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My Nice Nieces - Chapter 2

As I said earlier, this story is ultimately about me and my beautiful
young nieces, Melinda and Marian. But first I need to tell you more
about my early sexual experiences with their mother, my sister ...

When she was about eleven (and I was about 9), my sister Lucy began to
develop breasts. At first, of course, she just had tiny swelling nipples,
but pretty soon she grew impressive projecting towers -- at first mostly
nipple flesh, but then growing further to include some underlying tissue as well. By the time she was in the seventh grade, she had these two-inch cones
poking out under her tee-shirts like thimbles glued to her chest. Maybe it's
because I played with them and sucked on them so much when they were growing,
but Lucy still has a nipple area which projects substantially from the curve
of her breast, even today, when her breasts are fully developed.

Naturally, I was educated in sexual matters the same way as all guys my
age -- by stealing peeks at Playboy, Gent and other such mags at the
nieghborhood 7-11 store. So I was extremely interested in my sister's
tits, even if her mammary development lagged behind the centerfolds. I immediately extended our bathtub anatomical explorations to soapy
tittie-massages, which Lucy seemed to enjoy. Like the ridge at the
front of her pussy slit, my sister's tit-flesh reacted to my slippery
fingers by becoming somewhat rigid and resilient. And, also like when I rubbed her clit, the harder her nipple-tissue got, the more Lucy enjoyed
my manipulations, pressing her chest excitedly into my hands and breathing

Unfortunately, it was Lucy's breast development which put an end to our
brother-sister bathing, years after you would think our parents would have
stopped it. Although my Mom might never have separated us (she was more
interested in saving the hot water than avoiding the sexual contact), my
Dad vetoed it after seeing Lucy change her shirt one evening in front of
the ever-present TV. After staring hungrily at the exciting outline of
the swollen nipples on his daughter's chest, Dad pronounced that Lucy
was "growing up" and it was time she stopped bathing with her little brother.

Denied our nightly opportunity for sexual groping, Lucy and I had to take
our gropes wherever we could find them. When you're a horny pre-adolescent,
opportunities are everywhere, even if few of them are really secure. So
my sister and I experimented with furtive rubbings of erectile flesh under
a blanket as we watched TV together, in our garage behind a stack of old
furniture, in the hall while watching through the upstairs window to make
sure our parents continued to work in the back yard, and deep in a thicke
of bushes in a vacant lot down the street.

Although the spontanaeity and danger of discovery lent their own spice to
these undercover explorations, they were far from leisurely. The best
times were in my bed on the evenings when Lucy was supposed to be "baby-
sitting" me. For fear that my parents might return unexpectedly, Lucy
would never disrobe; instead, she would wear an easy-access skirt (with
no panties) and a loose sweater (with no bra). I, on the other hand,
would get totally naked, ready to slip beneath the covers and shinny
into my underpants should our parents come home early.

Hovering over my skinny, pink body, my sister would work on my crotch with
both hands, rubbing baby lotion all over my stiff little prick, manipulating my hairless balls, running a finger over and into my sensitive anus, and sending me through the roof with those quivering feelings that never
resolved themselves into a real orgasm until I was about eleven.

Far from lying there passively, I would rummage around under Lucy's clothes,
touching her cunt, rubbing her pussy lips together, and tugging at her
hardening nipples. I learned to lick and suck those spongy cones until
they stood blood-engorged, quivering and wet.

Thinking about her developing titties reminds me of Lucy's friend Beth.
Beth was a redhead with that creamy white complexion and a sprinkling
of pale pink freckles across her nose. My sister knew I had a crush on Beth and enjoyed teasing me about it. All that changed one morning when
Lucy returned from spending the night at Beth's house. When we could be
alone, Lucy told me breathlessly that Beth had nearly raped her!

Lucy said Beth had gotten them both naked up in her bedroom and had just
about gone crazy, sucking on Lucy's tits and making Lucy suck on hers, rubbing Lucy's clit until it was almost raw to the touch, and jabbing
a big plastic vibrator in her own cunt while Lucy watched. As if this
weren't enough to drive me crazy with sex-soaked imagery, Lucy really
intrigued me when she told me Beth had these AMAZING tits, consisting
of inch-long projecting nipples atop half-orange mounds.

