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I was a very young boy when a man forcefuly sodomized me. The thing about it was, I ended up liking it, and a relationship of me pleasuring his dick ensued and lasted for a couple of years. It began when I was just this short little white boy of 13 years, and he was this big mexican man named, "Richard", that I had worked for on the weekends mowing grass. He was in his late 20's and he had pretty big muscles that were covered with alot of gang tattoo's. He had a very big and thick dick that I loved to suck on, because I loved to eat his tasty cum. His cock was realy beautiful, with it's nice big mushroom head and it's realy fat, uncircumsized, hole piercing stature, I loved the way it made my tight little butthole feel when he fucked it. At the time however, I didn't know he had been in and out of jail for sexual assaults on both boys, and girls. specificly, sodomy. Spliting assholes wide open was his addiction, and sucking his cock and letting him deep fuck my butthole long and hard, was my addiction. It was only after he got arrested for some traffic voilation, that I found out about his past. I was asked about our friendship, but since he had already been fucking my butthole for almost two and a half years, and because I liked it and wanted him to do that to me, I never told them, or anyone about our personal and private addictions that we shared.

It began the day after my 13th birthday. It was a saturday and I had gone down to Richard's house for work. During the day, I had mentioned that my birthday was the day before, and when we got back to his house, he offered me a beer for a late birthday present. I was one of many kids who would accept something they knew they weren't allowed to have. So I took the beer and began drinking it. About half way threw the beer, I began to get drowsy. Apparently he had slipped a micky in my beer and drugged me. The next thing I remember was, waking up, being naked, bent over the back of the couch, legs spread wide open, and something realy big and fat, sliding deep, in and out of my asshole. My butthole was lubed up realy good, and even though it was a tight fit, the object was sliding in and out of my hole with ease. At first, I felt my asshole hurting a bit, but a few seconds later, I relized it felt realy good at the same time, and I began moaning with pleasure.

I looked behind me and saw Richard standing between my legs, holding my butt-cheeks open with his hands, and fucking the shit out of my asshole. He looked at me and said, "oh baby! you got such a tight little asshole." He was softly moaning himself as he pulled his dick almost all the way out of my butthole, then pushed it all the way back in until the tip of his dick hit my prostrate. He did that at a nice and steady pace as I moaned with every thrust. I said, "what are you doing?" It was a dumb question, but I asked it anyway. He said, "you told me to do this to you. remember?" I didn't know what to think because I didn't remember, but I was thinking I would have never asked anyone to fuck my butthole. It was hard to focus on my thoughts with him fucking my asshole like crazy. He said, "do you want me to stop pleasing your beautiful butthole?". My whole body was tingling and my asshole was feeling realy good even though it still hurt some. My dick was hard as a rock, and being helpless as he fucked my asshole good and hard, turned me on big time. I answered, "NO! Don't stop. It feels good." He said, "Good! because i'm going to keep fucking your tight, white, little asshole for as long as I want." Those words made me realy excited. I loved the thought of being raped and not being able to do anything about it.

Richard continued to fuck my butthole long and hard for a very long time before he started pounding his dick harder and faster. Then he let out a loud moan as I was already moaning realy loud, and cum began shooting up my ass. It was so hot that it made my prostate tingle and I had an orgasim right then. He kept on fucking my butthole as he continued to shoot cum in my butt. Finaly, he pulls out and I could feel my butthole shrinking back down and cum ozzing out of it. By the time I was ready to go home, I had promissed not to say anything to anybody about what had happened, and I aggreed to let him do that to me again.

The next day came, and I had managed to keep everyone from noticing my akward walking. I went down to Richard's house again and he was ready to fuck my asshole again. I explained that I was realy sore and that I wanted to wait until the next weekend before he fucked me again. He aggreed, but he got naked and sat on the couch and told me to get between his legs and suck his dick and balls. I got down there, and his dick was nice and hard. His balls were tight and perfectly round. I put my hand on his cock and began stroking it as I started licking and sucking on his balls. I got realy horny from just doing that, and I began to realy get into it. I loved licking around the head of his dick, my tounge going along the ridge of the mushroom head. His pre-cum tasted realy good and I tried to milk his dick of all I could get. I began sucking his cock and learning what and how he liked me sucking it. I sucked it a very long time before he held my head and shot hot cum in my mouth. I loved his cum. It tasted so good. I continued to suck his dick as squirt after squirt of cum shot into my mouth. With each squirt, I swallowed. I swallowed every drop I could get from his huge dick. I didn't stop there, I continued to suck his dick all day long and made him cum three times. It was like candy to a baby. I wanted as much as I could get.

For almost two and a half years, I pleasured his big cock with my mouth and my butthole. When he went to jail and I found out about him, I was realy bummed. I never told anyone of our relationship, but I also never saw him again. What a shame too, because I realy loved his dick. It would be 10 years before I played with another dick. Now, even though Im married with children, I keep a secrete friend who will fuck me in the ass anytime I ask him to.


2005-12-05 05:34:37
What a sick story. Awful. Almost as awful as the spelling. 1/10


2005-06-06 16:55:06
Get a dildo and have your wife fuck your ass.


2005-05-21 18:00:45
Kwel!!! I aggree with "Hey" Nice stories, but you should exspand genre. Keep it up, and don't worry about readers like dipshit "Yuck". Obviously he doesn't understand the meaning behind these stories anyway. You just keep writing.


2005-05-11 23:13:41
yuck!!! real dumbass writer 1/10


2005-05-09 14:46:48
all your stories seem a little too familiar to eachother. i enjoy them all the same, but if you are looking to improve your writting, you might want to experiment a little. great stories, keep it up! :)

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