20 year old Jenny has come over to visit from Australia for 9 days. During her time outside of Australia most of Jennys attention is focused upon her 21 year old Cousin Lee whom she has had a crush on for years. Jenny teases Lee, drops hints to Lee and does all she can to bring about something both these distant cousins have wanted to happen for a very long time. Based on a True Story.
My Cousin Jenny

My distant cousin Jenny had come over to visit from Australia in the Spring of 2011. I had not seen her for almost 10 years. From what I remember of her she was hyper and full of annoyance, at least to me and she was very much still that but much older and more womanly.

Since she had arrived our conversation in private had been incredibly flirtatious, she spoke openly about sexual subjects with me, talking about the boys back home and how all the boys she had crushes on were never interested in her which meant she was stuck with the kind of boys who were, in her own words "trolls".

She talked about all kinds of sexual things with me from the types of pornography she had come across on the internet, and how often she used it in university, she even told me about sexual fantasies she had like threesomes and professors in university she fantasised about. Her talk aroused me, which I at the time did not know if that was what she intended or was she trying to shock me.

It was not just the talking which bordered upon being sexual as Jenny was an incredible tease physically. An example of her behaviour was how she would sit on my lap when I was on my computer or in my bedroom laying on my bed. She would come and grind herself into me clearly making me erect and with no shame that her behaviour was eliciting such replies from me.

Ever since she arrived I would savour those moments in private when I was in my bedroom and she would sit on my lap as if getting herself off with her carefully co-ordinated efforts to stimulate me. I was attracted to her I mean how could I not be, she was more a woman now than I had ever remembered and brought with her a foreign seduction which domestic girls to the country I was from just could not provide.

I use to masturbate ferociously over her during the night with her sleeping just down the hall and all I could imagine was her putting her sitting on my lap or resting her head on my lap to another use, it did not take much to make me imagine all kinds of sexual things we could we should be doing to each other.
In truth, Jenny and I spent a lot of time together and it was enjoyable outside the scope of the sexual teasing and playfulness, but it was during our times in my car when she became more outrageous in her behaviour, and little did I know that on this one particular car journey she would become far more than just a tease.

---- The Drive into the Wilds ---

As I drove the car showing off the scenery of this foreign country to Jenny she spoke fast and gesticulated a lot, I quietly drove adding a sentence wherever I saw appropriate to continue the exchange between us. All the while I was thinking about her in all the sexual positions I could think of.

Doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, 69er, pile-driver, doggystyle, doggystyle and of course my favourite position doggystyle. Jenny was attractive, she stood at 5'2 which was a meter smaller than me. She had dark brunette hair with brownish eyes and wore the geekiest glasses I'd ever seen but her pretty face presented a contrast of what many would call nerdy in respect of her glasses and beautiful with what many would regard as her face.

I turned up the stereo to a song which had been making the rounds throughout the country as of late and had been regurgitated by all the mainstream radio stations so the population would talk of it as being the greatest song ever. Jenny noticed me getting into the beat and giggled "This song is so last year" "What are you talking about! This song was released two weeks ago" "Which is last year in music terms" she snorted and
then added "You need to get a better taste in music, like maybe a better taste in women".

I glanced at her annoyed "You do not know my taste in women" "Do you even have one" I paused still unsure what she meant so I asked "Please explain" "Where is your girlfriend Lee?" "I am single" I defensively retorted to which Jenny stated "Like me!". Then Jenny appeared thoughtful as she continued "Maybe you have not met the right person because maybe you need to focus on lessening your high standards". I was more antagonised by her than annoyed by this point "You have no idea about my standards, you know you presume a lot about people. It is quite rude".

She giggled and made herself comfortable in the passenger's side "Maybe you are a fag" again she giggled "Well Jenny" I took a sharp turn towards the rural roads which led towards a mountain pass which would allow some fantastic views of the valley below. "Firstly I do not have high standards and secondly I am not a fag". She teasingly asked "Are you sure". She giggled once more but I was not laughing.

