her by the leash out onto the balcony.
"I think all of Hollywood should see my pet's beautiful breasts!"
She led her to the railing and embraced her from behind, reaching around to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Bella could feel Angelique's large nipples hardening against her back.

The city lights twinkled and the sun was just hinting at rising. The cool night air rose goosebumps on Bella's silky smooth skin.
Angelique was unbelievably turned on, she felt that Bella would submit to any act she wished, this sexy little vixen belonged to Angelique now. She felt that she was already pushing her pet beyond her comfort zone but she wasn't about to stop now, it wasn't her style.
Angelique saw a couple of men gawking from the street below, she looked them in the eye as she let her robe fall to the floor. Angelique loved the attention and she wanted to show off her sexy pet to the entire world. She ran her hands all over Bella's trembling body and kissed the back of her neck softly. Bella moaned as Angelique's hand moved across her smooth stomach.
"Mmmmm, my pet," she whispered, "I want you to cum for me."
Angelique held Bella even tighter as her hands explored her body, she gently spread her pussy lips apart as the men on the street below cheered and cat-called. Bella's pussy was wet and slippery and Angelique slid a finger inside her, massaging her gently while she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

Bella was helpless, her wrists chained to her collar, her body was shaking, weak with desire.
"Your body is so sensual," Angelique whispered as she kissed and licked Bella's earlobe. "Me sinto muito perto de voce."
She sucked Bella's earlobe into her mouth and tickled it with the tip of her tongue, she was rubbing her clit faster now.
Angelique caressed Bella's throat as she slipped a second finger inside her.
"Cum for me, my pet."
Angelique was breathing heavier and faster.
"Cum for me, and then you can come inside and taste your Mistress."

Bella began to pant and she felt weak at the knees. Her tiny frame trembled with pleasure as she pulled against her restraints in an uncontrollable spasm. “I'm cuming Mistress.” Bella moaned. Bella's body tensed up as she felt herself cum all over her Mistress' fingers. As Bella panted to catch her breath the men below them were still enjoying the show as they continued to call out to the women on the balcony. They were very happy with the show Mistress Angelique had put on. Bella closed her eyes when she felt her Mistress' wet fingers running across her plump lips. “Taste yourself my pet.” Mistress Angelique Whispered into her pet's ear. Bella obliged and opened her mouth as her Mistress slid her fingers in and out and all around Bella's mouth. Bella licked her sucked on her Mistress' fingers, tasting her own pussy juices. That of course sent the men below wild as they cheered the beautiful women on.
When Mistress Angelique turned Bella around she couldn't decide where to place her gaze. Her Mistress' body looked so delicious. Her Mistress' wet pussy glistened in the faded light coming from inside. Bella licked her lips as she thought about what was going to happen next. Her Mistress was finally going to let her taste her. Bella's mouth watered at the thought.

Angelique took Bella's leash and strolled inside, licking her fingers clean as she walked. The men outside voiced their disapproval quite loudly.
Angelique seemed amused.
"You taste so sweet, my pet," she praised.
"You were such a good girl out on the balcony, I think you deserve a treat."

She instructed Bella to kneel next to the bed and she closed the French doors that led out to the balcony. She sat on the bed and opened the night table drawer to retrieve a small box containing a bag of marijuana, rolling papers and a lighter. She expertly rolled a joint, lit it and held it to Bella's lips so she could inhale. She then unfastened Bella's restraints, leaned back in bed and took a deep drag.
"Mmmmmmmm," she held the smoke in.
She leaned her head back against the headboard and exhaled.

