My wife's best friend needs help after the divorce
Annie had been my wife’s best friend all through high school and college, as well as the through the five years that followed. She had not only been her maid of honor at our wedding, but she had also been present for the birth of both of our children. In addition to the fact that she was one of the sweetest women I knew, she was also very easy on the eyes. In fact, she was one of the best advantages to me putting in the large in-ground pool in my back yard a couple summers ago; I figured it would give my wife and her numerous reasons to parade around in the bikinis they both seemed to wear so well.

Anyway, this was the primary reason that it was so easy to offer her a place to live when her husband had decided to ask for a divorce out of the blue. To be honest, the guy was a prick anyway, and had always seemed to leave me with this big desire to beat the crap out of him every time he came to my house. I was happy to see her free of his aggressive, rude ass once and for all. But in spite of the fact that he was scum, Annie had still loved him for her own reasons, and the break up seemed to hit her especially hard the first month or so that she stayed with us. My wife Kristen seemed to have an endless supply of compassion though, and each afternoon after Annie would come home from work, she would spend at least an hour pouring out her feelings to Kristen. This would usually be the time that I would take my testosterone ears into the living room and watch some action flick while they shared a drink and did their “girl-thing.”

Most of the time, I could still make out bits of their conversations through the quiet parts of the movie or show I was watching, but worked diligently to try not to pay too much attention; until the first time I overheard the word “sex” that is. Now do not think ill of me, but it was the first time I decided to turn down the television just enough to eavesdrop on their conversation. Usually they just talked about the mean way the jerky ex had treated her, or the crap he was giving her over shared properties in the divorce proceedings; but that day was the first time the sexual side of their relationship actually came up. Or at least, I had been close enough to hear. Annie started talking about how she had not had sex in over a year, and that she had actually caught him masturbating before bed, just so he would not have to have sex with her. My ears perked up quickly as she discussed her current frustration levels, even though my eyes acted as though they were still intently focused on the television screen. Every once in a while, I was sure I could feel my wife looking over at me to see if I was paying attention to the conversation, but I continued to keep my appearance to seem disinterested in the girl talk.

For a few minutes, Annie mainly just talked about her desire to feel a man’s touch, followed by empathetic consolation from Kristen. But then Annie said something that almost instantly caused my cock to start hardening:

“Kristen…it is just that sometimes, I just want a man to treat me like his $2 whore. I do not want to be “made love to,” I want to be fucked.”

Though the comment was a little quieter than most of the other conversation, it was as though she had shouted it directly in my ear. Kristen had never been the best lover, but she tried to at least help release any pent up sexual energies I had. She was not a big fan of excitement, variety, and especially oral sex, but I was usually taken care of by some means; even if it was just a quick handjob before bed. Needless to say, this blunt confession of Annie’s immediately took over my imagination. I forced myself not to look over at the two lovely women sitting at the dining room table; and yet, no matter how much I should have resisted, the images of forcing this sexy little brunette sitting across from my wife to do nasty, sexual things to me, could not be subdued.

I can still remember the summer day that I came home early and accidentally caught my wife and Annie bathing topless by the pool. It was the only time I had actually gotten a glimpse of her lovely, perky “C” tits. I had always forced myself not to fantasize about her; knowing it would risk creating awkward feelings when she was in my home. But it was now too late for that.

“Kristen, have you ever just wanted a man to ravage you in that way? I mean really just force you to be his little sex doll, tossing you around at will; not even concerned on your own feelings, but instead using him to satisfy his own selfish lust?”

My wife’s response was so much less arousing than Annie’s question. She basically told her she should probably stop reading so many romance novels for a while, but then affirmed that it was normal to want sex more when you were not getting it. I can only assume that this was the reason the conversation changed rather abruptly. Unfortunately, the thoughts in my head did not. I found myself having to shift my position in my seat to allow my now hard erect cock to readjust in my jeans. The images of my hands locked tight around Annie’s small head as I pounded my hard in deep into her reluctant throat was just getting me more and more worked up.

