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I thought I would share my best sexual experience. xo
It seems fitting to post this on the same day it happened.

It was two days after Christmas; we were 15 and had just gotten back from skating at Rockefeller Center and having fun in the city. My parents were going to a wake and staying over at a hotel there. It had been so long since we had time to ourselves. We had sex twice before, but that was in the summer and I was extremely horny. He had gone back home to get a shower and his parents needed him for something. I guess I may as well give you guys a little background on us. I'm pretty tall "for a girl" I guess. I play beach volleyball I'm sure that's interesting to you ;) Brunette, green eyes, big in the right areas... you get the picture. I don't want to mention names here so we'll just say he, is pretty damn tall, he used to swim in highschool, and he's super sweet. Oh and his penis isn't fucking gigantic just nice and thick. If you are so inclined please explain to me in a comment why you would ever want to fuck someone with a 9 inch dick. Genetically after like 5 inches or it might even be 3 inches in it just doesn't do anything anyway right?

Anyway, back to what happened.

Later I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and pulled him inside. We gravitated to the couch by the tree and cuddled there watching a marathon of movies until midnight. Then I turned the TV off and we sat in silence for a little while. I thought about my parent’s room. They had a memory foam bed. How would they ever know? I could wash everything before they got home. I lead him into their room and threw him on the bed and sat on top of him as I took off my shirt and undid my bra. I let my breasts pop out right in front of his face. He loved every inch of my 34Ds. I felt his cock harden against me as I jiggled them for him, and I moaned softly in his ear as he sucked on my nipples. It had been a long time since I had so much as kissed him before today.

I ground my ass into his cock, which was getting harder by the second. I slipped off his shirt. I got off of him and took down his pants, rubbing him through his boxers as I pulled myself back up to him. Finally I took off his boxers and a 6 ½ inch cock appeared. We had measured one day for the fun of it. I wish I was better at giving him a blowjob. But I make up for it whenever I ride him ;) My head bobbed up and down his penis as he pulled off the rest of my clothes while the grandfather clock in my house struck 12:30am. (the clock is retarded it pauses and dings an extra time at the half hour LOL)

I faced him again and sandwiched his hard cock in between my tits. It was his favorite thing and he groaned as I moved them back and forth. I felt him get even harder as he was about to cum, and pretty soon it all came flying out all over my tits. I licked it up and kept stroking his dick as he kissed me. It was my turn. He was normally a pretty shy guy. But in the love life he was nowhere near shy. I lay on my back as he fingered me and kissed my neck. He moved his head down my body, breathing warm air onto me until he got to my pussy. His tongue flickered up and down and I gasped with pleasure as he began to swirl it around inside of me. I felt like I was already going to orgasm, and before I next thing I knew my body tensed and shuddered as a tingling wave passed over me.

I was losing control of myself as I thought of having him deep inside me. He came up, again licking my nipples as he ground his rock hard cock up against my ass. The bed was so comfortable and soft, and for a few seconds he lay on top of me, resting his head on my breasts while we sunk into the foam. Then I pushed him off. I couldn’t stand it any more. I wanted him so bad. I reached down and grabbed his cock, slapping it against the lips of my pussy a few times before I pushed the tip in. I nearly screamed as I felt him stretching me. He quickly pulled out.

“No-no,” I whispered, “It’s ok, I can take it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” He said.

A little louder I said, “I NEED it!”

With that, he pushed into me again. He rested on top of me, our lips locked, as he moved his hips as slowly as he could. Then it suddenly hit me he was not wearing a condom. I freaked out and he sat there staring at me in confusion. Then I remembered I had been on birth control for the last year and a half. I said I was sorry while trying not to smile and we both started laughing. I let myself sink back into the endless sea of foam as he got inside me again.

“I’m ready,” I said.

He was confused again. My poor baby, his mind was always spins late at night.

“Ready for what?” He asked.

I smiled, and sat up. “I’m ready, for you to fuck me hard,” I whispered in his ear.

He smiled too. I fell back again, and ever so slightly he started to go faster, and faster. Then I felt his wonderful cock going deeper and deeper into me. I spread my legs wide, letting him get even farther into me. Soon he was pounding my sweet little pussy. I cried out in pleasure and even he started to groan. Everything was tingling, and again I shuddered as I was hit with another orgasm. We were both so tired, but desire overwhelmed us. It was my turn to do the work and I let him lay down. He sighed as he felt himself sink in. For a few minutes we simply rested. My breasts were pressing up against his chest while he massaged my ass. I reached down to gently touch his penis. I wanted it back inside of me. I just couldn’t get enough.

