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Sorry for the delay with this chapter. Hope you like this chapter, I suggest you read chapter 5 before going any further. After having sex with her stepson again, she got caught by her daughter. Jenna now has plans to blackmail her mom, but Kelly turns the tables and they both get satisfied. Read on and enjoy! Constructive criticism please.
Kelly turned quickly to look at her daughter, "what are you doing home sweetheart?" She exclaimed, looking at Jenna in shock. Tim continued to look at Kelly, wondering what she was going to say, not paying any attention to Jenna.

Jenna slowly walked into the room, looking at her mom laid out on the bed, Kelly's lingerie messed up a little, but still on and covering her. Jenna walked in front of them, looking down at her mom's still gaping pussy, Tim's cum clearly visible yet. She looked over at Tim, his limp dick laying in front of him, as he laid on his side, the remnants of the condom still on his dick. Jenna shook her head slowly, "no wonder why you wanted me to leave, and you let him shoot inside of you?"

Kelly knew her daughter had caught them, wondering what Jenna was thinking now. "That was an accident, he wasn't supposed to," Kelly said, a hint of anger in her voice. Jenna laughed, "but I bet you liked it mommy," she said with sarcasm. Kelly blushed a little, knowing Jenna was right, she did like the feeling of his cum filling her up. "What do you think daddy would say if he found out you were having sex with Tim instead of him?" Jenna asked sarcastically.

This caught Tim's attention, when he heard Jenna ask Kelly that. He looked at his stepsister, shaking his head slowly, mouthing, 'no.' Jenna noticed him and smiled devilishly, moving a little closer to the bed. "He won't find out," Kelly said, a little more anger in her voice. Jenna laughed, almost sounding evil, "my how the tables have turned here, huh momma."

Kelly glared at her daughter, "you wouldn't dare," she scowled at Jenna. "Oh I wouldn't?" Jenna said laughing.

Tim could not believe what he was seeing, his stepsister was being a conniving little bitch, towards her mom. He knew Jenna wanted to have sex with him again, but she was going to blackmail her mom, like he did with his dad last weekend. "Jenn..." he started to say, when she cut him off. "Hush Tim, I don't need your help," she said.

Kelly let out a long breath, "ok Jenna, I know what you want, and you don't have to blackmail me for it." Jenna looked back at her mom, smiling wide. "I have to admit, you caught us, like I caught you guys last week," Kelly said, pausing a little before continuing, "you're probably feeling like I was, wanting to get your stepbrother's beautiful dick back in me." Jenna nodded in agreement, listening to her mom, feeling herself getting more excited. "And since you caught us, I will let you have sex with him again, but..." Kelly paused, looking down at the floor, "but, I will be in here, and will be more of a part of this."

Tim looked at her in shock, not believing what his stepmom had just said, "wait a minute, don't I get a say in this?" Kelly looked at him, "what are you complaining? You get to have sex with my daughter again, get in her tight box." Tim did like that, he just didn't know how much more he could take of this, these two vixens were gonna kill him. He shrugged his shoulders, thinking, 'what other guy can get this lucky AGAIN!' Kelly smiled at him, "plus I will let you do the other thing I had planned." Tim looked at her, puzzled, "what's that?"

Kelly chuckled lightly, "well what I got the lube for." Tim nodded slowly, wanting to find out what it was. "Before Jenna, rudely interrupted me, I was going to say, I was going to see if you would fit in my asshole." Tim's eyes widened in shock, "yo... your what?"

Jenna was in the middle of undressing, and froze in place when her mom say that, staring at Kelly in shock. Kelly chuckled at Tim, "yeah I wanna see if I can take your fat cock in my butt." Tim had a blank look on his face, staring at his stepmom, not quite understanding her. Kelly laughed more, "why the blank stare, never heard of that before?"

Tim slowly nodded his head, he had heard about it before, but he was told it was gross and wrong. "So then why are you so shocked by it?" Kelly asked, laughing at him. Tim looked over at Jenna, who was also staring at her mom, not believing what she had just heard. Kelly smiled at Jenna, then looked back at Tim, "don't worry, it'll be fun."

Jenna slowly finished undressing, until she was completely naked, still a little unsure of what her mom meant by Tim putting his dick in her butt. Kelly looked at Jenna, grinning devilishly, "so you want his beautiful fat cock in your pussy again huh?" Jenna quickly nodded, a little nervous about how her mom was looking at her. Kelly lightly chuckled, "first you need to clean his cum up, and suck it out of my pussy."

