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All of the stories that I write are 100% true and happened to me… I changed some people's names but that's it... So I hope that you enjoy them!
I hauled the last suitcase up the stairs, and through the front door. It was an unbearably hot day, even the flowers in the small front yard seemed to droop a little and the street in front of the house almost appeared to be rippling in a heat haze. I had picked the worst day possible to move into a new house.

As I dragged the enormous suitcase to the first door in the hallway I could feel hairs from my blonde ponytail coming loose and sticking to the back of my neck. It would be far too exhausting to unpack just now. My small amount of belongings were packed into boxes that sat on the other end of the generously sized bedroom, my dismantled bed frame leaned against one wall and a single mattress had beached itself in a corner. I sighed contently.

It must have been only a few minutes later, although it seemed like an eon as I was basking in every moment of nothingness, there was a quick knock at the open door and my new room mate Tessa strolled in.

She wasn't particularly tall, although she had a certain graceful length about her, as if someone had threaded an invisible cord through the top of her head and pulled upwards on her. She was ghostly pale with dark brunette hair and clear grey eyes, a blunt fringe and the odd freckle, but her face was open and friendly and she almost always wore a sneaky grin.

"Do you need help putting the bed together?" she asked, but then after taking a look at it she gasped before I could respond, "What is that thing!?"

"What's wrong?" I asked, still sitting aimlessly in the middle of the room as I retied my pony tail into a bun.

"Your bed… It's so small!" she exclaimed, half smiling and half shocked. "Why the hell do you still have a single bed- how old are you anyway?"

I looked up at her and noticed how beautiful she had effortlessly managed to look. Her hair was also tied up away from her face and only a loose tank top and denim shorts covered her long lean body. "I just turned eighteen a few months ago.."

She smirked and walked over to examine the mattress a little closer, "Honey, you don't live with your parents anymore, it's time you got a REAL bed."


Five days had passed since I had moved into the share house with three other girls. I had quickly befriended Amy, a Norwegian girl who occupied the smaller room at the back of the house. I remember the first word I used in my mind to describe her appearance was 'palomino'. She had soft creamy white blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders and tanned golden, muscular skin and the bluest eyes you'd ever seen. She was hardly as nosy as Tessa, but the two seemed to already be inseparable.

The other girl who lived with us, Valeria, always seemed locked up in her room. She was petite and I was jealous of her extremely large breasts that she always seemed to be covering up with sweaters. She hid from the world behind raven black hair and almost always wore boots which I found rather odd considering the heat wave that we had been having.

"So, we're having a party!" announced Amy as I came home from the supermarket, my arms stuffed with groceries and a letter in my mouth. "mmk tht swnds ggd"

"Okay, I don't really know what you'e saying Nina," she continued, "but some of my friends are coming around tonight." she added, moving some of the chairs in the living room around so that there was more space in the middle of the room. I pulled the letter out of my mouth, "Umm.. so it's okay if I'm here.. right?"

"Of course it is!" beamed Tessa, coming into the room from the kitchen, carrying a box that had the word 'PARTY' scrawled across it. "You should invite some friends."

I blushed a little, "Well.. I haven't started university yet… I don't really know anyone from around here, all of my friends are back home."

Tessa plonked the box down on the sofa, coming closer to size me up, her freckled nose twitched a little and she grinned cheekily. "What kind of friends did you have back at home? I bet they were all jocks. You look like a cheerleader. Where you a cheerleader? Did you fuck all of the jocks?"

I blushed even harder, which was funny for me since I had never been so shy since I had moved to the city, but to some degree she had hit the nail on the head. I was never a cheerleader, we didn't have a squad at my high school, but sports had been my thing. Almost all of my friends were on as many sporting teams as there were sprinkles on a cupcake.

"Well, there will be heaps of my cute friends here tonight." Amy offered, her european accent made the comment sound even more mysterious. "You should get to know them."

"Yes! And you can test run the new double bed!" Squealed Tessa, almost jumping up and down with excitement. "I'm so jealous! I can't believe that we found one so cheap. I've always wanted to fuck in a four poster bed!"

"Well, you'd better get your own then! Mine is off limits!" I teased, finally opening up their the girls' warped senses of humour. Two days before, Tessa and I had found a beautiful four poster bed for free online, and only had to pay for the delivery, and as it so happened the furniture store a few blocks away had a massive discount on mattresses. I had never slept so well in my whole life. My old bed and mattress however, slept outside on the curb.


