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A 12 year old black girl taking advantage of me.

I am an African American, this story happened when I was 16. Every weekend I would look after the kids that lived next door to me. The lady next door was a single mom, with two kids. A boy named Jack who was six and a girl named Heather who was 12. I had been watching them since I was 14. When the weekend came for Heathers mom to go on her business trip she called me. She asked if I would be able to look after Heather and Jack for the weekend. Just as she said this a call came on the other line. She clicked over for a few seconds while I waited. When she clicked back over to me she said Jack was going to a sleep over tonight, so I only needed to watch Heather. About an hour later I went over to Heathers house just as Heathers mom was leaving out the door.

Heather and I sat on the couch watching tv, when I flicked over to a cop show. Heather then told me that she wanted to be a police officer when she grows up. She then asked if I wanted to play cops robbers, I smiled and said yes. Heather ran up stairs and came back ten minutes later in a rather sexy cop uniform. With her she had a plastic baton and lots of medal handcuffs. Heather then told me that the living room was going to be the jail house, and she wanted me to walk around the house acting like I was about to steal something. I walked into the dinning room and grabbed a small crystal shark which I then put into my pocket. Just as I put the shark in my pocket Heather jumped from behind the wall. She told me if I run she would have to use her baton. She then told me to take the shark out my pocket and put my hands behind my back. Going along with the game I did as Heather asked.

Once having my hands behind my back, Heather grabbed my hands and told me to walk into the livingroom/jail house. When we got into the livingroom Heather told me not to move, as she grabbed a metal fold up chair. Heather sat the chair in the middle of the livingroom, and told me to sit in it. I sat in the chair and Heather said I was now in a holding tank. Heather then handcuffed my hands and legs to the chair. After I was cuffed to the chair Heather stood in front of me and asked me how does it feel to have sex.

I explained to Heather that her mom should have that conversation with her. With no other words Heather begun stripping, and was fully naked in seconds. I immediately got hard and Heather could see it through my pants. I told Heather to stop and put her clothes back on, but she said she wanted to fell me inside her. As I was cuffed to the chair Heather walked up to me and got on her knees right in front of me. Heather then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, then pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles. My 8 inch thick black dick stood up higher then my belly button. Again I told Heather to stop but my dick was saying another thing.

Heather grabbed my dick with her right hand and shoved my dick into her mouth. Heather told me she knew how to suck dick from watching her mom's porn movies, then Heather said she wanted me to take her virginity. I was speechless as Heathers hot wet mouth bobbed up and down on my dick. Heather then got up and mounted me. She sat on top of my dick and moved her hips back and forth. Heather started to moan and so did I. As Heather thrusted her hips back and forth she begin moving faster and moaning louder. As her hips moved I could feel the cum shooting from her pussy. Heather let out one of the loudest moans I ever heard.

She then stood up and placed the head of my dick to her pussy. Heather slowly started to move up and down until the head of my dick popped into her pussy. Heathers eyes closed and I could see she was feeling a bit of pain. Still Heather kept going, up and down on the head of my dick moaning and making faces of pleasure. After about ten minutes Heather allowed a little more of my dick to enter into her pussy. When she did this, my dick broke her hymen causing Heather to unleash a sound of pain and pleasure mixed together. Heather stopped for a second until the pain went away, then slowly begin going again. Not before long Heather had managed to get over half of my 8 inch dick in her hot tight young wet pussy. Up and down round and round went Heathers hips. Moan after moan Heather shot cum all over my dick and ball sack.

My head leaned back as Heathers pussy clinched onto my dick. When Heather did this I knew I was only moments away from feeling her young vagina with my cum. I could no longer hold it back as I shoot huge amounts of cum into Heathers pussy. With each shot of cum I pushed my dick feather into Heathers pussy. Each time I did this Heather yelled in pleasure. When all the cum came out my dick I asked Heather if she wanted to see what it felt like to be fucked in the ass. Heather looked at me with a huge smile, and said yes. I told Heather to take the handcuffs of me and I would be glad to do it. Heather removed the cuffs and now the real fun was about to begin.

Stay toone for part two. Jack comes back early.
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