The 7th installment of Nick and Allie. For those who don't know, Nick and Allie are teenage siblings who took their relationship to a whole new level - incest. Three months had now passed and they were still hot and heavy. Allie is also pregnant with her ex boyfriends baby and is due to give birth in a few months. The story revolves around Nick, Allie, their parents, and their friends. The characters from the first 6 chapters are back including Brittany, Naomi, Hayley, and Anna.
SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! This is the 7th installement of the series so if you haven't read the first stories, I suggest you do. They are awesome. The links are down below, and besides that, enjoy the story!

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Nick and Allie 7 - Start

Chapter One

When it comes to Nick's dating history, it hasn't been the most impressive. In middle school, he spent most of his time with his friends, not paying much attention to the girls. He definitely liked girls, but he liked the developed ones. The ones he would see leaving the high school on his way home. When Nick went off to high school, he soon realized that the really hot girls were always in the older grade. This upset him because they barely even looked his way. Back then, Nick didn't have the toned body he has now, as a senior. He wasn't fat, but he did have some extra fat around his stomach and waist. This didn’t help with getting attention from the juniors and seniors back then.

Nick got his first girlfriend around Christmas time in his freshman year. She was a nice girl but not much of a looker. She was chubbier than Nick and as much as he loved having a girlfriend, he never looked forward to spending time with her and blew her off constantly. For these reasons, their relationship slowly withered away. There wasn't an official breakup or anything, they simply just decided to be friends. She moved away after freshman year, so their friendship didn't really last either.

It was sophomore year that Nick decided to start working out regularly. He worked hard that year to get really in shape. The fat was burned off and replaced by toned muscles. By his junior year, Nick had a body that would make girls stare if they got to see him shirtless. That was the year Nick got a pretty pathetic crush on a girl one year ahead of him. Their lockers were near one another so he would sometimes be lucky enough to see her up close and exchange a smile and a simple greeting. She was gorgeous, definitely one of the hottest girls in the school. She had guys chasing after her left and right so it was no surprise she barely paid attention to Nick. After about a month of overhearing her conversations with her friends, Nick learned that she really loved the beach.

With his regular workout routine giving him toned muscles, he decided to start forcing his friends to go to the beach on a semi-regular basis. One of his friends, Jake, loved the beach as he was a surfer. But his other more geeky friends, with their pale skin, loathed every minute of it. Nick learned his crush mostly just tanned and Nick made a route that would allow him to walk by her, shirtless and looking hot. After the first few times, Nick noticed that the girl started paying attention. The following days in school, she would say hi more often and start up conversations with him. A few more days passed and flirting got tossed in to their short conversations. This new friendship eventually lead her to walk over to Nick and his friends at the beach. It was one beautiful Thursday afternoon that Nick got a blow job from the girl in one of the changing booths at the beach. Nick was ecstatic, he thought she would want to date him but that hope was soon crushed when he heard she had gotten a boyfriend only a few days later.

They didn't talk for a long time after that. She eventually did come up to him in the halls and explain that she just used Nick to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Nick shrugged his shoulders when she asked him if everything was cool between them and he started full out avoiding the girl from that day on.

Nick's junior year was also Allie's freshmen. This was of course how Allie met Josh and started dating him. Josh didn't really enjoy going to the beach but Naomi loved it and often made Allie come along with her. One of these trips was how Allie was introduced to Naomi's friend Megan. Allie didn't mind Megan, but she didn't really care for her either. Megan was a little shallow, wanting every guy to like her and Allie thought that was stupid.

Since Nick spent his time at the beach trying to show off to his crush, Allie and her friends would see him from time to time. At first, Allie didn't think much of it, Nick did look hot but to Allie, he was her brother. Back then, if someone tried telling her that she would be in an incest relationship with Nick just a year later, she would have laughed and told the person they were crazy. After seeing him a few times though, both Naomi and Megan started noticing that Allie's brother was actually quite handsome. One day, when Megan called him sexy, Allie got uneasy. She hated when her friends said stuff like that about her him. Siblings were off limits in her mind.

“Oh common Allie, you can't tell me that you don't see it.” Megan was laying on her stomach, basically staring at Nick in the distance. She was going on and on to Naomi about how hot Nick was and Allie had had enough and told her to shut up, quite rudely.
“Ew Megan, no I don't see it because that's my brother!”

“So what if he's your brother? I'm not telling you to fuck him, I'm just saying look at that body, mmm!” Megan wasn't shutting up and Allie was getting really annoyed.

“Looking at his body and fantasizing is just as bad. You have a few hot cousins, how would you feel if I sat here and asked you if you thought they were hot?” Naomi noticed that Allie was upset and when Megan began to retaliate, she nudged her with her elbow as she was laying in the same position beside her.

“Whatever. He's hot and you know it even if you don't want to admit it.” Allie was madly in love with Josh at the time, so she didn't even pay attention to other guys. She didn't know it but deep down, incest urges were just waiting to surface. Even if she didn't want to admit it to herself and to her friends, she knew her brother was very hot. Maybe that's why she felt so uneasy when her friends talked about him. Maybe, subconsciously even, she was a little jealous. Even if this was the case back then, Allie would have never figured it out since she was basically blinded by her love for Josh. Megan and Naomi started to talk less about Nick when he stopped showing up to the beach as often. They would see him from time to time when hanging out at Allie’s house, but it was very rare.

As Nick’s junior year went on, he hooked up with a few more girls. This hooking up was mostly just a make out session at a party. None of these relationships ever really extended past that one night. At one party though, Nick saw a girl that he had seen around school from time to time who he thought was cute. They spent most of the night talking and Nick was beyond happy when she took him by the hand and led him to an empty bedroom. This was the night Nick lost his virginity. When the summer came, Nick’s popularity had grown extraordinarily from the start of the year.

Nick's sex life drastically got better when he started his senior year. He started getting more invites to parties and therefore, had many more girls to flirt with. When his friend Jake introduced him to Brittany in December, Nick could barely keep his jaw from dropping. Brittany took a liking to Nick almost instantly and the feeling was mutual for Nick. They dated for about a week where Nick got to fuck her twice. Brittany didn't think of it as dating though so word quickly got back to Nick that Brittany was fucking someone else too. Nick couldn’t be too upset with her though, as they never really made it official. The months before the sexual relationship with Allie started, Nick took it easy on hooking up and getting close with girls he just met.

Nick and Allie were currently walking on a path in one of the local parks. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the perfect weather for the two siblings to escape all the drama they were currently involved in. Since Brittany started her blackmailing game on the siblings two weeks ago, things have been stressful. Both of them are in constant fear that someone will come up to them and mention something about their sexual relationship meaning Brittany told. Allie was more scared of the two, knowing how much Brittany hates her. She says Brittany is unpredictable and could tell people at any time. Nick has to calm her down and often explain how Brittany won't give up her power so easily. Besides, she has to worry about what people might think of her getting involved with the two.

As they were walking around in the park, Allie had asked Nick a question that got him thinking, and remembering his past. Besides the freshmen girl, Brittany was one of the only girls he ever really thought of as his girlfriend, even though it only lasted a week and maybe a few days. Of course, he dated Anna for about a month but the more he thought of that relationship, the more disgusted with himself he felt. Anna was probably the nicest girl he had ever met, and he shouldn't have put her right in the middle of him and Allie. It wasn't fair to her, Allie, or even himself. The constant fear of Anna finding out about him and Allie took a toll on him. That was nothing though compared to the guilt. Allie’s dating history, on the other hand was much better. She was with Josh for quite a long time, and therefore, Nick felt weird that his younger sister had more dating experience than him. The question Allie asked earlier was simple, yet very complicated.

“Nick, do you think of me as your girlfriend now?” Nick had to think about what to say for a few seconds before he actually answered her. Really, he had no idea what to say. He loved Allie, that was certain. But he has loved her for the past 15 years. She was his sister, how could he not love her? Recently, when he started getting dirty thoughts about her, was when that love got tweaked a little. It turned to more of a lustful love, and the sibling love went on the back burner.

Dating Anna was when his emotions got really out of control. He started feeling really guilty every time he was with Anna. At first he thought it was because he was keeping a huge secret from Anna but the more time passed and the more he thought about it, it seemed like he was more guilty for betraying Allie than anything else. If he knew back then that Naomi was the one with Josh and not Allie, he was certain he wouldn't have gotten with Anna at all. Naomi with Josh, that's just another secret he was keeping from his sister. Nick was getting so tired of all these secrets. That first day in the shower with his sister, he would have never in a million years guessed that things would go like this.

Now she was asking him what title she held? How was he supposed to answer that? Sister, one half of an incestuous sex life, a fellow victim in blackmailing, and the girl he was certain he loved more than a brother should love a sister. But girlfriend? Can she even qualify as a girlfriend since they can't actually go on dates or anything of that sort? This walk in the park was the closest thing to a date they have had.

“Well that depends. Do you want me to think of you as my girlfriend?” This was the best answer Nick could come up with. The way she asked the question wasn't in a way that some love stricken girls ask. The giggly, expecting a yes way. It was a serious, I-wanna-know-how-you-feel question, not necessarily expecting a yes or a no, just an answer. Allie was walking beside her brother and was now looking down at the ground while Nick looked up ahead where the trail eventually curved into a forest.

“Honestly? I kind of do. I mean, I know we can never really be a couple but... I don't want any other girl to have you. The way you make me feel is just so amazing, I want it all for myself.” Nick was a little surprised at her answer but also wasn't. His heart was now beating fast, and filled with happiness.

“You already do have it all for yourself...”

“Yeah. I don’t ever want to lose it either.” Nick loved hearing those words, he just couldn't help it. He stopped walking, and took Allie's chin in his hand, turning it towards him and then gave her a long kiss. They were in the middle of the trail, in the wide open where anyone could see them at any time but he didn't care at the moment. Besides, the trail was hidden from the road and they only come across a person here or there jogging or walking their dog so even though they were in the wide open, they were safe. The park was also on the other side of town and well away from their school meaning there was little chance they would run into people they knew.

“I love you Allie. In every way a brother can love a sister.” They had broken the kiss and were standing right next to each other facing. Allie was looking at Nick's chest and smiled. She hugged him, resting her head right below his chin and replied.

“I love you too Nick. In every way a sister can love a brother.”

“Well that sounds like girlfriend status to me.” Allie smiled and nodded her head. After a few more moments, they started to walk again, this time holding hands. They talked and joked around for a bit, talking about random things, trying to forget about Brittany blackmailing them and worrying about their parents catching them. In the two weeks since Brittany started blackmailing the siblings, they have had to go over to her house twice. One of the times, Brittany made Allie sit on the couch and then layed her head in her lap while Nick mounted her and fucked her to orgasm. Allie did not enjoy that one at all. The second time, Brittany told them to bring a dildo. She then made Allie get naked and masturbate while Nick went down on Brittany. Whenever Allie stopped pushing the dildo inside herself, Brittany would yell at her to continue. This session took a bit longer as Allie was not in the mood at all and Brittany only let her stop after she had came three times and saw Allie wasn’t gonna anytime soon.

Nick and Allie's plan to try and be all over each other in an effort to piss Brittany off wasn't really working. They barely got a chance to touch during the sessions and afterwards, Brittany would instantly kick them out. She now let Nick shower after the sessions since he complained about smelling like sex and would either make Allie wait outside or would completely ignore her until he was done. Once when Brittany had left Allie in her room alone, Allie decided to jump on Brittany's computer and try and find something that she could use against her but sadly Brittany came back before she got anything.

As the two siblings walked into the forest, they started talking about coming up with some kind of new plan to bring down Brittany. The trail was now surrounded by trees on either side and with the light shining through the leaves, it really was a gorgeous place to walk.

“I'm so fucking sick of those sessions. She uses them just to torture me.”

“I know I hate them too.” Allie snorted at Nick’s reply.

“Oh yeah because all that hot sex must be killing you.” Nick felt a little awkward whenever they talked about him fucking Brittany because Allie was right, you would have to be gay not to enjoy it. Her body was absolutely amazing.

“It's not fair to you, I know. It's not like I'm fucking her because I want to though. Knowing it hurts you kills me.” Allie was a little mad now, not at Nick but at the situation they were in.

“There just has to be a way to beat her! I wish I still had the pictures of her and Ben. I knew I should have made a second copy.”

“Blackmailing is not the answer here. If we're gonna beat her, it has to be a different way.” That's how Nick felt about the situation, although Allie felt like blackmailing was the only way.

“Maybe we could tell her mom what a slut she is. Do you think that would help us at all?” For the past two weeks, Nick and Allie have been trying to think of plans to get out of this so everything Allie was suggesting, they had already discussed.

“I doubt it. I'm sure she knows what Brittany does, it's just easier for her to ignore it. If we said anything, it wouldn't make a difference.” Nick shrugged his shoulders and Allie sighed.

“I wanna piss all over that bitches house. Maybe even hold her down and piss on her too.” Suggesting something pointless like this was usually how their plan discussions ended.

“Yeah I doubt that would have good results. Imagine she knew it was us who pissed in her pool and room? Man, she would kill us.” Allie knew that pissing on her would do nothing but Allie didn't really care. It would torture her and that would satisfy Allie. Since she saw Holly pissing on herself all those months ago, Allie has grown a little fond of water sports.

They walked for a few more minutes, mostly in silence before Allie spun around in front of Nick with a naughty smile. Nick loved that naughty look she got in her eyes when she was horny or had a kinky idea but was nervous at what she was thinking now. They were in public, even if there wasn't much traffic of people, it was still public.


“How about we go over to those bushes and have some fun.” Nick looked over to the bushes Allie was looking at and noticed that they certainly wouldn't provide much privacy.

“Allie. Common, we have to be back home soon before mom and dad start questioning us. And if someone walked by, they would see everything.”

“Well we can't fuck but I can suck that dick of yours real quick. Common it will be fucking hot!” Nick was getting a little turned on at the idea, and looking at his sister licking her lips just fuelled the fire. Nick was also very bad at denying his sister’s requests.

“Okay fine.” Allie almost jumped on the spot and took Nick's hand and started pulling him towards the bushes. Nick looked up and down the trail one last time not seeing anyone and finally followed her. They stepped behind the bushes and Allie got down on her knees one leg at a time. Since she was almost seven months pregnant, she was wearing a comfortable pregnancy outfit for this occasion. A pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. There was a tree right beside the bushes so Nick leaned against it as Allie quickly worked her fingers on his belt buckle to undo his pants and free his dick.

She tugged his pants and boxers down to his knees and his semi hard dick hung in the cool breeze. Allie made a mmm sound and licked her lips, slowly jerking his cock back and forth. She looked up at Nick and smiled at him and Nick smiled back and pushed her hair out of her face. Allie opened her mouth and let the first several inches slip inside her mouth. Her hot breath and warm tongue on Nick's dick felt as good as ever and he moaned, pushing his waist towards Allie a little.

“Fuckk!” Nick was loving the blow job, the sound of birds chirping all around them. His cock was almost completely hard now as he pushed it deeper inside Allie's mouth. Her eyes were locked on Nick's as her lips were curled around the big dick in her mouth. Nick put his hand on the back of his sister's head and pulled her towards him, making sure she couldn't pull free. Allie started to pick up her pace, her head going in and out with her tongue licking the dick all round.

Once Nick felt his cock rock hard, he started to push his waist towards his sisters mouth more and Allie did her best to accept it. She knew Nick wanted her to deep throat him. Allie put her hands on the back of Nick's thighs for a bit more support and pulled her brother towards her. She could see his pubes waiting for her in front of her eyes and as Nick gently pushed forward, the longer hairs started to tickle her nose. Allie loved giving blow jobs and didn't mind pubes in her face at all.

“Oh Allie!” Nick was loving this blow job. He was loving the cool breeze that hit his wet dick whenever Allie let it free from her mouth. His dick would twitch whenever he looked down at the sight at his feet. His pregnant sister on her knees with her lips spread open by his big hard dick pumping into her mouth. Her eyes were concentrating so hard on pleasing him and from time to time looking directly at him from the bottom. Her shirt was a little loose so Nick could just see a bit of her cleavage when he moved his head to the right place.

Allie started to gag a little now as she almost had Nick's dick down her throat. There was maybe an inch to an inch and a half of the bottom of Nick's dick still not in her mouth. Her face was starting to turn the slightest bit of red from how hard she was trying. There was spit coming from underneath Nick's cock and dripping down on the ground underneath from time to time. Even the smell of Nick's pubes made Allie happy. They didn't smell good or bad but there was a bit of a musky scent to it.

The two had now gotten a rhythm going, with six of Nick's seven inches inside Allie's mouth. Nick would pull it out leaving just the tip in his sister's mouth while she sucked on it as hard as she could, like it was the most delicious lollipop in the world, and then he would force it back in. Allie would reflexively pull her head back a little but she would quickly push it back towards him in an effort to swallow the entire shaft. There was a lot of pre cum now pouring out of Nick's dick and even though Allie loved it, recently her pregnancy was stopping her from enjoying it. The last time she swallowed a big load of Nick's cum, she instantly felt sick and had to throw up. She could handle pre cum a bit better because the taste wasn't as strong, but it was getting to be a bit too much.

With the fear of getting sick soon, Allie was now trying even harder to make her brother cum. Sweat was forming on her forehead and as Nick grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her head on and off his cock, Allie started gagging more often. It was hard not to when there is a dick going down your throat every few seconds. Nick was getting closer to orgasm but also getting more paranoid now. They had been in these bushes just a few feet off the trail for a bit over five minutes. This spot was only good for concealing them from someone far up the trail, but if anyone was close, they would see the action.

“I'm gonna cum soon!” Allie had her eyes closed as Nick had both of his hands on either side of his sister's head, mouth fucking her pretty hard. Allie's face was scrunched up as it was getting really hard to breathe. Nick's dick was just ramming her in the mouth and going down her throat. Her lips were no longer curled around his cock, her mouth was simply as open as she could get it and getting used by Nick. Nick knew that his sister hated tasting his cum now, but the urge to just pull her towards his body and hold his dick down her throat and force the cum down was strong. He looked down at his sister just as he felt that rushing feeling right before his dick exploded and saw her eyes pleading for mercy.

“Shiiiittttttt!!! Uhhhhh!!” The first jolt of sexual electricity rocked Nick's cock and body just as he felt his cum rushing towards the exit. Allie started pushing on his stomach with her hands trying to free herself and Nick let her head go, pulling his dick free from her mouth. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop the flow of cum and Allie's face basically had a bulls-eye on it. A big sticky string of cum plastered right across her nose before Allie moved her head to the side and Nick shifted his waist in the opposite direction, spewing cum all over the ground beneath them.

“Ugh you cummed on me!” Nick was still enjoying his orgasm and breathing heavily as his knees became weak. He wasn't paying attention to his sister's complaints and really didn't even care. She loved it before, she was gonna love it again soon. After Nick's orgasm passed and he squeezed the last few drops of cum on the ground, he looked over at Allie and saw her using leaves to try and wipe off the cum from her face.

“I'm sorry, I barely pulled free in time.”

“Well you know that I don't want to swallow so next time be more careful. I don't want it anywhere near me, the baby seems to hate the smell and everything.”

