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A young man get s acquainted with his soon to be mother in law just in time for christmas
Tail for Christmas

My girlfriend talked me into going to her family’s fancy dress Christmas party, OK
bribed me with a suggestion of sex if I went and I was good. She even ordered my
costume and had it delivered to my work so I could change into it before heading to the party.

Stupid me didn't look at closely until the afternoon of the party so although I
knew I was going as one of Santa's helpers I had only quickly looked in the bag.
Luckily I was last to leave that day so I'm in the men’s room putting on the
costume. So far so good, white t-shirt OK; long, red, sleeveless vest that at
least covered my butt Ok as well. Then the shock I checked what was left in the
bag against the invoice and there was supposed to be a pair of green elastic waist
pants but instead there was only a pair of green tights.

There are a whole host of reasons I would not wear the tights but number one would
have to be that I was meeting all of my girlfriend’s family and first impressions
count and I didn't want that clouded by the image of a man in tights.

I rang my girlfriend and she laughed and made jokes while at the same time giving
me instructions on how to put them on as I was usually pulling them off her. Again
with the laughter. I cut her off and took a deep breath and proceeded to put on the tights.

Next problem is I wear boxers so they bunched up and were really uncomfortable to
wear so everything off and then back on with just the tights. Once they were on
and I put the other stuff on as well it didn't look as bad as I thought. People
would know it was a costume and not even think about it.

It was getting dark, which was a plus in my book, and snow was starting to fall as
I locked up and made my way to my car. I had just sat down when my phone rang,
girlfriend ahh. I was polite and she didn't so much as snicker as she asked for a
small favour, her mothers ride couldn't make it and as it was on my way could I
pick her up. Agreed, not even married and I'm under the thumb. I don't even get it
regularly anymore.

It was snowing harder by the time I got to her mothers house, a nice two story
place covered in lights. I ran to the front door and knocked, hoping for a speedy
exit. Wrong. Why do women always lie and tell you they will be ready in a minute.
She opened the door and yanked me in before I could even say hello. She spun
around so her back was to me and told me to zip her up as she was trying to dress
herself and couldn't quite get it.

I straightaway noticed lots of bare back as I pulled up the zip, no bra. She
turned back around and was trying to fit her boobs into the cups of the dress.
There wasn't much of the dress to be honest. She told me she was a Santa helper as
well, so Santa picks up cocktail waitresses and hookers who knew. She gave my
outfit the once over and commented on the tights.

Now I'll admit that this is one of those times when you are not sure if you said
the next line or only thought it but I let her know her daughters comment about
not being able to sleep with a man who wore tights. There was a long silent pause
as we looked at each other until she said she didn't have a problem with that.

She told me to follow her upstairs while she finished dressing and of course being
a guy I couldn't help but check out her legs and arse as she walked in front of me.

Candy cane stockings, white with a red spiral, covered her legs from tiptoe to
mid thigh tied off with red ribbon. Tanned flesh from the stocking tops to the
curve of her arse was only interrupted by the line of red satin material emerging
from between her legs and disappearing under her dress. I followed her into her
bedroom and when she leant over to apply makeup I got one enormous flash job.

Her legs were apart about shoulder width as she bent at the waist so I could see
where the material widened to cover her pussy and I was sure it was already damp.
Her next question threw me for a curve as she asked wether her daughter was a
tiger in bed or just a cock teaser. I really had no idea how to answer that one
but was saved by her phone ringing. She talked low on the phone but from the
reflection in the mirror I knew she was talking about and looking at me.

She snapped the phone shut and looked out the window before turning towards me. A
quick weather update that it was snowing harder and maybe we might be stuck here
for a while. She walked right up close to me and repeated her question from before
the phone call. I was still trying to stammer out an answer when I felt her hand
stroking my now erect cock through the material of the tights.

Moving even closer to me she whispered in my ear that she didn't tease because she
was here to please and as I opened my mouth to speak she covered my mouth with her
lips and stuck her tongue down my throat.

