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My Nice Nieces - Chapter 3

Maybe it's because of my pre-teen sexual adventures with my
sister, but I've always been turned on by little girls. And I
mean really young children. I chose my apartment at least in
part because its second-floor window overlooks the playground of
a Catholic girls school. I made sure I have a clear view of the
playing fields, so I can eat my lunch on the balcony and watch
little girls carelessly display their bare legs and filmy
underpants while they clamber around the playground equipment
just below. But I also took care to select the specific unit
from which the upper windows of the school's athletic dressing
rooms are accessible to my high-powered telescope and camera

It's not that I'm oblivious to the charms of older women. I date
(and fuck) grown women and don't expect them to dress in a school
uniform to turn me on. I naturally enjoy the flashes of thigh I
see when the "older" schoolgirls (13-17 years old) are playing on
the field, nor do I turn away from the sight of their developing
breasts as they change in and out of their phys ed uniforms.
But, for whatever reason, as the years have gone on, I find my
biggest cock-stiffening thrills come when I gaze through my
binoculars at the cotton-clad crotches and just-developing chests
of girls in the 6-12 age range.

No matter how tight the deadline of the magazine article I'm
writing, I almost always make sure I'm available to observe the
beginning and end of the primary grade physical education classes. Unlike many more "modern" schools, St. Anthony's School
for Girls insists on every child participating in physical
education. And, just as the school requires every girl to wear a
school uniform (plaid skirt or jumper and a white blouse), it
also requires each girl to wear a gym "uniform" (white tee-shirt
and white shorts) to phys-ed class. For twenty minutes or so
(from 10 minutes before class end to 10 minutes after class
beginning), the dressing area I survey is crammed with little
girls in various stages of undress.

Using an alarm clock to give me plenty of time, I position my
telescope well back from the window and carefully focus it on the
window which provides me a view of a part of the shower and
dressing area. When I can see into the dressing area clearly, I
have a nice view of a part of the shower under two shower heads,
the area around three sinks (and mirrors) and half of a row of
lockers. Most of the year, here in south Florida, the window I
peer through stays open to release the steam. However, I have
come to hate the hottest days even more than my neighbors,
because the dressing room windows are closed to keep the air
conditioning in and the steam from the showers condenses on the
windows and obscures my view.

In addition to my telescope and binoculars, I have invested in
some serious telephoto camera equipment, allowing me to build up
an awe-inspiring stash of photographs of naked and near-naked
underaged girls. Of course, that's not the sort of photo you can
get developed at the neighborhood "FotoMat," so I have my own
darkroom in my apartment. I also take photos of tropical birds
in the trees and bushes that surround my apartment complex,
developing them myself. I have even won a prize or two in local
photography contests! It's an excellent cover for my real
photographic interest.

Here's my phys ed observation routine: when the alarm goes off, I
step quickly to the window to make sure the visibility will allow
high-quality photography. Within a minute or so, I have my
camera set up and my binoculars focused on the shower area. As
the girls file in, I move quickly between binoculars and camera,
spotting a promising photo target, lining up a shot or two when
she's partly or wholly nude, and picking out another target while
the twenty or so young girls take showers and get dressed.

A good session will yield twenty snapshots; a poor one only one
or two. Over a normal day, I'll take more than a hundred.
Later, with my door carefully locked, I'll develop the film and
review the results. I've sprayed my sperm over many a "contact-
sheet" (direct prints of the 35mm negatives, with no blow-up),
but it's only the most spectacular shots which make it into my
secret photo album.

You see, I've lived by this school for six years now, so I would
be awash in photos of naked children. But I only keep the most
beautiful and exciting photographs. I enlarge, crop and mount
each photo carefully in an album carefully locked in a safe in my
closet. Although it sometimes almost breaks my heart, I shred
the proof sheets and negatives of less-successful photos so I can
be sure incriminating evidence of my hobby is carefully locked

Over the years, I've developed my own specialized standards of a
truly exciting little girl photo.
In truth, the sight of any
hairless pussy or the waggling, narrow butt of a prepubescent
girlchild are enough to stiffen my cock. But, for maximum long-
term enjoyment, I preserve only the rare and unusual photos.
Shooting up to a hundred frames a day, I manage to capture some
sights you might not believe actually take place in a Catholic
girls school locker room. These special moments may only happen
once a month; and I surely miss most of them. But my aim is to
make very special photographs --of young girls touching
themselves between the legs, of young teenage girls pinching or
playing with their budding breasts and nipples, and of girls
touching each other sexually.

