Merry Christmas!
Ever since Kat was a little girl she loved Christmas. She loved the lights and the music and the trees and the decorations. Most of all though she loved Santa. Growing up she always wore seasonal clothes and even in the summer time she favored bright red dresses especially ones with white trim. Her dream was to be Mrs Claus.

Her earliest memories are of watching Santa's arrival during the Macy's parade. She would lay in front of the TV on Thanksgiving morning her eyes glued to the tv. She loved the floats and balloons but when Santa arrive she got a tingle down there and squeezed her legs together tight feeling a warmth spread through her body.

As a teenager she actively masturbated to the parade driving and oversized candy cane dildo into her pussy as she watched him climb off of his sleigh and walk into the store. She knew that she had to see it in person.

She joined the high school marching band and organized the drive to get them into the parade her junior year. She organized car washes and bake sales and fifty fifty drawings to get the money to fly the band from Flat Rock, Idaho all the way to New York. She got sponsors for the uniforms, (in red and white!) that they would wear and spent countless hours polishing all of the brass.

When she arrived in New York she was thrilled to be in the parade. She was excited to see Santa. Her excitement vanished when she saw one of the Rockettes sitting on his lap kissing him. She cleared her through and the Santa looked at her with thinly guised contempt. "What do you want kid?"

"Um Santa?"

The Santa and Rockette laughed. "She still believes."

Kat ran away mortified. She stumbled through the parade, missed her part and then broke down crying. On the flight home everyone kept saying, "That poor girl." and making comments about stage fright, but that wasn't it. Kat now knew just what she was and how the world saw her. She wasn't the future Mrs Claus, she was a flat chested 15 year old with mousy brown hair and a retainer that kept clicking out of place. That was the last year she celebrated Christmas.

Life went on. Kat grew up and the retainer went away. Her boobs grew out and she dyed her hair a bright blonde. She graduated high school and got a job working as a teller at the bank. She went through a series of older men who only seemed to want sex from her. They all broke up with her after finding out she wasn't interested in them in that way.

She was now 24 and it was thanksgiving morning. She had just been laid off when the bank closed it's local branch. Her current boyfriend a fifty year old who ran the local real estate office had dumped her after she had rebuffed his request for a 4 day skiing weekend which she knew would be mostly spent with him demanding sex and she refusing.

She was flipping around channels when she saw the parade. The Flat Rock Ranger Marching Band was playing again. They had managed to make a tradition out of it, going every other year. She watched the band march by and remembered all the practice. She watched the commentators and the modern groups. She was a bit disappointed at the auto-tuning, but that was modern music. She watched the bits of broadway shows including one starring her favorite day time soap star.

As Kat watched her hand slid down to her panty covered pussy. She started to idly rub as she watched the balloons on TV.

"If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this right." She said. She went to her bedroom and took off her panties and nightshirt and then dug through her dresser for her old candy cane dildo. It was smaller than she remembered. She grabbed it and ran back to the television. She sat down on the sofa and gave the dildo a quick lick and drove it into her pussy.

She moaned in pleasure remembering just how to turn and twist it to get the most pleasure out of it. She pushed it in deep and then slid it out rubbing it along the front side of her vagina. When she found just the right spot she pulled it out a little bit further. She ran it in and out concentrating on a spot about 2 inches in. She smiled as she felt her pussy contract and spasm with liquid leaking out lubing up the dildo.

She continued to work it in and out, running it over the magic the spot and then then she settled in on top of it and pushed the dildo hard against it and orgasmed again. She slowly worked her magic candy cane in circles now. She worked her way out stretching out the sides of her cunt. She smiled as she worked the tip in a circle back in until she was brushing the spot. She squeezed her eyes shut as her legs tensed and she had an intense orgasm with her cum covering her hands. She plunged the toy in deep and started to lightly trace a finger around her clit as she watched the television. Now was the time for santa to arrive and arrive he did. He came in grand style. The sleigh was an actual sleigh this year with cunningly hidden wheels, and it was pulled by 8 actual reindeer.

She started to rub her clit furiously now. Her cum slicked fingers ran around her tiny button, rubbing and pinching it. Her breath quickened as she started to have a series of little orgasm. The camera zoomed in to Santas face and the orgasms slowly started to blend together into a continuous shudder. She could think of nothing but rolling around on the huge belly and grabbing fistfuls of that magnificent white beard. Her body started to shake in the biggest orgasm she had in her life. Her back bent and the dildo squirted out of her pussy. She shook and her pussy tightened and the world in front of her eyes narrowed down until all she saw was Santa's eyes.

She passed out and when she woke up she saw late afternoon sun streaming through the window. She picked up her dildo from where it rolled under her TV and then took it to her bathroom to wash it off. She took a quick shower and put on a clean nightgown. She was about to make herself a turkey sandwich when her phone rang.

"Hi this is Kat."

"Hi Kat, this is Martha from the Flat Rock Mall, I hate to bother you on thanksgiving but we need some help immediately. We had a couple of seasonal workers lined up and they called off at the last minute. Something about winning the lottery. Anyway we need some people in desperately and you came highly recommended. If you can start tonight we'll pay you double time."

Kat thought about her current state of employment and impending bills and said "Sure."

"Great, can you do overtime? We're going to need a lot of help until Christmas."


"Even better. When can you get here?"

"45 minutes, maybe half an hour."

"See you then."

