A man with a devious plan gets more than he bargained for from his date and her young daughter
"The Date" : By Bigwayne 2013

Contains : Incest, young sex, anal, pissing, M/d lesbianism, coercion, date rape drugs.

I never planned on becoming a molester. It just happened one day. A friend of mine was bragging on the effects of Rohypnol, otherwise known as the "date rape" drug, and how it makes it's victims very susceptible to suggestion and tends to make them lose their inhibitions. And the best thing about it is the people who take it usually have no memory of what they did while they were under its influence. Who wouldn't be curious?

I'm no slouch in the looks department, though. I'm 31, 5 ft 8, have a medium build, work out at the gym when I can, have a full head of dark hair, and am fairly handsome IMHO. Some say I look a little like Val Kilmer in his Batman days. I really have no trouble meeting and bedding women on my own, but the idea of having my way with a woman who was nearly totally submissive to me and would most likely forget all about it was intriging.

My friend hooked me up with a few doses to try it out. I put them in the inner pocket of my jacket along with my digital camera, then headed out to a local bar where I knew there would be a few pretty women. Once I got there, I walked up to the bar and ordered myself a double scotch on the rocks. I sat on the barstool and scanned the place for my intended target. There were a few girls sitting at a booth in the corner, but they seemed like housewives on a girls night out. A couple of young girls who looked barely legal enough to drink were sipping strawberry daiquiris at a small table in the middle of the room, and while I wouldn't have minded banging either one of them normally, neither of them had the mature body I was seeking for tonight. Together they couldn't have filled a B-cup bra. I wanted a girl with some decent tits on her.

I looked around some more and spied my victim. She was about 27 or 28, gorgeous, Latin, and built like Sophia Vergara. She was about 150 lbs, but it was in all the right places. She measured 40D-29-38 at least. I had seen her in the bar before, but she usually had a date with her, so I never approached her. Tonight, though, she appeared to be without an escort judging by the empty glasses all being on her side of the table. I kept watch to make sure some guy didn't come out of the bathroom and join her. After 15 minutes and no date, I decided to make my move.

I ordered another double scotch for myself and a margarita to take over to her. I overheard her order one for herself while I was spying on her, so I went with that drink. Once I had the drink in front of me, I dug out one of the pills, broke it in half, and dropped it down into the margarita while stirring it. Once it was dissolved, I grabbed both drinks and headed over to her table.

I sat the margarita down in front of her and fed her some line about such a pretty girl shouldn't be alone. She grinned politely, probably from having heard the same thing from a million guys before me, but she was gracious enough to still invite me to sit down with her for buying her a drink. We sat and chit-chatted about ourselves, who we were, what we did for a living, etc. She was a divorcee who worked as a paralegal for some law firm. I showed a lot of interest in what she was saying, in her dress, her hair, her favorite movies, the whole shlep. I kept my answers kind of vague just in case the Rohypnol didn't work as well as it was supposed to and she remembered me. I gave her a fake first name, I told her I worked in the medical industry and rattled off a lot of terms I had heard on episodes of House, MD to impress her, and she bought it. I didn't plan on seeing this woman after tonight, so I figured why give her any real answers.

It took about a half an hour for the Rohypnol to start affecting her. It must have all settled down to the bottom of her drink and she didn't ingest very much until she turned the glass up to finish it. But when it finally got in her system and hit her, she became groggy and a little mush mouthed. She was slurring her words and becoming slightly uncoordinated. She could still walk to the bathroom on her own, but she had to balance herself on chairs and the wall to make the trip there and back.

On her return to the table, I said "You don't look so good."

She replied "I.... I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm so drunk, but I only had 3 drinks. I... I think I-I need to go home. Can you call me a cab?"

Ever the conniving gentleman, I offered to take her home myself in my car. She told me I didn't have to go to all that trouble, that a cab would be fine. but I insisted. I would take her home to make sure she got there alright. I even said she might get a mean cab driver who might take advantage of her in this condition. She complimented me on being such a nice guy for looking out for her well being. Yeah, nice guy - LOL.

I led her to my car outside the bar and she climbed into the front seat. I sat down beside her and she leaned over against me, laying her head on my shoulder. She didn't fall asleep. She was more awake and coherent than I expected her to be on the drug. She told me she liked my Camaro and rubbed the dashboard like it was a cat.

I asked her where she lived and she told me without any hesitation. I started the car and we drove out of the parking lot toward her apartment. During the trip, I decided to test the suggestive properties of the drug.

I said "You look a little hot. Why don't you loosen your clothing a little?"

She hesitated by saying "I-I don't really feel all that hot.", but her hands were already reaching up to the top of her black spandex dress and pulling the shoulder straps down her arms until her lacy bra was exposed. I told her she had a great looking bra, and she thanked me.

I said "I think I want to touch your lovely tits."

She put her arm across her chest as if to prevent me from touching her, like any normal, undrugged woman would, but her words and inhibitions were influenced by the Rohypnol.

She mumbled "Oh, okay then. Go ahead."

I reached over to her chest and slid my hand down underneath the thin fabric of her bra. Her arm lowered once my hand was against her soft mammaries. I rubbed my fingers against her growing nipples while she casually giggled.

"You're a dirty boy, touching my titties like that." she whispered.

I wrapped my hand around her huge breast and massaged it briskly. She merely giggled some more and let me do it to her. I pulled the large mammary out of the cup and let it fall to her chest, then repeated that on the other breast. Now they were both out in the open, and they were glorious. Her aureolas were dark and about the size of an Eisenhower silver dollar, and her nipples were the size of thimbles and standing at full attention.

She looked down at her exposed breasts and said "I see you let my titties out, you naughty boy. You shouldn't have done that to me."

I replied "I think you like it when men look at your big ol' tits, don't you?"

She sluggishly said "Yeah.... sort of. That's all you guys want are my big tits."

She reached underneath her big breasts and held them up as if she was displaying them. I reached over and squeezed them both gently, pinching the nipple softly at the same time. She moaned as I played with the large teats.

I said "Yep, that's what we want, big tits! Now why don't you suck on them for me, babe."

She slowly raised one of her big breasts up to her face and leaned her head forward. While looking me in the eye, she placed her hard nipple between her soft lips and started suckling on it like a baby would. She grinned slightly as I watched her.

As she sucked her huge breasts for me, I reached down between her legs and underneath the hem of her tight fitting dress. I slid it up her thighs until her black thong was showing. I put my hand down under the front of the miniscule panty and played with her shaved pussy.

"Spread your legs apart so I can get to your pussy." I ordered her.

She compliantly obeyed. Her legs spread apart. She kept feeding herself on each of her big breasts as I pushed my middle finger up into her moist slit. I drove it up into her tight, wet pussy, which made her moan louder. I pulled the slippery digit from her cunt and put it against her mouth.

"Eat your pussy juice off my finger." I commanded her.

She did as I asked. Her mouth opened and she wrapped her lips around my finger. She cleaned all of her moisture from it.

"Mmmmm, that's a good dirty girl. Eat that pussy juice, you horny cunt."

She sucked on my finger repeatedly each time I dipped it back into her wet pussy and offered it back to her.

"You like the taste of pussy, dirty girl?"

"No, not really." she replied, yet she still cleaned my nasty finger every time.

We were getting close to her apartment, so I told her to fix her clothing back the way it was. She did it compliantly. She pointed out which apartment she lived in, so I helped her out of the car and helped guide her to her front door. She unlocked it and we entered. Her living room looked very nice. The couch was leather and plush, as was the matching recliner. The coffee table was made of solid oak, and so was the dining table and chairs in the corner. She wasn't hurting for money, that's for sure.

She asked me to help her to the bathroom so she could pee again, so I did. While she was in there relieving herself, someone knocked on the door. I answered it. A young woman about 17 years old had a sleeping child of 8 in her arms. She asked where my date was, and I said she was in the bathroom. The teen explained she was a neighbor who babysat for my date, but that she had to bring the little girl back early because her parents were being called away to some family emergency. She apologized profusely for the inconvenience, but she had to leave. She must have been watching for the woman to come home.

The pretty young woman carried the little girl into her bedroom, layed her down on her Barbie bed, said a few more apologies, and disappeared down the community walkway.

I was thinking about just abandoning my plans and leaving while the woman was in the bathroom, but before I could make a hasty exit, she emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but the lacy bra and matching thong.

"Who... who was that?" she asked groggily.

I said "That was the babysitter. She had to leave for some family crisis and brought your daughter home."

"That's who I thought it sounded like. Where's Emily?"

"The babysitter put her in her room. She was asleep."

"Asleep, huh? That means we can continue with our fun, can't we?". She smiled and winked at me.

She sauntered sexily toward me, strutting as if she was modeling the sexy lingerie for me. Seeing her nearly nude made me forget about leaving. She was built like a really big chested J-Lo and resembled that reporter from the movie 'Ghost Rider' in the face. Her Latin heritage gave her a slight tanned look as well. Not dark, but not pale like a redhead. Just right.

She stood in front of me and french kissed me passionately. Her body pressed against mine and I could feel her massive tits pressing against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me while we frenched one another. Her hands reached down and undid my pants in a flash. She was good to go and wanted to be fucked. I kicked my pants and my boxers to the side. My growing erection was bobbing against her thong as we kissed and groped each other in the living room.

