Lessons from Mom – Part One

My father, an alcoholic, left home when I was 8. I lived with my Mom and brother in an apartment until toward the end of WW II, at which time I was 15/16 years old. My brother had enlisted in the Navy, so it was just Mom and me all alone. Mom was in her late 40’s, I guess, a pretty red head, a mature figure, and worked hard to support two kids during some difficult times. She had a responsible job and did enjoy being with her friends over a beer or two after work and she enjoyed playing bridge with some of her lady friends a couple of times a month. I was a typical youngster, I suppose, and had had some adolescent exploration with a few of my buddies like any other normal kid. You know, comparing cock sizes, jacking off, something together, circle jerks at Boy Scout Outings around a bonfire, you know, just regular stuff.

I did, on a few occasions, go a bit further with one buddy, Sam Powers, when we would sleep over or would have some privacy after school, prior to my Mom coming home. Sam, was black, not real dark, but black nevertheless, and we played baseball together and shared many secrets about our desires and fantasies. We did things like measuring our cocks, touching one another, stroking each other and we had even tried sucking each other’s cock on several occasions too. Not too surprising, Sam was much larger, cock wise, than I and I guess at the time, I was maybe 7 or 7 ½ inches hard. Sam on the other hand was probably 8 ½, very thick and circumcised. The knob of his cock was kind of purple and very large. I remember I was only able to get the head of his cock into my mouth and not much more but that seemed to give him a great deal of pleasure. We had sucked each other several times before I was the first to take his load of cum in my mouth. He really freaked out when it happened and it was an awesome event in my life. I actually enjoyed the entire experience. Sam reciprocated, but with a little less enthusiasm than I did, I think I too enjoyed immensely being sucked off.

During that period of time, there was a typewritten story being circulated around the school comprising of about 20 pages of single spaced typing called “Behind the Green Door” and Sam and I both would read sections of the story and “flog our dog” as the saying goes. I was captured with that story because it included women licking other women, a black man fucking a white girl who had been kidnapped and made to perform on a stage for the audience to enjoy watching her be violated. I thought about that story all the time and would even jack off in my bed at night right next to Mom’s bed, as we both had a double bed. It was during this time that my story really begins.

One night, Mom had been playing bridge with her lady friends and when she arrived home, I was already in bed asleep. She awakened me with a start by shaking my arm pretty hard and asking me, “And “Just” what do you think you are you doing?” I slowly awakened and I said sleepily, “what Mom, what do you mean?” My mom just looked at me and the told me she had watched me for some moments and I had been smacking my lips and playing with myself and I then realized that I still had my hand on my hard cock. “I don’t know what you mean Mom, I didn’t realize I was doing that!” She was looking at my hard cock as she talked and again wanted to know what I had been dreaming about to do such a thing. “I don’t know, I don’t remember what I was dreaming.”

“Have you been playing with your peter for some time now?”, she asked. “Never mind, I know you have, for I have seen the semen stains on your bed sheets for some time now. So what has excited you so much for your peter to be hard like that?” I tried to cover myself with my hands and the sheet but she stopped me and told me to answer her question. Well, …..yes, sort of, I guess, all the guys do it Mom, it just happens!” Mom reached over and placed her hand around my hard cock. It twitched, I couldn’t help it, also, it always felt nice when someone else touched my cock and I could feel it involuntarily start to stiffen even more. “My word boy, you have certainly grown-up to be a young man in recent months, I don’t ever recall that “thing” being this big before, is it because of all the use it’s been getting?” I blushed and tried to change the subject but her hand was doing wonders for my cock and I knew it would thwart anything I might try to say in my defense. “So, what have you been reading or looking at that causes you to….what do you “boys” call it…to jack off?”

I didn’t know just how to answer her so, I decided to tell he about a typewritten story I had seen at school called “Behind the Green Door” and described a bit of the detail of the story to her. She kept holding my cock in her hand and it was now maybe 80% hard when she said, “I remember that story, is it still going around?” How much of it have you read thus far, have you read the ending yet?” “No, not yet, I am just to the point where the women had undressed the kidnapped girl, and they had fondled and kissed her boobs and……. some of the women even licked her between her legs. Then the lights on the stage went low, and a big negro man, dressed in a white leotard walked out on the stage. A spot light focused on him and the audience “gasped” as there was a hole in the crotch of the leotard and his massive black cock was protruding from between his legs. I was cognizant of my cock now throbbing and moving in Mom’s hand and I noticed she had started stroking my cock up and down and had pulled the foreskin back and down over my cock head. I was oozing some pre-cum and Mom moved her thumb over my pee slit and coated my knob with the slippery liquid. I heard her say, “Mmmmm, does telling that story and what I am doing feel good to you? Has anyone ever touched you like this before?” she asked, “and don’t lie to me Tom!”

