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The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli in her civilian disguise of a School Teacher is tutoring one of her students. When the student decides to 'tutor' the teacher, unveiling a plot schemed by herself and a few of her friends to rape and humiliate their teacher.
It had been a long day for Randy and his little group of conspirators. Today was the day. Randy, his friend Erwin, his girlfriend Daniella and her step sister Lori, had been wanting to do this forever. Especially since Ms. Bertinelli was so hot looking. All four of them had lusted after her since the first day of class. Erwin and he had been discussing what they would love to have a chance to do to her when the girls had walked in on the conversation. He was afraid that they would be pissed at them, but to his surprise and arousal, the girls had a few ideas of their own. As the conversation continued, the group began getting highly aroused. Lori suggested that since they were all so aroused by the idea, why not kidnap and having their way with Miss Bertinelli?

Now on the last day of classes before spring break, they had decided to put the idea into action and abduct her as she was leaving the building.

Daniella had always fantasized about tricking an older woman into becoming her sex slave. She masturbated to the idea almost every night. She now had her chance. She wanted Miss Bertinelli more than any other teacher at the school. The plan started off simply enough, Miss Bertinelli hated it when students disrupted her class. Rumors were abound about what happened to those who were asked to stay after class. So Daniella had been chosen to be the one to get asked to stay behind. The rumor she loved more than any other was that Miss Bertinelli would spank those who were told to stay late. They had to pull down their pants and underwear and bend over her desk. She hoped it was true. Daniella loved to be spanked and she hoped maybe she would get a chance to spank the teacher. She approched the closed door and knocked.

Helena Bertinelli hated it when students disrupted her courses, she knew many of them hated being there. It was a given fact high schoolers hated to be taught. It was hard wired into their DNA. Helena had told Daniella to come to her class room for after school detention. Helena needed the night free, she had some extra duties to do for Oracle this particular evening as the Huntress, however now she needed to babysit.

She sighed softly as she went through paper work. And ofcourse it was unseasionably warm, and the air conditioning was out. Just great Helena thought to herself as she sat at her desk going over some final papers that needed to be done before Spring Break. She sat in her expensive imported Italian designer three piece suit, short black skirt, silk stockings, with a white silk blouse with a matching jacket over it.

Which was now on the back of her chair due to the heat. Helena's black bra showing ever so slightly through the shirt. She shook her head, not thinking ahead that it would be a hot day, or the schools Air conditioning would be out. The woman brought her hand to her forehead and wiped away a little sweat as the knock at the door came.


Daniella nervously opened the door when she heard the older woman's voice. The sight that greeted her was something she had dreamed about for a long time. She could feel her pussy getting wet. She wore a short black skirt like her teacher, and black, thong panties under it. Her mind began to wander to what kind of panties Ms. Bertinelli was wearing.

She knew that the others were nearby watching and getting ready to move as soon as she gave them the signal. Her cellphone was on in her purse and as soon as she said 'funtime', they would descend and abduct the object of their mutual lust.

"Ok Ms. Bertinelli, I am here like you said. So what am I supposed to do now?" she asked, setting down her purse.

"Daniella I have those files over on the table, I need you to start alphabetizing them, they are student records. That is just for starters."

Helena watched as the young girl made her way into the room, "And please leave the door open it's stiffling in here."

Helena looked back down at her paper work and continued, she had taken notice of what the girl had been wearing , a skirt similar to her own. She sighed softly as she continued to grade her papers, a pair of reading glasses on the bridge of her nose, several strands of hair out of place, even with most pinned up due to the heat and humidity.

"Tell me, Daniella, why must you and others disrupt my class when I am trying to do my job, and you all know it is yours to listen and learn everything I teach you."

She spoke as she continued working on her paper work as a few trickles of sweat rolled down her neck and disappeared into her cleavage, it caused a slight shiver that ran through Helena Bertinelli's body.

The ticking of the clock was a time bomb for Helena she needed to get this over and report to Oracle, then get her ass out on a patrol. Gotham needed to be kept safe, and its Urban Avenger, the Huntress was just the woman to do it, but not when she was stuck babysitting.

"Boring busy work. Great." she said sarcastically. She looked at the stack of files and began thinking. She then heard her question and paused a moment before she said anything. She needed really to play this up for the plan to work.

"School is boring beyond belief. None of us want to be here and most teachers are just as boring." she said in response. She then 'accidentally' knocked the files onto the floor.

"Things like that are much more fun." she said smiling. Daniella was entranced by the droplets of sweat running down among her teachers tits. This plan sooo had to work...

Helena looked up at the pile of files that dumped to the floor, she just sighed in frustration, those had taken her most of the afternoon to get complied. She slid her chair backwards and got up. She walked towards the pile her black high heeled shoes clamping on the tiled floor as she walked over and knelled down on the floor she started to pick up the files.

"Yes, boring busy work, Daniella, that is just what you get for disrupting class."

Helena pushed her glasses up onto the bridge of her nose more as she picked up even more files and placed them into a pile on the floor. By the comment Helena knew that the girl had done it purposely, she just looked up at her, "Well, you are going to get down here and help. It is *your* mess as it were."

Helena spoke to her with an assertive tone, as her Italian accent rolled off her tongue. She looked back to the pile she had made, then continued to pick up a few more file, organizing the papers with which folder they belonged.

As Helena continued to move on the floor her breasts bounced ever so slightly a few small trickles of sweat rolled down her cleavage. Helena was all about work and duty no matter, which job she was on, she needed to make these students realize that this was crucial to their lives.

"You know Daniella, if you just properly aimed yourself at a goal, found something that you wanted, you can accomplish anything, you just need to focus."

Danilea got down and tried to sneak a look under Ms. Bertinelli's short skirt. She caught a glimpse of black fabric before she had to turn her attention to other things. So many thoughts were swirling in her mind she barely paid any attention to the words being spoken. Those same words had been spoken by her mother before she walked out on her dad. They meant something to her now though. Just not exactly the same as Ms. Bertinelli thought they meant.