"You are so sour, and you listen to shit music. Let me turn the channel" she went towards the radio knob and played with it "Whenever I play with knobs I usually get what I want" her quirkiness made me laugh "You really are sex obsessed" "Who is not, it is perfectly natural" "You know you have been over here for almost a week and I think since I have been in your company you have made sexual innuendo remarks every" I looked at my watch for added effect "Every 3 minutes".

She giggled still playing with the knob until she found a track which was a hybrid between country and pop. "Well have you noticed I only do it whenever I am around you, never in front of others nor with anyone else. So what does that tell you" "You like to hide from people how much of a sex fiend you are" she playfully hit my arm "I am no sex fiend".


The music on the radio now started to move into lyrical singing "Wait a second, you are listening to Taylor Swift, and you say I have poor taste" "It is the beat" she started to move her body pushing out her breasts and then swaying her arms around "You will like it if you try". I then listened to the words and spoke approvingly of the Taylor Swift song "To tell you the truth I feel Taylor Swift is one of the most important artist of her generation".

Jenny suddenly stopped dancing to the beat and looked at me with a silly look on her face, the silly look clearly directed towards me, so I continued to defend my view on Taylor Swift "For one, she highlights the trials and tribulations faced by young women trying to find true love whilst contending with the heartache of dealing with a breakup with a boy who they both share the same group of friends with. She tells it from the heart citing how the awkwardness from the relationship breaking up will impact on their friends as well as themselves. After all friendship is so important".

Jenny studied me momentarily "I cannot tell if you are serious or taking me for a ride", I smiled "Of course I am taking you for a ride. I do not like this moaning music. Put something else on" "It is your knob Lee you play with it". I laughed shaking my head and changed to a radio station I liked. Jenny did not offer any more objections to my music choice.

"So anyways, does my sexual language bother you?" I shook my head making sure I concentrated on the road "No why would it" "Well I do not know, maybe you are prudish" I burst out laughing this time "I am far from prudish" "Really, then tell me what is the most sexually exciting thing you have ever done, and do not say masturbating as everyone does it". I glanced a look at her "Are you serious" "What do you think" Jenny stated almost daring me to shock her with my tales of sexual adventure. I felt myself becoming agitated as I struggled to think of something to say.

I was spared further awkwardness as our conversation was drawn to a sudden halt as I hit the brakes, there in the middle of the road was a cow. A big black skin coated cow just staring at us like we were in the wrong. Jenny's head flung forward as did mine but luckily our belts saved us from any injuries. Jenny swore "What the fuck are you doing..." as she raised her head to stare outside the window she saw the cow and apologetically murmured "Oh I see", realising why I stopped the car so aggressively.

I beeped the horn as the cow stood its ground, I did it again adding a curse towards the animal as if it would make it move with anymore haste. "I think he wants some grass from you Lee". I moved the car closer to it and then beeped the horn which made it scamper "The farmers should be fined for letting them run loose" I complained as Jenny rather patronisingly stated "Do not be a sour puss...maybe the cow was looking for a mate, I hear December is mating season for cows". "You hear it do you, you know Jenny I cannot really see you as being an expert in the behavioural tendencies of farmyard animals".

She giggled "I obviously know December is because animals are warm blooded like us, they want to fuck all the time. Until the cocks get broken or the cunts dry up". I laughed "I love it when you use those words" "You do, what do you like about it. I say it because it turns me on. Cock...Cunt....Cock....Cunt....Oh I could say it over and over, who needs porn right. Does me saying those words turn you on".

"I am a guy Jenny, I can look at anything and get turned on" I looked right in her eyes when I said that "Good" she boldly replied. The drive continued without any more incident and Jenny seemed to appreciate the views, she stared outside at the high mountain tops and the deep valley, I was expecting her to vocalise her appreciation but all she did was say "Does it ever stop raining up here, why is it so quiet?" "It is remote, it is the countryside and it is typical for this part of Europe".

