Taking Maria

(If you are one who is easily offended please don’t read my story thank you)

“WHAM!!” My head bounced off the mat as I was thrown like a ragdoll to the unforgiving ground. In my momentary lapse of concioussness my opponent gained the upper hand. I thought and quickly preformed a perfect stand up manuever. I spun around and lowered back into my proper right sugar foot stance and awaited my adversary’s next move. “Boom” a palm to the head making my head snap sharply back. Pissing me off and setting him up for a perfect shot. However I knew his game and wrapped both his arms up as his large frame dove into a sad excuse for a shot. I pancaked his ass and then slid my arm into a tight half nelson. Turning him and getting the pin and my hand raised.

The hot water was a blessing on my aching muscles and my malnutritioned body leaned against the wall. These two-school wrestling meets fourtunatley didn’t last very long. As I began rinsing the soap off when I heard the door open. Strange considering I was the last person to shower since my match was last. I waited in silent vigilance as a brunette came boucning into the locker room and over to the shower area.

“Nice match tonight sexy” Heather said, Being a stat girl she had known when my match ended and that I was alone in the shower. As she crossed the wall into the steam filled shower I noticed her licking her lips as she caught sight of my body.

“Thanks, you know if coach catches you back here I’ll lose my spot on the roster.” I say turning the spicket off and wrapping a towel around myself
“That’s okay, you can still wrestle with me.” She said before giggling and advancing towards me. I knew what she wanted. She always got hot after watching me wrestle and I wasn’t surprised when she removed the towel from my waist and started stroking my cock. She kissed me and moaned into my mouth as I touched her sex. I slipped my hand in in between her pelvis and her jeans and rubbed her clit through the small amount of cotton fabric.

“Don’t stop, everybody was getting ready to leave when I came back and Blalock had his bag with him so we have time” She said with that little innocent girl tone I love so much.

I kept moving my hands working and teasing her Hairless pussy until she got sick of the teasing and pulled her pants down to her knees and bent over in front of me. I decided that my body needed a little more pampering first. Grabbing her waist and spining her around to face me. I kissed her one more time before pushing down on her head. She took the hint very well. Getting on her kness in front of me and putting my semi-hard erection into her mouth. I seized a fistful of her hair in my fist and started pumping myself in and out of her mouth.

After three minutes I thoughbt she’d earned a reward. I pulled my throbbing member out of her mouth and motioned for her to stand up. As she bent over for the second time I smacked her ass hard. I took myself in my hand and rubbed up and down the crack of her ass.

“Not tonight babe, just my pussy tonight.” I ignored her rejection of my advances. Heather knew I was an ass man. She also knew how tourqed up I was from not having any for a week. She let out a sharp squeal as I entered her tight asshole. Her brown hair swayed as I thrust my cock in and out of her ass. She moaned like a bitch in heat when I started rubbing her clit and panted when I got two fingers deep in to her pussy while fucking her beautiful little butt.

“Stand up” I said. When she didn’t I grabbed her hair and pulled her back up to me and let my load go deep inside her as her asshole squeezed my cock from the change in position.

“Thanks baby. I love it when you cum in my ass.” She said while breathing heavily and running her fingers through my hair. If she wasn’t leaning against me She most certainly would be collapsed on the ground right now.

“Pull your pants up and wait for me by the truck. I want to get dressed and check my weight.”

Now fully clothed I walked out to see her shivering by my S-10. She’s so cute when she shivers. After dropping her off at home I went home myself. Bed seemed like a wonderful idea.

My name is John Small. I’m 18 and I go to a bullshit suburban high school. This story is not about my little slut heather. It’s about a sophmore named Maria some-long-ass-italian-last-name-I-can’t-pronounce. She’s in my science class and I’m obsessed with her. Too bad she won’t give me the time of day….. well… too bad for her.

The weekend was uneventful. Work at the shop and wrestling practice. Monday was the start of something beautiful. It was a two day school week because of Christmas Break. Instead of wrestling practice and work and my family this christmas I’m going to have Maria. I’ve been planning it for months. Ever since she grabbed my arm and I swear my entire body got set on vibrate. Maybe I should tell you about this girl. She’s about 5’2” Black hair, green eyes, medium tits with a black girl ass. She is darker because she’s italian her skin is that soft tan color. She drives me wild.

