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A lighter touch

Howard lay propped-up in his bed afterward, fiddling with the remote and looking for some distraction on the tube, his thoughts and emotions a shambles. Of course he felt sated and satisfied that he'd finally bedded the nubile daughter he'd lusted after since she was ten, and who'd teased him unmercifully since she turned fourteen, but; what if he had gotten her pregnant? What if she told Brenda, or if Brenda found out some other way? And most of all, What of Cindy herself? Did she really want all this? Granted, she teased him to the limit, but this? Its every man's forbidden fantasy to fuck his own daughter, but he'd crossed the line from fantasy into reality. The proof was dripping back out of her pussy right now. What could he say? What could he do? What would happen? To him? To her? To them? As nothing appealing presented itself on the tube, he decided the better part of valor would be to try to get some sleep, maybe, so he could face Cindy coherently, repentantly in the morning. That wasn't to happen. He'd doused the light, settled in and turned over to face the window and try to sleep when his door opened...

Cindy entered his bedroom and closed the door before gliding around his bed to the window side, where he could see her by moonlight – she wore a gossamer thin, sheer white teddy top -- and no bottoms! He shifted slightly to let her sit down in the spot where he'd cuddled her years before as a much younger girl. The thought of her bare, just pommeled pussy sitting naked on his bed in the spot where he'd held her as a little girl again sent his cock into tumescent spasms. Damn! Hadn't he any conscience at all? Or was she yet teasing?

“Daddy?” “Yes, hun?” “Why did you fuck me?” “Well, punkin, I kinda thought you wanted it, what with all your teases and showing up naked in the bathroom when you know I'm gonna be naked.” “But Daddy? Why did you fuck me?” “Punkin, this may sound really sick, but I wanted you since you were ten.” “I know. I quit coming in here 'cuz when I'd lay down and cuddle with you, I could feel your cock getting big and pushin' on my bottom. I quit comin' in 'cuz I knew what it was and I thought I was bad for makin' it happen. I didn't know about boys or men and and your 'thingie' confused me.” “That's pretty normal...” “But Daddy, I thought I was weird 'cuz I really, really wanted to play with it...and...I wanted you to play with my 'pee-pee'.” “Oh? Why didn't you ever tell me?” “'Cuz Ms. Grover told us in Sex-Ed class that daddies and daughters don't play at sex. She said it was really, really bad an' that if our daddies thouched our pee-pees we were s'posed to rat 'em out to our moms, or a teacher or a cop or somethin', and then daddy would be took away and put in jail forever. So I quit coming to your bed 'cuz I didn't want that to happen...” “but...” “Daddy, I still wanna know why you fucked me.” “Um. I think maybe we both wanted it...maybe even needed it.” “But why did you cum in me? I never let anybody cum in me before” “ really don't know much about men, do you?” “Not much. I only fucked three times before tonight.” “Then you don't know that there's a 'point of no return' a man gets to when its hot and heavy, and they're banging away at each other.” “What's that?” “When a man's body hits the point where he's about to cum, you couldn't get him to stop if you held a gun to his head. Its all automatic at that point. He's gonna cum. It happens” “But Daddy?” “Yes, Dear?” “What if I'm pregnut?” “There's several answers to that. The flippant, useless one would be: 'You should have thought of the before you started teasing me.'” “Dad...” “Ok. When was your last period?” “About two weeks ago. I'm fertile right now.” “Ouch! Well, if you're that concerned about it, I can get you a Backup Plan pill on Monday. Its Friday night now. If you take one within 72 hours of having bare sex, its s'posed to make you have an early period, and flush any 'accidents' away. That means by Monday night. Ok?” “Deal.”

Cindy grew quiet, fidgeted with a button on her nightie, gazed over toward the window, then back to her supine daddy. Then, abruptly nodding her head as though shaking off a daydream, She leaned toward him and breathily whispered, “Daddy?” “Huh?” “I wanna see it...” “HUH?” “I said, I wanna see it.” “See what, baby-doll?” “This,” she cooed as she traced her near forefinger over his covered, again aroused cock. “”Is that wise, baby?” “C'mon dad! I just saw it a hour ago. You had it IN me. It CAME in me.” “And that's what worries me, punkin...” “What? That we had sex? Shit! I been teasing you, tryin' since I was ten an' your hard-on confused an' excited me.” “I know, and I've tried my damnedest to avoid it, and not give in to you, or my own temptations...” “I knew that too, Daddy, but I really, really wanted you to get a clue an' do something with me.” Continuing her ginger finger stroking through his covers, she leaned further over, treating her already aroused dad to a breathtaking view of her pert A-cup titties as her nightie fell completely open, and breathed in his ear, “Daddy... I wanna play with it... Y'see, Daddy, I'm still that giggly, happy, scared, confused little ten year old girl who remembers a hard cock pressed in her butt crack, who knows what it is, an' maybe a little afraid of it, but still really, really wanna see it an' play with it. I really missed snuggling with you an' feeling it on me...” “Uhh, if you're sure..?” “I am, Daddy, really, really sure,” she again cooed as she gave his strained member a quick squeeze through the quilt.

