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Johnny’s Mom had passed away several years before, from some form of cancer he still couldn’t pronounce. He was 17, and still living on the farm with his Dad. She had been a very beautiful woman, and he had the only picture of her still in the house in his room. His Dad wouldn’t have any others where he could see them.

His dad, Bill, was a computer tech, who worked on and off in the City for a big firm. He only had to go in when there was a hardware problem, which only happened a few times a year. He was in the City right now, leaving his son to take care of the animals before and after school. This time, it was taking over a week to fix the problem. Usually, his Dad was gone for just a few days at most.

Johnny was in the barn, having finished his chores. They were light today, being feeding the horses out in the corral and the chickens in the pen. He’d finished swamping out the stalls yesterday, and they were good for most of the rest of the week. He was up in the third loft with his girlie mags, pants down around his ankles and slowly stroking off when he heard his Dad’s truck pull into the driveway. The thing that got his attention was the sound of another car pulling in right behind it. Quickly, he did his pants back up and hurried out of the loft.

Coming outside into the bright sunlight made him squint, but he could tell that there were two lovely ladies in the yard with his Dad.

“Johnny, I want you to meet my new wife, Anne.” he said proudly, holding a woman’s hand. She was wearing a red sundress that showed her hour-glass figure off nicely. She was blonde, with full, generous lips and a bright, cheerful smile. Johnny smiled back at her.

Another girl got out of the car, scowling. She had black hair, cut quite short, and was wearing a black and burgundy dress, with a white blouse under it, and long black gloves that went up nearly to her elbows. She looked around at the farmyard, then up at the big white house, put her hands on her hips and looked at her mother.

“I hate it.” she said. “Everything is covered with dirt, there’s no neighbors, and no stores for miles. Can we go back now?”

“Rebecca, we talked about this in the car on the way here. We are staying at least a month to give it a real chance, remember?” said her mother.

“And I thought we had agreed that you would call me Infinity.” the daughter pouted. “You already broke your promise, so we can leave right now.”

“Now look here, little lady, I thought WE had agreed that you were going to give this an honest chance.” said Bill, Johnny’s Dad. “Doesn’t sound to me like you’re livin’ up to you’re end of the bargain.” He turned to Johnny and gestured for him to come forward. “Now, this here’s my son Johnny. He’s just under a year older than you, so I expect you two will find somethin’ in common to talk about.” He grinned at the woman who’s hand he was holding. “Me and you’re maw are going inside to do some celebratin’.”

“Hi.” Johnny said, stepping forward. “I think you said you prefer to be called “Infinity?”

She looked coldly at him. “You needn’t bother. I won’t be staying long.”

“W’all, what’re you gonna do, sit in your car for the whole month?” Johnny grinned at her. “How’s about you let me show you around for a bit? It’s right purty this time of year. We could go for a drive in my truck, or ride one of the hosses?”

“No, I don’t think so.” she said primly.

“Rebecca, he is trying to be friendly.” her mother said. “The least you could do is accept his offer of hospitality.” The coldness in her voice was a sharp contrast to the sweetness it had had for his father when she spoke to him. The was some iron in this lady, Johnny noted with approval.

“Mother, if you will call me “Infinity” from now on, I will do my best to `get along` here.” said the girl. “Starting now.”

“Fine.” said the blonde woman. “Infinity, Johnny has invited you to tour the farm with him. I suggest you take him up on that offer.” With that, she offered her arm to her new husband and smiled up at him. “Will you show me into the house?” she asked.

“With great pleasure, milady.” Bill said gallantly, and led her towards the house.

“Come on, Infinity. Do you want to go in the truck, or should I saddle us up some horses?”

“Well, I’m not really dressed for riding. “ she said. “Why don’t we just take the truck for today?”

“Fine.” agreed Johnny. It’s out behind the barn.” He led her across the yard, away from the house.

“It stinks here.” she said, wrinkling her nose. “I can smell poop everywhere.”

“Well, you’ll get used to it in a day or two.” he said. “I don’t even smell it anymore.”

“That’s really sad.” she said. “To be surrounded by shit, and to not even notice.”

Johnny looked askance at her, unused to hearing cusswords from ladies. She laughed at his expression.

“You look like you never heard the word shit before.” she giggled.

“Oh, I’ve heard it.” he replied. “I’ve even said it. I’m just not used to hearing it out of such a pretty girl before.”

She stared at him, hostile. “You.” she said, “are not allowed to think I am pretty. We do not know each other that well yet.”