Jenny sat back in her seat and went into her bag, she pulled out her phone and played with it "You know if you are bored I can take you back to the house" Jenny placed her phone back into her bag and shook her head, she sounded like she was pleading almost "No, I am not bored. I am in your company" she smiled "So anyways what were we talking about before. Sexual stuff, what is the most sexual thing you have done".

"Are we back on this again" I was growing tired after a while of her readiness to speak of the same subjects "Come on you can tell me, if you want to make it more interesting you can talk about fantasies. Fantasies are always the best don't you think". I shrugged my shoulders "I do not know what to say, I have had lots of fantasies" "Like" emphasising her wanting me to elaborate "Like famous actresses I would like to fuck. But I won't meet them so it is irrelevant really. I also like the idea of...".

As I looked at Jenny I stopped speaking because she had the most disapproving look upon her face I had ever seen "What are you looking at me like that for" "Come on Lee" Jenny shaking her head as she continued "I thought you would be far more adventurous than common fantasies" "What do you mean?" "Fucking actresses, screwing supermodels. Those are so boring, why do you not think about more realistic fantasies with people you know but could never fuck" "I am not following you".

Jenny pointed to a lay by "Pull up over there" "Why" "Cause I want to talk with you and I need you to concentrate on what I am saying, besides this scenery is getting boring. I have not seen a car for ages". I shrugged my shoulders "Whatever you say Jenny".

---- Lay by to get Laid ---

As I pulled into the discreet layby which was hidden from the rural road but visible at a point I parked up in a spacious 10 meter by 10 meter area, the grassy fields went up along the mountain and fences were dominated at various intervals, the lack of rubbish in the lay by spoke of the lack of people who visited this area.

The car was now parked to a stop and Jenny undid her seatbelt "I mean fantasies which border on inappropriate" I now added some humour to her own vagueness "Maybe you would prefer it if I speak of having sex with animals, perhaps that cow from earlier on". She giggled "No, I am talking about humans".

At this point I was getting so aroused as I knew where Jenny was taking this conversation and I could not believe she was even contemplating this "Tell me yours then Jenny, nobody else is here" "She undid my seat belt "Well" she placed her bag in the backseat "I have always wanted to see my boy cousins cock".

She looked at me waiting for any sign I was not into this then I knew she would burst out laughing and dismiss it as a joke but I was serious and so was she "What boy cousin" I asked her "Who do you think". I then smiled looking outside making sure there was nobody to run up and go "CANDID CAMERA" but nobody would do this, Jenny was very serious.

"You mean you want to see my cock" "Do you want to show me". She seductively asked, I did not really think twice as I undid my white belt, then undid my trouser button. Jenny watched me as I lowered my trousers towards my ankles, they rested near the gear pedals. I was wearing dark boxer shorts which could show off my hardness "I see you have been thinking about this for sometime during our journey here".

I squeezed my cock which made Jenny gasp "Show it to me" she commanded almost, I then placed my left hand into my boxers and brought out my member so her eyes could feast upon it. "That is so big". I was holding by the girth so my helmet was red and bigger than usual due to me squeezing the mid section of my cock. "The rest of my fantasy is to see you masturbate".

"See me masturbate" I asked her unsure "When I am in university or got anytime to myself I like to go onto porn sites, I look up guys who masturbate. Guys who match your description".

I started to stroke my member as Jenny opened her cardigan and lowered her blouse, she showed off her
breasts which were held in a white bra, she stroked her nipples as I watched her. I then pointed to her pussy "You undo your trousers". Jenny did not reply as she swiftly lowered her trousers and then pulled her blue panties aside and started to stroke her own clit. Both of us were watching the other, taking time to study the others genitals and then making eye-contact.

I had opened my legs wide due to my member becoming so hard and tight, my balls were pressed so far towards my skin they were liable to explode. Jenny meanwhile was very wet, I could see the wetness gleam off her fingertips as she stoked her pink wet cunt. She then brought her left hand towards my face, I did not need instructing as I took her fingers into my mouth and used my tongue to lick off her juices.