It's interesting how different youngsters behave in a crowd.
Even in a group of seven-year-old second-graders, a few will be
body-shy, wrapping themselves in a towel as soon as they step out
of the shower, stepping quickly into their underwear to get
dressed, and spending as little time nude as possible. Others, even when they're 17 or 18 years old, with bodies worthy of
centerfolds, seem to be totally oblivious to their nudity,
brushing their hair or chatting with their friends as if they
were standing on a street corner. Of course, in one sense, my
favorites are those who give me lots of opportunities to
photograph their nakedness. But I also enjoy getting a rare shot
of one of the shy ones in an unprotected moment.

Let me describe two of my favorite photos, so you can understand
the type of shot that makes it into my album:

1. In a blow-up that preserves the feeling and focus of a posed
shot, an absolutely gorgeous little girl, about ten years old,
sits on a dark green bench in front of her steel-gray locker,
her wet auburn hair in ropes across her creamy white
shoulders. Her pale-pink nipples are just pouting swellings
on her chest, only apparent because of the angled glare of
overhead fluorescent lights. Although she was one of the
"shy" girls, habitually covering her undeveloped body from the
view of her classmates, this photo catches her in an unguarded
moment of extreme, if unintended, sensuality. One of her feet
is on the floor and the other is on the bench beside her,
revealing the details of her upturned hairless crotch. She is
looking over her shoulder and away from the camera, to make
sure no one in the dressing room notices what she is about to
do. With one hand, she holds the gleaming, flushed-pink
petals of her damp pussy wide; in the other hand, she holds a
white towel. She is about to wipe her moist cunt slot, but I
have captured on film the fractional moment when she appears
to be opening her virginal pussylips just for me.

2. In a playful and colorful snapshot, two twelve-year old best
friends -- one blonde and one brunette -- stand side-by-side
but alone in the dressing room, having lagged behind while
others have scurried off to class. In front of the mirror,
they pose, holding their white blouses open, their
insubstantial bras pushed up above their pale, developing
breasts, contrasting with their Florida-brown stomachs and
chests. With exaggerated Madonna pouts on their round faces,
they push on the outsides of their little preteen boobies,
creating cleavage where none will appear naturally for several
years. Glowing in the glare of the incandescent bulbs over
the sinks, the blonde's pink nipples contrast excitingly with
the reddish nipples of her brunette friend. Although the
display is totally unselfconscious and only unintentionally
sexual, it gives me a powerful voyeuristic thrill to see these
developing children touch and expose themselves.

On the weekends, without live voyeuristic material available, I
generally content myself with masturbatory sessions, reviewing
the week's photos and producing carefully-cropped blow-ups of any
"keepers" for my album. When my writing deadline pressures are
minimal, I sometimes drive to a nearby beach area to take
naturalist photos -- one tropical bird for every twenty kiddy
crotches. With a telephoto lens, it's relatively easy to get
snapshots of little girls changing into and out of swimming suits. In fact, if you're willing to wait long enough, you can
capture some pretty anatomical shots of girls as old as twelve or
thirteen pulling their suits (and their pussylips) aside to get
the sand out of their little slits.

But the sand and salt air wreak havoc with my expensive camera
equipment, so I used to do this as seldom as my gonads would
permit. Then one day I stumbled across something that has given
me a new weekend mission.