"That's all bullshit. What kind of focus? And who's going to give me this focus? You? Yeah right." she said as she just kind of moved the papers around on the floor instead of picking them up. She was enjoying this little game because she knew who was really in charge here.

Helena just sighed as she watched Daniella just moving the papers about on the floor, she heard the girl's words and just looked at her.

"First off watch the language, young lady. Secondly, it is not my place to tell you what to focus on. You need to focus yourself, Daniella, like I said before, find something you want to strive for, something you want to achieve. There has to be something you want in life. You just do not want to coast through life never gaining anything do you?"

Helena spoke to the girl as she picked up a few more papers and slid them into their proper folders.

"I can point you in the proper direction, but you need to find that goal you want, and try to obtain it, some goals are tougher than others and can take years to achieve. But often they are the most rewarding. I know you might think like the others, that I am stuck up and against all of you. But no, that is not true, I am here for you students, to help you while you're in my care. To help all you develop into young men and women, our future."

"Whatever..."she replied in another sarcastic tone. It was time to up the ante. Another idea began forming in her mind.

"Should have known the rumors were bullshit too. No way someone like you would have the guts to do that. You are just too goody two shoes to discipline a naughty student." she said getting up, flashing her bottom at her teacher. She then went and closed the door.

Helena hated it when the students had that attitude as well as that tone in their voice. The tone that they did not believe a word out of the teachers mouth. She watched as Daniella got to her feet and walked to the door. Helena got a glimpse of the girl's lacy black panties and she quickly looked back to the papers as she heard the door shut behind her back.

Rumors, Helena did not have a clue what the girl was talking about. She just shook her head as she picked up more of the piles, and made one single pile. She got to her feet and bent over, she picked up the entire pile and placed them on the table again before she turned to Daniella who had just shut the door.

"Listen, Daniella, you're going to get into even more trouble if you do not open that door this moment, as for disciplining you, this is disciplining you. Just what are these rumors any ways, if I might ask since they concern me?"

Helena started to walk over to her desk she could only imagine what the rumors were, she kept an eye on the young woman standing by the door.

Again she caught a glimpse under her teacher's skirt. God that ass was screaming to be spanked. And many times. Maybe even fucked by real and fake cocks... She was kind of surprised that the rumors had not made it to her yet. They had been swirling since before the Thanksgiving break.

"You know...the fact you spank people who disrupt your class. On the bare ass. Pants and undies around their knees. Bent over your desk. With a ruler or your hand. C'mon you know that is what REAL discipline is. Not doing the busy work of your dead end job."

She stood in front of the door, blocking the way. There was only one way this door would open...and that would be coming soon enough.

Daniella had still not moved, Helena had turned around and was facing the defiant girl she listens to her explain the rumor, and then insult Helena. Helena had to admit the girl was good at pushing her buttons. Helena crossed her arms underneath her 36 B breasts.

"Listen, that is just a rumor, I would never spank a student, do you realize I would lose my job and face jail time. So, honestly that all it is a rumor Daniella, some adolescent fantasy."

She glared at the girl, "Well, hun, you're going to be doing much more of this busy work. Since you think of my job as dead end."

Helena continued, "Your going to be staying behind on your Spring Break in detention with me, continuing this and so much more. You do not like my discipline> Fine."

She smiled, "By the end of Spring break you will love it or hate it. Now get away from the door and begin working on those files again."

Helena turned her back and walked behind her desk and took her seat again in her high back leather chair. The girl was trying Helena's patience, she needed to get out on patrol and do her duty but this too was her job, and this girl was busy tying up her time.

"Too bad. I really wanted to be spanked by you. In fact one thing I masturbate to is that exact scenario. We are the only two people left in the building. You are always last to leave. No one needs know but us." she said toying with the teacher and her skirt. Her fingers raising and lowering the fabric. If this was just foreplay, she could not wait for the main event.

"You know you want to. It'll be our little secret. No one but us will know you did it. Then I will do all the lousy paperwork. You know it's a good deal." she continued.

Helena's gaze caught Daniella as she lifted her skirt, Helena's eyes watched for a few moments, her lips parted ever so slightly and then she looked back to her papers on the desk. The girl was definitely something, but just that a student. One who was trying to be a temptress, and now trying to barter, a spanking for doing the paper work.

"No, Daniella, you want me to, I do not, I am sorry but please stop everything your doing, and get to work." Helena got to her feet as she looked to Daniella. "I do not make deals with students, especially deals that result in sexual abuse, and jail time. It is irrelevant that we are the only two in the school. There is still a code that teachers and students follow. A line that is never crossed. Just do as your told, and begin the paper work now!!"

Helena demanded of Daniella, she stood at the edge of her desk, then leaned on it's corner and stared at the young woman as she crossed her arms again under her breasts.

"Seriously Daniella, get to work, or you will be spending more than just Spring break with me, and I am sure you would hate that."

"Too bad that is your answer. But such is life I guess. A shame we could not have a little 'funtime'. But trust me we will and very soon." she said. Stepping away from the door, her fellow conspirators came running in. They grabbed the woman and put a chloroform rag over her face until she past out. She tried to struggle but the three assailants were ready for that.

"This would have been a lot easier if you had accepted my offer." Daniella said to the woman as she past out.

Helena watched as the girl moved from the door, she sighed briefly. "Listen, Daniella, we will not find out anything very soon."

Helena watched as the door burst open ad the three students came in from her class and grabbed a hold of her. They forced her to her desk as the white clothe was shoved over her mouth.

She struggled as they held her down, Randy and Erwin holding her down as Lori sat down on her waist. What the hell were they doing? Helena was trying to figure things out as she was slowly falling asleep. Was this all a ploy, it had to be Helena thought as the fumes over took her, as her eyes got heavier as Daniella warned her about not taking the offer.

The last thoughts from Helena were how could she have fallen for something like this, she should have known. And what was now going to happen to her. There had been signs, Helena just did not respond to them fast enough, she could not take action, and forcibly move Daniella. And now she was drifting into the abyss of darkness, her body completely defenseless and vulnerable. Then Helena past out scumming to the chloroform, her body went completely limp.