“I said I was sorry.” Allie looked up at him and rolled her eyes. Nick was actually a little annoyed that she was complaining so much. He wanted to tell her how he almost forced her to swallow and changed his mind at the last minute but figured it would only make things worse. “Are you ready to go? We have to be home for dinner in like twenty minutes.”

Allie picked another leaf off the tree and used it to wipe off the last bit of cum before throwing it down on the ground. Nick walked past her and out on to the trail. He turned his head back to see his sister with her sweatpants and panties down at her feet.

“What are you doing?” Nick looked up and down the trail and for the first time noticed a man walking his dog towards them. He was far enough and deep in the forest so that the siblings could probably walk out of the forest and out of sight before he came across the bushes but as Allie took her time to pull one leg free from her sweatpants, Nick got a little nervous.

“I need to take a piss, gimme a sec.” Nick awkwardly stood on the path looking at the man from time to time as Allie leaned against the tree Nick was leaning on earlier and let out a huge jet of piss. “Mmm that's a relief.” Allie was looking at the big stream of piss leaving her body and splashing on the ground in front of her and felt a little tingle in her pussy. She could feel tiny drops hitting her legs and for some reason she couldn't explain, it aroused her. Nick watched his sister pissing and noticed she was smiling a little. The man was now getting closer and if they didn't leave soon, there would be an awkward exchange. He would definitely smell the piss when he walked by and Nick wanted to be long gone by then.

Once Allie's stream turned to drops, she used a couple leaves to wipe her cunt and threw them on the ground where Nick had cum. She bent down a little awkwardly due to her stomach, and pulled her panties and sweatpants back on.

“Hurry there's a guy coming.”

“I know I know relax I'm coming.” The man was close enough that Nick could almost see his face clearly so he took Allie's hand and helped her through the bushes. They intertwined their fingers and walked back up the trail and away from the bushes and the man.

“Your girlfriend just made you cum. That sounds nice doesn’t it?” Allie had both her arms wrapped around Nick’s as they strolled up the trail and out of the forest.

“Yeah it sounds awesome.” Nick chuckled a little. The decision to give their relationship a title turned out to be a good idea, thought Nick. Maybe that blow job was the start of something really special.


“There you two are, I was starting to get worried.” Nick and Allie had just walked through the front door to be greeted by Holly walking down the stairs. She was still in her work clothes and Nick took a quick peak of her legs that were exposed by her work skirt.

“Yeah the game went on longer than we thought.” Nick and Allie had come up with a lie that they were staying at school to watch the football game. There of course never was a game.

“Did you win?” Nick and Allie looked at each other and both smiled.

“Yeah we kicked their ass.”

“Well that's good! Anyways dinner is waiting.” The three of them headed to the kitchen where John was sitting on his laptop.

The family ate dinner with a bit of conversation on everyone's day but mostly ate. Nick and Allie were sitting perpendicular to each other so from time to time, Nick would feel his sister's foot on his legs. At one point she got it all the way to his inner thigh. Nick didn't like this as their parents were right there but he knew that Allie was horny from earlier.

The two siblings then finished their dinners as fast as possible and headed to their rooms. Their parents had a movie planned as it was a Saturday night so Allie reassured Nick that there was enough time for a quick fuck. They went to Allie's room and Nick fucked her from the side on her bed for about five minutes before they both came and went downstairs to watch the movie.

Chapter Two

Sunday June 6 – Charity Game Night

That’s what the sign in front of the church read. Naomi and Hayley were standing a few feet behind their dad who was talking to a friend from their street. Naomi hated every aspect of church. She hated the way she had to dress (A lame looking dark blue dress that went to her knees) she hated having to wake up early on Sunday and not being able to enjoy her morning. She also hated having to sit there while a guy read from the bible. It was boring to her and not only that, but she didn’t agree with anything that was said. As a girl that has had vaginal, oral, and anal sex outside of marriage, and a girl currently having sex with another girl, who also happens to be her sister, she has concluded that she doesn’t belong in church.

Her little sister Hayley was standing beside Naomi in basically the same attire, only a little different in size and color. She was leaning on her sister’s arm, resting her head just below Naomi’s shoulder. The reason she was doing this was because she was pretending to be sick. Naomi and Hayley’s parents had told them that they had to stay at church and help set up for some kind of game night happening. When the sisters heard this, they got upset. Their plan for the day was to be dragged to church by their parents as usual, and afterwards secretly have sex in one of their rooms. It had been a few days since they had engaged in incestuous lesbian sex and both girls were dying to satisfy that burn in their crotch.

When their parents told them they had to stay and help out, Naomi and Hayley both started arguing. Hayley started pleading to her mom that she wasn’t feeling good while Naomi played the homework card. As a sophomore with exams coming up, Naomi was certain her parents would buy it. And since Hayley always got royal treatment when she was feeling sick, the sisters were hoping they had good enough excuses to ditch helping out.

“Dad come on!” Naomi and Hayley had been standing and listening to their father talking to Paul, their neighbor for the past ten minutes and Hayley had had enough of it. “It’s getting worse! I wanna lay down!” Hayley was doing her best to talk in that annoying and demanding way kids talk in when they want something.

“Seriously dad, we’ve been waiting forever.” Naomi spoke up and finally her dad turned to Naomi and Hayley looking annoyed.

“Me and your mother are staying here.”

“But we can’t stay—”

“I didn’t say you were. Naomi you have a key for the house with you right?” Naomi nodded her head as she usually carried an extra key with her just in case. Hayley spoke up in that same voice again.

“So what, are we supposed to walk home?!”

“No Hayley, you don’t have to walk. Mr. Johnston here has kindly agreed to drive you home.” Paul waved at the girls with a big grin and Naomi rolled her eyes, not hiding it from him at all. Naomi didn’t really have a reason to not like Paul, but she just didn’t. He was a bit older than her parents and was always more than happy to help to everyone in the neighborhood. Naomi always thought of him as a fake. He was very into church and against anything that was not done according to the bible. Sometimes when he would see Naomi in a mini skirt or something showing cleavage, he would try and give her some speech about dressing nicer. He acted like the purest human being in the world, and to Naomi, that just spelled “closet full of skeletons”

After their father urged them, Naomi and Hayley both thanked Paul and after a final exchange of words with their father, Paul lead the girls to his car. Paul walked in front of them as Naomi and Hayley walked a bit behind. When they got to Paul’s Toyota, Paul got in and offered Naomi the front seat but Naomi quickly turned it down saying she needed to sit with Hayley. Thinking Hayley was feeling very sick, Paul didn’t question it.

During the ten minute ride home, Naomi and Hayley sat in the middle of the backseat, Hayley resting her head on Naomi’s shoulder and cupping her hands. Paul tried starting conversations many times but after getting one word answers, he simply gave up and turned on the radio. As they got closer to home, Naomi got more excited. She was already feeling horny that morning knowing what was planned but now that they would have the house to themselves, her pussy grew wetter. By the way Hayley was tracing shapes on her hand, Naomi figured her little sister was just as eager.

Another reason the sisters were both extra excited to get home and enjoy some sisterly sex today, was because about a week ago, Naomi was able to purchase something on the internet. She purchased a double sided dildo which her and Naomi could use at the same time. Naomi came up with the idea just a few days after her and Hayley became sexual together. Since Naomi already had a dildo, Hayley wanted to use it and have some fun. Naomi got tired of taking turns getting fucked by it so she thought of the double sided dildo.

Purchasing it wasn’t that hard since Naomi already had experience with it. She purchased her own dildo as well as the one Allie currently had. There was a site on the internet Naomi used which made it quite simple. To purchase items, an account was required with a credit card on it. Naomi created the account and stole her dad’s credit card to put on. The account only required a credit card on file, there was no need to make purchases with it so her dad would never know.

Instead, Naomi created an online banking account similar to PayPal which she could use to transfer her own money to it and make purchases. And so about a week ago, Naomi went on the site and bought the double sided dildo. Getting it delivered was gonna be a little tricky as if it came to her house, her parents might see it. Luckily, there was an option to select the date and time of the delivery. Naomi chose the middle of the day on a Thursday since no one would be home. She skipped school that day and waited for the delivery for a few hours. Once it finally arrived, she signed for it and hid it in her room. Even though the dildo came on Thursday, Naomi and Hayley hadn’t been able to use it till today. Paul took a right and turned on to their street and Hayley raised her head from Naomi’s shoulder. She gave Naomi a naughty little smile and Naomi caught a glimpse of it from the corner of her eye.

“Okay girls we’re here.” Paul put the car in park in front of Naomi and Hayley’s house and turned his head back to look at them. He was smiling at them and Naomi gave him a weak fake smile.

“Thank you for the ride Mr. Johnston.”

“Yeah thank you Mr. Johnston.” Paul chuckled a little when Hayley too thanked him, still putting on the “I’m sick” show.

“Oh don’t mention it girls. It’s my pleasure to help out.” After a few more awkward seconds for Naomi, the sisters got out of the car and waved goodbye to Paul, who drove up the street and around the corner to his house. As soon as he was out of sight, Hayley spun around and looked at her sister.

“Let’s go inside and get naked.” Naomi laughed while her pussy got renewed tingles going through it.

“Fuck I’m so horny, I can’t wait to pull out our new toy.” Hayley’s smile turned into a huge grin as she subtly rubbed her crotch through her church dress. Naomi took her by the wrist and they walked up to the front door of their house. Once inside, Naomi swiftly turned the lock on the door and they walked down the hall towards Naomi’s room. As Hayley walked behind her sister, she started caressing her ass through her dress. Naomi’s pussy was basically leaking juices now and she was dying to get fucked by the dildo and her sister.

Once inside Naomi’s room, Naomi opened her closet and stared digging around in the back looking for the box containing the dildo. In the meantime, Hayley had gotten undressed right away standing behind her sister. In a few minutes, Naomi had found the box and taken out the dildo which was quite long. When she turned around, she saw her sister sitting on her bed with her legs spread, her pussy glistening.

“Woah. You sure don’t waste any time.” Hayley was staring at the dildo in Naomi’s hand. It was at least ten inches long with a big head on each side. The thickness wasn’t too big since Naomi wanted Hayley to be able to use it with pleasure too.

“Oh my god that is big.” Naomi chuckled and seductively licked one side of the dildo while looking at Hayley. Hayley was now slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand. Naomi looked down at the dress her sister was wearing earlier and noticed that it was the only piece of clothing on her floor.

“Where are your panties?” Hayley was still rubbing her pussy and smiled wickedly at Naomi’s question.

“I didn’t bother putting any on this morning. I thought it would be kinkier that way.” Naomi bit her bottom lip. The fact that her sister didn’t wear any panties to church for some reason turned her on even more than she already was. “Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get naked?” Naomi tossed the dildo on the bed beside Hayley and removed her own church dress, tossing it on top of Hayley’s. Unlike Hayley, Naomi was wearing underwear. She had a black bra covering her petite breasts and a sexy black thong which was almost see-through on her crotch.

Naomi didn't think of herself as a lesbian, she barely even considered herself bi-curious. No matter what she was, at that moment, Naomi wanted nothing more than to have incestuous sex with her eleven year old sister, Hayley.

“I have an idea.” Naomi was still standing in the middle of her bedroom, in a thong and bra. Hayley looked up at her with excitement and a naughty smile across her face. She knew her sisters idea would be kinky.

Naomi grabbed Hayley by the hand and helped her up off the bed. Hayley didn't know what Naomi had in mind but her pussy was on fire by now, begging to be put out.

“Grab the dildo dummy.” Hayley reached behind her and took the double sided dildo in her hand, grasping it around the middle and followed her big sister out of the room. Soon it was very clear what Naomi had in mind. As Naomi lead the way to their parents bedroom, Hayley followed closely behind, not taking her eyes off her sister's ass.

“What if mom and dad come home?!” Naomi opened the door to the bedroom and turned her head to look at her sister. Hayley's dark little nipples that were on top of her ant hill breasts were hard and pointing out and Naomi loved the way they looked. After realizing she had started staring, she looked at her sister right in the eyes.

“They won't be back for hours.”

From that point on, the sex was almost like a blur for the two sisters. Both were so horny that as soon as they got inside and closed the door, they started to make out heavily, their hands not resting at one place for more than a second on the others body. Naomi's bra came off, and Hayley started to suck on her nipples like she was an infant trying to get as much milk as possible. This didn't last long though, as Naomi wanted to cum and even though her breasts were sensitive, they just weren't enough to satisfy her hunger. But first, she wanted to hear her sister moan.

Naomi pushed her sister off of her nipples and pressed her up against the wall with just enough force to let Hayley know who was in charge. They started to make out again only this time, Naomi's left hand had gone down to Hayley's pussy. Her slit was wet and that only made it easier for Naomi's middle finger to finger fuck it. This wasn't a gentle loving fingering that Hayley was receiving at the hands of her sister, this was much more than that.

Smack smack smack, the fingering was creating a loud sound each time Naomi stuffed her entire finger into her sister's preteen cunt. Hayley was moaning now as Naomi had dropped her head to suck on her hard nipples.

“I'm gonna cum Nomiii!” The great thing about being home alone was that they didn't have to be quiet. And Naomi loved that. Hayley was squirming around as Naomi's finger never left her cunt. Naomi was going almost as fast as she could trying to get Hayley to cum, her own crotch was soaked and her black thong was definitely no good anymore.

Not long afterwards, Hayley had a mind blowing orgasm, pressed against the wall of her parent's bedroom. When her orgasm came, she wrapped her arms around her sister, not letting Naomi's mouth come free of her nipple. Naomi's middle finger slowed down as Hayley orgasm passed and eventually just stayed completely buried in her pussy.

Hayley then pushed her sister off her nipple by the shoulders and was about to kiss her before Naomi quickly pulled her finger free and stuck in Hayley's mouth instead. Hayley had no objection to sucking up pussy juice, no matter who's it was so she sucked at it like a baby sucking on a pacifier.

Naomi couldn't handle it anymore, she needed to cum and her right hand quickly pulled her thong down. She stepped out of it and this time, Naomi used her hand to push her sister down to her knees. Hayley lunged towards Naomi’s exposed cunt, and started licking at it with intensity. Naomi was loving it, her pussy sending insane pleasure through her cunt. Even though Hayley’s face was completely buried into her cunt, she wanted more. She propped her right leg up and planted it on the wall that Hayley was just leaning against. This gave Hayley much more access and she stuck her tongue between Naomi’s pussy walls.

This went on for a few more minutes until Naomi got rocked by her first orgasm. She put her leg down and before she could even completely came off her orgasm, Hayley took control. She got off her knees and pushed her sister towards their parents bed. Naomi stumbled backwards followed by Hayley who was still wiping cunt juice off her chin. Naomi got to the bed and sat down on the edge and without having to say anything, Hayley dropped to her knees again.

“Suck it!” Naomi took Hayley by the hair and pulled her to her crotch. Of course, Hayley didn't need to be pulled as she lunged forward and opened her mouth as wide as possible, locking it on the juicy cunt in front of her. “Ohhhh fuck!” Hayley's tongue was doing wonders to Naomi's burning pussy. Naomi was feeling surge after surge of pleasure coursing through her crotch as Hayley did her best to lick and suck every inch of her big sister's cunt, the orgasm leaving extra juices for Hayley to drink up. When she started to poke at Naomi's slit with her tongue, Naomi couldn't take it and started to grind her crotch on her sister's face, causing her clit to be nicely massaged by Hayley's nose. Even though she had just cum, her pussy had already forgotten about it.

Naomi had now wrapped her legs around Hayley's body so that her thighs were under Hayley's armpits. This trapped Hayley's head and arms in between Naomi's legs. With Naomi continuously grinding her pussy on Hayley's face, Hayley's hands had each cupped a breast. Slurping up a constant flow of pussy juice and hearing her sister's heavy breathing, Hayley knew she was on the verge of making her cum for the second time.

“OH GOD! OH GOD OH GOD!” Naomi grabbed Hayley by the hair and moved her waist up and down as much as her body would let her until her orgasm smashed against her body like an ocean wave. Naomi tensed up, squeezing Hayley's body with her thighs maybe just a bit too hard and enjoyed the immense pleasure she was receiving.

Once Hayley was finally freed from that death grip, the two sisters climbed on to the bed properly and rolled around for a while just making out. Hayley had now become a great kisser from all the practice she was getting. Both of them were so lost and satisfied from their separate orgasms that they almost forgot about the main event of the day, which was of course the dildo.

That is when things got really crazy. At first, it took them a little bit to find a comfortable position and so only getting a few pumps in to their cunts at a time before stopping and readjusting. Eventually though, they found one that suited them and started to fuck the dildo from both sides, trying to find a good rhythm. The position they were in was a scissor type position. Naomi was laying propped up on her right elbow with her right leg planted on the bed and her left resting over top of Hayley while Hayley was laying opposite of Naomi, propped up on her left elbow with her left leg across Naomi's body.

It wasn't the most comfortable position, but they liked it. The double sided dildo was attaching them by the pussy as each end was stuck in one of the two cunts. Naomi had a few inches inside while Hayley only had the head coming in and out slowly. This was normal as Naomi's pussy was larger and able to take bigger things. It took a few minutes to get used to the dildo and at first, Hayley's side kept popping free.

After the few frustrating minutes, the girls had gotten better. They had a little bit of a rhythm going now and Hayley was managing to get more and more of the dildo inside her pussy. It was slightly painful if she tried to shove too much in but as she kept working on it, her pussy started getting used to it.

Eventually, they had a good rhythm and were fucking the dildo simultaneously at a good pace. Both of them were moaning as they watched one another. Hayley was focused on Naomi's breasts bouncing slightly each time she impaled herself on the dildo and Naomi was staring at Hayley's small pussy which was now a little red and puffy as the dildo penetrated her.

Their eyes would meet from time to time and they would smile at one another. Since they had each came already, their need for relief wasn't as great so they could take their time and enjoy the dildo better.

“Mmm this is so good.” Hayley was loving it and now her head was leaning back as she looked at the ceiling above. Naomi grasped her sister's leg by the shin and used it to pull herself onto the dildo more. It was like there was a battle going on between their pussies as they both tried to get more than the other inside. Since the dildo was only ten inches in length and Naomi had about six inches of the dildo deep inside her cunt while Hayley had most of the remaining side but there was still a little bit visible in between them. Their pussies were now almost smacking against one another since the dildo was pretty much entirely consumed.

As Naomi tightened her grip on Hayley's leg and pushed herself harder on to the fake cock, Hayley got a random idea pop into her head. It was something she had seen on a porno once and she wanted to try it out. She looked at Naomi's face and saw Naomi was focused hard staring at the place where their pussies met. The look she had on her face turned Hayley on more and she grabbed Naomi's foot which was resting on her chest and pulled it to her mouth.

Even when Hayley's mouth covered Naomi's big toe, Naomi's expression didn't change and she didn't look up. Hayley wasn't into feet and neither was Naomi, but Hayley was a very curious girl and wanted to try everything once. She sucked on her sister's big toe for a few second and then sucked the next two toes for a few moments. Naomi didn't seem to hate what Hayley was doing but she didn't necessarily like it either. Hayley pulled the foot from her mouth and moved her hand to rub her sister's clit.

“I'm gonna cum soon! Let's try another position.” They stopped fucking the dildo and were both breathing faster than normal as fucking the dildo took some effort. After trying one or two other positions, the sisters settled on doggy style. Both of them got on their hands and knees facing different directions and guided their own ends of the dildo to their pussies. It took about half a minute to get back into the rhythm they had earlier but eventually they were back at it.