About a year ago, while taking my weekly "exercise-even-if-it's-
really-too-hot-and-humid-to-do-anything-but-drink-a-beer" walk in
a nearby park, I came to a hill which once overlooked a lovely
wild area. Like so much of southern Florida, however, the view
now featured a littered mobile home park. As usual, my immediate
thought was that, once moved from the factory to this site, none
of these flimsy boxes was ever again going to be "mobile." I was
about to continue my stroll when I spotted the flash of naked
flesh in one of the fenced "back yards" that abutted many of the

Using my ever-present binoculars, I immediately confirmed that
three children -- apparently of Central American Indian heritage
-- were playing unclothed in the family compound. By walking
another 50 yards along the park path, then working my way through
some light undergrowth, I managed to find a sheltered spot, from
which I could see the small back yard clearly but could not be
seen from the park above.

There were two girls and a boy playing in a rain puddle in the
middle of a packed-dirt square. A skinny dog dozing in one corner of the yard explained the fence. The boy looked about
five or six years old. The girls were older, but neither was yet
ten -- perhaps they were seven and nine years old.

I expected to see a few glimpses of chubby, hairless pussy and be
on my way. However, when I focussed my binoculars on the
children's crotches, I was excited to see each of them playing
with themselves! Squatting around the puddle of water, in that
impossible posture that only children and third-world adults can
perform, each child was playing with his/her own privates and
watching the others hotly. I couldn't believe what I had
stumbled across! My cock began to elongate as the older girl reached a muddy hand to her brother's crotch to tickle his
quivering little boner. The younger girl's cunt was hidden by my
viewing angle, but the older one's was clearly visible, though
her own little fingers continually obscured my view.

The mystery of why children so young should be engaging in such
overt sex play was cleared up almost immediately. The children
turned their heads toward the trailer, in response to a sound I
couldn't hear. When I moved my binoculars to focus on the trailer, I saw a young man, about sixteen years old, step down
onto the concrete-block step and into the yard. His Latino
appearance was unsurprising in a south Florida trailer park. He
might have been a neighbor, but I suspected he was an older
brother, responsible for caring for his younger siblings while
both his parents worked.

As the young man stepped into the shade next to the trailer, his
brother and sisters hurried to him. Before sitting down in a
makeshift chair of towels and blankets spread over an amorphous
mass of junk, the older brother casually opened his trousers and
extracted a stiffening penis! As he reclined on his junk pile
like a rajah on his throne, his younger siblings moved rapidly to
bring him to full erection.

Although my view was pleasantly blocked by squirming naked
bodies, I could tell that the three younger children were rubbing
their brother's dick and manipulating his testicles. I expected to see them complete the job by masturbating him to ejaculation,
but I was in for an even bigger surprise.

In just a few moments, he began to lift the older girl onto his lap. She clambered into position, leaning back on his chest and putting her feet on the outside of his thighs. Her brother and
sister helped her get into position and began to spit on their
hands to lubricate their brother's six inches of twitching man-
meat. When her open, hairless pussy was positioned above her
brother's wet cock, the little girl slowly lowered herself onto
it! As I watched in astonishment, this nine-year-old child impaled herself on an adult penis and began to bounce up and

Exciting as this sight was, my heart nearly stopped when I moved
my binoculars to refocus on the other children. The five-year-
old boy was fucking his other sister! I longed for my super-
telephoto lens, since my binoculars just didn't reveal enough
detail. The tiny little girl was bent forward and the little boy
was humping her from behind. I couldn't decide which was more
exciting -- the nine-year-old fucking herself with an adult's cock or the hairless connection of the two younger children.

Extracting my painfully hard cock from my pants, I stroked myself
to a blinding orgasm just as the older boy grabbed his sister
around the waist and began to slam her down on his cock,
evidently getting his rocks off a few moments after me. As I
squeezed the final drops from my own dick, the nine-year-old
stood to allow her brother's cock to retract from her child's

The younger girl quickly moved to play with her older brother's
wilting penis, leaving her five-year-old brother standing nearby
with a tiny little hard-on. It appeared to me as though the
seven-year-old girl wanted to take her sister's place! But the
teenager was not interested, although I could see that he stuck
one of his fingers entirely inside his younger sister's pussy
while she rubbed his slime-covered cock.

Though I returned many times to my hiding place to observe this
family --and extended my search to other low-income trailer parks
-- I never again saw such a performance.


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