The Other Side of Mother-in-law by mrmovie

It's quite obvious that all women prefer bigger cocks, you don't need a degree to know that. Men that have such a quality are like gods among the not so favored.
Men marry women for better or for worse, yet they both seek other avenues of opportunity, like being sexually satisfied. For the man it is variety, for the woman it's the size of the package that counts.
It may seem like love at the beginning, yet at some point, it fades. ( Like a new toy you got tired of playing with...unless your toy is big )

( This is such a story, on some level of degree. )

It was a cold winter and I didn't know which was colder, the cold winter itself or my cold mother-in-law Rita ?
Rita and I never gotten along, she always thought that men were no good bastards that were totally useless, except for one thing, and her husband Tom, has been a totally useless bastard for years !
When Jean and I got married, we were going to get a house but didn't have enough money, instead of moving in with Jean's parents, Rita offered to instead, put in money that her and Tom had as well, so we could all live together, it was either that or pay rent somewhere for I don't know how long. ( lucky fucking me )

Rita and Jean were both the same average size and height, their measurements were close to one anothers, but Rita had a little bigger butt tho', Jeans measurements are 34D-26-36, and has long brown hair, where Rita's long hair is brown but slightly greying. I'm average built with short brown hair where as Rita's husband Tom is fat and has less than short grey hair.

After two months of being married, Rita always made it a point to not only clean up the house and make the beds and so forth on a daily basis, but to also give me a hard time by constantly ragging on me.

It just so happens that I made the mistake of having too much to drink last night that I called in sick for work today.

My first priority was to catch up on some sleep. I have been drifting in and out of sleep since Jean left for work.

I did wake up sometime later by the sound of a vacuum cleaner being manoeuvred just outside my bedroom door.

Since the house was nice and warm I just laid there on my back covered by a light cotton sheet. I had noticed that I woke up from my sleep with a real diamond cutter of an erection going on.

I can hear Rita speaking on her mobile phone while she worked. She was telling my wife as a favour to her she will try not to wake me. Good news, I thought to myself, she won't fuck with me.

I heard the bedroom door start to open. I didn't want Rita to see I am awake because she would just start to bore me with all the normal crap she talks. I know that if she knows I'm asleep, she will leave me alone.

I shut my eyes and made deep breathing and small snoring sounds and waited for her to leave.

I become conscious of how I must look. I am pretty much spread-eagled, my left arm and some of my left leg, from the knee down, are sticking out from under the sheet. Also, I still have a hard-on. I hope it isn't too obvious.

Instead of just closing the door and leaving, I head her fumbling around, dusting the bedroom furniture. God I wish she would just get lost.

The more I tried to make my hard-on go away the more my cock stiffened even more. I can't just wake up now with my cock standing to attention. She would probably think she was the cause of it.

It's not that she is pig ugly or anything, far from. It's just that she's a nosey, interfering old bastard who never has a good word to say about me. Anytime she is around Jean, she spends the whole time just cursing me and telling her how I'm so useless. I can't stand her. Whats worse, Jean actually feels sorry for her, having to put up with her husband Tom.

Even with those thoughts going around my head, I'm still disturbed that I can't get rid of this damn hard-on.

I can hear Rita opening Jean's wardrobe and putting her clothes away. I think I will take a chance and open one eye slightly to see what she was doing. Sure enough, she has her back to me. I opened both eyes and adjusted them to the light. She is wearing the green nylon housecoat that she always seems to wear. She must have owned that housecoat for years.

When she closed the wardrobe I continue to fake being asleep. Once again I breathed heavily and made some more pretend sleeping sounds. Why doesn't she just go ?

I think I heard her make her way over to the foot of the bed. I can feel her gently smoothing down the sheet at the foot of the bed. She then tucked the sheet tidily into the right side of the bed before making her way over to the left side.

She pulls the sheet over my exposed leg and also covers my left arm. What the hell is she doing, doesn't she realise that I am still in bed ?