“Ohhhh that feels so good!” This time they had to fuck their bodies back onto to the dildo and it was a little harder. From time to time, their asses would hit off each other as they did their best to get as much of the dildo as possible. After a few more minutes, both of the sisters were moaning loudly feeling their orgasms coming closer. Naomi had cum twice already but the feeling of her pussy getting stretched as the head inside her body grinded her pussy walls, she couldn’t take much more.

“FUUckkkk!” Naomi's orgasm came first and she fucked herself on the dildo as fast as she could as the orgasm went on. Hearing her sister cumming pushed Hayley closer. When Naomi finished cumming she pulled herself free from the dildo and turned around grabbing the dildo and fucking Hayley with it.

“Nomi!” Naomi started to push more and more of the dildo in and sped up the fucking as Hayley stood frozen on her hands and knees. She would get pushed froward from time to time by the force of Naomi fucking her and not long after, Hayley had her own orgasm. It was stronger than her first and after it passed, she collapsed on the bed panting. There was cum leaking down Naomi's thigh from her pussy and without even thinking about it, she used the covers of the bed, which were now all over the place, to wipe her pussy and legs clean.

“Holy fuck.” Naomi was now laying on her back with her head on one of the pillows while Hayley layed at her feet on her stomach.

“I love church fundraisers.”

Both girls laughed which started a chain of jokes and giggling for the next few minutes as they regained their energy. They had no idea how long it had been since they came home but they assumed it had to been close to an hour now. After stretching and slightly adjusting her hair in her mom's mirror, Naomi picked up her bra and thong off the floor and left the room.

“Hey you forgot this!” Hayley shouted after Naomi in the hall and when Naomi turned around, Hayley threw her the dildo underhand. Naomi caught it as one end smacked her in the chest and they laughed again. Naomi went to her room and put away her sex toy in the place she had it before and got dressed.

It was a good thing she got dressed because about five minutes after, as Naomi was sitting on her computer, the doorbell rang. Naomi called out Hayley's name since she didn't want to leave her facebook conversation with Allie. It was no use though as the sink in the bathroom could be heard running.

Naomi went to the door and answered it. Standing in front of her was her secret ex-boyfriend and the soon to be father of Allie's baby Josh. Naomi's expression changed from the welcoming smile to a glum stare.

“What are you doing here?” Not caring one bit about being rude, Naomi crossed her arms and said that with a very cold tone. Josh looked just like he always did. Smelling of cigarettes, and in this case, beer, wearing a worn out t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The bruise around his left eye was starting to look better but was still noticeable. Naomi first noticed his black eye about a week ago when he tried to talk to her at school. She didn't care enough to ask about it, just like she didn't care what reason brought him to her house right now, she just wanted him gone.

“I wanna talk to you. I have a lot of things I want to say.” Since their break-up, Naomi had avoided conversations with Josh at all costs. In that time, Josh has tried twice before, making this his third attempt.

“Whatever it is you have to say, I don't want to hear it.”

“Why not?”

“Because you are a pig!”

“Yeah I am. Why else?” Naomi's insult didn't do much to insult Josh at all.

“I'm pretty sure that's a good enough reason not to talk to you. Now please leave.”

“I'm not leaving until you talk to me.”

“Well then I guess you can have fun standing on my front porch. Goodbye.” Naomi went to shut the door but Josh stopped her by placing his hand on the door. He didn't look as composed as earlier now but tried to stay as calm as possible.

“Just give me a chance to explain.”

“Explain what? How you used me?” Naomi whispered the next part. “How you practically raped me!” Josh sighed and looked down at his feet, his hand still on the door.

“I know... I feel guilty about that everyday. I want to... I don't know, somehow make it up to you.” This made Naomi want to add a second black eye to Josh's face. There was no way he could make it up to her. She would always have that memory.

“I was crying and begging you to stop you motherfucker!”

Naomi heard the bathroom door open and close and her heart skipped a beat. Josh looked up in fear that it was going to be Naomi's parents but when Hayley strolled out into sight, his fear turned into surprise. Naomi turned around to see Hayley walking down the hall in a short t-shirt and a pair of her panties. Hayley looked over at the door and blushed a little giggling.

“Oh hi.” Hayley giggled again and ran out of sight. Josh was still watching Hayley as she ran down the hall and into the kitchen. He had only seen Hayley once before and that was through a gap in Naomi's closet door. At that time, she was covered up and had no hint of the great ass Josh got to see today. He felt a little weird though, as it was an eleven year old ass he found to be appealing.

“Okay Josh, I'm gonna tell you this once and for all. I don't want to see your face again, I don't want to hear your voice, I don't even want to hear the mention of your name. I despise you.” Anger crossed over Josh's face but he pulled it back.

“Whatever. I’ve tried enough, I’m done.” He turned around and took off towards his car. Naomi shut the door a little harder than she should have and Hayley peaked her head out of the kitchen.

“Is he gone?” Naomi looked up, now mad and answered Hayley's question.

“Yeah he's gone. And you couldn't put on some pants? Jesus Hayley.” Hayley was no longer hiding behind the kitchen wall and simply shrugged her shoulders.

“I figured we were alone. I like being half naked, it's much more comfortable.”

“Mom and dad are coming home soon.”

“Not like they haven't seen me in panties before. Who was that anyway?”

“Well we just came from church and you're supposed to be sick, what do you think they'll say when they see you running around the house in panties?”

“Naomi relax. Now seriously who was that?” They were sitting on the living room couch as Naomi was flipping through channels.

“Just some guy from school, it doesn't concern you.” Hayley pouted.

“It looked like he was upsetting you, that's why I'm asking.”

“No Hayley, now shut up about this.” Hayley scanned her sister's face for a few more seconds, and turned her head towards the TV. About two minutes of silence later, Hayley looked at Naomi again.

“That was Josh wasn't it?” Naomi was shocked. How did Hayley know about Josh?

“What did you say?”

“Josh, the guy you were dating. That was him right?”

“I wasn't dating anyone.”

“Oh Nomi, I've heard voices from your room before. You two weren't very good at sneaking around.” Naomi did not like that Hayley knew about Josh. “Not to mention, I accidentally picked up the phone one time when you were talking to him.” Naomi sighed. They only talked on the house phone once or twice and she was always scared someone would pick up.

“Fine, I was dating Josh, watch TV.”

“Why did you break up?”

“Hayley I don't want to talk about this!”

“Oh come on¬—”



Chapter Three

Normal days in Nick's life were now almost non-existent. With fucking his sister (which he loved) and getting blackmailed, normal was sometimes the only thing he hoped for in the mornings. Monday was one of those rare normal days. He woke up, drove to school with Allie, and went through the day. When they came home, they went their separate ways. With exams coming so soon, Nick and Allie both had homework. Usually, Nick wouldn't stress too much over exams but this was senior year and even though he was already accepted to the local college, the acceptation would be revoked if he messed up on the exams.

Along with homework, Nick had to mow the lawn and do a few other simple but annoying chores around the house. This meant no sex for the siblings, especially since Holly and John were home. This upset Allie since she was hoping to spend some time with her now boyfriend/brother Nick. They didn't get any alone time but at dinner time, Allie ran into Nick in the hall and gave him a little kiss on the lips. She loved that she could officially call Nick her boyfriend and took every chance to do girlfriend things like random kisses and holding hands at safe times.

Tuesday had a bit more excitement. Nick and Allie didn't get to spend any “alone time” once again since Allie made plans to hang out with Naomi after school. Nick didn't really mind as it gave him a chance to spend some time with his own friends. He loved his sister and loved being with her but sometimes a guy needs his guy friends. Nick's little group of friends didn't get many chances to get together and hang out since his friends had jobs and girlfriends so when Allie told him she was going to Naomi's house, Nick made plans.

It was the end of the day when Allie came up to Nick at his locker and told him she was going to Naomi's house. They didn't talk for long before they were interrupted by Allie's least favourite person, Brittany. It had been a few days since either of them had seen her but both of them instantly knew what she was going to say before she even opened her mouth. Brittany was looking as hot as ever, wearing a pair of very short jean shorts that outlined her ass and showed off her tanned legs. Her t-shirt was tight against her chest making her breasts look very big, not that they ever didn't look big. The t-shirt also exposed her cleavage which was very hard not to stare at.

“Hey lovers.” Brittany had walked up to Nick's locker which was luckily in a noisy hallway. Even though there were people around them, Nick didn't think any of them heard Brittany's greeting.

“Shut the fuck up.” Allie swore at Brittany through gritted teeth, but Nick nudged her in warning. Sometimes it seemed like Allie didn't realize Brittany had total control over both of them and she would blurt out the wrong things.

“Nick you need to learn to control your slut.”

“Common Brittany, there are people around.” Brittany was leaning up against one of the lockers next to Nick's and decided to stop messing with her victims and get to the point of why she was there.

“You're right, we wouldn't want this secret getting out. It would probably tear apart your family. Annnnyyways, I just wanted to let you know that I will be needing your services tomorrow after school.” Allie sighed but Brittany totally ignored her and started to text someone.

“When is this blackmailing crap gonna end?” Nick was frustrated. He hated being under Brittany's control like this. Fucking her was always great (besides seeing how hurt Allie was) but Nick wanted to be free to do whatever he wanted, not having to alter his life to fit in with Brittany's schedule.

“It may never end.” Brittany smiled at Nick and then turned around to leave. Their conversations were usually short like this nowadays. Allie thinks she does this to assure her power over them. Nick thinks Brittany secretly feels guilty about the whole thing and can't look them in the eye. Brittany turned to leave but after a step though, she turned back around and stared at Allie. “Oh and you better watch what you say to me. I have the power to destroy you. Remember that.”

Allie looked like she was about to hit Brittany, so Nick pulled her away by the shoulders and assured Brittany that they would be at her house tomorrow after school. As Brittany walked away, her ass wiggled for Nick and all the other guys to see. Allie made a face like she was in the presence of an awful smell.

“I hate that cunt.”

“I know.”

“I'm not gonna kiss her ass like she wants.”

“You don't have to. Just remember, everything she makes us do, we're not doing it for her, we're doing it for us.” Allie hugged Nick in front of everyone and he tried to make it look as innocent as possible. No one seemed to notice them hugging anyway, but Nick didn't want to risk anything.

A few hours later, the siblings were each doing their own thing. Nick was with his friends, and Allie was with Naomi. Naomi and Hayley were alone since school had just ended and their parents were still not home, and so rather than hanging out in Naomi's room, Allie was sitting on Naomi's living room couch. Naomi was sitting beside her with her legs crossed. Hayley was laying on the ground in between the couch and the TV, watching one of her favourite shows on the Disney channel, Hannah Montana.

“I can't believe Austin said that to Mr. Anderson! It was hysterical!”

“Yeah I thought Mr. Anderson would break his nose.”

“Nahh, every teacher loves Austin. Besides, Mr. Anderson has probably learnt to deal with students cracking jokes about his wife by now.”

Naomi and Allie were in the middle of discussing what happened in their history class earlier. Mr. Anderson's wife was very attractive and so the boys at school had a little game called “talk about how hot Mr. Anderson's wife is” In this particular case, Mr. Anderson was complaining about some back problems to the class and Austin took the opportunity to say how it must have been a rough night in bed.

Naomi and Allie talked a bit more about the incident which slowly shifted the conversation to how hot Austin is, and then eventually ending up on Allie's love life. Up until this point, Allie was fine with Hayley being able to hear their every word, but when this topic popped up, Allie shifted her head towards Hayley and back to Naomi, showing Naomi she felt uncomfortable.

“Hayley can you go to your room for a while?”

“Nooooo. Nomi I'm watching TV!”

“Common Hayley please? You watch that show all the time.”

“Why don't you two go to your room?”

“Because the air-conditioning doesn't work in my room and Allie needs to be cool! She’s pregnant and it bothers her!”

“Well I'm not leaving until this episode ends!”

This sisterly bickering went on for a bit longer before Naomi made Hayley promise not to listen in on their conversation. Hayley agreed and told them she didn't care anyway. At this point, Allie was hoping that she could simply change the subject to something else and that Naomi would forget about her question, but to Allie's disappointment, Naomi remembered.

“You said there was some new guy a while ago. What happened with him? And who the hell was he?!”

This was true, Allie did mention to Naomi that she had met someone but when Naomi tried to question her about it, she would wiggle her way out of answering. The new guy was obviously Nick and Allie had no intention of telling Naomi her biggest secret.

“Oh that was nothing. We only flirted for like a week before he got all creeped out by my pregnancy.”

“What an asshole! Did it like take him a week to realize you had a belly?”

“No, I guess he just... he was a loser anyways.”

“Aww, he hurt you didn't he?”

“Naomi, I wasn't in love with him, god.” Allie was feeling very uncomfortable. “Anyways, that one week pretty much sums up my love life.”

“Don't worry, mine hasn't been spectacular either. In fact, its pretty much been non-existent.”

“How sad do we sound, right?” Allie wasn't sad at all about her love life, she was happily dating her brother. But Naomi seemed to be actually sad, so Allie did her best to act unhappy as well. “I guess Josh ruined me for other men... Getting me pregnant and all.” Naomi's heart started racing at the mention of Josh. She felt very guilty about her brief relationship with him and to make things worse, she noticed Hayley's head turn slightly to the side as if trying to hear better.

“Is he still being a dick to you?” It was Naomi's turn to act. She did her best not to look panicked.

“Yup. Hasn't gone to a single one of my appointments.”

“I hate that asshole.” Allie raised her eyebrows and laughed at how evil Naomi sounded.

“He didn't impregnate you.” Naomi pulled back her anger just a bit.

“I know but your my best friend and I don't like the way he's treating you.”

“Naomi, we aren't dating anymore. It doesn't say anywhere that he HAS to treat me nice. I just want him to treat our daughter nicely.”

“You should smack him next time he blows you off. Give him a matching black eye to go along with the one he already has.”

“Oh did you hear how he got the black eye?”

“Nope, was it good?”

“Well I don't know if this is true but, I heard it was a girl!”

“No way!” Allie and Naomi laughed for a little while before their conversation turned serious again.

“I've kind of given up on him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don't know, I've asked him so many times and given him tons of opportunities to step up and he hasn't wanted to so... fuck him.”

“So... it doesn't bother you to see him with other girls?” Naomi knew this was a dumb question as soon as the words left her mouth.

“Well of course it bothers me Naomi. He was my first boyfriend and we dated for over a year. I was so in love with him... Aaand he took my virginity. It will always bother me to see him with those sluts but I'm not gonna go and cry over it every time. I moved on and obviously so has he.”

The guilt was killing Naomi. What Allie just said felt like a punch to the gut. She was one of those sluts and a terrible best friend. Allie would never do anything like that to her. The worst part was that there was nothing Naomi could do to make up for what she did. If she told Allie the truth, she was certain Allie would never talk to her again.

When Naomi's parents came home from work, Allie decided to take off. Holly came to pick her up and ended up talking for a few minutes with Naomi's mom. Both to Naomi and Allie's surprise, the two women made plans for a double date with their husbands next Saturday. When Allie asked her mom about it, Holly told her she wants to get to know her daughter's best friend's parents.

Allie was disappointed once again when Holly suggested that they go shopping for a little while. Nick was already home and had been texting his sister making plans for them to have some fun. Nick was quite disappointed when Allie told him she wouldn't be home for a while. He resorted to doing his second favourite thing; cumming into his sisters panties.

Later that night Naomi faced questioning from her sister. She was laying in bed basically nude when Hayley sneaked into her room. It was about ten thirty pm so their parents were already in their own room. Naomi had her headphones in and was laying on her stomach facing away from the door. The panties she was wearing did a poor job of covering up her ass so her ass cheeks were popping out from the sides. This was a beautiful site for Hayley so she tippy toed over to her sister and smacked her across her rear.

Naomi jumped and turned her head to see Hayley, who was also just in panties and a tight small t-shirt, crawling onto the bed. Naomi tore her headphones from her ears and sat up. Hayley crawled to her lap and gave her big sister a kiss on the lips.

“You should be in your own room, mom and dad might hear.”

“They won't hear, they're asleep within minutes of closing that bedroom door. Whatcha up to?” Hayley was sitting in Naomi's lap while Naomi replied to a text message.

“Texting my friend.”


“Just a friend.”

“Oh.” Hayley was unsatisfied with the little attention she was getting so she moved her hand down to Naomi's crotch and started to rub slowly.

“Hayley stop it, we can't right now.”

“Why not? It'll be fun.”

“Seriously Hayley, I'm busy.” Hayley didn't take no for an answer so she cupped both of Naomi's breasts with her hands. Since it was late, Naomi wasn't wearing a bra and Hayley could easily feel her nipples through her night shirt. But when Naomi wasn't in the mood, she wasn't in the mood so she grabbed Hayley by the wrists and pushed her off her lap, making her land beside her on the bed. It was playful enough for Hayley not to catch the anger in the throw. Ever since what Josh did, Naomi hated getting dominated the way Hayley was dominating her just then.

“You're no fun. Hmpf.” Hayley crossed her arms and wiggled her toes for entertainment. Naomi was watching a video and Hayley leaned her head on her shoulder. “So when is Allie supposed to have her baby?”

“Um, sometime in August, why?”

“No reason... I wonder if Josh will be there.”


“What?” Naomi turned and looked at her sister. Hayley had a relaxed expression as she looked back at her.

“I don't want to talk about Josh right now.”

“I never said anything about YOU and Josh.”

“No but that’s where you were going with it.” Hayley sat up and started her speech.

“Okay fine but I'm only asking because I think he hurt you. And hearing that he was the father of Allie's baby today, well now I know that you weren't keeping it secret from just mom and dad, but you were keeping it secret from everyone.” Naomi sighed but answered Hayley in a casual tone.

“Yeah we dated for about a month and I kept it secret from everyone because I'm Allie's best friend and I had no right to be with him. Are you done with this?”

“Did you break up with him then?”

“Yes.” Naomi hesistated for just a moment but it was enough for Hayley to know she was lying.

“I don't think you did. I think something else happened. I think he dumped you and that's why you hate him now because you were going behind Allie's back to be with him and he still wasn't happy.” Naomi didn't like the way Hayley said she got “dumped” and it hit a nerve.

“I didn't get dumped! I just realized he's a pig and left him. End of story.”

“But you loved him and so he hurt you.”

“I didn't-ugh shut up.”

“You don't take those pictures for someone you don't love. And you were going behind your best friends back, common Nomi, you loved him.” Naomi was annoyed with Hayley. She wanted her to shut up especially since Naomi knew Hayley was right.

“So what if I did? It's over.” Hayley looked upset now.

“You just want to forget the thing even happened?”

“That's the plan yes.”

“Well your plan sucks!” Hayley got up from the bed and stood with her arms crossed, an angry expression on her face. “Don't you think he deserves to suffer just like you did?” Naomi was trying not to pay attention to her sister anymore. She propped her legs up to support the magazine she was now reading while Hayley walked around the bed, in deep thought. After a couple minutes of silence, Naomi noticed Hayley was still walking around.

“What are you doing?”

“I'm thinking.”

“What about?” Hayley spun around and gazed at Naomi, her arms resting on her hips.

