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My Nice Nieces - Chapter 7

The preceding chapters more or less summarize the sordid (and sorta
exciting) history that led up to the day my sister Lucy started parking
her daughter Melissa with me.

From the day I began sitting with my little niece, my child-loving
progressed by leaps and bounds, binding me ever more tightly into the
bonds of my obsession.

I began to care for Melissa when she was only about nine months old. Her
parents called on me whenever her mother needed to run a quick errand or
when they both wanted to go out and couldn't find (or couldn't afford) a
neighborhood sitter.

As I've explained, I write stories and articles for magazines and make
enough money that I can stay at home, write when I want to, read when I
want to, and generally goof off (or jack off) enough to take the edge off
the writing deadlines. For my sister, that meant I was always available
to baby-sit, even though my apartment was a half-hour away from her
suburban home.

As you would expect from knowing my history, I played around sexually with
Melissa almost from the first time my sister left her with me for a couple
of hours. It was just after 3 in the afternoon when Lucy first dropped
Melissa off with me, and I could barely wait for her to leave so I could
get my hands on my niece's petite pussy.

You see, I had just been watching a little Hispanic girl play on the bars
in the playground of the Catholic girls school next door, right below my
balcony. That little girl, about seven years old, was a favorite of mine
because her mother didn't pick her up until about 4 pm, because she loved
to climb all over the playground equipment outside my window in a way that
repeatedly exposed her budding charms to my high-powered binoculars and my
long-lens cameras, and because her family's limited finances didn't allow those ubiquitous over-the-underpants tights that frustrated me so much
with some of the other girls. In fact, her underpants seemed to be hand-
me-downs, often oversized and therefore revealing.

She also reminded me of Rosa, my cleaning lady's daughter, to whom I still
had free access whenever I had fifty bucks to spare. But spying on the
accidentally-revealed privates of an unsuspecting child was somehow still
pretty exciting to me. With my high-powered binoculars, I had been able
to see inside the little girl's ill-fitting cotton underpants as she
squirmed upside down on the bars, her plaid schoolgirl skirt reversing to give me a clear view inside the gaping leg-holes at her winking vaginal
slit. The olive flesh between the child's thighs shone with perspiration,
showing me over and over again the gleaming folds of her hairless pussy.
My big cock was hard as stone.

I lost track of time as I watched the child play. When my sister rang my
doorbell, I put down my binoculars and hurried to answer the door. I know
Lucy saw how my rigid penis distended my pants, but she was in too much of
a hurry to even tease me about it. I suppose she never considered that it
could signal a sexual interest in a child as young as her baby daughter.
She rapidly reviewed the baby-sitting instructions, showed me where things
were in the diaper bag, gave Melissa a hurried kiss, and dashed off.

She was leaving her baby girl cradled in the arms of a man dying to rub
his swollen cockhead across those infant lips.

As soon as I was sure my sister had left, I took nine-month-old Melissa
quickly to my bedroom.
Talking quietly to her, I rapidly undressed her
and put her in the middle of my bed. Then I carefully rubbed pink baby
lotion all over her; especially into her crotch. Putting my face close, I
slowly explored the fat folds of her baby pussy and her bottom. With my
thumbs, I gently spread the chubby outer lips of little Melissa's sex,
revealing the thin ribbons of flesh that made up her tiny inner lips and
the undeveloped area where her miniature clitoris now lay quietly, but
would someday stand proudly. I also pushed her legs high to spread her
tiny buttocks, rubbing lotion carefully over and into her rosebud asshole.

Showing that she was truly "her mother's daughter," with my sister's
sensuous nature, Melissa gratified me by gladly accepting my illicit
caresses, cooing and chuckling as I touched her, making even more
pronounced sounds of pleasure as I probed at her tight bottom hole,
stroked up the slick surface of her vaginal valley and rubbed her undeveloped clit area.

After a few minutes, I removed all my clothes and climbed on the bed
beside my infant niece, positioning my swollen prick right in front of her
infant eyes. At first, I tried to get Melissa to lick or suck the
underside of my cock, but that didn't work; although babies will suck
nearly anything, I guess it has to fit in their mouths. Taking a
different tack, I carefully spread baby lotion over the tight-stretched
flesh of my stiff prick. Then, kneeling beside her on the bed, I put my
glistening cockmeat into Melissa's small, grasping hands. Although there
was little direct stimulation in these touches, I relished the lascivious
sight of this tiny girl playing happily with my huge, blue-veined cock.
As she touched my stone-hard penis, the drooling slime of my pre-cum
dripped from the end of my swollen cockhead onto her little chest.