I decided a long time ago that one way or another Maria will be mine. I tried the conventional routes, Asking her out and trying to get interested in what she’s in yadeedah bullshit. So after school on Tuesday I skip practice to catch her walking home up Chestnut Avenue. I wait for about fourty five minutes until she finally showed up and I went in to make my move.

“You need a ride? It’s pretty cold out there.” I said after pulling the truck up next to her.
“No I’m fine thank-Wait John?” She said peering into the truck.
“Yeah get in.” She hopped in without skipping a beat… I guess that’s because someone stole her jacket out of her locker…. Wonder who that was….

“Thanks John, some asshole stole my coat of of my fucking locker.” She said while scowiling and leaning into the vent.
“No problem” I drove towards her house and then made a quick left towards downtown.
“Where are you going?” I almost couldn’t help myself to smiling.
“Taking a shortcut” I lied.
“Oh…” She said unconvinced.
“Fine I’m lying what I’m going to do is take you to a warehouse downtown, One I rented out. Then I’m going to force you to have sex with me repeatedley and if you scream or hurt me or try to get away I’m going to kill you and fuck your corpse you stupid uppety bitch.” I said as calm as I could. She peerd at me for a moment desperatley trying to find some sort of smile on my face to indicate a joke. She looked back and faced the road. She didn’t really say anything I suppose she was either in shock or she just accepted it.

“My parents will-.” “Your parents are out of town.” She shut up very quickly. I don’t think she knew that I had been watching her. Her silence was refreshing. Maria’s usually tanned faced and blush cheeks had gone pail white. Her next question kind of took me by surprise…

“Is it going to hurt?” she asked with a small barely audible voice While playing around with her fingers.
“Some parts maybe, The more you fight the more I will hurt you.” Silence again I switched on The radio. I settled back in my driving position with my right hand on the steering wheel and my left resting on the door. Things were still for about five minutes until I felt something on my crotch.

I look over to find my prize reaching over with her hand running slowly up each thigh.
“What the hell are you doing ?” I said slightly amused. She snapped her head up quickly and withdrew her hand. The blush was back. Fire red now in fact.
“I um… I just wanted to know how erm…. Ya know.”
“No I don’t know. Say it.”
“How big your… thing was…” She said shaking a little. Fear clear in her big green eyes.
“Why does that matter?”
“Well I’ve never I mean kind of once but it wasn’t really” “Maria…” I said cutting her rambling off. “Are you a virgin.” Again with the blushing. Her eyes shifted from me then to her lap and back to me.
“Okay.” Now knowing the answer to my question and nearing the place I had rented out. As I pulled around the back and parked my truck she must have seen this as her chance to escape. She grabbed the door handle and slammed into the door as hard as she could with her shoulder.

“Fuck!” she shouted realizing the passenger door didn’t open from the inside.I grabbed her by her arm and pulled her out of the drivers side door. She kicked and screamed until I pushed her up against the truck and Slapped her ass.
“Ow!” She exclaimed I rolled my eyes and shoved her towards the door and then into the warehouse after unlocking it.
“Sit down and shut the fuck up” I said calmly and pointed to the only furniture in the whole place a queen sized bed. Maria did as she was told as I relocked the door and added the chain and padlock from my garage. When I turned around I leaned against the door and watched her. She was walking lazily towards the bed. When she got there she sat down and took notice to my staring. A coy smile drew across her face and she lay herself down on the bed.

“You do know why I’m doing this don’t you?” I said while Walking towards her.
“Because you’re a creep that can’t get laid any other way…”
“A few more comments like that and I’ll be fine with going to plan B” She got very quiet again. I guess threatening to kill a woman and fuck their dead body is a definate way to get them to shut the hell up. Of course I’m no weirdo I wanted to do it while she was alive. The threat was more a bluff than anything.

“It’s because you refused me. Now before I make you regret that action tell me, Why?” She scooted her tight body across the bedspread and then under the blanket. Laying her head on the pillow and looking up at me I got my answer.
“Because I heard you have sex with a lot of different girl and I didn’t want to be just another lay.”
I nodded twice and then decided I’d been waiting quite long enough. I took off my shirt and crawled in to the bed with her I kissed her and she kissed me back. I gues all her inhibitions had gone away. Finally I was going to get what I craved. I pulled her in close to me and led her small hand to my cock. She didn’t moan as I touched her she just tensed up.

