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Taking Girlfriend's Sister
[Decided to go to a different genre here. Please be advised the following story contains rape. This is a work of fiction. If that theme disturbs you, please do not read. Other than that, enjoy.]

Throughout the entire time that I had dated Deb, I had always kept a bit of an eye on her sister Trish. Over time, Trish and I managed to become pretty good friends, despite the fact that we didn’t hang out much, and almost never without Deb around. Trish was about 5’3, with reddish hair and blue eyes. Her body was rather petite, and she sported somewhere between a large B and small C cup to go with her pale skin.

Trish was pretty, but she wasn’t gorgeous. I think the main reason for my attraction to her was simply the situation. If she hadn’t been my girlfriend’s sister, I wouldn’t have given her much thought. But she was a little younger than us, something about the situation had me interested, and I routinely found myself masturbating to pictures of Trish. Whenever she put up a new picture online, I would bring it up with an erotic story or porn video. One time I even snuck a few pictures of her at the beach in a bikini, since she didn’t have much skin in most of her pictures. That was the first time I realized that she actually had a nice sized chest. In her modest shirts, I had always wondered if she even had B cups, but the day at the beach gave it all away. She might have been a C and they looked really good in that bikini top.

One night, the three of us were hanging in Trish’s room. The two of them were busy chatting about something, and I looked towards a pile of clothes nearby on her desk. I noticed a pair of her panties near the top, and I decided to get bold and grab them. When they were looking at the other side of the room, I grabbed them and stuffed them in my pocket. When I got home, I masturbated with them and came all over them. I was starting to lose control of the situation and wondered if masturbating to her pictures was going to be enough.

I decided to head over to their house one day when I knew Trish was going to be home alone. I wore my swim trunks with a t-shirt, hoping that I would be able to convince her to go in the hot tub with me. I walked up to the door and rang the bell.

“Oh hey,” she smiled when she opened the door and saw me. “Deb didn’t tell you she was going out today?”

“Oh that’s right,” I said, pretending that I had forgotten. “Sorry about that. I was all ready for a relaxing hot tub session.”

“Aw I’m sorry,” Trish said. “Deb will be home later. Don’t worry.”

“Any chance you want to go in with me?” I asked, pressing my luck.

“Well, I mean I was doing some homework,” Trish started. She paused for a few seconds. “I guess I could take a quick break.”

“Great,” I smiled. “I’ll just head to the backyard and wait for you.”

Trish nodded and headed back inside and to her room.

I walked to their backyard and threw my shirt on the chair. I turned on the hot tub and climbed in, taking the seat that faced the back of the house. A few minutes passed before the door cracked open and Trish walked out. She had a towel wrapped around her body, but I could see two strings on her shoulders. As she got to the hot tub, she smiled a little hesitantly at me, before unwrapping her towel and stepping into the jacuzzi. She was partially veiled by the water quickly enough, but not before I got a great look at her breasts, pushing against her bikini top.

“So how’s everything?” I asked, trying to make conversation.

“Just busy,” Trish said. “School is so annoying. I have a few tests this week.”

“Yeah I’ve been there,” I said. “Don’t drive yourself crazy though. You need to take breaks to stay sane.

She smiled at that. “Yeah, you’re right. I probably work too hard sometimes.” She took a deep breath and rested her head back on the top of the seat. She leaned back far enough that her chest popped just enough out of the water, and I took in the view for as long as I had it.

“Glad you came in with me,” I smiled. “We don’t hang much.”

“Yeah,” she said a little unsure of herself. “The three of us hang a good amount though.”

After a few more minutes of light conversation and the occasional awkward stare, it seemed that Trish was a little uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if she had caught me looking but I guess she might have.

“I should probably get back to my work,” Trish said and stood up to get out. I got a few nice glimpses of her breasts and ass as she exited and grabbed her towel.

“Yeah I guess that’s enough for now,” I said. “Can I just dry off inside real fast?”

“Yeah that’s fine,” Trish said, wrapping the towel back around her body and leading me in the back door.

“I’m just going to change,” she said as we got inside, walking towards the bathroom.

I knew that I was only going to get one chance if I wanted to do the unthinkable. I wanted her, and if I was going to take her, she needed to have as little in the way as possible. No one was here and she was going into a small, closed room.

I decided to go for it. I followed behind her and as she opened the door to the bathroom, I quickly stepped into the room with her, and shut it behind us.

“Woah, what the fuck?” Trish asked, wondering what was going on. She had her back to me and before she could get into a position to do anything, I wrapped an arm around her body, holding her against me firmly.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” she shrieked as she was pinned with her back to my body. I had above average strength, and her struggle in the confined quarters was in vain. She writhed against me but I kept her firmly in place. With my free hand I shoved my swim trunks down, and then grabbed her bikini bottoms and yanked them down to the floor. Her pale but cute ass was fully exposed to me for the first time.

