(You might have to read the first part in order to understand what’s going on in this story. Part 2 is more of a fantasy at this point. Getting pretty behind on reality)
Nicole was left more than happy with what had happened with John, but she desperately wanted more. As soon as she saw him she automatically got turned on, she found it difficult to sit still in class every few seconds she’d feel herself wanting to slip her hand inside her pants and rock back in forth on to her hand. She couldn’t it would be far too noticeable even with a jacket put across her lap. Nicole decided that she just had to get out of class and go see John or at least go to the bathroom and take care of it herself. Her teacher gave her permission to leave telling her to take her stuff as class was about to dismiss and Nicole practically ran out the door grabbing her stuff. She walked by John’s office, but it was too early he wasn’t there yet.
She went into the bathroom right down the hallway from his room, and went to the biggest stall throwing her bag to the wall. She quickly undone her pants and slipped her shoes off sitting back on the toilet she then removed her panties and pants entirely that way she couldn’t completely spread her legs. She started with her clit, slowing circling her middle finger around it her legs began to jerk from the touch. She then started to work her way down to the wettest spot of her little pussy. Her fingers moved in and out without problem she was so wet her juice ran down her fingers and on to her knuckles. She was so horny but didn’t feel like she was getting anywhere with using just her fingers she couldn’t go near as deep fast or hard as she was wanting to.
She grabbed her panties and wiped the juices off and reached into her bag to find something that could help make her climax sooner. She began to feel around as her hand slide across something narrow enough to slide in without stretching her apart but long and hard enough to get all the places her fingers just wouldn’t reach she pulled it from her bag realizing it was her dick-shaped pink vibrator, she had packed planning to use on the bus when for when she was alone later. She started to question if anyone else would be able to hear it coming from the bathroom stall. Then decided she was far too horny to worry about anything else other than getting off. She quickly spread her pussy lips and turned the vibrator downward moved the switch to until it began to hum, and shoved it deep inside of her without another thought. “Oh, John,” She whispered quietly to herself.
She started shoving it in and out of her a deeper and deeper until it couldn’t go any farther. She then picked up the pace and just started going faster her hand moved up her left breast. As she started feeling weaker in the knees going as fast and deep as she could she began pinching her own nipple. “Mmm John fuck me!” slipped from her lips and her left hand stopped rubbing her nipple and went to cover her mouth in embarrassment and worry that someone heard her. Her right hand had slowed at pumping her pussy in attempt to hear if she could hear anyone walking by. She only heard the sound of her gushing pussy that was now sore and her right arm was exhausted from the constant movement so she decided that it was enough for now. She took the vibrator out and stuck it directly to her lips sucking off every drop of her warm pussy juice. She grabbed her panties and wiped up the moisture all around her hairless pussy lips then wrapped the thin panties around the vibrator and stuck it back into her bag.
She put her pants and shoes back on and flushed the toilet behind her before she left the stall, took a quick glance in the mirror fixed her hair and started the hall. She seen the yellowish glow from the light on the floor outside of John’s office which usually said he was in there. Nicole’s face lit up with a smile, as she hurried toward his door way. She looked in and seen him sitting in his desk chair, and a teenager was standing in front of the desk saying he had to get to class and turned his back to John’s desk started to walk out. Nicole walked in and John automatically looked up smiled and said, “Something smells good, must be lunch,” as he gave her a wink and then turned away to his computer. Nicole didn’t smell anything so she just went and sat down in front of him and threw her bag down, something sounded like it hit hard against the floor then a faint muffled humming sound began coming from the bag.
Nicole’s face grew red and frantic as it hit her that it was the vibrator hitting against the floor. She began kicking at her bag and stomping on it in hopes to shut it up. Realizing the sound had stopped she looked back at John’s face, who was fighting back laughter. Then said, “With that reaction, I believe I have to ask what was that sound?” She looked up and shyly looked back down. He got up from his desk and walked to the door closing it, he then went back and grabbed up her bag setting it on the desk. He opened all the pockets looking around when he grabbed the panty wrapped vibrator from the bag. Nicole could only stare at the ground in pure embarrassment while John was completely shocked, but he was more turned on then anything.
A smile appeared on his face and he said, “Obviously, you’ve been naughty recently because it’s still wet.” Nicole looked up from the floor to see John with her panties in hand. “No wonder the smell of pussy was so strong when you walked in; your panties are coated in its juices.” Half a smile appeared on her face now that she wasn’t feeling so awkward about him finding her vibrator. He picked up her panties and the vibrator and stuck it back into her bag. “You’re not wearing panties are you?” She said, “Not anymore,” with a big smile on her face. John had a full hard on, that was pushing against his pants. He said, “I was going to wait for later to do this, but I don’t think I can wait that long.” Nicole just gave him a confused look.
He ran toward the cabinet and pulled out a black piece of cardboard paper and ran to the door window with tape to cover it up, that way no one could see inside. Nicole started to stand up and unbuckle her pants, and then he led her over to his desk. She sat up on the desk spreading her legs and propping her feet on the desk drawer handles. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and sat back down in the chair. He took one finger and rubbed around her inner pussy lips and leaned forward and began licking all around her clit. She let out a soft moan; as she began grinding her pussy against his face pushing his tongue into her even more.
He stood up and guided her to the chair; she reached up and grabbed a hold of his hard cock. She began to slowly slide her hand up and down. While her hand jacked him off she opened her mouth and sucked on his balls taking both of them in one at a time, then letting them pop out of her mouth. She climbed back on the edge of the desk and spread herself with her hands on her breast. John stepped between her legs and slowly rubbed his dick up and down her wet slit.
Nicole had her head leaned up watching him, wanting him to just shove himself in her. He put his hands on her hips to hold her in place as he slowly slid it deep inside her. She gently moved up and down him with her tight wet pussy. She was so wet her juices dripped down his shaft and off his balls.
She got back down off the desk and went back to her knees and automatically began to lick all her juice from his cock and balls. John leaned his head back and let out a moan. He got her off her knees and leaned her over his the short side of his desk. She grabbed on to the side of the desk top and prepared herself for him to pound her pussy. He started to shove his dick as deep as her pussy would allow him, as fast as he could. Her pussy began to build up, and she was close to finally climaxing and she let out loud moan as she said his name and her pussy flooded on to the top of his desk, which pushed his dick out of her tight pussy.
He rubbed his dick up the inside of her slit and felt all of her meaty tight cunt. Then shoved it back inside of her and violently fucked her as her pussy laid pressed in the puddle of her own teenage pussy juice. He could no longer hold it in, the smell of her pussy, and the tightness brought him to the point he couldn’t hold it anymore. He quickly had her turn over on top of the desk and shot load after load on to each of her breasts and directly into her mouth. John got into his desk and got her pussy soaked panties and handed them to her and said, “You can add my cum from you’re breast on to the panties too,” as he tossed them to her. They cleaned themselves off and got dressed again, and John sent her on her way to class.

(My apologies on how long it took for a part 2, I had to stay with my mother in the hospital. I hope that you enjoyed that this one had a lot more sex then story.)


2013-05-25 18:39:47
Yeah, I'd like to keep writing because a lot more has happened. My problem is this story is ahead of real life still and I just think when I'm writing true events its better.

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2013-03-02 08:56:10
The story is good. This one seems really short. Please continue this story maybe add on of her friends who happens to see them in his office? I don't know just making a suggestion here. Just want to say keep writing

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