Taken by an oddly abrupt sense of false modesty, he squirmed, doffed his boxers under his blankets, then nodded for Cindy to uncover him herself. Slowly, timidly, she did just that, rolling the covers back, amost inch by inch until his straining, tumescent member sprang into view. A ragged “pahhh” and an almost inaudible “Oooh...” escaped her lips as she timidly grasped his pole and gave it a gentle squeeze. She was rewarded by a throb, and drop of precum exiting his cock head and oozing down her hand. “Gee! Excited much?,” she murmured as she began slowly, sweetly, excruciatingly stroking his straining cock. “If you keep that up, baby-doll, you're gonna get a lot more than that on your hand.” “I wanna see it!” “Huh?” “I wanna see it cum.” “It'll be messy.” “Don't worry, Daddy. We can clean the blankets before mom gets home.” Whoa! “Have you seen a cock cum before?” “Yeah, once, but it only dribbled. I wanna see you cum like I felt in my pussy tonight.” “If you keep doin what you're doin, you won't have to wait long...”

Slightly tightening her grip, she continued her velvety, unnervingly slow masturbation, closely watching his cock as it swelled, throbbed, and ejected more precum. Every dollop brought a breathy “oooh”, and the further tightening of her hand. “Oh, baby-doll, I'm almost there...” Deftly using her off hand, she nestled the quilt around the base of his cock to catch the mess. “Let it go, Daddy. I really, really wanna see it.” “Ok then, just...uh...hold whatcha got, and you'll...and I'll... uh!... Uhh... UHHHHHHH!!!” he groaned at the first jet of cum shot from his prick hole, splashing all over Cindy's hand and the quilt she'd bunched to keep it off them. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six! Dribble... Gee, Dad, you really, really cum hard, don'tcha?” “You gotta be kiddin, dear. I wanted this night since you were ten, and whacked-off to the fantasy more times than you'll ever know..,” “Really, Daddy? You really jacked-off thinkin' 'bout fuckin me? When did you start to want me that way?” As she continued fondling his now flaccid cock and lightly cupping his balls, Howard took a deep breath; discomfort, arousal and his last shred of modesty vying for position on his face, he broke down and admitted to his daughter: “Cindy, this gonna be really weird, but I've wanted this night since you were eight, and your hips started flaring.” “Huh?!” “Yup. Never, ever looked at another little girl, any other little girl, that way, even when they were over here playing with you, but I always wanted you and a night like this.” “Whoa! Daddy! You wanted to have sex with me when I was eight?” “I knew it wasn't possible. Your mind and body weren't ready, but men can have some pretty weird thoughts at times. I even thought about going to a counselor to work it out.” “Did you?” “No, I just did my best to let it ride.” “Did you tell mom?” “WHAT?! God, no! She'd have gone and reported me for even thinking it...” “I'm glad you didn't tell anyone, Daddy. 'Cuz I want it. I want you. An', maybe not at eight, but I wanted to do sex with you every since I knew what 'thingies' and 'pee-pees' were for.” “If that's so, why didn't you ever tell me?” ”Cuz I was scared I was weird for wanting to do it, or that you wouldn't want me, or maybe you would even hurt me.” “That last one is why I held back and let you quit coming in here when you were ten, baby girl. I didn't want to hurt you, ever, in any way – most especially this way.” “I knew that. You always protected me, even when I didn't want you to, an' you love me, an' you're always nice to me.” “That's a dad's honor, and his duty.” “Big words, dad, But I always wanted this. Now I got it.” “What have you got?” “ I got my daddy in bed.” “Is this gonna be blackmail?” “Oh! No, Daddy! I love you, an' I wanna be with you, always, even like this.”
With that, Cindy fluffed the quilt some, shrugged-off the nightie top, raised a corner, and crawled in beside her loving daddy. “Y'know what I want now?” “No, dear, what?” “Remember how I used to lay on my tummy all snuggly up next to you, and you'd rub my back with your fingertips? How you even went under my nightie to tickle my bare back?” “Yeah, hun, I do...” “Well...” Snuggling up to daddy, “I want you to do it again, but this time on my front.” “Whoa!” “Yep, Daddy, I want you to kiss me, an' play with my shoulders an' my titties an' my hips an' my tummy an' my legs, an' even my pussy. Would you do that, Daddy?” “With great delight, Punkin...” “(giggles) Oooh, Daddy, I love it when you call me 'Punkin.' Its a bit wicked when we're in bed bein' sexy an' with your hand on my tittie though...” “Well, 'Punkin' it is then...”