I suggested that we take it to her bedroom, which seemed to agree with her. I locked the front door to make sure we weren't disturbed by anyone. I happened to remember that I had brought my digital camera with me, so I got it out of my jacket pocket and set it to Movie Mode. I wanted to capture all of this on video for future wanking. I went looking for my victim and found her in her bedroom, laying on her back with her legs spread wide apart. I stood at the foot of her bed and ordered her to take off the bra and panties. She immediately did as I told her to. Now I could see that sweet pussy and those glorious natural D-cups of hers very well. It had no hair on it whatsoever. I thought she might be shaved, but it looked more like she waxes herself instead. Her huge breasts hung to the sides of her chest, and they were full and lovely. There wasn't an ounce of silicone in them, either. Those babies were all natural. Thank you, her momma, wherever you are, for blessing her with these amazing god's gift to men.

I set the camera to record, then put it on her end table. I aimed it toward the bed and made sure it was in focus and on target. Satisfied it would capture every detail, I got up on the bed by her head, held my dick in my hand, and tapped it against her full lips.

I said "Suck my fucking dick, you dirty bitch!" rather coarsely to her.

She did as I commanded and put her lips over my cock as far as she could. She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked hard on my cock. She had skills. She knew to probe her tongue into the hole in the end while she sucked it and everything. I had to hold onto the wall behind the bed to brace myself, she was getting so aggressive on me.

I looked down at her and said "Yeah, suck my fucking dick, you dirty slut. You are a natural dick sucker. You like to suck men's dicks, don't you?"

She caught her breath and said "I love dick!", then resumed my blowjob.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face up onto my cock, making her swallow more of it. Surprisingly, she was able to let it go into her throat without gagging, so I force fed the entire 9 inches of it into her mouth.

"There you go...... Balls deep. You eat that nasty cock like a good little whore." I told her cruelly.

She never complained or anything. I crammed my hard cock down into her throat, and she obediently sucked it down. Eventually I climbed over her face, straddling her head, and started fucking her throat like I would if it was her pussy. I pulled out every ten seconds or so for her to catch her breath, but she was a trooper and didn't try to stop me.

When I was tired of the fellatio and ready to fuck her, I pulled my cock out of her and assumed a missionary position between her spread legs. I folded her legs to her chest to expose her waxed groin, then aimed my stiff erection at her vagina. I thrust my hips forward and drove all 9 inches of my dick up inside her cunt. She gasped from the sudden intrusion into her womb, but settled down as I pounded her pussy steadily and fast. She was moaning fairly audibly as I fucked her as deeply as I could get my dick up inside her.

As we progressed, I noticed that her attention wasn't necessarily on me anymore. Instead she was glancing at something behind me. I took a quick peek to discover the half asleep little girl standing in the doorway watching us. Shocked, I quickly pulled out of her mother and covered us both up hastily.

Unfazed by our sordid actions, the child said "Mommy, I can't sleep."

I don't know if it was the Rohypnol that made her say it or what, but the woman told the little girl "Come here, sweetie. I'll make it all better.", as if we weren't in the middle of a good fucking.

The child climbed up on the bed beside her groggy mother and hugged up against her naked body under the covers. She eyed me nervously since she didn't know who I was. To relax her, her mother told her my name and said I was a good friend of hers. The tyke seemed to calm down a little after that.

Figuring the night was a bust, I started to reach down into the floor to retrieve my pants and put them back on, but the woman stopped me.

"No, don't go. I don't want to stop. Just go ahead and do me under the covers. She won't be able to see anything."

What the fuck?!? What was this woman suggesting I do to her? And with her daughter right here in the bed beside us?

I stuttered. "I... I think it might be better if I just leave now."

I tried reaching for my pants again, but the woman pulled me down on top of her. She reached down to my groin and put my hard cock against her gash, then slid her hips down until 6 inches of it sunk up inside her.

"I want a good fucking, and I mean to get it no matter what." she stated emphatically.

I was looking at her and her little daughter disbelievingly. She was dead serious. She began hunching her hips, making my stiff cock go in and out of her as the little girl lay there beside us. She didn't care who was in the room. she wanted to get fucked and meant it.

Hesitantly, I started reciprocating by thrusting my erection up into her wet cunt. Little Emily watched me as I fucked her horny, drugged mother under the covers out of sight. Under the influence of the Rohypnol, her mother pulled the covers down off of her bare breasts. they were shaking up and down on her chest as I fucked her pussy deeply.

She looked over at her naive daughter and said "Drink Mommy's milk, baby. Suck it like a good little girl."

The child looked at her mother unsure, so the woman pulled her cute little face over to her big breast and put her lips on her nipple. The little girl opened her mouth and began sucking on it like a little baby.

I was staring at the deviant duo while I fucked the woman rapidly. Then the woman did something I totally didn't expect. While she held her immature daughter's head against her big tit, she reached down and threw the covers off of all of us, fully exposing us and showing the tot exactly what she and I were doing. But by now the kinkiness of the moment had my libido so built up that it didn't phase me at all to be uncovered for all to see.

The woman was becoming very aroused as well. She whispered to her young daughter "See what the man is doing to me, baby? He's fucking Mommy, and it feels so good. Mommy loves it so much. Aaahhhhnnnnnnn!", moaning loudly.

She was so horny that she unconsciously reached under the little girl's long sleep shirt and started playing with the child's immature groin through her panties. The woman looked up at me lustfully with a sly grin on her face.

"Look at me playing with her little pussy, you pervert. You like seeing me play with her pussy? I know you do. That's what men like is titties and pussy, You're all alike. Lets show the nice man your pussy, baby."

She lifted the girl's shirt up, then pulled her white panties down and off. Now she and her daughter were naked in front of me. The woman raised the girl's leg up and held it with one hand while she rubbed the child's puffy, hairless groin lasciviously in front of me. I was starting to regret giving the hapless woman the Rohypnol after seeing what kind of deviant effect it had on her. But at the same time, I wasn't trying to prevent her from involving the child, either.

As her mother played with the child's bald gash, she was sucking on her mother's breast, feeding herself upon the huge tit unrelentingly. Her innocent eyes were glued upon our groins, watching as my wet cock impaled her willing mother over and over again. Seeing her daughter's interest in our sex, she lifted the little girl up onto her chest facing me and pulled her sleep shirt off of her. They were both completely naked now.

She told her "Now you can see the nice man fucking Mommy good. Look at his big pee-pee go up in my pussy, baby. It feels sooo good, baby. He's fucking me realllllly good. Watch us fuck, Emmy. Mmmmmmm...."

Little Emily stared right at our groins and watched me fuck her hallucinating mother over and over again, totally fascinated over the sordid act. Her mother was moaning and grunting aloud with every deep thrust up inside her gushing cunt.

If I thought it couldn't get any weirder than it already was, I was wrong. Really wrong.

Little Emily grew so engrossed with the sex that she leaned forward on her mothers heaving belly to get a close up look at our sex. Curious, she reached her small hand out and touched her tiny fingers against the top of her mother's spread gash against the swollen bump that was her clitoris. Her mother instantly gasped aloud as she felt the small fingers brush against her womanhood.

She exclaimed "Oh shit, baby.... YES! Touch Mommy's pussy for her, Emmy. Touch it baby! Oh GOD! Oh GOD! YESSSSSS!!! Ahnnnnnnn!"

The woman was out of her mind, apparently, from the Rohypnol. She was inciting her poor, naive daughter into committing incest upon her. Her mother was writhing around in pleasure underneath us as Emily fondled the pink folds of the woman's wet pussy. She kept crying out encouraging the girl in her efforts.

"Ahnnn.... Ahnnnn.... Oh shit, baby! That feels amazing. Keep playing with my pussy, Emmy. Play with Mommy's nasty pussy for her. Oh my fucking god! You're gonna make Mommy cumm on herself, Emmy. Fuck.... Fuck!"

The little girl didn't seem deterred at her mother's cussing. She kept right on rubbing her small fingers against the woman's creaming clit and labia lips. She even put her fingers against my stiff cock as it slid in and out of the woman's cunt right in front of her. I thought I was going to cumm right then and there when she touched my dick like that. I had to slow my efforts to keep from exploding inside her pussy.

I decided to see just how depraved the Rohypnol would make this woman, to see what she would allow. I reached over the little girls body and started squeezing her tiny, round ass cheeks softly. The child flinched when I first touched her skin, but her mother put her at ease.

"It's okay, Emmy. Let the nice man play with you, baby. It's okay." she assured her.

Emily relaxed, so I put my hand back on her cute little ass. I massaged it softly as her mother watched from behind her. I slid my middle finger up and down the girl's ass crack, which made her mother smile. When I worked the finger down to her tight, little slit, the woman's eyes lit up like it was exciting to see someone molest her poor, hapless daughter in front of her. She spread her daughter's slender thighs apart to expose her immaturity to me better. I worked the digit across her soft, pink flesh slowly so as not to injure her under developed womanhood. The woman spit up onto Emily's smooth pussy for me so my finger would slide on her skin easier. I pressed it up into her closed, puffy slit and against the tiny opening and clit hood within. Emily just giggled and said that I was tickling her pee-pee. How cute.

The woman was so horny watching me feel up her naked daughter that she succumbed to her building desires.


Her body started trembling underneath me and her daughter as her orgasm sped throughout her helpless body. Emily stopped touching her mother when she bagan shaking. The woman laid there basking in the throes of her climax as me and the little girl watched her get off. When it was over, she was breathing very hard and weak. She had to lay there still for a few minutes until she recovered some of her strength again. As she recuperated, she talked to her little girl.

"Oh my god, baby, that was so nice. Thank you for helping Mommy, Emily. You're such a good little girl."

