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My name is Sharon (Shaz) McLennan I am a prostitute, stripper for a biker club. But that is now. I lived in a dysfunctional family but it was my dysfunctional family. My mother was a drug addict and my father was into guys. At the time of this story I was or was almost sixteen. I was now (5’11 and 165 pounds with 34B breasts) and wasn’t so chubby now. My mother got me in drugs and then cock. She had several boyfriends or male friends with benefits.
My early addiction to drugs and cock had begun.

I was fifteen and nearing sixteen if not sixteen already.
My height was close to six feet tall (5’11) now and my weight had dropped in the meantime (165 pounds).

I was now buying sized tens clothes and steadily smaller.

Although I had lost about twenty five to thirty pounds in the past twelve months I still showed signs of chubbiness.

My breasts weren’t huge but had grown slightly to 34B bra sizes.

I was usually doing lines of coke with mum and her guy of the time.
Mum had so many male partners I forgot their names but for a few.
She wasn’t interested in them as much as the drugs they gave her.

Dad knew what I was doing but couldn’t stop me as I knew what he was doing and it embarrassed him that I did.

Her guys knew I was a sex maniac and would often sneak me party drugs like coke and ecstasy.

Then later sneak me out for a session with more of their friends.

It has now been two years of sex and drugs; and a year out of school.

Mum didn’t like me screwing in front of her when she was passed out.

So we waited for her to pass out and left the house to do it.

It was July when Mo (short for Muhammad) visited mum and me.

He and mum had just had sex in front of me as I snorted a line of coke and watched TV.

Mum then injected something in her arm and flaked out.

Mo smiled at me and kissed me as he slowly dressed.

He then rang someone and within ten minutes a car pulled up at my front gate.

A horn sounded.

I looked out of the curtains and saw a carload of black men near the front gate.

“Shazza are you coming?” Mo asked.
I smiled and we both left in the car.

All six of us then squeezed into a large Ford.

I was squeezed into the back seat right in the middle.

We drove for several minutes with his friends groping my breasts under my top and biting my neck.

We usually went to some derelict building and screwed for hours but not today.

Today we went somewhere new.
We drove to a car park in the red light district and snorted some coke.

One of the guys opened the rear entrance to a club while we did.
He waved us to come and we slowly left the car buzzing.

It was the “Zebra’s New Africa Club” I knew nothing about this place.

It was some sort of strip club full of dark skinned patrons.

There were all sorts of white girls entertaining them by pole-dancing, stripping or serving alcohol topless.

I only had a brief view before Mo’s friends whisked me away.

As I was under aged they hurried me away from the security guards and away from the main bar.

What I saw before we disappeared was a glimpse of what looked to me to be a group of black men with motorcycle gang jackets.
Up until now I had only seen white and Latino bike gangs so I was intrigued by this.

I glanced back at them one last time before walking up the carpeted stairs.

One biker looked straight at me so I quickly turned around.

When we finally reached the top of the stairs there was a hallway of rooms or suites.

It was one of these rooms that I was whisked into.

I looked around the room and removed my flip-flop shoes.

Inside was a large bed with purple sheets on top of white thick carpeted flooring.
There seemed to be another room which I assumed was for toiletry and bathing.

Before I got comfortable on the edge of the bed there were hands groping me and lips with teeth biting me.

As I was lowered to the carpeted floor my top and bra were quickly dispersed and I was on my knees with cocks already presented to me.

Instinctively I opened my mouth to the nearest cock and gulped it down as best I could.

While I sucked on the cock in my mouth my free hands first caressed and then began stroking another two cocks.

In no amount of time I had his cock sliding inside my mouth nice and deep.

The effort was forcing me to gag and he relented and let me cough saliva out.

Then I eagerly placed it back inside and went to work on it once again.

I was gagging but didn’t stop and my gag reflex had me breathing through my nose.

My eyes were running but I could see it was Mo’s cock in my mouth.
I had Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum’s (never knew their real names) cocks in my hands while Alex sat on the bed stroking his cock slowly.

Mo was beginning to get excited and begun to thrust into my mouth with more vigor now.

Drool was trickling out the edges of my lips each time he pulled back.

The guys I was jerking off were caressing my hair and cheeks.
It was the encouragement I needed.

By now Mo was getting real agitated and began to fuck more than slide his cock into my face.

He was groaning out moans while forcing my face at times down deep onto his groin.