By this time, my erection is getting progressively harder and is actually starting to hurt. This is getting really awkward. My eyes are still shut but I get the feeling that she is just standing there at the side of the bed.

With my eyes shut I'm more aware of my other senses. I can smell her perfume and also hear her shallow breathing.

I'm sure she must be able to see the tent that my cock was making in the bed sheet, especially now that she had smoothed the sheet down around me. God, I can actually feel my cock throbbing and twitching. I wish it would just go away, as well as Rita !

It's probably not too late for me to just wake up, but I feel compelled to find out what she is up to. I am very curious and, to be honest, quite aroused at the thought of my mother-in-law looking at me in this state. I decide to go with it for a while longer.

Now I hear Rita unfasten the popper buttons on her green housecoat. One, two, three, four, five. How many are there ? Then I hear the distinct sound of her sliding it off her shoulders and letting it drop onto the floor. What is she wearing under the housecoat ? Is she standing there naked just a few inches away from me ? Should I risk opening my eyes a little to check ? Oh God, this is getting worse. My prick is straining against the sheet, my balls feel like they will explode, my shaft is straining and throbbing like hell. Why is my imagination playing tricks on me like this ?

Surely it is just my imagination. She is probably just a little hot. She is probably just wearing the normal, boring crap she always wears. My cock is still rigid, however, at the thought that those huge melons might be swaying away, naked, just inches away from my face, was not helping my hard-on go away.

Then I feel Rita start to adjust my bedding again. This time she seemed to be smoothing it down around my actual body. She worked her way down my left side and then down my right until the sheet is pulled tightly across my chest, tummy and hips, my cock sticking up like a tent-pole.

She then starts working her way up both sides of my left leg, smoothing the sheet tightly to the form of my calf, knee and thigh. I feel her get closer, and closer to my balls. I'm struggling to maintain the illusion of being asleep. My breathing is getting erratic, I'm twitching more and more as she gets closer to my cock. God, I hope she thinks I am dreaming.

My senses seem to be on high alert. I am bombarded with sensations, mostly from my throbbing cock. Her smell is all around me. I am focussed on every sound. I try to picture what is going on around me. It just makes me more aroused.

She stops suddenly then commences to do the same thing along my right leg. My heart is pounding as she gets closer, and closer. Will she smooth the sheet over my tight ball-sac ? Will she now smooth the sheet over my stiff cock ?

Then it happens, she smooths the sheet tightly around my balls. Her hand pushes as far up my thighs as possible. Brushing lightly against my balls, and unbelievably, smoothing her palm over the sheet over my balls. My mind is in turmoil. How can this be happening, and What is she doing ? All I know is it feels wonderful. It's like the most exciting thing I can imagine. This can't be happening.

My breath is coming in rasps now, how to maintain the illusion of sleep. If I wake now, what would I say, and What would I do ? I certainly didn't want to start fondling, kissing, fucking my mother-in-law, God No ! I don't want anything to come between me and her daughter. I decide to fight the good fight and maintain the illusion.

Now her hand is moving over the sheet up my straining shaft. It feels fantastic. She had now smoothed the sheet to a perfect impression of my throbbing prick. I must look like a gift wrapped present. My body is tightly enclosed in the bed sheet. Every contour visible to my mother-in-law. Where is she going with this ?

Then she takes my left hand and pulls it from under the sheet. She leans forward and lowers her tit into my palm. My God, her breasts are bare. She must be naked, Why ? I can feel her hard nipple grazing across my palm. She then leans further forward and lowers her tits until they are brushing over my face. My cock is at the point of bursting. It has never felt so hard, so stiff, so big !

Now I feel her slowly peeling back the sheet, starting from my left arm. My chest is exposed, then my tummy. She stops just before my throbbing cock-head comes into view. My breath is coming in gasps now. I try to control myself. My mother-in-law is actually going to see me naked. Not just naked, but fully aroused. My 9 inch cock is bursting at the thought, knowing what her daughter is getting and she's not !