Six and a half hours later darkness had swallowed the sun, but the fairy lights in the front yard illuminated the path to the open front door of our home- blearing music guiding the swarm of young people towards the epicentre of the party. We all put on our party dresses. I had pulled out my favorite black skin tight number. My breasts had always been my best assets and the low cut neckline showed them off beautifully. I admired myself in the bathroom mirror, freshly blow-dried long blonde waves and shimmery eye shadow framing my blueish green eyes.

I felt almost egotistical as I fanned myself, examining my body, my narrow waist and scooped back, shaking my butt like an eighteen year old does in front of a mirror, but I started to feel a little turned on. I started to feel like I was becoming myself again. I could hear voices outside the bathroom door. Deeply pitched. I could already smell the excitement in the air and the lust in their voices.

Opening the door quietly I slipped into the party, but not unnoticed. "There she is!" Amy yelled out, putting her arm around me. She smelt like candy and jasmine, a tiny pale blue dress was draped over her slender curves, although the material plunged so low down her chest and her nipples were so obviously visible through the silky material, it was no wonder she had such a large group of attractive guys surrounding her. I took a moment to marvel at her boldness, she giggled wildly as the young men stood around mesmerised by her breasts. I felt a sudden tingle in my panties, knowing that I was already quite wet.

"This is our new room mate Nina! Isn't she gorgeous? Nina, these are my friends from uni!" I felt the attention suddenly turn to me as the four good looking boys gazed down at me, sizing me up. It felt like old times, like in high school when I would have had my way with all of them then and there. My g-string was soaked. The tiny scrap of fabric teased my pussy every time I shifted position.

"Hey," I said, introducing myself, sizing them all up myself. I made a point to lean forward every time I shook one of their hands, just so that they could get a better look down my dress, and also so that I could feel my g-string move up again and again against my tender little pussy lips.

"Hey, we're doing shots in here!" Tessa called from the living room, "You'd all better get in here!"

We're doing tequila shots!" someone yelled, although it is difficult to make out over the music. God the neighbours probably hated us, but we were all having a great time. "And wet pussy shots too!"

"Hah, I already have one of those!" I said to myself quietly, thinking no one could hear, but as I turned around I came face to face with Marco, one of the guys that I had just introduced myself to. "Oh.. Uh.." I stuttered. He laughed at me and then poured a shot. "Would you like another one then?" he offered with a glint in his eye. I hadn't had sex in over a week and just making eye contact with him made me wild with desire. I nodded and we all began to slowly fade into intoxication.


I couldn't recall how much I'd had to drink but the time on the clock kept bouncing around, 9:00pm, 10:45, suddenly it was 1:10. How had this happened? I reclined on a couch, watching what was happening around me as if it were all a daydream. My tiny g-string was still taunting me, and my pussy was beginning to moisten up so much I felt that if I could shift myself into just the right position then I could let the string be engulfed between my soaking wet lips. Before I could, Tessa slumped down next to me, laughing as she spilt a few drops of her drink on the floor. "You're so wild! Such a party girl!" I knew that you had a dark side!"

I laughed into my drink, taking another long gulp. "I used to party all the time in high school." I admitted, feeling completely uninhibited. "But I guess my parties were a little different to yours."

Tessa tilted her head to the side, looking rather alert and interested for someone who was obviously so wasted, "Oh? How so?" she didn't stop grinning.

"I FUCKED EVERYONE!" I yelled, at least I felt like I was yelling but no one else seemed to hear. Looking back it was a rather poor choice of language, but when you're drunk, you're drunk. Tessa burst into laughter. "Oh honey! The party hasn't even begun!" she slowly finished her drink and scanned the room, checking every guy out as she did. "That guy." She said, pointing with the hand her drink was in, "You should fuck him."

I followed her finger to a guy I hadn't really noticed until now. He had shaggy long blonde hair that half covered his face, he looked utterly displaced but still enjoying himself. "He's not quite my type." I admitted, "But he is cute."

"He needs a good root." She noted, slamming her cup down on the table in what would have been an emphatic gesture, but considering her state it just toppled over sideways. She laughed at that. "I think we need to play a game."

My ears perked up. Instantly I started to come out of my trance, "What sort of game?" I asked coyly, our eyes locked.

"We need to play…" she said, standing up and raising her pointed finger in the air, "TWISTER!"


Please read part 2 and let me know if you like it so far :) thanks

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