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My Nice Nieces - Chapter 5

So there I stood, in the middle of my living room, with my pants around my
thighs and my throbbing cock bobbing twenty inches from the nose of my
Cuban cleaning lady's nearly-nude eight-year-old-daughter...


(You DID read the first four chapters, didn't you?)

As Maria, my cleaning lady, reluctantly released her practiced hold on
my twitching prick, I knelt again before Rosa, her little daughter.
Once more, the second-grader looked into my eyes in a trusting way.
But her gaze quickly returned to the thick, vein-covered rod extending
from the hairy nest at the bottom of my belly and drooping under its
own weight to point right at her cotton-covered crotch.

The blood was pounding in my head as I reached slowly for the waistband
of Rosa's little-girl underpants. Prolonging the event as long as
possible, I reached around and ran my hands under the elastic at the
back, rubbing the round bubbles of her tight little buttocks. I let
my fingers reach between the mounds to savor the feeling of childflesh
pressing together around my fingertips. Tiny Rosa responded by
shuffling forward an inch or two and reaching out for my engorged
organ, whose swollen and dripping head was only inches from her stomach.

"No, honey," I groaned. "If you touch me, I'll cum." Maria translated
rapidly for her daughter, but I suppose she understood "no," because she
withdrew her hand rapidly.

I was ready now to complete stage one of my favorite masturbatory fantasy:
stripping the cotton panties off an underaged girl.

Before I could lower her panties, however, a stream of Spanish from my left
caused me to look again at Maria. She must have been explaining her actions
to her daughter because I was treated to the hot sight of my chunky, thirty-
year-old cleaning woman giving herself up totally to her sexual needs. She
lay sprawled on my couch, her cheap dress hiked around her hips and unbuttoned
to her waist. One of her hands rummaged inside the crotch of her filmy
underpants while the other flicked the dark-brown, rubbery flesh that crowned her exposed large, soft breasts. Her eyes were glued on my nine-inch cock,
whose drooling head was only centimeters from her daughter's pussy. When
she saw me looking at her, she spread her legs wider, jammed what looked
like three fingers deep into her cunt and groaned at me, in her Spanglish
patois, "Take off Rosa panties."

This was even better than I could have hoped for, I thought. It now looked
like I would have somewhere to park my cock, since the idea of tearing some
little girl's cunt apart with my big prick has never excited me.

Returning to the task at hand and obeying the little girl's mother, I
looked again into Rosa's eyes. They were wide with amazement, flicking
back and forth between her mother's lewd display and the mass of flesh
I was waving at her. As she felt me begin to lower her underpants, she
looked again into my eyes. Giving her a big grin to reassure her, I let
my gaze travel down her undeveloped torso to the bare vulvar triangle being

As it had her chest, her two-piece bathing suit had left the area around
Rosa's hips an exciting white, in contrast to her dark brown Cuban tan. h revealed at the junction of her thighs and crotch.
As in all such little girls, there was no hint of the inner lips evident.
Nonetheless, my cock gave a mighty heave and pre-coital liquid dripped
from the end, just from the idea of having a naked eight-year-old female
standing so willingly before me.

I sat back to admire the sexy sight and Maria jabbered some orders to her
daughter. I nearly squirted my load all over the tiny girl right then.
Undoubtedly in response to her mother's direction, Rosa put her thumb in
her mouth and moved her feet apart about eight inches. With the wadded band of her cotton panties stretched across her thighs, the twin folds of
her hairless pussy now revealed between her legs, and her thumb in her
mouth, Rosa was every child-lover's dream vision.

I became aware that my own half-lowered trousers were cutting off circulation
in my legs. So, joining my female guests, I quickly shed my clothes.
Though little Rosa was only paying attention to my big cock, I could tell her's underpants were a sopping mess, and her widespread
thighs shone with the moisture she was pulling out of her cunt with every
pistoning plunge of her fist. The ends of both her breasts were red from
the rough treatment she was giving her nipples, twisting them viciously
while staring bug-eyed at the mind-blowing vision of her eight-year-old
daughter being undressed by a man with a dick the size of a large salami.

I quickly pulled Rosa's underpants the rest of the way down and then held
her hand as she stepped daintily out of them. I wordlessly led her to the
couch where her mother lay sprawled. Positioning the little girl's butt on
the couch's back, I spread her legs above her mother's head, leaning forward
to bring my swinging shaft into position near the older woman's crotch.

With a whimper, Rosa's mother grabbed my drooling cock, yanked aside her panties, and stuffed my dick into her sopping cunt, groaning as I hunched
my hips forward to drive six inches of thick cockmeat into her at once.

"Mas, mas, mas," she mumbled, begging me to give her more. With another
thrust of my hips, I felt my cockhead settle against Maria's cervix,
leaving about two inches still outside.

Little Rosa sat quietly on the ledge above her mother's head, but she was
staring wild-eyed at her mother getting plowed. Keeping my cock still for
a moment, I leaned forward to kiss the tiny naked girl. Having seen her
suck her thumb a few moments earlier, I wanted her to suck my tongue
before I licked her little pussy and asshole.