She now starts peeling the sheet away from my left leg. Past my knee and Up my thigh. Then I feel her run her fingertips up my sac between my balls and I nearly explode.

Then Rita pulls the sheet away, so that I'm completely naked to her gaze. Oh the exquisite pleasure of knowing that she would be so jealous of her daughter and knowing how her husband Tom is very useless compaired to me !

I heard her fumbling around with something. What I hear next is completely unexpected. I hear her taking photographs with her phone. One, two, then she puts one hand on my balls, three, four, then she grips my cock for the first time, five, six, seven, then she puts something hard and cold next to my cock, I think it's a ruler. She takes photo number eight. I think she is measuring my cock, Why, and why take a photo of it ?

I am getting concerned now. How will this end and when ? How much further will Rita go, is she on a mission to humiliate me ?

Then she starts to climb onto the bed. She is straddling my left arm and is leaning over my body. Is she looking at my eyes or looking for a tell-tale sign that I'm awake ?

I'm then aware of her hair brushing over my tummy moving toward my bursting cock. I am also aware that she is lowering her bottom half onto my outstretched arm.

I felt the warm wetness of her pussy descend onto my palm. I felt the her pubic hairs first, closely followed by her sopping wet gash. It feels fantastic. It's hard to imagine that it could feel so nice. Then I'm shocked to feel her lips close over my penis. Oh my God, I think I'm going to shoot my load. I switch to full self-control mode. It's barely working. I can feel her cunt rubbing against my hand, but I dare not stroke it. I can feel her lips wrapped around my cock but I dare not slide it back and forth. I can feel my juices rise but I dare not allow myself release.

Now she straddles my head with her legs and starts to lower herself toward my face. She is now really sucking my cock. My God, she could suck a golf ball up a hose pipe. She could really teach her daughter a trick or two.

It must be safe to look now. I open my eyes and what do I see, Rita's naked pussy is descending onto my face. I never thought I would see that ! I take in as much detail as I can. I can see her hairy snatch, her clit. Then it becomes blurred as it get closer and closer to my face.

She lowers it completely onto my face. I am overwhelmed by the odors that consume me. Do I dare lick it or kiss it ? She starts to gently slide it up and down the features of my face. My chin, my lips, my nose. I hope I'm not going to suffocate ?

I lightly flicked my tongue over her clit. I wonder if she can tell ? She's still sliding her pussy gently over my face. Every time her clit passes my lips I give it a little lick. She then started to slide more quickly. Even though she is still sucking my cock like her life depends on it, I can hear her moans grow and become more urgent.

Then her body tenses and starts to shudder. She's having an orgasm. I can feel some juices ooze from her hole, before slowing down and relaxes.

My cock is in agony. If I don't cum soon I think I will faint. Rita soon then climbed off the bed. Is that it, is this how it ends ?

Then I hear Rita ask, "David, are you still asleep ?"

I fake a small snoring sound.

Then I hear Rita say, "Well, if you slept through 'that' you probably would sleep through 'anything', so there's no danger of what I'm going to do now that will wake you."

I continued to pretend to be asleep, still drunk. I'm going to have to see it through, but what is she going to do now ?

Rita climbed back onto the bed and this time straddles my aching cock. I shudder as she lowered her pussy onto it. I can feel the tip of my cock throbbing at the entrance of her cunt. She is stroking the tip along her gash and now she is positioning it back at her entrance. She engages the head and then, in one slick movement, consumes my entire shaft in a warm, wet, velvety grip. My God, I'm fucking my mother-in-law !

She starts to grind her clit against my groin and again I can feel her building up to orgasm. I don't think I can take any more. I've got to let go. I'm so frustrated.

Rita blurts out, "Of course, you could always have a wet dream."

With that she leans forward and falls onto my chest. I can feel her big tits against me. I coudn't fake it no longer and awoke, opening my eyes. I started to fuck her with all my might, knowing that now she knew I was awake and knew that I knew it was her. She is holding onto me so tightly I can hardly breathe. My cock is now stroking in and out at top speed and I feel that unmistakable feeling. I'm past the point of no return and I'm coming. I'm now emptying my seed at full bore into Rita.

