A rape scene in an alley
Passionate Sex: Alley Rape

Please note that this story does not have a plot. It is just simple, sexy erotica. So enjoy!

Dawn walked quickly through the unknown city, her blond hair swishing from side to side as she turned her head. She had been separated from the friends she was visiting, and was starting to get worried. Her heels clicked sharply on the hard ground of the dimly lit streets. After a night of partying, she was slightly disoriented, forgetting where they were supposed to meet. She was also beginning to feel slightly self-conscious in her short black party dress.

She took a peek down one cluttered alley--there was an empty dumpster and a small collection of trash cans--and thought she saw a flash of movement. She was filled with a stab of fear that quickly melted back to contentment. This has to be one of her friends playing a joke on her. She knew she was meeting them around here.

"All right, all right." She said, taking a step down the alley. "I know you're out there. Jokes over."

As she passed the dumpster, a shadowy figure leapt out from behind one of the trash cans to pin her to the wall out of sight. She opened her mouth to scream, but saw a glint of silver as the figure pressed a knife to her throat.

"Screaming would be a very, very bad idea," a gravelly voice said.

The yell got caught in her throat. From what she could see, the man appeared to be slightly over six feet tall. And judging from the vice-like grip, he was very strong.

"Wh...wha...what" Dawn stammered out.

"Well..." He said, slowly. She could smell the cheap alcohol on his breath. "Well, I'm just going to...have a bit of fun, you could say."

Although she could not see, Dawn could tell that the man wore a wicked grin.

One of his hands kept her shoulder pinned to the hard brick wall, knife pointing up at her chin. The other started to roughly move up and down her body. It lingered on her C cup breasts, kneading and pinching them harder than necessary. She struggled slightly, ripping the back of her dress against the wall.

His hand moved down to her thigh. It moved up, under the thin fabric of the dress to roughly caress her pussy through her panties. Even under the circumstances, Dawn had to admit that the fingers felt good; she was always one to enjoy being treated rough in bed.

The man leaned in to kiss her on the lips. She instinctively pulled away, earning her a sharp slap across the face. She cried out, and the knife snapped up to her throat.

"One more sound, missy, and you'll be dead. Got it?" The man growled out.

"Ye...Yes..." She softly whispered.

The man just grunted. His hand held Dawn by the neck as he began roughly kissing her on the lips. His other hand moved back under the dress. Dawn coughed because of the thick smell of booze.

As she regained composure, the man began shoving his tongue in her mouth. She tried to close her lips, but his hand pressed tighter on her neck, so she submitted. His tongue explored her mouth, and Dawn, not wanting to make him angry, moved hers to meet his.

In one motion, the man slid her panties down to her knees. He moved his fingers slowly back up her thighs, teasing her with light touches. His fingers reached her pussy, and he almost jumped with delight.

"Well, what do we have here?" He said, happily. "It feels as though someone is a little wet. You can't be enjoying this, can you?"

Dawn, unable to reply, just remained standing against the wall. Although she was repulsed by him, his warm fingers did feel nice against her pussy.

She exhaled as he slipped one, then two fingers in. His mouth closed back upon hers. His fingers began to fuck Dawn's pussy, starting slow but gaining speed rapidly. He suddenly stopped kissing her.

He reached forward and took his knife back with his right hand. Fear spiked again in her chest, and Dawn cowered against the wall. With one quick motion, the man slashed, and her dress fell off her body. She was standing in a bra, with panties around her knees, in front of her unknown assailant.

"Oh my, don't you just look...appetizing." The man whispered in her ear.

He brought his knife up to Dawn's chest and slid the blade under the center of her bra. With another quick motion, he cut her bra away.

"And last...these," he said, pulling her panties down to her feet. "Well, aren't you just a sexy vixen. And you're going to be my sexy vixen for the next couple of minutes."

He leaned in and began passionately kissing her. His fingers found her pussy and resumed their fucking. Dawn lay against the wall. The hard bricks were digging into her flesh as she squirmed.

The man backed away, and Dawn heard the unmistakable sound of pants falling to the ground. He stepped forward, and she felt the head of his dick resting against her pussy. The man slowly pushed it forward, and it sunk into her helpless body.

He started thrusting into her. After each push, Dawn felt the bricks scrape against her back. Oddly enough, she loved the fact that he had so much power over her. He started thrusting faster, his huge cock stretching her pussy to the limit. Dawn felt his rough lips against her neck, and as he fucked her helpless pussy, she gave out a soft moan.

The man laughed, saying "Oh, the slut enjoys it! Let’s see how much she can take!"

He grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her onto the dirty ground. Luckily, she landed on the tattered remains of her clothing, which cushioned her fall.

The man climbed on top of her and began roughly kneading her breasts. His dick slipped back into Dawn's pussy.

"Oh, fuck yeah." The man groaned as he continued thrusting.

With one hand pinching her nipples, the man lightly smacked Dawn across the face with the other. "How'd you like that slut? Is that dirty enough for you."

Tears were streaming down Dawn's face, but she could not deny the pleasure she was feeling. It was so wrong, but she loved being used.

The man continued thrusting into her helpless pussy. He moaned out, and Dawn felt his warm cum shoot into her. He slowly pulled out of her, and brought his dick over toward her mouth.

"Clean me off, and I'll let you go unharmed."

Seeing no other choice, Dawn took him into her mouth, tasting his cum. The man sighed as Dawn cleaned his entire shaft. After what seemed like ages, he pulled out of her mouth and stood up.

Dawn felt something warm on her arm. It spread across most of her body. He was peeing on her!

She screamed in indignation, but the man just laughed. He picked up his pants, put them on, and vanished into the darkness.

She lay there with no clothes, covered in piss, and dripping cum out of her pussy.

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