She turned around on top of her mother to face her and laid upon her heaving chest. The woman pulled the child forward and kissed her lovingly. I liked her laying like that because it afforded me a view of the tight little pussy I was playing with. I know we're not supposed to see children as sexual objects, but I have to say that the girl had a nice figure on her, albeit in miniature form. Had she been an adult and 5ft 6 with the same body shape and curvaceous ass on her, she would have been very desirable. Her body was slim. She probably didn't weigh but 60 lbs. She was completely flat chested, but her little bubble butt looked like a plump apple from this angle.

I reached over to the girl and played with her round little ass while her and her mother kissed playfully and cuddled. I spread her legs apart so I could see her puffy little slit. She didn't try to stop me. I wet my thumb in my mouth, then placed the flat print right against her smooth pussy, pressing the print against her pink flesh inside.

She looked at her mother and said "He's ticking my pee-pee again, Mommy.", giggling as I rubbed her clit hood and pee opening.

The woman merely said "Let the nice man do whatever he wants, baby. It'll feel really good on your pee-pee, baby." Then she looked up at me and said "Go ahead, you pervert. Get your jollies on my baby girl. I know you like it. You men are all alike. You don't care how old they are, you just want our pussies and titties. You're a dirty boy, you perv. Go ahead. Play with her dirty pussy, you dirty man. Play with her tiny little asshole too. I want to watch you play with my little baby."

The woman held her daughter's legs apart for me. I fondled the girl's puffy labia lips with my wet thumb as she chuckled from the nice feeling. Her wrinkled little sphincter was staring up at me, begging to be played with as well. I spit down onto her immature crack and rubbed the slippery saliva around on her little asshole. She was squirming as I pressed my thumb onto the tight brown opening.

Emily said "Mommy, he's playing with my butt hole.", grinning as if it were a game.

Her mother simply said "That's okay, baby. He can if he wants to. Would my little baby like to feel the man put his finger up in your butt like he put his big dick in Mommy's pussy?"

The girl chuckled and shyly replied "Tee Hee - Yes Mommy."

She looked up at me and said "You heard Emily. Put your finger up in her dirty asshole and fuck it. Fuck my baby's little ass, you nasty perv."

I was wondering who was in charge now. I was supposed to be the one who told her what to do. She was doing my job for me, and willingly, I might add.

I spit on the little girl's ass crack once again, then spread it on my middle finger to lube it up. I gently pressed the tip of my finger against her puckered little anus and slid it inside her butt. She yelped when it first slid inside her asshole, but she gradually grew accustomed to it being in her rectum. She kept clenching her sphincter down on my finger, which made it feel that much tighter.

The horny woman was urging us on. She said "Oh god, Emmy, I see his hand fucking your little asshole. The nice man is fucking my baby's little ass with his dirty finger. Fuck her nasty asshole, you pervert... you baby raper! You like fucking little girl's asses, don't you? You like playing with their little pussies and little assholes like all men do. He's a dirty nice man, Emmy. He just wants to fuck us and make us eat his drippy cumm. You like what he's doing to your butt, baby?"

Emily grinned and replied "Yeah, Mommy. It feels good when he plays in my butt."

I chimed in. "If you like her little asshole so much, why don't you just eat it for her? I want to see you eat your daughter's asshole, you nasty slut. Emily, your Mommy is going to do something really dirty and put her tongue up in your butthole. You want to see her do it?" I asked.

She laughed and said "Yeah, I want Mommy to do it to me."

I pulled out my semi flaccid cock from her mother's dripping pussy and knelt beside them so I could watch her mother defile her rectum. I turned the little girl around so that she was in a 69 over her mother's face. Her exposed ass and pussy were directly above the woman's mouth. With a devilish glare in my direction, the woman pulled her daughter's groin down onto her mouth and started eating out her puffy folds at first, lapping and probing her long tongue up into the girl's smooth slit hungrily. Emily squirmed around at first, then relaxed as it started feeling good to her.

I knelt beside them on the bed, watching the woman molest her innocent little child vulgarly, while the girl writhed around and grinded her immature womanhood against her mother's relentless mouth and invading tongue. I stroked my cock back to rigidity, getting off on seeing the mother/daughter commit incest in front of me. Emily was watching me right back as I jacked off in front of her.

Her interest in my actions made me want to try something evil. I eased over to Emily with cock in hand and asked her "Emily, will you kiss my pee-pee like Mommy is kissing yours? Will you lick it and suck it for me liek a good little girl?"

The woman grew excited. "Oh my god, baby, I want to see that, too. I want to see you suck his big fat dick. Please, Emmy, I want to see you suck his dick for me."

Emily was hesitant at first, but with a little more coaxing from her depraved mother, she relented. She opened her small mouth for us and I put the head of my hard cock into her mouth. she closed her lips down on it.

Her mother coached her. "Now lick it and suck on it, baby. Don't bite it. That will make it feel really good for him."

Emily slowly worked up the courage to comply with her mother's wishes. Her little tongue licked on the smooth glans inside her mouth. Then she started sucking on it as well. It felt amazing! There's something about the sight of seeing a little girl her age give a grown man her first blowjob. The mother returned to her cunnilingus activities as the child sucked me off happily.

I looked down at the woman and said "Now I want to see you eat her asshole, slut. Eat your baby's shitty asshole, you perverted old whore. Get that tongue up in her ass."

She smiled up at me and replied "Yes, master.".

She moved her head so that Emily's anus was reachable. She stuck out her long tongue at the brown opening and licked it heartily, lapping it against the wrinkled outlet before plunging her tongue up into it. Emily was yelping quietly like a little puppy as her mother reamed her asshole for her repeatedly, grinding her groin on her mother's face below. Her mouth was sucking my dick steadily now. Whenever her mother really probed her anus, she would moan and inhale deeply through her nose. Her eyes would open wider, too.

I looked down at Emily and asked her "Does that feel good, Emily? Do you like Mommy licking your butthole like that?"

She looked up at me and nodded her head slightly in agreement. She mumbled "Mmmm-Hmmm." since her mouth was full.

I was getting so aroused watching the two of them defile themselves on one another that I wanted to feel some pussy wrapped around my cock again. I pulled my dick from the preteen's mouth and climbed back between her mother's legs once more. I could see her orgasmic juices seeping out of her waxed pussy. I pushed her legs up and rammed my hard cock back into her cunt cruelly. She groaned when I pushed past her tight cervix and into her womb.

I started pounding her pussy hard, slapping my groin against her pubic bone with firm, rhythmic impacts. Emily watched me fuck her helpless drugged mother's pussy over and over. She was grinning as she stared at our groins. Her mother was noisily slurping and licking the child's anus like an ice cream at the other end of the bed.

I said "Tell Emily what you're doing to her."

The woman stopped just long enough to say "Emmy, I'm eating your little asshole. I'm licking your dirty little ass. Feel my tongue go up in your ass, baby.". Then she pushed her wet tongue back up into the girl's anus again.

I asked Emily "Does it feel good? Do you like Mommy licking your little butt for you?"

She nodded.

I looked at the child and asked her "Do you want to do something REALLY dirty with Mommy?"

Sensing I was going to let her do something naughty, she grinned slyly and nodded again.

I whispered what I wanted her to do into her ear. When I told her what I wanted, she said "Mommy will get mad if I do."

I said "No she won't, Emily. Not tonight she won't. It'll be okay. Go ahead, do it."

It took a few more urgings before she reluctantly complied with my wishes. Emily grunted, then I heard it. The sound of spraying liquid. She was pissing right on her mother's chin. The woman balked at first until I told her to lay there and take it. She closed her eyes, laid her head back, and obeyed. Emily's urine sprayed out onto her pretty face below, soaking into her long, brown hair and smooth skin. Emily was smiling devilishly as she relieved herself all over her mother's face and neck, knowing she was doing something that she wasn't normally allowed to do.

When the stinking pee ran out, I said "Okay, Mommy, clean her pussy with your tongue."

The Rohypnol forced the woman to comply with my wishes. She licked her long wet tongue up onto the little girl's piss riddled gash as instructed. Emily giggled as her mother obediently lapped up every drop of her daughter's smelly piss from her virgin pussy.

"See, Emily, tonight your Mommy will let us do anything we want, and she has to do whatever we tell her to do. She promised me she would. Now, is there anything you'd like to see Mommy do? Maybe something dirty?"

Letting the little girl choose what her mother had to do seemed a little masochistic and kinky, but what kid doesn't want the chance to be the one to tell their parents what to do for a change?

She thought for a moment, then said "I want Mommy to pee on herself.", looking a little impish as she said it.

I looked down at her mother and said "You heard her, Mommy. Lay there and pee for her."

The Rohypnol lowered her resistance to doing such an act. I pulled my dick out of her cunt so it wouldn't get all over me. The woman closed her eyes, grunted, and out shot a thin stream of pee from between her legs that landed on the foot of the matress. It splattered as it hit the sheets in front of her ass and saturated the mattress. Emily was ecstatic and enthused as she watched her helpless mother defile herself in front of her.

When the woman was finished, her daughter excitedly said "Ewwww, Mommy wet the bed. Ha Ha!"

"Yes she did, Emily. She's a bad Mommy. I'll bet she's gotten on to you for wetting your bed before, hasn't she?"

She sulled up a little from embarrassment when I mentioned she might have peed the bed herself, but finally confessed "Y-Yeah. I used to do it when I had a nightmare, but I don't do it anymore."

I tried to gain her confidence by lying that she wasn't the only one who's done it.

"I think we've all wet the bed when we were kids at one time or another. I used to do it, too, in my sleep."

She seemed to relax a little. "You did?"

"Yep, when I was about 5. I'd wake up and the bed would be wet. My mom would be so mad."

"That's what happened to me. The bad dreams would make me pee the bed."