It took more that a little prodding, because Lucy was afraid Beth would
not be her friend if she knew that I knew about their sex-play. I got
tired of waiting for my sister to break the ice and just walked up to
Beth in the lunchroom and told her I was dying to suck her tits. At
first, I thought she would slap me, but ultimately, she just patted me
on the cheek and walked away. After talking to Lucy, though, and hearing
that I was sexually knowledgeable, Beth was willing to let me accompany
Lucy to her house after school one day. Once there, we had a soda, listened
to some records, and eventually got Beth to raise her sweater and let me
and Lucy lick and suck a long, stiff nipple apiece, while Beth's fingers
made wet noises inside her underwear.

As the years went by, Lucy and I progressed to sucking each other off,
and that went on into our late adolescence, when she or I would come back
from a date horny and unsatisfied. My sister had the greatest mouth I ever
fucked and she told me she enjoyed the tongue-lashings I would give her.

For some reason, Lucy and I never fucked. Maybe it was some kind of
rudimentary incest taboo. But when she got married, my dick and I were
in mourning for six months.

Years after she had married and left home and I was in college, Lucy
teased me about my womanless estate, giving me flashes of her tits and
crotch when her husband wasn't around and teasing me about my resulting
hard-on. I usually enjoyed these little games too, because my sister
was one great looking woman. A glimpse of her bulging breast or one of
her long nipples was generally enough to supply me with fantasy material
for a good masturbation session later that evening back in my dorm room.

Then, one hot, South Florida afternoon, my sister's teasing drove me over
the edge. Lucy was about six months pregnant with the baby who would
become my neice and sex-toy, Melissa. Lucy wearing one of her husband's old V-neck tee-shirts and a pair of tight athletic shorts. From the
outline of her pregnancy-enlarged breasts beneath the thin cotton and
the way those shorts displayed the crack below her swollen tummy, I knew
she was wearing nothing else.

With a half-smile that showed she knew exactly what she was doing, my
sister interrupted our conversation in her living room to bend forward again and again to pick up her drink from the floor, allowing the shirt
to drop away and reveal her swollen, dangling breasts.

After my second beer, something snapped inside me. When Lucy next bent
forward and looked up to make sure I was watching her display, she gulped
in amazement, as I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and extracted my rigid nine-
inch cock. With my sister hotly watching my every move, I slowly jerked
myself off in the middle of her living room carpet, finally squirting rivers of cum while staring her straight in the eye.

I know Lucy felt sorry for me. And I know the sight of her brother's
throbbing, ejaculating meat made her hot as blazes. I could see her nipples
knot beneath her thin tee-shirt and I could see the damp spot spreading in
the crotch of her shorts. With my half-hard, dripping cock still hanging
from my fly, I stood up and stepped in front of her as she sprawled on
the couch. As her eyes widened, I reached slowly into the top of my
brother-in-law's shirt to grasp my sister's projecting nipples. As my fingers closed on her quivering tit-flesh, Lucy moaned in defeat, darting
her head forward to engulf the slimy end of my big cock.

Within a half-minute, I had her stripped and reversed on the couch, with
her head dangling backward off the seat so I could thrust my dick deep down
her throat. Her hips were against the back of the couch, elevating her
cunt to a height where I could easily lean forward to savage her gaping
slit with my mouth. Supporting myself with one hand, I used the other to
tweak her swollen nipples, lashing her clitoris repeatedly with the raspy
surface of my tongue.

It was like we were teenagers again, as I gushed my second orgasm deep into
my sister's gullet while biting her pussy lips as she thrashed into a
continuous stream of climaxes beneath me.

From that day onward, we resumed our incestuous relationship. And I became
somewhat more accepting of her marriage. Of course, if I'd known then that
her marriage would produce my hot little neices, Melissa and Marian, I would
have cheered!
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