"How do I taste" she asked coyly "Delicious" I replied. Jenny then lowered her hand towards my member she tightly held the helmet and then as if overcome with her own lust placed her head onto my cock tip. She adjusted herself in the passenger seat still using her free hand to masturbate her clit whilst her tongue licked all around my helmet. I leaned back on the driver seat and looked outside my eyes rolling as I struggled to maintain myself.

Jenny voiced before continuing "I have dreamt of this for years". I pushed my seat onto the pedals which made the car shake slightly. Jenny by this point had deep throated me, she opened her mouth widely as she forced her head down. I could feel my penis press down her tongue towards her throat. So to assist her in her endeavour I took hold of her pony tail and pushed her head further down.

Jenny took this as an incentive to get further down, she took me as far as she could until I could feel her nose on my right thigh. "Jenny" I muttered under my breath "I am going to cum". She brought her head up and then slide it back down. Not really fearing how much she was deep throating me at this point as she had found her own rhythm.

Eventually it became too much for me and I could not stop it as I started to cum, I tightened my legs and pushed my big hands against the roof as Jenny raised her head and watched as my throbbing member exploded streams of white goodness high towards the car roof. Jenny wiped her mouth which was dripping with her saliva.

She watched me explode all over myself and bits hit her, her facial expression was one of accomplishment "There is my fantasy all in one swoop". As I finished my orgasm Jenny tidied herself up as I breathed deeply "Jesus that was...." I could not finish my sentence as my member was still pulsating and bringing forth more cum. Jenny looked at it and then asked "May I" she took out of her bag in the back seat her camera.

"Do not worry, I won't take a picture of your face. I just want to take a picture of your cock like this so I can show my friends back home". I nodded unable to argue as she snapped a photograph "There, now I will have something more interesting to show them than trees and horizons". "Will you tell them whose cock you did this to" "I might" she teased.

I then wiped off the cum from my body and then wiped off the rest of the cum which had landed in varying parts of the car. After I was satisfied I tidied myself up and then looked at Jenny "Where do you want to go now" "I do not mind, how about we go back home" "Really. You do not want me to finish you off".
Jenny paused as she looked outside the car towards the quiet rural roads "Here" "Nobody comes up here Jenny, the least I could do is do something for you". She opened her sided door as she gazed seductively at me "Lets' do it".

---- Fucking in the Country ----

Jenny went to the back boot area of the car, understandably to be out of sight of the rare chance if someone did come up to this isolated spot. I followed her on the other side and as soon as I met her she jumped in the air and wrapped her legs around me, I immediately started to kiss her deeply with my tongue, she smelt amazing in her Le Chanel French perfume and I could taste the makeup on her face which was vanilla flavoured and I also tasted her tongue which reminded me of fresh fruit.

I pressed her up against the back of the car as she grinded her pussy up against my cock which was hard once again, my cock was as tough as steel and it felt like there was a steel pole between us. Jenny moved away from kissing me to whispering in my ear "I am so wet, I think my knickers are drenched".

I kept kissing her, just too addicted to the taste of this petite 20 year old girl. Such was how much both of us were in synch that it was not just our bodies moving as mirrors, for I begun to communicate with her verbally by whispering just as had been doing to me "I will have to make sure your pussy can breathe, let me check it out and do something for you". She giddily exclaimed a odd yelp as she eased herself down from my hold and then placed her hands onto the back window of the car.

I went onto my knees behind her, watching her pert small ass poking out towards my face. I kissed her buttocks through her clothing and buried my head inside which immediately made me appreciate just how wet she was as I could see those puddle patches at varying intervals. I undid her trousers from behind, using my hands to undo her button and then lower her trousers down, all the while I was kissing her beautiful ass and savouring the sensation I knew she was getting.

