Karl Becomes Carolina

When I was a young boy my world fell apart. My father lost his job and abandoned the family. We never saw or heard from him again. Before he left, he cleaned out what was left in the bank account and took anything of value he could carry. My mom, already an alcoholic, unemployed wreck couldn't cope with her own situation, let alone do anything remotely like parenting. She was desperate for cash and somehow found about some rich, eccentric guy with a hacienda in a remote part of Paraguay who wanted to buy a young blue-eyed, blonde gringo boy. My mom sent him videos and photos of me, and he made all the arrangements to have custody switched from my mom to him, to get me a passport, and have me flown down to Paraguay.

I should describe myself. I have bright blue eyes with long lashes, very light, silky blonde hair, and what most people would call a baby face. My build then was slight even for my youthful age. I remember wishing at the time that I wished I had a dime for every time someone called me cute. I didn't know anything about South America, but I found out that some of the people there, including the man I came to know only as Papa, found blue-eyed blondes the height of beauty, so my cuteness was even a bigger deal there.

When I was brought from the airport to Papa's hacienda, he took me up to my new room. My first thought was that he had made some mistake. It was the most feminine room imaginable, all pink, a four-poster bed with a frilly canopy, a vanity with mirror and a complete, elaborate set of make up. I said, "This is a girl's room."

"Yes," Papa said. "You are to be my lovely new daughter."

"No way," I said.

Papa snapped his fingers and two big men came in, easily lifted me up and pinned down on the bed. "That was not a very nice way to talk to your new Papa who has paid so much money and gone through so much trouble to rescue and transform you." He took a syringe, came up to me, and gave me an injection in the arm. Almost immediately, I started to feel weak and woozy. "Now, let's get started," he said. He had a kit with syringes and vials. He injected my chest around both nipples, and gave me more shots that he called "girl vitamins". He then ordered his two henchmen to strip me and carry me into the adjoining bathroom, also completely pink in color.

They put me under hot water, which made me even groggier. As they pulled me out of the tub I met Mistress Patricia for the first time. She was a good head taller than me, made taller still by the 4-inch stiletto heels she was wear. Her eyes were dark and heavily made up. She had deeply tanned skin and long black hair. She was wearing a black corset that cinched her waist and accentuated her very large breasts and the swell of her hips. She also had on a garter belt and thigh high black stocking and black thong panties. I thought she looked magnificent and gorgeous. "I'm Mistress Patricia and I'm going to teach you to be a beautiful and sensual woman," she said. She tilted my head up and looked in my eyes. "You are already such a beauty." Then she leaned down and kissed my mouth. It was my first kiss, ever. She had a strong tongue with she forced between my lips and used to probe my mouth. I got sexually excited, my dick immediately standing at attention.

"From now on your name is Carolina," Mistress Patricia said. (Until then my name had been Karl.) "Sweet, sweet Carolina," she said as she kissed me again. I was feeling so dreamy and Mistress Patricia's kiss was so sensual. I was feeling so good that the new, feminine name seemed just fine.

Mistress Patricia then led me to a massage table, laid me on it, and applied a cream over my body that tingled and made my skin feel hot in a chemically sort of way. She applied it not only to my chest and torso, but also my arms and legs. I was still drugged and completely pliant, but even so I was totally smitten with Mistress Patricia and wouldn't think of resisting her. After letting the cream sit for a few minutes, she rinsed and wiped my body where she had applied it and all my hair was gone. She turned me over and did the same thing to my back and my ass. I have to say that the tingly feeling felt really good on my ass and I got a huge thrill when she ran her long finger up and down my ass crack. When she put the cream on the insides of my thighs.

After completing the back procedure, she turned me over, did the same thing to my arm pits, and then, finally, she applied the cream to my balls and pubic area. My little penis rose to its full height. "Well you don't have any hair here," she said, "but I don't want your poor little clitty to feel left out." With that she squeezed the cream into her big hand, wrapped it around my dick and began a smooth and rhythmic jerking. "You're such a pretty little girl," she purred as she stroked my dick. I was ready to spurt, but she pinched my penis and kept me from cumming. "You need to ask my permission before you cum, and if you cum without my permission, I will have to punish you." She squeezed more cream onto her hand and started stroking my cock again.

"Suck mommy's breast," she said as she lowered her corset as she fed me her erect nipple. I sucked like a little baby. Her creamy hands played with my balls and stroked up and down my cock. "Please let me cum," I begged. "Poor little baby Carolina, wants to come so much." She pressed her nipple into my mouth and continued pumping my dick but squeezing the head when it looked like I was about to spurt my load. My hands were now kneeding her breasts like warm dough. She broke away, "You've had a big day, Carolina, and its time for bed." She took me by the hand and brought me back to my pink, girly bedroom.