I sat up again with new energy. His dick was softening a little. That was fixed soon enough as I grinded on it like a stripper. I could feel the blood flowing through it. He loved it when I was on top of him because he got to watch my tits bounce. I held his snake up and let it slither into me as I sat back down. Riding him never felt exceptionally good in my opinion but it was his favorite. I paused for a second as a thought hit me. What if I twerk on his cock? I spread my knees out just a little bit and leaned into him as I started to bounce my booty. It was a little awkward at first but I was determined to make it work. I looked into his eyes and I could already see he loved it. I kept going, trying to teach myself what to do. I tried to sway back and forth just a little bit. For a good 15 or 20 minutes I just couldn’t quite get it. He was enjoying every second though, and I was happy for that. I was actually getting frustrated but finally I found my rhythm. My ass was bouncing all around, up, down, and in a circle, so fast you would never believe your eyes! I felt like I was going to burst!

“Babyyyy that’s it!” He groaned.

“Damn right it is!” I gasped.

“Baby I can’t hold it in any more I’m gonna cum soon!”

I was so close to another orgasm. I couldn’t stop. Then it suddenly disappeared, and I got off of him, a little disappointed. I knew he could tell. I squished his cock in between my tits and he thrust in and out of them until he came. I licked up his warm sticky cum again and cuddled up to him. I still wanted more.

“Wanna go round three?” He asked playfully. I wasn’t sure he was serious.

I looked up at him. He knew I wanted it. “Fuck yeah,” I said.

I lay on my back again. He looked determined to satisfy me, and his cock was still rock hard! But he was tired. I sat up again to kiss him and then I pulled him down on top of me. My baby was exhausted. I was too but I would never be able to sleep.

“Please baby just once more, I’m tired too.”

“Oh It’s not that I’m too tired, I’m just mesmerized by these,” he said, as he reached for my tits.

“You can play with them all you want after you fuck me,” I said with a big smile.

Once again, his cock passed through sugar walls. He moved his hips slowly. In…out….in….out….in… Then he started to pick up the pace. I reached down and pulled my legs apart, letting him get all the way in. I felt like I was going to die of pure pleasure.

“Yes baby yes! Fuck me harder!” I screamed.

It occurred to me he probably couldn’t… I was wrong. I was gasping for air as he rocked my world. He looked at me with concern in his eyes.

“No, no don’t stop I’m fine it just feels so good!” I yelled. “More baby more, fuck me until your dick falls off!”

I don’t really know what happened after that. I just remember shaking uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me. It was like being in the ocean and I was unable to get back up. Finally it stopped, when I snapped back to reality he was ever so gently fucking me. I was glad he hadn’t stopped. I wanted him to cum in me. I didn’t care about the risks. I wanted to know what it felt like.

“Baby cum inside me, fuck me hard again, let it all out” I whispered.

“Are you 100% sure?”

“I’m 110% sure. Fuck me more!” I said.

Again he began to ram his cock into me. I let my legs fall onto his shoulders and I closed my eyes. All the tension was drained from my body. There was no more stress from school, no more annoying people to deal with, nothing. Just the fast and steady in-and-out of his thick cock in my slit. I contracted my stomach muscles and tried to make it even tighter for him.

“Mmmmmmm angel your pussy is getting tighter,” he moaned.

Finally after a good I don’t know at least 30 or 40 minutes of being fucked harder than any girl had ever dreamed of I felt his cock get just a little bit stiffer.

“It’s coming,” he said.

I closed my eyes as I felt everything tingle. Then it happened. I felt his warm cum gush out of his cock inside my pussy. Right then I was flooded a ridiculous orgasm, I thought it was going to just overload my body with pleasure. He collapsed on top of me as we both breathed heavily. I could still feel his cum inside me as he weakly fucked me.

“Oh baby, thank you, that was fantastic” I panted.

“My pleasure,” he gasped, kissing me.

We fell asleep just like that; lips together, and his penis limp inside me. My parents came home late the next night. The sheets were washed; everything was as it was; except I had gotten a night full of sex never to be forgotten. And the best part is, I’m still with him today; engaged to be married in the spring.

If you had yourself a nice lil' jerk-off session... well... you're welcome I guess ;)

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Well written good writing keep on writing !!!

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Thanks for ze orgasm. Great story

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Your story was awesome! I came hard on it, just thinking about you and how you orgasmed. Thank you very much for the story. i hope you can write more

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horrible, lame, boring, stupid

Jerk off to this? not in a million years

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