“What do you mean 'what about?' About how to get even with Josh. He hurt you, you have to hurt him back. That's what I would do anyway.”

“Hayley let it go. I could care less about hurting him. Like I said--” Before Naomi could finish her sentence, she was cut off by the sound of footsteps in the hallway approaching her door. It was way past Hayley's bedtime and not only that, but she was in Naomi's room. Hayley quickly tippy toed towards Naomi's closet and went behind a bunch of clothes just as the door opened.

“Hey honey, what are you up to?” It was Naomi's dad. He was in his robe, and being an overweight man, there was a significant gap where the robe should have met. Naomi tried not to make it obvious that she could see her dad's package which was a big bulge due to how small his underwear was.

“Hey dad, I'm just listening to some music.” Naomi shifted in bed and lowered her legs so that her ass wouldn't be on display. She then held up her iPod and her dad nodded.

“I heard voices when I was in the kitchen, were you talking to someone?” Naomi's dad was one of those overly protective parents that forbid any sort of relationship with boys and so he was always checking up on Naomi whenever he got suspicious. So far, he had no idea that his little girl wasn't a virgin and Naomi planned on keeping it that way.

“Oh no, I was just singing along, didn't know I was being so loud, sorry dad.” Her dad stared at Naomi's face for a second before smiling and giving an approving nod.

“Okay then, don't stay up too late. I better get back to your mom before she notices I'm gone. She hates when I eat so late at night. Says it's bad for my health.” He rubbed his stomach and slapped it a couple times before saying goodnight to Naomi and leaving. A few minutes later, Naomi kicked Hayley out of her room and told her to go to bed. While hiding in the closet, Hayley had found the dildo and insisted they have some fun first but Naomi didn't even entertain the idea. Before she left, Hayley picked up Naomi's laptop and headed towards the door.

“Don't worry about your laptop Nomi, I'll delete the history when I'm done.”

Chapter Four

It was almost 6 pm on Wednesday night and Brittany was getting annoyed. Nick and Allie were supposed to be at her house about 45 minutes ago. The original schedule was for them to show up right after school but shortly after Brittany got home, she got a text from Nick saying they would be late. Apparently he had to stay after school due to some assignment. Then, Allie texted Brittany telling her they would be even later due to some other lame excuse. Brittany warned her in the message that she better not be lying and Allie swore she wasn’t but Brittany didn’t buy any of it.

Brittany was sitting on the couch watching some random TV show while waiting for Nick and Allie to show up. She was annoyed that they were making her wait and so she started to spam text both Nick and Allie to cause them annoyance as well. To make things worse, Pam, Brittany’s mom was running around the house preparing for a night out. Brittany knew that her mom was finally dating again but Pam hadn’t mentioned anything about it to Brittany yet. Brittany didn’t see the point of keeping it secret, but then again, there were many things Pam didn’t know about her. Another twenty minutes or so passed before Nick and Allie finally arrived. Pam was the first one to see them and Brittany smiled knowing this would bug Nick and Allie.

“Oh Brittany, your friends are here.” Brittany hopped off the couch and headed to the front door where Pam was standing, checking her make-up in the mirror one more time. Brittany’s smile became wider when she saw that Nick and Allie were holding hands as they walked up her driveway. She noticed Pam’s eyes linger just a second or two longer than normal, obviously confused by the hand holding. Brittany waited for her to say something, but she didn’t.

“So where are you going anyway?” Brittany opened the front door smiling, and noticed the fear strike across Nick and Allie’s faces as they spotted Pam. She noticed their hands separate but stay very close together, not wanting to look more suspicious by completely moving away from one another now.

“Oh just out with some of my girlfriends.”

“You never go out with your girlfriends.” Brittany put emphasis on the girlfriends in an obvious mockery of her mom.

“Maybe I don’t see them that much, but I still make plans with them every once in a while.” Nick and Allie got closer to the front door.

“Okay mom whatever.”

“Nick! So nice to see you! And Allie, you get prettier every time I see you.” Nick and Allie pleasantly talked with Pam for a few moments before Brittany got tired of waiting. Once Pam was gone, Brittany locked the door and turned to the siblings.

“What the fuck took you guys so long?!”

“We told you, stuff came up. We have lives you know.”

“Hmm good for you preggo, but I don’t like waiting around. When I say to be here at 5, you get here at 5.” Allie was ready to explode on Brittany but Nick had told her to stay calm earlier and she didn’t want him to be mad at her so she caved.

“You’re right. It won’t happen again.” Brittany didn’t change her glaring expression but Allie could tell what she said made her feel good, like her power was reassured.

“Good. Now,” Brittany took off her tight, cleavage showing t-shirt and tossed it at Nick. “Let’s have some fun!” Brittany’s tanned tits were almost popping out of her bra at this point and Nick did his best to not look at them. No matter how many times he saw them, or felt them, or even sucked them, he could never get tired of them. Knowing the routine, Nick started walking towards the couch when Brittany stopped him. “Let’s go to my room today.” Nick and Allie exchanged uneasy looks. They only went up to her room one other time and it was only for a short while.

Brittany was already walking towards the stairs but Nick and Allie kept standing in the middle of the large living room. Nick finally shrugged his shoulders at Allie and started following Brittany up the stairs. Once upstairs, Allie saw that bathroom next to Brittany’s room that she hid in during the party when she caught Brittany and Ben fucking. So many memories in this fucking house, thought Allie.

When they got to Brittany’s room, Brittany didn’t say anything; she simply walked over to her closet and got her bong out. She packed a big bowl and sat in a chair smoking. Nick went over and opened the window to let the room air out. He didn’t want Allie’s baby inhaling marijuana smoke. Allie sat down on Brittany’s bed, the one she pissed on back in April. After Brittany took a final hit of the bowl, she looked up at Nick and Allie just waiting for instruction like two preschool kids.

“Hmm, Allie get naked.” Allie looked at her stunned.


“Because I told you so. And because I want to see you two… together.”

“Is this a joke? You want to watch us fuck?” Nick was the one talking now. He didn’t feel good about this at all. No one had ever seen them like that.

“Well not actually fuck, I don’t want you to cum. But that doesn’t mean Allie can’t cum.” After a bit of hesitation, Allie took off her t-shirt. Brittany was smoking weed again and was in her own world so she wasn’t really paying attention. Allie then slid off her sweatpants and thong and sat back down. Nick got on his knees on the ground and spread his sister’s legs and teased her pussy with his fingers. Allie was already wet but Nick wasn’t surprised, she was ready to fuck almost all the time.

After teasing her a little, Nick started to push two of his fingers into Allie’s wet cunt. At first, he was going in just about an inch but after a few minutes, when Allie started breathing rapidly, he pushed his two fingers in all the way. In and out, his fingers made a squishing sound against the wet pussy.

“No no that won’t work.” Brittany had finally looked at the action on her bed and wasn’t satisfied. “Nick I want you to eat her out.” Nick and Allie were still uncomfortable putting on a show for Brittany like this but they had to do what she said so Allie put her legs up on the bed and propped her head on the pillow. Nick climbed up on the bed at Allie’s feet and him and Allie looked at each other’s eyes for a few moments.

A wonderful warming rush went through Nick’s chest as he kept looking at his sister’s eyes. She looked back at him with nothing but love. Nick scanned every inch of his sister’s body and suddenly started getting nervous. He loved her so much and just wanted to make her happy. Seeing her pussy wet and wanting, he felt the need to make Allie cum as hard as possible. Especially since Brittany was watching, he wanted to put on the best show of affection as he could. This was their chance to show her that they weren’t gonna break under her blackmailing.

Nick looked at Allie’s pussy once again and then up at her face to see her biting her lip. She nodded her head slowly telling him she wanted this. Nick smiled at her and then took off his shirt, revealing his toned chest and abs.

“I love you Allie.” Allie smiled and it seemed like she read his mind. Nick knew she understood that they had to put on the show of their lives for Brittany.

“I love you too Nick.”

Nick couldn’t see Brittany because she was sitting behind him, but he noticed that she was being a little too quiet. He smiled to himself as he dove into the feast in front of him hoping he struck a nerve with Brittany.

It had been a while since Nick actually ate out Allie and that familiar taste rocked his taste buds like it did the first time. It was stronger today since Allie was insanely wet. Nick used his tongue to lick up and down his sister’s crack, slurping up the juices that were leaking out. It took him a few licks before he got it all and as soon as he did, he felt more leak onto his extended tongue. He looked up over Allie’s pregnant stomach to see his sister squeezing her big tits with both hands looking down at him.

“Unf yeah!” Allie started to moan and Nick loved it. His dick was now rock hard in his jeans and he could feel it pressing hard against them wanting to get out. Nick kept licking at the entrance of his sister’s cunt, swallowing her juices every few seconds. He could now hear Brittany walking around, most likely getting more weed. Nick’s hands were planted underneath Allie’s ass, cupping each ass cheek in each hand. Suddenly he got a naughty idea and started to spread her ass cheeks apart, moving his middle finger closer to her crack. He looked up at Allie’s face again for signs of discomfort but saw none in her lust filled expression.

His tongue had cleaned up the outside of her pussy as best as it could and now Nick was slowly parting her lips with it and pushing about half an inch inside. If Allie’s pussy was wet on the outside, it was nothing compared to the soaked interior. Nick pushed his face deeper into the hot crotch and his nose hit Allie’s clit, sending thundering waves of pleasure through her body. His tongue was now in deeper and moving around furiously to try and lick every part of the pussy walls.

His curious middle finger had made its way a little closer to the opening of Allie’s virgin asshole. He could feel the tight opening and was making little circles around it with the tip of his finger. Allie was also humping her body against Nick’s face which was causing the tip of his finger to press against the entrance ever so slightly.

Nick could tell Allie was close to orgasm now as her pussy was tightening around his tongue from time to time. Her breathing was very fast and she was humping away at Nick’s face like it was her life goal. Nick dug his tongue in as deep as he could and made sure to press his nose into Allie’s clit and grinding against it. His hand that wasn’t teasing her asshole moved from her ass cheek and up to her right breast. Allie’s tits had grown so much with her pregnancy that Nick couldn’t even grab most of it with his hand.

“Ohh fuckk!!” Allie’s cunt was producing so much pussy juice that it was almost a challenge for Nick to swallow it all. Some was leaking out from his mouth and going down his chin, which turned Nick on even more. His underwear was now covered with his pre cum since whenever he shifted, more leaked out. Seeing his sister squirming around, her hands now pulling furiously on Nick’s hair, Nick decided to go in for the kill. He started batting his tongue inside her pussy like a sword and playing with the nipple of her breast. The smell of pussy and weed was filling the room as Nick felt Allie’s pussy walls squeeze tightly against his tongue.

“FUUUUUCKKKK!” Allie screamed out as her orgasm thundered through her body without mercy. Nick didn’t remove his mouth from Allie’s pussy until he was sure she was all spent. Allie let go of her brother’s hair and laid on the bed without moving a single muscle. Nick’s dick was simply bouncing inside his pants. He wanted nothing more than to fuck Allie right then and there. Of course, Brittany had a different plan but one that satisfied Nick too.

“Get off my bed Allie.” Allie was still laying on Brittany’s bed looking like she was in heaven and she scowled at Brittany when she commanded her to get off. Much to Allie’s disappointment, Allie sat up with Nick’s help and got off the bed. She went and sat in the chair Brittany was sitting in, not even bothering to put on her clothes.

“You ready baby?” Allie winced when Brittany called him baby. Nick was pretty much staring at Brittany’s tits as she removed her bra. “Suck on my titties.” Brittany loved being in command like this and the fact that Nick obeyed her every demand right away made her pussy burn with desire a little bit. Nick was still on the bed and was now sitting with his legs underneath him. He lunged forward and put his hands on Brittany’s back, locking his mouth on one of her erect nipples. “Mmmmm.” Brittany moaned and tilted her head back, the weed intensifying her pleasure.

After about thirty seconds of furious nipple sucking, Nick couldn’t take it anymore and broke the lock and started undoing his belt. Brittany started rubbing his bare chest which still had a bit of Allie’s pussy juice on it, while Nick finally undid his pants. He was now on his knees on Brittany’s bed and Brittany tugged his pants and boxers down at once. His raging hard cock sprung free. Brittany wasted no time in taking it into her mouth and Nick looked over at Allie as she did. He smiled at her and then closed his eyes and moaned.

“Oh fuuuck yeah Allie, suck it!” Nick felt Brittany’s sucking slow down a little and could feel her eyes staring up at him. Allie withheld a giggle as she saw that Brittany didn’t like what Nick had said. She sucked on his dick for a few more moments before pushing Nick down onto the bed quite forcefully. She looked at Nick with venom in her eyes and for some reason, it turned Nick on even more. Brittany jumped up onto her bed, her tits bouncing in the process and quickly straddled him. She took his rock hard dick and aimed it at her pussy before pushing down on it. Nick moaned again but this time, Allie wasn’t even on his mind.

Brittany started to ride Nick like he had never been ridden before. This only fueled Nick, he grabbed Brittany by the waist and started fucking her as hard as he could while Brittany bounced up and down. Allie was hurt, sitting on the chair watching the intense fuck happening in front of her. She expected it though and tried to shut out her pain. From eating out Allie and Brittany riding him, Nick was horny as hell and so Nick used all his strength to flip Brittany over onto her back. His dick didn’t leave her pussy in the swift motion and now Nick was on top, thrusting his body down onto Brittany, his cock going deep inside her experienced pussy.

Brittany was now on the bottom with her legs spread and sticking up as Nick came down as hard as he could, pounding her pussy with his rock hard dick. With every thrust, Brittany would moan really obnoxiously just so that Allie could hear. This caused Nick to start moaning as well, trying to shut out Brittany by continuously yelling Allie’s name out. Brittany started getting annoyed so her moans died down a tiny bit. But not all of the moans were just to annoy Allie, Nick was really pounding her and with the influence of the weed, she was enjoying herself quite a lot, her pussy burning.

Nick was insanely horny from his session with Allie, so it didn’t take long for him to feel the signs of the orgasm coming. He kept pounding away at Brittany, watching her tits bounce up and down as each thrust pushed Brittany closer to the headboard. Brittany put her hands on Nick’s back and pressed down with her nails. It stung a little since Brittany was doing it with such intensity but it didn’t slow down Nick one bit, in fact he went harder.

“Shhhiiitt!!!” Brittany started to cum not long afterwards and her holy body was taken over by the orgasm. She arched her back, inhaling deeply and then holding her breath with her mouth open while shock after shock of pleasure went through her. Nick kept going but Brittany’s pussy was now too sensitive and she couldn’t handle anymore stimulation so she punched Nick in the chest and pushed him off. She cupped her clean shaven pussy with her hands and closed her thighs. “Ohhhh ffffuuuuckkkk!” Brittany was in ecstasy as her orgasm just kept going.

Nick’s cock was wet and bouncing up and down in front of him as he stood on his knees watching Brittany cum. He looked back at Allie and she looked back at him actually smiling. She never smiled during these sessions. Nick got off the bed and went over to Allie. He leaned over and kissed her hard and deep, their tongues dancing around one another. Allie grasped Nick’s dick with her hand and started jerking him off. Her other hand was on Nick’s face while they kissed.

They were in their own little world now, completely forgetting that they were in Brittany’s bedroom. They kissed for what seemed like forever when it was really only about a minute. Brittany had finished cumming and was now laying on her bed.

“Okay enough kissing, Nick shove it in her mouth.” Brittany’s voice brought them back down to Earth and Nick reluctantly pulled his lips away from Allie’s, her lips trying to follow his for just a second.

“No I can’t give blow jobs, the taste makes me throw up.” Nick looked back at Brittany hoping she would show some compassion but Brittany just snorted.

“I don’t give a fuck, I said shove it in her mouth Nick!” Nick looked at Brittany with an evil stare for a few moments before turning back around to face Allie. Allie opened her mouth and took his dick in, using her tongue to circle around it. Nick was already close to orgasm a long time ago so he knew this would be very short. That didn’t help Allie being sick though since it was cum she couldn’t handle.

Nick closed his eyes and kept one hand on Allie’s head while she sucked away slowly, obviously not enjoying it. She also had her eyes closed, hoping she wouldn’t get sick. After a few more short moments, Nick pulled out and jerked his dick ready to blow.

“You better aim right at her face.” Brittany’s voice was now coming from the computer and Nick jerked as fast as he could. The first shot was insanely large and it splattered on Allie’s face, some of it lading on the chair behind her. The next shots were normal amounts and luckily for Allie, there were only two others after the first.

Allie had her eyes closed, and her face scrunched up in disgust. As soon as Nick had finished cumming she got up and went to the bathroom, puking her guts out in the toilet. Nick went in to check up on her and found her leaning over the toilet.

“The smell is the worst. I hate being pregnant.”

Nick helped Allie get up and she rinsed out her mouth in the sink. Nick flushed the toilet and then went over and turned on the shower. Nick hugged Allie while Brittany called out from her room.

“Don’t take forever in there Nick.” Allie let go of Nick and then went to the door. She looked at Brittany and Brittany looked back at her right before Allie shut the door and locked it.

“I bet she won’t like this.” Allie beamed in joy of pissing of Brittany even though she just threw up. Nick smiled and headed to the shower. He helped Allie get in and then got in afterwards. They used Brittany’s body wash and shampoo to wash themselves for the first few minutes while the nice hot water washed over them. After they were washed, they hugged each other and just stood in the middle of the shower. Allie had her head against Nick’s chest and Nick had his lips on Allie’s head.

They rocked back and forth in the shower, slowly massaging each other’s backs for almost twenty minutes before they heard pounding on the bathroom door. Brittany’s voice could be heard yelling something but the water drained out her words and Nick and Allie laughed. After a few more moments, they turned off the water and stepped out.

Suddenly Nick got an urge to piss and went over to the toilet. He aimed his dick and let his stream go. Allie noticed and started watching intently as the piss left Nick’s dick. She felt little tingles in her pussy but not enough to make her horny. Seeing him pissing had another effect on her though and she suddenly had to piss as well. Since Allie loved pissing on things that weren’t toilets, she decided waiting another few seconds for Nick to finish was too long so she walked over to the sink and got up on her toes. She pulled her pussy lips apart and did her best to aim into the sink. Since the sink was higher than her pussy, this was going to be hard. Nick actually flushed the toilet by the time Allie relaxed and let her piss flow.

“Allie stop!” Nick knew there was no way she was going to stop though. Her piss shot out and hit the mirror overtop of the sink. After some adjusting, she managed to make it fall into the sink rather than spraying it all over the mirror and counter. Her piss wasn’t long and soon Allie had drips falling to the tiles beneath her pussy. “Great now we have to clean this up.” Nick was actually a little frustrated. He knew Allie only did it to piss Brittany off but it was a little ridiculous.

“You clean if you want, but I have to get out of here, I can’t stand the smell.” Allie opened the door and walked out, a few drops landing on the floor outside the bathroom. Brittany was nowhere to be seen when Allie walked out but Allie didn’t think anything of it. She picked up her clothes and got dressed. After doing a quick wipe down of the mirror and counter, Nick got out of the bathroom too and got dressed with his sister.