Howard gave Cindy the deep, long lover's kiss he'd longed for several years to give her as he began at her neck to trace, titillate and fondle her lithe, supple young teen-girl body. Her own kiss back was heaven on earth, and her sighs of pleasure, gasps of ecstatic shock and purrs for more all galvanized Howard into another raging hard-on by the time he'd traced her second nipple. It being pinched between him and his daughter being a bit of a strain, he backed a little and let it pop up onto Cindy's hip, where she immediately grasped it in the warm, velvet glove that was her left hand. “Hm? Ready again much?” “Um. My dick may be ready again, but I'm not yet,” as he traced the inner ridge of her hip, then across her tummy, just above her mons, to trace the other hip. “Daddy?” (kiss...) “Hm?” (kiss...) “Play with my pussy?” “Why now?” “'Cuz I like what you're doin to my body, an' I think my pussy would like it more. Please, Daddy?” “ you say, Punkin...” (giggles)

When he cupped her mons and vagina, Cindy flexed, pushing her clit hard into the palm of his hand, her body taking over for her and butting against his hand to get off a small orgasm. Her mound, still puffed from their first encounter, further engorged and throbbed to its own tempo. She shuddered as he traced down her puffy outer lips, then shrieked when he fingered back up her slit to flick her clit. Her body movements becoming more erratic, her voice almost uncontrollable, she half uttered, half growled, “Dd..ddd..dddaddy? Finger me? Please? Please put your finger in my cunt? Please?” As he complied with his baby girl's wishes, he lightly brought his thumb down on her clit. Three strokes of his finger in her vagina, three swipes of his thumb over her clit did the deed... “Uhh! Uhh! OHMYGODUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!” She flexed. She bucked. She screamed. She squealed. Howard kept his finger firmly on her G-spot, his thumb on her clit, and held on to her upper body for dear life as her orgasm played out over and over again down her body. When she finally collapsed, flush of face, staring at the ceiling with vacant, glassy eyes, she rewarded his ministrations – she soaked his hand. He couldn't tell if it were from her orgasm, or if she'd lost bladder control and pissed all over him, but either way was alright with him.

When she finally came back to earth, she rolled right, into daddy's arms, her mound pressing against his throbbing cock. “Daddy? Uhh, yeah, Punkin?” “Why don't boys know how to do that? I never came so good before, even when I do it...” (sigh) “Boys usually aren't real experienced, and dunno what a girl needs to feel as good as they do. In fact, some of them don't really care. They just wanna get their nut, then brag for the next month about how much a man they are.” “I know, Daddy.” “They bite your tits, finger you once or twice, then jump in do it and flop out. One guy's condom even fell off when he quit.” “Ow! Are you pregnant then?” “No, silly. That was months ago. I've had some periods since then, and I didn't ever let him fuck me again.” “Wise choice, oh daughter mine.” (more giggles) “But then the first time I do it with my dear daddy, and he cums in my bare pussy.” “Didn't your mom put you on the pill?” “No. She called me a slut for even asking, and we don't really talk since.” “Sounds like your mom...” “You guys don't fuck anymore, do you?” “now, how would you know that?” “Hey! Dense much! My bedroom's right next you yours, and my ears work...” “Yeah, right. No. Its been a while at that. In fact, your mom and I aren't getting on well at all lately. She's even mentioned divorce on the odd occasion.” “I thought so. She went all weird on me when she finally noticed I was growing up, and went totally ape when I asked her about the pill.” “How long ago was that?” “Right after I turned fourteen. Two of my friends are on 'em and they fuck-party like crazy.” “Would you do that?” “As if...! In fact, Daddy dear,” she cooed in his ear, “If we work out, I ain't gonna need a boyfriend. I won't WANT one anymore.” “Whoa, baby girl... Are you suggesting...?” “I'm thinking my dear ol' daddy maybe can give me everything I want.” “And...what about your mom?” “The next time she says 'divorce,' agree!” “And if I lose custody of you...?” “I don't think that'd happen, but if it does, there's always visitation every other week.” (smiles, kiss...) “You got this all wired, don't you?” “I think so, but we gotta work it.”