“Well, I’m allowed to have my opinions.” he said. “But I’ll keep them to myself if you’d prefer.”

“That would be perfect.” she said, then stopped in her tracks. “That’s your truck?” she asked, her mouth agape.

The vehicle in question was huge, sitting on tires taller than she was. The floorboard was higher than her head, and the whole thing was shiny black, and spotless. It was easily the cleanest thing on the farm. Chrome glittered in the sunlight.

“Sure.” he said. “Beauty, ain’t she?”

“Oh my god, how am I supposed to get into it?” she breathed. I can’t even reach that high.”

“Here, this will help.” he said, getting a ladder off the wall of the nearby barn. She hadn’t even noticed it there. He unfolded it and set it up next to his truck. “I’ll just hold it steady for you as you go up.”

She was a little intimidated by the size of the thing, but she was determined to not show him her fear, and went right over to the ladder. As she climbed it, it wobbled a little, and Johnny reached up and put his hand on her ass to steady her.

“Easy, now, don’t rush it, just take your time.” he said, noting how firm her ass was under his hand. She glared at him and opened the door of the truck, then put her foot over, onto the running board and heaved herself in. As she did, her dress flared out a little, and he caught a glimpse of her white panties clearly outlining her camel toe. He didn’t say anything about it, but the image was burned into his mind. She had nice, trim legs too, he noticed.

She pulled her dress in around her and shut the door as he went around to the driver’s side after putting the ladder back. In no time at all, he had hopped up beside her and started it up with a roar.

Inside the house, Bill heard Johnny’s truck start and grinned at his new bride.

“Well, Anne, they’ll be gone for an hour or more.” he said, taking her in his arms. “Looks like we have the house to ourselves for a bit.”

“Bill, This is a beautiful house!” she exclaimed. “You must take me on the grand tour.”

“Well, okay.” he grudgingly assented. “This is the living room.” He led her over to a door and through it.

“This is the kitchen.”

“Bill, it’s lovely!” she exclaimed. “So full of light, and so spacious!” She went over to the island in the middle and ran her hand over the marble counter top. “I’ve always wanted on of these!”

“Anne, those kids will be back before we know it.” Bill said. “There’s going to be plenty of time to see the house.”

“And right now, you want to show me your bedroom, right?” she said, playfully.

“You must be psychic,” he grinned. “Come on, we’ll take the back stairs. He led her into the pantry and up a narrow, curved staircase that was only used by servants, back in the day.

“What a nifty passageway!” she marveled. “I wonder what it’s here for?”

“It was used by the slaves, so they would not have to use the grand staircase in the main hall.” he explained. “This house is over 200 years old.

“Slaves?” she asked, dubiously. “This farm once had slaves on it?”

“Well, yeah, but that was long ago.” he said, following closely behind her.

“But that’s awful!” she said. “I’ve read that the owners used to do the most despicable things to them!”

“Oh, well, that was in the Deep South.” he said. “This was one of the northernmost plantations. Nothing so terrible happened here, I’m sure.”

“But it could have! You don’t know. There’s no way to know for sure.”

“Actually, up in the attic are all the old accounting ledgers and journals of several of the owners of this plantation.” Bill told her as they reached the top of the stairway. “I’ve never read them all, but it’s mostly boring stuff about how much cotton, corn and wheat was harvested each year and the prices fetched for it. I do know that most of the Agriculture was switched over to cattle and horses in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.”

“Why, I’d love to read them!” she said. “I’m sure they are just fascinating!!”

“Well, right now, I have a different fascination.” he grinned, sliding his hands onto her ass and pulling her in for a kiss.

“So where is this bedroom of yours?” she asked, a little breathlessly. His hands were pulling down the zipper of her red dress, and then found their way inside the material onto the skin of her back.

“Not sure we’re going to make it there, honey.” he whispered, seeing the front of her dress fall away and exposing her smallish breasts that he loved so much. He bent his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling it in the way he knew she liked. Three steps further, and the red garment puddled onto the floor, leaving her clad only in white thong panties. He lowered her to the floor and lay on top of her.

Out in the truck, Johnny was driving like a madman, speeding over the dirt road a little faster than he usually took it. He was catching air on some of the bigger bumps, but the road was plenty wide for his monster truck, having been well used in the two years he’d been driving over it. He knew it like the back of his hand.

Rebecca, or Infinity, as she preferred to be called, was sitting in the middle of the seat and hanging on to his arm as she shrieked and laughed her ass off at ever little jump they took. She was having the time of her life.