Emily seemed to warm up to me more now that she thought we had a common bond. I am so going to hell for all of this.

I said "Well, since everyone else has had their turn, I think it's time I do it, too. Just lay right there on Mommy's chest, Emily."

She layed on her mother's belly as I asked. I stood over her mother's head facing the foot of the bed. I held my semi-soft cock and let mother nature go to work. My bladder eased open and out dripped a small stream of pee right down into the woman's face. She immediately closed her eyes and mouth to fend off the acrid waterfall. But I didn't stop there. I lifted my dick slightly and made the stream land on Emily's little round ass. I trailed it up her back and onto the top of her head sadistically.

She whined when she first felt my warm piss hit her skin. "Ewwww, Mommy, he's peeing on me.".

She tried to squirm away, but I said "Mommy, hold her down."

The woman grabbed the little girl's hips and held her down against her chest, preventing her from getting away. I knelt down on one knee and aimed the stream right at her exposed slit and asshole. Her tiny labia parted from the pressure of my piss stream and some of it went up inside her immature vagina. I peed up her back and onto her head some more until the urine ran out. Now they were both soaked in my piss, as was the bed underneath them.

I pulled down on the woman's chin and made her open her mouth. I dropped my pissy dick into her mouth and ordered her to suck it. She did so immediately. She swallowed it and sucked on it until it was fully hard once more.

Then I got a deviant idea. I was looking right at a nice little ass in front of me. I wondered if the woman would allow me to have it.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and said "Hold her, Mommy.", which she did. Then I pressed the head of my dick against the little child's wet anus and pushed it inside. She yelped at first from the suddem intrusion into her bowels, but her anus relaxed and allowed me to slide a few more inches into her ass.

"No, Mommy, I don't want to. Please don't Mommy." she pleaded, but I was determined to finish. She seemed to not like that I was doing this against her will, not that she was in any pain from it. There were no tears, hardly. She just didn't like me being in her ass.

I tried to calm her down. "Emily, just relax. I thought you liked it when you watched me fuck your Mommy."

She protested. "Th-that was different. I don't want to do it. That's my butt. I poop from there."

"It'll feel better if you just relax and let me. Ask your Mommy, I'll bet she's let men fuck her butt before, haven't you, Mommy? And you liked it, too."

Groggy, she replied assuringly "Y-Yeah, Emmy. I've had men fuck my asshole before. It feels really good. Let the nice man fuck your little asshole, baby. You'll like it. It feels really good when a man fucks you in the ass."

The little girl wasn't really willing, but she complied since her mother was sort of telling her to do let me do it to her. She stopped squirming around, so I started working my hard cock in and out of her tight little ass. Her rectum was clenching down on my dick like she was trying to pinch off a log, which made her ass that much tighter on it.

Emily was grunting slightly as I fucked her ass slowly. "Uhnnn... Uhnnn.... Uhnnn....." she whimpered with each instroke, more from discomfort and feeling full than any actual pain. Her sphincter stretched beautifully for me. I didn't see any traces of blood around it, so I kept fucking her ass.

I looked down at her pee soaked mother and said "Look at me fuck her little asshole, Mommy. I'm fucking your little girl right on top of you, you dirty whore. Watch my dick go up in her shitty ass. You like it, don't you Mommy?"

She stuttered "Y-Yeah..... I - I like it. Fuck her asshole, you pervert."

"Eat her pussy while I fuck her asshole, you slut!" I commanded.

The woman put her mouth up to Emily's bald gash and jabbed her tongue around between the smooth, puffy folds of her pussy, lapping it at her pee filled vagina. It dribbled out into her mouth, but she didn't seem to notice. The cunnilingus seemed to ease little Emily's disdain for the anal sex. She was focusing more on her mother's talented tongue than my invading cock.

She cooed "Mommy..... Mommy, that feels good. It tickles my pee-pee."

I managed to get about 4 inches of my dick up into the child's ass by now. I didn't want to go any deeper for fear of hurting her insides, and I was satisfied with that. I merrily slid in and out of her tight ass as her mother hungrilly ate her dripping cunt.

Emily's whimpering and groaning was like an aphrodisiac to me. Hearing her yelp "Uhnnn.... Uhnnn.... Uhnnn" each time I went inside her gripping rectum made me rock hard. Her response to having her pussy eaten out by her horny, hypnotized mother was equally exciting to me, and to her, too, I imagine. I could feel her small hips hunching slightly against her mother's licking mouth. She liked what she was feeling on her immature groin.

I asked he little girl "Emily, how do you like sex now?"

She was moaning softly, enjoying the amazing sensations we were delivering to her ass and pussy. Even her yelps when I pushed my dick into her bowel had soothed and become more exclamations of pleasure. "Ahnnnn.... Ahnnnnn..... Mmmmmm......"

Her mother was busily eating out her small vagina. "*SLURP-SLURP* Mmmmmmm..... *SLURP-SUCK* " . Emily layed there contently, even though she and her drugged mother were covered in vile piss on the wet bed. Both of them were equally enthralled with the sex they were involved in, even if her mother wasn't in her right mind to comprehend the illegality and the perverseness we were doing to one another.

The idea of the illicit incest we were doing finally got me to my sensory limits. My balls began tingling and I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer. I had to choose fast, though. Should I leave my dick up inside the little girl's ass and shoot my load into her rectum, chancing that when her mother awoke from her stupor in the morning and was told by Emily what the two of them had done with me and to each other tonight, the woman might get my DNA from the pool of sperm up inside her very young daughter's ass? No, I think not. I need this DNA to disappear permanently.

When my balls could hold back no longer, I slipped my dick out of Emily's ass, pulled the woman's head away from her daughter's groin, pulled on her chin to open her mouth, and aimed the head of my cock at the woman's tongue. My balls started pumping frantically, shooting long ropes of thick white jism down into the hapless woman's mouth.

"Eat my cumm, you dirty slut. Eat it and swallow it all." I commanded. The woman swallowed my jizz just as fast as I gave it to her.

When Emily heard what I was doing, she turned her lean pee soaked body around atop her mother and watched as I cummed into her open mouth. She looked at the white ejaculate curiously. She must not have known that the penis was designed to deliver sperm as well as piss. She stared at her horny mother as she ingested every last drop of cumm, mesmerized by the sight.

She glanced up at me and asked curiously "What is that you put in Mommy's mouth?"

I replied "That's sperm, sweetie. It's what makes babies in your pussies. Your Daddy put his sperm up in your Mommy's pussy and made you."

As she pondered my explanation, I deviously told her mother "Now suck me clean, honey. Suck my dick and clean it off."

I couldn't see any visible signs of the anal sex on my foreskin, but I was pretty sure it didn't taste like chocolate, either. Normally the woman probably would have ran from the room at the suggestion of ass-to-mouth coitus, but in her suggestive state at the moment, she obligingly opened her mouth for me and let me stick my softening dick down into it. She closed her lips down around it, making a slight grimace as she tasted her daughter's ass flavor on it, then started sucking and licking my cock aggressively to clean it for me.

While her mother fellated me, I looked at Emily and said "See, good little girls always clean off the man after they give them their sperm."

She stared at her mother sucking my semi-rigid cock so willingly. I looked down at her exposed ass and saw that her anus was still gaped open slightly from my thick cock reaming her out so well. I reached down and pushed my finger down into the stretched opening, feeling around on the inner walls of her rectal cavity. It felt kinda weird, but she didn't try to stop me. She just looked up at me and smiled as I probed her open anus and rubbed against her inner bowel chamber.

"You like it when I play with your asshole, Emily?" I asked.

She giggled and said "Yeah, it feels funny. Keep doing it."

I obliged her by sticking my entire finger down into her asshole, not that it offered any resistance to me in it's stretched state. She clenched her asshole a few times to feel my finger go in and out of her, but it returned to it's former reamed size when she relaxed it.

The woman had just about gotten my dick to it's previous hardened size with her expert fellatio. I looked at Emily and said "Honey, would you like it if I fucked your tight little ass again? See, Mommy's got me all hard again."

Excited at the prospect, she cooed and turned her ass toward me on top of her mother, offering it up to me. "Yeah, I want you to put your pee-pee in my butt again."

I said "Emily, tonight it's okay if you want to say the dirty words. You don't have to call it a pee-pee. You can call it a dick and a pussy and an asshole. You won't get in trouble for it tonight."

Emboldened by my promise, she giggled and blurted out "Dick! Pussy! Fucking! Asshole.". When her mother didn't say anything about her cussing, she got a little braver and said to me "I want you to..... to fuck my asshole."

I grinned at her boldness and asked "You mean your dirty little asshole that you poop out of?"

"Yeah, my dirty little asshole. I want you to fuck it for me.". She was getting into the spirit of the sex now.

"Okay, I'm gonna fuck your pretty little asshole again for you, you dirty little girl. But this time we're gonna do it a little differently so Mommy can see us do it."

I turned the camera slightly so as to catch the action beside the bed as well as on top of it. I stood beside the bed and held out my arms to Emily for her to come to me. She willingly climbed off of her mother's piss covered torso and stood on the wet mattress in front of me. I turned her so she would be facing away, then scooped her up in my hands by the back of her slender thighs so that her legs would fold up against her flat chest. Now her hairless pussy and her gaping asshole were fully exposed in front of her.

I said "Mommy, help us out. She wants me to fuck her tight little asshole again, so put my dick up in her for me."

