Coming to grips...

Howard awoke pleasantly enough. Something of an early riser, Cindy had already awakened and had decided to visually and tactilely explore the forbidden territory she'd exploded into the night before. Pretending to remain asleep, he peeked through squinted eyes to see his lovely daughter, still quite naked, scrunched down near the foot of his bed, his lower covers thrown back, and her eyes locked in rapt attention on his throbbing morning wood. Cindy had his cock in one hand, his balls in the other; raising, lowering, turning them from side to side, and occasionally stroking a fingertip from crown to base, or gently cupping his nuts. Damned, if this wasn't going to be a morning! Testing the waters, still wanting her to believe him asleep, he groaned and rolled onto his back. Cindy flinched momentarily, then calmed as she took in Howard's now vertical erection. A gentle “oooh” escaped her lips as it throbbed once and expelled a glistening drop of pre-cum. She move up on her knees and resumed her agonizing exploration. After tickling and stroking his balls just a little, she watched as his cock again thumped and ejected another blob of precum. Then her eyes went vacant a moment, then wide, and a devilish little grin crept over her cute elfin features. As she reached her decision, Cindy gently wrapped her hands around his cock and began to slowly masturbate him. God! The sensations were indescribable. It was all he could do to continue feigning sleep as she experimented with his cock, until she settled on a rhythm of stroking lightly at the top, and squeezing more tightly as she moved back to the bottom. He was in Heaven and Cindy was the Love Goddess he'd longed for. Shortly, eyes still closed, Howard was moaning, throwing his head from side to side and bucking his hips, the tingle in his balls already rising to near crescendo. Cindy took that as her cue to speed up, and squeeze a bit tighter on the way down. The one thing she didn't do, Howard noted through his lusty haze, was move her head out of the way. Well... Holding off as long as he possibly could, Howard groaned, bucked his hips, snapped his eyes open, and blew the first spurt of his heavy load right at her elfin, turned-up nose. Damn! But that first spurt was long enough to be a piss, or at least it felt that way! “Eeeek!” Cindy shrieked snapping her head back, not releasing Howard's pulsing cock; the rest of his gushing cum bathed her tits and tummy. “Whoa!”

“Whoa! Indeed, baby girl,” Howard mumbled as he took his time regaining his senses. “What a way to wake up!” “Hm? I thought you might like that, Daddy.” “I sure do, but you're a mess, girl. Wanna take a shower?” “Only if you join me this time, Daddy.” “Sure thing. Lets get to it. Whatcha wanna do today?” Cindy responded with one of those pained, sympathetic looks only a young girl can do right, and asked, “Really, Dad? Really?”, the last as she raised her cum-covered tits, pointing them directly at him. “Well, yeah, besides that. It might be kinda nice to go out for lunch or dinner, maybe a movie? We can't spend ALL our time inside fucking like rabbits!” “Maybe. Can I sleep on it while I think?”, she asked, a more impish grin on her face as she stared pointedly at his half-hard cock. It was his turn to respond with a gentle put-down... “Lame, baby girl, but point taken. Lets get that shower and down some breakfast, eh?” “Not too big a breakfast, k? I don't wanna feel bloated when we get back to business.” And with a wink, she tweaked Daddy's cock and raced for the shower. Howard, not far behind, slapped her behind and shot his middle finger into her drenched pussy from behind. Her resulting squeal was to die for!, as she swatted his hand away and stepped into the shower stall.

The shower was anything but uneventful. The two newly incestuous lovers tickled and teased, occasionally washed something, groped, stroked and poked, and finally ended with Cindy's legs wrapped around Howard's waist as they wailed and thundered to a mutual climax under the hot needle-pricks of their shower. Gasping for breath, they collapsed on the stall floor, soaked in water, sweat and their cums, and stayed there, gripping each other for dear life until their passion subsided and water took a chill. They both thought the better of that, and rushed to clean themselves and each other before the water got totally cold. They almost made it...

Over a quiet breakfast of fruit slices and toast, Cindy was the first to break the silence: “Daddy?” “Yeah, Punkin?” With a quizzical, almost pained furrow to her brow, she gazed up at Howard and pounced: “How come you wanna go out today? I kinda thought since we discovered this new thing about us you might wanna stay home and play a little more. I know I do...” Then again, with her most devilishly wicked grin, she pouted, “Losing interest already?” “Oh God NO!, Punkin! Not in the slightest!” “What then?” “Y'see, baby girl, as much as I love you (giggle), and as much as I love this new side of us, I also remember that you're a young teenage girl with other interests as well. I don't wanna lose that side of you.” “Uh... Protective much? I thought we already went through that...” “Not by half, Punkin. There's a lot more that can hurt you besides body pain. Your heart or your mind can be hurt, bad, if we don't handle this right. Maybe both.” “But I already said 'I want this.' What else is there?” “Maybe I don't wanna lose your outside personality. Maybe I wanna stay in touch with your youthful, innocent side as much as with your body. You're still two women yet – uh, maybe a girl and a woman. I don't wanna lose the girl while fawning after the woman. I really do love you, y'know?” “Gee, Daddy,” it was Cindy's turn to blush; “You kinda though a lot about this, didn't you?” “More than 'kinda'. Most of what you're hearing are the excuses I used over time to keep myself in check, but they're no less true now. Maybe even more needed.” “Oh?” “I was never sure this day would come. I would have missed it if it hadn't, but I still love my cute young daughter with her quirky smile and her penchant for getting into trouble.” “Oh.” (more giggles). “So you love your teen tramp now?” “C'm off it!,” he groused as he tousled her auburn tresses. “I really don't want you to change. I just want this to be another side of you, another part of you.” “But I have changed. I'm your lover now. Unless you don't want that...” “Perish the thought! I think if I lost you now, especially after becoming lovers, I wouldn't wanna go on anymore...” “Really? Really, really?” “Yes, really, really, really.”

They resumed their breakfast in quiet, thoughtful introspection, each taking apart what the other had said, mulling over and coming to grips with who they were and who they would become. Cindy was all bright with anticipation, Howard a bit more reserved and speculative. By unspoken agreement they both cleaned up the table and dishes before, once again considering what they'd do for the day. Cindy agreed as how it might be nice to have a dinner and movie date in the evening. Howard agreed, but suggested they also take in the carnival that dropped into town for the weekend. Cindy squealed with delight at the thought! Gee, he really still wanted to be 'Daddy' too. Her chest swelled with both pride and amour. “Just as long as we come home between the fair and our 'date' tonight. “I don't think I could go all day and mosta the night without you in me, huh?” “I...think...that could be arranged, Punkin.” “An...just so ya don't forget what's waitin' fer ya after the fair,” she breathed, pushing down and kicking off her scanty panties, then bending over the kitchen sink, “I want you to grab me from behind and fuck me til I squeal!” She didn't need to tell Howard twice...

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2015-08-23 12:16:15
basically a good story, needs an end, what happens when mom comes home, is Cindy pregnant or not?

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2015-01-21 17:59:33
I say nuts to the people who pick at the writing. Its a good story and I wish you would have continued with the daughter carrying Dad's baby.


2014-08-03 02:03:36
"Cindy's Little Bump 3" - Howard and Cindy - (Father and Daughter).

The story, as a whole, has been very good; however, this part was brief and with very little insight into the future of the father's and daughter's recent, incestual relationship.

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Loved it. Hope there are more chapters. Obviously the Mum comes home. They are bound to divorce. Would like to see daddy and daughter move far away and marry and start their own family.

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Where is number 4 please we need to know what happens

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