“Well, Sam and I have touched each other a couple of times, I guess” “You guess, don’t you know for sure?” “Well, yes, we have!” “Do you jack-off together and watch each other cum, maybe see how far you can shoot it?” “Mom” I said. “Well I know boys do that sort of thing, and I am just trying to see just how much you know or just what you have done up to this point.” Now my cock was really twitching and Mom continued to stroke me up and down. “With such a nice cock like this, you are certainly going to make some girls very happy, is Sam’s cock as big and nice as your’s?” “Mom, really!” “Come on Tom, fess up and tell me all about Sam and what else you two do.” “Well, Sam is bigger, longer actually and much thicker that I am, he really is larger, especially the head!” “Really!” Mom said, “That is exciting to know, Sam is a good kid, I always liked having Sam around and being a good friend for you. He is a well mannered young man, it seems.”

“So, you have stroked Sam’s cock and Sam has stroked you, is that right?” “Yes, …a couple of times, I guess.” I told her. “I’ll bet you two have tasted each other’s cocks too, boys do that sort of thing you know, do you like having your cock in a nice warm mouth?” “Mom!” how can you ask such questions?” “Honey, it has been a long time since I touched a nice cock like yours, I'll bet Maria, my girlfriend, you've met Maria Gonzales before and I know she'd love to grab hold of this nice hard cock and play with you. Would you like that sometime?" Honey “lust” or not, ….right or wrong,…Your Mom needs and wants this cock in her mouth. Mom dropped her head in my lap and took my hard, throbbing cock between her lips and then, fully into her mouth. I was so surprised, that I gasped for breath and tried to pull her up away from my cock, but she was insistent and I felt her tongue swirl all around my cock head and the ridge connecting the shaft from the crown. I was in heaven, the sensations were far better than when Sam had sucked my cock and to my joy, Mom really seemed to be enjoying every moment of her performance. My hips started to rise and fall with her mouth, sort of fucking her mouth and I was not far from cuming, that was a given. “Mom, please Mom, I can’t stand this for much more….
it's time…..Mom, I'm about to cum!” “Mmmm, Honey, let it come, Momma knows what she is doing….give your Mom that sweet boy nectar Honey!” With that, I let go and filled her mouth with my boy seed. She felt my cock recoil and spurt warm semen several times against the back of her throat, splashing her tonsils and dropping onto her tongue. She swallowed, again and again, and licked my spent organ until it glistened by the night light on the table nest to our beds in our bedroom. I was exhausted and very satisfied to say the least and couldn’t even begin to express my feelinmg and pleasure.

“How was that, my young “stud”man, did you enjoy that as much as I did?” “Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I hugged her to my chest and kissed her hotly, sensing the taste of my own cum still coated on her lips. She smiled at me and patted my head. “Tell me Tom, were you excited when you read about those women licking that young girl between the legs in the story?” “Yes, Sam and I both talked about that and wondered about what it would be like and “if” girls like having that sort of thing done to them or not.” “Honey, there is not a woman alive that does not like having a tongue on her “pussy,” and she doesn’t mind if it is girl’s tongue or a man’s tongue. Have you or Sam ever seen a naked woman or her pussy, you know, up close and personal?” “No, not really, I have seen you going through the house and then I have seen some pictures, but no, not really and certainly not up close. Mom stood up and removed her blouse and skirt, leaving only her bra, panties and hose. She slipped out her bra and watch me as her breasts were bared for my viewing pleasure. She the slipped off her panties and hose and I could see the thin red hair surrounding her pussy. My Mom was an attractive women when she lie down next to me and said, “Move over big boy, It’s time you had another lesson.” Maybe we'll invite Sam over too, sometime for a few lessons.

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2014-04-27 02:22:47
I watched mum masturbate, but I was too shy to go past the door,, I do regret not taking it further, I was only 12 at the time .

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2009-09-09 05:32:23
I fuck my mom too. I live at her home and I am 26 now. Dad is away a lot of time and when she's horny, she enters my room in her horny sexy lingerie. She seduces me and then she lets me fuck her hard and deep. She says I fuck her better then dad. Afterwards she don't talk about it. She comes back when she's horny again. But I like it, so I fuck her with pleasure. Who wouldn't ! She has big tits and a juicy pussy.


2008-07-26 16:48:35
Go for the gusto. Fuck your mom and get her pregnant.


2006-07-13 13:59:03
6 inch is average male size penis, wdf 4 1/2? seriously what surveys, japaneese surveys?


2006-07-02 15:06:40
i don't get in to the gay thing but mom taking over was awesome

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