The woman obeyed. She rolled over on her side and reached up to my groin. She positioned the head of my dick up, pointing it at her daughter's open anus. I slowly lowered the little girl down until the head of my dick disappeared up into her tight rectum. I eased her down some more until my dick was about 5 inches inside her. Then I began hunching my hips steadily, causing my dick to drill into her asshole. The young girl closed her eyes pleasurably and started moaning.

I looked down at Mom, who was staring fascinatingly at her daughter's immature groin. She was biting her bottom lip and licking her lips at the thought of having this done to her as well. I could see the lust building in her. Her hand went between her thighs and started drilling as many fingers into her yearning cunt as she could fit inside there.

I asked her "Mom, do you have any dildos in the house?"

She breathlessly answered "Y-Yeah, a few of them."

I ordered her "Go get them and bring them here, and some lotion if you have some."

The woman darted out the door and returned with a big pump bottle of lotion from the bathroom. Then she went to her closet and dug around on the top shelf until she found a shoe box. She layed back down on the wet bed and opened the box. I peered inside and saw an assortment of colorful dildos. One was about 12 inches long, latex, and black as the ace of spades. Another one was a small plastic buzzer about the size of half your index finger with a wire leading to a push button remote to control how hard it vibrated. Then there was the monster. It measured a good 18-20 inches in length and had glans heads molded onto each end of it. I guess women use this one to fuck their ass and pussy at the same time, or use it with other women to simultaneous fuck each other scissor style. There were a couple of shorter 8 inch ones, but I ignored them.

I said to the woman "Get the big one out and put some lotion on it."

She did as I asked by squirting some of the lotion on the long phallus and rubbing it all along the rubbery shaft.

"Now put some lotion on your asshole, slut."

Again, without question, she sheepishly obeyed and applied a dollop of lotion on her asshole.

"Now put that big fucking dildo up in your asshole until it's all gone."

Emily watched intently as her mother layed on her side, raised one leg, reached behind herself with the monster dildo, and pushed one end of it into her own ass. She gripped it hard and pushed more and more of the long dildo up into her bowels. Gradually she managed to work the thing past the curve at the top of her rectum until it had completely disappeared inside her.

Emily, concerned for her mother's welfare, said "Mommy, doesn't that hurt?"

She replied "N-No, Emmy, it doesn't hurt Mommy. I like being fucked in my ass. I like it a lot."

I said "See, Emily. Now both of you are getting fucked in your dirty asses." I thrust up inside her ass 5 times quick. "You like to have ass sex, don't you Emily? You like it when I fuck your little asshole with my big dick, don't you?" I pumped it up in her a few more times quickly.

Her reply was just as fast. "Yeah, I... I like it when you fuck my ass, mister. I like it a lot." she said smiling.

"Just wait until you get older and boys start fucking that sweet little pussy for you. You'll want to fuck them all the time. I wish I could fuck your little pussy myself, but it's way too tight for me. I'd fuck that little pussy like I'm fucking your dirty asshole right now."

I pumped her ass again with 10 quick strokes. She moaned lustfully with each insertion. "Uhnnnn... Uhnnnn... Ahnnnnnn!"

I said "Mmmmmm, that sweet asshole feels so good on my dick, little girl. I wish I could come back every night and fuck you like this, you horny little girl."

"Mmmmmm, me too, mister." she playfully replied. "I like having my bu.... I mean when you fuck my ASS for me. I love ass fucking a lot!"

"Now watch what I make Mommy do for us. Mommy, start fucking your nasty pussy with that big black dildo in there."

As calmly as if she was cooking a meal, she obediently reached into the shoe box and retrieved the ebony phallus from within. She rubbed the head of it against her wet gash and slipped the head and 6 inches of it up into her pussy. She slowly worked it in and out of herself until she was able to push the entire length of it into her womb. She worked the thick dildo in and out of her cunt deeply and swiftly in front of her innocent daughter.

I said "See, Emily? That's what it's gonna look like when you let the boys fuck your pussy. Their dicks will go in and out of you like that, and it will feel really good. Way better than getting fucked in the ass. Tell her how good sex feels, Mommy."

Her mother was moaning from the feel of the big black dildo rubbing against the long one wedged up inside her clenching ass. She did manage to utter a few words in between her loud moaning and grunts.

"Ahhhhhnnnnn.... Ahhhhnnnnn..... Oh fuck, Emmy, sex feels soooo good, baby! It feels so good when you get a good fucking like this. It feels sooooooo good. Oh my fucking GOD! I love to get fucked hard like this."

She held her breast up to her lips and sucked on her nipple as hard as she could. She thrust the big dildo hard and deep into her wet vagina, forcing it past her tight cervix and up to the top of her empty womb cruelly and swiftly. We both watched the woman defile herself vulgarly on the piss soaked bed, cramming the dildo in and out of her pussy like a nymphomaniac.

I kept pounding little Emily's asshole steadily as she watched her poor mother writhe around on the urine infested mattress and sheets like a horny whore. The child was exhibiting signs of becoming really horny herself. She was breathing hard, she was totally engrossed in her mother's sexy antics, and she was moaning just like her hypnotic mother was. She reached down and started playing with her exposed slit, rubbing her fingertips against the flap of skin that still covered her under-developed clitoris. It might have been hidden, but it was still sensitive. Her hand dug between her puffy, bald labia lips and rubbed the area above her peehole furiously.

Her moaning quickened to the point that I felt her have what I would call an orgasm. I don't know if someone her age can have one yet, but she exhibited all the characteristics of one.

Emily groaned out loudly "Mommy! Mommy.... AHHHHNNNNN!" when her climax hit her. She convulsed a couple of times as if she were trying to stretch out her body, nearly making me drop her. Then she fell back against my chest, trembling uncontrollably as the sensation ebbed outward from her groin through her entire body. She settled down, weakened from her first ever orgasm. She was humming contentedly, enjoying the pleasurable sensation to the fullest.

I knew I should have stopped fucking her, but I was determined to bust another nut before the night was through. I layed Emily down on her belly on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling down. I knelt behind her and kept on pounding her tight little ass steadily. This time, though, I worked about 7 inches of my dick into her rectum. I stopped at 7 inches when she showed signs of slight discomfort and agreed not to invade her any deeper than that.

I was fucking her tight little ass when I heard her mother exclaim "Ohhhh FUUUUUUUUCK, I'M CUMMMMINNNNG!". Her cries of pleasure echoed against the walls as she pushed the black dildo as deep into her pussy as she could get it to go. Her hand locked it in place as she climaxed in front of me and Emily. Relinquishing control of her body to the ravages of the orgasm, the long dildo in her ass shot out and landed on the bed between her legs. She peed slightly onto the bed as well as she cummed hard. When it was over, the woman was sapped of strength and just layed there on the urine soaked bed smiling from the pleasurable event.

I held Emily down by pressing my hand firmly against her lower back, not that she had the strength to resist. My hips were thrusting my hard cock in and out of her helpless body briskly. She lay there grunting as I filled her rectum completely with my cock over and over. She offered no resistance to me. She was as compliant as her drugged mother at the moment. When I tapped her soft buttock with a gentle slap, she merely moaned "UHHHnnnnn!" and didn't flinch.

I rolled her mother over onto her belly right in front of us. Her ass was up in the air, so I gave it a few slaps as well, only a little harder than I had on Emily's tender buttocks. The woman was still weak and desensitized from her orgasm and barely reacted to the spanking.

I said "Emily, why don't you spank Mommy for me. I'm sure she's spanked you before. Now it's your turn to spank her back. Go ahead. I want you to."

She turned her head and grinned devilishly at me. Emily reached up and dropped her open palm down hard against her mother's ass cheek, relishing the idea of being able to do it to her mother for a change.

I told her "Do it again, Emily. Spank Mommy again. She's been a naughty girl tonight."

The child reared her hand back again and let it fall hard upon her mother's bare ass. The woman twitched a little, but just layed there and took her punishment. She was looking over at us in a semi-dazed state.

I looked over at her and asked "You've been a naughty Mommy tonight, haven't you, slut?"

She replied "Y-Yes, I have. I'm a dirty Mommy."

I said "You're a dirty Mommy who lets men use her like a slut."

She mumbled "I'm a dirty slut."

"And you let some man fuck your little girl, too. You let me fuck her tight little ass."

"Fuck her in the ass......." she mimicked.

"See, Emily, your Mommy is a very naughty woman. She likes watching men fuck your dirty little asshole. She needs another spanking."

The child got the hint and slapped her mother's ass again for me. "Dirty Mommy! Dirty Mommy!" she chanted.

I handed Emily the black dildo that her mother had used on herself, then told her "Why don't you show Mommy what I'm doing to your ass right now. Put it in Mommy's ass and fuck her like I'm doing to you."

Emily grabbed the base of the 12 inch phallus like a dagger. I pulled one of her mother's ass cheeks to the side to expose her lotion covered anus for her. She put the black dong against her mother's wrinkled asshole and pushed it down inside her rectum. The woman grunted, then moaned softly.

"Now fuck Mommy with the dildo, Emily. Fuck her ass like I'm doing to yours."

The young girl grinned and plunged the dildo down into her mother's anus deeper. I put my free hand on top of hers and showed her how to work it in and out of the woman's asshole. She smiled as she assailed her mother's slippery asshole repeatedly, as did her mother, who was grinning from ear to ear from it.

"How do you like it when your little girl fucks your dirty ass for you?"

The woman groaned in a daze "I-I love it when Emmy fucks my ass for me.".

"You're such a nasty Mommy, letting your little girl fuck your asshole like a whore. Fuck your ass like I'm fucking her asshole. Here, eat your asshole, Mommy."