Eventually, the ladies moved into the bedroom, where the conversation continued as Kristen began to get ready for her late shift at work. She only worked part time, which usually meant the evening shifts were hers, and the babysitting job was mine. This week was my time off though, because my folks had come up and taken the kids for the week. I must admit, the thought of being alone for the next six hours with Annie was intoxicating my sex drive. I had never really imagined myself cheating on my wife, but the fantasy was still an exciting one just the same.

As I kissed Kristen good-bye, she asked me to walk her to the car. I was a little curious though, because she never had me do that. Usually she just took her kiss and keys and disappeared. As we walked to the car, she took me by the hand, and began whispering…

“Honey, I need a favor…but it is one I have a feeling you are going to enjoy very much.”
Needless to say, you can only imagine where my mind instantly jumped; though I knew there was no chance in Hell my wife was going down that fantasy road.

“What is it baby? If I am able, you know I’ll take care of it.”

“Well…” her words seemed to hesitate for a moment, as though rethinking what she was already prepared to ask, “I know you heard our conversation today. You may have looked like you were watching tv, but you were blushing something awful.”

I knew I was busted…but that did not mean that I was not going to at least attempt to deny it.

“What are you talking about baby?”

“Nice try stud. But one thing I know about you is that you have bionic ears whenever the word ‘sex’ is mentioned. I know you heard everything that Annie said tonight.” Again she hesitated. “But I also know that I am not near as good of a lover as you deserve.”

Before I could interrupt her, she placed her hand over my mouth to stop me from speaking.

“So here…” Kristen reached out her hand and placed some paper into my fist, trying hard to keep from letting me see it at first. “I want you to go take care of my friend for me…you have my permission baby.”
I looked down in my hand, and in it I found to wadded up $1 bills. The look on my wife’s face was awkward and yet reassuring. It almost looked as though she was more scared of how I would respond to her suggestion, than I was.

“Are you saying what I think you are saying Kris? Are you giving me permission to have sex with Annie?”

“No! I’m telling you to fuck her like the $2 whore she wants to be. Do not make love to her…I cannot handle the thought of that. I want you to fuck her hard. Force her to satisfy you over and over again. Do you understand?”

The fact was, I did not understand at all, but I was not at all able or tempted to protest at all.

“Are you sure about this baby? I do not want this to come back on me later. I do not want to hurt you.”

“I love both of you so much. The fact is, when either of you are hurting, I am hurting. I believe this will be a nice way to make our home happier. I do have condition though.”

I was definitely curious to know what that was. “Anything baby.”

“Do not shower after it is all over. I want to suck your cock when I get home. But that will stay our little secret?’

I was completely shocked, as well as curious at this sexual revelation of my wife. “Agreed baby. Like I would complain about an offer like that. I hope you have a great day at work.”

I leaned over and helped her into the driver seat of the car, stealing one more kiss. I was a little shocked when she thrust her tongue inside my mouth and passionately began kissing me in the driveway.
“Fuck her good and hard baby…and have fun.”

With that my wife drove out of the driveway and off to work, leaving me shocked, confused, and very aroused. I watched her drive away before finally making my way into the house. As I walked inside, I noticed that Annie was still in the back of the house, and I glanced down at the $2 still held tight in my fist. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it. I had not been with another woman in many years, and even then, I had only had one other girlfriend before I got married. My dick was hardening in my jeans as I glanced back at the front door, half expecting my wife to come barging in telling me she changed her mind. But she did not return. Finally I decided that this may be the only chance I ever get at something like this, so I better jump all over it while I have the chance.

My cock was hardening as I walked toward the back of the house. I had always fantasized about something like this, but to be honest, had never had the opportunity. Kristen was just not that kind of lover. Missionary sex with me doing the work was usually the norm. We had tried bondage a few times, but she giggled through it, thus making it more of a joke than the hot fuck I had hoped for. But now, I could still here Annie’s words echoing in my ears: “two dollar whore.” To treat a woman like her feelings were not important conflicted with my usual sensitive nature, but I wanted this to be as incredibly hot for Annie as I intended it being for me.