The group picked up her unconscious body and began carrying her out of the room and towards their final destination. There was a locker room that was seldom used and was locked most of the time. But Erwin ahd managed to make a key they could use to get in and all they had to do was lock the door behind them and they would be undisturbed.

They laid her down on one of the benches and began undressing her. The lingerie she wore was very sexy. Lori leaned in and took them off and deeply inhaled the smell.

"So sexy...can't wait to taste it." she said as she past them around to the group.

Once she was nude, they tied her hands and legs to the bench to keep her from moving or getting away. Then the girls stuffed Helena's panties into her mouth gagging her.

They all then began undressing. The guys stripped nude and stood there with their hard cocks at the ready. Erwin's was about six inches fully erect and Randy's was about five. They had both shaved their pubes off since the girls like it.

The girls began undressing. Lori stood in a red 36b bra and matching string bikini panties. Daniella wore no bra, her 32c breasts hanging out and only a black lacy thong. They then took off their underwear and looked at the guys. Both girls were also shaved since both of them enjoyed licking one another without any hair in the way. They were surprised that their teacher was shaved too.

"Wake up slave...time to play."

Helena was oblivious to everything that had happened to her. She moaned as she was moved into the seldom used locker room, deep in the back where even gagged screams would not be heard. The woman moaned softly as she was stripped of her clothing and bound to the wooden bench on her back her legs bound to the legs as were her arms. Helena's body was completely bound and unmoving. Her lips parted as her panties were shoved into them. She heard mumbled voices as her head rocked back and forth.

"uhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm."

Helena's eyes blinked open briefly, she thnought she saw the four students, Daniella, Lori, Erwin and Randy naked before her, surrounding her as her eyes closed again. Only to hear Daniella moments later tell her to wake, calling Helena a slave, that it was time to play. Helena's eyes shot open, irt was all true, she was strapped to a bench naked as were the four of them. Her eyes darted to all of them, Helena was furious.


She screamed at them in her rage through her panties stuffed in her mouth she tried to sit them out as she struggled her breasts jiggled slightly. What the hell were they trying to prove, seriously they did not think they were going to fuck her, rape her, they would never get away with it.


"Looks like someone has not had sex in a while. Maybe a good hard cock in her pussy will improve her mood." Randy said as he began rubbing his cock against her opening.

The girls moved to each side and began sucking on her nipples. Erwin began playing with his cock as he spoke.

"Maybe some cum on her face will help too." he said.

Randy nodded his approval as he continued rubbing her pussy with his cock. Her pussy was semi wet when he started but was getting wetter as he did it. After a few moments, he shoved it into her hot pussy.

Helena glared at Randy as he said she had not had sex in a while, infuriating her, she growled at him through the gag as he started to rub his cock over her pussy lips.


She scowled at him feeling her lips being pulled back and forth, she threw her head backwards as her pussy started to get wet. No matter what Helena always got turned on any woman would no matter what, Her nipples started to get hard then she felt two pairs of hot moist lips on her hardening nipples.

Helena groaned and gasped as her tits started to get sucked on. She shot her eyes open as she heard Erwin jacking off near her face hearing just what he said. Just in time for Randy to shove his hard cock into her pussy. She screamed no into her panties.


Helena was not a virgin by any means, but this was sick, she struggled with her bonds groaning feeling her pussy clenching around his throbbing cock as the girls continued to suck away. Helena turned her face away from everything, trying to pay not attention. And the worst part of it Randy definitely did *NOT* have a condom on neither did Erwin.

They continued having fun with the woman. They would make her enjoy this. It had taken a lot of planning finally to get this to happen.

"Hey Erwin hurry it up and blow your load. Think she would like another hard cock in her ass." he said as he fucked her. Girls, keep going and got wet and make her taste you." he continued. "But make sure you soak your panties as well. Might need more gags."

Erwin nodded in agreement and sped up his hand. Soon enough he shot a load on her face.

"Give me a moment to get hard again. Her ass is mine." he said as he played to get hard once more.

Helena's pussy clenched around Randy's throbbing cock as he pounded into her body, she only shook her head in disbelief. She was being raped by her students. Her nipples were growing even harder under the girl's mouth she groaned into her makeshift gag and opened her eyes as she heard Randy tell Erwin to hurry and shoot his load.

Her eyes went wide when she heard the mention of her ass, Helena had never been fucked in the ass before. She screamed in her panties, as Erwin shot his hot cum suddenly all over her face, she turned as the hot cum struck her, covering her face, and coating one of her eyes.


It was so humiliating, and just what did Randy mean by the girls soaking their panties, they surely weren't that wet yet. She felt the hot cum drip onto her lips. She growled into the gag at them. Her face was sticky with the cum she watched as the girls continued to work on her nipples.


Her whole body was getting hot, she was getting so wet. Helena could not do a thing. They had her, she felt Randy's cock throbbing within her cunt as he pulled out and drove home again and again.

Lori kept sucking but was getting an idea all her own. She began moving her body until her pussy was right on top of Helena's face. She stopped sucking for a moment.

"Enjoy the scent of my pussy. You will be licking it soon." she said and went back to sucking on her tits.

Erwin had gotten hard again and looked at Randy.

"You gonna make room?" he asked.

Randy looked at him and pulled out. He took some of her juice and rubbed it on her asshole to lube it up.

"She's all ready for you." he said.

Erwin began rubbing his cock against her ass and began pushing it in. As he sank in, Randy got in place and put his cock back into her wet pussy.

Helena's eyes were on Lori as the girl repositioned and sat down on Helena's face. The girls cunt pressed into the Italian's mouth and nose.


The smell of the girl, her wetness was filling Helena's nostril's over taking her. She felt Randy slide out of her she took a small moment and thought maybe it was ending. But she felt Daniella working at her nipple still as Lori took the other back into her mouth.

She thrashed at the thought of eating Lori out. Sure she had eaten women out before but that was different. She gasped her lips lightly rubbed against the fabric of the panties in her mouth as she felt Randy lube her ass up then Erwin started to shove his hard cock into her virgin ass, it was too big. Helena screamed, she had never been taken in her ass.