Part 2: Maria

“Dammit!” I screamed as I slammed my locker. I Couldn’t believe someone had actually stolen my jacket. My father is going to be pissed. I looked around the hallway… It was empty. I knew I shouldn’t have waited for Caleb to meet me. He’s not even that good of a kisser I just wanted him because he was on the wrestling team with John. John Small, He was sexy as men get. I usually don’t date wrestlers but from what Heather said about him he would definatley be a guy I would want to take my v-card.

In fourth period math heather would be almost shrieking as she told me about all the dirty things He did to her. He had asked me out a few months ago but since then not even a passing glance in the hallway. I was tempted to wait out by his truck for him until he got out of practice but, I couldn’t find it in the parking lot. It was going to be a long walk home usually I’d get a ride with my friends or make a junior boy take me but everyone was gone save the athletes. I had been walking for about ten minutes when some guy in a truck pulled up next to me.

“….A ride?” I didn’t hear the first part of the question . The wind was blowing really hard and I was going to refuse until I saw who was in the truck. My heart jumped into my throat when I realized and my panties were soaked by the time we were close to my house. I got the strangest feeling like somehow he knew I’d be walking home.

Then I noticed he had taken a wrong turn…. When I asked him about it he said he was going to rape me…. I didn’t know what to do! I mean here is this incredibly sexy guy I’ve been trying to get with for months but I didn’t want to be raped…..

It was scary at first but, after a few minutes I began to wonder (like so many nights before with my fingers buried deep inside me and my eyes closed laying naked on my bed) just how big he was and what it would feel like inside my mouth. I had never given a guy a blowjob before. Handjobs and Once I let a guy tyr to fuck me but he barely got his dick inside before pulling out and shooting his load all over my ass. I guess I intimidated some guys.

All of a sudden guessing wasn’t enough I had to know what it looked like what it felt like in my hands. So I reached over and tried to feel it… I didn’t get very far when he stopped me. I was so upset by that why wouldn’t he just let me blow him now. We could go back to my house but I guess he wouldn’t believe me if I told him I actually wanted him to be my first…
For some reson when the car stopped I tried to get out… to run away. It wasn’t really what I wanted but I guess it was okay. After that he slapped my ass and my pussy practically gave in right there.

Once we were inside he told to sit down… I didn’t want to sit I wanted to be on my knees in front of him. It was probably better just to do what he said though. I only hoped that he didn’t put it in my butt. Heather said he did that to her even when she told him not too…

I laid in the bed under the blanket and waited for him to come over. John seemed distracted up until he moved my hand to his dick. It felt really big underneath his jeans. I quickly unbuttoned them and then tried my hardest to get his pants down. He was so big… Like nothing I had ever seen before and before I could argue with my brain it decided I was going to speak

“Can I suck on it?” I said while looking up at him. He nodded his head and I did my best to get all of him into my mouth. I gagged and choked but I kept going swilring my toungue around his large head the entire time. I sucked on John’s cock for a few more seconds before he kind of… snapped… I didn’t know if I had done something wrong, or something very right but before I knew what was going on he had every inch pumping in and out of my tight wet pussy. On all fours now like a dog I couldn’t help but scream. He was just so damn big.


`That little slut was great with her mouth. She almost made me lose my load with that last little manuver. Now I was giving her what she wanted a fat cock in her pussy but I wasn’t that impressed…. Or so I thought. After filling her up with my erection I gained a bit of sensation back. She was so tight… Her pussy was tighter than Heather’s ass had ever been. Which made me wonder… Heather always had a problem staying wet but Maria was damn near drowning me. I had started to wonder what her ass was going to feel like when it hit me…. I was definatley going to blow. Her sweet smell, The way she moaned and screamed out my name made it that much sweeter. I spun her around on her knees and forced my dick into her mouth. I screamed out when she swallowed the first shot the way her throat struggled against my cock was amazing. I collapsed onto the bed and fell to sleep with in a minute or two.


I guess I did good because John made me swallow every single drop of his cum before going to sleep…. My mind was blown I lay there revelling in the golden contentment of my post-cum bliss. I couldn’t tell you how many times I reached my climax but I can tell you that my knees havn’t stopped shaking for the past hour and a half. I thought about running away trying to slip the keys out of the pockets of his faded jeans that now lie on the floor in front of the bed.