As I reached the door to her room, there was a knot in my throat, and a bulge in my jeans. I paused for a moment with my hand on the door and just listened. I was taken aback as I heard hesitated moaning coming from her room. I listened a little longer, and finally realized what I was hearing…Annie was masturbating. I swear my cock became harder than I had ever felt it. The thought of this delicious thing fingering her pussy was the final jolt of courage I was looking for. Lust had taken over. I threw the door open, making sure not to give her time to stop what she was doing.

Annie’s eyes grew huge with shock as she saw me standing boldly in the middle of her doorway. Her pants were unzipped, and one of her hands was deep inside, obviously working diligently to service herself.
“Is this what you do in my house when we are not here Annie?” I demanded, presenting a scolding, authoritative voice. “Do you use my room to masturbate? Is that what we are, your personal sexual getaway?”
Annie’s eyes grew fearful. I had assumed the aggressive attitude I was displaying had taken her by surprise too. It was obvious she was scared, but she was also unable to answer. She just waited for me to respond.

“Tell me Annie…is this what caused that sleaze bag husband of yours to leave. Did you save all your sexual needs for yourself, rather than share them with him?” It was obvious my cruelty was working. She was so shocked by my intrusion and comments, she had forgotten that she still had a hand buried tight within her pants.

“Well not in my house. No way! In my house, I take what I want. And Annie…I want you!”

I moved toward the bed quickly, not even bothering to shut the door behind me. My poor confused victim finally snapped back to reality somewhat, and sat quickly up on the edge of the bed, finally removing her hand from her pants. “Mike…wh..what are you doing?” She pleaded as I quickly stopped abruptly right in front of her. “Come on Mike…the joke is over…you have to stop.” Her voice was quivering and nervous.

“Sorry honey, but since you showed up on the scene, the little bit of sex I had been receiving has been cut by over half. In fact, my wife has hardly put out in three weeks; thanks to all of your late night chats. But as I see here, I am not the only one that has had to resort to masturbation. So, from where I am standing Annie…you fucking owe me!”

Even though I could see the fear in her eyes, I could also see that she was becoming flushed with excitement. But I was not going to lose the control I was working so hard to take. Without hesitation, I reached down and ripped her form fitting cotton blouse open. The small buttons flew across the room as I was treated to the beautiful sight of her breasts hidden by a rather skimpy lacey white bra. Her skin was red and flushed on her chest as well, as I watched her eyes grow even wider.

“MIKE!” she shouted out…but unable to think of any words to follow.

“There is no point in resisting me Annie…tonight, you pay me back for all the sex you have cost me. Tonight…you are my own personal whore.”

I grabbed a fist full of her hair, and decided to be even bolder in my assault. I pulled back on her head, and immediately went in for a deep long kiss. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, and pushed it deep inside. You can imagine my shock when at first she did not even try to fight me. In fact, she began kissing me back. After a few seconds though, her brain must have kicked in, and she began to try to pull away. But I held her even tighter against my face, and thrust my tongue more aggressively around inside. One of my hands moved down to her breasts and eagerly began fondling at it. I felt her hand grabbing at the intruder, working to pull it off of her tit, but I only squeezed the luscious globe harder. I worked quickly to slide the piece of fabric down, revealing her naked breasts to my view. Again she tried to use her hand to pull it up, but she had no luck.

Finally I broke our kiss, and I dove my head down to her chest. Immediately I swallowed the erect nipple inside my mouth, sucking it harder than I normally might. My tongue and teeth teased at it, nibbling on. My hands pushed Annie backwards onto the bed, holding down her shoulders forcefully as my mouth moved to her other breasts. This time I sucked on it through the lacey cloth, allowing my saliva to soak it as I felt her nipple growing beneath it.

“Mike…you have to stop…” her breath was now staggered, and I could tell she was enjoying the attention.
“Mike....what…..Mike…what would Kristen say?”

I stood back up and looked down at my prey. Her breasts were heaving up and down from her breathing, and the fear had left her eyes. I released my hold on her, and for a moment just stared down at her exposed tit, and then down her perfectly toned tummy. I noticed the matching lace panties that were visible at the top of her unbuttoned jeans. Then slowly I returned my gaze into her eyes.