Bella looked up at her Mistress and after getting an approving nod Bella slowly leaned down and ran her tongue up and down her Mistress' wet slit. Using her index finger and thumb Bella spread her pussy lips apart and dipped her tongue in her Mistress' slit before pulling it out. She repeated action a few more times before she brought her head back up for another draw on the joint her Mistress was enjoying. Bella moved between her Mistress' legs as they opened wider. On her knee's between her Mistress' legs Bella leaned forward and spread her Mistress' pussy lips apart and blew the smoke slowly up and down the slit. When she was done Bella moved her face forward and began lick up and down her Mistress' slit again. “mmm.” Bella moaned into her pussy. Mistress Angelique's pussy juices covering Bella's as she buried her tongue deeper. Using her left hand Bella began to massage Mistress Angelique's clit while her right index finger was slowly inserted into her tight little pussy.
“You taste so fucking good, Mistress,” Bella told her as she slowly slid a second finger inside her pussy. Bella's eyes locked on her Mistress' as she pleasured her. Bella just wanted to see the enjoyment on the beautiful Brazilians face. She want to please this woman, that's all Bella cared about. This woman had a hold on Bella that no one else had ever had. She unleashed something inside of Bella that Bella didn't want to have to hide again. Bella continued to push her fingers in and out of her Mistress slowly and sensually, making sure she felt everything. After a moment Bella leaned forward- back into her pussy, using the hand that was rubbing her clit she exposed it and let her tongue flick over it, again and again. her tongue teasing her Mistress' swollen clit.

Angelique took a long drag and then set the joint aside in the ashtray on the nightstand. She grabbed two fistfuls of Bella's hair and pulled her closer.
"Suck my clit into your mouth, my pet," she commanded.
"Oooooh, good girl!"
Angelique was becoming more aggressive, grinding into Bella's face, now glistening with her juices.
She instructed Bella on how to please her, treating her roughly until she felt her climax approaching. She moved her hips in a rhythmic motion, so sensual, almost hypnotic. Bella was licking and sucking as fast as she could, desperate to please her Mistress.

"Oh my god, fuck yes!" Angelique screamed.
She squirted all over her pet's face and collapsed into the pillows as she moaned and writhed in ecstasy. Her juices dripped from Bella's chin.
Angelique grabbed Bella by the back of the neck and pulled her close, holding her face between her breasts.
"Mmmmmmmm, my pet!" she exclaimed.
She held Bella tenderly, stroking her hair.
"I am very pleased with you, my pet." she said.
"Tell me, are you having a good time?"

“I am Mistress, I'm having a great time.” Bella responded her her soft southern accent. “I would be very interested in discussing maybe taking this arrangement past this weekend.” Bella added. This arrangement was new to Bella, she had never done anything of this nature to this extent but she had to admit she was enjoying it and wanted to explore it a lot more. Bella wanted to explore this lifestyle and explore the submissive within her. She knew by how well she had taken to this role as Mistress Angelique's pet that this was something she needed to explore more. She had let a complete stranger dominate her and she loved it, that had to be a sign that this was meant for her. Bella tugged on the collar Mistress Angelique had put on her earlier in an effort to refrain her hands from exploring her Mistress's perfect breasts. They were right in front of her, her hard nipples looking very inviting. Bella shook her head slightly to stop herself from thinking about her Mistress' breasts though that was near impossible; She had just had her head between them after all. “I would make a very good pet, I'd be there to fulfill your every need, whenever... or wherever you'd like.” Bella continued as she let her index finger trace the tattoo on her Mistress' leg. She was a goddess, everything about her mesmerized the southern beauty. She was perfection and Bella not only wanted to worship her she needed to worship her. It was a hungry desire coming from her that she couldn't fight.

Angelique brushed Bella's hair back over her ear.
She raised an eyebrow, "We shall see how you feel at the end of the weekend, my pet."
"Now fetch the hotel menu, It's in the sitting room," Angelique smiled.
"Let's order some room service, I'm absolutely ravenous!"
Bella scampered off into the other room.
"And we can discuss our plans for tomorrow!" she shouted.

When Bella returned, Angelique had slipped under the covers, she held them back for Bella to climb in next to her. Angelique put her arm around her and kissed her forehead gently.
"Tomorrow, my pet…since it IS saturday night, we will be hosting a party. The guest list is quite eclectic, but everyone is involved in the BDSM lifestyle in one way or another. You will have the opportunity to explore many avenues, just remember your safe-word. If anyone wishes to include you in any sort of play they must ask my permission first. Everyone is aware I am training a new assistant, and you are quite the talk of the town, everyone is eager to meet my new lovely pet."