However, John didn’t want to hurt me… he didn’t want me to die or anything he just wanted… me. I like that, The fact that he would risk prison and everything just to have me. I felt amazing. I wanted to give him more of me I just didn’t know how…. I guess he can answer that when he wakes up. For now I’ll just lay back and enjoy his heat. Radiating like a furnace. He was so hot.


I roused from my sleep slowly at first then realizing what I had just done I half expected to be woken up with several beretta-weilding police men surrounding me. I was quite astonished to see Maria lying next to me with her eyes open and locked on me. She was quite still and didn’t flinch, She only looked. Then without any hesitation she reached out and grabbed the back of my neck and lightly tugged me toward her. Maria wanted to kiss me for some odd reason…

I guess she has that thing hostages sometimes get when they are under the delusion that their keepers were somehow richeuos… Something with a “St” sound. I thought while she cuddled in close to me and pressed her soft lips against mine and slid her smooth toungue into my mouth. Her kiss made my head go quiet and every muscle in my body relax.

“Did you have a nice nap, babe?” She said while staring deep into my eyes.
“Stockholm Syndrome.” I said aloud She gave me a questioning look that I just shrugged off. She went with it and began exploring my body once more finally wrapping her hand around my hardening cock once more. She smiled when she felt it twitch in her hand. We kissed again harder this time and I decided it was time to really break her in.

I worked my hands down her hips and onto her ass I turned onto my back before pulling her on top of me. My hands squeezed and massaged her tight round butt until she reched back grabbed my erection and lowered herself down onto it. She rode me and the expression on her face changed. From relaxed to a slight shade of pain. Her eyebrows bunched together and she closed her eyes. Her lip was already getting a bit raw from how much she bit it. I enjoyed that.

I let her amuse herself, hopping up and down on my cock for awhile until I felt it was my turn. I pulled her down close to me and grabbed her face with both of my hands. Then a wave of adrenaline hit me and I started bucking my hips pistoning my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. She was enjoying hersefl as far as I could tell, writhing and moaning once more that was until she felt my hand breaching the crack of her ass. That brung her hips to a dead resting position.


I couldn’t tell what he was doing. But I liked it. One of his fingers was pushing itself inside my asshole and I liked it! I like the way it made my pussy tighten around him. I pushed my hips back impaling my ass on.. two of his fingers now. I bent over and let him finger my butt. I knew what he was about to do and I decided that if I was going to trust him I had to let him do to my body what he wanted to. I stood up on the bed, stepped off then bent over it and waited for John to get what he wanted. He stared at me for a moment before moving behind me.

John got to his knees and spread my ass apart he kissed each cheek before his toungue found it’s way inside my ass. It plunged forward then out again darting in and out. If he’d have gone on I would’ve reached my climax. He stopped and stood behind me once more holding me down to the bed by my hips. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to start but, it never did. John started slowly first rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass until he stopped at the entrance he popped the head inside and was motivated onward by my moaning. He pushed a little more in and I could fll every inch of him like it was filling me up. He pulled his fantastic cock out of me and then buried it balls deep into my asshole. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he wanted me to enjoy this.


“….MY GOD!” Maria forced her ass back to swallow my cock once again I couldn’t believe how unbelievably wonderful it felt… Truth was I wanted to move faster but I was on the edge of blowing already. The sight itself was amazing the girl I had been obsessed with for most of my senior and junior year willingly bent over accepting my cock in her ass. I smacked her ass hard and that really got the bitch going.

She went on yelling and forcing her ass back and forth on my cock. I didn’t… Couldn’t move because it was just too amazing. I wished she’d slow down a little but it didn’t look like that was going to happen she kept going moaning and yelling aloud as she ass-fucked herself on my throbbing member. It felt like my cock was going all the way into her stomach the way she had opened up for me. My cum had been bubbling in my balls for too long now I grabbed he rhips forcefully and shoved forward shooting my load deep inside her ass. Maria said my name every time she felt another shot enter her. She laid there spent on the bed squeezing her ass together to pull every last drop of cum out of me and into her.

As I pulled out my seed spilled out slowly dripping down her butt and onto her thighs.
I doubt if I’ll ever let her go now….. The way she kissed me after that made my body hum and my head quiet.

The end……..

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