these are not my stories, plus they are fiction. so just enjoy
My Nice Nieces - Chapter 1

This story is ultimately about my nieces, Melinda and Marian. We
started playing around sexually when Melinda was about seven or eight
years old and Marian was ...

But maybe I better start at the beginning ...

I had messed around with Melinda's and Marina's mom (my sister) when we were
both kids, and, although it had gotten pretty intense at times, in the
end it had just ended up being innocent fun. So I guess Lucy, my sister,
never worried about what I would do with her daughters when she dropped them
off for me to babysit. I've never told her that the girls and I have a sex
life together, but I suspect she knows and just doesn't care.

My sister Lucy was (and still is) 18 months older than me. We started
playing with each other's privates when we shared the bathtub. Looking
back on it, I guess it was our parents' poverty that got us started --
we shared a bathtub every night to cut down on the hot water bills.
Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but putting naked kids together in
a two-by-six bathtub after they're six years old seems to be asking for
self-guided anatomy explorations, if not out right trouble.

I can't remember who groped whose what first under the soapy water, but
I remember clearly how, around six years old, I became extremely interested
in what my sister had between her legs. And maybe she was just as
interested in what I had. Even before any hands-on exploration, I could
easily see she didn't have the dangling equipment I had, and I guess she
could see the differences pretty clearly as well. At first, I was sorry
for her deficit, but my curious gaze soon revealed mysterious folds and
extra tissue where I had none.

I don't know why I didn't just ask her to let me see her pussy, but I
didn't. For some reason, I came to believe that I might be able to
get her interested in giving a closer look at her pussy if I were to
show my prick to her whenever possible. So that became my strategy.

Even as a six-year-old, I was able to get a boner, extending my skinny
little rod to about five quivering inches (I now have about nine inches
when hard). I tried to make sure Lucy got a good look at my cock as I
washed it, sliding my hands all over it to make it stay hard and to give
myself those good feelings I had discovered. It wasn't long before Lucy
was obviously staring as I kneeled in the tub between her spread legs to
rub my stiff little cock with a soapy fist. I stared longingly at the mysterious vertical fold between her chubby thighs as the "nice feeling"
ran through my body. After a few days of this, Lucy reciprocated,
standing a straddle my legs to "wash" her crotch, moving the flaps and
curtains of skin this way and that so I got a good view.

One time, my mother got a good look at my stiff little stick too, when
she came in to get us out of the tub (my father never did that sort of
thing). Looking back on it, it's clear that Mom was a real libertine,
because many women would have probably screamed, and surely would have
stopped the brother-sister baths right then and there, when they saw their
seven-year-old son stroking his meat between the legs of his nine-year-old
sister. Far from stopping us, however, Mom sent Lucy off to bed while she
"finished" bathing me, giving my hard little prick and tiny balls an
exciting massage with her bare hand, pulling the loose skin up over the
gleaming head several times and smiling at my obvious discomfort and
embarassment. After that episode, though, she knocked before entering
our bathroom.

Like I said, I don't have a precise memory of how my sister and I got
started with our bathtub sex-play, but we were soon hurrying through the rest of our ablutions so we could continue our anatomical explorations.
So far as I can remember, we never spoke a word; we just touched and
rubbed the wet, soapy flesh -- both our own and each other's.

I have this vivid memory of Lucy about nine or ten years old, sitting on the edge of the tub with her back against the wall, pulling her hairless
pussy lips wide and way up toward her belly and with her head canted all
the way forward so she could watch my hard little seven-year-old dick
flipping back and forth across the exposed nubbin of her bright red clit.

Speaking of her clit, I guess Lucy could get off back then, because she
would sometimes thrash around in the tub, almost sloshing water out, and
then collapse for a moment, breathing heavily. But I never had much more
than a pleasant buzz in my prick until I was about ten years old. I
started squirting cum just before I turned eleven, which is early, I guess.

Oh, yes, and both Lucy and I got off on exposing ourselves -- at first just
to each other, but later to others. She would stand up in the tub and turn
her back to me, displaying her tight little butt and then bending over,
reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks to reveal the gleaming, wet flesh
of her pink asshole and her darker-pink pussy valley for me to fondle. I
would show off by standing up in the tub and draping a wash-cloth over my
stiff little prick, making the shiny red head poke through the washcloth
like a ruddy monk peaking out of his cowl.

At our neighborhood pool, Lucy would show herself off by pulling down the
crotch of her swimming suit a little bit and then lying on her towel with
her legs splayed and her eyes almost-closed to see the effect on me and
on any other guys who might be around. My friends giggled and pointed,
but I learned right then that lots of grown-up men were interested in
looking at my sister's underage pussy. I even noticed my Dad glancing
hotly at his little daughter's exposed cunt!

When she was about eleven (and I was nine), my sister would bring her girl-
friends over to the house in the afternoon and we'd all go down the street
to a vacant lot, where Lucy would have me pull down my pants and show her
friends my stiff little peter (actually, by then it was probably six inches
long when hard). The girls would giggle and stare, making me feel important
and powerful. I guess that's why I still like to show little girls my hard
cock whenever I can safely get away with it.

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