A silence fell as the two newly incestuous lovers kissed, cuddled and fondled for a time, delighting in the discovery of each other's bodies. Cindy, ending a tender kiss, was first to break the silence: “Daddy?” “yeah, Punkin?” “Would you do me again?” “Um... You wanna...” “I want you to fuck me again, but different this time, if you can...” His cock throbbing firmly against her mons in silent assent to her request, he hesitated, asked: “How so, baby?” “I want you to tell me you love me when you put it in. I want you to cuddle me and kiss me, and I wanna go slow. No screaming cums this time. I wanna feel you moving in and out of me. I want you to look in my eyes, know I'm your daughter, that we're doing incest, that I want it as much as you do, and that we'll be lovers together as long as we can be. An' I wanna see your face when you cum. Can you do that? Would you do that? Now? Please?” “Gee, Punkin, he grinned. That's a mighty tall order, but I think I can manage – with your help, that is...” (more giggles)

Gently rolling Cindy onto her back, Howard traced his forefinger down from her navel, over her mound, to just above her clit, when she reached up and took hold of his hand. “No, Daddy, I'm ready now. I'm still wet and getting wetter. I want your cock inside me...nooooooowwww, please?” Howard rolled over, placed a knee between Cindy's legs for balance and moved over her. Kissing her, then looking straight into her eyes, he said what she wanted to hear: “I really do love you, Cindy, and I'm claiming you as mine, in every way.” Placing the head of his cock firmly at her , he started slowly, firmly stroking himself into her tight, wet love tunnel. He'd barely bottomed-out in her sweet honey-hole, his balls nestled in her butt crack, when she sighed, Grabbed his shoulders, looked directly back at him and cooed, “Oh God, Daddy, your cock feels so good in me, just like I always hoped it would.” Softly stroking his shoulders, she breathed, “You're mine. I claim you. You're my Daddy. I'm your daughter. This is incest, but I want it, bad. Be with me forever? Or as long as you can?” “I will if you will.” “I will. Now fuck me slow...”

Propping himself so they could both see their lurid, incestuous joining for a moment, he asked her to look with him and see it, then he looked back at her with somewhat softer eyes and shared, “This isn't 'fucking, Punkin.' (giggles) Fucking is what we did in the bathroom, and we'll probably do again, real soon. Right now, I'm making sweet, tender love to my baby girl. I know you're my daughter. I know its incest, but I want it as bad as you do. I don't just love you, I'm IN love with you, and I want you forever. Can I have you?” “Yep, Daddy. I'm yours. God! Your dick feels so good in me. Promise me that we can make love like this, and fuck like we did too?” “Promise. I probably won't last too long this way, but I love doing it this way too.” “Its ok, Daddy. We can do more this way too. If you wanna cum now, its ok...” “Not just yet, dear, but soon.”

He lowered himself, nuzzled her neck and ear, whispering of love and desire and feeling good being inside her while she sighed and moaned, kissed back, and snuggled warmly into his body. In one night, his own daughter had put the love back into sex that he'd missed for so long, and he was damned if he wasn't going to show his appreciation for it by giving her anything she needed or wanted. She was now his. He was now hers. Now, to make it happen. He shut off his mind, kissed his baby girl soul deep and stroked more deeply as his balls gave him their tingly warning that climax was near. “Gettin' ready to cum, Daddy dear?” “'d you guess?” “Your cocky got bigger and you're pushin' deeper, like Mr. Cocky wants to get me pregnut, hm?” His cock doing all the thinking now, he groaned, “Oh God! Girl! Uh! I do want so bad to cum inside you, and and I do wanna make you pregnant.” “Then cum in me, Daddy. Make me pregnut! Cuddle me and cum in me. I want it.” That was all Howard needed to hear, all he longed to hear. His balls tingling, his spine shivering, his cock throbbing... Uhhh....UH! UH! UH! He growled as he strained to keep his dazed eyes on his baby girl's face while he loosed torrent after torrent of thick, gooey incestuous cream into his willing baby daughter's love canal. “Oh WOW Daddy!! You do cum hard! I claim you Daddy. I claim your mind, an' your' heart, an' your body, an' your dick, an' your cum. You're mine...” (sigh)

To Howard's mind, as he rolled off to lie beside her, he couldn't ever remember a night like his daughter, Cindy had just given him, teenage romantics included. Its was soppy sweet, but Damned if it didn't feel real – like he'd just married his nubile daughter. In a manner of speaking, depending on culture, he had. As he lay beside his sated, blushing baby girl, flesh of his own flesh, looking into her eyes, kissing her, stroking her, lazily fondling her tit while she absently played with his now flaccid cock, he knew in his heart of hearts that he had. He'd give her his world without a second thought, and hoped to share in hers where she'd have him.