They found Brittany sitting on the couch downstairs when they started to leave. She seemed high as hell watching TV and she simply raised her hand when Nick and Allie announced they were leaving. Nick couldn’t help but notice that Brittany wasn’t as cheery as usual today and found himself wondering why. He quickly forgot about it though when Allie gave him a kiss before opening the front door. They walked out, side by side with Nick’s arm around Allie.


It was around 8 pm when Hayley stormed into Naomi’s room with a big grin on her face. Naomi’s first thought was that Hayley would start stripping and jump on her but luckily, she didn’t. Their parents could be heard in the living room and Naomi didn’t want to take any chances. Also, she was a cock girl, and maybe her fling with Hayley was coming to an end.

“Nomi I figured it out!”

“Figured what out?” Hayley went to talk but stopped and made a face like Naomi’s question was really stupid.

“How to get back at Josh dummy!” Naomi sighed hard, not this again.

“Haayyley, I told you I don’t WANT to get back at him.”

Ignoring Naomi's complaints, Hayley walked over to the bedroom door and listened to make sure that the parents weren’t going to over hear them talking. She was in a pair of Hello Kitty panties that were capable of covering her entire ass, but it was obvious that she had shifted them around to expose the edges. She was in her usual tank top shirt she wore to bed, showing the slightest beginnings of her breasts bulging from underneath.

“Okay so this is what I came up with. Mom and dad are going to be on that double date this Saturday, right? So you need to invite Josh over telling him you want to make up or something.” Naomi rolled her eyes. “OR you could just make something up.” Hayley was enthusiastically bouncing around the room while Naomi played with her phone.

“And what do you expect we do when we get him here? Tie him down and pour hot wax on him?”

“I'm sure that would work but I'm not into torturing people and I don't think you are either.”

“Alright then why get him here?”

“I was getting to that before you interrupted me.” There was a bit of a bossy tone to Hayley's voice which slightly surprised Naomi. After all, she was her little sister, not her big sister. “Once he's here, I will come out of my room wearing my school outfit and ask him to come to my room. In my room--”

“Woah why would he be in your room alone with you?” This was maybe the first time Naomi had ever seen Hayley blush so intensely.

“Well... I was thinking that I could... seduce him into doing stuff and record it.” Naomi just sat on her bed with her mouth ajar not quite believing her ears.

“Seduce him? And film it?”

“Yeah... not like have sex with him just... Well when he came to the door the other day and saw me in my panties, I noticed him checking me out. He made it quite obvious.”

“He made it obvious?”

“Yeah like he checked out my legs and ass.”


“Anyways, while in my room I'll act all flirty and touchy and hopefully that will get him to make a move.”

“And once you do whatever you're planning on doing and filming it, what do you intend to do with the recording?”

“I thought that part was obvious. We spread it around your school.”

“Ummm are you insane?”

“No why?”

“Because that's called starring in a porno Hayley!”

“Josh would be the star dummy.”

“No I'm pretty sure the 11 year old child porn star would stand out a bit more. And once the cops see it, they will tell mom and dad and then what?”

“First of all, I’m basically 12, and second of all, I have that all figured out. My friend's brother makes videos for YouTube, like those action flashy ones that look really high tech, you know? Well one day he showed me and my friend basically all the important things. We were really bored and he let us edit a few things. I'd need some time to play around with the program myself but I'm pretty sure I could make myself look pretty unrecognizable. And you can also like blur out the background and stuff, its really cool.”

“This sounds way too fucked up Hayley. There is no way you're doing this.”

“Ugh Nomi! Why aren't you as excited as me to humiliate him in front of everybody? If it all works out, I could have it ready in time for graduation!”

“I said no Hayley. For the last time, I'm over it and I'm perfectly fine with just ignoring him until graduation.”

“You’re such a party pooper sometimes Naomi.”

Chapter Five

The next day, Nick and Allie did manage to fuck once but it was short and quick since their parents were checking in on them way too often. At one point, Nick went to Allie’s room and just a few seconds later, John came in. Luckily, Nick was just standing talking to his sister so John was none the wiser but it could have been much worse. Eventually around 10 pm, Nick and Allie were able to have their alone time. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just a quick five minute fuck before bed time.

Friday night took its time to come but once the day was finally over, all the high schooler’s welcomed it with open arms. This included Nick, who was semi-hard walking to his car thinking about Allie’s pussy, which he was certain he would get a lot of tonight. Just as the thought of cumming inside her crossed his mind, his phone went off. It was a text from Allie saying she was getting forced to go the mall with Naomi.

Nick sighed and put his phone away. He decided to drive home and make some plans with friends later. Whenever Allie went to the mall, it turned into a full night thing. On the drive home, Nick’s friend Jake sent him a text. Apparently there was some party at the beach happening tonight and Jake wanted him to come along. It was either that or staying home jerking off so Nick told Jake he would go.

When Nick got home, he noticed Holly was already home. This wasn’t unusual as sometimes Fridays were early days at her job. Nick went inside and threw his bag on the ground by the stairs, announcing he was home in the process. The only answer he got was the banging of dishes coming from the kitchen and the strong smell of cleaner hitting his nose. He walked to the kitchen to find his mom scrubbing the counter around the sink with a sponge. She was wearing her work clothes which included her tight black knee length skirt and a white blouse with the top few buttons undone. She had a pair of rubber gloves on and was furiously scrubbing the counter.

“Mom. Mom!” Finally Nick got his mom’s attention and she stopped scrubbing and turned around. First thing Nick noticed was that she looked mad but a bad fake smile came across her face when she saw Nick.

“Hi sweetie. Sorry I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Yeah I could tell… Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine sweetie, why?”

“You just seem upset that’s all.” Holly’s eyes trailed off and she stared into space for a second then sighed and started scrubbing the counter again and replied.

“It’s silly really, your father and me had dinner plans tonight but he called me at work and told me he was gonna work overtime tonight. Apparently his boss insisted on it. But why do I care, its not like we haven’t had a nice night together in over a month.” Holly kept scrubbing for a bit before throwing down the gloves and starting to put away the dishes. This task consisted a lot of loud clashing sounds as the dishes smashed into one another. Nick apologized for her ruined plans and then went upstairs for a bit. At around 9, Nick was out of the house and heading to the party.

At the mall, Allie was a little annoyed and therefore texting Nick as she walked beside Naomi. The annoyance was caused by the third person on their mall trip, Megan. Allie didn’t really consider Megan too close of a friend, she mostly knew her through Naomi and some days just couldn’t stand her. Right now, Megan was going on and on about how she couldn’t wait for the next Twilight movie to come out.

Megan was one of those insecure girls that did everything they could to have a boy like them. This was another reason she annoyed Allie. This meant that she was pretty easy to get into bed. She didn’t think of herself as a slut though, and she didn’t really act like a slut. She was just easy because if some cute guy did some mediocre flirting and gave her a couple compliments, she would instantly fall in love with him and that lead to sex. Every week she had a new crush. Allie did feel a little bad for her though, as she went through the same thing with Josh but she had nothing in common with her. She didn’t understand why Naomi became friends with her in the first place.

Megan was a good looking girl with her shoulder length blonde hair and good figure. She wasn’t a model and wasn’t ever going to be miss USA but she was cute enough to get the attention of the guys. Her ass looked just average in jeans but it wasn’t that bad once she was just in a thong or naked. Her tits were slightly bigger than Naomi’s at a B cup but still smaller than Allie’s.

The three girls were currently walking around the mall, Allie mostly busy texting Nick while Naomi and Megan talked. Megan had the most bags with her, buying any piece of clothing she thought would impress her latest crush. Naomi had a few bags herself filled with clothes and Allie just had one. Nick was telling her about how Holly was upset because their dad cancelled plans.

“So like Tom is throwing a party this weekend and I was talking to him all of English class basically begging for him to invite me but like he didn’t until class was almost over and then he just said ‘come if you want’ like what the hell. And he didn’t even notice I did my hair different.” This was the third time Megan had mentioned Tom and she was sick of it. Naomi was about to say something supportive but Allie beat her to it.

“Who cares? Just because he isn’t drooling over you doesn’t mean it’s end of the world.” Naomi looked at Allie with widened eyes trying to signal to ease up but Allie didn’t care. She would much rather be with Nick right now instead of listening to this bitching.

“He is like the sweetest guy ever Allie. Like the other day Alex was teasing me and he totally stood up for me and I just wanted to hug him and never let go but I know I couldn’t do that so I just kinda smiled and couldn’t help but blush. Oh I could just talk about him forever, he’s so sweet!”

“How many other guys have you thought were really sweet? Just a week ago you were obsessing about that idiot Doug.”

“Well that’s before I knew he’s an asshole.”

“Okay what about Dan?”

“He had a girlfriend the entire time and that is just gross. Tom is completely different from those guys though, I bet he’s just too shy to ask me out but I’m gonna dress up for his party and hopefully he will ask me out then. OH look Naomi it’s those jeans I was telling you about.”

Allie figured it was pointless to continue, Megan was just always going to shrug it off and continue her endless talking. Megan walked into the store and Naomi followed behind her, looked at Allie and shrugged.

“I need to take a break from shopping, you’ll find me on that bench down there.”

“Alright see ya in a bit.”

Allie walked down towards the bench and was happy to get a break from shopping and Megan. She sighed as she sat down, her legs extending in front of her. An old couple past by her a few moments later and couldn’t peel their eyes away. Allie looked young and being that pregnant caught people’s attention.

“Can I help you?” The old couple looked away shaking their heads and Allie really didn’t give a shit. Her phone went off and it was another text from Nick. He was asking her if she wanted to come to the beach party but Allie was way too tired. Even though she’d love to do some kinky stuff with Nick in a bathroom or something, her legs would not allow another few hours of walking around.

After a few more minutes and a few texts later, Allie heard a very familiar voice from behind her. There was a bush plant so Allie had to peak around it to make sure it was who she thought it was. It certainly was Josh though. Allie got up from her seat and went over to Josh. He was on the phone with someone and when he hung up and turned around, Allie was standing right in front of him.

“Oh jeez Allie, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“Why have you been ignoring me?”

The first thing Allie noticed about Josh was the fresh looking cut by his left eye. Even though she felt no sympathy for Josh these days, she couldn’t help but wonder why he was always bruised up.

“I don’t know.”

“What the fuck is your problem Josh?”

“My problem? Why can’t you just leave me alone Allie? What do you expect of me? To be the world’s greatest father? That isn’t gonna happen. You want me to pay child support, fine I’ll do that but don’t expect me to be at your house every day taking care of the kid.”

“So you just don’t care about your daughter? You’re that much of an asshole?”

“I guess I am.”

“What’s going on?”

Naomi and Megan were done shopping and were making their way over to Allie and Josh. It was obvious they were walking into a fight. Josh gave Naomi a quick look and then said he had to go and turned around walking away. Allie turned around looking madder than ever and Megan had to move out of the way not to get hit by her as she stormed off towards the doors of the mall. This really pissed Naomi off, the way Josh was treating Allie and she quickly ran after Josh.


Josh didn’t stop walking but he did slow down. Naomi walked up behind him and grabbed him by the shoulder, making him stop and spin around.

“What do you want?”

“How can you be such a dickhead?! All she wants is for you to show a LITTLE interest in this pregnancy and show that you’re not a worthless waste of life.” Josh didn’t say anything he just nodded his head slowly taking in what Naomi just said but not really caring for it.

“Well first of all Naomi, this has nothing to do with you. And second of all, just because I fucked her, doesn’t mean I have to marry her now. I’ll pay the support and—no you know what, why am I even talking to you about this? Bye Naomi.” This fueled Naomi’s anger and she punched Josh’s arm like she was slamming her fist on a table when he went to turn away.

“You aren’t leaving until you go over there and apologize to her.” Megan and Allie could see Josh and Naomi but they couldn’t hear them and that was a good thing because what Josh said next was not for Allie’s ears. He smirked and looked over at Allie and Megan. Megan looked away when he looked at her. She felt a little awkward with this whole situation. Allie just scowled at him.

“Right and while I’m at it, I might as well tell her how you used to fuck me.” Naomi wanted to do nothing more but smack Josh as hard as she could at the moment but she knew it would cause too much questioning from Allie and Megan.

“Fuck you.”

“What’s wrong Naomi? You ashamed of it?”

“I’m Allie’s best friend and I love her to death—”

“Since when does a best friend go behind the others back and fuck her ex-boyfriend who knocked her up?” Naomi didn’t say anything; she just stood there, her eyes almost piercing Josh like swords. “See Naomi, me and you aren’t very different. We both didn’t give a fuck about how Allie would feel.”

“I fucking cared.”

“Yeah whatever. You’re a terrible friend Naomi, the sooner you face that fact, the sooner you will learn to live with it. And trust me, you are not much better than me. I just wish me and you met first, we both have deceit in our blood. We would have been the perfect couple.” Naomi was ready to explode. Josh kept his cold face and took a few steps backwards. He then took one last look at Allie and turned around, walking away.

Naomi was at a loss for words. She just stood there watching him walk away. She didn’t know if she was mad at Josh for saying that stuff or if she was mad at herself because what he said was basically true. Doing her best to calm down a little, she turned around and walked back to Megan and Allie.

“What happened?”

“I just told him off for being a dick and tried to get him to apologize.” Allie laughed sarcastically.

“You’d have a better chance of getting him to knock you up.”

No one was in the mood for shopping after that little incident, even Megan managed not to ramble as much, although still talking the most out of all three of them. Allie noticed that she hadn’t replied to Nick in a while and now had another text message from him. The way he cared about her was maybe the only thing that could make Allie feel a bit better at that point. She told him everything was fine and that she was going home.

Half an hour later, Allie was getting dropped off at her house by Naomi’s dad. She was still stressed out and decided to try and relax with a bath. When she walked inside, she found Holly on the couch in her robe with a glass of wine. Holly was watching a movie but her facial expression said that she was having just as bad of a day as Allie. Allie said hi and told her mom she was going for a bath and Holly simply just nodded and raised her wine glass. Just as Allie turned to leave, she heard her mom say something.

“Have fun masturbating.”

Allie stopped for a second but realized Holly didn’t mean for her to hear it so she walked away without saying a word. It was well known that the women of the house were frequent masturbators and Allie found it funny that Holly would say stuff like that. Allie knew Holly masturbated because she and Nick had witnessed it once. The recent disappearance of her dildo made Allie wonder too. She was sure Holly wouldn’t take it just to lock it away; she figured the dildo had a new pussy to please now.

On the drive home, Naomi didn’t say much to her dad, she was too pissed off just like Allie. Her dad didn’t seem to notice much, he hummed to a song on the radio. Once they got home, Naomi stormed inside and found her mom with Hayley on the couch playing cards. Naomi gave Hayley a look saying “we need to talk” and then went to her room. It was a few minutes before Hayley showed up at her door but when she did, Naomi quickly shut it behind her and looked at her little sister. She took a deep breath and said,

“Alright, I’m in. Let’s make Josh pay.” Hayley got the widest smile Naomi had ever seen and she jumped up and hugged her sister.

“This is going to be so much fun!”

“I didn’t think you’d be so excited to fool around with Josh.”

“I’m not, I’m just excited to destroy him for hurting you… And well I’ve never even kissed any boys, so I’m a little curious.”

Chapter Six

Nick pulled into the parking lot overlooking the beach and found a spot pretty close to where the party was happening on the beach. He got out of his car and looked at the crowd. It wasn’t that big of a party, maybe 30 people were there at most. It was more of just a hangout for the seniors. It wasn’t long before he spotted Jake; as usual he was talking to a group of girls. Someone brought a set of pretty large speakers that were on full blast at the moment.

Nick made his way over to the group of Jake and three girls. Nick had seen the girls around school, two of them were in his classes but he had never really talked to them. They weren’t really someone Nick would get along with. Jake on the other hand, being the tanned, blonde haired surfer, was exactly their type.

“Nick! You finally came!”

“How’s it going Jake, I see you’re drunk already.”

“Nah man, I’m just a little tipsy. Oh this is Amanda, and Kaitlin, and Kaylee!” The girls were that preppy stuck up type and Nick really didn’t go for those. He politely introduced himself but took the first chance to get away from them. The only girl that he wanted to be around lately was Allie. Jake wasn’t happy that he blew off the girls like that though and came up to him a bit later, even more drunk now.

“Bro what the hell, those girls were so down to FUUUUUCK! Why did you puss out?” Nick was sitting by the waves, a beer in hand when Jake came up to him. Jake reeked of hard liquor and was absolutely wasted.

“I didn’t puss out you asshole. Those girls are gorgeous but I don’t think I can focus on a conversation with any of them for more than five minutes. I just don’t care what they have to say.”

“It only takes five minutes! Their panties have been soaked since they woke up this morning in anticipation of getting dick tonight!”

“Why don’t you do the honors then?” Jake was a good looking guy. He kept in shape and since most of his days were spent half naked in the sun, he had a nice tan. His blonde surfer hair was the color of gold and he had those bangs that girls loved. He got laid on a regular basis.

“I’m leaving with one of them for sure, but I want to make sure you get some too dude! I haven’t seen you with a girl in like forever!”

“Shut up, I can get any one of these girls if I wanted.”

“I’m not so sure you can bro. I think Anna messed you up pretty hard. You’ve gone soft on me man.”

“haha okay Jake whatever. Anna didn’t mess me up, I got over her.”

“Oh shit. Is that Anna over there or am I just wasted?”


Jake was right though, Anna was indeed at the party. That was really weird since Anna wasn’t much of a party person and this party wasn’t exactly announced around school.

“Hey Anna! Over here!” Nick turned around to see Jake waving at Anna. He was gonna punch him but it was too late, Anna had already spotted them and was walking over.

“What the fuck?!”

“I think you still have a hard on for her, you should be thanking me. Ow!” Nick decided to go ahead with the punch. Anna looked as innocent and cute as ever. Unlike most of the girls at the party, she wasn’t exposing herself. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which barely showed any cleavage. She really was like an angel, all pure.

“Hey Nick, how have you been?” Nick hugged Anna and stood in front of her a little awkwardly. This was one of the first times they had talked since that ugly breakup. The fact that Anna knew about him and Allie made it even more awkward for him and he kept waiting for mention of Allie.

They talked for a while, walking along the beach and thankfully, Anna never brought up the incest. It was weird, out of all the people that could find out about Nick’s secret, he was actually embarrassed around Anna for it. She was like the perfect girl, his complete opposite, Nick just felt dirty around her.

They must’ve talked for at least half an hour and even though Nick wanted to ask her why she told Brittany, he just couldn’t. At one point, Nick started to think that Brittany found out somehow else. But the only way that made sense was through Anna. Their talk turned out to be a lot less awkward then Nick expected. Anna seemed happy too.

Suprisingly, the party started breaking up pretty fast. Jake indeed walked away with a girl on each arm while the rest of the people went off in pairs and groups one by one. Anna told Nick she had to call her dad for a ride but Nick offered to give her a ride without even thinking. He could see that Anna felt a little awkward at that point but she wasn’t going to reject.

During the ride home, they talked a little with a few jokes here or there but not as much as on the beach. Once at her house, Nick parked the car and they both kind of just sat there for a little. After saying their goodbyes, Anna reached over and kissed Nick on the cheek. It was an innocent friendly kiss but Nick still felt a little warmth rush through him when he felt her lips on his cheek. She left and Nick suddenly felt guilty and tried to bury those feelings before going home to his sister/girlfriend Allie.