She started to panic, then Randy shoved back into her cunt. She was being gang banged. Helena's back arched as much as it could it was all almost too much for the proud woman to take. She was bound and helpless as two cocks were filling her voids, as she had a pussy oh so close to her mouth, the smell enveloping her and both of Lori and Daniella's mouth on her rock hard nipples that were just screaming as each one sucked away almost as if they wanted to milk her.

"Hey Danny, lets switch and you can put your pussy on her face. She seems to like hot 18 year old pussy. And she needs to know yours too." Lori said as she got off Helena and stepped to the side.

Daniella smiled at the thought. She stopped and got up. Slowly, she lowered her pussy onto the helpless woman's face.

"Hope you like mine as much as Lori's. I know everyone here likes them both. Hey Lori go get the bag. Need to start looking at what we want to start on her with."

Lori smiled and went to the lockers and pulled out a gym bag. She unzipped it and began taking out some dildoes, a vibrator, a couple of strap ons and more.

Both Helena's ass and cunt were getting pounded her body was being destroyed, her toes curled and her fingers clenched into fists as she was getting fucked more and more, tears rolling down her cheeks from her ass being stretched. She listened to Lori as she suggested switching places with the little bitch that started this all Daniella. She then watched as Lori got off her face.

Grunts and groans came from Helena's mouth as she was getting pounded. She watched as Daniella climbed and sat on her face. Helena's nostril's filled with Daniella's scent she felt the heat from her cunt on the panties in her mouth and near her lips. She heard Lori go off to get the bag, she turned her cum covered face and her eyes went wide at all the sex toys that the girl pulled out. She tried to thrash and do anything.


Helena's mouth and panties brushed over Daniella's pussy lips.


Helena was nothing but their sex toy at this point, covered in one of their cum. And who knows what else she was in store for, likely pussy licking, if not worse. There had to be something done, they could not cum in her pussy. They just couldn't.She struggled with her bonds as her pussy and ass clenched around the cocks, she was nearing an orgasm she knew it, her body was betraying her from all their assaults on her.

Everthing was going just as they wanted. It was better than they had though it would be. The guys suddenly pulled out of her and looked at the girls. They looked at the bag and began thinking what to start round two off with.

"I know..." Daniella said as she walked over and pulled the panties out of the captive woman's mouth. She looked down at her and smiled.

"Time for a new gag." she said as she took her own panties and put them in Helena's mouth.

Meanwhile Lori was putting on a strap on. The guys sat down and watched. This was going to be a show indeed.

Helena gasped as both of the guys pulled out of her she was getting a moments rest as her panties were pulled out of her mouth.

" can stop this it doesn't need to go...mmmmfffmmmmm."

Helena's words were cut off by Daniella shoving her wet panties into Helena's mouth. She tasted Daiella's juices. She watched as the guys sat down and as Lori strapped on a large dildo. She looked at Daniella, and shook her head. Helena wondered just what Daniella would do since she had only shoved her wet panties into Helena's mouth. What ever it was, it was not gonig to be good for the Italian, nor would she forget this day for a very long time.


As Helena breathed her breasts moved up and down, her nipples still rock hard her cunt dripped her juices following out of her. They had not brought Helena to an orgasm just yet. And she at least was relieved the guys only came on her once, and not inside her, maybe they would not cum in her pussy, ass or mouth.

At least if they did not Helena would have some dignity, and not be in any danger of anything. She just eyed both girl her dark eyes going to each of them as her body dripped with sweat and smelled of sex. With each breath Helena took, the scent of Daniella's pussy was still lingering on her face. The girl's panties shoved in her mouth increased the smell, as well as the taste of the girl's juices.

Helena could not help but swallow them to keep from choking. The cum that had been splattered on Helena's face had dried, she had gotten her eye back open though it stung from the cum that had gotten into it. She just thrashed as much as she could bound to the bench. She was furious with the group. How dare they violate her, and rape her, they called her their slave. Did they actually think she would be theirs??

They would make her theirs, even if it was just for a little while. They had so many ideas on what to do to the object of their desire, they could keep doing this for a long time.

Lori looked at the guys as she lubed up the ten inch strap on.

"Why don't you guys help us put her in a better position for this? Maybe bent over so I can fuck that hot, wet cunt of hers and have some fun spanking that ass as well." she said

The guys nodded at the idea. They got up and with the help of Daniella, untied the woman and repositioned her. Her ankles were tied to the legs of the bench and her hands were bound together and under the bench. Daniella laid down on the bench and spread her legs. She made sure her pussy was right there in the older woman's face.

"Time for you to lick my pussy, bitch. And you better enjoy it." she said as she took the panties out of her mouth and jammed her face right into her pussy.

Lori then began rubbing the head of the dildo between Helena's lips Helena's scent was noticable. She then rammed the dildo in. At the same moment, she started spanking her round ass.

Helena shook her head in protest as Lori made the suggestion for the guys to get her in a better position for Lori to fuck her with the mammoth dildo she was wearing. Helena struggled as they untied her and flipped her over.


Before she knew it Helena was facing the very wet pussy of Daniella.

"Daniella, stop this no....mmmfffmmmm."

Helena's face was shoved into the young woman's wet cunt. She screamed and tightened into Daniella's wet pussy as her cunt was filled with the entire eight inch dildo, spreading her wide. Helena sobbed at the invasion but refused to lick Daniella. Helena had no choice she continued to lick away and suck on Daniella's pussy.


She needed to comply to them if she had any choice to not receive anything worse. The girl plugged Helena's nose forcing her to open her mouth only to have Daniella force Helena's mouth on top her pussy. She started to lick and spread Daniella's lips sliding her tongue deep into the younger woman's dripping wet cunt.

"mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhh."

She moaned and continued to lick away at Daniella as her sopping wet cunt was being fucked and her perfect round ass was spanked, her tits jiggling against the bench, her whole body being force into Daniella at this round two of her rape. The pounding of her pussy and being forced to eat Daiella out, was making Helena's body react, her nipples were hard as diamonds ,her pussy clenched harder around the dido as her cunt got even wetter. Helena neared her first orgasm. She couldn't let these students do this to her she had to fight somehow, she couldn't let her body give in. But it was a losing battle.