I began by kissing her gently on her cheeks, then her forehead. Rosa's
eyes were wide with wonder. I gave her a soft, gentle kiss on her lips,
but didn't give her any tongue at first. Supporting myself on one hand,
I caressed the side of her face as I continued to plant tiny kisses all over
her face and head. In contrast to that gentleness, I yanked my cock almost
all the way out of Maria and then jammed it back in, taking advantage of
my housekeeper's plentiful lubrication to gain another half-inch of depth.
Rosa could tell her mother was having a good time, and even I could tell
her Spanish muttering was almost all about how wonderful she felt. I could
also tell Maria was climaxing almost continuously, because of the waves of contractions I could feel along my dick.

Putting my hand behind the little girl's head, I insinuated my tongue into
her mouth. As I expected, she didn't know what to do, so I playfully ran
my tongue all around the inside of her mouth, duelling with her tongue
in the process. Using quick suction, I pulled her tongue into my own mouth, sucking on it gently to give her the idea. Then I returned my
tongue to her mouth and was rewarded with a quick suck on her part.
Pulling my mouth free, I encouraged her with "Si, Rosita." When our
mouths joined again, she began enthusiastically to suck my tongue while
her mother's cunt nibbled at the base of my quivering penis.

The very idea of having an eight-year-old girl suck on my tongue while
I fucked her mother was so exciting that I could feel my cockhead swell with an impending orgasm. I suppressed the building ejaculatory pressure
with sheer mental energy, delaying the onset for a few more moments, so
I could get my tongue inside the little darling's tiny, undeveloped pussy.

I extracted my tongue and moved my mouth, with little osculatory smacks,
down Rosa's undeveloped chest, across her smooth tummy, and into the
vertical valley that began two inches below her navel. Fastening my
mouth over the little girl's entire pussy area, I extended my tongue toward
the lower part of her vulvar split, dippling between her fat, hairless
lips to feel the undeveloped curtains of her inner lips. Parting these
membranes, I allowed saliva to wet my tongue and her most secret tissues,
lubricating my intruding flesh to make its upward passage easier.

I suddenly became aware of a commotion beneath me, as Maria began to buck
wildly against my pelvis, grinding her clit into my pubic bone and forcing
the final inch of my cock deep within her. Accompanied by a continual
stream of Spanish profanities, Rosa's mother was apparently in a constant
state of orgasm. Her cock-milking pelvic motions drove me over the edge,
so I contributed further to her excitement by pumping jet after jet of
pent-up sperm deep into her spasming cunt-hole. My groan was muffled by
the preteen pussy into which my mouth was buried.

As my head cleared a bit, I resumed the exciting work of lapping the
hairless pussy spread open before me. I looked up little Rosa's
undeveloped body to see her child's face staring wide-eyed at the
spectacle of a grown-up man wildly licking her crotch. When I raked
the rough surface of my tongue over the area that hid her little
clittie, I was rewarded by a startled look that sprang upon her face.
When I repeated the caress, she smiled shyly at me, indicating that,
while it might not be the turn-on it would be when she was a few years
older, it felt mighty nice.

My cock wilting in Maria's sopping snatch began to regain some star ch
at the stimulating concept of giving this tiny child sexual pleasure.
But I became even more turned on by my next idea.
Removing my face
from the little girl's slick pussy, I pulled her hands to get her
to step down off the couch and stand beside me. Rosa's mother was
lying motionless, with her legs spread wide and her cunt stuffed
full of my reinvigorating cock. Holding Rosa's hand, I guided her
fingers to her mother's prominent clit, whose head was resting atop
my cock.

After only a few moments of instruction, Rosa understood that she was to give her mother the type of pleasure she had just enjoyed. Maria's eyes had opened when she felt the first touches on her
clit, and I feared she would stop her daughter from the incestuous
contact. But I needn't have feared. Maria was apparently insatiable.
Murmuring quietly to her daughter in Spanish, she began once more to rock her hips back and forth, pistoning my rock-hard meat in and out
of her dripping hole. Supplementing her daughter's clittoral
stimulation with renewed twisting and tugging at the rubbery ends of
her large breasts, Maria was just the sluttish image I wanted to
contrast so sexily with her girlish daughter.

Soon, Maria was once again in her own private world of sensation,
oblivious to me or her daughter. Reaching down between Rosa's legs,
I stroked her schoolgirl pussy over and over, lubricating my fingers
with the juice of her mother's cunt, then reaching farther between
her little legs to touch and rub the tight rosebud of her asshole.
Far gone in my own coming orgasm, I knew I had to get little Rosa
ready for a special photo I had been dreaming of for years.

Jerking my throbbing dick from Maria's gripping tunnel, I shoved
Rosa onto her back on the couch beside her mother. With one hand,
I arranged her limbs so I knelt between her widespread thighs, her
reddened vulva opened before me. The temptation to jam my huge
cock into her tiny opening terrifed me. With a few quick strokes,
I jerked myself off over her immature body, squirting and dripping
semen in creamy ropes across her chest, legs, and cunt.

With a grunt at mother and daughter to stay still, I ran to get my
camera. Within minutes, I had shot an entire 36-shot roll, nearly
all of which were later enshrined in an entirely separate photo album, providing me years of spine-shattering orgasms, stimulated half by the memory of that afternoon and half by the endlessly fascinating
tableau of a fucked-out woman and her underage, cum-covered daughter.

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