Eventually the trousers had fallen to her ankles as I was now looking at her in a thong which was skimpy and scarcely on her flesh. My god I thought she was not kidding at just how wet she was, the knickers were swarmed in wetness and wetness was dripping down her legs, I looked up at Jenny from behind only seeing her pony tail sticking out from behind her head.

To add a little kink I raised my long arms up towards her ponytail and tugged at it, she giggled outright and voiced "Naughty boy", then I placed my respective index fingers on either side of her outer thighs as I pulled down her thong. The moment her thong was below her buttocks I was in awe and hypnotised by her scented beauty of her wet juices which flushed across the air and bathed my face in that succulent aurora of feminine

"Jenny" I spoke from behind her as she nervously replied still with her face facing the back of the car and not looking at me "I want you to spread your legs" she shimmied her legs apart, and though they were small legs like her own height her movements provided ample space for me to begin to titter away at her delicious cunt.
Her lips opened up and the pinkness was astounding, she really was a firm, fit and healthy 20 year old girl, and even though I was relatively sexually inexperienced myself I could tell she was not touched often, despite her earlier efforts to emphasise her sexual adventurousness I knew she was not that way inclined, but now, on this day she would be.

I placed my left finger onto her pink twat and heard her moan, she tightly gripped the car as she buried her head onto the window "I am going to do some things with my fingers and tongue Jenny which is going to make you scream, so try to keep your voice down". She nodded as I then placed my fingers deep inside her cunt. I wasted no time in playing around and teasing her as her streaming wetness was just too inviting.

My fingers slipped deep inside her cunt as she begun to cry out filthy words which was no way becoming you would think of such a sweet natured bookworm kind of girl. My three fingers opened up her cunt easily as I twiddled my fingers inside and then I bit at the meatiest part of her buttocks making her produce a mixture of moans and screams.

I next started to lick around her meaty buttocks whilst my fingers continued to move in and out of her pussy, with my tongue licking all around her ass cheeks, eventually my fingers when I re- emerged them were bathed in so much wetness that they were glistening.

Ever the gentleman I was I opted to lick my fingers clean, Jenny could hear all this and guessed correctly though her back was to me when she asked "Are you licking my juices again Lee?".

"I am going to do more than lick your juices" I retorted as Jenny through heavy gasps begun to speak "Nobody has ever...." she was unable to finish her sentence as I buried my face deep between her ass cheeks and poked my tongue deep inside her pussy lips, I then licked all the way up from her cunt and then started to flicker my tongue along her clit.

My teasing of her clit with my tongue became too much for my distance girlie cousin as she started to scream became louder than ever, she moaned screaming my name and saying how much she was loving me fuck her pussy with my tongue, she spoke oddly as well almost reciting an essay of how much she had dreamt of me doing this to her for years, all her speeches and screams did to me was to propel me to up my own ante in regards of my exploring tongue and with her erect clit as erect as I'd imagine her nipples were I made sweet tongue love to her clit which tingled in my mouth as Jenny exploded beautiful white cum out of her cunt which splashed onto my face but which did not faze me to the point I wanted to pull out.

Jenny's legs were getting weak at this point as more cum erupted, she rested her backside down and it was only for my strong masculine hands holding under her cheeks that kept her from sitting on the cold floor of this rural parking area. Jenny started to ride my face at this point lifting her ass up and down as my head continued to penetrate her pussy and tantalise her clit. I then moved onto eating her pussy aggressively, at this point we were both moaning, her moaning at receiving this and myself moaning at giving this.

After 2 more minutes of this I stood up from behind her and kissing up from her ass towards her back, I wrapped my hands around her from behind and pressed her into me. Jenny was taking off her top at this point and then undid her bra expertly, she and me embraced with me pressing my cock into her naked ass and her turning to the side to receive my tongue.


It became too much for us both, Jenny turned around and started to kiss me from the front, she took hold of my cock which was still hiding behind my trousers. Then Jenny started to unbuckle my trouser belt once again, my trousers fell to the ground and I easily stood out from them. My blue sports t-shirt easily came off, and this meant both of us were naked in this little rural lay by with Jenny only wearing her white socks and blue sporting shoes whilst myself only wearing my dark walking boots.