Angelique was feeling very affectionate, snuggling closely with Bella, she opened the menu.
"Are you hungry, my pet?"
“The Caesar salad here is to die for.” Bella remarked as her eyes scanned over the menu.
“Maybe we should order some red wine as well Mistress. A little celebratory wine.” Bella smiled as her index finger played with her Mistress' navel piercing under the covers. Bella waited for her Mistress to decide on what she wanted before she called room service, Bella opted to do it so her Mistress wouldn't have to move. “Mistress, If you don't mind me asking...” Bella begun to speak as she slipped back under the covers and close to her Mistress. “What kind of things can I expect in this kind of lifestyle with you? After tonight I'm pretty excited for whatever you have in store for me. But I'm very curious about all of this as well.” Bella explained. Bella would be willing to try anything once, especially if it was Mistress Angelique asking her to do it. As far as Bella was concerned she didn't have limits until she had tried something and decided on it after the fact. But that didn't stop the young woman from being curious.
About 20 minutes later room service arrived. Bella sat back up from her Mistress' comfortable embrace and put on a robe. Pulling her hair to the side Bella headed out to the front door. A young man behind the door wheeled in a couple of plates of food and their wine. “Thank you.” Bella smiled. The young man proceeded to try and pick her up but Bella couldn't help but giggle. After what she had experienced tonight there was no way this guy would even have a chance with Bella. Bella sent the waiter on his way before she took the food into the bedroom. “Mistress, is there anything specific you want me to wear tomorrow night for the party?” Bella asked as she poured her Mistress a glass of wine. Slowly Bella discarded her robe and slipped back into bed with her Mistress. They clinked their glasses together before taking sips.

"This will be a cocktail party, I've always preferred cocktail parties, there's just something about the idea, that you're already going with the intention of committing at least one sin, and perhaps many more."
Angelique tickled Bella's inner thigh.
"So wear something sexy...upscale…no panties."
"Now!" Angelique was back to business mode.
"It's bathtime, run along and draw us a bath, and call downstairs and have the sheets changed, they can do it while we take a bath."
She leaned back in bed and lit up the joint again, watching in the bathroom mirror as Bella bent over the tub to turn on the faucet.
"Put some bubbles in the tub, too, my pet."
Angelique stroked her pussy as she watched Bella's sexy little ass jiggle in the mirror. She massaged her breasts as she parted her lips and traced them with her fingertips, she was on the edge of orgasm and looking into Bella's eyes when she returned to the room. Angelique held out her hand, signaling for Bella to stop.
"I want you to watch," she moaned.

“Mistress you look so beautiful when you cum.” Bella said softly as she felt her pussy juices on her inner thigh. Watching her Mistress play with her pussy turned Bella on more then she ever thought possible. The look on her Mistress' face as she came was the sexiest thing Bella had ever seen. After giving her Mistress a minute to catch her breath Bella moved toward her. “The bath is ready Mistress.” Bella said before she headed over to the phone to call downstairs. When Bella was done she followed her Mistress into the bathtub. A soft fragrant smell filled the air as Bella leaned over the tub to turn off the running water; Mistress Angelique getting a lovely view as she did.

They eased into the hot water cautiously, facing one another in the enormous garden tub, Angelique leaned forward to kiss Bella amidst the steam rising from the foamy water.
She slowly and sensually began to wash Bella's hair, massaging and stroking until Bella thought she might drift off to sleep. The suds flowed down Bella's body, over her smooth, wet breasts and stomach. Angelique rinsed Bella's hair then massaged her tan shoulders, her breasts...she reached down between her legs and stroked her pussy, massaging her clit faster and faster, splashing water onto the floor. Bella held on to the edge of the tub as Angelique had her way with her. Angelique held her by the throat to keep her still and looked deeply into her eyes, almost looking right through her.

Angelique grabbed a handful of Bella's long, silky hair as she fingered her.
Angelique jerked on her hair and whispered in her ear..
"Who's my hot, sexy little pet?"
Bella listened, her eyes closed, after a second she spoke.
"I am, Mistress."
She opened her eyes and moaned lightly as Angelique slid another finger inside her.
Bella gasped.
"Mmmm," Angelique moaned.
"Your MY dirty little slut, aren't you?"
Bella smiled.
"Yes, Mistress Angelique."
She winced as Angelique pulled her hair.
"I'm your dirty little slut!"
"Good girl," Angelique said as Bella shuddered from a deep, emotionally charged climax.