Game, set and match to the female of the species as my brain surrendered to lust
and I wrapped my arms around her and responded in kind with my tongue twitching
around hers and into her mouth. My hands on her back were franticly searching for
the zip, they had so recently pulled up, to pull down and get her out of the

Her hand has rubbing and jerking my cock so hard she must have made a hole in the
material. I found the zip and pulled it down and while still engaged in a lip lock
I pulled the tights clear of my cock so as to avoid any material burns later.

She moved slightly and I felt the dress drop away and now my hands found smooth
naked, flesh until they hit the fine line of fabric that divided her back from her butt.
One hand grabbed a chunk of each butt cheek and ran over the smooth skin before jiggling
each fleshy globe by cupping each cheek.

Now she was kissing her way around my face and when her ear was close to my mouth
I whispered into it that her daughter was a cock teaser and hadn't even given me a BJ let
alone let me fuck her. She stopped, backed away slightly and smiled. Next she lowered
herself to the floor until she was at cock level and took the bulbous head of my cock into
her mouth. I nearly fainted on the spot but managed to hold firm, like I had done so many
times with her daughter not wanting to waste my cum until it was in a hole.

Looking from over head it was an amazing sight as my cock vanished inch by inch
into her mouth. Normally it's a seven incher but I was sure it was longer this
time. Her mouth worked away at my boner as I held the back of her head so that it
wasn't going anywhere. She pulled off leaving trails of saliva between cock and
lips before spitting on it as she slid her hand up and down.

Then she did something so weird I didn't want to put it in this story.

I was just standing there having my cock sucked like it happened every day when
she pulls it from her mouth and takes a photo of it with the camera in her phone
and then plunges it back into her mouth until her nose is buried in my pubic hair.

Again the flash of the camera but I am so into holding control of my cum that I
just wiped it from my mind.

Maybe she felt some type of change so she let my cock go as she stood up stepping
away from me and the dress on the floor so that now I could see all of her.

Oh my gawd she was fucking hot standing there in her candy cane stockings, teenie
weenie thong panties and nothing else. Her boobs were large but had little sag,
nipples of dark pink topped a tan that hadn't had a let a line show in ages.

I went to take a step towards her when I realised that the tights were about mid
thigh and holding my legs together. They quickly came off as well as the rest of
my clothes as I bolted to the boobie prizes. I wrapped my arms around her and
buried my face in these fleshy pillows of delight suckling on each nipple like a
new born.

I couldn't get enough so my hands squeezed the boobs together so I could nibble on
each nipple at the same time. Her breasts were amazing fleshy but firm, weighty
but not heavy. Her head was lolling back as I worked each nipple into rock
hardness twisting and tweaking them as I slathered my own saliva across her flesh.

I hadn't noticed but she had slowly walked us backwards until we reached her bed
and as her legs made contact she fell slowly onto the bed where she had shared her
canal delights with her husband and now was about to add another notch to her bed

I didn't fall but gently released her and stood beside the bed erect cock bobbing
with each beat of my heart. Again she surprised me by wrapping my cock with her
stocking clad feet. She rubbed it slowly letting me get the feel of the fabric.

One foot moved between my legs and so I assumed the Superman pose. Legs spread
and hands on hips as I watched her not only play with my cock and balls but also play
with herself.

She prodded my balls with her feet and slid along my butt crack until a nylon
covered toe was nudging my arse hole; I'll confess I found it a turn on as the toe
twisted and turned at my back door but my attention was being diverted and focused
on her hand as it rubbed the satin material into her pussy slit. Then with my cock
held fast by both feet she pulled aside the fabric to give me a tantalising
glimpse of my next destination.

Feet firmly on my cock she jerked me forward and I knew the score as my tongue
went to work on the hidden treasure behind the fabric.

She held the material aside as my tongue and fingers worked as a tag team on her
pussy. Fingers thrust into her vagina while tongue worked over her clit. Single
digit, joined by a second then three in a little triangular wedge. Hand turned
upside down so my little finger could get in on the action.