Jenna slowly shook her head, looking at her mom's gaping pussy, not wanting to do what her mom was requesting. Kelly looked at her daughter sternly, "then I guess you don't want his dick that bad then," she said reaching over and pulling what was left of the condom off of her Tim's limp dick. Kelly smiled at Tim and tugged on his dick, causing him to groan in pain, "does he wanna fuck my daughter again?" Kelly whispered, squeezing his dick firmly. Tim shrugged his shoulders, unsure what to say, still thinking about what she had said about fucking her ass.

Jenna stood there, watching her mom start tugging on Tim's dick, feeling her own pussy begin to moisten even more. She knew she wanted to feel her stepbrother's dick in her pussy, but wasn't sure about cleaning her mom's pussy out in order to get it. She looked back at her mom's creamy pussy, realizing she didn't have much of a choice. She slowly moved to her knees next to the bed, her head level with her mom's pussy. She slowly started moving her head between her mom's legs, smelling the distinctive scent of cum and her mom's secretions mixed together, causing her own pussy to tingle even more.

Kelly smiled at Tim, not paying any attention to what Jenna was doing, pulling hard on his dick, trying to pull him towards her, as she whispered, "feed me your dick, I wanna get you hard for my pussy again." Tim was taken a little by surprise, moving up the bed as she tugged on his member hard, groaning more, in pain. Tim moved his hips up by Kelly's head, his slowly growing dick, right next to her mouth. Kelly moaned as she opened her mouth and slowly engulfed the head of his semi-hard dick, sucking hard on it. Tim groaned, his body shivering in excitement, as he looked down at his stepmom sucking his dick into her mouth.

Jenna licked her lips, as she finally got brave enough, and dipped her tongue into the outer folds of her mom's slit. She cringed at the taste, almost spitting it back out, it tasted extremely salty, and somewhat sour. She choked it down, realizing it didn't taste as good as eating her stepdad's cum. She was bound and determined to get Tim's dick inside of her again however, and delved her tongue back into her mom's creamy pussy, scooping out more of Tim's cum, and swallowing it, slowly getting used to the taste.

Kelly was moaning on Tim's hardening dick, as she felt her daughter licking her pussy. She pulled her mouth from his dick, long enough to moan out, "oh yeah sweetheart, get all of your brother's hot cum out of my pussy." Then going back to sucking his dick, stroking the shaft of it, as she sucked and licked all over the head.

Tim groaned when he heard Kelly say that to Jenna, making his dick throb in her hand. As she took his dick back into her mouth, he put a hand on the back of her head, moving his hips into her, wanting her to take more.

Jenna was sucking and licking at her mom's pussy, enjoying the taste of the mixed fluids now. She buried her face against her mom's snatch, rubbing her nose against her mom's inflamed clit, causing Kelly's legs to jump and tremble on either side of her head.

Kelly pulled away from Tim's dick again, moaning loudly, "oh yes, suck my pussy Jenna, mmm." She let go of Tim's dick and sat up, looking down at her daughter. "Oh god Jenna, mmm that feels so good," she moaned, putting her hand on the back of her daughter's head, pushing Jenna harder into her pussy. "Oh god, you're gonna make me cum, don't stop, don't stop," Kelly moaned, holding her daughter's head tight and gyrating her hips against Jenna.

Jenna was having a hard time breathing, as she noticed her mom getting wetter. She tried to swallow the escaping fluids as fast as she could, when suddenly her mom's legs clamped around her head. "Ohhhhh," Kelly moaned, as her orgasm raced through her. Jenna could feel her mom's legs tremble, as her mouth was filled with juices, leaking out and running down her chin and onto the side of Tim's bed.

Tim watched in awe as his stepmom's body shook, her head thrown back and she was moaning through her orgasm, "oh yes, oh goddddd." He slowly stroked his hard dick, sitting up on the bed and looking down at his stepsister's head between her mom's legs, Jenna moaning also. His dick throbbed hard, wanting to get back in a wet pussy now, as he watched them.

Kelly's orgasm began to fade, as she released her daughter's head, allowing Jenna to breath again. Kelly's breathing was labored as she tried to recover, smiling at her daughter in pure pleasure. Jenna returned the smile, slowly standing up and asked, "did I do good mommy?" Kelly nodded, "you did wonderful sweetheart, you made mommy cum fast." Jenna blushed a little, as Kelly reached out and pulled her daughter to her, deeply kissing Jenna, tasting the remnants of the juices in her mouth. Jenna moaned into the kiss, as she felt her mom's hand cover her young pussy and lightly rub against it. Kelly broke the kiss and smiled at Jenna, "I need to return the favor first, get you all wet for his fat dick," she said, pulling Jenna on top of her as she laid back on the bed, her legs still hanging over the edge of the bed.