Angelique rose from the tub, her body shimmering and dripping with soapy water, she took Bella's hand and helped her out, steadying her trembling body.

“May I dry you Mistress?” Bella asked, eager just to touch her. Bella knew Mistress Angelique would know that though, it was obvious how much Bella craved her Mistress and it was obvious how much her Mistress loved to make her wait. Bella moved behind her Mistress when she got her Mistress approval. “Don't do anything Naughty , my pet or I'll have to punish you again.” Mistress Angelique smiled knowing this was going to be a challenge for her little pet. Bella moved her Mistress' long hair to the side and began to slowly dry over her soft shoulders. Her skin so silky and soft as her fingers brushed against it as she dried her. Bella bit her bottom lip as temptation teased her. Bella moved the towel slowly down her Mistress' back, over her perfect ass and down her amazing legs. Bella ran her finger tips down from the inside of her Mistress' thigh to her ankle. Bella stood back up, this time in front of her Mistress. The front of her body still wet. Bella licked her lips as her eyes fixed on her perfect nipples. “Your body is perfect Mistress.” Bella said softly as she began to dry her Mistress' chest, slowly and sensually. Bella took her time going over her Mistress' nipples, brushing them purposely over and over. She couldn't help herself, her Mistress was irresistible.

Angelique grabbed Bella's wrists.
"I warned you my pet."
She gave Bella a stern look.
Suddenly they heard the front door click shut and the maid's footsteps across the floor, she had come to make the bed.
Angelique's eyes lit up.
"Perhaps a witness to your punishment, my pet?"
Before Bella could protest, Angelique pinned her hands behind her back and swung the bathroom door open, startling the maid who had not expected to see two wet, naked women burst forth from the bathroom so suddenly.
"I am so sorry to disturb you, Miss Beleza," she gasped.
"I was told to make up the bed."
"No need to apologize," Angelique assured her.
"Please, go about your business."
She grasped Bella's throat firmly.
"I'm afraid my pet has been insolent and must be punished!"

The maid giggled, "Yes, Miss Beleza."
"What is your name, my dear?" Angelique asked.
"Milla,"she replied. The maid, a blonde in her mid twenties, began to strip the sheets off the bed.
"Perhaps you will provide us with an audience, my dear Milla, while I teach my pet a lesson."
"Uh…of course," Milla replied uncomfortably, she was blushing.
"Anything you wish, Miss Beleza."

"Anything?" Angelique asked.
"Of course."
Milla faced Angelique and stood up straight, she was cute and slender with adorable little breasts, naturally beautiful.

Angelique forced Bella to her knees and selected an elegant silky rope whip and handed it to Milla, who hesitated but decided to give in to the moment and have some fun.
"I would like to see you whip my insolent little pet."
Angelique grabbed the wrist restraints and shoved Bella face down on the carpet and cuffed her hands behind her back, her ass high in the air. She sat down in a chair in front of Bella, her legs spread, and ran her fingers up the wet slit in her pussy as she nodded to Milla.
"Strike her!" she ordered.
Milla gave her a reluctant swat across the buttocks and looked up at Angelique nervously.
"Loosen up, my dear Milla, lovely Milla." Angelique purred hypnotically.
"She has been a bad girl," she said in a deep, throaty voice.
"And you, Milla, my sensuous, golden haired vixen, must be the one to punish her, do you understand?"
"Yes, Miss Beleza," she replied.
"Imagine she is your enemy, someone you despise." Angelique said as she rubbed her pussy faster, breathing heavier.
"My boss?" Milla suggested.
She gasped, "My Husband!"

"Perfect," Angelique said, looking into Bella's eyes.
"Now, strike her," she whispered.
Milla whipped Bella awkwardly, getting a little turned on by the sheer surprise element of the bizarre situation. She began to loosen up a bit.
"Apply your strokes with the touch of an artist," Angelique whispered.
Bella moaned with each stroke. The silk lashes weren't painful as such, but tingly, it made her nerves feel alive.