“Annie…do you know what your problem is…?” I hesitated as I noticed the look on her face clearly anticipating my answer.

“Annie…you fucking talk to much. I think it is time I shut you up right.”

I grabbed her by the knees, and in one quick motion, I slid her off the bed and directly into a kneeling position on the floor. She had not expected it, so was fairly shocked to find herself kneeling directly in front of the bulge in my jeans. I grabbed a fist full of her hair again, and ordered her to unzip my jeans. She hesitated for a moment, but I pulled tighter on her hair, and leaned down close to her face…

“Unzip my jeans whore…and take out my fucking cock!”

“M..Mi…Mike…please do not do this.”

I quickly pulled her head forward, and shoved her face right against the hard on in my jeans. She tried to turn away, but my hand was too strong. I was sure she could feel the thickness of my cock through the fabric.

“Un…Zip…My…Pants…NOW!” I snapped.

I let up on my grip, and Annie moved backwards, allowing her hands to come to the place her face had just been. Slowly her fingers fidgeted with the button at the top, allowing it to pop open. Even though I was sure she was nervous and scared, there was still an intent look in her eyes as she slowly began lowering the zipper to my jeans. As it reached the bottom of the fly, my cock jutted out against the cotton briefs. Annie’s eyes never left the 9” throbbing member before her eyes.

“Now take it out Annie,” this time whispering with a soft, endearing voice.

Annie’s fingers pulled down on my briefs, bringing my cock into full view. I could tell she liked what she saw, when she slowly began pushing down my jeans and briefs the rest of the way to my knees.

“Now suck it,” I commanded quietly.

Annie continued to lock her eyes intently on my large thick shaft, as I guess the fight from her had left. My gaze fixed on her lips as they parted open. I had no choice but to moan out in pleasure as her skinny cool fingers grasped tight around my shaft before guiding it to her eagerly waiting mouth. Just as her lips brushed the side of my cock, I pulled hard and fast on the back of her head, driving my engorged cock deep inside her throat. Instinct kicked in, and Annie tried to pull back, but I was already too lost in lust to permit it. Both of my hands locked on the back of her head as I feverishly began fucking my cock in and out of her mouth. For some reason, Annie never tried to stop; instead she just fought to keep control of her gag reflex as my cock continued to invade her throat.

Eagerly I began pounding her mouth and throat with my cock. Kristen had never allowed me to fuck her face like this. I was lost in the passion and lust. The sight of her eye liner running down her face mingled with her tears only made me want to fuck Annie’s mouth even harder. This little minx could really suck cock. It only took a few minutes before she had found her true rhythm and began moving her face to meet my thrust. Her tiny frail hands slid around behind me and began digging their nails into my ass cheeks.

“I am going to feed you my cum Annie…” gasping by now more than commanding. But Annie did not disappoint. Eagerly she began sucking even more aggressively on my cock. Her small hands pulling on my ass, helping to drive me even deeper inside. That was the final straw. With one deep hard thrust truly down her throat, I began firing spasm after spasm of thick sperm into my helpless victim’s throat. But Annie eagerly swallowed it down as she sucked violently for more. My knees quivered and I fell forward, grabbing hold of the edge of the bed. Annie’s head was trapped beneath me, but I continued to thrust eagerly in and out of her mouth. It was the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. I finally pulled myself back up before her, and ordered her to finish draining every last drop from my cock.

There were no more hesitations or protest. Annie moved her hands in front of me as one grabbed tight to my balls and the other began pumping gently up and down on my still semi-hard cock. Needless to say, it did not take long before she had brought me back to full erection. Though I hated to stop the attention to my cock, I reluctantly pulled her up off the floor into a standing position before me. I grabbed her shoulders, and slowly spun us both around, then sat on the bed before her.