“Stop! What the fuck!” she continued to yell as I pulled off her bikini top, exposing her breasts to my view for the first time. I had to look around her body, but they were definitely more glorious than I had thought. My free hand groped her breasts, squeezing one and then the other and playing with her nipples. Despite her struggle, I could feel her nipples harden against my fingers. Finally, I moved my cock towards her ass, but she shut her legs together tightly.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she screamed as I tried to use my free hand to split her legs open. She did a strong job resisting, so I decided to try to tickle her to break her. With my arm still wrapped firmly around her stomach, I used my free hand to tickle her sides, which sent her into a crazier scramble with more screams. She still had her legs together until I tickled down her ass to the inside of her thigh. Instinct got the better of her and she pulled her leg away. With a quick adjustment, I used the small opening and thrusted upwards. I virtually found the mark, feeling my cock against her lips.

“Please don’t do this,” she said, her yelling turning more to desperation now. She knew I was overpowering her and was almost inside of her already. My free hand cupped and played with her breasts for a few seconds and then it joined the other around her body. I held onto her with both arms and drove my body upwards. She screamed as I just barely pushed inside of her, her closed legs still holding most of my length out. I took one of my hands and grabbed the inside of her thigh, yanking it as much as I could away from the other, and created just enough space. With one quick thrust I impaled her pussy on my cock and was buried to the hilt inside of my girlfriend’s sister’s pussy.

“FUCK YOU!” she shouted, although the ‘fuck’ part sounded like a mix between anger and pleasure. Now that I was already inside of her, I was able to thrust in and out with less trouble.

“Wow you’re tight,” I finally broke my silence.

“You’re fucking dead,” she said angrily in response.

“Why don’t you just enjoy it,” I teased her. “Bet you’ve never felt anything like this.”

“Oh FUCK you,” she shouted.

“I think we’re already doing that,” I taunted again and started to pound her tight pussy harder.

I saw her perky breasts jiggle from one of the mirrors as my cock bounced in and out of her. My free hand reached for them again and then reached down for her clit. I split the top of her lips with my finger and started to rub her clit hard. There’s no doubt that this had an effect on her. I immediately felt her pussy start to lubricate more as I rubbed her clit.

“Ooh someone likes,” I teased.

“You fucking bastard,” she said, her breath starting to fail her a little. I slammed my cock into her deeper, feeling new depths of her tight canal. I also picked up the pace on her clit, rubbing it harder and faster. I heard her scream I anger and then realized why when her pussy started to squeeze and contract its tight muscles around my cock. She was cumming.

“Are you fucking cumming?” I said with a laugh.

“Noo, ugh, I’m going to kill you,” she said in a sort of pant.

“You’re totally cumming on my cock,” I smiled.

She let out another scream as her pussy kept squeezing my cock in contractions. Finally she came down from her orgasm and it seemed to have taken some of her fight out. Her pussy was soaking wet now and she wasn't wriggling much. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, twisting her nipples in my fingers as I hammered her tight hole. I wasn’t sure but I felt like I could hear small moans coming from her now. She seemed to have succumbed to my cock and was taking her pounding until my orgasm started building.

“Why the fuck are you getting bigger?” she shrieked.

“I’m almost ready to fill your tight pussy up with my hot cum,” I said.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she screamed. “I’m not on the pill! I’ll do anything. Don’t you fucking cum in me.”

I wasn’t about to turn back now though. I continued to slam away at her pussy, my cock knocking on the door to her deepest insides as I continued to get thicker inside of her.

“You’ll love how it feels,” I teased. “I have so much cum ready for you and it’s so warm.”

“Don’t!” she shouted. “Don’t fucking cum in me! Stop it!” she continued and tried to wrestle away. I re-strengthed my arm’s grasp around her waist and remained in complete control. She helplessly shouted and sometimes let out a moan as my cock split her pussy with each deep thrust.

“Here it comes!” I taunted as I felt my orgasm close in. “Get ready!”

“NO!” she yelled. “Fuck you! Stooooop!”

Her last word was a mix of a scream and a seemingly pleasure filled growl as my cock slammed deep inside her pussy and burst, shooting a copious load of cum inside of her. I couldn’t even count the amount of ropes I shot into her depths, as it seemed every tenth of a second my cock twitched again and painted her insides with more of my seed. Each time I felt more cum rocket into her, I let out a grunt; perhaps experiencing my most pleasurable orgasm ever. I held her hips down tightly on my cock, making sure each full blast reached her deepest walls. I pushed out an extra few ropes into her, as cum was already spilling out around my cock and down her thighs. The sight of my cum dripping down her thighs squeezed an extra rope or two out of me, before I was finally completely emptied. My cock dropped out of her pussy, followed quickly by a ton of my cum. I admired my work, as cum fell from her pussy down her legs.


2015-09-09 15:42:55
Ahhhhh, the sickos love a rape story! Rapists need to be surgically castrated. Then spend a few years in gaol, celled up with a big buck nigger.


2014-12-22 19:37:22
Great short story.
I love a good rape story where the girl gets off and the guy loads her fertile pussy with sperm. I had a girlfriend for a short time that got off on role playing rape. The more forceful I was, the harder she came.


2014-04-26 06:53:17
More friends. Be rougher. Make them scream.

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2014-01-20 08:53:14
Great story hope u make part 2

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2013-03-20 00:04:22
i thought this was breaking in girlfriends sister, but guess not.... what happens next?

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