Milla was really getting into it when Angelique interrupted.
"That's enough!"
Milla stopped in her tracks, stunned.
"Thank you, my dear Milla," Angelique smiled sweetly.
"You can leave us now."
Milla tried her best to compose herself.
Angelique stood up and walked over to the bar and took a hundred out of her purse and slipped it into Milla's hand, kissing her cheek as she held the door for her.
"Thank you, my dear Milla. Don't be a stranger."
Milla smiled, biting her lower lip as she back out into the hallway, she waved goodbye to Bella as Angelique slammed the door and strutted slowly over to Bella, she released her from the restraints and helped her to her feet.
She took her hand and led her to the love seat, Angelique remained standing.
"Tell me, my pet," she asked as she paced back and forth, shadows from the candlelight dancing across her smooth, bronze skin.
"How did that make you feel?"

“I would much prefer you punish me, Mistress, but if it makes you happy Mistress I won't protest to it.” Bella began her response. She adjusted her soft hair to the side before she spoke again. “But to give you a real answer it was like torture, watching you play with your pussy drives me crazy. I was so turned on and it drove me crazy that I couldn't do anything about it.” Bella explained with a smile on her face. As much as she hated it she did also love it. She loved how her Mistress would tease her and make her work for what she wanted. It was so sexy to Bella. Though everything about Mistress Angelique was sexy to Bella.

"Would you have made love to her if I had told you to?"
Angelique stepped closer to Bella, standing over her in an intimidating way.
Angelique was curious about Bella's true loyalty and how far she would go to please her Mistress. Although this evening was not even the tip of the iceberg of depravity Angelique had in store for Bella this weekend, she thought it was a good place to start a dialog.
"Yes Mistress." Bella responded. Bella knew she wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as she would with her Mistress but she would have done it if it made her Mistress happy. Bella was willing to do anything for her Mistress, no matter what Mistress Angelique asked of her Bella was willing to do anything at least once. "If you don't mind me saying, I think miss Milla enjoyed putting on her little show for you ." Bella smiled as she looked up at her Mistress. Why did she have to tease knowing how badly Bella wanted her? Just standing over her naked, her beautiful body just within her reach but she wasn't allowed to touch. Her skin looked so soft, Bella wanted to run her lips over every inch of it. Bella took a deep breath as she held herself back from touching her Mistress. Bella was struggling this much and it was her only her first night, Bella knew that she hadn't seen anything yet. She could tell her Mistress had a lot more in store for her. Bella slowly stroked the inside of her leg as she found herself being tempted again. "Why can't I touch you Mistress?" Bella asked in a somewhat desperate tone. Bella traced the shaped of her lips with her tongue for a moment as she admired the way the candle light complimented Mistress Angelique's already perfect body.

Angelique smiled,.
"It's past your bedtime, my pet."
She stroked Bella's cheek lovingly.
"Run get ready for bed, sweet Bella. I need to make a phone call, when I return, I expect to find you waiting for me in the sitting room."
Angelique turned and walked into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She called Brazil to check on things at her estate while looking through the closet for some sexy lingerie for bedtime.
She received a full report from her business manager over the phone, and notified her staff that she had no made plans yet to return to Brazil.
"I may decide to stay until spring," she said.
"Ciao, Andres."
She tossed the phone on the bed and selected a purple satin and lace camisole with matching cheeky shorts, she sat down with a bottle of lavender body lotion and spread it over her long, smooth legs before she slipped into the shimmering shorts. She stood up to check out her ass in the mirror. She pulled the cami over her shoulders and adjusted it to perfectly accentuate her breasts.
She brushed her hair for a few strokes as she admired herself in the mirror and then slipped into the bathroom to floss and brush her teeth.
She walked out into the sitting room, expecting to find Bella waiting for her there as she was instructed.