As they continued to kiss and play, his cock began another slow arousal. Not a speedy thing this time, but the more she teased his cock and balls, the thicker and harder he went, and the more tingly his balls became, and he realized that he had at least one more go in him before he totally petered out. “You game to go again, baby girl?” “Not a hot 'n heavy one, Dad, or a long one, but I can take you one more time. Then I'm pooped, and I gotta sleep” “Thanks, love. We'll make it a quick one. It'll be my chance to really feel you from the inside this time.” “Sure, Dad. C'mon in and feel away.” (smiles).

When Howard again mounted his daughter, their combined love juices allowed him to bottom out in a single stroke. “Whoa, Daddy! You filled me up!” “God Girl, you feel wonderful in there, he said as he held still for a moment to fully get the feel of her insides. Cindy purred, giggled and jiggled her chest into his, then reached around under his arms to pull his body down onto hers. He was heavy, but not uncomfortably so. Reaching down and grabbing his butt, she pulled him gently forward to give him the hint. For his own part, Howard kissed Cindy, and slow stroked his way toward another climax, licking, kissing and nibbling her mouth, neck and ear on his way. I'm close again, baby girl. Can ya catch me?” “I'm wide open, Daddy. Gimme whatcha got.” “Then here it comes, baby.” And kissing her deeply, repeatedly he let go. Not an erupting volcano this time, but a shuddering, pulsing, swiftly flowing river of cum left him to again bathe Cindy's love tunnel and cervical door. Gods! If she weren't pregnant by now, there was something wrong with one of them...

“Ooh, Daddy... I felt that. Your dick thumps nice when it cums.” “Nice. I never really knew how the girl felt about that, or if she even felt the guy cuming.” “You can if you're patient and feel with your body. I even felt my tummy bounce some when you came. Its really neat. I like fucking, but now I like making love too.” (sigh) Kissing him again, she gently nudged him off her, and to her side, but making sure he didn't move away. “Daddy?” “Punkin?” “I really need to sleep now,” and she yawned for effect. “I know, girl. I think we wore ourselves out.” “Mmm. Nice way to wear out. Would you cuddle me? Like you did when I was ten?” “Sure, Punkin. Just turn over and snuggle your back up against me.” He snuggled up close to her, pulled the soiled quilt over them, and rested his arm on hers, preparing to sleep. Cindy had other ideas. She snuggled back, making sure she could feel Howard's cock nestled in her butt crack, raised her arm and pulled his hand through under her arm, resting it on her tit. “Mm. Feels nice. Cuddly... G'nite, Daddy...” “G'nite, Punkin...”

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when i was fourteen, my dad fucked me and i thought it was the best thing in the world. my mom had left us when i was ten. after four months of fucking i gave birth to a little baby girl. before i could get pregnant again my dad/husband died in a car crash. when i turned fifteen i let an eighteen year old boy fuck me without protection, i had another baby, a boy, and my lover got drafted and sent to vietnam, when he came home we got married and had two more girls. now i am counciling all my daughters to fuck their daddy too.

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This is a lot of of a daddy's dreams. Myself included. My oldest daughter and I made it come true. I wish we could do it all over again.

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Not as good as the first . . . but dont let that stop you from trying

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"Cindy's Little Bump 2" - Fourteen Year Old Nubile Daughter, Cindy and Mid-Thirties Father, Howard.

Bothy father Howard and daughter Cindy, he in his mid to late thirties and she a budding, fertile, young temptress fourteen year old daughter, each have silently lusted for each other for several years. Howard has wanted his daughter beginning when she was eight, and moreso as she entered her late pubertive years; Cindy has been teasing and tempting her father for several years. They now are dedicated-to-each-other lovers, paramours and firmly comitted as lifetime partners and parents! Both Cindy, in particular, and her father in general, are hoping--and attempting--to impregnant Cindy!!

First, or at least immediately as Cindy might already be pregnant, Howard will have to finalize his wife's requested divorce! His daughter is hopeful that her father will be awarded custody so they can live their lives as truly, in body and spirit, idyllic family life with their children!!

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