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This is a true story about office sex between me and my boss
Hey all! My name is John and I would like to share the true story of office sex with my hot boss Nick:

It is 10 PM already and I am working on my project in the office. There is only my boss left with me in his room. He is 29, tall, blond man, with dark blue eyes and curly hair. He has perfectly fit body and nice ass I could always see from his tight trousers. I have always fantasized of him sucking my cock and licking my ass, but never had caurage to go through.

The night was quite busy and I got very lazy. I could see Nick sitting in his room through the glass door between our rooms. He was staring at his computer and his lips was just perfect for my cock. I got horny, my cock became harder and harder and I could feel it on my legs and right there, I hear a call of my boss, wanting to see me in his room and fuck, I am with that hard cock, very much visible from my pants. I stood up and tried to cover my hard on with some files and went in his room.He was so hot in his suit, my cock got really crazy now. He starts talking and his sexy voice drives my body crazy. Then he stands up and bends over just in front of me to take his pen from the floor and I can see his sweet ass, I am so horny now. He is sitting on the table right next to me, so close, so near to my hard dick.I am trying to hold my errection, but I cant. He asks me to sit down on the sofa and have a talk and at that moment I see his look at my hard on and he smiles. I am ashamed and trying to cover it again but he goes on and asks if I want to have sex after the busy day. Then he goes on talking about his girlfriend, who is really bad sucker and stuff like that. I am getting crazy of his speech. Then he starts touching his cock giving me terribly hot look. I feel he is horny as well and wanna catch my chance right now. I am relieved and let my cock grow in my pants without covering any more. I am staring at his cock, growing in his trousers and he can see it. He is touching himself so sexy, aah, I want this man right now. Then I lose my mind and touch his cock, thats so hot men. I take my chance and unzip his trousers, touching his white undies gently.I am rubbing his penis and touching his lips,putting my finger in his mouth. Then I am taking off his pants and undies, ahhh, he is this big 23 cm fat cock down there, burried in blond pubic hair. Love his muscled legs and thighs, looks so hot.

I am so crazy now, I am kissing his cock and then, putting it in my mouse as long as I can. aaah, it feels cool, he is moaning and screaming with pleasure. His cock is so hard and hot, it fills my mouth and I cannot speak. Nick is getting crazy, he is pulling me down on the floor and sitting on my face with his huge wet cock, leading it in my throat directly without hesitation. He is now fucking my mouth so strongly my teeth hurts, but he does not stop. he is moaning and screaming, I can feel his huge cock crashing in my throat and on my lips and face. I can feel his big falls crashing all on my face and I love that. He is so handsome and hot and so strong, fucking my mouth without interruption and suddenly he screams so loudly and I feel his cum in my mouth. He is moaning like an animal and shooting in my mouth as much as I can hold. His cum is so hot and salty, filling my mouth and I eat it like a hungry boy, I am sucking his cock out of sperm an touching his asshole with my finger. He is so exhausted and pleased. He sits on the sofa and thanks me for blowjob. He starts getting dressed, but thats not really in my plans. I am so horny and crazy to fuck his throat and hole.

I ask him to touch my cock but he resists, then I sit on his lap, showing my 25 cm hard fat cock, touching his mouth, I am getting crazy wanting his ass. and I am touching his naked asshole, massaging with my index finger. He is still resisting. Then I am putting my finger in his hole with its whole length and he screams. Now he realizes that he needs to pay for the blowjob and he resists, but I am stronger and manage to hold him down on the floor with his ass up in the air and I start licking his ass so strongly, he surrenders, he is moaning out of pleasure when I am putting my tounge in his tight hole. Now its all wet and looks so ready for my cock. He is still moaning out of pleasure of my licking and getting rock hard again, I am now kissing on his neck, grabbing his hairs and telling that I'm gonna fuck his ass right now, then I am kissing him strongly and with one strong move push my entire cock in his asshole. I can feel the tightness of first time ass for my huge cock making me feel unbelievably horny. Once I am totally in his ass, he moans so loudly and screams out of pain caused by first time fuck, but he is not resisting anymore. I start fucking him very strongly, hitting his prostate at once and make him scream like an animal again. It feels so good, his white tight asshole and his beautiful body I am penetrating with strong and fast fuck. Every time I hit his hole he moans and asks me for more and I never stop. Then I am pushing him on his desk, fucking him in doggy style very passionatelly. I am giving him fuck and he asks for more that drives me crazy and I am fucking his ass so strongly now he cannot even move.

I am taking him out of his desk and pushing him on the glass wall of his room. I am standing just behind him and fucking him when both of us are standing next to the wall. He is just perfect size for me and my cock goes in and out so quickly that he cannot stop screaming loudly. I am holding his cock strongly and jerking it as fast as I can towards the glass wall, I am pushing his cock on the glass while fucking from behind. Feeling of cold glass on his cock head makes him moan even harder and louder and he is cumming again on the glass wall. The wall is full of his fat sperm and I am pushing him on the wall to make him filled with his own sperm and I am feeling I am close to cum as well and I am aaaaaaaah, cumming in his hot asshole right now, filling his hole with my hot sperm and aaaaaaah, thats so good, fuck yeah, I am still in him and shooting strongly in his hole. I am holding him to stand while getting last shots of my cum and then I take out my cock. He is filled with my cum, which is coming down from his hole. Then I am putting my finger in his hole and taking out my own sperm for him to taste now. He is licking my sperm and looking so exhausted after the long fuck we had.

He is now laying on the sofa absolutely naked and exhausted. I can see his hot ass and shoulders and blond long hair on his back, he is so beautiful now and a little bit over fucked.

I am getting dressed and leaving office and leaving my dear boss naked in his room, still feeling my cock in his virgin ass ....
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