I pulled the black dong from her ass and put it against her full red lips. I pushed it into her mouth and made her taste whatever flavors were on it. She snurled her nose up at the stinking dong, but didn't try to spit it out. Then I plunged the dildo back down into her asshole again and placed Emily's small hand back upon it so she could continue reaming her mother with it. The woman resumed moaning and smiling from the nice feel of it in her ass.

"I told you, Emily. Your Mommy loves dirty sex. She's what men call a 'slut'. She likes to be fucked by men. And it seems she likes it when you fuck her with the dildos, too. She's a dirty, naughty Mommy."

Emily was watching her mother enjoy the dildo in her ass, laying there hypnotized cooing softly and grinning. She had probably never seen her mother act so perverted before. It was intriging to her to see her mother drop her normally reserved demeanor and morph into this sex crazed whore before her. She had no clue that it was all my doing.

I said "Emily, I'll bet you're gonna do sex on your own little ass from now on, aren't you? You can if you want to. You can do it in the bathtub. Just get a Sharpie marker and put it up in your asshole when you take a bath. The water will let it go up your butt easily. You can probably fuck your little pussy with it, too, since it's so small. Are you going to fuck your ass and your pussy in the bathtub from now on? Or are you going to sneak a boy in and let him fuck you with his little dick?"

She was laying there enjoying the anal sex, so it took her a moment to respond. Finally she said "Yeah, mister, I have a Sharpie marker in my bedroom. Uhnnnn.... Ahnnnn.... I-I'm gonna put it in my butt and fuck it. Mmmmmm....."

"That's a good girl, Emily. It's your body, you do whatever you want with it."

I said before that I'm definitely going to hell for all of this. Now I'm thinking that they'll create a special room to punish me for what I'm doing to these two.

I felt my balls building up with another load, so I quickly pulled out of the child's ass and got up on the bed next to her mother's face.

I told her "Open wide, I have another load of cumm for you, slut."

The woman looked up at me and opened her mouth as instructed. I put the dirty cock into her mouth and grunted. She started sucking hard on my stiff member to draw out a second mouthful of my sperm. It felt amazing. She jacked the loose foreskin back and forth to drain me completely. I thrust into her throat a few times before the poor little feller started going limp. She deep throated me fine without gagging once.

I sought out a dry spot on the opposite side of the bed to sit down on. The very corner by the foorboard was still dry, so I sat down with my right leg folded under me and my soft cock resting upon it. As it grew smaller, some after-jizz seeped out of the end. I squeezed out what I could onto my fingertips.

I said "Emily, open your mouth, honey."

Not knowing my intentions, she naively obeyed. I put my fingers into her mouth and wiped my thick sperm onto her tongue. She jerked back and smacked her lips oddly, trying to figure out the flavor of my sperm.

"Hey!" she protested. "What is that? It tastes funny."

I said "It's sperm, Emily. What your horny mommy just swallowed. Girls are supposed to drink a man's sperm if they don't want to get pregnant. Hows it taste?"

She licked her tongue around and replied "It tastes weird. It's really salty. Women eat this stuff?"

"They sure do. Women eat a man's sperm all the time. It usually comes out in your mouth when you suck their dicks for them."

She wasn't sure whether to believe me ot not, so I said "Mommy, how many times have you eaten a man's sperm?"

The woman mumbled groggily "I... I eat it all the time when I have sex."

I looked at the little girl and said "See, it's all part of sex. You can eat it, or you can just let the man shoot it all over you on the outside. Eating it is easier because that way, you don't have to clean it off afterward. You just swallow it and it's all gone."

The young girl thought about it for a moment, then said "I don't know if I can eat it or not. It comes out of your pee-pee like your pee does. Pee is nasty."

I tried to reassure her. "Yes, it does come out of the same hole, but it doesn't come out of your bladder like pee does. It comes out of a man's balls. These things."

I lifted my ballsack up to show it to her. She climbed up on the pissy bed and touched my balls with her small hand. She giggled.

"They're funny looking." she quipped. She massaged them curiously, then sat down on the wet bed beside me.

I told her "Just make sure the boy washes his dick first before he fucks you with it. That way there won't be any germs or anything on it. Okay?"

"Okay." she replied, then asked "Do all boys have balls?"

"Yep, all of us do. They're what makes us horny for you girls."

I tickled her abdomen like the Pillsbury dough boy and she laughed. Then the stench of urine was beginning to permeate the room a little, so I suggested we all go take a shower to get the pee off of us. I pulled the black dildo from the woman's ass for her, then stood up.

"Come on, you two. Lets go take a shower to get the pee smell off of us."

As I helped her mother to her feet, I told little Emily "Why don't you do get that Sharpie marker from your room and I'll show you what you can do with it. Hurry now."

The tyke scampered off out the door to go get it for me. I grabbed my digital camera from the night stand and helped the woman walk to the bathroom. Once inside, I sat her down on the commode and turned the shower faucet on. I got the temperature just right, then helped the woman into the tub.

I tossed her a wash cloth from a nearby stand and said "Go ahead and wash up. I'll be back in a minute."

She started washing her body under the warm cascading spray. I set up the camera to get the best view of the shower stall. Then Emily came into the bathroom with a Sharpie marker in her hand.

"Is this what you wanted, mister?" she said enthusiastically.

"I said "That's the one. See how smooth it is on the end? That makes it easy to put it up in you. Now go ahead and join your mother and get cleaned off. I'll be right back."

She climbed into the bathtub with her mother and rinsed her whole body off. I headed back to the bedroom and grabbed the two dildos from the bed, then went back to join them. The girls were washing each other with wet, soapy hands when I entered. Emily was rubbing her small hands all across her mother's huge D-cup breasts. Her mother was washing the pee out of the child's long hair. The sight was tittilating, seeing a young daughter soap up her mother like that. And when Emily reached between her mother's legs to wash her pussy, I thought I would faint. I'm just glad I had the camera on to catch all of it.

When I came into the room with the dildos in hand, the woman smiled. "What are you going to do with those, you pervert?" she said lustfully like she already knew.

Emily chimed in and said "You're gonna fuck Mommy with them again, aren't you?", laughing.

I said "Yeah, I am. I'm gonna fuck your Mommy's ass and pussy with them because she wants me to, don't you Mommy?"

She licked her lips seductively in anticipation."I sure do. I want you to fuck my nasty pussy and asshole with them so bad.". She rubbed her soapy pussy thinking about it.

When they finished washing off each other, I climbed in between them and said "Okay, girls, it's time to wash me off now."

They both lathered up their hands with the bar of soap, then began washing my naked body for me. I spun around slowly so that both of them had a chance to touch me all over. When Emily started stroking her slippery hands against my flaccid cock, I thought I might cumm in her hand anyway, it felt so nice. Even she was intrigued with my cock and ballsack as she rubbed her soapy hands all over them both. When they had thoroughly washed me off, I climbed out and dried off quickly. They seemed a little disappointed.

"You're not leaving, are you?" Emily asked."

"No, honey.", I assured her. "This time it's just going to be you two having fun. I'm spent for the night."

I washed off the dildos in the lavatory sink with hand soap to get the ass smell off of them. Then I stood beside the bathtub in front of them.

Emily eyed the fake dongs and asked "Who gets to play with those?"

I replied "You both do, if you want. I'm gonna let you have fun with Mommy by fucking her with the big one. How does that sound?"

The little girl giggled. "Tee hee.... Okay."

I looked at the woman and said "Lay down in the tub and spread your legs, slut. Your little girl wants to play with you."

She layed down in the bathtub just as I told her to. Her eyes were still glazed, but she was still fairly coherent, enough so that she wasn't falling down, could still follow orders, and her words weren't slurred. I was surprised at how long the effects of the Rohypnol were lasting.

She grabbed the back of her knees and pulled her legs to her chest. She looked up at me smiling.

"Here you go, master. Have your way with me." she said.

Oh man, if the date drug makes women this complacent and obedient, I would definitely be using it again in the future.

I looked over at Emily, handed her the 18 inch double dong, and said "Here, Emily. Go ahead and fuck your Mommy good with this. Put it in her pussy there and push it in as far as you can."

The little girl took control of the monster dildo with both hands, holding it like a sword. It swayed and wobbled in her grasp. She shook it in the air and it flopped around. She giggled like it was a toy.

"Go ahead, Emily. Fuck your Mommy's pussy." I reminded her. I spread her mother's labia apart so she could see her vagina and know where it goes.

As her mother watched, Emily placed one end of the two headed dildo against her mother's vaginal opening. Slowly she eased the long phallus down into her mother's wet cunt. 4 inches..... 6 inches . Then it stopped. She seemed to have difficulty getting it to go any further.

"I can't get it in any more." she said.

"It'll go, trust me. You're just hitting her cervix is all."

Confused, she asked "What's a cervix?"

"A cervix is a tight muscle in a girl's pussy. It's between your pussy and where the baby grows. It closes and keeps the baby safe when you're pregnant. You just have to push it a little harder and it will go right up in your Mommy's pussy. Do you want to feel it?"

Her curiosity was piqued. "I.... I guess so." she said shyly.

I pulled the dong from her mother's dripping pussy and layed it up on her belly between her folded legs.

I said "Okay, Emily, point your hand like a spear. like this." I straightened my fingers out and tucked my thumb into my palm to demonstrate it to her. She imitated me and pointed her hand perfectly. "Now put your fingers on her pussy hole and put it inside her."

She looked at both her hand and her mother's vagina. "It's too big. My hand won't fit in there." she observed.

"Don't worry about that, honey. Pussies stretch a lot, plus your hand is really small. It will go in her pussy, believe me."