“Strip for me Annie. Give me a good show too. Do not dare think of just undressing. I want you to strip.”
I saw a glint of hesitation in her eyes; but then she took a couple step backward and began slowly swaying her hips side to side as her hands allowed her torn blouse to slide off of her shoulders, and gracefully to the floor. Her tit was still exposed, but Annie slowly began dancing around teasingly as she released the clasp from the back of her bra, and then dropped it to the floor, but covering her breasts with her crossed arms. For about a moment she spun slowly around, dancing gently to a song that must have been playing in her head. I examined her beautifully fit body, and how well her jeans seemed to cling to her tight little ass. Annie moved closer to me; close enough to where my hands could reach out and feel her. She turned away, and then slowly began sliding her tight jeans down off of her perfect little ass. I felt my cock twitch as she uncovered the sexy thong panties, drawing my eyes directly to the thin piece of fabric resting wonderfully between her ass cheeks. As she gyrated around, I could see her eyes closed as she became lost in her own seduction. I took this opportunity to rid myself from the remainder of my clothing.

My intent was to watch her strip completely, gently stroking my cock as she did, but it seemed that my lust would once again take over. As she continued to dance, I quickly leapt from the bed, and push Annie up against the bedroom wall. In one movement, I pressed my naked, muscular body hard against hers, and ripped the flimsy panties off of her ass. Annie gasped loudly as she felt the fabric pull tightly against her now swollen clit for only a moment, before they were discarded across the room. I thrust my hand between her legs, and immediately found her wet pussy, soaked with her juices. One of my fingers thrust eagerly inside, sliding easily through her lubrication. Annie gasped and moaned as my finger began fucking her anxious pussy. She had a tight pussy, and each stroke of my digit was greeted with a nice vaginal squeeze. For a couple minutes I finger fucked her as I pressed her tight against the wall. Annie’s hand reached backwards, and quickly found my cock. Her fingers wrapped tightly around it, and quickly began pumping up and down it in unison with my own thrust.

After a bit, I removed my hand and replaced it with my cock. I lined the thick head up with her sweet wet hole, and in one fast hard thrust, impaled my little whore with my cock. The surprise intrusion was the final push for Annie, and her body erupted in a violent orgasm. She was so vocal as I eagerly began pounding her pussy. Her gasp and moans filled the house as my hands slid up her front and began squeezing and manhandling her tits. The harder I fucked, the more this young vixen came. Her juices were flooding out of her as I slammed my cock deeper and deeper inside.

I had never seen a woman cum so hard, so fast, and so many times. The more she came, the more I wanted to fuck her even harder. I finally pulled out, and pushed her over onto the bed. Her face buried into the blanket as her toned legs continued to hang over the edge. Annie was still grinding her pussy into the covers as she enjoyed the tingling that was still going on in her pussy. But me…I became fixed on that perfect little ass sticking up before me. Kristen would never let me fuck her ass. It was the forbidden zone, that after all these years…we never even mentioned anymore. But today…Annie was my whore. I was not supposed to care about her, just satisfying my own needs.

I moved my hands to her ass cheeks and pushed them up in the air just enough to grab one of the king sized pillows off the bed, and shove it under her hips. Annie was not concerned yet with me, and simply complied with my manipulations. The position pushed her tight asshole even more into the air, and I quickly moved in. Something I had never done before, I buried my face in between those tender lovely ass cheeks. My tongue first found her wet pussy, and eagerly drank of the nectar there. She tasted so sweet and delicious. I could not help but feast on her delicious pussy, loving the way she moaned each time my tongue penetrated its way inside. But no matter how delicious she tasted, I wanted to feel my cock inside that tight ass. Slowly I moved my tongue backwards, and began teasing her tight asshole with it. I felt her tense up a little, as though she was about to stop me, but instead, she relaxed back down, and allowed me to proceed. My fingers began teasing the tight hole, gently pressing at it as my tongue pressed at its entrance. But the more I played, the more I just wanted to drive my cock inside it. Finally, I climbed on the bed, straddling her lovely legs, and bringing my cock to rest between her ass cheeks. She tightened them up, squeezing my shaft between them, before relaxing them again. I could see the saliva glistening off her hole as I pressed my hard on against it.

“Mike…please be gentle…no one has ever fucked my ass before.”

For a moment I hesitated. The nice guy in me did not want to hurt her. But then, I remembered that this was still not about her.