She had never been in a vehicle this big or gone so fast before. In fact, this was her first ride in a truck and her first time on a dirt road. She was pure city girl, but this was a completely new thrill for her.

All too soon, he pulled into a big, grassy meadow overlooking a small lake, and he shut the roaring motor off. As soon as he did, she was struck by the sudden silence.

“Like to get out and go for a swim? I happen to know that the water is perfect this time of year.” he said.

She suddenly realized that she was snuggled up close to him, holding tightly to his arm as his hand lay high on her upper thigh, and she was grinning from ear to ear. She hadn’t smiled so broadly in over two years.

“Uh, yeah, that would be great.” she said, demurely sliding back over to her own side. “I need to cool off after all that.”

He hopped out and went around to her side as she opened the door and looked down at the eight foot drop.

“Uh, I’m going to need some help getting down, I think.” she admitted. He grinned up at her and held up his outstretched hands.

“I promise to not let you fall.” he said. She got out, holding the door handle for dear life, and perched on the running board. She didn’t know it, but he had a clear view up her dress again, and this time he could clearly see the wet spot on her white panties. The drive had really gotten her going, he surmised.

“You better not!“ she warned. “I’m scared of heights!“

She hopped off the truck, and he caught her deftly under her arms and lowered her gently to the ground.

“See?” he said.” “Light as a feather.” His hands were still on her, and he slid them off the sides of her breasts as he let go.

“Oh, that was…” she said, blushing as she realized that he had just copped a feel of her tits. “Thank you.” she said. She was a little confused by her feelings. On one hand, she knew she was supposed to act all outraged at his effrontery, but on the other hand, she had a big ball of heat in the pit of her stomach, and she didn’t feel like pretending to be something she wasn’t with him. Somehow, she just didn’t feel the need to. He was genuine, and something in him made her want to as be real as he was.

“Lets go down to the lake, then.” he said, taking her hand in his. She didn’t pull it away, she was beginning to really like his touch. He led her down a well used path and onto the shore. There were several large rocks to lay on along the edge, and she could see several more a few yards out poking their heads out of the water that were also perfect to lay on and sun ones-self.

“Come on, you don’t want to wear all those clothes in the water, do you?” he asked, stripping off his T-shirt in one smooth motion.

“Oh, I didn’t bring a bathing suit!” she suddenly realized. “I can’t go swimming.”

Johnny laughed out loud. “Bathing suit? What’s that?”

“A swimsuit?” she asked puzzled at his laughter. “You never heard of a swim suit? Bikinis? One pieces? Never heard of those?”

“Oh, well, sure.” he said. “But we don’t use them around here. We just swim in our skin.”

She watched as he unbuckled his belt, and turned away as he started pushing his jeans down, blushing.

“I… I just couldn’t.” she said, her back turned. “I’d be way too embarrassed to take my clothes off out here. What if somebody saw?”

Johnny laughed again. “Look around!” he said, chuckling. “Who’s to see? Well, just Bessie the cow over there, but I promise, she’ll never say a word to anyone.”

“Well, YOU’LL see me.” she said, risking a look over her shoulder. He was standing there in his boxers only.

“I won’t tell anyone, either.” he said, solemnly. “What if we both just wear our underwear? How would that be?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.” she said, looking wistfully at the water. “It sure does look inviting!”

“It’s the best.” he said. “Here, I’ll turn my back while you get undressed, okay? My Dad did raise me to be a gentleman, you know.” Gallantly, he made a show of turning his back to her, and she was stuck. Numbly, she began unbuttoning the front of her black dress, then pushed it down and folded it neatly onto the clean rock beside her. Her white blouse followed it, and she was standing there in her lacy white bra and white thong panties.

“Uh, okay, you can turn around now.” she said, weakly. Never before had she felt so naked in front of a boy. He was the first ever to see her in such a state of undress.

He turned to face her, and his eyes widened in surprise at her shapely beauty. Her belly was flat, her legs long and well formed. Her breasts were quite small in her bra, but he could see the darkness of her nipples through the sheer lace material. He couldn’t help it, his boxers tented out immensely at the sight of her.

“Uh, excuse me.” he said lamely, seeing her eyes drop down and stare at his crotch. “Maybe the water will help get it to go back down.” He turned and dove into the water, and she began laughing out loud as he came back up a moment later, his head bobbing right next to his floating boxers. The water has smoothed them right off his body as he entered the water.

“Well, shoot.” he muttered. “They came right off, didn’t they?” he caught them as they began to sink, wadded them into a ball, and threw them on shore, right next to her. She picked them up and shook them out, then spread them on the rock by her clothes to dry.