So deep were his thrusts that his balls would slap into my glistening chin.

My eyes were runny and air was something I wasn’t getting much of.

I had stopped jerking the Tweedle brothers and just gripped their cocks tightly.
My eyes were feeling like they were sinking back in my head and the world began to stand still.

I looked up at Mo and he was grinning.
Why was he grinning? I thought to myself.

Then I realized why as he started letting out grunts with his moans.
He was on the verge of cumming.

I felt his cock start to twitch inside my throat and mouth right before it exploded.

He held my head tightly to his groin as his cum flow out of his cock and into my throat and stomach.

It’s like I was drowning before he relented and allowed me to catch my breath by pulling his big cock out.

I dropped to my hands and knees and let out several coughs as I gasped for much needed air.

A mixture of cum and saliva oozed out from within my open gasping mouth.

I was in this prone position for about a minute or two.
Someone started to remove my jeans then my knickers.

When I looked up next one of the Tweedle brothers had his cock near my face.
I took one last deep breath and started sucking then licking on its mushroom head.

I slowly sucked on his cock while he caressed my hair.

It was not long after that I felt someone nudge their cock near the wetness of my pussy’s entrance.

“Hmm.” I moaned out as it slid inside.

I had caught my breath by now and was back at sucking on some cock once again.

Also as the cock in my pussy slid in I pushed back just enough to make it almost bottom inside.
He then grabbed a hold of my hips and started to grind his cock inside my hungry pussy.

Feeling the head slide in felt thrilling and made me suck cock like a ravenous animal.

I felt in heaven as both cocks now were thrusting into me hard.
My eyes rolled back in my head each time they thrust into me.

I was muffling moans by this time.

“Aw oh aw.” I moaned, as I was having orgasm after orgasm.

I assumed I was being spit roasted by the Tweedle brothers and they were nearing their own climax.

Their moans and grunts gave them away.

“Oh fuck god.” Tweedle in my face (Tweedle One) blurted.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Tweedle in my pussy (Tweedle Two) also blurted out.

They continued to fuck me and they continued to moan.
When their grunting became more frequent I knew I was going to have their cum soon.

It was Tweedle Two in my pussy who came first.

He let out a loud groan and his cock went inside me balls deep and spasmed inside.
Then his thrust became little sharp ones until he pulled out.

Tweedle One in my mouth removed his cock just before he was about to cum and moved into my sloppy pussy right as he was about to cum.

I felt small splashes on my lower back as he slid it inside and finished off there.

I licked my lips of saliva and had my head down as Tweedle One slowly removed his cock from my pussy.

Now I had a mixture of both Tweedle’s cum inside my wet pussy but my night wasn’t over yet.

Alex who has sat patiently teasing his cock soon rose from the bed.

He stood behind me and knelt into me.

By now I was expecting another cock in my sloppy pussy and I wasn’t let down.

I felt his cock touching my dripping slit.

He then had a grip on my hips and made me let out a tiny moan as he slid his cock inside.

I arched my back ever so slightly in enjoyment.

His cock was either fatter or bigger or both than the other ones I had today.
I had to bite my lip as he seemed to start really hammering me almost immediately.

With each thrust my body began to shudder.
I let out tiny moans as he fucked me with his fierce cock.

I think because of the size of cock I was already feeling its effects and was already swimming in an orgasm.

I rocked my head back then dropped it down once I hit orgasm number one.

It spurred him and he fucked me even harder.

I had a further two more orgasms before he filled my insides with cum.

When he pulled out of me and he turned me around to present my mouth with his cock.

To which I sucked.

I could taste cum and myself on it.

Hmm, was the sound from my mouth with cock in it.

Once he had enough they all left me alone for moment as they all drank some refreshments.

I sat on the carpet with my legs flat and spread out.

My pussy felt like it was burning as I watched cum ooze out from it.

I then looked at the guys still naked and laughing.

“Mo!” I chanted out.
They all looked at me.

“Bring me that big cock of yours.” I ordered.
He then walked over to me.

He held out his hand and helped me get up from the floor.

We kissed and he put both hands on my ass and lifted me up.
I hugged on to him as he carried me towards the bed.

We kissed as he sat me down.

He then lay me on my back and started to finger my cum-filled pussy nice and gently.

I began to spread my legs apart as he did this.

He then leaned down and bit on a nipple before biting my titties.

I let out tiny moans.