"Where is my suitcase with all my clothes?" I said.

"We got rid of all those ugly boy clothes and have given you a dresser and closet filled with prettty clothes." She picked out a very pretty baby doll nightie. It was pink, very silky against my skin, which felt great, and had a frilly fringe on the hem which came to my upper thigh in the front and just about where my ass meets my leg in the back. "You look lovely, Carolina." I felt so happy that Miss Patricia thought I was pretty. "Now get in bed little baby, and mommy will scratch your back."

I got into bed and lay down on my tummy. Mistress Patricia started rubbing my back through the silky material of my baby doll nightie. The silk felt fantastic on my skin and my penis got erect once again. I heard a whirring sound and the next thing I knew I felt a buzzing, vibrating something pressed against my asshole. "Little girl, Carolina, is going to start feeling how delicious it is to have her little girl pussy fucked by a big, hard man cock." Mistress Patricia continued to scratch my back but also to press the tip of the vibrator just slightly penetrating my tight little ass. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Baby Carolina is allowed to cum now so she gets a good night sleep and has sweet dreams." I needed no more coaxing. With Mistress Carolina's warm breath in my ear, her fingernails playing patterns on my skin, the silky feel of my girl nightie, and the press of the vibrator on my pucker spot, I bucked and spurted, leaving my laying on top of a big wet spot. "Sweet dreams," Mistress Patricia whispered, as I drifted off to sleep.

The next year is a bit of a drugged blur. I was kept in a pharmaceutical cloud as my body began to respond to the high doses of estrogen that was giving me soft skin and that stopped body and facial hair growth. Most exciting of all was the development of my breasts. Not only were they sensual and made me want to squeeze them and pinch my newly sensitive nipples, but they made me feel a sense of pride and beauty. I kept a butt plug in my anus day and night, gradually putting in bigger ones.

I was also undergoing a psychological transformation. My boy pussy also became increasingly sensitized so that I craved penetration. If the butt plug was out I fantasized about filling my ass hole with a big hard cock. Mistress Patricia taught me not only to walk in high heels, but to prefer walking in heels to anything flat. Under her coaxing and training, I came to love the feel of skirts and dresses, the way they felt on my legs, how they hugged my hips, and the feel of my inner thighs as they brushed against each other. I also got a sexual tingle when told I was pretty or given other compliments. I wanted to please, to be sexy, to be seen as pretty. I wanted boys and men to look at me hungrily. Flirting came naturally to me as I began to learn that my greatest power, in fact, my only power, was my beauty and sexuality and the effect it had on other people. I spent hours sitting at my vanity, putting on make up and admiring my beauty in the mirror as I basked in the admiring glances and stares of the people around me.

My favorite lessons from Mistress Patricia were on love making. She spent long hours "teaching" me how to kiss a mouth, a body, and a pussy. My favorite lessons, however, came when Mistress Patricia put on a strap-on so she could prepare me for Papa. Mistress Patricia favored tight, waist-cinching corsets, garters and stockings, and high stiletto heels that made her even taller and more statuesque than her natural 5' 10" foot frame, making her look over 6 feet tall. When she appeared with a strap on, a black cock, she looked magnificently sexual. My little bum would quiver and tingle in anticipation. "Dance for Mistress Patricia."

I would then do a sensual belly dance for Mistress Patricia, swiveling my hips in the most seductive manner I could. I wore a traditional Middle Eastern belly dance outfit with see-through, sparkly harem pants set very low on my hips, and a bra with sequins. She taught me how to swivel my hips and how to move my hands in the most sensual way. I would end the evening with extended lap dances for Mistress Patricia. She would then take me to bed, penetrating me first by oiling her fingers, but then full penetration with her strap on, crushing me under her, and making me submit completely to her. The strap on was painful in my young and tight little boy pussy, but the pain was mixed with pleasure and when my pussy was filled my cock would come to full attention and I would often reach orgasm as tears streamed down my face.

I really began to blossum as my body developed feminine curves. After nearly a year my hair was long, reaching down to my waist, silky and blonde. I could see all the Paraguayan men staring at me with open lust. My breasts were now fully developed, actually more than fully; they were bigger than my slight frame would naturally produce, which made them all the more accentuated. My hips were still slim but my ass made a nice curve with tight buns, accentuated by the stiletto heels I always wore. I liked to wear tight low rider spandax pants that would show my thong panties. I kept a bare midriff and had a pierced naval and a tattoo that said "Papa's Litte Girl" on the small of my back. My thongs were specially tailored with a tight girdle strip to keep my "package" tucked back; fortunately my penis was not fully developed and I think all the female hormones I was given kept it from getting big and too uncomfortable to tuck away.