“Mistress you look flawless.” Bella smiled as her eyes met her's. Bella could smell the lavender smell coming from her Mistress it added something to the outfit, Bella couldn't quiet put her finger on it. But Bella knew every time she smelled Lavender this would now be the image that would come to her mind.
Bella stood as her Mistress signaled for her to stand.
Bella followed her Mistress slowly into the bedroom and watched as she got under the covers. Her soft side starting show again which Bella enjoyed seeing after being punished. Bella climbed into bed with her Mistress, getting close to the beautiful Brazilian. Mistress Angelique was stroking her pets hair before she fell asleep. “Get some rest my pet, you're going to need it.” Mistress Angelique said in a soft soothing voice. It wasn't long before Bella fell asleep. Bella was completely exhausted from her many orgasms and punishments from the night before.

The next morning Bella awoke around 9am. The sun shining through the window on to her face. Once Bella's hazel eyes adjusted to the light she rolled over slowly and saw her Mistress sleeping peacefully beside her. Bella smiled and traced her lips with her tongue, even when this woman was asleep Bella still found her extremely sexy. Bella slowly got out of the bed, being careful not to wake her Mistress. Bella headed for the bathroom and freshened herself up. Bella fixed her long soft hair in the mirror before she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth out with mouth wash. Bella applied a little lip gloss to her lips before she headed back into the bedroom. She got back into the bed and moved close to her Mistress. Her hand running up and down the material of her camisole on her stomach. Bella couldn't stop herself, but she was making sure she didn't touch anywhere her Mistress wouldn't like or anywhere that would wake her. Bella was doing this for about 10 more minutes before Mistress Angelique's eyes fluttered open. Butterflies forming in Bella's stomach as her Mistress' beautiful eyes locked on hers. “Good morning Mistress.” Bella said softly as her thumb glided over her Mistress' naval piercing. “I Hope you slept well.” Bella continued as a couple of her fingers ran slowly across her soft stomach, sending a tingling feeling over her Mistress's body.

Angelique grabbed Bella's wrists and climbed on top of her, straddling her and pinning her down, hands above her head. She started to scold Bella but she let a playful growl escape her lips and decided to kiss her, with a sensual rhythm and passion, moaning as she explored her mouth with her tongue.
"Mmmmmm, good morning, my pet." she whispered.
She released Bella's hands and stretched, reaching for the ceiling, tousling her hair as she groaned.
"Mmmmmm, touch me, my pet." she said.
"Caress my breasts, savor my skin with your fingertips."

Angelique arched her back as Bella stroked and petted her Mistress' body.
Her pussy was hot and wet on Bella's stomach.
Angelique lifted her knees over Bella's shoulders, straddling her face.
"Enjoy your breakfast, my pet."
She was moving her hips slowly, grinding gently into Bella's tongue.
"Suck my clit into your mouth, my pet," she moaned.
"That's it, flick your tongue over it as you suck, mmmmm such a good girl!"
Angelique twisted her own nipples as she writhed on top of Bella, she was breathing heavily, sweat running down the center of her back.
"Oh God, yes!" she screamed.
She began to shake, taken by surprise with the intensity of her sudden climax. She gripped Bella's hair with both hands, holding her head still as she came hard, gritting her teeth and groaning loudly.

A knock at the door roused Angelique from her euphoria, she looked down at the clock radio next to the bed.
She smiled down at Bella in between her legs.
"That's the DJ, would you show her in, my pet?"
She hopped off of Bella and sat on the side of the bed to roll a joint while Bella went to get the door.
A tall, very thin brunette without much skin that wasn't covered in tatoos was leaning against the wall with her equipment in two large cases stacked next to her when Bella opened the door.
"Hey, I'm Hanna, you must be Bella," she said.
"It's a pleasure!"
Bella introduced herself and showed Hanna in, Angelique embraced her when she sat down her cases in the corner of the living room.

"I see you met my beautiful pet!" Angelique said.
"She's every bit as stunning as you said," Hanna replied.
Angelique passed the joint to Hanna and instructed her to set up on the dining room table.
Hanna passed it to Bella and began to unpack her gear.

The caterers arrived soon after and the suite was suddenly a bee hive of activity.
"We'd better get dressed," Angelique said as she took Bella's hand and led her into the bedroom, she shut the door behind them.

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