All too soon, the excitement caused by watching the Hispanic girl earlier,
the touches of my naked niece, and my own fevered imagination became
simply too much. I gave in to the roaring pressure in my prostate,
feverishly running my fist up and down my big, throbbing penis, inches
from little Melissa's face. I thrilled at her wide-eyed look of
fascination as the monstrous piece of sexual man flesh was masturbated
before her innocent eyes.

I found myself wishing right then that Melissa were a little older --
maybe five or six -- so she could understand fully what a sexy sight she
was seeing, even if she were grossed out by it. I resolved that sometime
soon I would find a safe way to jerk myself off in front of a preschool
girl I would never see again, just to see the expression on her face.

As the wave of my orgasm washed over me, I ejaculated rivers of semen onto
my baby niece, being careful to avoid squirting my jism in her eyes.
Grabbing my camera, I rapidly took closeups of the incredibly sexy sight
of my sister's nine-month-old daughter, licking my thick cum off her lips.

Although my balls felt ready for another bout, I spent the rest of the
afternoon practicing my baby-sitting skills -- diapering, feeding,
rocking, and smiling at my niece's burbling chatter.
Later, after Lucy
picked Melissa up, I jerked myself off to another spine-splintering orgasm
as I stared excitedly at the proof-sheet of the half-dozen snapshots of my
tiny, cum-covered baby niece.

As the weeks and months went by, I came to care deeply for the baby girl
committed to my protection. I bought a stroller so I could take Melissa
on walks in the park. I bought all kinds of toys to entertain and educate

This is not to say that I gave up sex with Melissa. On the contrary, I
tried nearly every kind of sex play imaginable. Of course, even in my
most demented state of sexual frenzy, I realized that stuffing my monster
cock in my baby niece would kill her. But there were plenty of other
games we could play. And play them we did...

I would lubricate Melissa's crotch area with baby lotion or vaseline and
then put her in my lap facing me, sliding her slippery pussy up and down
the underside of my cock until I ejaculated. Melissa liked this game,
too, since the big vein on the bottom of my huge penis stroked her vulval
slit and stimulated her clitoral area. Again, I found the contrast
between the angry red flesh of my inflamed cockmeat and the baby's soft,
pale flesh almost as exciting as the feelings surging through my loins.
If my timing was right, I could sometimes get Melissa to grab the head of my throbbing cock just as the orgasm surged through me, smearing my slimy
semen with her hands as it jetted from deep within me.

I would put honey, peanut butter or marshmallow cream on the underside of
my cockhead and let Melissa eat it off. I taught her to keep licking when
my sperm became part of the mixture. And I would return the favor,
licking her entire crotch area, to her obvious delight.

And I imagine my sister's little girl probably had the cleanest pussy of
any girl her age, since every bath was an opportunity for me to explore
her fat, hairless little crotch with my soapy fingers.

If Melissa was wearing a dress when her mother dropped her off, I would
remove her diaper right away and then photograph her naked little cunt
peeping from beneath her tiny skirt as she played on the carpet. If she
was wearing some type of pants, I would take those off too, perhaps
dressing her instead in a frilly outfit I had bought so I could see the
fat lips of her hairless pussy as she crawled (and later walked) around my

Until Melissa was toilet-trained, I kept her on a rubber mat to protect my
bed and carpets, but I also sometimes found it a turn-on to watch the urine pour from her naked little notch. In fact, one of my favorite
photos from that period shows Melissa about 15 months old, squatting in
that feet-flat-on-the-floor and butt-one-inch-from-the-carpet way that
only children and third-world natives can accomplish. The camera lovingly
reveals every detail or her curly blonde hair, the dimples of her
mischievous smile, one of the be ribboned dresses I bought her gathered
around her chubby waist, and the yellow stream of piss surging from the
upper part of the reddish crease between the fat folds of her year-old

When I got hot enough, I would masturbate while watching her, even getting
her involved by touching my cock while I jerked it or rubbing the
squirting head on her soft, creamy skin to heighten the effect of my
orgasm. I always spoke soothingly to her so she wasn't frightened by this
huge man rubbing his erupting cockhead in her tiny slit.