Four fingers in tight then spread as they came out, this woman had given birth to
two daughters and I didn't even want to guess how many times she might have been
fucked but her vagina wasn't drum tight but I could feel her muscles flinch and
clench as I pumped away at her.

Her hand locked vice like around my wrist and pushed my hand hard against her
vagina trying to pop it around my fist. Here other hand was slapping the bed and
her hair was hanging in sweat soaked strands across her face.

Then she screamed for me to fuck her and as soon as I could extricate my hand I
dropped my weight onto her and my cock entered her cavern of mystery. I was
pumping furiously in seconds as her hips rose to meet each trust. Her legs locked
around my hips and her fingernails gouged lines across back.

Even as breathless as she seemed she repeatedly screamed for me to fuck her and do
it hard. I redoubled my efforts driving her across the bed with each hit. She also
called out to Santa about how bad a girl she had been all year. I could feel her
muscles gripping my cock as I hit her with everything but soon my knees began to
ache from this exertion.

Again she seemed to sense my discomfort and pushed me off making hand motions for
me to move around and lie on my back propped up by some pillows. She positioned her
pussy over my cock and lowered herself on to it and then lying back against my body.
I reached around and cupped a breast in each hand and gave her a few moments to
get her breath back.

She levered herself upright and began humping away on my cock. With her sitting on
me it was easy to go all the way in and my seven inches never seemed so inadequate
as she slammed her backside into my mid-section driving the air from my lungs with
each bounce. Her knees were either side of me and she used one arm for support as
I could feel her free hand savagely attacking her clit as she rode my cock.

Now I'm no virgin, even though I haven't scored in a while with her daughter, but this
woman was the most energetic fuck in my short career and there seemed no stopping
her as she once again climbed off and changed positions switching to all fours.

I slid off the bed and got behind her and was just about to ram her in half by slamming
my cock into her pumped up pussy when she told me to fuck her arse.

I hesitated but she assured me she was no anal virgin but to take it slow until I
was comfortable. My cockhead found the butt hole and with me gripping my cock
firmly it popped into her poop shute and our mingled fuck juices lubricated
everything so with minimal pushing I was hard up against her arse in no time. Then
I started pumping again.

Oh yeah, her back hall way was much tighter than the front and I could feel the
friction as I fucked her to the point of almost passing out once more. I am so
glad there was a snowstorm out tonight so that there was no one just passing by
to hear the screams of pleasure emanating from the bedroom.

All too soon I felt the familiar tingling as my ball sack tightened and my cock
hardened to a rod of steel so I pulled out of her arse and she quickly swung around
to collect all I had to give.

My eyes were closed tight as I fist fucked my cock to the point of detonation and
then it came in a rush as I opened my eyes took a breath and felt weeks of pent up
cum shoot across the gap between us. Her tongue swirled around her lips finding
every drop of goo and sucking it into her mouth.

My cock was red raw from the best fuck I have or will ever have. She looked a
wrung out mess, hours of hair and makeup work smeared and sweat soaked in less
than time than it took to prepare. I also was totally whacked and gasped out the
word shower and she limply pointed to a door to the side of the bedroom.

I half expected her to join me but when she didn't show I gave myself a good scrub
rinsed off and towelled down and went back to join her. I was surprised to find
her also cleaned up and back in her party dress, which I zipped up again. She had
her phone in her hand so I assumed she had been calling to explain our late

I dressed quickly and soon we were on the way to the party as if nothing had
happened. She made a dramatic entrance and blamed the snow on being late. The rest
of the night was a bit of a blur of relatives, conversations and food so I was
surprised a couple days later when I received a few message inviting me to New
Years parties and the attached photo was of my cock which I was instructed to make
sure came as well.

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2012-12-23 15:42:46
it was just a ok story.

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I think it is funny that people take these stories so seriously...

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No offense, but I didn't even finish your story because it was so fucking annoying that u entered and indented and its so fucking turn off ish, that I'm going to say that no1 should read ur fucking asshole shut, u son of a bitch fag.

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