A romantic hotel sex scene
Passionate Sex: Romantic Hotel

Please note that this story does not have a plot. It is just simple, sexy erotica. So enjoy!

A pair of candles flickered in the dimly lit room, aided only by the dull light of a lamp. They cast shadows across the nicely furnished room. Although it was no executive suite, the hotel room was far from shabby. There was a nice wooden desk in the corner, and a huge king-sized bed along one wall.

James lay sprawled on the bed. His tie was undone, thrown carelessly onto the carpeted floor, and his white dress shirt was partially unbuttoned, still tucked into his black pants. His brown hair was messy, but presentable. He looked as if he had just gotten back from a nice night on the town.

There was a click as the door opened. In strode Catherine, heels lightly scraping against the floor. Her red heels matched the color of her dress, which was modest, but still flaunted her curves. She wore her raven hair in waves down her back.

James rose to a sitting position as Catherine deposited her small handbag in a vacant chair. She turned, staring at him with her dark eyes. Although not much was visible, she knew him to have a very muscular and attractive body. Catherine strode over to the bed. She leaned down, and with her ruby red lips, kissed him lightly.

The candles wavered slightly as the two lovers gazed into each other’s eyes. They leaned in, ever so slowly, and kissed again.

"You," James said, in between kisses. "Are the most beautiful woman alive."

Catherine laughed, putting one of her long fingers on his lips. "And you are one of the sexiest guys."

"Oh come here, you!" James playfully pulled Catherine onto the bed beside him. As they continued kissing, James slowly slid his hand up the back of Catherine's dress. He ran his fingers through her hair. His other hand rested on one of her knees.

Catherine, moving her own hands to touch James' body, kissed down his jawline. She lightly began to nibble on his neck, laughing when he exhaled in pleasure and relaxation. She kissed back up to his lips.

"You just look so good in this." She said, moving her hands all over James' chest. "It's going to be a shame to take it off of you."

"Well, you're looking pretty good yourself!" He replied, smiling. "And if it’s going to be that bad, I better just do it myself!"

James undid the last couple of buttons, exposing his tanned chest. Catherine leaned forward, kissing his neck, and started rubbing her hands all over his exposed torso. James moaned lightly, running his fingers though Catherine's hair.

Starting to take control, James pushed Catherine down on the bed. He climbed on top to start kissing her lips, his hands moving up and down her body. He kissed down to her neck as his hands started playing with her breasts through the dress. James kissed back to her lips and placed one of his hands on Catherine's thigh. He slowly began to move it up her leg, getting closer and closer to her wet panties.

However, just as his fingers were nearly there, he moved them, placing his hand instead on Catherine's back. He quickly found the zipper for her dress and, with one quick motion, pulled it down. Catherine slid out of the dress and sat on the bed, wearing tight lacy red lingerie. The bra beautifully displayed her perky B cup breasts.

James ravenously began to kiss her, his hands trying to touch every inch of her body that he could. One hand slid up her thigh to begin lightly rubbing her pussy through the lacy material.

Catherine moaned, clutching at James' hair as he kissed down her body to her breasts. She could feel his soft lips as they traversed her body. James quickly unclasped her bra, tossing it aside, and began licking and kissing her nipples. His hand had found its way into her panties to start fingering Catherine's wet pussy.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Catherine took off her panties, pushed James down onto the bed, and climbed on top to kiss down his torso. She kissed his nipples as her dexterous fingers unclasped his belt. The pants soon followed, leaving James in a pair of blue boxers. The outline of his dick was visible, pressing against the fabric.

Catherine leaned forward to kiss James on the lips, her fingers tracing around the outline of his cock. She slowly began to pull his boxers off. They slid off his feet onto the ground. She continued kissing him as her soft hand moved up and down his long dick.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear, saying "You can't imagine how much I want this inside of me."

"You won't have to wait that much longer," he moaned back.

Smiling with her ruby red lips, Catherine kissed down his body. James could feel her lips move all the way down to his dick. He felt warm lips, then saw as Catherine began to take his erection into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock, tasting his salty precum.

James moaned, enjoying the sight. They locked eyes, each seeing the others lust, and James felt the lips leave his cock.

Catherine crawled forward, positioning her pussy near James' dick. She leaned forward, kissing his neck, and said "Do it. Now."

More than happy to oblige, James slid his hands down Catherine's back to lightly rub her ass. He moved his dick so it was barely touching her pussy, and moved it around, teasing her with the small movements. As Catherine moaned, James started thrusting into her.

Catherine could feel his hard dick penetrate her pussy, and she moaned into his chest. As James picked up pace, she started to thrust her hips, wanting more. She began lightly nibbling on his ear, breathing heavily as he pushed his entire length into her.

James loved the sound of Catherine exhaling in pleasure. He began to thrust even deeper into her, causing her to moan loudly. James felt his orgasm quickly approaching, but he did not what the fun to end so soon.

He flipped over, laying Catherine on her back. He lifted her legs up over his shoulders and placed his dick in front of her pussy. Again, he teased her with the tip of it until she begged him to continue.

James thrust again into her waiting pussy. From this position, he was able to reach down and fondle Catherine's breasts.

Catherine could almost not contain her pleasure. His hands on her breasts, combined with the fucking, brought her closer and closer to the edge. She moaned loudly as James began to pick up speed.

"Oh, yes, James!" She yelled, tossing her head back and forth. "Keep it up! I'm almost there!"

James grunted in reply, and pushed her legs further back, thrusting deeper into her pussy. He could feel his own orgasm building, but he continued to fuck Catherine, as she lay moaning on the bed.

She gave one loud, unintelligible yell and began spasming on his dick. James moaned too, as the motion sent him over the edge. Through her orgasm, Catherine could feel his warm cum shooting deep into her pussy. They both collapsed, tired but pleased.

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