Pedo-Bear 

The elevator was taking forever I couldn’t wait to get into my apartment and finally wash the stink of that godamned differential fluid off my body. Working in a grease shop wasn’t the most glamorous job by far but dammit it paid my bills and when on season with my retail job I did pretty well. Sweat was starting to run down my back and, my GT pressed hard against my shoulder as I fished my keys out of my pocket.

I let out a sigh of both relief and of woe as I closed the door and heaved my bicycle off of my shoulder. The house was of course a disaster as my older brother and his fiancée neglected to do a damn thing around the house. I sat down on the floor. My uniform was covered in motor oil and if I sat on the shitty futon my sister in law would have a fucking coronary.
“Motor oil is bad for the baby” I could hear her voice drilling into my head now. I would love to say “Ya know so is mold growing in the fucking sink bitch!” but I wouldn’t. I loved my sister-in-law mainly because she had given me my niece. My older brother on the other hand always feared that me and her would end up having sex one night when he was at work. I leaned my head against the sliding glass door and thought about it.

Our hot bodies writhing all over each other. Her many piercings turned me off of it though. Ha, I couldn’t even get laid day dreaming anymore. My life sucks anymore, but I tell you there was a time when I could call any of five different women and had my way with them. But that was the old life. Now I felt like I had been married for 20 years. My “girlfriend” was always busy with college or her daughter. I hadn’t had sex for a month and a half and for an 18-year-old that’s like an eternity. Well I guess I should tell you about me before moving along with my story.

My name is Dominic. My friends call me Donnie or “fatass” of course this was a name left over from middle school, in high school I discovered sports, women, and drinking and had a fairly decent build now. I have black hair and brown eyes. I have been working eighty hours a week for the past three months but I have a week of vacation from my second job and it was Saturday.

After showering and grabbing some food I sat down on the couch and checked my phone. I had a voicemail from my woman. Which was odd because we barely talked and when we did it was me calling her. I called my inbox and listened whilst shoveling another bite into my mouth

“Hey… Listen we need to talk. I… I Just Can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry I love you but it seems like the only time we aren’t fighting is when we’re having sex”

Then came the call back and a fight. Blah blah bullshit. I guess I was single. Which may not have been a bad thing if my brother hadn’t left the three hundred dollars that he had owed me on the table. It was over I shaved and called my cousin, Adrian. Adrian was a decent guy, only problem being that he was a felon and never had a job so whenever I wanted to get drunk I called him. We talked for all of thirty seconds.

“Hey dude, my bitch broke up with me today… you get the girls I’ll get the liquor and see you at the house.”

He was always down to party and didn’t need more than a half hour’s notice I waited for my sister in law to get home and she did me a favor and drove me there and got my liqour. Of course when I say “favor” I mean I had to give her a twenty and a pack of cigerettes. I walked in the house carrying the bottles of liqour and the beer. I felt good though, In spite of my relationship being over I had a good night to look forward to.

I walked up the steps to his place set the liqour on the table and we had a beer and talked about shit for a little while until the women showed up. Then came shots and Loud music the works. I had a pretty decent buzz that got even better when I saw a cute girl eyeing me from across the room.

2: Sammie

“Yes I am going out tonight!” I heard Lexi yell from across the house to my mother in the kitchen.
“When will you be home!
“Where are you going!?”
“To Jenny’s house!” An obvious lie. I don’t know why mom trusted Lexi so much. I knew she was going to a party tonight. I heard something about a guy named Adrian. Her and her friends wer going to go there and drink and whatever older kids do on Saturday nights. Me on the other hand I had a date with mom’s spagehtti and my favorite book.
“Take your sister for the night!” I couldn’t believe it my mother was going to make Lexi take me with her. No, she was going to lie and say something to get out of it.
“Okay.” Had she already been drinking?? You can’t take a thirteen year old to a grown up party!
I waited until Me and Lexi walked out of the house and were out of earshot to ask.
“Why am I going with you? I know your going to a party.” I said hoping she’d say something about ditching me.
“Look you have to grow up sometime. I’m not going to leave you alone or anything. Just don’t drink anything that I don’t give you and stay clear of Adrian… He … Likes young girls.”