She shrugged her shoulders in slight disbelief, but did as I asked anyway. She put her hand up to the woman's vagina and gently pushed her hand forward. Amazingly, her pussy stretched enough to allow the girl's hand to slide right in.

"It worked!", she said excitedly.

"See, I told you it would fit. Now reach in there and feel around for her cervix. It's round and feels like a thick rubber band."

Emily pushed her hand up in her mother's gripping cunt a little more to explore. The woman groaned pleasantly from the feel of her daughter's hand feeling around against her tight pussy. Emily turned her head to me and grinned.

"I feel it! I feel it! It's really tight."

"Yeah, it is. If a man has a long enough dick to get past that hole, your pussy feels even tighter and it makes fucking you more fun."

She slid her hand back out of the woman's vagina and rinsed it off under the falling shower spray. I handed her the long dildo again.

"Now we're ready to fuck Mommy. Put it back in her and fuck her dirty pussy deep."

Emily put the dong against her mother's pussy and pushed it into her. When she encountered the restrictive cervical ring this time, she gripped the dildo with both hands and firmly plunged it into the woman's cunt. It made her groan as it forced it's way up into her womb and impacted against the top. Emily attempted to make it go deeper, but it wouldn't move any further. Only about 6 inches of the dildo was sticking out of her mother's gash now.

"It's stuck again. Do I keep pushing it harder?" she asked.

I said "No, honey, that's as far as it will go. It's touching the top of her womb, the place where you grew as a baby. Your Daddy fucked Mommy, shot his sperm into her pussy where the dildo is now, and it made you, pretty little Emily." She grinned at my compliment.

I grabbed Emily's hand and pushed the dong into her mother a little farther, making it stretch the woman's reproductive tract slightly. She groaned in discomfort.

"Hows that feel, Mommy? How does it feel to be fucked that deep?"

She grimaced and replied "That's too far..... Too far..... Pull it out...."

I thrust it back and forth a few times. She groaned as it hit against the top of her uterus each time. Then I let Emily take over again.

"Here you go, honey. Mommy's ready now. You go ahead and fuck her pussy good while she sucks my dick for me again."

The little girl gripped the rubbery dildo with both hands and began fucking her mother's tight cunt with it. She'd slide it out about halfway, then push it back up into her. Her mother moaned pleasurably.

I climbed back into the tub and stood over the woman's head. I squatted down over her face facing emily and let my soft cock touch against her luscious lips.

I said "Suck my fucking dick, you fucking whore! Swallow it all the way to my balls."

"Yes, Master." she said. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked it into her mouth. She kept going until she had the entire thing in her mouth. Once it was semi-rigid, it started working it's way down into her throat.

I looked over at Emily and said "Look at your horny Mommy sucking my big dick. She's a dirty girl who likes big ol' dicks inside her. When you get older, are you going to let the boys put their dicks inside you, too?"

She laughed and said "Yeah, mister. I like fucking. It feels good in my butt."

"That's a good girl. There's nothing better that when a girl likes dicks. Mommy likes dicks a lot. See how happy she is. She loves you fucking her dirty pussy for her.

The woman was swallowing the entire length of my stiff cock into her tight throat. She was moaning from the nice fucking her daughter was giving to her other end. I reached down to her heaving breasts and pulled up hard on her nipples, stretching her massive tits cruelly. She groaned in pain, but didn't stop fellating me from it. She ignored the ache and kept right on sucking my dick. When she needed a break to catch her breath, I raised up and stood in front of little Emily.

"Does Mommy's little girl remember how to suck a man's dick for him?" I asked.

She nodded and wrapped her small lips around the head of my dick willingly. She sucked and licked it very nicely.

"Mmmmm, honey, that feels soooo good. The boys will like it a lot, too, when you do it to them."

I held the back of her head and moved the end of my cock around in her mouth, pressing it against her inner cheeks vulgarly.

"Yeah, little girls are made to suck a man's big dick for him. You're such a pretty little girl, Emily. You're gonna be really pretty like your Mommy when you grow up."

She grinned slightly, then resumed sucking my dick again.

From behind, I heard her mother say "More.... I want to suck your dick some more, master."

I didn't complain. I squatted over her mother's mouth and she inhaled my hard cock easily into her throat.

Emily was still fucking her mothers pussy like mad with the double headed dong, drilling it in and out of her gushing pussy as deeply as it would go. She was having fun doing it, too, it seemed. Most kids would have gotten bored after awhile, but not her. She wanted to be here. It almost made me feel bad for corrupting her like I did....... almost.

Mom was writhing around in the bathtub now, thoroughly enjoying what her daughter was doing to her with the massive dong. Her groaning was becoming more intense, and I knew what was coming. She stretched out her legs and began trembling. I hurriedly pulled my dick out of her mouth for fear she might bite it as she came on herself.


As the woman twitched from her climax, her pussy clamped down and shot the long dildo out of her daughter's slippery hands. Her juices sprayed out of her gushing cunt and covered little Emily's naked body thoroughly. She trembled uncontrollably as the orgasm surged through her entire body until the sensation ended. Then she just layed in the tub smiling at me and her daughter.

"That.... that felt really good." she giggled. Her hands were rubbing her smooth, wet skin gently, happy with the orgasm she had just experienced.

I stood over by Emily at the opposite end of the bathtub and said "I think it's time that Emily got to feel what it's like to get fucked now. Go lay on top of Mommy, Emily."

She did as I asked and layed on her back atop her mother's torso, resting her head between her mother's massive breasts. I looked around and located the Sharpie marker the child had brought from her bedroom for me. I held it up and showed it to the both of them.

"Emily, I'm gonna show you what I was talking about earlier, how you can use this on yourself and not get hurt."

I knelt down in the bathtub and lifted her legs up out of the way, making her mother hold them up against her flat chest for me. Her immature slit and asshole were clearly visible to me.

I looked Emily in the eye and said "I think I want a taste of that sweet looking pussy of yours."

I leaned down, spread her puffy labia lips apart with my finger and thumb, and drove my long tongue down into her tight little bald cunt. Emily gasped and moaned as I ate her gash hungrilly. Her mother merely smiled and enjoyed the sight. I could see her tiny bladder opening just above her vaginal opening. I stuck my tongue out at it and licked it roughly. She squealed as I licked her peehole. Then I turned my attention back to her pussy. I kept licking and jabbing her pussy with my tongue furiously until my mouth grew tired. I had to admit, her little twat tasted better than her older counterparts I had eaten out in the past. Maybe it was her younger age that made her pussy taste different. I dunno?

I raised up and looked at Emily. She was smiling broadly from my efforts. "Did you like me eating your pussy, little girl?"

She said "Oh GOD, yes!" enthusiastically. "It felt so good, mister."

"I'm glad. Now we get to the fucking part."

I eased up closer to her upturned ass. I grabbed my dick and rubbed the head of it up and down her immature slit, pushing it between her hairless labia to make contact with the soft pink flesh within. She gasped loudly as I stroked my cock against her peehole and vaginal opening. She seemed a little scared that I might try to push it up inside her pussy, knowing she was way too tight to ever handle a big dick like mine. I didn't try it, though. I merely rubbed my cock against her smooth slit.

I did do something a little dirty, though. I felt a little piss sloshing around inside me, so I pressed the tip of my dick against her tiny vagina and eased my urethra open. My pee sprayed out of the end and into her unsuspecting pussy. She didn't know what I was doing, but she seemed to like the warm feel of it in her cunt. She was gnawing her bottom lip and cooing as I did it to her. She found out what I was doing when the overspray started squirting out from around her plugged pussy.

She yelled "Mommy! He's peeing in my pussy!"

I cut off the stream and moved my dick away from her pussy. Out shot my smelly piss from her puffy gash and down her ass crack. It dribbled down onto her mother's pussy below as well.

I held my dick in my hand and opened my bladder once more. I shot a stream of piss across their bellies and made it land right on their pretty faces. They closed their eyes and mouths as it splattered all over them. Then I pressed it against the little girl's pussy again and unloaded the rest of it into her tight cunt. I pulled back and the pee dribbled out of her hairless slit gradually. I pressed down on her belly to make sure it was all out of her.

She seemed a little distraught. "You.... you peed in me?"

"Yeah, I did. But it's okay. Pee isn't as bad as you think. It's clean water because your body takes the germs out of it. It just smells bad is all. And anyway, you liked the feel of it when I did it. I saw you."

She was embarrassed at having been caught lying, claiming she was mad when she really liked how it felt.

"Whatever!" she said, irritated with me. "Just don't do it again."

I smiled and said "I promise. Now it's time we got that little pussy of yours fucked."

I held up the rounded end of the Sharpie marker, showing it to them both. "See how skinny it is? It should go right up in that tight pussy of yours, Emily. Lets find out."

As I neared her exposed slit with the marker, she tensed up and grabbed the sides of the bathtub, not knowing what it was going to feel like the first time. I spread her puffy labia apart and touched the marker against her pink flesh. She giggled.

"He He - That tickles." she laughed.

I slid the tip up and down the entire length of her spread gash, from her hidden clit down to her taint and across her wrinkled anus and back up again. I wanted her to get used to the feel of it touching her down there. She relaxed a little the more I did it. Then I decided it was time to go in. I peered down into her under-developed vagina and noticed something strange. I saw no sign of a cherry, the little flap of skin that halfway covers a woman's vaginal canal. I had heard that some girls could break their hymens while riding horses or a see-saw, or even while doing gymnastics. I figured she was must have busted hers in a similar fashion. At least we didn't have to worry about causing her any pain by breaking it for her.