"Lori, make sure she doesn't cum yet. I want her to beg for her orgasm." Daniella said between gasps of pleasure. While Lori and the others were very good at eating pussy, Helena apparently had a lot more experience at it. "Glad you are enjoying my pussy, slave. You are going to learn to love Lori's just as much."

Lori looked over at the guys. They were sittng back playing with their cocks watching the show. Looking at their cocks, Lori could feel her pussy drip even more. She slowed down on pumping the dildo in and out of Helena's pussy and reached down and slicked her fingers in the older woman's juices. She then raised them to her mouth and licked them. The tangy and salty-sweet flavor was very appealing to her.

"Hey guys, why don't one of you come over here and give me a little tongue while I switch to just spanking this whore's ass?" she said to them.

Randy got up and went to her. Sitting on the loor, he stretched out his tonuge and gently flicked Lori's dripping snatch. Her pussy was sour and sweet at the same time and he loved the taste. He continued stroking his cock as he ate her out. Erwin meanwhile had gotten up as well and was walking over to Daniella. She was ready for him. She opened her mouth and engulfed his cock.

"Don't worry bitch, you'll be sucking this soon enough." he said grinning at their captive.

Helena was actually relieved that they decided to not make her cum just yet in that respect she was getting a respite that was desperately needed. And as such her body could calm down a little bit. Though Helena continued to lap away at Daniella's sweet tasting pussy, she could not help it, the girl did taste good, Helena felt ashamed of herself for that thought as she continued to suckon the girl's pussy. Her eyes went to the guys as she heard Lori speaking to them, Helena watched as they were jacking off to her and the girls, her body being ground into the bench as she ground her face into Daniella's wet snatch. Helena groaned into Daniella as she felt Lori's fingers run over her sensitive cunt lips scooping up her juices.

Helena's eyes went up to Daniella as she took Erwin's large cock fully into her mouth and started sucking it as she continued to eat the young woman out. Her nipples were so hard, even though Lori had stopped fucking her that monster cock was still inside her irritating her.


Helena slid her tongue back and forth, finding Danierlla's clit, she bit onto the girl's nub and started to tug ion it and flick it with her tongue. Then as she continued she heard Randy tell her soon enough she would be doing just what Daniella was doing she only glared at him as she continued lapping and tugging at Daniella's clit. She knew what would happen but chose to ignore him. Being called a bitch, a slut, even a slave, was starting to get to Helena to some degree as well.

"Think there is something here that could also use some attention." Lori commented between groans of pleasure.

Randy took the clue and stopped his work for a couple of moments. A gleam in his eye, he knew exactly what his girlfriend's step sister was thinking.

"I think you are right." he said as th two moved to better position themselves. He rubbed his cock against her pussy til it was nice and slick. He moved it up towards her ass. He began trying to get his cock in her as Lori began reinserting the dildo into her pussy.

"This time, I think I'll ride it out til the end." he said as he shoved his cock right up her ass.

Helena was concentrating on trying to get Daniella to cum, to maybe stop some of this so involved that she didn't hear what Lori or her step-brother were saying to each other over her moans and groans. Though her eyes popped open when she felt his cock rub against her pussy.


She pulled away for a moment. "What the hell are you doing stop....." It was futile to even say that as her head was grabbed and forced back down by Daniella. Helena sdtarted to lick away again she then tensed and screamed into Daniella's cunt as Randy forced his cock all the way inside her ass.

She shrieked and trembled as she felt Lori shove the dildo back in. To her horror she did hear Randy say he wasn't going to stop, that he was gonig to ride her to the end. She sobbed slightly knowing he was either going to cum in her ass or fuck her until she couldn't take any more. She grunted and groaned in pain as they both pounded into her body as she dug deeper into Daniella, trying to force the girl to cum.

Daniella wasn't going to be denied her orgasm. She didn't care whether she liked what was happening or not. All she wanted was to try and quench her desire on her new toy. She was getting close and was relishing the idea of cumming all over Helena's face. Suddenly she took her mouth of of Erwin's dick.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDD. Here's your reward, bitch." she screamed as she cam in buckets on her teachers face.

Randy and Lori were busy with their own missions while they watched as Daniella came.

"Looks like we might be falling 'behind'." he said, punctuating the statement by smacking Helena's ass hard.

"I'd say so. How about a little wager as well?" Lori asked. She could tell the idea had already been agreed to. "If I make her cum before you, I get to eat her out first. If you cum before her, I'll have to eat her out after you have cum in her pussy."

"Sounds like a bet. Hope you like some jizz with your pussy juice." he said picking up the pace.

Helena had been eating Daniella out trying to get the girl to cum, hoping against everythin g that the girl would be wasted after cumming just once. But then Helena's eyes met Daniella's as the girl groaned into Erwin's cock before she pulled away and screamed at Helena saying here was her rewasrd and calling her a bitch as suddenly Helena was struck with all of Daniella's hot cum, it came spurting out striking Helena covering her face and lips, running into her mouth and down her chin and neck as she licked away trying to get all of the juices.

How could Helena return to school after this, she would always be beat red in their pressence, never be able to look any of them in the eye. Helena then heard the bet she screamed no into Daniella's cunt as the woman held her head in place keeping her from moving as she was forced to continue to eat her out.

Helena screamed as both started to pound into her holes , harder and harder they droved her face first into Daniella more and more, stretching her large tits over the wooden bench as she neared an orgasm.


Helena knew she was gonig to orgams, sooner rather than later, the pulsating cock in her ass was causing her so much Pain, stretching her open so wide, the dildo pounded relentlessly into her abused cunt striking her cervix threatening to break through. Helena thrashed as her eyes went wide.

Suddenly her pussy and ass tightened around both the cock and dildo as the final strike of Randy's throbbing cock hit home and caused her to arch her back and pull away from Daniella, cum and saliva dripping from her drenched and sloppy face, her hair just covers ans she came, her hot juices squirting out of her cunt striking Lori as she screamed.

