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The drama unfolds further from part 1
Here you can refer to Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A warm sweet fluid filled my mouth, and an equally warm sensation sparked through my body. I dont know how many of us still remember that correct way for breastfeeding is to put  lips around the nipple and then suck it using tongue and palate. A lot of us would latch on the entire areola and put teeth on it too. Guys, please do that only during foreplay. 

Mausmi and I kept an intense  eye contact as I drank her in. In truth my entire carnal self ached to roll her over, tear apart clothes and make love to every part of her gorgeous body. My penis suffered most and it hurt worse than a feet might hurt after walking 2 miles in shoes 2 size smaller. But I desisted from falling a victim to my own urges. Somehow, call it a man's instinct, i felt it was a game of endurance or a war of attrition. And women dont like men whom they can outlast. 

Any sensation, no matter how pleasurable, if continued for long can get monotonous and damp even fiery moments.  So at intervals i rolled my tongue over the nipple, brushed it again my lips, lapped her breast and even lightly sunk my teeth on her areola. And then i would suckle her again. 
Gradually her breathing started to get heavier and her bosom started to rise up and fall. It was difficult to bob my face to keep in rhythm with her heaving breast but rhythm, as all of you know, is paramount in intimate association. At a point when  I  sucked the whole cone of her breast, nipple, areola all included, taking it as deep in my mouth it would go and bit definitely on her nipple, she gasped, her eyes widened, her back arched and her thick succulent lips parted just slightly. I took my hand near her face and put the tip of my middle finger between her parted lips. Cliched though this act is, its a winner in right context as it proved then. Mausmi closed down her lips on my finger and I felt her hot burning breath on my knuckle and her hot burning wet mouth on my tip.

"Neelu, take Zanu out and make her sleep" She said in a voice partially choked with flesh and fluid. 

Neelam came over. She looked at me with an unfathomable expression and took the baby outside. 

Mausmi's both breasts swung free now like a feast before a beggar. I pulled myself up and kissed in her ear. She turned sharply and clutched my mane in a fierce grip. Her breath fogged my vision, her sighs pounded my ears and her skin burned me raw. I closed in and planted a hungry kiss on her thick wanting lips. She returned the kiss fully and in turn pushed her tongue in my mouth. While locked in the kiss i took one of her breasts in my hand. It was warm, heavy and incredibly soft. It will be a crude example but a dough of fresh cream couldn't be any softer. I kneaded it hard and as i squeezed her nipples they burst out tiny streams of milk  that reminded me of her original invitation. I forcibly broke our kiss at which she hissed and snapped at me but i steadied her and whispered 
"i havent sucked all of your milk" 
moving my body down i got my face in level with her breasts again. I joined the two godly orbs from nipples to cleavage and suckled both nipples together, something that would not occur to any goddamn kid in the world. As her barriers of restrain crumbled, she arched, tilted back her head and let out a long moan of want, desire and lust. Without changing my position a bit, i put the flat of my open left palm right on the center of her belly, adducted the middle finger inside her deep seated navel and gave it a twist. I must have touched a hyper sensitive nerve cause with a sudden cry she gave an almighty pelvic thrust that nearly toppled me. I managed to reclaim my posture, but not her legs that had parted in this upheaval and remained splayed at an angle. I twisted my digit in her navel several times and as if connected with a screw there, her legs widened at every twist until she was laying on her elbows in the child-delivery stance,  her pelvis bucking up-down every now and then. 

It may sound incredulous but I suckled and drank her until I actually felt full. Whosoever had said mothers milk is fulfilling couldn't have said anything more agreeable. But in world there is appetite and then there is hunger. By breastfeeding me, Mausmi had satiated first and fueled the latter. Now i started planting her bosom and belly with an infinite series of random kisses, creating a wet trail that was always pushing south. With my other hand meanwhile massaged and rubbed her  shapely, hairless and velvety inner thighs, all the time tracing a curve that pushed north.As i started kissing her lower belly and my fingers traced invisible contours in deep curves of her inner thighs, her involuntary thrusts increased so much in frequency and wavelength ( an impossible thing as per physics showing it still has lot to learn) that i circled her waist with my right arm and pinned her down with some success. 

Her skin tasted like fresh butter and it had an aroma of some exotic flowers, an aroma that strengthened the closer i moved to her flower. And then my face was right over her crotch, looking straight at the prize of the century. The thin and tight material of her hot pant bulged at the bulge of her mons pubis and it split in two lines at slope of her vulva. For some minutes I caressed her inner thighs right up to roundness of her back cleavage, kept my cheek on her belly button with my tongue probing its tiny recess, and cupped her one breast squashing it against its pair. All this to have a deluge of wanton desire and unstoppable passion gush out from her at the opportune moment. Finally i started to unroll her hot pant I lifted her buttocks and raised her legs to take off the cloth. And now all she had was a string panty that had only a tiny triangle of cloth wedged low between her legs. It just concealed her most feminine part and left everything else exposed. Her mound of venus was completely hairless and when i bent to kiss it my lips pressed deep in its cushiony bulge. At last i inserted my finger in the triangular patch and pulled it out revealing a deep wedge and two fleshy petals. But  at this instant Mausmi exclaimed a loud No and pulled herself free of me. 

End of chapter 2. 

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2013-11-20 12:14:37
How could you stop hear! 😠 Good story telling.
I have had the profound and indescribable pleaser of being with two different nuring mothers; before and besides my wife. I think; by evidence, that it bring them more gut-renching pleasure then it gives us! Would have stayed with the first one for ever had I been older and smarter. The communication line between the nipples and the clitoris are so intensified by lactation that I believe that life ending orgasms are a real threat. Add to that a slow, deep, rhythmic, athletic / vigorous FUCKING!!!!! THAT IS WHERE THIS STORY NEEDS GO! I don't know how any man does not like breast milk. The plan was to keep my wife lactating to this day; my son will be 19 next month, my wife 50. If only I was smarter, then.
I'm waiting for the next chapter. . . .

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