I really didn’t want to go. I don’t want to drink or anything I just want to curl up with my book and read until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Was there going to be drugs there? Would I stick out if I wasn’t doing them? I had so many questions. I didn’t even realize I had stopped walking until Lexi started yelling.

“Sammie! Move your ass!”


I knew it was going to be like this. There were people drinking and smoking. The house reiked like something and people kept cursing and talking too loud. I didn’t like it. I pretty much just sat on the couch with a red cup full of pepsi and tried not to stick out too much. Lexi had ditched me. When we got here she just handed me a cup and ran into the bathroom with some boy she kept calling “John”. I was sooooo ready to leave and thought about calling mom. That was until a guy came over and started talking to me.


She wasn’t like all the other girls here, all sloppy and drunk she didn’t even look buzzed. Maybe she was straight edge. It didn’t matter either way. She was about five foot three inches with black hair and blue eyes. She seemed kind of young but she was here right? I stood up slowly trying to sober myself up enough to get to the couch. I swayed back and forth and then finally straightened out. My beer felt a little light so I swallowed the last of it and got another out of the fridge before going over to sit next to her.

“You look a little out of place.” I said into her ear. She jumped a little when I did.
“Yeah I don’t really go to parties that much.”
“Well that’s a shame. Why are you here?”
“My Sis.. My friend Lexi begged me to come along of course once we got here she ditched me”
“Do you want to go somewhere a little quieter? I can’t really hear you and I hate dubstep.” She nodded her head and took my hand. I led her through the crowd and out the door. Luckily for me Adrian had an attic apartment that he let me use when I stayed over. It wasn’t much but a bed and a boombox but it would serve my purposes just fine tonight.

I switched it on and found a station playing some R&B and left it. When I looked back the girl was just standing there. Her arms were crossed and, I could tell she was tensing up. I sat down on the bed before and lit a ciggerette before she spoke again.

“So what’s your name?” She said shyly shifting her feet around.
“I’m Dominic, It’s nice to make your aquaintance” I said while shifting my beer to the other hand and putting my cigerette in my mouth so I could hold out my hand. She took it in hers.
“I’m Sammie.” She shook my hand but, when she went to let go I pulled her towards me lightly.
“Have a seat I don’t mind” Taking a drag and waiting patiently. Sammie nodded and sat down next to me.
“How old are you, Sammie?” I put my smoke out and layed back, resting on my arm.
“Um.. Seventeen.” She said with her hands folded in her lap. I smiled and she smiled back. I reached out and took her hand in mine This time she didn’t flinch. I though she had been warming up to me.


His hand was so big compared to mine. He had to be in his early twenties. Donnie went on talking about himself and, asked me about myself every few minutes. Things were going really well. I figured he was going to want to go back down to the party soon but, instead he pulled me into him and then kissed me. I should’ve stopped him I know it but, when he kissed my I got butterflies in my stomach. How in the world could he be interested in me that way? He Put down his bottle then looked at me.
“Are you alright?” He asked. I didn’t reply I just nodded my head and let him continue. Donnie grabbed my face and kissed me harder this time pulling me on top of him then lying back. I was in heaven until I felt his hand slip under my shirt and under my bra. I froze I had no idea what he was doing or why he was doing it.

Then it hit me. This is why they taught us all those things in health last year. He wanted to have.. sex with me. I couldn’t. I promised the man that came that I would be abstinent until I was married… He even gave me a little green plastic frog because I had promised… That frog was at home on my desk…

“What’s wrong, hun?” He asked. Looking up at me with his big dark eyes. I couldn’t answer I stammered.


Holy shit this was too good the day my ex leaves me I meet a virgin. This was like finding the holy grail or the motherfucking easter bunnie. The lost city of atlantis was sitting inmy lap.
“Sammie. Are you a virgin?” She nodded her head slowly and I couldn’t help but get a big cheesy grin on my face.
“Well do you want to?” She took a long time to do anything. She just sort of nodded a little when she did but, hey that was good enough for me. I pulled her shirt over her head and pulled her back down to kiss me. Using the patented one-hand-bra-slip manuver I got the top half of her body completley naked and then flipped her onto her back. My lips moved down. First her neck, then to her collar bones. Her tits weren’t all that big but, I’m an ass man anyway. I kissed her breasts pinching and sucking her nipples moving my toungue down her sliky white body.

