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He woke up to the sound of cameras snapping around him. As his eyes peeled open he saw three girls aiming their phones at his crotch. Just before he reacted he saw two familiar faces behind them, Karen and Emily. He realized then that they had brought their friends over to where he was to show them 'the naked boy.' Jim looked to his left and saw Lilly laying there. "Lilly, why did you let them take pictures," Jim asked in a defeated tone. Lilly just rolled her eyes.
"Hey, dude, can you play with your penis?" one of the girls in front of him asked.


"Just play with it like you did last night, honey," Lilly said. The girls giggled.

"No!" Jim yelled in anger. He thought, "I may have been humiliated to new extremes recently, but I will not do anything so horrid by my will."

"Jim, stop messing around, I don't tolerate rudeness," Lilly said as her annoyance grew. Jim did not reply and so Lilly asked the girls, "Can y'all help me with him?" The girls understood enough to take action and had Jim held by each limb firmly. Lilly spoke to Jim in a authoritative tone for the first time, "Jim I am going to give you a spanking. What you did not do is not a big deal, but I need your cooperation always." Lilly got up and sat on their cooler before the girls pushed Jim over her lap. She made sure his cock and balls was between her knees so they would not be harmed. The girls very much appreciated this as they got to watch as those parts jiggled from the forceful spank.

"One. Two. Three . Four. Five." She was done. Jim got up from Lilly's lap and avoided eye contact with anyone as he sat down in his original spot.

A short bit after that Jim was surprised to be asked, "How would you feel about that, Jim?" by Lilly. He had no response since he had no idea the context of her question and before he could ask she took his silence as meaning he had no objections. "OK, it's settled then, Jim will sleepover at your guys' place. Jim, make sure you are a polite guest."

Once the sun died down Jim was lead by the five girls, three of which he did not know the names of, to their beach house. Once they arrived and entered the three girls introduced themselves as Samantha, Hannah, and Sydney. Sydney then continued on by saying, "Alright prepare yourself for some silliness. It should be a lot of fun for you, but no matter, don't ruin our big party night, Ok? We have some rules, number one is simple and you are already on track, to be nude. Second is that you must keep your dick hard at all times. Last of all, and you must follow this one, you cannot argue with any of us on what we tell you to do. It's that simple."

Jim knew he did not want Lilly mad at him, so he accepted his fate. He mildly nodded, starting the party. The girls made food, turned the TV on, and some music, and started to have fun. Jim received Emily's attention first. " I want you to move your hips real fast, left to right." Jim did so, which made his cock hit his thighs hard and loud. " I didn't say to stop," she reminded him when he did. After a few minutes Hannah yelled out from across the room to make Jim dance to the music. He did just that, making sure his cock flopped everywhere. The girls cheered.

"Get on all fours," Sydney ordered as she came out of the kitchen. Jim did so. Karen surprised everyone when she laughed out loud as Sydney started pushing Jim's cock and balls like a swing, playing with them like a cat plays with a ball of yarn. It looked fun to all so everyone tried playing.

"Hey, Sydney, how 'bout this?" Emily asked. Jim heard her from behind her but did not know what "this" was.

"Perfect! Hand it over here, Sydney answered, "Ok Jim hold your breath." She took the leash and put it around Jim's cock and balls and tightened it. Jim exhaled in pain. "Sorry, buddy, but we can't have a boy in here when we get ready for bed, changing and showering and everything." Sydney got up with Jim's leash in hand so Jim did the same. She put it through his legs so he could walk forward. Samantha and Sydney walked downstairs with Jim and opened the front door. They continued down under their porch and Samantha then received the leach end.

"Alright, you stay here. I will - oh wait. Sydney, I forgot the zip tie. Can you go get it?"

"I have one here," Sydney answered, pulling out the zip tie from her pocket. She took the honor of putting it around Jim's wrists, behind his back.

Samantha started her sentence again, "I will be back after I change and get dressed. Then you need to take a shower." She walked up with Sydney, leaving Jim all alone. There he waited for her return, in full anxiety. Half an hour later Jim had to pee. He couldn't move much and his hands were tied so he peed where he stood. To his horror he heard girls' giggles. Once the sound got closer it was obvious to him that it came from a party of girls that were walking on the side walk. Jim tried to stop peeing but not in time before they heard. They quietly walked towards him.

"Oh my god."

"What is this?"

"He looks about 18."

The girls came within four feet. "What are you doing?" one asked.

"Look at the tip, we just interrupted him pissing," another observed.

"Oh, please continue. In fact I insist," the first one said as she pulled her phone out and pressed record. Jim stood there and started to pee. Once done the girls said goodbye and left.

Samantha came back half an hour after that. She untied the leash and pulled him towards the outdoor shower. Samantha put the large wrist strap around the shower head, which was so tall Jim had to stand on his toes to resist the painful pull. When she finished cleaning him she, without warning grabbed the leash and pulled him upstairs. Jim's zip tie was cut off, and the leash' s wrist strap was put around his neck. This let his cock and balls stay up at all times.

"That's all for tonight, naked boy," Samantha explained as she lead him to the couch where he was to sleep. She swatted his hands as he went up to take the leash off his neck. She then did so, put it under one of the couch legs, and left Jim there for the night.

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2013-02-11 17:40:45
Why do people who don't like FemDom Humiliation read these stories and then complain?

It's great so far! I look forward to the next part!

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2013-01-29 00:12:17
This is pathetic if i was him i would of punched lily jn the face than raped all of them. Took pictures then drove to the russian mob and sold them for $100,000 each

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What did George Washington say when he saw a nigger for the first time ??
give up???
(Bless my heart bless my soul there goes a walking tootsie roll.

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fuck yeah ! turn the table on these ass hoes !!!!!!

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He needs to punch these stupid bitches and flip the s

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