After several minutes of me moaning he lay down next to me.

We kissed and I climbed on top of him.

I positioned myself over his big cock and eased it inside my cum-soaked pussy.

As I opened up cum oozed out and coated Mo’s cock.

His cock inched inside me before I let out a gasp.

“Oh god yes, that’s it, oh god hmmm.” I moaned out.

Alex came over and now he was kissing me.

I now started to grind my hips as I slowly rode Mo’s cock.
Mo held on to my hips and lay back smiling.

Alex now was pinching my nipples and biting my titties.

I was in heaven I felt.

Now it had been several minutes of me grinding my hips with Mo’s cock inside before I began to really ride him.

While Alex bit into my titties I bounced on top of Mo’s cock.

“Oooohhhh fuck hmm.” I groaned out.

Alex stopped biting my tits.
I looked down at him.

“Oh god, don’t stop.” I pleaded.
With that he went back to kissing and biting them.

Mo was now moaning and I thought he was cumming or about too.

He now had a firm grip on my hips.

I wasn’t ready to cum yet but wished I was.

Mo couldn’t wait and called out.

“Oooohhhh fuck I’m cumming god yes!” He blurted out.

Mo’s legs twitched as he planted his cum inside me.

He flopped his arms from my hips and spread them apart on the bed like a snow angel.

He was happy and content but he had cum just a bit too early.
I felt frustrated as I wasn’t even close to cumming yet myself.

I tried to keep grinding to achieve one but Mo wasn’t into it and pushed me off him.

Mo used a little too much force which caused me and Alex to both fall off the bed.

When we hit the floor we both knocked heads.

At first we were both stunned before we looked at each other and just giggled.

“Sorry!” Mo said, with embarrassment.
Mo’s cock was already flaccid with slags of cum dangling from it.

I looked around and the Tweedle’s were already getting dressed.

“Who is going to help me off?” I said almost with apathy.

Then I looked at Alex.

“You, get your black nigger cock over here and fuck me like your bitch.” I ordered in a pleading manner.

Alex grinned and looked eager.

I stood up and I could feel cum running down my legs as I walked back towards the bed.

First we kissed and fondled each other and I could feel Alex’s big cock rising as it wobbled near my mound and lower belly.

The Tweedles briefly watched while Mo sat down and drank a beer.

I then lower myself to my knees in front of Alex who sat back down on the edge of the bed.

I found myself mesmerized by his large cock and the thick bush of curly pubic hair below his shaft.

Then my focus was on his cock itself.
I watched the tiny droplets of pre-cum oozing from its eye before deciding to wrap a hand around it and kissing it.

My messed up hair fell in front of my eyes and face as I leaned down.

I slightly spread my legs apart while I got myself comfortable as I squatted in front of Alex.
As I did some of the cum that was inside my pussy began to ooze out.

After kissing his cock I looked up at Alex.
Our eyes met and with a demented grin I began to slap his cock into my face.

I started to jerk his cock as he rested the palms of his hands on the bed.

While jerking his cock slowly I ran my tongue around the mushroom head and tasted his pre-cum.

I then put the top of it inside my mouth and slowly started to suck.

While I wrapped both hands around his cock and slowly jerked it.

I stopped sucking briefly and looked at him disappointed.

“It’s too big and fat.” I apologetically said.

He just smirked at me.

I continued to tease the tip of his cock with my tongue and waiting on what action he might want to take.

I made another attempt to gobble his cock down in my mouth by stretching my mouth open wider.

The head of his cock was to fat to go down my throat without adverse effects but I still attempted to suck on it to the best of my ability.

I made noisy sucking and grunting sounds as I struggled with it just to please him.

“Stop, stop.” He said frustrated.
I stopped and looked at him with the thought of failure filling my head.

“Jump on the bed.” He ordered.
I gave his cock one last suck before easing myself from it.

His cock was now dripping with the slick of pre-cum and my saliva from my failed attempts to please him.
I wiped my chin of saliva and crawled onto the bed.

Alex had walked over to the Tweedles and chatted briefly.

When he came back to me he presented me with some coke on a piece of shiny steel.
I snorted it and smiled at him.

Then he pushed me down onto my back and had a hold of my knees.
He then pulled my legs apart and wide.

I arched my back on the bed and closed my eyes as the feeling of him easing his cock inside my sloppy pussy overwhelmed me.