The music was loud, the bass shaking the walls of the house, bodies grinding against one another. In the middle of the chaos of teenagers and young adults was Brittany, wasted out of her mind. The house was packed, and it was well past midnight at this point. Brittany’s head was spinning from the countless shots of liquor she had taken.

Behind her, she could feel a guy grinding up on her. Brittany didn’t really care about it at the beginning but now he was starting to annoy her. This wasn’t the regular high school party Brittany was at, she was crashing a college party. The party was just off campus and Brittany was pretty sure she was the youngest person there.

The guy grinding up on her smelled of cigarettes and beer and Brittany had had enough of his groping. She casually moved away from him and kept dancing, her vision in a blur. Brittany wasn’t at the party by invitation but she knew the usual houses these parties were at from her previous attendances. There wasn’t anything interesting happening from her high school so she decided to check it out. It had been a few months since she had last partied with the college crowd and she didn’t really know anyone but that didn’t stop her from having fun.

Besides, some of the guys were just panty soaking handsome and much more mature than the high school boys she fucked every weekend. There was one girl that Brittany knew from the parties though. Actually, she knew her more from seeing her around her house when Jennifer, Brittany’s sister was still around. Amber had talked to her from time to time and Brittany never minded her, she thought she was cool.

The first time Brittany attended a college party was with some older guy that she was hooking up with. She noticed him checking her out constantly one night and she made her move. Even though she was just 16 and the time, the 22 year old figured she was 18 just by how mature her body looked. Brittany always managed to look older than she was, even as a kid. Brittany had lied to the guy that she was a senior so that he wouldn’t ditch her. He took her to the party and even compared to all the hot college girls there, the guy proudly danced with Brittany all night with the rest of the guys looking on with jealousy.

Since then, Brittany went back and eventually ran into Amber. Amber wasn’t the brightest girl, some would even call her the “white-trash” type, so when Brittany told her she was a freshman, Amber didn’t do the math to figure out Brittany would be too young seeing as how she was 12, 4 years prior.

Even though Amber was Jennifer’s age, she hadn’t amounted to anything in life yet. While Jennifer went straight to college after graduation, Amber decided to party. Amber wasn’t the best looking girl around, and there was certainly a history of drugs that contributed to that. She ended up putting off college for two years, working instead. She had finally decided to go to college and was in her second year. Brittany and Amber instantly made a connection. They had already known each other and when Amber saw how Brittany could handle her liquor and how she got any guy she wanted, Amber saw potential in her.

Back at the party, Brittany had noticed that the guy she was trying to get away from was back on her ass. He wasn’t the greatest looking guy and well, that was not the guys Brittany liked. Brittany didn’t know anyone at the party, but there was a blonde girl standing in front of her that looked a lot like someone who could get her away from this creep.

Amber was dancing a few feet in front of where Brittany was and luckily, Amber met Brittany’s eyes. The guy grinding up on Brittany was now getting frustrated and was being a little too rough. Brittany turned around and pushed him off but he just gave her a creepy little laugh. Suddenly, there were two other guys equally creepy looking making their way closer to Brittany. Brittany’s head was still spinning and she knew she was in a bad position right now. She turned back around and called Amber’s name. Amber looked at her and Brittany nudged her head in the direction of the creeps and Amber stomped her way forward.

The guys must’ve been from her year because they seemed to know Amber. Brittany felt really dizzy now and she made her way through the crowd away from Amber and the guys. When she looked back, she saw the creepy guy that was grinding on her with a hand print across his face, with a look of loathing as he watched Amber walk away.

The rest of the night was a complete blur for Brittany. She eventually ended up passing out in her car, way too drunk to drive safely home. When she woke up in the morning at around 8 am, she crawled to the front seat and drove home. When she got home, and unlocked the front door, she was greeted by her mom walking out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was in her pajamas and clearly had just woken up. An expression of horror came across her face when she saw Brittany looking absolutely terrible.

Pam started to yell at Brittany, saying how she didn’t hear her come home but figured she eventually did. Brittany wasn’t used to her mom yelling and she yelled back and told her to fuck off and stay out of her life when Pam questioned her about her whereabouts last night. Pam wasn’t the most authoritative mom around and she simply sighed and got the morning newspaper at the front door. In a way, Pam was glad Brittany didn’t come home early that night as she was out having a little too much fun with her new boyfriend and she didn’t want Brittany knowing she was already having sex with the guy, especially since she had barely even known him more than two weeks. It had been so long since her pussy had a nice cock inside it though that Pam couldn’t wait any longer. She did hope to introduce him to Brittany soon though, she always felt Brittany needed a strong father figure in her life, and if things went well, maybe this could be the guy. Brittany went upstairs to her room and passed out until much later in the afternoon.

Chapter Seven


Naomi was laying on her back, eyes closed, one hand running through her own hair, the other pushing the head between her legs harder into her pussy. She had already cum once and was slowly approaching her second orgasm. It was around 2 pm on this Saturday and Naomi and Hayley had found themselves home alone again.

When her parents left, Naomi put on some music and after looking at some porn, she got really horny. She went onto her bed and started fingering her pussy, her imagination going wild thinking about a nice juicy cock pumping into her instead of her fingers. With the music playing, she didn’t even hear her door open. When Hayley walked in and saw her sister fingering herself, her pussy atomically burned. She slowly climbed onto her bed and went straight to Naomi’s pussy.

Naomi was too horny to stop her and even though she was over the whole “lesbian sex life” a tongue licking her pussy felt amazing no matter who’s it was. Her imagination pictured that it was one of the really hot guys she’d seen around school. Hayley loved licking pussy, and was becoming quite the little expert, making Naomi reach orgasm without much effort.

They had been going at it for about fifteen minutes and Hayley’s chin was already covered in pussy juice. She was now sticking one of her small fingers into her sister’s hole while her lips were locked on Naomi’s clit. Her cheeks were sunken from the force of her sucking.

“Shiiiitt I’m gonna cumm!!” Hayley took this as a challenge and wanted to make her sister cum as hard as possible. Her middle finger was dug deep into Naomi’s pussy while her tongue was lapping up all the juices pouring from Naomi’s pussy. She was now using her nose to rub Naomi’s clit. A few more seconds and Naomi grabbed Hayley by the hair with both hands and pulled her towards her cunt with such force that Hayley actually started struggling to get free.
Once her orgasm was over, Naomi let go of her sister and Hayley pulled away. She wiped her mouth on the back of her wrist and slapped her sister across her leg.

“Don’t be so rough.” Naomi was laying on her bed her eyes still closed. She didn’t care enough to listen to whatever Hayley had said and just laid there recovering. Hayley’s pussy was soaking now and she pulled down and crawled on her knees to Naomi’s head. She put a knee on either side of her head and went to lower her small slit down on Naomi’s mouth but Naomi didn’t want any of it and she simply pushed her sister off.

“Well fine then.” Hayley sat beside Naomi, her back against the headboard. She started fingering herself while Naomi went onto her side facing away from Hayley. Their parents left the house to go grocery shopping about an hour and a half ago now and they would be home any minute. Somehow, this slipped both Naomi and Hayley’s minds. The music was still playing and it was just loud enough to cover the sound of the front door opening.

Hayley was fingering herself so hard, the bed was shaking. Naomi was now on her phone, scrolling through her facebook. Naomi thought she heard someone but it was so quiet that she figured she imagined it.

“Naomi, Hayley.” That time, both Naomi and Hayley definitely heard it. It was their mom and her voice was coming from the hallway. Naomi was completely naked, and Hayley had no panties on.

“Fuck!” Both sisters jumped out of bed, Naomi knew she was screwed, there was no way she could get dressed in time. Their mom was checking Hayley’s room first, which was far enough from Naomi’s to give them half a chance to scramble to safety. Hayley had her panties pulled up within a blink of an eye but Naomi was frozen, naked from head to toe in the middle of her room. She was going through the everything that would happen if her mom caught them.

“Get out the window! Now!” Naomi snapped back to reality and spun around and went to the window. Josh had managed to climb in and out of that same window many times and pretty quickly too and since Naomi was much smaller than him, she figured she could too. Naomi opened the window and climbed on top of the small bedside table while Hayley collected her panties, sweatpants and t-shirt which was scattered all over the floor.

They heard Hayley’s bedroom door close and knew they had maybe fifteen seconds. Naomi put one leg out the window, and basically straddled the window frame, ducking her head not to hit the top. She swung her other leg out the window and sat on the edge for a second, preparing to make the about eight foot jump down. She knew her mom was probably just about to open the door and she jumped, her feet landing hard on the concrete walkway that was underneath the window. Almost as soon as she landed, clothes landed on her head.

Hayley picked up Naomi’s laptop and jumped onto the bed. She opened the laptop just as the door swung open. Hayley was out of breath but she did everything in her power to control her breathing as best as possible. Naomi waited outside, her body pressed to the outside wall, not making a sound even though her feet stung a little.

“Oh hey Hayley… Why are you in Naomi’s room? Where is she?” Hayley looked up at her mom and smiled before answering.

“She went out. I was just using her laptop and I wanted to listen to music and Nomi has that cool ipod dock… so I came here.” Hayley was doing her best to act normal but her heart was beating so fast she felt like she would have a heart attack. Her mom looked like she was thinking Hayley’s story over for a few moments before responding.

“Alright sweetie. Do you know when she will be home?”

“Umm I don’t know but she said she wouldn’t be gone long.”

“Okay. Do you want some lunch?” Hayley felt a wave of relief as her mom believed her story.

“Yeah sounds great mommy.” Her mom smiled and went to leave the room.

“Oh and please put on some clothes sweetie, you know your father gets upset when he sees you like that.”

“Sorry I will.” Her mom turned around and left the room. Naomi couldn’t make out the conversation but she heard the door closing. She stayed still for a few more seconds before she heard Hayley’s voice above her head.

“Mom thinks you’ve gone out, get dressed and come in through the front door.”

“I don’t have any shoes!” Panic struck Hayley again. They definitely would have seen Naomi’s shoes at the front door when they came home.

“Oh fuck.” Naomi read Hayley’s mind and knew what she was thinking.

“Don’t worry, I have some in my closet, just give me one of those.” Hayley nodded her head and disappeared from the window again as Naomi put on her panties. She came back and handed Naomi a pair of shoes. She also got a pair of jeans for Naomi to put on. Hayley closed the window and went to her own room to get dressed. After Naomi got dressed, she waited another ten or so minutes in the backyard and then headed to the front door. Hayley had given her Naomi’s pair of house keys before she left.

When Naomi walked inside and went to the family room, she found Hayley and her parents sitting on the couch. Hayley and her mom were watching tv and her dad was on his phone.

“Hey where have you been sweetie?”

“I met up with Allie, she wanted my opinion on something.”

“Opinion on what?” It was Naomi’s dad asking now.

“Actually it’s kinda personal dad.” He nodded his head and went back to his phone.

Hayley hadn’t moved her eyes away from the TV. Naomi started to walk over to sit down on the couch and could feel her mom was still looking at her.

“Oh you had your keys?” Naomi was sitting down and looked at her mom before noticing her mom was looking at Naomi’s hand which was holding the pair of keys.

“Yeah of course I did.”

“Hmm. I could’ve sworn I saw those in your room earlier.” Even from where Naomi was sitting, she could see how tense Hayley was. Naomi felt fear take over her body. She managed to look calm though.

“No I had them mom.” Naomi couldn’t think of anything better to say, she just hoped her mom would let it go and not question her any further.

“I guess I could have imagined it.” Her mom laughed and thankfully Naomi’s dad made a joke about how she was half blind already. That was the last that was mentioned about the keys and as soon as Naomi felt like she sat in the family room long enough not to cause suspicion about rushing to her room, she got up and went to her room, clutching her keys.


When Nick woke up the next day, flashbacks of the night before went through his mind. Running into Anna was something he didn’t expect. He couldn’t deny that it was nice talking to her like the old days again when she didn’t think of him as a sick pig. Nick laid in his bed on his back for a few more minutes, staring up at the ceiling thinking about everything that has happened his senior year. It sure was an eventful year.

Nick’s thoughts got interrupted when his door creaked open and in came Allie. It was around 9 am and the house was dead silent. When she opened the door, she smiled at Nick and he smiled back at her. Allie had just woken up too and was in her sleeping attire, a bra and panties. Her pregnancy was getting into the later months now and her stomach was becoming a significant bump. Allie’s brown hair was all over the place and Nick loved it. He could see his girlfriend whenever he wanted and it was amazing.

It was a hot night so Nick had slept without a t-shirt on as well. Allie walked over to his bed and climbed next to her brother. They wanted to spend last night together but sadly that’s not what happened. Allie was determined to make up for that time lost now though. She pulled Nick’s blanket back and tugged at his boxers. Just as she was doing that though, they heard their parents’ bedroom open and close and Nick jumped up. Allie covered her mouth trying not to laugh at how scared Nick looked but Nick just sat on his bed, listening for footsteps. Luckily, they heard their parents walk down the stairs and Nick fell back down onto his back. Allie, not affected by the danger of getting caught, went back to pulling Nick’s boxers down.

“Maybe we should wait until tonight.” Allie pouted but she listened to her brother. Nick sat up and gave her a long kiss, his tongue dancing around hers. When they broke the kiss, Allie was smiling and blushing a little. Nick got out of bed and got dressed while Allie went to her room to do the same.

The day went by slowly, Nick and Allie just dying for their parents to leave so that they could fuck. Every once in a while, Allie would corner Nick and start making out with him when their parents were at a safe distance but it always made Nick nervous. He couldn’t help but notice how happy his sister was. She was kind of acting like the girl that was hopelessly in love with Josh, always smiling and giggling, always making out with him.

Eventually when the time came for dinner, Holly and John said goodbye to their kids and left the house. When the door shut, Allie shoved her whole face into Nick’s, making out with him furiously. Nick kissed back and placed his hands on Allie’s tits, squeezing them through her shirt and bra. They made their way to the living room couch and Allie sat down while Nick took off his shirt. His abs made Allie’s mouth water as she leaned forward and started to lick and kiss his body from his chest down to his stomach.

She undid his pants and pulled them down, making Nick’s seven inch dick jump into view. Allie kissed his dick all over before swirling her tongue around the tip. She teased him like this for a few more seconds while Nick’s dick grew harder. Just as it was at its full potential, Allie opened her mouth and let the dick slide in between her cheeks, her tongue on the bottom. Her cheeks looked like a couple of craters as she sucked with full force.

Allie didn’t like the taste as much but Nick’s pre cum didn’t taste as strong as his cum so she dealt with it. It was worth it seeing Nick enjoying it so much. Nick stood still in front of his sister and watched her head bobbing back and forth, taking about half of his dick each time. He brushed her hair back and she looked up at him and smiled around his dick.

Allie lowered her left hand to her pussy and rubbed it through her black yoga pants while her right hand held on to Nick’s dick. Nick tugged up Allie’s t-shirt and was happy to see that his sister wasn’t wearing a bra. Nick’s hand found Allie’s tits and he started playing with them, playfully twisting and tugging on her nipples which had now gotten bigger and darker due to the pregnancy. Not too big but certainly a noticeable amount.

Allie was doing an amazing job sucking on Nick’s dick and much sooner than Nick would have liked, he felt his orgasm coming close to exploding. He wanted to just let Allie keep going until he came but he knew he had to wait.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop babe.” Allie sped up and started taking most of Nick’s dick, letting it slide in and out of her mouth and then she pushed herself all the way forward, Nick’s musky pubes now in her face and she let the dick slide down her throat and hold it for a second before pulling herself off.

“Fuck I love your cock! What do you want to do now?” Allie’s deep throat had left a lot of spit on Nick’s dick and she was now jerking it back and forth.

“I wanna fuck you of course.” Allie giggled and moaned and got up off the couch. She let go of Nick’s dick and pulled off her shirt. She cupped each of her breasts in her hands and squeezed them, biting her lip at Nick.

Nick leaned forward and kissed her, his hands falling to her ass cheeks, gripping them tightly. They started to make out again for a few minutes, tasting each other, biting each other’s lips. Their hands went all over one another’s body as they just stood in the living room where they grew up together from birth, enjoying one another.

After a while, Allie got Nick to lay down on the carpet on his back in between the couch and the TV and climbed on top of him. Since Allie was pregnant, there was no way she could ride Nick as hard as she would have liked but it was almost better the way she just slowly grinded with Nick’s dick deep inside her. She kept her hands on Nick’s chest while Nick held her by the hips. While Allie was grinding herself on him, Nick looked up at her. They were staring into each other’s eyes, barely blinking. It was like time had slowed down and all that was real was their love for one another.

Nick had his hands on Allie’s waist and watched as his sister rode him with such passion. He would have never thought he would get so lucky to be able to fall in love with such a wonderful girl. Allie’s hands were on Nick’s chest for support, her nails slighty digging into his skin, only adding to Nick’s pleasure. Allie’s pussy squeezed around his shaft, rotating it in a circle each time she fell down on top of him.

“You’re so sexy!” Allie smiled at Nick and bit her bottom lip as she picked up her pace just a tiny bit, feeling her orgasm getting closer and closer each time Nick’s dick split her pussy walls.

“Oh fuck!” Allie was feeling tingles all through her wet cunt, her juices covering Nick’s dick and running down her thighs. “I’m gonna cum!” Nick’s hands reached up and grabbed Allie’s tits, squeezing them. He knew Allie had sensitive nipples and so he wanted to make her cum even harder. He started playing with her nipples, twisting them just a little bit as Allie started to moan louder. “OHHH YESSS!” Nick felt the spasms of Allie’s pussy as her orgasm hit.

Once Allie’s orgasm passed, she stopped riding him and just kind of sat on top of his dick, which was still rock hard. Nick hadn’t cum yet and he didn’t want to cum for a long time, he was loving this too much.

“Come on, fuck me some more!” Allie gave her brother a wicked little smile and slowly got off of him, Nick’s erection bouncing back and forth. She got on her knees and then got to her feet, Nick following her, slowly rubbing his dick back and forth. He loved Allie’s gorgeous little ass and the way it bounced as she walked.

Nick couldn’t wait any longer, he walked behind Allie and cupped her tits pushing his dick against her ass making it bend down. He needed to stick his dick inside her again, so Nick guided her towards the wall and had Allie lean on it with her hands, sticking her ass in the air, her pussy on display.

“Fuck my tight pussy!”

Nick didn’t need to be asked twice, he guided his dick in between Allie’s pussy lips and pushed in deep. Allie moaned and Nick put his hand on her upper back using her for support. His dick was getting tightly squeezed by the walls of his sister’s pussy while he ram into her from behind.

“Ohhh fuckk!” Nick looked down and saw his dick pumping in and out of Allie’s insanely wet cunt. Juices were creaming around the sides and dripping down onto the carpet of the living room. He tightened his grip on her shoulder and pushed her face against the wall, ramming his dick into her pussy harder. The sounds that their private parts were making were incredible. Each time Nick shoved his 7 inch dick into his sisters tight pussy, you could probably hear it in the other room.

Allie was loving every single pump of Nick’s dick and started to tease her clit with her free hand. Her other hand was against the wall beside her face which was now pressed against the wall. As Nick looked down he could see his abs sweating and flexing while his dick below fucked his sister.