“My whore! Remember! You are not making the rules here Annie…I am.”

At the end of my sentence, I allowed all of my weight to push down upon my cock, driving it hard and fast inside the tight little hole. I felt Annie’s entire body tighten up beneath me as she cried out in pain. Amazingly though, the lubrication had helped me to slide in much easier than I had expected. But she was so fucking tight. I had never felt anything to wonderful around my cock before. I rested a moment, allowing her to get used to the invasion that had taken place; but also allowing me to relish in the feel of her super tight ass.
I mumbled down into her ear before pressing my way even deeper, “You are such a wonderful little whore Annie…I have never had a fuck like you.” Just as I was about to thrust downward, I heard Annie whisper back…

“Then fuck me Mike…Fuck your filthy little whore.”

My words must have been what she needed to hear. Even though she continued to whimper, I drove my cock as deep into this little vixen as I could. Lust had once again filled my brain, and I frantically began pounding this virgin ass with everything I had. One of my hands pulled back on a fist full of hair each time I thrust hard forward. I was in a sexual euphoria as I fucked her frail ass violently with every stroke. I was lasting longer than I thought I could, and eagerly bucked my hard on in and out of Annie. And then she exploded in her most violent orgasm of the evening. Her ass muscles locked down so tight around my cock that each time I moved up or down, her entire body moved with me. It was the final stimulation I needed, and I was again began filling my sexy lover up with my cum. As Annie’s body started to relax a little, she became as filled with lust as I was. Her ass began pumping eagerly back against my cock, milking my cum, and yet keeping the blood hot within my shaft. The more I came, the harder my cock seemed to get. Finally, I pulled my cock from her ass, and I flipped her small body over on the bed. Annie’s eyes were glazed over with wanton satisfaction. I quickly moved on top of her and drove my hard on inside her cunt once again. My mouth locked on to one of her swollen nipples as I feverishly began fucking her pussy even harder and faster than before. Another orgasm ripped through her body as the passion took over. Our bodies twisted and turned as we fucked like savage animals.

I must have made her cum at least five more times before we both collapsed onto the bed. I was laying flat on my back, completely exhausted. Annie was laying on top of me, with her breasts cradling my shaft and her face on my belly. As I lay there catching my breath, I feel the warmth of her lips and tongue gently suck my cock back into her mouth. Gingerly, Annie sucked the flavors of sex from my cock. Though we had been fucking for at least two hours now, I had not cum in the last 45 minutes, and was pleased to see that she was bringing my cock back to life all over again. This time however, I just laid there and enjoyed my young lover’s attention.

Somewhere in there though, we both ended up drifting off to sleep. The last thing I remember was the look of these soft green eyes staring up at me as my dick slid in and out of her mouth. And that was the same thing I awoke to. I must have slept a couple hours as I looked down and saw my cock still imbedded in Annie’s mouth. She was smiling as she forced the entire shaft down her throat, bobbing on it intently. After a few minutes of sucking, she finally released her grip and instead straddled her way onto my lap and slowly lowered herself back on to my shaft. Her eyes closed as the 9” cock spread her tight little pussy lips open. My hands reached up and began teasing her swollen tits, twisting her nipples as she began grinding onto my cock. But then she stopped and stared down at me seriously.

“Mike…what is Kristen going to say if she finds out about this?” I could see the worried look on her face at the betrayal she had just done.

I reached for my jeans, which were still lying at the end of the bed where I had tossed them. I reached into one of the front pockets and withdrew the two $1 bills Kristen had given me, and then I placed them into the unsure hands of Annie.

“What is this Mike?”

“That’s your payment whore…I believe the cost for this night of fucking was $2…correct? Kristen wanted me to make sure I treated you like the $2 whore you required.” A small smile came across Annie’s face as she realized what prompted this entire encounter. “So come here bitch…I believe you still owe me a little more before I have had my money’s worth.”

With that, I flipped Annie onto her back and once again began filling her hot pussy with my hard cock. After all, I had to make sure there was plenty of nectar for Kristen to feed on when she got home.

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