In fact, when she was a baby, Melissa never seemed to pay any particular
attention to me stroking my dick. However, by the time she was three
years old, I began to worry that she would say something to her mother
(or, even worse, to her father, who was a redneck jerk).

But all my self-preservation instincts were clobbered by the accessibility
of my little niece. After a week or so of restraint, I would find myself
flogging my flesh in front of my darling Melissa. I decided that she must
have somehow sensed that this was something she did with me and not with
her Daddy or Mommy.

I also continued to undress her, to manipulate her pussy while bathing
her, to dress her in little outfits that revealed her bare cunt, and to
photograph her. Again, I just couldn't let the opportunity pass.
Fortunately, I guess Melissa had gotten used to dressing and undressing at
my place, and didn't think it was particularly significant.

One afternoon, after I had been playing with my bare-cunted niece for a
while, my hard cock was throbbing and I was ready to stroke myself into a
paper towel, so I wouldn't stain the $30 dress Melissa was wearing. Just
as I had gotten a paper towel from the kitchen and was about to unzip my
pants, I heard the key in the lock!

My sister Lucy had come back early to pick up her daughter. As I
desperately tried to think about hurricane warnings and other non-sexual
topics to lower my staff to half-mast, Lucy rounded the corner. Her alarmed look at the front of my trousers told me I hadn't been at all
successful in trying to tame my raging erection.

"Good heavens, Greg," she exclaimed. "You look like you used to when
you'd come back from a date with that prick-teaser, Doris Farmer! What's
got you so riled up?"

I decided there would be no hiding it, since I hadn't had time to get
Melissa's underpants on again, so I gestured helplessly toward the dining
room, where her three-year-old daughter sat playing with dolls on the
floor, her spread legs displaying her chubby little pussy.

"Well," my sister said, "You must be hard up for pussy if a little girl
like that can get you going!"

I couldn't believe she wasn't angry. In fact ...

"Maybe you need to see what a real woman looks like," grinned Lucy. "Ever
since I got pregnant again, I've been horny as hell, and my husband's
little six-inch prick is just not enough. I've been dying to show you how
my tits have grown."

To my absolute astonishment, and with no attempt to hide herself from the
room where her little daughter played, my sister raised her tee-shirt and
lifted her bra out of the away, showing me her swollen belly and those
amazing, inch-long nipples, atop newly-huge pregnant breasts.

"I've been wanting some more of that brotherly love ever since I got
pregnant," she whispered, stepping close and caressing the rigid rod that
extended down my leg.

I didn't know exactly where this was going, but I liked how it was
starting. As Lucy bent over my chair and struggled to extract my cock
from my pants, I leaned forward to lock my lips around one of those long,
swollen nipples, drawing it into my mouth and flipping it back and forth
with my tongue. I sucked strongly on it, hoping to extract a little
mother's milk. As it did when we were kids, this type of tittie-
manipulation drove my sister crazy.

"Quick!" she groaned. "Do it to me!"

I couldn't believe my luck. Pulling down her shorts to her knees, Lucy
bent forward to lean on the couch, extending her naked crotch backward for
me to enter. I lost no time, standing and levering my quivering prick
into the red slot below her big butt and reaching around to continue
squeezing her swollen nipples. We both groaned in pleasure as my nine-
inch cock slid easily into her wet pussy.

I looked up to see little Melissa watching us curiously from the dining
room. I knew she couldn't see what we were doing, but the sound we made
may have sounded alarming. To reassure her, I grinned and said, "You r
Mommy and I have a little work to do here, so you just keep playing for a
minute more." I was rewarded by Melissa smiling back and rearranging her dolls between her legs, once again displaying her soft, hairless pussy as she did so.

"Not so deep," Lucy warned me, doubtless worrying about what my big slammer might do to her unborn child. But it was no use. I could feel
her fingernail on the underside of my prick, as she madly manipulated her
clitoris. That last touch sent me over the edge. With my gaze fastened
on Melissa's sweet hairless cunt, I planted my squirting cock as far
inside her mother as it would go. My sister joined me in orgasm as soon
as she felt my liquid jetting inside her.

Soon after that fateful afternoon, when Melissa was about four, and right
after her sister Marian was born, Lucy's husband was killed in an auto
accident. The jerk didn't leave Lucy and the girls with much money, so
Lucy had to keep working. To save money, she moved into a downtown
apartment complex only a few blocks from mine. That meant I was in even
more demand as a sitter, but this time with two young girls to fondle and

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