Tim watched as his stepsister crawled up her mom's body, her firm ass jiggling as she moved. He groaned as he saw her tight slit, spread open a bit, as she straddled her mom's chest. He heard Kelly moan to Jenna, "yeah sweetheart come sit on my face, let me taste you now." Tim was at a loss for what was going on, he couldn't believe how him having sex with Jenna, would turn both Kelly and Jenna into sluts. He shrugged his shoulders as he climbed off of the bed and stood behind them, right in front of Kelly's legs.

Tim looked down at his stepmom's glistening pussy, and his dick throbbed again. He grabbed the waistline of her panties and started pulling them down, Kelly lifting her hips up to help him. He tossed them aside and looked back up at Jenna squatting over her mom's face. He watched with interest as Kelly stuck her tongue out, as Jenna lowered her hips down, Kelly's tongue disappearing into her daughter's folds. Tim groaned to himself, as he grabbed Kelly's legs and lifted them up, resting them on his shoulders.

Kelly was moaning as Jenna covered her mom's face with her pussy, wanting Tim to fuck her again. Jenna moaned loudly when she felt her mom's tongue enter her pussy, "oh my god mommy." Kelly held her daughter's thighs, as she moved her tongue in and out of Jenna, tasting the sweet nectar that was leaking from Jenna's pussy.

Tim turned his attention back to Kelly's pussy as he guided his dick towards it. He groaned as the head of his dick brushed against her slit, feeling the heat permeating from her core. He didn't penetrate her, just rubbing the shaft of his thick shaft, up and down the outer folds of her pussy.

Kelly felt Tim's dick sliding against her pussy, wishing he would just sink it deep inside of her. She started rubbing her nose against Jenna's growing clit, feeling her daughter tremble on top of her. She reached down with her hand and grabbed Tim's dick, trying to get it in her pussy. She heard Tim chuckle and say, "what, someone don't like that?" She moaned in response, as she pushed his dick down and felt the head beginning to enter her. She tried to moan louder, but it was muffled by her daughter's pussy, as she tried to push her hips towards him.

Tim laughed again, as he pulled his dick back and started sliding it against her pussy again. "Not so fast mom," he groaned with a chuckle. He looked back up at Jenna, as she gyrated her hips against Kelly's face, "are you gonna cum Jenna? Are you gonna cum on mom's face?" He asked with a groan as he stared at her firm ass jiggling on top of her mom.

Jenna shook her head and moaned, "not yet." Jenna looked down at her mom, Kelly's eyes the only part of her face visible. "Oh mommy, make me cum please," Jenna moaned, grinding her pussy harder against her mom's face.

"Yeah mom, make your naughty daughter cum all over your face," Tim groaned, getting more excited. He pulled his dick away from Kelly's pussy and lined it up with her entrance. In one swift motion, he shoved his hips forward, burying his dick back into his stepmom, his ball sack slapping against her ass, groaning in pleasure.

Kelly jumped when Tim entered her, biting Jenna's pussy lips, as she moaned into Jenna's pussy. Jenna screeched when her mom bit her, jumping a little in pain. Kelly felt Tim's dick throb deep inside of her, as she went back to making her daughter cum, driving her tongue back into Jenna's pussy, getting more of her nectar. Tim slowly withdrew his dick, until just the head was inside of his stepmom, then drove back into her with force, causing Kelly's legs to jump and spread wider.

Jenna could feel her orgasm building quickly, knowing she was going to cum soon. She reached down and tugged on her mom's hair, trying to pull her into her pussy harder. "Oh my god, oh my god," Jenna moaned over and over, as her body was shaking and trembling. Kelly moaned into her daughter's pussy, as she felt Jenna's pussy squeeze at her tongue, knowing Jenna was getting close. Jenna ground her hips forward and back hard against Kelly's face, "I'm gonna cum mom, oh god, I'm gonna cum, yessss," Jenna moaned, as she pushed her pussy hard into her mom's face, her orgasm starting to course through her.