“Ohhh fuck Nick can you do something?”

“What?” Allie bit her lip and moaned as Nick was now going balls deep, his sack smacking against her skin.

“Play with my asshole, like you did at Brittany’s house.” Nick felt a surge of pleasure when Allie asked him that. He smacked her ass hard and Allie moaned loudly, almost yelling out. Nick used the thumb of his free hand and started to play with the outside of Allie’s ass. As soon as she felt him touch her anus, she moaned again, and she had to fight off her orgasm. Nick noticed how much Allie loved this so he let go of Allie’s shoulder and used his other hand to grab Allie’s left ass cheek and spread her ass open further.

He pressed his thumb against the opening of her ass and felt a bit of resistance. After a bit more he felt Allie relax and he pressed his thumb harder, making the tip go in. This did it for Allie and she reached her second orgasm. Her pussy was going crazy as tingles of pleasure rocked through her like electricity. Meanwhile the sight of his sister going through ecstasy made his cum start to boil in his balls. He was gonna explode any minute.

“Push it in more! Fuck my ass!” Nick pressed his thumb as hard as he could and it popped inside Allie’s asshole. She now actually started to yell out and Nick couldn’t hold on any longer. He pressed his dick into her, all 7 inches disappearing deeply into her cunt. He felt the cum coming and his dick twitched twice before the first shot exploded, covering the inside of Allie’s cunt with cum. This was followed by a few more shots before Nick pulled out and squirted the rest of his cum all over her ass cheeks.

“SHHIITT!” Allie started to hump her ass back since Nick’s thumb was still inside her asshole. Nick was starting to get weak in the knees from his orgasm and he pulled his thumb free from Allie’s ass.

Allie was finally able to straighten back up and as soon as she did, she wiped the cum all over her ass and fingers and then shoved her middle finger, which was running with cum, into her ass taking the place of Nick’s thumb. Nick watched as he squeezed out the last bit of cum and made it drip onto the carpet underneath. Allie pushed her finger in a bit deeper and then pulled it out and smiled at Nick.

“Well that was fucking fun.”

“Oh yeah.”

Nick was sitting on the coffee table now, putting on his pants and Allie walked over to him and kissed him. They started to make out pretty passionately for a bit before Allie said she needed a shower badly. Nick looked down and noticed she had cum leaking from her pussy. She turned around and he smacked her ass as she walked away.

Nick got dressed and started to watch TV on the couch for a few minutes. He could hear the water running in the shower and suddenly got an idea. He quickly turned off the TV, got up and got undressed as he walked down to the bathroom. The door was unlocked just like Nick figured and he slowly opened it and snuck into the bathroom all naked. The shower curtain was drawn and Nick could see the outline of his sister washing her hair but he was sure she couldn’t see him.

He went over to the end and peaked his head into the shower. Allie had her eyes closed and her back was to Nick so he slowly stepped into the shower behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck as the water fell over them.

“Well hi there.”

“Hey, I missed you out there so I figured I could shower with you.”

“Mmm I don’t mind.”

Nick kept sucking on her neck and Allie could feel tingles going all through her body. After a while, Nick’s dick started to get hard again and he pressed it against her.

“Are you gonna fuck me again?”

“Do you want me too?”

“Yes please.”

Nick kissed Allie’s neck and then started to kiss her all the way down her back. He crouched and when he reached her ass he kissed one of her ass cheeks and then went down to her pussy, sticking his tongue inside her pussy. Thankfully, Nick knew that Allie always washed out the cum from her pussy first. Allie started to moan and had to rest her hand on the shower wall, squeezing her boob with her other hand.

Nick kept licking, sucking and fucking Allie’s cunt until she came for a third time. He then got up and Allie turned around and kissed him deeply. Nick guided her back to rest against the shower tiles as Allie spread her legs. Nick then stuck his dick into her pussy once again and fucked her for a few minutes until he felt his orgasm bubbling again.

“Cum on me!”

Nick pounded the wet cunt in front of him until he felt his climax reaching. He pulled out and his second orgasm hit, spraying all over Allie’s stomach, a bit of the cum even hitting her tits. Once Nick was done, they finished off showering. They got out and dried each other off, and then got dressed.

When they got outside, Nick went on the computer while Allie decided to mess with Holly a little. Allie texted her mom asking her how dinner was going. Allie figured her mom would hate Naomi’s parents, since they were so different. They were all religious and always have been meanwhile Holly and John never went to church and fucked a thousand times before they got married. Surprisingly, when Holly replied, she said she was having fun.

The rest of the time alone, Nick and Allie spent watching a movie, eating popcorn and cuddling on the couch. It turned into a really great night for them. Holly and John ended up coming home around 10 pm and found their kids innocently in their own rooms. Holly was a little drunk while John was completely sober. He took Holly to their room and Nick and Allie didn’t hear or see them for the rest of the night. After a few more hours, Allie ended up passing out on the couch leaning on Nick’s arm. He woke her up and took her to her room. He would of carried her but he didn’t want to risk anything since she was pregnant. Once in his bed, Nick was so tired, he drifted off to sleep almost instantly.

Chapter Eight

When Naomi and Hayley’s parents left for the dinner with Holly and John, Hayley didn’t wait until they were down the driveway to bring up Josh. Naomi had almost forgotten about the whole thing since they almost got caught earlier. Naomi and Hayley had a discussion about that earlier. Naomi suggested that they should probably stop with the whole incest thing. Hayley had other ideas about it. She believed that it was a onetime thing and that they should just be more careful.

Their conversation turned into a mini-fight with Hayley finally agreeing Naomi was right and that they should stop. Hayley went to her room afterwards and Naomi didn’t see her again until their parents left. Naomi felt like she hurt her little sister but it had to be done and Hayley didn’t seem too upset. But Naomi was still surprised she was up for the plan.

“Call him Nomi! The sooner he gets here, the better.”

“I’m not so sure about this anymore. I mean, what if mom and dad come home while he’s here?”

“I highly doubt that.”

“You never know, what if they don’t get along with Allie’s parents?”

“That won’t stop dad from getting a nice meal in. Now come on, call him!” Naomi had to agree that her dad, who was on the overweight scale, did enjoy his food. Naomi finally caved and picked up her phone, and dialed Josh’s number. As soon as she did that, Hayley ran off to her room yelling back that she was gonna put on her outfit.

It was a very awkward phone call, especially since the incident at the mall. Naomi and Hayley had agreed to tell Josh that he left his t-shirt at her house, which wasn’t a lie. There were many times that Josh spent the night in Naomi’s bed when they were dating and more than once, he had to jump out the window shirtless to not get caught by Naomi’s parents. After some convincing, Josh agreed to blow off his plans. Naomi knew he was hoping this visit would lead to him fucking her. That’s why he agreed to come, she thought.

Naomi hung up the phone and went over to Hayley’s room. Josh was going to come over in about an hour, which gave them the perfect time length to set everything up. Hayley had left her door open and when Naomi walked in, she saw Hayley in her outfit. Hayley had managed to manipulate her school outfit into the sluttiest outfit possible. Her skirt was barely 8 inches, and you could actually see the bottom of her pussy. Her white shirt had the top buttons undone exposing the top of her bra. Naomi’s mouth hung open for a second.

“Where are your panties?”

“Oh I was gonna wear one of your thongs.” Hayley smiled brightly, standing in front of Naomi. She spun around and as she did, so did her skirt, exposing her small dark little ass. When she came back around, she blushed a little. “Is it too much? I feel so skanky.” Naomi couldn’t hold back a laugh and nodded her head slighty.

“Josh loves skanky, it’s perfect.”

“He’s gonna think I want to have sex with him really badly. Eww.” Hayley did say she was curious about how it would be to have a dick inside her, but the more Naomi got to know her sexuality, the more she saw that Hayley leaned towards girls quite a bit.

The two girls went into Naomi’s room and Naomi picked out one of her thongs and gave it to her sister. There was no certainty that this plan would even work but Hayley was determined to give it her best shot. The next part was to set up the laptop so that it could record whatever happened in the bedroom. Hayley had a desk in her room that would be perfect. Naomi turned on the laptop and opened the camera. She had Hayley sit on her bed while Naomi positioned the laptop to try and catch as much of the bed without having it look obvious. The plan was to just leave the laptop open as if Hayley had been using it recently.

Hayley’s bed was left of the desk though, and they couldn’t face the laptop away from the desk chair since it would cause too much suspicion from Josh. After a bit of fumbling around and rearranging things, Naomi finally got enough of the bed so that if anything happened, it would be recorded. When she hit record to test it out, a light turned on by the laptop camera. This made it obvious that there was a recording happening.

“Let me see that.” Hayley got off her bed and went over to the laptop. It took her about five minutes but she managed to get the light from turning on. Naomi checked the clock and realized they had about 45 minutes until Josh would show up. She went to her room and dug out one of his t-shirts and put it on her bed.

The next 45 minutes took forever to pass it seemed like. It was 8 o’clock by the time they heard the doorbell at the front door. Hayley took a deep breath. Naomi told her to hide in the hallway and wait for the signal.

When Naomi opened the door, she saw Josh standing there. Naomi smelled weed on him right away. He looked a little mad and Naomi invited him in somewhat coldly. She had told him that her parents were out for dinner but Josh still took a quick peak around before entering.

“Are you alone?” Naomi could see the hopeful look in his face hoping she was alone so that he could fuck her.

“No, my sister is here.” She shot him back a look that said “not in a million years even if she wasn’t” and Josh just nodded his head and slowly walked over to the couch.

“So you have something of mine?”

“Yeah. A shirt I found. I don’t want my mom finding it when she does laundry. I was gonna just throw it out but I decided to be nice.” Josh smirked and put his feet up on the coffee table.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“I figured you needed all the non-ripped clothes you could get.” He laughed this time, but Naomi could see he didn’t like her comment.

“Well can you hurry up and get it? I’m in a hurry.”

“Of course.” Naomi smiled at him sarcastically and then headed down the hallway. The couch was against the far wall of the living room so Josh couldn’t actually see down the hall.

A bit down the hall stood Hayley waiting. Naomi passed her and gave her the thumbs up. Hayley waited until she heard Naomi’s door close. She counted to five and then slowly poked her head out from behind the wall. Josh noticed her and sat up a little, his feet still on the coffee table. Hayley giggled and smiled at him. He nodded his head at her and gave a little smile back. He looked out the window and Hayley cleared her throat.

Josh slowly looked back at her and she called him over with her hand. Hayley stepped out a bit more, and Josh could now see her outfit. Josh shook his head, and Hayley rolled her eyes and called him over again.

“What do you want?” Josh whispered, obviously afraid of Naomi hearing. Hayley stomped her foot and called him over one more time. Josh looked nervous and seemed like he was deciding what to do before he slowly got off the couch and walked over to her. When he started walking over, Hayley smiled.

“Where’s your sister?”

“In her room, come, I need to talk to you.” Hayley grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him behind her but Josh didn’t move. She looked back at him. “Hurry up we don’t have long!” This whole conversation was in whispers.

Finally Josh took a step forward and Hayley led him into her room. Suddenly Josh got a flashback of the night he convinced Naomi to masturbate in here while Hayley slept. He looked around the room and noticed the same desk Naomi was sitting at when she was doing it. He looked for the hairbrush she used but couldn’t spot it.

Hayley led him to her bed and told him to sit. She then walked back over to the door and pressed her ear against it, pretending like she was listening for footsteps. She took this opportunity to push her ass out and Josh certainly noticed it. He took a short look at it and then awkwardly looked for another place he could look at around the room.

Hayley walked back over to him and sat next to Josh, their thighs almost touching. Her skirt rode up a little when she sat down which exposed most of her legs. Since she was much shorter than Josh, her unbottened shirt exposed her bra to Josh, but he kept his eyes locked on her face.

“You’re Hayley right?”

“Mhmm.” Hayley smiled and nodded her head. “And I know you’re Josh.”

“Yup that’s me.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re the guy I’ve heard in Naomi’s room before.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you’re cute, and my sister only likes cute guys.”

“Um thanks I guess.” Josh felt a little more awkward now, this young girl dressed completely slutty was calling him cute and he was sitting on her bed. “Naomi will start wondering where I went, I should—”

“Don’t worry about her, she takes forever to find stuff.” Hayley sighed deeply and looked down at her hands, doing her best to look upset. “She’s so mean sometimes, she calls me a little girl but I’m not little.” Josh looked around the room and noticed there was a laptop that seemed to be turned off sitting on Hayley’s desk. The laptop was actually recording everything; the brightness was just turned down all the way. “I’m almost 12, and I am not little. You don’t think I’m a little girl do you?”

“Well I guess if you’re almost 12, you aren’t that little.” Hayley smiled brightly. She raised her right leg up on the bed and shuffled a bit closer to Josh in the process. She was now sitting in a half cross-legged position, her left leg hanging off the bed. With her skirt riding up so high, she figured her thong was probably on display if Josh looked at the right angle. Josh definitely noticed the site in his peripheral vision but kept eye contact with Hayley.

“I think you’re cute, so do you think I’m cute?”

“Um Hayley, I should really go back to the living room.” Josh started to get up off the bed and Hayley grabbed his arm.

“Wait! Ugh okay I’ll stop my pathetic attempt at flirting.” Josh was unsure what to do, but Hayley patted the bed and he looked at the door but sat down nervously. “I’m sorry.”

“Erm, it’s okay…” Hayley didn’t really know what to say next until she smelled the weed coming from Josh. She wasn’t really sure if it was the smell of weed since she only smelled it once before but she decided to give it a shot.

“So… what I really wanted to talk to you about… You can’t tell Naomi this okay?”

“I won’t.”

“One of my friends hangs out with this really cool and cute guy and she said they want to get some… marijuana. I wanted to impress him so I said I could get some. And when Naomi told me one of her friends would be stopping by, I figured it was the best shot I had.”

“Oh.” Josh didn’t expect Hayley to ask him for weed. “Well I don’t have any sorry.”

“Oh come on don’t lie, I can smell it!”

“Hayley, Naomi would kill me if she found out I sold you weed.”

“She won’t! Come on pleeeassee, it would be so awesome!”


“Please Josh. I won’t even smoke any of it, I promise, it’s just for my friends.”

“I don’t know…”

“Pleaseeeee.” Josh thought about it. Hayley was looking at him with her puppy dog eyes, her hands on his thigh. She noticed his eyes scan her body quickly.

“Okay fine.”

Hayley got off the bed and started jumping around her room acting all excited, making her skirt go up and down along with her. She made sure to spin around and show off her ass in that thong too before finally settling down. Josh got up and she hugged him. He quickly scribbled down his number and told her to call him after school on Monday.

Naomi was leaning against her door, listening closely for Hayley’s door to open. Once she finally heard it, she waited a bit and then casually walked out carrying Josh’s shirt. She found Josh standing in the living room.

“Sorry it took so long, it was buried in the back so my mom wouldn’t find it.” She handed the shirt over to him.

“Thanks. So my friend is kinda waiting for me, I should get going.” Naomi smiled and said alright. They said bye and she watched Josh leave the house. When she heard his car door close, Hayley walked out into the living room and Naomi turned to her.

“So what happened?”

“Nothing, we didn’t do anything.” Naomi was confused, Hayley had a big smile on her face even though their plan didn’t work.

“Okay well we tried.”

“Oh it’s not over yet.”

“What do you mean?”

Hayley then went on to explain how everything went down in her room. How Josh saw right through her flirting, how she had to make up a story about her friends wanting weed and how she made plans with him.

“He’s not gonna want to come here to do this though, how are we supposed to record it?”

“That’s where you come in. You need to get one of those spy cameras.”

Chapter Nine

Sunday came around and not much happened. It was pretty much a day of lounging around for Nick and Allie and with their parents home, they couldn’t do much. But after their sex filled Saturday, they were a little less horny now. Nick also tried his best to study a bit but it didn’t really go too well.

Naomi and Hayley spent their morning at church and then their afternoon was similar to Nick and Allie’s. Megan wanted to come over and hang out with Naomi but Naomi wasn’t in the mood for it. Hayley spent the day looking for a spy camera and managed to locate a store that had a bunch. It would be a little expensive but when Hayley had her mind set, it wouldn’t be changed easily.

Near dinner time, Naomi made some excuse to leave the house and went to the store. It was a small place but it had a lot of cool electronics. After searching for a few minutes, Naomi found a really cool looking pen cam. It was nice and small and a pen would fit in pretty much anywhere. Naomi bought the camera and headed home. When she showed Hayley, Hayley smiled and packed it in her bag so that she had it ready whenever.

Monday came around with exams taking place. Naomi noticed that Josh wasn’t at school, she didn’t see his car. She knew that Hayley was planning to call him after school. After his exam, Nick got cornered by Brittany. She was wearing a track suit type outfit with her top unzipped enough to show off her tan tits. She wanted Nick and Allie to come to her house after school but Nick made something up about family plans and Brittany bought it.

Nick also saw Anna after her exam. They didn’t talk but they waved to each other and Anna actually smiled at him. It seemed like Anna was maybe forgiving him about everything. Nick knew there was no chance of them getting together again but he still cared for Anna.

After school Nick and Allie fooled around a little but they couldn’t do what they wanted since once again their parents were all over the house. Brittany was left alone in her house since her mom was out with her new boyfriend again. This sucked because she was really horny and she hated masturbating when she could just get fucked. Times like these were when she missed having her arrangement with her sugar daddy Ben.

Luckily, Brittany had a few boy toys in her contacts and she called up one of the guys she sometimes fucked. They usually didn’t hook up in the middle of the day but Brittany needed cock. He gladly accepted her offer and was at her house half an hour later.

When Hayley got out of school, she called Josh but got no response. She called him one more time a few minutes later and still got no response so she gave up and planned to call him tomorrow.

Tuesday was much of the same. Naomi saw Josh at school but when Hayley called him, he told her he couldn’t do it today and that he had plans. Hayley didn’t like waiting around so much but she had no choice. Josh was already a little skeptical about the whole thing and if she pushed too much he might change his mind.

Wednesday wasn’t the most fun for Nick and Allie. When they were driving home from school, Nick got a text from Brittany. Both of the siblings sighed and Nick headed towards Brittany’s house. It was different than usual this time though because as soon as they got up to the front door, Brittany pulled them inside and basically pushed them up the stairs saying that her mom was gonna be home soon.

“Why are we here if she’s gonna be home soon?!” Allie never missed a chance to say something to Brittany. “This is stupid.”

“Shut the fuck up oh my god you are so annoying. Move your ass!”

Once they were inside Brittany’s room, Brittany told them to get naked. She told Allie to suck Nick off like last time on her bed and then just left the room. It was weird but Nick shrugged his shoulders and they started getting undressed. Once they were nude, Nick laid on his back on Brittany’s bed while Nick sort of awkwardly laid on her side in between his legs. She stroked Nick’s dick a bit before slowly sucking on the tip of his dick. Nick started moaning and watched as his sister swirled her tongue around his penis.

After a while Nick reached down and grabbed Allie’s free hand. Their fingers interlocked while Allie started to suck her brother’s dick deeper into her mouth and Nick started getting closer to orgasm. Just as he was ready to blow his load, the door swung open and Brittany walked in.

