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My Nice Nieces - Chapter 6

After that never-to-be-forgotten morning with my cleaning woman Maria and
her young daughter Rosa, I thought I had enough child-loving to satisfy me
forever. My dick felt wrung out like a wet dish rag. And my libido was
almost as bruised. After all, if the act of slamming your squirting cock
deep inside a hot Cuban woman while smearing her cunt juice into her eight-
year-old daughter's hairless pussy and asshole isn't enough, what would be?

But even an old fart like me recovers after a while. Ten days later, I
found myself asking Maria if she and Rosa would like to earn another fifty dollars. When she agreed, I gave her some extra money to costume her
daughter to my taste.

Then I remembered how hot Maria had gotten while looking at my big dick and
watching me molest her little girl. My cock began to stiffen at the memory
of her stuffing her fingers into her big wet cunt. So I asked her if she
wanted to "warm up" without her daughter. At first, because of the
language barrier, she didn't understand what I meant by "warm up;" but my
gesture at the lengthening tube of flesh in my lap illustrated the concept
I had in mind. With a huge grin, she reached for me greedily. Maria's
husband had left her years earlier and she was apparently sex-starved.

Within a minute, we were grappling on the couch, trying to grab, squeeze
and caress as much flesh as we could. She had my pants open and was
stuffing the big head of my now-rigid nine-inch dick deep into the back of
her throat, jerking the loose flesh rapidly up and down the shaft and
squeezing my thick rod in excitement.

I wasn't far behind, reaching under her dress to yank her filmy panties out
of the way and shove two fingers into her hot, wet cunt. She made it easy
for me by pulling her dress up to her waist and spreading her thighs wide
as she knelt to mouth my rod. With my other hand, I rummaged in the front
of her dress, squirming my hand under buttons and elastic to release her
big boobs without disturbing her mouth action on my organ.

As she continued to lick my cock and suck my cockhead deep into the back of
her mouth, I could feel her female cavity heat up. Pussy juice covered my
exploring hand. I added a finger up her asshole and she grunted her
acceptance while giving my straining shaft an encouraging squeeze. I
pulled on one big breast and then the other, pinching her rubbery nipples
into hard knots.

Maria responded in the best possible fashion. She gagged slightly and then
rammed her mouth all the way onto my cock. I thrilled as she admitted the
swollen head of my dick past the constriction at the top of her esophagus
and buried her nose in my pubic hair. I was not only amazed, I was in
heaven at the tight, hot, wet sensation that enveloped the entire length of
my prong.

Although not joined genitally, we were truly fucking each other then.

As this hot Cuban bitch regurgitated my cock and swallowed it again, I
added pressure on the hard bud of her clit to the stimulation of my rapidly
pistoning fingers in her two nether holes. I spread my fingers inside her
twat, twisting my wrist to give her more pleasure. I mashed her swollen
nipples back into the soft flesh of her breasts. Within a few moments, her cunt and anus began rapid contractions on my fucking digits, communicating
her orgasmic status in a way her blocked throat could not. Seconds
thereafter, I joined her, letting loose a torrent of sperm deep into her
throat, with jets that seemed to start deep in my guts and explode through
my throbbing cock like white-hot lava.

I was unquestionably delighted with the sexual outlet now offered by my
cleaning lady, but, pervert that I am, I still couldn't wait to get my
hands on her daughter again.

When I opened the door the next Saturday morning, I was gratified to see
that Maria had used the money I had given her to buy Rosa that Catholic
schoolgirl's uniform -- greed plaid jumper, white blouse, dark green knee
socks, and clean white tennis shoes (whatever happened to patent-leather
pumps and saddle oxfords?). With her dark complexion, shiny black hair
gathered in two pigtails, and her dark, solemn eyes, Rosa looked exactly
like those barelegged Hispanic/Negro schoolgirls with flashing eyes and shy
giggles I had drooled over in Trinidad.

This time, I had my camera equipment, lights, and reflectors set up in my
bedroom, so I lost no time in settling the second-grader on my bed. I could
see that she had noticed my big, hard shaft as it shifted under my warm-
ups. I was glad that tiny Rosa apparently wasn't turned off by her earlier
experience of having my sperm squirted all over her nude body. But I
wanted to do things at my own special pace, so I avoided the temptation to
whip out my big cock for her and her mother to ogle.

I posed Rosa under her mother's approving eyes, adjusted the lights, and
took exposure readings.
The first couple of shots were of a demure, eight-
year-old student at a Catholic girls school. I even gave her one of my old
schoolbooks (chemistry, no less, though the title couldn't be seen).

Under my direction, Rosa rolled over on her stomach, allowing the short
plaid skirt to ride up almost to the bottom of her panties. After a few
more establishing shots, I had her roll over on her side, hiking her school
skirt up in back and putting her hand inside her plain cotton underpants to
scratch her butt. The action revealed a thin stripe of the untanned flesh
that contrasted so excitingly with her South Florida darkness.