"ohhhhfuckohfuck oh god nnnn nnooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkk."

Helena screamed as the orgasm ripped through her and she collapsed back onto the bench her cunt still squirting as she licked ant Daniella almost automatically.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Randy yelled as he shot his load into Helena's ass. He vaguely heard her protest but he didn't care. "Don't complain you know you enjoyed it as much as I did." he taunted. He pulled his dick out and slapped it onto her ass.

"Damn it. You won. I really should have bet with Erwin instead of you. You always win." Lori said pouting. She didn't mind losing, hell it wouldn't be the first time she had done this. Last week she had licked Daniella's pussy with a load of Randy's cum in it. The perv factor of doing it again turned her on more than she had thought.

Daniella had recovered from her orgasm and lifted her teacher's head up.

"Very good making your Mistress cum. Now why don't you take this nice thick cock and put it in your mouth and swallow what comes out." she said as she motioned Erwin forward and had him stick his cock in the woman's mouth. She could feel her pussy aching for another orgasm but that would have to wait. She had some other ideas first.

Helena groaned as the hot cum struck her insides, she just laid there breathing heavy, they had raped her, done nearly everything to her. She was completely spent, she felt Randy pull out and rub his cock on her ass, and telling her she liked it just like he had. Before she could reply her face was lifted to see Daniella, Helena just stared at the girl, her eyes widened at what she told her to do next.

"No, Dani-- mmmmffmmmmmm."

Helena tried to speak but was turned and the cock forced into her mouth. It was slick from her own ass, as well as Daniella hot mouth being on it. She gagged as Erwin started to fuck her face. Helena felt Lori pull free as well, maybe it was all ending for her. Helena felt the cum from her ass slowly trickling down her cun and opool onto the bench. She sobbed as she was forced to suck Erwin, she dragged her hot tongue up and down his shaft as he rammed into the back of her throat trying to deep throat her. Her body tensed as he started to force it down her throat.


"Not exactly unenthusiastic is she?" Erwin laughed as she swallowed his cock.

Daniella smiled as she walked over to a special locker she had set up before anyone else was told about the old locker room. She had put a lot of 'special' items in there for the occassion. Thumbing the combination to the lock, she opened the door. She took out a leather collar with a large steel ring on it and set it down. Next she pulled out a leash and connected it to the collar. Smiling to herself, she let the image of her collaring Helena and making a pet of her. Turning her attention back to the locker, she began looking at the toys and thinking what would be used next.

Randy and Lori had both pulled out of Helena's holes and were talking.

"Well Lori, guess you should do something to get me hard so I can fuck that cunt of hers." Randy said as he watched her take off the strap on.

"I know...I guess you want to do the usual then?" she said exasperated. Lori knew what Randy wanted and she wanted it too, but not from losing a bet.

"Sounds good to me. Now get over here." he said as he sat down on another bench.

Lori came over and drapped herself over Randy's lap.

"Please spank me. I've been bad." she asked him.

"Then you're gonna get what you deserve." Randy replied. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on the girl's backside. He was going to make this last. Besides he wanted to be ready to do the same to Helena.

Erwin watched the show happening on the other side of the room. He always enjoyed watching Lori over someone's lap. Especially his. Looking down at Helena's head in his crotch, he smiled. She was pretty good at this. Hell she was even deep throating him.

"Better listen well. After you finish swallowing my cum, there is a good chance your next over someone's lap."

Helena knew if she did not do a better job things would get worse for her so she wrapped her ruby red cum covered lips around Erwin's cock tighter and sucked more as she dragged her tongue along the underside of his cock as she swallowed his shaft.

She felt it slide down her throat. Her eyes went to Daniella, to the girls naked body, how could Helena now not notice it, it was pointless she had been raped by all of them. She tried to see just what the girl was doing but could not.

Helena heard Lori and Randy talking about Randy fucking her later andorihow she was going to eat her out, she hated it that she could do nothing, that he was going to get to cum inside her pussy. She felt the cum from him still leaking out of her ass. She just continued to s away.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sllluurrrpppppp."

She couldn't see Lori getting spanked but heard it, she heard the girl moan each time Randy spanked her, she knew that with each strike it sent so many erotic sensations through Lori, to her pussy getting her even wetter, Lori's nipples would even be getting harder. She looked up to Erwin as he groaned and then spoke to her, she gulp swallowing saliva.

The thought of getting spanked now on Helena's mind, what next, Spanking then what , how much more could they do to her. She swirled her tongue aroud the shaft as Erwin slid the rest of it inside her. She had all of him inside her mouth, her nose was smashed against where his public hair mound would be, nearly cutting off her air flow, she felt him throb in her throat.

As her toes curled and she clenched her fists at the full cock inside her, the gerth of it, feeling his very blood vessels along her hot tongue. She had not seen Daniella, her as the girl put it 'Mistress' in a while and that did not make Helena feel any better. The girl was hardly her istress, no one owned her no one ever would. She continued to take all of Erwin and sucked him down.

Erwin grabbed Helena's head as he felt his orgasming begining. He smiled to himself. It was one thing to force a girl his own age to swallow his load, but to make a beautiful, mature woman do it was beyond thrilling.

"Swallow all of it, bitch. If you don't, well let's just say it won't just be your hot ass feeling the crop." he said holding her head as he came full force.

Meanwhile Lori's ass was going from a cherry red to a crimson. Her pussy was gushing juice down Randy's leg. Lori had always enjoyed being spanked and even went out of her way when she was younger to get spanked. She would always go and masturbate after getting one. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her. He was ready to fuck that cunt. As soon as she came, she knew he would be over there fucking Helena hard. And that she would have to eat out that same pussy after he came. The tought of the two tastes was serioulsy turning her on.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH. God I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!" she yelled as Randy's hand continued its assault on her ass.

"Good girl. Now get up. My dick is ready for that pussy." Randy told her as she climbed of his lap.

Lori watched as he approached Helena and aimed his cock at her slit. She reached down and began rubbing her pussy. She took her hand away as he plunged into Helena. Reaching up she licked her own juices off her fingers as she watched.

