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Chelsea thinks over going out with Mandi.
I went on with life as I had always done before. No girl, no fun, no life. I went to work as I had always done before. About two weeks later, the same guy and Mandi walked in. She came up to me and ordered this time.

"I want a number 3 without cheese or pickles and I guess he wants a number 5 with extra mustard."

"Can I get you anything else," I asked without making eye contact.

"Yes, I want us to go out on Saturday like we had planned before."

"You bailed, not really looking forward to that again."

"I promise, no bailing. Just you and me and the restaurant."

"Okay, but this is your last shot."

"I understand." I handed her the food and went back to work. I watched her ass as she walked away. The way it swayed reminded me of someone chewing bubble gum, how it moved so flawlessly as it was meant to do.

They ate their food and left. I cleaned the dining room and was sent home as Christina, my manager, likes to do.

I sat at home and thought about what had happened. Did Mandi really want to go out or was she just saying that because I was there. Maybe she would've hit on anyone that was working front counter. Whore. Or maybe, just maybe she went in there to see if I was working. I didn't know, I didn't care. I just wanted her to know that I was upset for her bailing on me. She knew it though. She could sense it in my voice. She could feel it as my breath slipped from my mouth. It was in the air that surrounded me. I needed to work on that.

I slipped off my uniform and made my way to the bathroom in just my lace bra and panties. My underwear were my only means of feeling pretty in my uniform. It gave me confidence even though no one else could see.

I turned on the bath water and squirted some bath wash in. As the bubbles raised and the water filled, I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't look too bad, but definitely could use a little help. I grabbed my tweezers from my makeup bag and plucked the new, stray eyebrow hairs that were growing in. I opened the cabinet and grabbed the box of wax strips. I waxed my lip and stepped back. I still needed something. Something was going to have to wait.

The water in the tub was just about at the level I liked. I stripped out of my panties and took off my bra. I stepped over to the tub and shut off the water. I tested the water with my toe- a little hot. I needed it to cool down a bit so I stepped back in front of the mirror.

Even though I'm chunky, I kind of look good, at least to myself. I'd do me. My tits were only 36B's but I liked them. My ass was big but it was still cute. My stomach is what I didn't like. It was small at the top and it gradually got bigger at the bottom. It was like carrying a spare tire. No matter how many sit ups or crunches I did, it never went away.

I tested the water, it was perfect. I plopped into the tub and sat for a moment. Damn it, I'm pretty and no one else can say anything different. I soaked and let the water explore my body. I loved how it felt when I opened my legs and let the hot water touch my secretive places. I ran a finger down my body from my chest to my stomach before circling it back up to my chest. I loved bath time.

I eased my mind and thought of walking on a beach at sunset with the perfect breeze blowing my hair. I thought of the waves caressing my feet as I strolled along. A girl is walking ahead of me and keeps peeking back at me, smiling and whipping her hair in the wind as she turns back around. She's flirting with me, teasing me, wanting me. I run up to catch up with her and hear a noise, I turn around and nothing is there.. when I turn back around, she is gone. A hand slips over my mouth and something cold is pressed to my neck. "Don't move" the voice says. "Don't try to run away, don't make a noise or you're dead." I freeze. The coldness is removed from my neck and put on my shoulders. I hear the rip of fabric and feel the coldness on my other shoulder. It's a knife. It's a knife and he's cutting my bathing suit off me. The remains of the fabric from the top fall to the sand and a tear escapes from my eye. I feel the coldness on each side of my hips and then the warm breeze caressing my ass. I'm naked in front of this man. A hand is placed on my back and I'm shoved to the ground. The sand caught some of the fall but the seashells make tiny cuts on my body. I turn around and try to see him but the sun dipped down under the water and it is impossible. The moonlight only let's me see a shadow and the shine of a knife. He steps towards me. I try to shuffle backwards. "You're only going to make it harder on yourself if you try to run away." I stopped. There's no where to go. He steps towards me and I can hear the rustling of clothes as if someone is getting naked. He's getting naked. He's going to rape me. He's going to rape me and there's nothing I can do about it. A hand on my leg as he bends over to touch me. I close my legs but he flops on the ground and opens them with all of his strength. He is too strong for me. I'm far too weak to try and stop this man but that doesn't stop me from trying. I kick at him and make a connection with his stomach. "Silly girl, didn't Mommy tell you it's not nice to kick?" He punched my thigh giving me a charlie horse. He spread my legs and climbed on top of me. I can see a shadow of a face by me and the shine of his smile in the moonlight. "Please don't," I whisper out but he slaps me across the face. "You like this. You want to know how I know?" I don't answer and he slaps me again. "Do you want to know how I know ?" "Yes, yes, how?" "This is how." He thrust himself all the way into me with what seemed to be a great ease. He pumped himself in and out of me, each time with a more forceful, harder thrust. As he was thrusting in and out, he leaned down and bit my right nipple making it bleed and.making me scream out in pain. That's what did it. He thrust so hard I thought Iwas going to split in two and the seashells scratched and marred my back. He grunted each time he thrust and that's when I felt it. I felt his sperm rush into me, spurting at unbelievable speed. He filled me with his hot seed and then he stopped. He grabbed me by the hair and forced me to lick him clean as his cock went flaccid. He turned me around and made me get on all fours. He reached around and grabbed my burning tit and squeezed. I cried out and it wasn't long before I felt his cock at the lips of my pussy."You want this, whore. You want it bad." He shoved his cock into me and thrust in and out with no mercy like before. He kept a steady rhythm as he fucked me until Ithought I was going to die. Something happened. Something inside me flipped. It was it. My pussy convulsed and my whole body shook with great force. With my pussy tightening around his cock, he began spurting more cum into me and we both collapsed. It was the most amazing feeling ever. He drug me out farther to the shoreline and tried to slice my neck, he only cut some of my hair. The tide came in and washed me out to sea. That's when I woke up.

I had fallen asleep in my bath. And had sunk down to where the water was just over my mouth. I washed up and drained the water. When I dried off and looked in the mirror, I knew exactly what I needed. I grabbed the scissors from the drawer and cut away at my hair. I took precautions as to not cut off too much and I loved the way it was shaping up. I now had a sexy hairdo instead of a nerdy one, it made me look ten times better. It's exactly what I needed to go out with Mandi. Only two more days.

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