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My name is Tommy, and I want to tell you the story of how i became bi-sexual. first, let me tell you that it is 2005 right now and i'm finaly 18 years old. i'm a typical white surfer kid from santa monica california, long hair and slim body, and very ripe for a perverted old man to sexualy play with. my bi-sexuality started two years ago when i was 16 years old.

i had a girlfriend that i very much liked being with. when she moved away to colorado, i had decided to run away from home and hitch-hike out there to be with her. at that time, i had no idea that there were so many sexual preditor's out on this country's roads looking for a young white boy like me to fulfill thier sexual fantasies. but it didn't take long for me to find that out.

the first few rides went well without any problems. folks out there seemed at ease with giving me a ride. however, it was in arizona that i met my first perverted old man. i was riding with an old man around 60 years old or so when he pulled over in a rest area. he told me he liked my butt and asked me if he could butt-fuck me. i said, "NO WAY!" and got out of the car. i went to go look for another ride when he came up to me and told me he would still give me a ride and that he wouldn't bring that subject up again. he was sincere so i got back into the car with him.

as we drove down the highway, he asked me if i had any money or food, i told him "no". he then told me that he would give me $20.00 if i jacked him off while he drove. i did not want to, but i was hungry, so i aggreed. i scooted over next to him and pulled his dick out and jacked him off until he shot cum all over my hand. i didn't like doing that, but it didn't bother me eather. it was worth $20.00. i mean, it was only my hand. after i was done, he handed me the money and told me that if i wanted to earn more money later when i need it, that i should go to a truck stop and talk to some trucker's and offer to suck thier dick's in exchange for some cash. he said that since they were on the road all the time and probably horny, that i wouldn't have any trouble making money. i told him that i don't do that stuff and the hand job i just gave him was the first time i even touched another man's dick. i explained i was on my way to be with my girlfriend. he told me it was just a sujestion.

it was night when he dropped me off somewhere in arizona. i was cold and hungry so i went to a denny's that was nearby and stayed there all night and spent all my money. that next morning i caught a ride with this family that was heading east towards the way i was going. about mid-day i was feeling hungry and i notice a sign advertising a truck stop comming up in a couple of miles. i started thinking about what the old man told me and even though i didn't want to do that, i wanted money. so nervisly, i asked them to drop me off at that truck stop. when they drop me off, i found that i was at the "Flying J" truck stop in Winslow Arizona, and there were alot of truck's there.

i was scared to ask but i was walking around just the same looking for a trucker that i felt comforable enough with to ask. but i found out that i wasn't going to feel comforable with anyone. i never did that before and i still didn't want to do it. finaly i saw these two good ole boy's somewhere in thier early 40's i would guess, walking out to thier truck. i proceeded to walk up to them and i said to the one walking behind the other one, "excuse me mister. can i speak to you alone for a minute"? he said, "sure". i explained, "i haven't eating in a day and i have no money for food. i was wondering, would you give me $20.00 if i sucked your dick?" he looked at his partner standing nearby and said to me, "how old are you boy?' "16" i responded. he said, "do you swallow?" I said, "what do you mean?" he said, "i mean, if you suck my dick, are you going to swallow the cum that im going to squirt into your mouth?" i said, "i don't know?" i never realy relized that there would be cum at the end of a dick sucking session. but oviously it made since that there would be.

he said, "if you want to suck my dick, your going to have to swallow my cum. thats how it works." i said, "ok. i'll swallow it." he yelled at his friend to come over to us and then he said to me, "i tell you what boy, you suck my dick and swallow, then you suck his dick and swallow, and i'll give you $10.00."

"Ten Dollars! for both of you!" i said. he said, "thats all i'm going to give you. take or leave it boy." before i could say anything, they started walking off. i probably should have let them keep walking, but instead i ran up to them and said, "ok! i'll do it."

they took me over to thier truck and the first guy hopped back into the sleeper and took his pants and underwear off exposing his large circumsized dick and tight round balls. he opened his legs and with a huge hard-on, he said, "come here boy! get between my legs and lick my balls." i did what i was told and got between his legs and buried my face in his balls and began to lick and suck on them.

at first, i wasn't sure what to think. but after a little while of doing that, it didn't realy seem to bother me any. i licked and sucked on his balls for a bit when he told me to start sucking his cock. i grabbed his dick with my hand and he was hard as a rock. pre-cum was ozzing out of his dick hole and he told me to lick it up. when i did, it was sweet tasting. i liked it. i began to suck his cock and right away he said, "is this the first dick you've sucked?" I answered him with, "yes." he then proceeded to tell me how he liked it done. after awhile, i began to get good at it and found myself enjoying it somewhat. i even had a hard on from the excitement of it.

about 30 minutes past and i was realy into sucking that cock. by that time, i found myself loving it and wanting to never stop. at that point, he held my head nice and tight and began to guide it up and down on his dick as i continued to suck. then he held my head tight in place and began to thrust his hips up and down pushing his dick in and out of my mouth faster and faster as he began to moan more and more as he moved closer to an orgasim. then without warning, he let out a loud yell and i felt a whole lot of hot liquid hitting the back of my throat and sliding down it as he continued the slide his cock deep in and out of my mouth.. i swallowed half of it before i even knew he came. as he kept pumping his cock in my mouth, i kept swallowing his cum. i thought it would taste like the pre-cum, but it didn't. it was more salty than the pre-cum. but i loved the taste of it anyway, and the texter was great too. there was something about eating cum that was realy exciting for me. i sucked all the cum i could get out of his dick and wished i had more.