I liked having a penis to play with at night when I was alone. I actually developed a split sexual personality of sorts; my sexual fantasy when I was masturbating my penis was of Karl fucking Carolina, the sexy belly dancer, and my fantasy would flit back and forth because sometimes I would be Carolina wanting to seduce Karl and have him possess and penetrate me. But mostly I kept my penis secret, as though it was something to be ashamed of and hidden at all costs. Everyone thought I was a beautiful young girl, Papa's long lost daughter who had come from El Norte to reunite with her father.

I was finally ready for Papa. I was nervous as I wanted to please him but was petrified of rejection thinking that I would be abandoned, alone in Paraguay if he did not like me. I was ushered in one evening while he was having dinner. I was wearing a belly dancer outfit, a translucent skirt that hugged low on my hips and showed my legs and the thong panty I was wearing. My midriff was bare and I had a sequined bra that pushed up and accentuated my now already impressive cleavage. My long blonde hair cascaded down my back. I had on heavy blue eye make up and ruby red lips. Music started and I danced for Papa. He moved to cushions on the floor, smoked a hookah and watched me as I danced over him, gyrating my hips to the music, fast and slow.

After teasing him with my seductive dancing, Papa said, "Come to Papa" and motioned for me to join him in his pillowy cloud of cushions. He took me in his big arms. "My pretty little girl," he said and kissed me on the lips. I opened my soft mouth to his tongue. He started gently kissing, but I could feel his excitement grow and his tongue seemed to grow larger and harder and penetrated my mouth and throat deeper as his big hard body pressed against my soft and delicate frame. He worked his fingers under my bra, squeezing my breasts and playing with my hardening nipples (my cock was straining painfully against the thong girdle that was holding it back from springing up to a full erection). He undid my bra so he could fully possess my breasts that had been aching so long for his touch. He slid his hands down my hips, pushing my skirt away, leaving me only wearing my thong and high heels.

Papa said, "Undress me." I unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off and allowed my fingers to explore his hairy, barrel chest. I kissed his nipples as he pressed the back of my head, running his fingers through my silky blonde hair. As he did so, I unbuckled and unzipped his pants. My hand found his massive cock and began stroking it. He pushed my head lower as he kicked off his pants. "Come to Papa," he said again. He was now naked and he held me between his legs, his powerful thighs holding me in a vice grip. I licked the head of his cock as my hand wrapped around the rock hard shaft. I expanded my mouth and took his cock deep into my mouth, enveloping him with my warm lips, and wet tongue.

Although I was in seventh heaven with sucking Papa's cock and would have been happy held in his powerful thighs forever, Papa pulled me up, sat up himself, turned me around, looped his fingers into the stringed sides of my thong and pulled it down. Papa sat me on this lap so that his hard, wet cock was now wedged into the crack of my bare pretty little ass. He pulled me against his chest as his hands returned again to massage my breasts. From behind me, he began kissing my neck and shoulders. I stretched my head back as I craved his mouth on my neck. My cock was hard and pulsing, but Papa hadn't touched it and I didn't know if he would. I arched my back and ground my bottom into his hard cock and felt him grinding into me.

I was putty in Papa's hands. He next arranged the pillows under me so that I was face down with my derriere high up and my cock now feeling the silk of the pilllows under me. My "Papa's Little Girl" tatoo was on display for Papa, which gave me a special tingle of pride as I wiggled my tight little ass in anticipation of Papa's attention. I could feel Papa kneeling behind me. My next sensation was that of Papa lifting my long blonde hair to the side and the feel of warm massage oil being poured on my back. Papa began giving me a massage. I first felt his strong hands kneeding my shoulders. As he leaned forward, I could feel his hard cock pressed into my now slick-with-oil ass cleavage. My belly dance training came back instinctually as I began rotating my hips in a slow belly dance with Papa's hard cock pressing against my buttocks, his hot breath in my ear, and his powerful hands massaging my shoulders.

Papa wanted me. His cock was now slippery with oil as was my boy pussy, which after more than a year of butt plug and Mistress Patricia's strap on preparations was ready for Papa's real flesh and blood hard cock. I gasped as Papa pulled me back and then jammed his cock into my boy pussy. Mistress Patricia had always worked her strap on or dildos into me gradually and slowly, but Papa was too excited for that. He wanted to fuck his little girl. And I wanted to be fucked.

"Come to Papa," he growled as he thrust into me. Even though the pain was shearing and part of me wanted to pull away, I actually pushed my buttocks closer to him to take more of him deeper. Tears were running down my cheeks. Papa's hands moved back to my breasts and he squeezed me hard so I thought my breasts would burst. Finally, deep in my boy womb I felt the warmth of his spurting cum, and then the thumping of his heart beat as he lap exhausted on top of me, his cock still deep in my boy pussy.

I was content. Truly Papa's Little Girl.

Proudly signed,

Willing Wimp

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