Kat threw on jeans and an old red sweatshirt and drove to the mall. She drove to the loading dock of the mall and found it open. She walked in and was greeted by a woman from HR. Who was thrusting papers in her face.

"You need to sign these."

Kat signed the documents, and the woman said, "Go help Kris." and she pointed into the center of the mall.

Kat started walking and the woman shouted, "Quickly! Quickly!" and Kat ran. When she got to the center of the mall she ran headlong into a large man with a flowing white beard. He was wearing blue jeans and a retro red Cocoa-Cola t-shirt.

"Hold up little lady. Where's the fire?"

"I was told to run. I am supposed to help Kris."

"Wonderful." He said with a jolly grin, offering her a hand up. "My name is Kris. You are going to be my helper."

"My name is Kat."

"I am sure you will be wonderful."

Kat looked into his eyes. Besides the obvious Santa appearance there was something about his face that she recognized. Then she looked deep into his eyes and she thought they were the eyes from the Santa in the parade, but how could he have made it from New York to here, and why would he be here.

Kris winked at her and she blinked. "It's magic."


"This time of year. It's magic."

She nodded.

They spent the next 8 hours getting the center of the mall ready as Santa's Workshop. She was surprised at how nimble and strong Kris was for a man of his obvious years. It was 11 o'clock by the time they finished. They had just enough time to get into costume for the mall's midnight Black Friday opening.

Kris of course wore a beautiful Santa Suit made from velvet with real fur trim. Her costume was a green elf suit with a short skirt and top with a low neckline which was a bit to tight for her. It forced her breasts out and the edges of her areola peeked out. She sighed and adjusted but it didn't get any better.

The shoppers came rushing in and most of them weren't interest in Santa and his little helper but the mall insisted that they be there to greet people. They served a general greeter function pointing people to various deals and stores which had hourly specials.

Kat and Kris were running around working until nearly 10 pm the next day.

"I am dead-ass tired." Kat said as the security guards chased out the last of the shoppers.

"Watch your language, you don't want to let something slip in front of the children."

Kat smiled and said, "You are a marvel Kris." The two of them walked out of the loading dock and Kat was going to head to her car when she saw Kris walking towards a trailer. She followed him.

"Would you like to come in he asked? Maybe have some eggnog?"

"I would love to."

The two of them walked in and Kris pulled a couple of glasses out and got a bottle of eggnog from a mini fridge. Kat took a big sip and smiled as the alcohol in it warmed her up.

"I don't think I have had anything to eat in two days."

"That is far too long."

"I just haven't had the time. I… well… missed breakfast on Thanksgiving. I was about to have a late lunch when the mall called with the job and we've been running around ever since."

"I think I have just the thing." Kris said and he handed her a plate of cookies. She took a bite of a gingerbread man and smiled.

"So how long have you been doing this?" Kat asked as she kicked off her shoes.

"For as long as I can remember."

"What does your wife think of this?"

Kris fidgeted with his wedding ring. "She actually left me about a year ago. I got home the day after Christmas and there was note. She had found someone else and had been carrying on affair. She had actually divorce papers for me to sign."

Kat walked over and sat on his lap. "I'm so sorry." Kris bent his head down and buried it in her chest. His whiskers were soft but the tickled. She smiled because she enjoyed the way that they tickled. She held Kris's head and he started to sob.

"I have an idea of what will make you feel better."

She stood up and started to sing "Santa Baby" as she did a strip tease. Her shoes were already off and she started to roll her stockings with her foot in his crotch. She could feel his dick harden as she got down to the toes. When she pulled the first stocking off she caressed his cock through his pants. Then she switched legs and started to roll down her other stocking. When she bent down to take it off she then knelt down and started to undo Kris's santa suit. She undid the belt and started to pull down the pants revealing a large red cock surrounded my a mass of white pubic hairs, sticking out of his red boxers.

Kat smiled and licked his cock from base to tip. She sucked the tip into her mouth and wrapped a hand around it. She jacked his cock with one hand while sucking on it. She swirled her tongue around the end.

She sucked him hard and he ran his hands through her hair. Up and her head went, bobbing on schlong. She hopped up and then sat on his lap. She guided his cock into her gaping pussy and kissed him on the tip of his nose.

"Ho Ho Ho!" Kris laughed. "So tell me little girl, have you been naughty or nice this year?"

"I started out nice." She said and slid up and down on his cock. "But I couldn't help myself. I started having an affair with a older man."

"Oh that's not so naughty." He said fondling her breasts through the low cut costume, squeezing them so that they popped out.

She pulled down the top a bit and he started to suck on her breasts.

"Oh Santa, I've been so naughty." Kat was bouncing up and down on Kris's cock. "Can I still get my present?"

"What do you want little girl?"

"I want you to fuck the hell out of me!"

"I think that can be arranged." Kris said as he began to thrust into her in time with her rise and fall. He started slamming into her and she was panting harder.

"I'm cuming." she screamed as her pussy clamped down on his cock. With a couple of more quick thrusts he slammed his cock deep inside of her and filled her with his sticky cum.

"Spend the night." Kris said.

"Anything." Kat responded.

The two of them stripped naked and snuggled up in the trailers small bed. Kat woke the next morning with her face buried in Kris's white beard. She smiled and rolled over and realized that they were no longer in a trailer outside of the mall but in a large wood paneled room. With a smile she realized that she had fucked Santa Claus.

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