Allie wanted to make Nick cum before Brittany could stop her so she took as much of Nick’s dick in her mouth as she could and Nick couldn’t hold off anymore. He gripped the sheets with his left hand and felt a huge surge of pleasure shoot out of his dick. Allie still had her mouth on his dick and the string of cum landed right on her tongue. Her head instantly flew back and she started coughing and spit out the cum in her mouth.

Nick kept cumming as Allie’s hand was locked on his shaft. String after string of cum flew up and landed on his stomach and on Brittany’s bed. Brittany was doing something in front of the mirror and when she turned around and saw the mess on her bed, she just smiled.

“How does your brother’s cum taste babe?” She was smiling at Allie while Allie just sneered back at her, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

Brittany pulled off her tshirt leaving her in just her bra and walked over to her bed. She smacked Allie’s ass a little playfully but also a little hard and told her to get up. Just as Brittany crawled onto her bed and started to kiss Nick’s chest and abs (which had spots of cum on it) all three of them heard voices and footsteps downstairs.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Brittany jumped off the bed and picked up her shirt, putting it on just as fast as she took it off. Allie started to laugh and Brittany gave her a dirty look. “Get your ass dressed before I call your parents, dumb bitch.” Allie stopped laughing and flipped Brittany off behind her back as she left the room.

“C’mon let’s just get dressed and get out of here.”

“I’m telling you Nick, if I wasn’t pregnant I would jump on her and fuck that bitch up.”

Nick was already dressed and sat on the edge of the bed watching his sister putting on her thong, followed by her skirt and finally her bra and shirt. When they were dressed, they waited in the room listening to Brittany talking to who they assumed was Pam downstairs. It was about three minutes later that Brittany opened the door and walked back into the room.

“My dumbass mom came home even earlier.”

“So now what?” Brittany was about to say something but Allie had interrupted her.

“Now… You two will say hi to my mom and leave. I told them Nick was helping me study and brought you along because he didn’t want to drive you all the way home and come back.”


“You know Allie, you’re really pissing me off. Stop bitching and just face the fact that you and Nick have to do what I say.”

“I may do the shit you want but I’m not gonna smile and be happy about it.”

“Oh no? I thought your plan at the beginning was to be really really happy in front of me.” Allie gave her a confused look. “Don’t look so surprised that I know, it was so obvious.” This made Allie even more mad. It seemed like Brittany was outsmarting her every time.

“Whatever. Let’s go Nick.” Allie took Nick’s hand and led him towards the bedroom door.

“Oh and one more thing. Nick you might not want to make any plans for this Friday.”


“I need you to come with me to a party.” Allie looked at Brittany who just smiled at her and then at Nick.

“Am I gonna come too?” Brittany smiled even more and then answered.

“No sweetie, I just need Nick.”


“Because I need him. Now leave.” Brittany then walked over and gave Nick a kiss on the cheek right infront of Allie. “I’ll see you Friday.” Allie knew that this was just a plan to piss her off but she still didn’t like it.

The walk downstairs was awkward. When they got down the stairs, they talked to Pam briefly and then said goodbye to Brittany and left. Pam then went to start dinner while Brittany walked back up to her room and changed the sheets.

Chapter Ten

It was Thursday and Hayley had just gotten out of school. She was standing alone at the back fence of her school which was around the field. She was smiling brightly since finally Josh had answered her call. He told her that she could come to his house today. She texted Naomi telling her the big news and Naomi was certainly concerned sitting at home. So much could go wrong.

Hayley and Josh agreed that he would pick her up since his house was too far of a walk. Hayley told him to go to a nearby street which was pretty secluded and far enough away from her school. Hayley walked to the street, waving to a few of her friends as she passed them on the way. After a few more minutes of walking though, Hayley didn’t run into anyone else she knew and she waited on the sidewalk between two houses for Josh.

Josh seemed to take his time but after about fifteen minutes, he pulled up in his old beat up car and Hayley felt like her stomach was trying to do flips. Even though she pretended to be fine in front of Naomi, she was really nervous. Before Josh showed up, Hayley made sure that the pen camera was safely in her school bag as well as made sure her school uniform looked somewhat provocative. When Josh pulled up, Hayley walked over to the passenger side of the car and got in. She could hear his music blasting before she got in but he turned it down when she came in.



“I figured your friends would be with you.”

“Oh no it’s just me.”

“Good, less people is always good.”

The car ride took about ten minutes and there wasn’t much talking between them. Hayley did make sure to shift in her seat so that her thighs and legs were on showcase for Josh but as far as she could tell, he didn’t really look at her. It seemed like he had something on his mind and wasn’t paying attention to her. Even when she tried to start up a conversation, he would respond with short little answers, basically blowing her off.

When they finally got to Josh’s house, it wasn’t what Hayley expected. His house was average size and in a fairly good neighborhood and for some reason, Hayley had always pictured Josh being poor. The driveway had oil stains and the front yard wasn’t exactly mowed but other than that, it was a nice house. Josh parked on the side of the street rather than the driveway and they both got out. As they walked up to his door, Hayley looked like such a little girl with her schoolbag on her back walking next to Josh who was pretty tall. If Hayley was a little girl walking up to his door, she was sure she would walk out much more matured. This thought scared her and excited her at the same time.

Josh opened the door and walked in first followed by Hayley. The inside of the house smelled a lot like beer and what seemed like farts. There were clothes scattered in the hallway and Hayley looked around the walls at all the family pictures. In them she saw Josh with who she figured were his parents. There was one picture that caught Hayley’s eye. It was Josh standing next to an older woman. The woman was wearing a bandana scarf and it was clear that she was a cancer patient.

Hayley could also hear the TV from the living room since it was much louder than it needed to be for anyone watching it in the living room. Josh closed the door and then peeked into the living room before walking down the hall and looking back at Hayley, telling her to follow. When Hayley walked by the living room she looked in and saw a man sitting in one of those lazy boy rocking chairs with his back to Hayley. It seemed like he didn’t hear them come in or maybe he just didn’t care. Hayley could only see the top of his head but by comparison with the family picture, Hayley figured it was Josh’s dad.

Josh’s room was at the end of the hallway and when they got to the door, Josh swung it open and waited for Hayley to walk in before closing it. When they got inside, Josh threw the pile of clothes that was on his bed to the side of the room and told Hayley to sit down. This was the only place to sit down even though Josh had a computer desk in his room. The desk looked nasty with empty glasses and bags of chips and Hayley would rather sit on his bed which looked decently clean.

“Alright let’s do this fast.”


Just as Josh finished talking, Hayley heard a loud male voice come from outside. Josh closed his eyes and sighed and then told Hayley he would be right back before leaving the room. Just before Josh opened the door, Hayley asked him for a glass of water if he didn’t mind. This would keep him out longer, Hayley thought. This was going perfectly.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Hayley jumped up and went into her bag, pulling out the pen camera. She looked at the shelf by the far wall and noticed a bunch of books stacked at the top shelf with video games and other miscellaneous things on the bottom racks. She looked around a bit longer but concluded that there was no better place for the camera. It had a decent view of the bed too.

Hayley went over to the shelf and went on her tippy toes, rearranging some of the books to make a natural looking space in between them for the pen. The good thing about this camera was that it looked so much like a pen that even if Josh saw it, he wouldn’t bother looking at it.

The entire time, Hayley was listening hard for signs of Josh. She didn’t hear much over the TV but it sounded like there was no one walking towards the room. Still though, it was only a guess and Hayley tried to go as fast as possible. She was nearly done, all she had to do was press the back of the pen to start the recording and sit back down on the bed. She did that and went back to the bed and tried to look relaxed. Josh came back in about twenty seconds later carrying a glass of water.

“Thanks.” Hayley smiled and took the glass from him. She took a big gulp and placed it on the bed side table. Josh was now leaning against his door, his arms crossed.

“Alright, so you need some weed for your friends?”


“So how much do you want?” Josh went over to his bed side table and took out the drawer. He reached in when Hayley responded.

“I need an eighth.” Josh looked at her and raised his eyebrows pulling out his hand with nothing in it.

“Shit seriously? I figured you just needed a dime bag or something. Why do a couple eleven year olds need so much weed?”

“Like I told you at my house, my friends like to party.” Josh kept looking at her and then put the drawer back in. Hayley was a little worried now. Did he not have that much? Josh stood up and sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Well fuck. I only have small amounts in here. My stash and scale is in the basement.”

“Oh… Can you get it?” Josh laughed.

“I can’t bring it all up here, my dad is home.” Hayley felt beads of sweat on her forehead now but she stayed calm. “We have to go down to the basement. Just be quiet, my dad’s a prick about having people over.”


“Bring your bag.”

Hayley was swearing inside her head, this was falling apart. There was no chance of getting the camera from the shelf without Josh seeing. He opened the door and peeked out before opening it completely and walking out followed by Hayley with her bag.

They walked about halfway down the hall and Josh opened the door that was to the right. They walked down a pair of wooden stairs and at the bottom Josh flipped a switch. The basement wasn’t finished and there were a lot of boxes everywhere. They went to the right where Hayley saw a bunch of clothes on hangers. She also saw a small old mattress on the floor with a small box behind it. Josh went around the mattress and opened the box, taking out a scale and a big glass jar filled with big nuggets of weed.

“Man you are the youngest person I’ve sold to. I feel kinda bad, I’m ruining America’s youth.” Hayley laughed and stood by the mattress while Josh took out nuggets of weed and placed them on the scale.

“I’m not gonna smoke any of it, I’m just the middle man so don’t feel too bad. My friends have smoked a bunch by now, they’re already ruined.” Josh chuckled a little and then scooped up the weed and placed it in a Ziploc baggy and handed it to Hayley. He put his scaled away and closed the box and got up.

“So yeah you can just give me like 30 bucks for that. It’s good shit.” Hayley smiled and nodded and said okay reaching into her bag. She had no money on her which was part of the plan but she didn’t really know what to do now since they weren’t in front of the camera. She searched a bit and then looked up at Josh with a sad face.

“I forgot the money! Fuck!”

“That sucks, I’ll take my weed back then.” This was it, Hayley had to do something.

“Come on please, I can bring it tomorrow or something.” Josh was impatient by this point. Having to go down to the basement with his dad already bitching at him and now Hayley didn’t even have the money.

“Fuck that. Look I really don’t have time for this.” Josh started to push Hayley by the shoulders towards the stairs. “Find a new dealer.” Hayley knew she was losing him and losing her chance to get Naomi’s revenge. She hated losing and she wasn’t going out like this. This was all part of the plan anyway, besides the basement part.

“No wait wait!” Josh stopped and Hayley grabbed the weed from his hand again. “Maybe I can… pay in another way.” Josh’s expression changed. Hayley slowly walked closer to him until she was lightly pressed up against him. She had a wicked look in her eye and she could see Josh was uncomfortable.


“You know…” Hayley’s free hand reached down and grazed the outside of Josh’s pants with her finger. Josh backed up but Hayley followed him.

“Okay no way are we doing this. You’re… you’re a kid!”

“I’m plenty mature for my age.” Even though Josh looked uncomfortable, Hayley could feel his dick getting hard against her leg. “I really need this weed. Let’s go to your room and I’ll blow you.” Josh was surprised how blunt Hayley was being. “Come onnn.” Hayley pressed herself harder against Josh’s now obvious erection. “We both know you want it.”

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Josh was sweating but Hayley knew she had him. Her heart was beating so fast she thought she might have a heart attack. She hoped that he wouldn’t ask her for more than a blowjob.

Hayley backed up a little and then lifted her skirt by the hem, revealing her red panties to Josh. Josh looked at them for a few seconds and then looked away. He put his face in his hands and then lowered them looking at Hayley just standing there now.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna do this…” Hayley smiled brightly and grabbed Josh’s arm and started to lead him towards the stairs. “Where are you going?”

“To your room.”

“Why? It’s safer down here, we need to be fast.” Hayley’s heart sunk into her stomach. Josh wasn’t gonna agree to go up to his room. Hayley wanted to almost just throw the weed back and run out of there but she knew she couldn’t do that.


“Here kneel on the mattress.” Hayley went onto the mattress and kneeled while Josh fumbled to undo his belt with shaky hands. Hayley kept her eyes on his crotch, she had never seen a real life penis before.

Josh undid his pants finally and pulled them down. His boxers were getting pushed out by his erection and he quickly pulled those down too. They were around his ankles meanwhile his dick was now free and oozing a bit of pre cum in front of Hayley’s face. Josh had a bit of a bush above his dick but it was nicely trimmed and his balls were clean shaven which Hayley was glad to see.

Hayley was really nervous and she looked up at Josh who just looked back at her. He was stroking his dick slowly and Hayley figured this was a good place to start. She moved her hand and wrapped it around Josh’s dick, moving his hand away. Josh moaned as Hayley jerked him off sloppily. She kept her eyes on the cum leaking out now and wondered if it was gonna taste as good as Naomi’s cum. Hayley had now forgotten about the camera and was just focused on giving Josh a good orgasm.

“That feels good, now suck it.”

Hayley nodded her head and then held the dick in her hand. She opened her mouth and moved her head forward and closed her lips around the head of Josh’s dick. His pre cum tasted a bit salty but at the same time it almost didn’t have a taste. She did her best to suck and she felt more cum leak out onto her tongue and heard Josh moan simultaneously. Josh was rock hard now and Hayley started to bob her head back and forth getting about two inches of his dick in her mouth. Her mouth was small and Josh’s dick was a decent size.

She kept sucking and it was certainly different than eating a pussy but it wasn’t that bad. Hayley was swallowing every bit of cum that leaked into her mouth. Josh seemed to be loving it and Hayley almost felt proud of herself. Since her lips closed around his dick, she didn’t take them off. She started to use her tongue on the tip of Josh’s dick swirling it around. Her throat hungrily swallowed and she tried to take a bit more of his dick into her mouth. As she tried though she coughed a little as it started to choke her and this only made Josh moan louder.

“Ohh fucck yes.” Hayley started to jerk her hand back and forth again while at the same time doing her best to work on the tip of Josh’s dick with her mouth. She started to wonder how many times Naomi had done this exact same thing. Hayley pushed her head forward as far as she could before pulling Josh’s dick from her mouth. She then started to lick it underneath and licked up and down with her tongue for a few moments. She then went further down towards Josh’s balls and she figured she might as well give it her all.

Her mouth closed around Josh’s ballsack as she did her best to suck on his testicles. Her hand started jerking his dick faster while she licked his balls from side to side and all up and down. Once his balls were almost dripping with spit, Hayley went in for the finish. She licked up the dick until she reached the tip again and then started bobbing her head, taking only the head of his dick in her mouth. She moved her head in every direction swirling her tongue all over the tip.

“I’m gonna cum!” Hayley almost smiled with the dick in her mouth when she heard that. Even though she was almost enjoying this, she wanted it to be over. Hayley went back to taking as much of Josh’s dick in her mouth, taking about half of it. She was coughing and some spit would fly out but she didn’t care, she wanted to make him cum hard.

“OOHHH!” Josh’s body shook a little and Hayley felt his dick start to bounce in her mouth. She had drank a bunch of pre cum at this point but she didn’t know that cum tasted stronger. Josh’s dick spasmed and a big shot of cum hit the back of Hayley’s throat. His cum was so salty that Hayley instinctively pulled Josh’s dick from her mouth, gagging a little. This wasn’t much better since Josh had much more cum coming her way and the next shot hit her right across the face, leaving a string of cum from her glasses to her lips.

She flinched when the cum hit her and tried to aim his dick away from her face but Josh took control and aimed it right at her glasses again. Another two shots of cum went all over her face, and now the lenses of her glasses were covered in cum, dripping down onto the mattress underneath her. Hayley opened her mouth and some of the cum made its way in between her lips. Hayley stuck her hands out in front of her face and felt a last shot his her palm. She was leaning back on her other arm at this point, her lips shut tight and her face scrunched up in disgust.

“Ohhh fuck. Haha didn’t like the cum?” Hayley shook her head wiping her hand on the mattress and then pulling the glasses off her. There were a few drops of cum in her hair which Josh wiped away with his hand. He pulled up his boxers and pants quickly and then started walking around the basement looking for a towel. The best he could find was an old rag and he handed it to Hayley who took it and started wiping her face off with it.

“That was fucking good.” Josh was now zipping up his pants and Hayley gave him a little smile while doing her best to get all the cum off her. Eventually her face was clean enough and she went and started wiping her glasses. This took some effort since they were smudged from the cum. After a while Josh started getting nervous again. He kept looking at the door and Hayley did her best to hurry up but she felt so dirty. She could see some cum on her skirt and she knew she had to look spotless when she got home.

After a few more minutes, she was finally done and she stuffed the weed into her schoolbag and got up from her knees, which she felt like she had been on for the last hour even though they were in the basement for fifteen minutes.

“Thanks for not making me give the weed back.” Josh look surprised that Hayley was thanking him, he felt like it should have been the other way.

“Uhh.. yeah.” They walked back up the stairs and Josh slowly opened the door holding a finger to his mouth. Hayley tried to walk as lightly as possible down the hall. She looked into the living room and saw Josh’s dad sleeping in the chair. He was either sleeping or he was passed out. As the front door closed behind Hayley, she suddenly remembered that the camera was still inside Josh’s room. It was too late now.

Hayley texted Naomi and told her she needed to be picked up. As she walked down the walkway towards the street, she felt tears in her eyes. She hated the fact that she failed to get Josh on camera. She felt used too now even though the blowjob was part of the plan but it was different knowing that she was just doing it because she had to instead of doing it to get it on camera.

She wiped away a few tears and walked down the street to where she was going to get picked up by Naomi. The worst part about all of this was going to be telling Naomi what happened and how she failed. One thing was for sure though, Naomi was right, Josh was a pig.


Later that night, Nick and Allie were snuggling in Nick’s bed. It was late and their parents were asleep so they could fuck and it was amazing. Allie was starting to drift off to sleep but Nick didn’t feel right. He thought it would be better if she slept in her own bed. She still had his cum in her pussy. Suddenly though, Allie started to talk.

“What do you thinks’ gonna happen tomorrow at that party?”

“Hmm. Probably nothing to be honest. I think Brittany will just try and make it look like were together or something in front of everyone.”

“That’s not nothing.”

“It’s not a big deal. If people start talking about us at school I’ll just say she was drunk and horny nothing else. It’s not like that would be something new for Brittany.”

“Yeah I guess. I just wish we could spend Friday night together.”

“If you can wait up for me, we can.”

“Oh so I get you covered with Brittany germs?”

“I’ll do my best to not get her germs on me, haha.”

They snuggled for a bit more and then eventually Allie agreed to leave and go to her own bed. As soon as she got to her room, Nick got a text from her saying “I miss you.” Nick smiled. When Allie was in love, she was really in love, including all the mushiness that comes with it.

Nick was worried about what would happen at the party though. He didn’t want to have Allie worry about it but if he knew Brittany, she would pull something ridiculous. Allie might not be glad that she wasn’t going to the party with them but Nick was. Whatever Brittany had planned, Nick didn’t want Allie seeing it. She had seen enough at the blackmailing sessions. Nick rolled over in his bed and closed his eyes. He slowly drifted off to sleep as thoughts of Allie, Brittany, blackmailing, incest, and even Anna slowly got further away. With graduation around the corner, Nick knew things were about to becoming really crazy.

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