The illusion of a young child unconsciously scratching an itch in the
privacy of her own bedroom was nearly perfect, except for the sound of my
labored breathing.

Between shots, little Rosa continued to look anxiously at my cock's
outline. And, when I glanced over at Maria, she raised her eyebrows
quizzically, as if to ask me when the sex with her daughter would begin.
Once more, I temporarily stifled the overwhelming impulse to yank out my throbbing cock and rub the drooling head dry on the petite second-grader's
widespread cotton-covered crotch under her mother's eyes.

However, as part of my plan to heighten the sexual tension in the room even
further, I told Maria to undress. With a sly smile at me and a muttered
explanation in Spanish to her daughter, Maria began to shed her clothes.
Once more, the flimsy dress opened to reveal her chunky Cuban figure, clad
in lingerie from Woolworth's. In a few more moments, the cheap bra and
panties had been discarded to reveal her big, dangling breasts crowned with
ruddy brown erect nipples and the thick patch of black hair at the bottom
of her belly.

As the now-naked woman lay back into my big, roomy armchair there in the
bedroom, spreading her thighs slightly to allow herself easy access to the steaming slit revealed between her thick dark cuntlips, the thick aroma of
ripe woman began to permeate my apartment. Rosa glanced nervously back and
forth between me and Maria, perhaps waiting to see if I would again move
quickly to fuck her mother. But I had a different idea this time.

With my prick quavering against the restraint of my warm-ups, I positioned
young Rosa into another pose. She lay propped-up against the pillows at
the head of my bed, her knees up and her uniform skirt fallen back against
her waist. As she "studied" the book in her lap, my camera caught image
after image of the soft labial folds between her thighs, sculpted in tight-
stretched cotton panties. To add to my own excitement, I began to talk to
my young schoolgirl ...

"You look so beautiful lying there, reading your book, like you don't know
a grown-up with a big hard-on is staring at your sweet little pussy. Now
reach down and touch yourself. No, keep pretending to read the book. Oh,
that's great! Reaching in from the side like that makes it look like
you're just scratching another itch. Move your fingers back and forth so
your underpants get stuffed into your crack."

Wet sounds to my left drew my attention. With eyes alarmingly wide and
fixed on the hot sight of me directing her daughter in naughty ways, Maria
was twisting viciously on the ends of her breasts while sluicing two and
then three fingers in and out of the dark pink tissue amidst the dark hairy
jungle at the junction of her thighs. Her legs sprawled even wider. The
sight of her young daughter pushing her underwear into her tiny pussy-crack
while an adult male watched was apparently as exciting to her as it was to

Looking back at Rosa, I almost came in my pants! Since I hadn't told her
to stop, she had continued to move her fingers back and forth, stuffing
more and more of her panties into the crevice of her underage pussy. Now,
the pale, untanned flesh of her hairless crotch was excitingly framed by
her dark legs and the shroud of her schoolgirl skirt. Her smooth second-
grade pussy lips were divided vertically by the wadded strip of cotton
underpants. Bending quickly to my camera, I blasted off a half dozen quick
shots as the pale flesh of her young labia began to take on a blush from
the slight friction of the fabric being pushed between them.

"God, that's wonderful, Rosa! Now pull your underpants over to one side so
you can show me your naked little pussy. Go ahead and put down the book.
Now use both your hands to open yourself so I can see the insides. Oh,
God, that's hot! Now put one of your fingers inside yourself as far as you

As I feared, and as my earlier explorations had suggested, her finger could
barely begin to penetrate her own petite vaginal canal. But the sight of
her widespread vaginal crack as she pulled back her legs and tried to find
the right angle of attack for her digital penetration was stunningly sexy
to me. After a few more quick photos, I gave in to my driving urges.

"Take your panties off and come over here and pull my pants down," I
grumbled at Rosa, my voice stressed by the sexual tension raging through my
body. Obediently, my little Latin beauty scrambled rapidly off the bed,
reaching under her skirt to pull down her underpants. She nearly tripped
over the band of cotton around her ankles, but she managed to kick them off
and hurry over to where I stood.

Rosa looked up to me for reassurance, beginning tentatively to reach for
the waistband of my warm-ups.

"It's ok, honey," I murmured. "That's exactly what I want you to do. I
want you to pull down my pants and look at my big hard dick. I want you to
touch it, and rub it on your bare pussy, and jerk it and make it come."

JESUS! Simply talking like that to an eight-year-old girl was almost
enough to empty my balls right there!