“Are you coming in?” he asked. “This water is like a bathtub once you get in.”

“Okay.” she said. “No use standing here on shore and letting you look at me all day.” She went over to the edge and tested it with her toe. “Ahh! It’s cold!” she exclaimed.

“Well, of course it is when you do it like that!” he said. “The only way to do it proper is all at once, like I did.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, looking worried. “It looks really deep right there.”

“You don’t want to go diving into the shallows, let me tell you what.” he said, seriously. “Hitting the bottom is no joke.”

“Well, did it work?” she asked nervously.” “Your…thing. It’s not still hard, is it?”

“Nope, this water did the trick just fine.” he said. “Come on in, I promise not to hurt you.”

“Okay.” she said, the last of her objections gone. She gathered herself, then bent, and dove into the water in one of the cleanest entries he’d ever seen. She came up right beside him, treading water.

“Wow, you were right!” she said. “Once you get all the way in, it’s really warm!”

“Hey, I might have told you a little fib back there.” he said. “This water hasn’t affected it at all.” She grinned at him wickedly

“It because of me that it got all hard, isn’t it?” she asked. “It wasn’t hard at all until you saw me in my underwear.”

“That’s just right.” he told her. “You’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen in person.”

“What, you’ve seen prettier girls on TV?” she teased. “Like who?”

“Not on TV.” he admitted. “In a magazine. And I said sexiest, not prettiest. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, on TV or not.”

“Well, what’s the difference?” she asked. “Sexy, pretty, same thing, right?”

“Nope, not at all.” he answered. “Pretty can go to church. Sexy don’t belong there at all.”

“I don’t go to church.” she said. “Is that what makes me sexy?”

“Partly.” he told her. “But that’s not all of it.”

“Well, tell me the rest!” she demanded.

“Swim over to that rock.” he said, pointing. “It’s too hard to tread water and talk at the same time.” She nodded and easily slipped through the water to the rock he had indicated, then climbed out, using the natural hand and footholds she found grooved into it. He was right behind her, and got out as well, sitting next to her in the bright sunshine.

“Oh, boy, you weren’t kidding about the water having no effect on it.” she giggled, staring at his cock sticking straight up from his hairy groin. “It looks even bigger in person than it did in your shorts!”

“You’re the first girl who’s ever seen it.” he admitted to her. “You really think it’s big?”

“Well, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.” she giggled. “Can I touch it?”

“Yeah, if you want to.” he said, opening his legs a little. Her bra was nearly transparent now that it was wet, and he could almost clearly see her nipples as they hardened at the soft breeze that came up across the lake. Her hand went out and her fingertips stroked it softly.

“Ohh.” she said softly. “It’s like, hard and soft at the same time.”

“I like it when you do that.” he said. “Try curling your fingers around it and making a fist.”

She did as he said, closing her fingers around his girth. They didn’t quite meet her palm, he was so thick, and her hand so small. He closed his own hand around hers and began moving them up and down on it’s length together, then let go after she had the idea and knew what to do.

He turned toward her, raised his hand to her face, and leaned over to kiss her.

“Mmph!” she moaned in surprise as their lips met, then she was ardently kissing him back, her little fist never missing a stroke. His hand slid down to her shoulder, then pushed the strap off and down her arm. She felt it happen, but her passion was rising and she simply couldn’t care enough to stop him. It would break the magic of this moment.

He cupped her bare breast in his palm a moment later, feeling her nipple pressing into the center of it like a pebble. As the kiss broke, he lay her back and nibbled the side of her neck, just under her ear. He looked down at her, smiling into her eyes, then opened the front hook of her bra and moved the two pieces to the side, alternating fondling her rock hard nipples with is free hand, The other was propping him up. Her hand was still on him, stroking softly and slowly up and down it’s length.

“I take it back.” he told he, whispering. “You’re even more sexy than the girls in my magazines.”

“The way you’re touching my breasts is making my feel all funny.” she told him. Her legs writhed together for a moment, then her knees drew up and parted. “It feels all wet between my legs.”

“Right here?” he asked, sliding his hand down her belly and cupping her mons. His middle finger slid up and down over the outside of her panties, finding her clit and gliding in small circles over it.

“Ohh, yes, that’s the exact spot.” she moaned.

“I could tell.” he said, “It’s definitely wetter there than just water can make it.” He grinned at her devilishly. “I wonder…”

“I don’t like that look on you face.” she said, letting go of his dick. “What are you thinking about?”