he got dressed and moved out into the cab and the other guy climbed in the sleeper and took his clothes off. i was in between his legs kissing and licking his balls when i relized that i loved being a dick sucker. having a man's cock fucking my face and being able to bring it to an orgasim with just my mouth and tounge was the most exciting and turn on thing in my life. very erotic.

his dick was also nice and big with tight balls and he too was circumsized, but his cock was a bit fatter than his buddies dick, and i had to stretch my mouth open as far as i could stretch it open just to fit his cock inside. i began sucking that man's dick with all the passion i had. i was addicted to sucking dick. i can't remember how long i was sucking his cock before i heard his buddy fire up the truck and started driving off. he said to me, "you got a new job boy. from here on out, you suck dick whenever your told." i just shook my head yes as i sucked off his buddy. i sucked his dick for a long time before he finaly came in my mouth. and when he did, he came so much that i choked on it trying to swallow it all.

he told me to continue to suck his dick until he came again. so for the next hour or so, i sucked his cock while his buddy drove and talked about me to someone on the C.B. radio. i didn't care, all i wanted was to keep sucking dick until i ate his second load. sometime later that day, he pulled off at the "Dancing Eagle Casino" off I-40. when he parked, a native american indian man in his 20's with long hair and wearing a cowboy hat walked up to the truck and gave the driver some money. the driver looked at me and said, "go with him and do what he says. he'll bring you back to the truck when your done". i figured i was off to suck his dick which i was up for anyway.

i got out and went with the indian man to a pick up truck. we got in and he drove me to some little house in the middle of nowhere. when we walked inside, the room was filled with smoke and the smell of booze and there were about 7 or 8 native american men in the room partying it up. as soon as i walked into the room, i was whistled at by a couple of them and then i was told to get down on my knee's and open my mouth. i did as i was told and while one of them was shoving his cock in my mouth, i glanced over and noticed the C.B. radio on the table. it was clear that i was pimped off to these guys by the red neck truck drivers.

i have no idea how much time passed before i sucked them all off. but i had fun listening to them talk in thier native tounge as they took turns fucking my mouth. they all had nice dicks and i loved sucking them. but i was tired and i had an upset stomuch from all the cum i swallowed. i asked if he could take me back to the casino but nobody talked to me. they just acted like i wasn't there. then i heard someone talking indian on the C.B. all of a sudden, i heard a car pull up and everybody walked outside. then this realy big muscle bound native american covered in tattoo's walked in. he looked realy mean. i was a bit scared. he just looked at me as he began to take all his clothes off. i stood there watching until i saw his cock. it was huge, like a horses dick. i knew i couldn't fit that into my mouth. i said, "i don't think i can suck that. it's to big." he didn't say anything. he just kept looking at me as he finished getting naked.

then he walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat, squeezed, and said, "take your fucking clothes off you little white bitch! and then bend over that table. i'm going to tear your asshole apart." i totaly didn't want to get butt-fucked. exspecialy by a house dick like his. but i knew he ment business. he had the look of death in his eye's. i was realy scared because i knew i couldn't say "no" to him. i froze up, but when he yelled, "NOW BITCH!" i took my clothes off in a hurry and bent over that table sticking my butt out at him.

he then got up behing me, spit on his hand and rubbed his cock with it and without sensativity, he shoved his huge cock all the way in my tight little butthole in one hard and fast thrust ripping my asshole open. i screamed at the top of my lungs as i felt the pain shoot through my anus as he stretched my butthole wide open. then he put his hand on the back of my neck and held me down as he began to fuck my asshole realy deep, fast, and hard. he was realy pounding my butthole as i cried and yelled. he realy seemed to enjoy the power of my pain because he kept fucking my butthole harder and harder the more i cried and yelled.

he fucked my asshole hard for a very long time as he just kept saying over and over, "you like that you little bitch?" after awhile, my asshole became numb. then he pulled out real quick and grabbed me by the hair and brought me down in front of him and shot cum all over my face. then he threw me back over the table and shoved his cock up my asshole again and fucked it hard and long for another half hour or so before he shot his second load up my ass.

when he was done, i had blood and cum running down my inner thigh and i couldn't walk.the guy who brought me down there came and carried me to his truck and put me in the back and drove me back to the casino and gave me back to the truck drivers. it took me a week to heal but that didn't stop them from having me suck dick. after that, i got fucked in the ass all the time and ended up liking it. i stayed with those guys sucking dick's and getting my asshole fucked from truck stop to truck stop for about 6 months before a cop caught me and took me to jail where they shipped me back home. i never did get to see my girlfriend that i had started out to go see in the first place.

now i don't mess around like that. i was hungry for it back then and pleasured alot of dick's, but i'm realy lucky i never caught anything. i have a girlfriend now and i don't do anal sex anymore, but i still like to go suck a dick or two whenever i can. i'm always going to be addicted to that. i love to suck dick.

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Isypkx Major thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Awesome.


2005-05-21 18:06:11
Hey! You wouldn't happen to look alot like Matt Dillon do you? I sucked some trucker's cock's at that truck stop and met a dude that sound alot like you. If you are, maybe you remeber me, i have a scare on my left cheak.


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you can suck my cock

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