I put the tip of the skinny marker against her tiny opening and slid it down into her little hairless twat. The shower spray gave it plenty of lubrication. Emily gasped loudly as I penetrated her pussy even deeper. Soon I had gotten it in up to the black cap, about 3 inches.

I looked up at her and asked "How does that feel, Emily."

She was looking down at her pussy and said "Wow, that feels really nice, mister."

"You okay to keep going?" I asked before proceeding any further.

"Y-Yeah.... move it again. It felt good." she assured me, grinning.

I asked the woman "Look at your baby, Mommy. I'm gonna fuck her pussy with this marker. Watch me fuck her with it."

She mumbled "Fuck her damn pussy! I don't care.", sort of callously, obviously still under the drug's influence.

I looked at Emily and said "Anytime you want to stop, you tell me and I'll take it out of you, okay?" She nodded rather tensely.

I pulled the marker back out 3/4 of the way, then pushed it back into her little cunt. She gasped heartily each time I put it inside her. She seemed to enjoy it. She closed her eyes a few times as she concentrated on how good it felt to her. She was moaning softly as I fucked her virgin pussy steadily with half of the marker. When I was convinced she was in no pain, I handed it over to her to use on herself.

"Here, Emily, it's your turn. Just go however fast you want and how deep." I broke off the plastic tang off of the cap, the one that holds it in your pocket. "There. Now you can get it a little deeper in your pussy."

She reached down between her legs, gripped the marker by the black cap, and started frigging herself. Her eyes closed again as she contentedly masturbated her tight pussy with it.

As she pleasured herself on top of her mother's abdomen, I slid forward closer to her ass, grabbed my hard cock, and pressed it up against little Emily's upturned asshole. The water falling down upon us all lubed my dick enough for it to slide right up inside her rectum easily. She groaned out loud as I stretched her asshole suddenly, but settled down and smiled at me as I worked it in and out of her ass.

As I fucked her, I said "Holy fuck, your asshole feels so good, Emily. I love your dirty little shitter. You like feeling my fat cock up in your shitty asshole, little girl?"

She replied "Uhhhhh....Huhhh...". Her hand was working the marker in and out of her immature cunt more swiftly now. She was giving in to the pleasant new feeling she was experiencing in her under-developed pussy, feelings that usually aren't awakened until a girl reaches puberty. It just felt really good to her and she wanted more of that feeling.

I was fucking her ass with about 6 inches of dick as she fucked her yearning cunt with the marker furiously. Her mother just layed there, content on watching the action quietly.

Emily shouted "Look, Mommy! Look, I'm fucking myself! It feels so good in my pussy, Mommy. Uhnnnnn...."

The child was really enjoying herself. It was no wonder that she cummed again, the way she was playing with herself so ecstatically. When she yelped "AAAAAHHHHNNNNNNN!" while climaxing, I drilled her asshole that much faster to make her cumm harder. She trembled and shook involuntarily in her mother's grasp until the sensation ebbed from her small body.

I even managed to work up another small spurt myself, but it would have barely filled a thimble after all of the action I had been in tonight. I shot the miniscule blob onto Emily's hairless pubic bone and watched as the shower spray rinsed it away quickly and completely. If I had to cumm again tonight, a small flag would pop out of the end of my penis emblazoned with the word *BANG* on it like a Saturday morning cartoon. My balls were completely depleted now. Not even Viagra could have made the poor thing stiff again right now. It would be a few days before I would be able to have sex again, I thought to myself. He had done his job for me and for that I was proud.

The woman let go of Emily's legs when the girl stopped shivering. Emily was grinning ear to ear, happy with the pleasure and satisfaction her body had given to her. She rolled over on her mother and laid her pretty head between the woman's large breasts. The woman wrapped her arms around the little naked girl and cuddled her tightly against her own nude form.

Emily said, endearingly "I love you so much, Mommy."

The woman ran her fingers through the child's long brown hair and said "I love you too, Emmy. You're my little baby."

I smiled at the adoring sight; Mother and daughter sharing a tender moment with a passionate embrace. I quickly washed my dick off, then stepped out of the bathtub to leave them to their bonding. Once I dried off, I shot into the bedroom and retrieved my clothing. I dressed in a flash, then retrieved my digital camera from the lavatory sink. As a parting shot, I snapped off a few quick photos of the naked pair as they lay in the bottom of the bathtub. They were kissing each other compassionately with quick, little pecks on the lips.

I didn't want the woman to drown in the bathtub, so I helped her to her feet, dried her off with a towel, and walked her to the living room to sleep on the sofa.

I said "Now go to sleep, Mommy, and get some rest. You earned it."

She grinned and kissed me goodbye, then rolled over and went fast to sleep. Me and Emily covered her up with a blanket from the closet since all of her covers were soaked in pee.

Before I left, I advised Emily "Honey, your mother may act a little differently in the morning when she wakes up. She might be back to her old self again, the one who doesn't do sexy stuff with you. She may not even remember what we all did tonight when she sobers up, so you may want to keep what we did together a secret. You can keep a secret, can't you?"

She said "I... I guess so. What if she asks about the pee on her bed?"

I suggested "You can tell her she got drunk and peed the bed herself, and that's why she's sleeping on the couch. Okay?"

"Okay." she agreed.

I added "Oh, and that little trick I showed you with the Sharpie marker, save that one for when you're alone in your bedroom or in the bathroom. That can be your own little secret just for you. Alright?"

"But Mommy uses those big rubber pee-pees on her pussy, so I get to have my Sharpie marker." she said defiantly.

"I guess you're right. But when she wakes up and starts being the old Mommy again, she might not like you doing that that to yourself since you're so young. That's usually for grown ups."

"I don't care! I liked it, so I'm gonna use my marker anytime I want." she vowed.

"Okay then, Emily. You do that. I guess I'd better be going. If I stick around, she might get mad at me for making her be so naughty with us."

"Yeah, she's not as nice as my Daddy is. She won't let me be naughty like Daddy does when I go to his house."

Her statement sounded odd for some reason.

"What do you mean, be naughty at his house?" I queried.

"Daddy lets me naughty at his house like we did tonight. He always takes pictures of me without my clothes on, and he lets my little brother do stuff to me, too, like you did in my butt."

Even after the debauchery I had commited on the poor little girl, I was dumbstruck by her confession. I pressed her for more information.

"Wh-what else does your Daddy let you do over at his house?"

She sat down on the recliner across from her snoozing mother, crossed her legs comfortably, and casually replied "Uhmmm, he lets me kiss his pee-pee like you did. I kiss my brother's pee-pee, too. Daddy never lets me eat his cumm, though. He always shoots it on my chest when he cumms. My brother has had sex with me since he's only 2 years older, but Daddy is too big to fit in my pussy like you are. I just suck him while he watches me and my brother have sex."

I was shocked, yet amazed, by the child's sordid tale of incest with her father and brother. I was wondering why she was revealing her secret to me."

"Aren't you afraid to get your Dad in trouble by telling me?"

She shook her head. "Naw, not really. Daddy made me swear to keep it a secret like you wanted me to, but I think it's okay to tell you because you had sex with me, too. I've never told Mommy, though. He said she would get mad and not let me go over to his house anymore, so I didn't tell her. It was fun being able to do sex with Mommy for a change. I'm glad you came over, mister. I had a lot of fun with you and Mommy tonight." She smiled up at me, grateful for my assistance.

I was sort of at a loss for words. I was unsure how to respond to her revelation. The only thing I could come up with was "I... I had fun with you, too, sweetheart. You and your Mom. But like your Daddy said, I would still keep it a secret from your Mommy. It was the alcohol she drank that made her act naughty with us tonight, but when she's sober in the morning, she will be her normal self again and not like it if she finds out you had sex with me and your Daddy. Mothers get grumpy about their little girls having sex with anyone until they're grown up."

She sighed. "Yeah, that's what Daddy says, too. But I'm a good secret keeper. I've only told you about Daddy and my brother."

I grinned. "That's good. You are a great secret keeper.". Nervously, I asked her "Sooooo.... what are you going to say to your Daddy about me?"

She replied "I won't tell him if you don't want me to."

I was relieved. "Thanks, Emily. That might be a good idea. He might not like a strange man having sex with his little girl."

She grinned and said "I think I will show him my new trick with the Sharpie marker, though, the next time I go to his house, if that's okay."

I winked and said "That's fine, just tell him you thought of it yourself."

"Okay, mister, I will." she agreed.

She yawned since it was about 1am by now. She was getting sleepy.

I said "You might ought to go get in the bed. It's getting really late."

She said "Yeah, I have to get up in the morning. Daddy will be coming to pick me up tomorrow. See ya!"

Emily disappeared into her bedroom, still just as naked as she had been the majority of the night. I think that was on purpose because I heard her moaning softly through the open door before I left the apartment. Apparently she had found herself another Sharpie marker in her room and was using it to pleasure herself once more. I just shook my head and quietly left them both to their lives.

I never heard anything in the news about any sort of manhunts for a man who molests women and their little children, so I guessed Emily was true to her word and didn't tell anyone about my having sex with her or her mother. I kind of wondered what the woman thought when she went into the bathroom and discovered the used dildos in the bathtub the next morning. The drug most likely wiped any memory of the illicit night from her mind like it was supposed to do. She probably thought she had gotten drunk and used them on herself while taking a bath.

I think of them fondly whenever I watch the illegal video I made of our sexploits together. It makes me wish I could go back and do it all again. We'll just have to see what I can make my next victim do. Maybe she'll have a little girl, too. I'll have to figure out just how much Rohypnol is prescribed for someone that young. Perhaps 1/3 of a pill would be a good start.


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