He placed my legs on top of his shoulders and leaned into me.
I felt him blow a breath of air into my face right before he started to slowly fuck me.

I opened my eyes as the sensation of his slow thrusting filled my body.

The urge to squirm around and make him fuck me harder was evident.

His cock was big but I didn’t have all of it in me and I really wanted it to be.
But Alex resisted and had me wishing he would.

He slowly ground his thick big black cock inside me leaving me wanting more, until I could take no more.

“Oh come on, fuck me and fuck me good.” I was frustrated by now, as I said this.
I arched my lower back and bucked it into him a few times.

“Ok I get it but you asked for it.” He responded.

Alex moved his feet around and started to now fuck me good and hard.
So hard in fact; that I felt like a ragdoll with my body being almost folded in half.

At times my knees would be briefly touching my shoulders from this action.

I was licking my lips and looking right into his ravenous eyes.

Oh god, I thought to myself as I felt the sensation of my first orgasm for a while.

He was now slamming into me for a good ten minute and in that time I think I had another two more orgasms.

“Oh fuck oh fuck I’m cumming.” He blurted out.

I lay on my back licking my lips like a sexy deviate.
While my eyes rolled backwards in head as my orgasms filled my body with ecstasy.

When he did cum he leaned so far forward that my legs were pointing in the air and my knees were forced into my shoulders.
I could feel his cock expand inside me then exploding.

The hunger to cum had my appetite finally quenched.
My pussy was also satisfied by another load of warm cum inside it.

Once the last droplets of cum had left Alex’s cock the pressure he had on me did also.

As his cock slowly became flaccid inside me he clawed and twisted my titties before biting them hard.

He then hugged me before lifting me off the bed in an embrace and kissing me.

I could feel his flaccid cock slip out of my pussy and cum slowly ooze out with it.

He then lay me down on the bed again and walked to the bathroom.

I rested for a while as I felt exhausted.

I must have dozed off.

I only woke when I felt someone attempt to pick me up.
It was Mo and he picked my dead weight up as if I was a sack of flour.

He carried me over his shoulder into the bathroom.

Mo then bent me over the bath tub that was filled with warm bubbled water.

In this position he gave me one more load of cum in my now sore pussy.
Before he then helped me into the warm bathtub.

I soaked myself in the tub for about half an hour.

My muscles felt stiff and I could briefly see the results of all the bite marks on my body for the first time on the wall to wall mirrors.
I had slowly forming hickeys on my neck and breasts.

I was so stiff was I had trouble getting out of the tub.

I called out for help.

Mo come in and helped me get out.
My legs felt like jelly and I fell into Mo’s body.

Mo had to first help me steady and then dry me off with a towel.

We embraced and kissed before I wrapped a towel around my hair and put on a robe.

Mo then was helped me walk out of the bathroom by holding a firm grip onto my hips with an arm.

Someone passed me a drink of coke and I sat down on the edge of the bed.

My clothes were neatly placed there (expect for my knickers which had been used to clean up cum stains on the carpet).

I put my clothes back on and relaxed.

The guys all hugged me individually and kissed me.

My legs were still like jelly and I ached all over.
I still needed help to stand.

So Mo held an arm around my hip again and helped me stand.

My legs almost gave way again so Alex helped me into Mo’s arms.

The two Tweedles didn’t care.
All they wanted to do was leave and had already opened the door.

They led Mo and me down the stairs with Alex walking right behind us.
Alex kept an eye on me just in case I stumbled while he twirled his car keys about.

As we slowly walked down the steps my weary head was slowly scanning the venue.

I noticed that the same biker who watched us before was watching us again.
He had a beer in one hand and rubbed his beard with the other.

There was less bikers inside the venue now than earlier.
But the venue still had a lot of people inside.

Mo held me firmly to him by my hip as he escorted out of the venue through the back door.

We stood outside while Alex and the Tweedles retrieved the car.

Once I was inside I was squeezed between the Tweedles who kissed and groped me in the back seat on our journey to my home.

I let them as I was too far gone to do anything about it.

At home I slowly was helped out of the car by Mo not before kissing him and his pals’ goodbye.

As I staggered and then gingerly and slowly walked in by the front gate then inside the house, I could see mum was already waiting for me.

She said nothing to me but I knew she was pissed as she slowly shook her head from side to side.

That was the first of many visits to the “Zebra’s New Africa” club.

For the next few weeks I was taken by Mo to the club regularly on Mondays.

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