We held onto one another until our senses returned to a more normal level.

Rita looked up at me and slides off my cock and allows our fluids to drip out onto my tummy.

"I hope I can expect more of that fine cock of yours, I won't give you a hard time anymore, I promise ?!" She said then planted a kiss on my cock, got dressed and left the room.

"No problem Rita...anytime you wish !" I said, and she always did.

About a five months later on a Saturday night, after a great dinner, we all got good and drunk.

Eventually, around midnight, Jean and I had retired to our bedroom. Rita was still up but her husband Tom had passed out in the livingroom.

I tried hitting Jean up for some sex, but all I got was a little bit of petting before she fell sound asleep. Frustrated, I followed suit a few minutes later.

It couldn't have been a couple hours later when I woke up having to pee like a racehorse. I stumbled to the bathroom and did my business. When I came out of the bathroom, I heard water running in the kitchen. I could see Rita's silhouette as she stood in front of the sink getting a glass of water, so I padded up behind her and pressed myself against her back. I brushed her to the side and kissed the back and side of her neck.

I then reached my hands around and cupped her full breasts. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my palms through her nightgown so I lightly pinched and rolled them, eliciting a small moan. When she began rubbing her soft ass against my rapidly hardening cock, I knew I had to have her. And even though, in this house, we had never done anything outside of my bedroom, I knew I had to have her right here.

I took both hands off her breasts, and lifted the hem of her nightgown over her waist as she leaned her elbows on the edge of the sink and stuck her ass out to help it stay up. I pulled my engorged dick out of my boxers and pressed it against her hot ass. Rita took it from my hand and guided it to her pussy, where I slid into her like a hot knife into butter. Even moving slowly, my cock squelched every time I pushed into her.

With my cock slowly pistoning in and out of Rita's cunt, I slid my hands up under her nightgown to cup her bare breasts, tugging and pulling on her nipples. Rita stifled a moan as she came, pouring pussy juice all over my cock and balls. I could even feel it transferring from her legs to mine as we kept fucking. I was hoping that Tom or Jean didn't came out because we were not really all that quiet, given all the sloshing and squelching noises emanating from our joined anatomies.

I decided that I was going to have to do this kind of thing with her Rita more often !

After a few more minutes of fucking, and hearing Rita getting closer to her second orgasm, I released her breasts and grabbed her full hips with both hands. I started pulling myself into her harder and faster, my hips making a slapping noise on her ass with every pump. When I heard her start to moan deep in her chest, I thrust into her with abandon, not caring how much noise we made.

With one last thrust, I pushed balls deep into Rita's pussy and held it there for a moment before erupting inside her. My cum spraying her insides pushed Rita over the edge and she squealed softly as she came. I stayed inside her, breathing hard, until my cock softened enough to slide out.

Rita headed toward the bathroom to clean up, so I stepped out onto the porch to cool off in the slight breeze. It was warm enough that I didn't feel cold as the sweat and pussy juice on my body slowly dried. After a short time, but long enough for Rita to have gotten out of the bathroom, I went in.

Coming out of the bathroom I went and slipped into bed beside Jean, holding her tightly against me, although she was still fast asleep.

I slowly drifted off to sleep myself.

( I hope you enjoyed this short story )

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2012-12-25 09:43:28
Rita was wonderful . I recall past events when I had sex with older women & all of them were great. I recall Phyllis who was 8 years older than me & weighed 240 lbs. She toled me that "whipping" did it for her.-- that made her very,very hot --it was a power erotic thing. So I let her whip me with her leather belt -- it stung very hard because she was a large woman --I could tell that Phyllis had whipped many men before me. Just prior to lashing me, she was starting to orgasm, she'd slide her belt between her thighs to make it wet from her cunt juices --then the whip would sting even more.

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