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A young teen girl teases her father and gets what she expects – a baby!

That night wasn't the first time he'd stepped out of the shower to find his lovely fourteen year old daughter, Cindy, primping herself in front of the bathroom mirror. Sometimes, she'd be wrapped in her own towel awaiting her turn, other times in a camisole and panties; sometimes just a skimpy push-up bra and a thong. She'd usually blush, peek at his swelling cock, sometimes even wink, then either go back to her primping, or scamper out giggling. She'd done that for a few months then, and it was getting harder for him to take, though nothing was ever said. He'd often race back into the john as she'd exited, to desperately whack himself off and deposit a torrent of splooge in the toilet. Sometimes, he could swear he heard her giggle with glee as he closed the door in his mad rush. That night, however, would be very different.

When he stepped out of the shower this time, he lost his breath in a whoosh!, as he beheld his long, lean, naked, nubile daughter bent over the sink applying mascara, her left leg straight, her right bent at the knee, her hips slightly swaying back and forth, her luscious puffy-nippled a-cup titties pointing down and slightly forward, her elbows resting on the sink shelf, and her long, silky auburn hair draped over her left shoulder, trailing half way down the sink cabinet, and her cherubic, aquiline face screwed-up in concentration as she applied the last little bit of her makeup. That tied it.

He toweled-off as usual, all the while ogling, outright leering at his baby daughter's lithe and supple form, and feeling his blood begin to boil as the heat of his insistent cock once again arose to the occasion. This time, he let the towel drop as he stepped over beside and slightly behind Cindy. If she noticed, she didn't let on, humming a tuneless piece and casually switching to her other eye.

This time he thought, would be very different, as he stepped up beside Cindy, ostensibly to check himself out in the mirror, but definitely with other things on his mind. She'd been teasing him in this way off and on for a few months now, whenever Brenda was away, and tonight, he was going to push her envelope, see just how far she'd go – if she would at all. Brenda had gone to her sister's for the weekend, and, if he could parley Cindy's tease into more, well...he'd see over that time just how serious Cindy was.

If she'd noticed him, surely she had, standing next to her, she gave no indication, but continued dressing her eyes. Quivering with trepidation and anticipation, he reached over with his free right hand and traced a fingernail down her butt cheek. THAT got her attention: “Ooooh... Daddy's thouchin' me,,, (giggle).” She didn't move, but shivered a bit. One of the responses he'd hoped for... He traced his finger back up her butt cheek: “Ooooh, he done it again. How inappropriate... (more giggles...)” “...any more inappropriate than you being in here naked while I'm in the shower?” “I s'pose not,” Cindy cooed as he further moved his hand to cup and gently squeeze her butt cheek... “Yeow! Daddy! That's really inappropriate... (sigh, giggle).” “I don't see ya complainin'...” “Nope...but I might...dunno yet...” Cindy flushed in the mirror, placed both hands on the sink, sighed and giggled some more, like the fourteen year old child she was as he continued stroking, caressing and cupping her butt cheeks. She sighed, went down on her elbows, and closed her eyes. Bingo! Time for the next step...

He quivered in anticipation as he allowed his painfully throbbing cock to graze Cindy's left hip. “Ow! Daddy! That's really inappropriate! Mr. Cocky is touchin' me.” “Is that a complaint?” “Uh...not yet...” “Ok then...” ...and he slowly traced his fingers down her cute butt to the outer lips of her puffy pussy, tracing up and down those outer lips while his cock danced up and down her left hip. Her breath now coming in short gasps, she could barely get out, “Oh God, Daddy! Really, REALLY inap---ooooh!---propriate...” His own breath accelerated and choppy, he again queried, “complaint?” “...uhh...n...n...oh!....” As she sighed, panted and quivered all over from the ever more urgent tingling sensations her dad's ministrations brought to her swollen pubescent cuze, her dear ol' dad popped his thumb to the hilt inside her and squeezed her throbbing clit from inside and out. “Oh God! DADDY!!! Uh...uh...UH!!,” she howled as her orgasm blew off the top of her head. Her knees buckled, her breath exploded, and she collapsed on the sink, barely able to stand. He pulled his thumb, and cupped her pulsing cunny, lightly squeezing it as she began to come down. “Complaints yet?” “Uh-Uhhhhhh... Only if you stop...” she breathed between her subsiding gasps.

That was all Cindy's poor dad, with his straining, bobbing, pre-cumming cock needed to hear as he stumbled behind her, nearly tripping over her wobbly legs, and lined up on her throbbing, dripping pussy, and prepared to take it home. As he touched his aching penis head to her dripping honey hole, she involuntarily flexed her body and spread her legs just a bit wider... He pushed the head into her warm, wet waiting hole. “Whoa! Incest, much? Mr. Cocky is IN me! How weird is that?” Cindy teased when she felt his entry. “I dunno. Way I hear it, he strained, guys fuck their daughters all the time. Wanna quit?” “Uh, I dunno-o-o-OH!” she shrieked as with four strokes he bottomed-out, balls-deep in her tight wetness. “OhhhhMyGOD! My daddy's fuckin' me...Ohhh Shit! My DADDY's FUCKIN' ME!!” Cindy mewled as he began his slow, steady pistoning in her love cave. God! Was she tight, but no virgin, she; he might even have to ask her about that sometime, but not now...

Over the next minutes, Cindy came twice more, the latter a squirter, drenching both their legs as the incestuous couple continued their lurid dance over the sink in front of the bathroom mirror. For his own part, Howard had to look a few times at his cock disappearing into Cindy's puffy cunt to assure himself this was really happening. Cindy was in some other universe, reduced to babbling “Oh, daddy daddy daddy, Oh daddy daddy daddy” as his swollen member strained for just one minute more to hold back his own load. Finally, there was no holding back: “Oh my God, Cindy! I'm gonna cummmm!” “Oh God! NO! Daddy! You can't! I'll get p...” But he was ready for that. Though she squirmed mightily to get off him and away, he had her hips in a vice-like grip, and wasn't about to let her go. Just one more stro...”Oh MY FUCKING GOD! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he howled as he again bottomed-out and his geyser erupted, sending stream after stream of thick, hot incestuous spunk down his cock channel and out to bang at his lovely daughter's cervical door. Dazed, his orgasm subsiding to weak, unproductive thumps, he fell back against the shower enclosure, and Cindy finally broke loose, bolting out the bathroom door for her bedroom. His last clear sight of her as her door closed was a thick gob of his love goo running down her leg. The last thing he heard as he passed her room on the way to his own was, “Ewww! Daddy came in me! Ewww?”

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