Daniella was listening as her group did whatever they felt like to the helpless teacher. She had taken out a length of rope, a collar and a leash from the locker. She walked over to the bound woman and began to tie the rope around the woman's breasts, fashioning a bra that wrapped around her tits and held them tight. Then she put the collar around Helena's neck and attatched the leash.

"And now you belong to us, bitch." She grinned.

Helena groaned and gasped as she felt Erwin's cock throb and thrust in once more as his hot cum struck the back of her mouth. She tensed as she began swallowing the hot cum sliding down her throat as he kept pounding her face harder and harder, his cum filled her mouth so much her cheeks bulged as she could barely swallow it all.

Some even dribbling out of her lips as her eyes went wide as she felt Randy slid into her cunt, as she finished swallowing all of Eriwns load, she felt him starting to thrust into her used and worn out body. "Uhhhhh," Then her eyes went wide again and Helena groaned as her tits were tied tight, and as she was collared and leashed by Daniella who just proclaimed that Helena was their property.

She would have replied but Eriwn continued to pound into her face as she was fucked by both men.

"Mmmmm uhhhh mmmmmmm"

Her eyes went to Danilea as she was bring fucked by both men, her body getting crushed inward as it seemed lke both boys wanted to meet at her middle. She knew Randy wasnt wearing proection and if he did cum in her she could very well get knocked up. Her eyes again met Daniella's almost pleading with her to stop this.

"Nicely done, bitch. You'll make a great oral slave for us." Erwin said as he pulled his cock out of Helena's mouth. He went and sat down on another bench to rest for a few minutes.

Daniella met Helena's glance for mercy. She smiled as she looked at the woman who was once so high and mighty being brought down so far. Reaching down she let her hand rest under the woman's chin.

"Eventually we will stop, but not yet. We aren't done having fun with you. As soon as Randy and Lori finish up their little wager, you will get a chance to rest some. You'll get to be the spectator watching everything we do before we decide to use you again." she said.

Randy slowed his pace a bit. He wanted to make sure he could fill that pussy with cum. Besides watching Lori have to suck it out was going to be a real turn on for him. He didn't know how much longer he could last though. She may not be a virgin, but her pussy was tight as hell. It grabbed his cock as tight as Daniella's or Lori's could but with more control. Suddenly he began feeling his balls tighten, his orgasm was coming.

"Get ready Lori, here I go." he said gasping as his load began shooting into Helena's pussy. He grabbed her ass to steady himself. As he finished, he slapped her ass and pulled out.

Lori approached Helena's cunt. She could smell the scent of both her and Randy's cum. The combination was exciting to her. She ran her tongue all around the outside of Helena's pussy, flicking in and out but never touching the other woman's clit. Eventually Lori tired of teasing, jumped right in and began eating that pussy like there would never be another chance to.

Daniella walked over and watched Lori go to work. She was a hell of a pussy licker in Daniella's opinion. Many nights had found the two of them eating each other to multiple orgasms.

"I really hope you enjoy Lori's exceptional technique slave. She is quite the pussy eater. In fact because I am such a loving mistress, I think I shall do something to make it even better for you." Daniella said. "For all three of us actually."

With that Daniella got down on her kness behind Lori and began licking and teasing the other girl's pussy and ass.

Helena licked her lips as Erwin pulled out of her mouth, tears streaming down her eyes. She would get her revenge on them she grunted as she felt Randy shove his cock into her used cunt. "Please everyone stop, uhh, this, don't cum in uhhhh. me. Randy....noooooooo"

She screamed as his cock throbbed and filled her cunt full. Fear creapt into her mind, what if one of them got her pregnant. Helena groaned as she felt Lori begin to eat her cunt out. she just closed her eyes. Helena wondered just what Daniella meant what could be better for all three of them? She moaned. "Oh fuck....Lori, ohhhh god, your mouth. Please, girls...stop.....ohhhhhhhh.....fuck......"

Helena knew she couldn't take much more, that they would break her both mentally and sexually, now with a collar on her as well, they were claiming her as thiers. She needed to do something. What did they have in store for her??

Daniella buried her face and tongue deep into Lori's nether regions. She had always loved how the other girl tasted. Daniella was very much in the bisexual camp. She loved both cock and pussy equally. It was the best of both worlds and anytime she was horny, she was guaranteed she could get fucked. As she ate out Lori, her hand went between her own legs and began fingering her pussy.

Lori was a total cum slut. She loved it. As she licked Helena's pussy and the taste of the woman's pussy juice mixed with Randy's cum, she was in heaven. The tangy taste of Randy's cum mixing with the sweet taste of the older woman's pussy was almost more than she could have hoped for. And having Daniella eating her pussy while she ate another was a fantasy come true. She increased her licking and rythm to match Daniella's.

The guys sat and watched the pussy orgy in front of them. The sight was amazing to them. Sure they had watched the girls sixty nine each other in front of them before, but the addition of Helena made it just that much hotter. They just sat back and enjoyed the show. As they watched the show, both their cocks began rising to attention once more. They looked at each other and an idea began formulating in their minds.

"I think after the three of you cum, it'll be time for the two of us are going to put all three of you in a position that both of us think you should be in." Erwin said to the group.

Helena watched as the boys cocks hardened before her as she groaned and moaned, her toes curling as she gasped, as she felt Lori eating her out, her tongue lapped away at Helena's sopping wet cum filled cunt. "Oh god oh fuck Im going to cum again ohhhhhhh, fuck........"

Helena just burried her head into the hard wood benech as her hot cum squirted out of her, into Lori's mouth and over the girl's face. Helena clenched her fists as tightened as she rode out the orgasm yet again. She was completely spent, and in no way a threat at all to her students, she just laid there and stared at the boys as they got up and made their way towards her.

" more......"

Helena once in control of everything, so together, was reduced to a sweaty, cum covered, mess of a woman, begging students to not rape her anymore, something that never should have happened, but was, and she feared for what position she was going to be in next. Spring break had just began an hour ago, and no one was around for two full weeks, let alone in this area of the school. Helena was screwed in more ways than one.