“It’s a secret.” he said. “If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore.”

“I can keep a secret.” she said. “Tell me.”

“It’s not something I can tell you.” he said. “It’s something I want to try out with you. Will you help me?”

“Sure,” she agreed. “As long as you keep doing that with your hand.”

“I’ll need to take these off.” he said. “Will you let me do that?”

She nodded, biting her lip, then lifted her butt up and let him take her panties down. The crotch stuck to her labia for a moment, having been pressed into them by his fingers, then he slid then over her knees, then her ankles, and she was completely exposed to this boy she had only met half an hour ago.

“You might as well have this off, too.” she said, taking off the open bra. He grinned, wadded it up, and sent it sailing to land next to their other underclothes. “What did you want to show me?” she said. She was a little nervous about being naked with a boy for the first time in her life, but also very excited and curious. He took her by the shoulders and made her lean back, until she was laying on the rock with her legs drawn up.

“Oh, what-” He was pulling her knees apart, and she was resisting a little, but he was stronger and insisted.

“I can’t keep touching you there with them closed up like that.” he said, so she allowed him to spread them open. His hands slid down the insides of her thighs, then the sides of his head were brushing where his hands had just passed.

“What-” she started to say again, but then his tongue was on her, and words failed the girl. All she had left were moans, and her legs were open as far as she get them, now.

He licked and lapped at her until he felt her hips bucking up into his mouth, then slid his body up hers until he was kissing and nibbling at her nipples

“Oh, oh, why did you stop?” she gasped.

“So I could do this.” he said, moving up a little more, until they were face to face. She could feel his cock laying against her bare pussy like a red hot bar of iron. He sawed it back and forth over her clit a few times, gathering up her natural juices along it’s length as he did.

She moaned, feeling him sliding deliciously against her, and then suddenly it was moving even further back, the head of it pressing in between her labia. “Wait, no!” she said, putting her hands against his chest. “I’m not ready for that!”

“Oh, yes, you are.” he said, sliding the head of it into her. She screwed up her face beneath him, but didn’t say anything more as another inch slid in. He pulled it back a little, then put more in, until she winced sharply and tried to squirm out from under him.

To no avail, tho, he had her pinned under him and trapped. He pushed his cock through her flimsy barrier and sank it in to the hilt.

“Ohh, GOD!” she yelled out at the tearing pain inside her. “Take it out, take it out!”

“Too late for that.” he said, through gritted teeth. “I’m fucking you now.” He drew it almost all the way out and sank it back in as she writhed under him. He did it again, increasing the speed with each stroke, until he was fucking her and making her moan and groan with every stroke.

“Don’t…don’t come inside me.” she gasped. “Do it on my belly.” She was thinking of her friend Linda, the only girl she knew who had gone all the way like this, and now had a three month old baby. “Don’t get me pregnant!”

“Don’t worry about that, sweetheart.” he said. “But this load ain’t goin’ on your belly, or in it, either.”

“Wh-what?” she gasped, very close to orgasm. He didn’t answer, just increased the tempo of his strokes even more and brought her over the edge.

“WHOOOANNNNNGGHHHHHUUUGGGHHHH!!!” she screamed, raking his back with her red nails. Her hips were thrusting up to meet his on every one of his down strokes, and he kept it up until she collapsed under him. He grinned at the girl who had just experienced the strongest orgasm of her young life.

Gently, he pulled out of her and knelt beside her prone form, looking down at her beautiful body as he stroked his cock in his fist. Slowly, she opened her eyes to see him doing it right over her face, his cock just inches away from her mouth.

“Wh-” she started to say, but just then his dick erupted and jetted out hot, thick ropy streams of come all over her pretty features. About half of it went into her mouth, and she could taste the hot saltiness of it. Instinctively, she spit it out, but more was spewing forth, coating her pretty face with hot, ropy, white goo. More of it went into her mouth as he pushed it right up against her lips and inside. She spit that out, too, turning her head to the side. She could feel it spattering on her cheek and into her hair.

“Oh, why did you do that?’ she asked. “Oh my God, I’m a mess!”

“Baby, you look absolutely sexy, wearing my come like that!” he said. “Man, I wish I had a camera!”

She sat up and glared at him. “You think this is funny?” she nearly shouted. “You think I LIKE what you just did to me?”

“Hey, whoa, calm down.” he said. “I didn’t say it was funny; I said you look sexy. And you do; you really do.”