I moved her towards the front of the car which would allow her to rest on the bonnet. Jenny knew exactly what to do, and I appreciated it was nature taking over for us both. Jenny rested onto the bonnet as she laid onto the cold bonnet but what did she care for the cold, she opened her legs at the bottom of the bonnet as I stood in front of her, overlooking her body.

As I overlooked her body I could finally appreciate just how fit and tight it was, she had slender legs and a thin body with perfect sized breasts which like her were not too big. Her long dark raven hair was still in the pony tail which only added to the eroticism of this for me and she looked at me from behind those studious nerdy glasses. I focused on her pussy once more as Jenny looked at my erection "Will your cock feel as good as your fingers and tongue".

She giddily asked as I tilted my head studying her breasts and then onto her face "For both of us it will feel better". I then lifted up her right leg and placed it over my left shoulder, then with her pussy stretched once more I pressed my 8 inches inside her. It slid in like a blade being stabbed into butter such was how wet and aroused she was.

Jenny moaned her mouth opening wide as if she was disbelieving I was doing this to her, I entered my cock as far as it could go and after I was satisfied it would not go in anymore, I moved out and then begun to thrash up against her pussy. It only took 3 seconds for me to begin to drill at my sweet young cousin of 20 years old, making her eek and say my name over and over as the throbbing motions of my muscles compelled me to deliver to her all the strength and dedication of my loins.

"Jenny you ever been fucked like this" her tits moved up and down aggressively from being pummelled as she struggled to answer "N...Ne....Nev...Never". She screamed louder as I snapped "Shut the fuck up", she looked at me shocked as a evil smile crept across her face, she then went back down to lying on the bonnet and spurred on by the sensations reeling across her body and no less the pure nastiness of what we were doing to the other she hammered back "FUCK MY CUNT YOU CUNT".

"I AM A CUNT...I AM A CUNT" I raised my voice all done in good spirits "TAKE MY COCK", pressing deeper inside as Jenny exploded cum once more which I could see leaving her pussy as my cock pressed back inside, Jenny played with her hair as she started to suckle onto her fingertips with only the squelching sound of our meeting genitals playing upon our earlobes.

"JENNY....JENNY" it was my turn to yell her name this time. As I kept thrusting forcefully deep into her divine womanhood, I could hear the wet, sweaty noises our of genitals bringing forth mind blowing friction to the other. Jenny came yet again which hardened my resolve to last as long as possible, she screamed aloud looking up towards the skies.

The skies at this time were not the thickets of grey it had been throughout the entire day but had now started to separate to expose patches of the baby blue skies, her face eased into the appreciation of the beauty unfolding up above as I remained in my focus of eliciting in her all the desire which she was emitting from within me.

I picked up her other leg and placed it over my shoulder so I could go deeper, Jenny instead of screaming remained quiet as she was clearly to overcome with delight to shout aloud any longer, I was at this point to in control to very much beset by my own manly wanting of her that I moved her body as though she had no real say in where I wanted to put her.

I withdrew from her as I turned her over on her front which meant she was now spread eagled along the bonnet looking up at the windscreen wipers as I could see my own reflection and her own facial reflection of her nerdy glasses taking in the mirror image of us both.

I from behind her entered my erect member into her so that I could carry out my favourite position of doggy style. I took hold of her pony tail with both of my hands so that by having mastery over her ponytail I could dictate and control her entire body so that my member was thrusting in and out of her without missing her cunt.

"Jenny are you enjoying your holiday" she was shaking her ass clearly trying to get more out of the experience of having her distant cousin pummel her ass "I... wish I could do this every year". I tugged on her ponytail lifting her head up as she still remained rooted bent over and subservient before my cock. I myself at this point keeled over to begin to kiss with my tongue her entire back as my hands found their way under her chest to fondle her breasts, Jenny was telling me at this point all the things she had wanted to get off her chest for years.

"THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE, I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM FUCKING YOU...THE FIRST CRUSH I HAD IS DOING THIS TO ME...WAIT UNTIL I TELL THE GIRLS BACK HOME" I at this point had taken a more sensual approach to her by replacing my pummelling and drilling of her luscious cunt with a more thoughtful withdraw followed by a deep thudding inside her where I held my member inside for 3 seconds before repeating the process.

Jenny loved it as she screamed upon each aggressive thud of my cock in her cunt "FUCK IT JENNY....TELL THE GIRLS BACK HOME THERE IS ENOUGH OF ME FOR ALL OF THEM" I yelled back confidently and taken to a place I never usually took myself to be this outrageous animalistic man willing to share his cock to all the girls.

"FUCK THEM" she was yelling as was I although there was no reason for any yelling "YOUR MY COUSIN FUCK THE GIRLS BACK HOME...THEY CAN USE THEIR OWN". I laughed still doing the process of shafting deep inside her as I licked around her back and tweaked her nipples. I next begun to lick around her neck which made her shiver, I could actually hear her teeth shattering at the delight this caused to her.

The sudden excitement of yelling at each other and talking as we were to each other had proven to much for the sensation of my cock basking in the glory of her cunt as well as the constant eruptions of her cum all over my 8 inches had taken me to the point I knew there was no return from. I muttered rather pitifully "I am gonna...gonna cum".

Jenny sensing her next move moved away from my thrashing member into her and looked at me, no doubt taking in the sweaty rather exhausted image I projected and smiled "Let me finish you off". She went onto her knees as she now twirled me around and sat me on the bonnet of the car as she went between my legs and then looked up at me through her nerdy glasses.

"I am going to suck your grab my ponytail and pull it, pull it hard and aggressively. Tell me I am a bad school girl.... tell me I gotta earn an A...tell me I am a poor student who needs to do better". Before I could respond she buried her entire mouth around my member and deep throated me as she tickled my balls.

I forgot all of what she told me to say as I was to focused on what was about to happen. I did however manage to remember to pull on her ponytail as Jenny licked my shaft when she was not deep throating it and then suckled upon my helmet as though it were a lolly pop. I now looked up at the skies as I tried to deal with all that happened in the last 15 minutes, was it really happening to me had I really fucked her like I had.

The blue skies were now basking all above me whilst the rest of the skies beyond this area were grey and miserable. Jenny had started to tug my member giving me a ferocious hand-job as I looked down at her "Tell me you want this" she sneered "I want this" "Tell me you need this" she came back as I replied "I need this.." then she paused still tugging on my member "Then give it to me you nasty fuck".

It was more than I could take as I stood before her holding her ponytail as I exploded my cum out of my cock and Jenny opened her mouth poking out her tongue welcoming the warm cum from my member, I had gone orgasmic and it felt heavenly as I watched the spunk cover her nerdy glasses and all over her hair as her breasts were given the thickest meanest pearl necklace I had ever seen. Jenny kept her tongue out occasionally swallowing whatever spunk from me reared itself on the tip of her girlie tongue.

I was hyperventilating as I gasped too tired to say anything as the last of the cum had left my very much flaccid cock, whilst my two balls had gone from being like golf balls to being soft juggling balls. Jenny stood up and faced me, still so short before my tallness "Did you enjoy it" she asked, my only reply was a passionate deep sensual kiss as our tongues interlocked in a corrosion warm luscious meeting, deep into the others throat our tongues probed.

The kissing then went from being rather wild to being tender and quite loving which was in stark contrast to the acts we committed to each other during the intercourse "You've really made this trip memorable" she whispered "When will you come back" "I do not know" my distant cousin replied as we continued to kiss making the most of this time together we had........


Within two days Jenny had gone back to Australia and I have not seen her since, but what we did to each other that day in 2011 will be a memory both of us will always have.

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