Tim was rhythmically moving his dick in and out of his stepmom's pussy, as he heard Jenna moan out that she was cumming. "Yes sis that's it cum all over mom's face, fill her mouth with your girl cum," he groaned loudly, as he buried his dick deep in Kelly's pussy, watching Jenna shake and thrash around on top of her mom.

Kelly was moaning throughout her daughter's orgasm, her mouth being almost overfilled with Jenna's wetness. She rubbed her nose against Jenna's clit, trying to move her tongue in and out of Jenna as well.

As Jenna started to come back down from her orgasm, her body still trembled and shook, as her mom continued to rub against her clit. Jenna slowly moved her hips down from her mom's face, looking down at her mom, "holy shit mom, that was amazing." Kelly lightly chuckled, "did you like that sweetheart?" Jenna quickly nodded, as she felt hands grab her hips and pull further down her mom's body.

Tim watched Jenna straddle her mom's chest, her swollen pussy lips looking too inviting to him. He wanted to get his dick inside of his stepsister's tight pussy again, he grabbed her hips, as Kelly and Jenna were talking, pulling her down Kelly's stomach, Jenna's still leaking pussy leaving a small trail of fluids on her mom's lingerie. Tim groaned as he pulled Jenna down, "my turn now." He pulled on her hips until Jenna's pussy was just above her mom's own slit. Tim quickly withdrew from Kelly and guided his dick towards Jenna's swollen slit.

Jenna looked back at Tim and smiled, "oh yes Tim, give it to me, fuck my tight pussy." Kelly looked at her daughter with lust, when she heard Jenna beg to be fucked by Tim's huge dick, knowing how her daughter felt about feeling his dick inside of her, because she was the same way. Kelly lifted her head and looked at Tim, "yeah Tim, fuck both of our pussy's, take turns with us."

Tim felt the head of his dick begin to spread Jenna's pussy lips open, causing him to groan, as he steadily pushed into his stepsister. He felt her pussy contract around his dick as he continued to sink into her from behind.

"Oh my god mommy, his dick feels so good inside of me, mmm," Jenna exclaimed, looking at her mom in pleasure. Kelly smiled at her daughter, pushing Jenna's hair away from her face, "I know sweetheart, his huge dick is incredible," pulling on the back of Jenna's head, kissing her deeply. The mom and daughter both moaned loudly, as they kissed deeply, their tongue's wrestling with each other.

Tim pushed into his stepsister, until his hips rested against her ass. "Oh my god, yes," he groaned loudly, as he made his dick throb deep inside of her pussy. He put his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, giving him a view of her puckered asshole, and fat dick splitting her slit wide open. He slowly began to move his hips back, looking at the glistening shaft of his dick, as her pussy clung tightly to it. When he saw the glans of his head peeking out, he shoved his hips forward, burying his dick back inside of his stepsister.

Jenna grunted when her stepbrother pounded back into her, breaking the kiss with her mom, throwing her head back, and moaning loudly, "ohhh fuck!" Kelly looked up at her daughter, running her hands down Jenna's back, whispering, "yeah sweetheart, you like feeling his dick inside of you huh?" Jenna looked back at Tim, gritting her teeth and moaning, "uh huh, uh huh, fuck me Tim, fuck my pussy please."

As if Tim needed any encouragement, he pulled his hips back again, then slammed back into hee hard, his hips slapping against her ass, grunting loudly. He started a steady rhythm, watching his dick piston in and out of her clinging pussy, watching her pussy extend out, then go back in as he slammed back into her. As he started moving faster, he felt Kelly's hands pushing his away. He moved them to the bed next to Kelly's hips, continuing to fuck Jenna.

Kelly held Jenna's ass cheeks apart, as she started rubbing the tip of her right forefinger against her daughter's puckered asshole. Kelly cooed at Jenna, as Jenna gyrated her hips against Tim, "you like that sweetheart, huh do you like mommy rubbing your butt." Jenna could only nod, as new sensations were shooting through her body from what her mom was doing.

Tim pounded into Jenna's pussy a few more times, then quickly withdrew and guided his dick back to Kelly's pussy. As the head of his dick penetrated her, he moved his hand back and slammed into Kelly's looser pussy. He started fucking his stepmom, hard and fast, his abdomen smacking against Jenna's ass.