Rosa was certainly willing, because she started tugging and yanking to pull
the elasticized waistband below my rock-hard meat. To do so, she had to
reach around behind me to pull the pants over my buns, pressing her
undeveloped chest against the hard bar of my hidden dick. I just let her
do it, enjoying the illusion of a little schoolgirl struggling to reveal
the secret of masculine sexuality. Finally, as she gave another tug on the
front of my warm-ups, they dropped to my ankles, letting my throbbing cock
swing upward slightly to point tremblingly at young Rosa's tummy.

Now that she had the business end of me out in the open, the tiny girl
didn't seem to know what to do. With a stream of Spanish, her mother
apparently gave her some instructions. A glance over at my sprawled
cleaning lady revealed a type of masturbation I had never seen before --
holding her cuntlips wide with one hand, Maria was literally jacking off
her clit; moving the tiny fleshy shroud rapidly up and down, revealing and
then hiding the bright-red head of her overstimulated clit. Creamy goo
oozed from the bottom of the reddened hole that gaped beneath the frenzied
blur of her hand.

My attention was drawn again to the young girl before me as she touched my
straining prick with the gentlest imaginable touch. Picking up my camera,
I got a quick close-up of the image of the little Catholic schoolgirl, her
skirt now hiding her naked crotch, as her tiny hands toyed with the swaying
column of flesh displayed lewdly only inches from her eyes. I found it
particularly exciting to see the contrast between her soft, olive skin and
the angry red shine of my distended member.

Kneeling quickly, I lifted Rosa's skirt and positioned my cockhead at the
juncture of her legs, its bulbous mass pressing against the virginal
crevice of her hairless little cunny. Leaning forward to give my little
second-grader a kiss, I drilled my drooling cock between her velvety
thighs. Leaning back again and holding her skirt out of the way, I
thrilled at the sight and feel of my huge organ disappearing between those
second-grader legs, her petite hairless lips pushed in between her legs and
then pulled outward by my violent thrusts.

I knew I was dangerously close to orgasm, so I reluctantly withdrew,
holding Rosa's skirt high so her mother could get a good look at my nine
inches of hard dickmeat extracting itself from her daughter's second-grade
pussy-crease. By now, my cleaning woman was apparently in a constant state
of orgasm, her hands manipulating every bit of flesh between her legs, her
pelvis undulating continually and her lubricants running down over her
asshole and onto my chair.

The sight of that lubricated asshole gave me the inspiration I was seeking.
Stepping out of my pants and ripping off my shirt, I picked up little Rosa
and collapsed backward on the bed, burying my face under her skirt in the
slick valley of her hairless little pussy and leaving my straining penis quivering against my belly.

Rosa bent forward to support herself on her hands, putting her face right
against the underside of my cock. The little girl tentatively extended her
tongue to touch the pillar of man flesh inches from her nose. As I felt that second-grader tongue make contact with my throbbing dick, I buried my
own tongue in her tight pussy-hole as deeply as it would go. With the tip
of my tongue, I rubbed across the curtain of her tiny hymen. Feeling her
tiny cunt pinch down on my intruding tongue, I removed it and gave the
front of her petite vulva a lick that parted her hairless cuntlips and
mashed the button of her clit back into the flesh of her pussy. Despite
her youth, I could tell Rosa enjoyed the feeling of having her clit licked,
because she groaned her pleasure and gave the underside of my dickhead
another wet lick.

Removing my head from beneath the young girl's skirt, I grunted for Maria
to come fuck herself in the ass with my dick. I was afraid she would
hesitate because of the size, but she leaped up and almost bounded onto the
bed. As I strained to see around her daughter's bare behind, the hot Cuban
bitch squatted over my midsection, levered my big cock into an upright
position and began to move her buttocks from side to side to spread her
anus over the swollen cockhead. Little Rosa moved out of the way, putting
her hands on her mother's shoulders to support herself.

As I felt the head of my cock enter Maria's backside, I knew I didn't have
long to last before I blasted my jism deep into her bowels. So I returned
to lapping the underage cunnie above me, treating myself to the unique feel
of hairless, eight-year-old pussylips parting before my exploring tongue.
Just as I extended my oral explorations to Rosa's virginal butthole, my
prostate reached overload and began pumping seminal fluid into my cleaning
lady's asshole. As she felt me begin to squirt my load, Maria leaned
forward to massage her clit for one more big orgasm, thereby increasing the
pressure on my penis and making my own orgasm nearly unbearable. I
completed my own pleasure by burying my tongue deep into the second-
grader's bottom, raking the sensitive ring of her anus with the rough
surface of my tongue as I pistoned mother and daughter's bottoms

As my shit-smeared cock popped out of Maria's bowels and she collapsed
sideways on the bed, I concentrated my tongue-action on tiny Rosa's
undeveloped clittie, licking it and sucking the entire area until I was
rewarded with her bouncing cooperation, culminating in jerky pelvic motions
and a stream Spanish appeals to Mother Mary. I had given an eight-year-old
her first orgasm!

To be continued ...

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