When I unbuttoned her pants her breathing stopped and when I kissed her pussy through her panties I felt her twitch. My hands pulled her jeans out from under her butt and then slid them off and my motuh continued it’s assualt. Sammie’s breathing got faster as I moved the cotton fabric out of my way and finally there it was. I was almost drooling and then my penis took over.

I couldn’t think anymore I forced my toungue inside her tight pussy and her moaning only ever-increased my drive. I kissed her clit and bit and sucked and rubbed. I didn’t use my hands. Just my mouth. I think she was loving every second of it.


I shook my head. I just wanted to keep kissng him but I could swear I didn’t say I wanted him to be doing this…. Though I’m glad he was. When he kissed me down.. there my entire body shuddered . I was feeling strange things In my stomach that I had never felt before. I think I remember them calling it a climax or an orgasm…. Whatever it was I was hooked. I ran my fingers through his hair and pushed my vagina into his mouth. I didn’t ever want him to stop.

“Have ou ever given head?” He said looking up at me from in between my legs. I shook my head. I didn’t even know what he was talking about. Donnie pulled me offf of the bed and down onto my knees on the floor. He kissed me once before he stood up and took his shirt off.

“Unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants.” I did as I was told. Thinking it had to lead to more things like what he was doing to me before.. I just hadn’t ever seen a boy’s.. thing. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

When I pulled his boxers down his penis came falling out at me… It looked like a really big hot dog. I guess that’s why he told me to…
“..Put it in your mouth sweetheart.” He stood towering over me. I grabbed it first. It was really warm and it twitched when I moved it around. I opened my mouth really wide and put the first part of it in my mouth. I sucked on it like a pop-sicle. It tasted a little funny. He started pushing it in my mouth and then pulling it back out. I just kind of sat there and let him do it. He started making noises as he did it. Telling me to move my mouth and my toungue as I sucked. I think it was making him happy.

Donnie pulled his penis out of my mouth then told me to lay on the bed. Then he spread my legs and lay in between them. His penis was aimed straight for my vagina. I started feeling those feelings again when he moved it up and down. I thought I was going to like what he did next.

He pushed is thing inside me and it hurt. It hurt so bad I felt like I was being cut. He only had it about half way into me and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I would’ve told him to stop but then he pulled it back out…. And it felt really good. It when on like this for a while he’d push a little more in each time. Eventually it all started feeling really good. Once I stopped screaming Donnie pushed it all the way inside me and then all the way back out. I started screaming and making noises again.

I was glad he was doing this to me now. I felt something weird again like in my head but in my pussy and my stomch too. Like that weird feeling you get when you have to sneeze but this was good. He just kept going and going and it felt great.

Then all of a sudden he pulled his penis out of me really quick and pulled my head up and shoved his thing back into my mouth. It tasted really weird this time and there was something… something coming out of his penis and hitting the back of my throat and he was yelling really loud. I didn’t know what to do so finally I had to swallow it to keep from choking.


“Good girl” I said before collapsing onto the bed. Sammie swallowed everything I had given her just like a good girl. Although now, she looked pretty wore out. The beer and fatigue joined in my head and made everything swirly. I was almost asleep before I knew it. She didn’t look like she was going anywhere so I decided to let myself crash.

I awoke the next morning to banging on the door. I pulled on my jeans and told them to hold on a fucking minute. I looked over to see Sammie still naked and asleep. I smiled before making my way down the stairs to the door. My head was pounding and I felt like hell. I opened the door and decided to be an asshole to whoever was on the other side.

There was a trashy blonde on the other end looking wrecked and holding her panties in her hand.
“What the fuck can I do for you?”
“Sorry I’m just looking for my sister she’s thirteen and” I decided to cut the bitch off so I could get back to bed
“Nope no thirteen year olds up here sorry”
“And her name is Sammie….” OH SHIT…..

To be continued…………

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