“You just fucking RAPED me!” she screamed. “I was a virgin, you asshole!”

“Hell no, I didn’t.” he replied. “You wanted that as bad as I did. You fucking loved it.”

“I asked you to stop, and you didn’t.” she sniffled.

“You came at least twice.” he retorted. “Tell me you didn’t like that part of it.”

She didn’t say anything to that, just looked at the rock between her knees as she hugged her legs to her chest.

“You liked it.” he said, confidently. “Want to go swimming some more, and wash it off your face and out of your hair? I think it looks damn sexy, but your Mom might not understand.”

“Oh, God, what did we just do?” she said, beginning to cry. “Why did I let you do that?” Tears were streaming down her face, and he came over, sitting right beside her, putting his arm around her shoulders.

“Hey, now, shh.” he said, soothingly. “It ain’t nothin’ but a thing.” he said. He was glad he’d sat down on her clean side, he kissed the side of her neck, moving her hair to the side. “See, now don’t that feel good?” he said, feeling her lean into him a little as she accepted his comfort. “Sure it does, sure it does.” he said softly. His other hand slid up and down her thigh, up and down, then slid around and onto her bare pussy once more. “It’s gonna feel just as good, if not better, this time.”

“Oh, what are you…” she murmured, but didn’t stop him as his fingers pried apart her vulva and slid into her warmth. She let him lay her back down and lowered her knees, but to her surprise, he pulled them back up again, then pulled them apart.

“I’m gonna show you how good it can feel.” he said, moving between her legs. “And I’ll let it go onto your belly this time, just like you wanted.

“Ohh, that’s…” she whispered, feeling him enter her again. This time, there was no pain at all, just a satisfying scratch to the itch his fingers had awoken in her belly.

Again, he slowly increased the tempo of his thrusts until she was gasping for breath and clawing his back as she came. This time, he was able to last a little longer, having just shot off about 20 minutes before, and she was gurgling with pleasure when he finally pulled out.

True to his word, he pumped his cock against her belly, intending to shoot off there, but she caught her breath and scooted down under him, taking his throbbing member in her mouth.

He felt her lips close around his cock, and that was the last straw. He pumped out several strong bursts, which she easily and greedily swallowed. She had thought about the taste of it as he fucked her, and she decided she liked it. She also knew from stories she had heard from other girls at school how much guys liked girls that swallowed, and she wanted him to like her. The feelings his cock had elicited within her she had had no idea about. She wanted him to do it again, and often.

“Oh, man, you like it, don’t you.” he said, grinning at her as she scooted back up and cuddled into his side.

“You don’t think I’m a slut, do you?” she asked, hesitantly.

“Hell no!” he said. “I don’t mind a bit!”

“Good, because I’m not.” she said, primly. He had to laugh at that, as the tone of her voice contrasted with the well fucked look on her face and the come drying clumsily in her hair.

“Come on, let’s get back in the water.” He dove off the rock, but when he came up, she was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, he felt a warmth engulf his cock, and looked down into the water. She came up next to him, laughing.

“Gotcha.” she giggled.

“You can get me like that anytime you want.” he replied. “Especially first thing in the morning…”

“Are you getting cold?” she asked, crossing her arms over her breasts. “I’m starting to get a little chilly. Can we go back now?”

“Sure we can. I have chores to do anyway. Maybe you could help me with them?”

“Well see.” she said, heading for shore. “I’m kind of sore. I might just take a nap.”

He watched her get dressed, noting she left off her wet underwear. He could see her nipples through her blouse, and the sight kept him half hard the whole way back to the house.

* * *


2017-10-23 20:55:31
I think I want to write another chapter for this. Explore Mom's journey and her marriage to Bill, and also those old journals could have some interesting twists. Bill's family has been rich for a VERY long time, and when I think about it, the only job that lets you go into the City to "work" a few times a year is assassin, right? Kinda explains why Bill is coldhearted enough to leave his kid and all his animals for a week.

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2013-01-11 20:51:23
WOW! This was very well written indeed. You do have a good style with the characters developed just so, and the story that leads us righjt along. Super--


2012-12-29 01:32:19
I intended this story to be a stand alone, so if anyone wants to pastiche these characters, go right ahead. Big Little Brother 2 (the re-write) is about half done.

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2012-12-27 21:05:18
Great story, I agree with the previous post your story was quite unique. I second the motion for a another episode as well!!! Thanks for sharing

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2012-12-27 08:19:18
Great story,not typical which I liked and the fact that they were both inexperienced made it super hot...a sequel if possible please.

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