The guys watched as the girls finished cumming. They had been secretly planning a little something that the girls were totally unaware of. They smiled to themselves as the girls got up.

"Alright you two have had your fun, now its our turn." Erwin said commandingly. Randy nodded in agreement.

"Get her up and lay her on the desk face down and spread. Make sure she is good and tied to the desk. Then you two lay on either side of her in the same position. Randy and I will then tie the two of you to the desk." he continued.

He watched as the girls did as they were told. He and Randy both enjoyed the fact that the girls were both so open to anything sexual. Once they were all done and in position, the guys walked over and tied the girls to the desk. They stepped back and looked at the three shave slits staring back at them. Their cocks were so hard they could not wait to fuck all three women hard and fast.

"Who would you like to start with Erwin? I personally would like to start with your girlfriend over there." he asked his friend.

"Feel free then. But make sure you start with her ass. Just finger her pussy for a bit. Make her really want to be fucked. I think Lori is going have some fun sucking my cock for a bit. But we also need to make sure our little slave here gets a little enjoyment as well." he said.

He walked over to the pile of toys Daniella had brough out and grabbed two vibrators and started lubbing them up.

"Double your pleasure, cunt." he said as he inserted them into Helena's ass and pussy. He then walked around and shoved his cock into Lori's mouth.

Helena had struggled weakly as her students moved her onto the desk and tied her in place on her stomach. Her back arched, "Fuuuuuuccckkkkk, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

She quivered as both vibes were inserted into her ass and pussy, she shook her head. "nonnononononononono I cant take this, your gonig to ruin me, your going to uhhhhhhhhh, oh god oh god."

Helena bit her lower lip as she watched Erwin side his large cock into Lori's mouth. Her own pussy clentchuing atround the vibe pulsating within her abused, cum filled cunt, and throbbing within her ass. Her breathing labored, as her toes curled and she clentched her hands ionto fists, she needed to get out of this, she heard the collar jangle on her neck and she just laid her head on the desk hopeing it would be over soon.

Randy began fingering Daniella's pussy, making her wetter and wetter. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and licked the sweet juices off his fingers.

"Damn slut your pussy is tasty. Hope it makes a good lube." he said to her as he resumed fingering her.

He rubbed his fingers against her tight asshole. He spread her juices all over her hole and crack. Swirling it around her hole and simultaneously toying with her pussy.

Daniella could barely hold out much longer. The sensations were driving her wild. She didn't know how much longer she could take not being fucked and fucked hard. She loved doing this to others, but it was agony when she was on the other end of it all.

"Please, I don't know how much longer I can take this...Please fuck me. I need it badly." she pleaded.

Randy grinned as he began putting her pussy juice on his cock. He didn't lube it as much as he could have because he knew she liked it rough. He teased he hole with the head of his cock. He stuck two fingers into her pussy as he rammed his cock into her ass.

Erwin, meanwhile, was ramming his dick in and out of Lori's hot wet mouth. He loved forcing his cock down her throat. She was wild with her deep throating skills and the sensations were unlike anything else.

Lori was sucking hard and trying to not make him cum until she was told to. But she wanted it now. Lori loved how swallowing cum made her feel.

Helena just kept her eyes shut as she listened to Lori suck and slurp on the cock in her mouth, hearing Erwin pounding her face, so close to Helena, then hnearing Daniella screaming about wanting to be fucked. Helena pulled on her bonds, unable to move, as the vibe pulsated in her ass, she was nearing another orgasm as her cunt tightened around the one throbbing within her hole.

"ohfuck, dammit, fuck, gonig to cum, uhhhhhh please stop this....let me go, please."

She turned and looked up as good as she could to Erwin seeing him fucking Lori, "Please....."

She was ebbing so much closer to another orgasm, she didnt know how many more she could take, or what the toll would be on her body. She arched her back again as her ass and pussy clentched, "Fuck me oh fuck no no no no." She thrashed about as her body betrayed her yet again, and erupted as hot cum squirted from her cumt, she just concvulsted and shook screaming and groaning.


Helena collapsed on the desk as her body writhed yet again as the vibes continued relentlessly on her destroyed holes, her ravaged and raped body.

Erwin finally blew a load down Lori's throat. She swallowed as fast as she could. If she let a single drop of his cum drip out of her mouth, she would be punished. Lori was smiling inside as the hot fluid went down her throat. As he pulled his cock out of her mouth, she ran her tongue over his cock one last time.

"Thank you sir. It was wonderful." she said smiling.

Randy was close to cumming as well. And from the way her body was reacting, so was Daniella. He began pumping her ass harder and faster, all the while pushing his fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Soon he was going to shoot his load right up her ass and make her cum at the same time as well. He started feeling his balls tighten and his load began spurting into her.

Daneilla was close. Randy knew her body and what to do to make her squirm. She was going to cum any moment now. Suddenly she felt his cock jerk in her ass and the feeling of his load entering her ass. She screamed as her own orgasm began from the feelings. She gushed all over his fingers.

"Oh god that was so so good." she said as she flopped back down on the desk.

Erwin and Randy began undoing the ropes that held the girls in place. Once they were freed, the girls turned and faced the pair.

"Alright boys, your turn. Get in position." Lori told them.

The guys turned and bent over the desk. Their cocks hanging between their legs, very visible. Daniella and Lori then secured their hands and ankles in the same way they had done to them. Then the girls walked over to the pile of toys. Daniella grabbed up a leather paddle and Lori a leather crop. They looked at Helena and smiled.

"Enjoy the show teach. You finally get to see what a woman spanking a man is really like." Daniella said as she ran the paddle across Randy's exposed ass. Lori followed suit and stroked Erwin's ass with the crop.

After a few moments of teasing the two boys, the girls began the spanking. As the girls spanked, the guys cocks began twitching and growing hard once again. It was the easiest way for any of the four of them to get aroused again.

Helena just laid there staring at the sight before her, her eyes transfixed on what was happening but her mind was off elsewhere on what they all had done to her this day.

(End Part One.....)


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