Jenna laid on her mom's chest, feeling empty again, but focused on the new sensations from her mom rubbing her asshole. Kelly moaned as Tim fucked her again, "oh fuck, yes Tim fuck mommy's pussy." She started pushing the tip of her forefinger harder against her daughter's asshole, feeling Jenna's sphincter beginning to relax, and the tip of her finger began to penetrate her daughter's backdoor. Jenna lifted her head up and looked into her mom's eyes, as she felt the finger penetrate her butt, "mmm mom, that feels funny, but good at the same time." Kelly smiled at Jenna, "do you want to see if Tim can get his dick in there also," she whispered as she started moving her fingertip in and out of Jenna's ass.

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, not sure what her mom meant, closing her eyes and slowly moving her hips back into her mom's finger movements. She couldn't figure out why, what her mom was doing, was turning her on, because she could feel her pussy getting wetter, as her mom moved her finger deeper into her rectum.

Tim saw what his stepmom was doing, as he continued to fuck her pussy hard and fast, wondering why she had a finger in Jenna's asshole. He watched Kelly move her finger in and out of Jenna's ass slowly, pushing her finger deeper each time.

Kelly saw Tim staring at her finger in Jenna's ass, giggling to herself, she, "mmm Tim, you like the sight of that?" Tim slowly nodded, his pace slowing as well, he didn't know why, but he was intrigued by the sight. Kelly chuckled, "why don't you fuck her pussy a little more, then we'll see if you get that fat dick in my ass." Again Tim could only nod as he slowly withdrew from Kelly and guided his dick back to Jenna's pussy.

Jenna had her head on her mom's tits, moaning as she felt Tim's dick being pushed back into her pussy. Jenna was almost at sensory overload, as she felt Tim's dick fill her pussy completely again, and her mom push a second finger into her asshole, "ohhhhh," she moaned, lifting her head up. Tim started fucking her roughly, slamming into her as hard as he could, Jenna enjoying every moment of it. She didn't know what to focus on, whether it was Tim's dick fucking her, or her mom's fingers in her ass, they were both bringing her closer to another orgasm. "Oh my god, fuck me, fuck my pussy, finger my butt," she moaned, moving her hips back into Tim's thrusts.

Tim could feel Kelly's fingers rubbing against his dick, as it vigorously exited and her daughter's pussy, through the thin membrane. He was grunting loudly, feeling his balls beginning to tighten already, knowing he couldn't hold back much longer. He tried to hold it back, slowing his pace, as Jenna kept moving her hips back into him. He laid across her back and groaned, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cummmm." He slammed into Jenna hard as his dick swelled deep inside of her, and shot it's first jet of cum against her cervix.

"Oh yes Tim, fill with your hot cum, ohhh," Jenna moaned as she felt his cum splash into her. Kelly felt Tim's dick grow and throbbed against her fingers, realizing he was cumming already, "no you can't cum yet, nooo!" Kelly yelled in frustration, as she removed her fingers from Jenna's ass, and tried pushing him back. "Pull out Tim, don't cum inside of her," Kelly exclaimed, feeling his abdominal muscles flex, as he fired more cum into Jenna.

As Tim was cumming inside of her, Jenna started to cum as well, moaning, "ohhhh, yesssss, fuckkkkk, I'm cumming too." Her body shaking and trembling on her mom. Kelly gave up on trying to push him back, watching her daughter cum with her stepson, knowing they were both in seventh heaven, "oh yeah sweetheart, cum with your brother, you like feeling his hot cum filling you huh?"

Tim fired two more times into Jenna's sucking pussy, and fell limp on top of her, as her own orgasm faded and she fell limp on her mom, moaning in pleasure. Kelly stroked her daughter's hair, and quietly said, "you know we all have gone to far with this." Both of the kids lightly chuckled, not really caring at that moment.

Tim finally regained his strength and pushed himself up, slowly withdrawing his spent cock. As it escaped Jenna's gaping slit, a sound of sloppiness as it left. Jenna continued to lay limply on top of her mom, as she lightly grunted at the emptiness, pushing with pussy muscles, causing a dollop of Tim's thick cum to run out and drop on to her mom's, still swollen and gaping pussy.

When Kelly felt the cum land on her pussy, she lightly moaned, as her body shivered lightly, "wow he really filled you up." Jenna lightly laughed as she pushed herself up and looked at her mom, "yeah he did." Kelly smiled at Jenna in love, knowing their mother/daughter relationship had changed forever.

Tim stood there admiring his handy work. He stared at Jenna's gaping pussy, some of his cum still seeping out and running down onto his stepmom's pussy, making what looked like two creampies.

"I love you mom," Jenna whispered with a grin. "I love you too sweetheart," Kelly said with a smile.

Should I continue? Let me know. Constructive criticism please.

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